Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 2 - Valley of Darkness - full transcript

A Cylon virus is interfering with Galactica's power supply, while Cylon centurions are heading for crucial systems. Somehow they must be stopped.

Bitch took my ride.

I'm placing you under arrest.
Madame president,

this is mutiny.
You know that.

I'm terminating your presidency
as of this moment.

I recommend we execute jump to
emergency standby coordinates.

What about our people
on the surface of kobol?

If they're still alive,
they'll have to wait.

He's not gonna make it.

You forgot the medkit, so you're
gonna have to go back and get it.

- You can't send him alone.
- Questioning my orders, chief?

I don't want to command.
I never did.

Don't you dare die on me now.

Cylons are hacking
our network.

Attempting to access
our mainframe.

what is that thing?

I don't know, but whatever it is,
it's bearing on Galactica,

we gotta take it out.


Uh, hey.

Damage control team
to deck twelve.

- Quite a day, huh?
- Yeah.

wow, I...

- I haven't seen you in person since-
- Two weeks ago.

I've really been thinking about you.

That's nice.

I gotta go.

Uh, hey, dee.

Dee, hey.


I know that I haven't really
made an effort,

or it must seem like
i really haven't made an effort

to make this...

whatever this is

a priority,

- but...
- but?

But you were too busy helping the
president spark a mutiny on my ship?

Or, but you wanted to wait
until you were desperate

and needed a shoulder to cry on
before making your move.

I think that was a little
uncalled for.

Yeah... I'm sorry.

You're right.

I gotta go.

What the hell?

- Grab the emergency flashlights.
- Copy that.

Check the ventilator.

Report status.

Let's check subsystems.
Let's get emergency power back on.



Way to go, baby.

AAH Yes!

Over here, kat.

X- O, SitRep!

Uh, it's the virus, sir.

I think it must have spawned

copies of itself in some
other computer systems.

It's knocked out main power
and auxiliary units.

Emergency power
just kicked back in.

Hey, captain,
nice work out there.

I'm not sure what you guys
are kissing and hugging about.

We screwed up.

- We let one through.
- Yes, sir.

- What's going on with the lights?
- I'm not sure.

We still have no idea
if we can reach

most of the ship.

- What the hell was that?
- Not sure, sir.


Power's out, sir.
I think it's shipwide.

Sound-powered phone's
the only thing working.

Tried to get through to Damage Control,
but the lines are jammed.

Okay, get the birds tied down,
make the ordinance safe.

I'll head up to combat,
see what the hell's going on.

Say again.

Cylons reported in the
starboard flight pod.

We've been boarded.

- OK, nuggets, keep moving.
- When I came up on his six,

all right, he rotated,
so I had the bug out.

It was plain, clean, simple.

Did you see when I turned on that
pair chasing me on the port beam?

I saw that. That was sweet.

I rotate, pulled back,
hit the brakes and there, bang!

Left one's lined up dead center ring.

I chatter him, turn back
to get his wingman-

Cylon! Come on, move!

Let's get outta of here!

No, come on!

Go, go, go!

Hotdog, run!

47874 Survivants

En qu?te d'un foyer



Go! go! go!

- Come on!
- Hurry!

Get through the hatch!


Get up the ladder!
Get up, get up the ladder!


You all right, captain?

Still breathing.

I guess that's all right.



- You all right?
- Think so.

Can I get back
to you on that?


We've been boarded, sir. Don't know how many,
where they are, where they're headed.

Our standard ammo
doesn't even make a dent.

Explosive rounds... are the
only way to take 'em down.

- How many rounds you got?
- That was our last one.


Take this to C.I.C.

Give it to colonel Tigh,
or the officer in charge.

Yes, sir.


- Let's get toaster shopping.
- All clear, sir.

- Kat, on me.
- Yes, sir.

Galactica to all ships.

We have been boarded
by a cylon raiding party.

Do not approach,
or attempt to dock with galactica.

Keep a safe distance
until we have secured the ship.

I say again, we have been
boarded by a cylon raiding-

What the hell was that?

The cylons jammed the signal.


- Are those gunshots?
- Yeah.

We can't stay in here.

open the door.

You know I can't do that,
Madame president.

Cpl venner,

I have no intention
of being locked in this cell

and shot like a rat in a cage.

Open the door!

Thank you.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Corporal venner, don't shoot!

It's Captain Adama.

I have a fire team with me.

Come on in, captain.

Watch the companionway.

- We're clear, sir.
- We've been boarded.

This deck is crawling with cylons.

- They're trying to get to the magazines.
- How can we help?

Stay alive,

and don't get shot.
Leave the cylons to us.

Okay, sickbay is the safest spot.

It's farthest away from
any potential targets,

and it's designed to function
as a disaster shelter

in case the ship were lost.

Bonnington, sidearm.

Okay, billy,

you ever handled
a weapon before?

Pelt gun from my uncle
when I was, like, ten.

Principle's the same.

Real ones just make
a bigger noise.

Madame President.

No, thank you, I can't.


You're in charge of
getting her down to sickbay.

Take bonnington as escort.

Remember, just head away
from the sound of gunfire.


What about you?

Well, we're heading towards the gunfire.

Okay, listen up.

There's a small arms locker on
causeway bravo, two decks down.

We're gonna go get some explosive rounds,

no heading towards the magazines. Twinam?

- Sir?
- You take point.

- Yes sir.
- Good luck Captain.

May the Lords protect you.

You too...

- Clear.
- Okay, let's go!

We should probably head out of the city,

try to scout one of the outlying airbases.

See if we can find a Raptor.

It's not exactly what I expected.

Thought I'd be stepping over
decaying corpses in the streets.

Yeah, we saw a few bodies here and there.

Not much though.

Sharon said...

Cylon Sharon

said they had troops picking bodies.

Transporting them to mass incinerators.

Your girlfriend's from a lovely family.

Good people, great values.

Enough, all right?

Okay, I was fooled by her.
She fooled me.

You happy now?

It's not about making me happy.

Then what's it about?
What do you want here?

You want me to say I'm
a fracking idiot, okay.

I'm a fracking idiot.

That make you feel better?

I don't care anymore.

I've been here for months.
By myself, on the run.

One step ahead of the Cylons.

With the Cylons, I guess, actually.

She seemed so real.

Like Sharon, you know?

Same grin, same laugh.

All the little things.

I fell in love with a machine.

It's stupid. So just...

call me an idiot,
and let's be done with it.

You're an idiot.

All right?
You're an idiot.

But the cylons have a way of
making all of us

look like idiots.

Kara, what are you doing?

Making a pit stop. I got something
I gotta pick up.

We gotta keep going.

I got a place here, Helo.

The Cylon virus spawned itself in our
subsystems before we broke the network.

I have teams cleaning each subsystem,

but it'll be at least an hour
before we restore main power.


What few marines we have are assembling
at their checkpoint, but comm's spotty.

Where are the Cylons?

It looks like they split in two forces.
One moving forward...

One moving aft.

Yes, sir.

I've seen this before.
These are their objectives.

Secondary damage control and

auxiliary fire control, sir.

If they're successful, they will
override our decompression safeties

and vent us all into space.

And once we're all dead, they'll turn
the ship's guns on the fleet

and wipe it out once and for all.

Dr. Baltar.


How in God's name did you find us?

What do you have there?

It's a child, obviously.

A child...

Can I hold it?


Is this the shape of things to come?

That's my understanding.

Only one thing for it then.



Commander, where are you going?

Come back!




Commander, please.


He killed our baby.

Our baby?


I saw him drown the baby.

Why would anyone want to drown a baby?

Gaius, the answer's all around us.

- What happened here?
- Human sacrifice.

Not the fairy-tales your Scriptures
would have you believe.

I thought Kobol was supposed to be
a paradise or something.


place where...

Gods live with the humans in harmony or...

For a time, perhaps.

Then your true nature asserted itself.

Your brutality, your depravity,
your barbarism.

So the Scriptures are a lie.

So it's just a lie, just
a cover-up for all this...



All of this has happened before, Gaius.

And all of it will happen again.


Mankind's true nature
will always assert itself.

So he will try to kill our baby.

Only if you let him, Gaius.

Only if you let him.

Keep your eyes up ahead.

Come on.

Come on!

Okay, go go go go go!

- Is it clear?
- Yeah.

- Is it clear?
- Okay sir.

The keypad is dead.

Don't shoot, don't shoot!
I'm human!


Yes sir, it's me, it's me.

Jammer, don't shoot, please.


- Sir!
- Watch the hatch.

Kat! What's going on?

Find those explosive rounds.

- Sir.
- What the hell happened here?

I don't know, sir. I was here
in this fort. I just came here to hide.

Cylons everywhere.

All right, settle down.

- You're gonna be just fine.
- Appollo?

You're kidding me, that's it?

Didn't have much to begin with, sir.

The other fire teams must have come and
cleaned the locker up before us.

Six rounds.

There are five of us.

Okay, well...

Each of you guys take one.

I'll take the reload.

Wait, you're not counting me,
are you, sir? I mean...

I'm just a knuckledragger here.
I don't know how to fight centurions.

I don't know the first thing
about fighting centurions!

Come on...

Let's go.

Let's do it.

You never have your house keys
when you need 'em.

These yours?

You paint these, Kara?


Tell me once you get power.


Kept turning off the power.
Something about not paying a bill.

That is definitely not you.

It's my dad.

Well, we got one package of noodles.

You don't believe in groceries?

You know, I never really liked
this place anyway.

Air conditioning doesn't work
in the summer.

Heater doesn't work in the winter.

The rent's a crime.

After they attacked, I never...

I never pined over any of my old crap.

Never missed it.

Stupid view of the parking lot.

Broken toilet in the bathroom.

You know, everyone I know...

is fighting to get back what they had.

And fighting 'cause they don't know
how to do anything else.

How far to sickbay?

Sixty meters.

She stopped breathing a while ago.


Oh Gods, Dee.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I was going to the head.

Oh, my gods, you're bleeding.

Went back to my rack.

- Are you shot?
- I forgot something.

Dee, look at me. Dee, look at me.


Try using her rank.

Petty officer Dualla, look at me.

I'm glad to see you.

I've been here in the dark a long time.

It's probably a concussion.

Caporal Venner.

We need an alternate route to sickbay.

Give me your eyes.

Look at me.

We don't want to walk into gunfire.

We want to go away from the Cylons.
Now clear your head.

Come on.

We could... we can go in the...

all the way on the starboard side.

- It's a lot farther.
- Good. Starboard, let's go!

Lieutenant Wallace reports his unit
destroyed two centurions at this junction.

They trapped a third
in the ship's laundry.

It can't walk, but it's still shooting.

At least we've contained the threat
to auxiliary fire control.

Trust me. They're still heading
for the aft damage control.

Lieutenant Gaeta?

Sergeant Hadrian reports her units had
to halt their advance on deck 10

at frame 69.

Sounds cut through the hull ahead of her
and the compartments are open to space.

Smart move. Keeps us from chasin' 'em.

there is nothing between the last two cylons

and the decompression safeties.

If you know any prayers, now's the time.

What do you say we take five?

How much further, do you think?

Tarn getting shot, it wasn't your fault.
You know that, right?


Talk to me, mother-frakker!


Socinus better appreciate this.

He's probably lyin' in the sun
like some gods-damn emperor.

He's an idiot.

I hope he's okay.

He'll be fine.

He's a tough kid. We just,

gotta get him the medkit.

Yeah, we gotta go, Cally.


Where the hell have you been?
Where have you been?

- I...
- Doc, where have you been?

- Answer me.
- I got lost...

Doc, you never run off like that.
All right?

You are under my command. This is a
military operation, do you understand me?

What I want to hear from you is,
"yes, sir!"

Yes, sir!

Look, Crashdown, I...

I'm getting a really
bad feeling about this place.

- Oh, yeah, you and me, both, doc.
- Flash! Flash!

- Thunder.
- Go, go.

Here. Here. Here.

Where's Tarn?

What happened?


- Were you followed?
- No.

How's he doing?

He's not gonna make it.


What do you mean? What are you talking about?
We've got the medkit; give him a shot.

Give him another shot!

Too late.

What do you mean it's too late?

I got you the medkit.

What else do you want?

So we go get the medicine you asked for.


for what?

For this!

Come on, you gotta do something.

You have to do something.

I can't change that he's gonna die, Chief.

It's gonna be slow and painful.
And we can spare him that.

We can spare him that
if we give him the morpha from my kit

and the one that you brought back.




El-tee, come on.

He's your man, Chief.

Give it to me. Give it to me.

Hey, buddy.

It's Chief. How ya doin'?

What's goin' on, Chief?

Well, you know.

Just listenin'to the birds.

I, uh...

I got a little somethin' for the pain.

Good news, buddy.

We got a rescue party here.

The raptor just landed.
We're gonna put you on it,

take you back to Galactica. Okay?

I'm goin' home?

Yeah. You're goin' home.

How are you coming, Jammer?

That should do it, captain.

Hey, nice job.

You guys, check the deck,
check the lockers.

- There's gotta be more rounds in here.
- yes, sir.

Combat, 12-8-6-4-2. Arms locker.
Apollo here.

Colonel, it's Apollo.
He's on deck 12, abaft frame 8-6.

That's between the cylons
and aft damage control.

Apollo, XO. Sitrep.

Five armed defectors.
We haven't seen anything

but bodies between here
and the hangar deck.


Okay, from what I can remember,

the sickbay's about 20 meters
through that hatch.

How are you feeling?

Like I'm walking underwater.

Any marines with you?

Privates Collishaw,


Take your men and proceed
without delay to aft damage control.

Is that yours?

Oh, uh, yeah. I guess it is now.

Okay, if you're gonna keep
it in your trousers like that...

you might want to turn the safety on.

All righty.

Is it stuck?

Oh, frak!

The hatch won't open.

The other side's been de-pressurized.

All right, Corporal venner,
this is your ship. I'm just a tourist.

Find us another way to sickbay.

Okay, um...

okay, we have to head
toward aft damage control.

Aft damage control.

- Aft damage control.
- That's what they're after.

Let's not waste any more time.
You get to aft damage control

and get there right frakking now, mister.

Get there before the cylons,
or we lose the ship.

Is that clear?

Aft damage control rfn.
on our way. Apollo out.

Okay, hold on.

Okay, we made it.

Twinam, Jammer, you take this side.

Kat, Collishaw, you take that side.
We're gonna need some cover!

Okay, let's move.

Let's get this stuff out.

Yes, sir.


That's nice. Okay, everybody,
get down, stay down.

Hold your fire until I give the signal.

Remember, you only have one round,
so it's gotta be a head shot to make a kill.

Do you understand?

- Understood?
- Yes, sir.

Kat, kill the flashlight.

Take cover! Take cover!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Steady up there, Jammer.

Yes, sir.

I'm not really cut out for this, sir.

Me neither.

Sometimes you got to roll a hard six.

What does that mean, sir?

I don't know. It's something my dad says.

Just... don't shoot until I tell ya to.

All right.

Okay, we're in good shape. They're coming.

But we're in good shape.

Head shot, reload.

Head shot.

Head shot, reload.

Head shot, reload.

Head shot.

Okay, they're coming. Everybody down!

You want to shoot that,
you got to take the safety off.

Damn it!



Are you all right?

Yes. I'm fine.

We did it! We got 'em all!

They don't look so big now, do they?

They look big enough.

I'll, uh, I'll take that.

Have you been shot?

Uh, no, I don't think so.

Yeah, I'm fine.

The gods must be watching over you.

Tired of walking?


How do you feel?


I thought you said-

Forget what I said.

And listen to what I'm saying.

You listening?

I'm sorry. I, uh-

I didn't hear that. Could you, uh...

Could you do that one more time?

Let me be clear.

Get the curtain.

Doc Cottle's on his way.

He'll be here any minute.

He's going to be all right. You know that.

Yeah. Yeah, I-I know that.

Colonel, I assume there's still
a cell out there waiting for me.

That's right.

Corporal Venner, I'm ready.

I can't believe you sided with
that woman against the old man.

I wouldn't do that if you put
a gun to my head. And you did.

As far as I'm concerned,
you're not fit to wear a uniform.

You're right about that part.

I am not fit to wear the uniform.

Maybe I never was.

Then again, neither are you.

But this isn't my ship.

And it sure as hell isn't yours. It's his.

And when he wakes up...

He'll decide what to
do with the both of us.

Thank the gods
I didn't have kids.