Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 16 - Sacrifice - full transcript

A terrorist attacks and holds several key people hostage and threatens to murder them unless she is given the Cylon prisoner.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

Hi, we're...
We're kind of lost, again.

We're trying to get
to the CIC. Could you...

No talking, no talking, please.

No cheating.
Hold it up, a little higher.

Sneaky. Eight, nine...

Start again.
You aren't serious.


I've asked you here to find out
why the Cylons hate us so much.

It's what you said
at the ceremony.

That humanity
was a flawed creation.

And that people still
kill one another

for petty jealousy and greed.

You said that humanity never asked
itself why it deserved to survive.

Maybe you don't.

Sleeper agents
within the Fleet.

Takeover by brute force.

Cylon impregnation

and reproduction.

Multiple models.

Suicide bombings.

Assault on

natural resources.

Speculation continues that
Galactica is harboring a Cylon agent.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen
one of the known Cylon models

moving in and out
of Galactica's brig.

Admiral Adama has made no
comment on this situation.

We will continue...

How the hell did this
get out to the press?

I'm surprised
it didn't happen sooner.

I'm told you've been
meeting with her regularly,

allowing her to interact
with members of your crew.

She's a military asset providing us
with vital strategic intelligence.

While we pray that she's not somehow
colluding with other Cylons.

If I felt for one second that she posed
some kind of a threat to this Fleet,

I'd pull the trigger
on her myself.

I think the Fleet may need
to hear that, Admiral.

Even more,
they need to believe it.

Someone took their vitamin
this morning.

Yeah, I don't know
what got into me.

No, you're right.

Keeping Sharon Valerii alive,
allowing her pregnancy to continue,

there is no road map
for any of this.

Somebody, somebody has got to
keep asking the hard questions.

I agree.

I want to stay ahead of this.
Acknowledge the Cylon's existence

and then make some kind of case
for her to stay aboard Galactica.

I don't think
that's going to work.

What? Why?

I think you need
to trust the people.

Use the press,
tell them the truth.

I mean, we barely know
anything about the Cylons,

and until we learn more,
we're not gonna destroy

the only source of information
that we have. Period.

Good. That simple, huh?


Could I...
Could I have a minute?

Sure. Important?

You were saying
about the hard questions.

I know it's just my Debate Team
ring, but it's the best I could do.

This really isn't
how I planned it.



I love you.

I've loved you since the
first day I met you.

I mean, you were
half-naked, granted.

I know that I kind of blind-sided
you with this, okay?

I mean, it doesn't
have to be tomorrow.

We can take our time.

Billy, I can't marry you.

I don't know
how else to say it.

I'm sorry.

He pulled out that ring and it
was like an electric shock.

I could barely say anything.

Well, maybe you're regretting
that you didn't say yes.

No. No.

I don't know what to make
of me and Billy,

but I know I can't marry him.

Then again, I don't know what
to make of you and me, either.

Excuse me.

Yeah, sure thing.

Hey, two more.

Coming right up.


It's good to see you.

It's good to see you, Captain.



Didn't know you were
coming down here.

I grabbed a two-day rotation.

I thought I'd grab
some R and R.

I'm on business, as usual.

Captain Adama.

Oh, I really am an idiot,
aren't I?

No, Billy... Don't.

Don't bother.
Can you give us a minute?

No, you know what? Have a seat, Captain.
Be my guest.

Billy, I'm sorry.

I thought, if anything, we
were honest with each other.

But you knew you were gonna be here with
him today, and you let me propose to you.

I didn't...

I know that giving you
the ring was stupid.

That's fine.

And maybe this wasn't gonna work
out between us. But this...

You should've told me
about this.

Oh, it's hard, you know,

to choose the people
we fall in love with.

To love only
one person at a time.

People like us
are more complicated.


I'm sorry.

I'm here with friends.

you're a regular here, right?

You ever see that woman
before, in the corner?

No. Only when I came in.

And wondered when they were gonna
start enforcing a dress code.

Ellen, the bathroom's
over here.

Are you serious?

Let's go.

Lee Adama, you amaze me.

This is it now. You ready?


We're with you.

Do it!

Everybody by the bar!
Now! Move.

You, you! Up against the bar!

Oh, my Gods!

Three men, one woman,
all armed.

Is it true? The Fleet
knows I'm on Galactica?

I'm interested
in navigational weaknesses.

Wormholes, dark matter blind spots.
Likely ambushes.

I would avoid these pulsar pointers
because of dradis interference.

If I was gonna plan an
ambush, I'd do it there.

It depends, Admiral. They
adapt to your every move.

Every move triggers
a countermove.

Adapt. That's what
you're good at, right?

Why won't you answer
my question?

Does the Fleet know
I'm on Galactica?

It's the baby. She's kicking.

The Fleet knows.
That'll be all for today.


You know, if people knew

how much you've relied on that
thing's so-called intelligence,

they'd be scared
out of their wits.

What about you, Saul?
Are you afraid of her?

You know, the truth is I don't like
the way it's gotten under your skin.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

The pressure hatch can withstand
explosive decompression.

The only way help's getting in is
with a raft of high explosives.

Or we could just let these clowns
open the pressure door for us.

There's bound to be a security
force on its way soon.

Open the door for us?
Why would they do that?

Give me your drink.

Let me talk to them.

The ice. I need the dry ice.

Okay, stay calm.


Please don't shoot!

Who are you?

Ellen Tigh.

Get over here now. Move!

We are not criminals. We are members
of the Fleet, just like you.

My husband's XO of Galactica.

You've just made the worst
mistakes of your life.

Colonel Tigh, Admiral,
you need to hear this.

ELLEN; Saul.

Ellen. What's wrong?

They're holding us hostage.

They're threatening to kill us!

My name is Sesha Abinell.

I have seized control
of the Cloud 9 lounge

and held the people in it

What do you want?

What do I want?

This is not about what I want.

The Colonial Fleet has become
a Cylon-occupied territory.

You are working in collusion
with a Cylon agent.

The very same model
of the Cylon

that tried to murder you, Admiral
Adama, on your own ship.

We want Sharon Valerii.

You have two hours.

Get me everything you can
on Sesha Abinell.

Yes, sir.

Sesha Abinell.

Fleet records indicate she's
the widow of a Ray Abinell.

He was a casualty aboard
the Greenleaf freighter

when the Cylons hit it
about 10 weeks ago.


Who do we have aboard Cloud 9?

Rotation schedule shows Captain
Adama, half a Marine squad,

and Starbuck's already there
on R and R.

Get me Starbuck right away.

Yes, sir.

Hell, one of you beauties
has got to be an O2 sensor.

And I'm guessing it's you.

Take a sip of carbon dioxide.

There was another guy
at the bar.

Check the back. We don't
want any more mistakes.

Kern, there's an awful lot
of military types here.

And that's why we're here. To get
Galactica's attention, remember?

Page, you go.

No problem.

Good to see you, Gunny.

I'm gonna need some of those
gorillas you call Marines.

Most of my gorillas
are already here, sir.

Just trying to
cop a little R and R.

Tell me about it.

All right, here's what we know.

We got an unknown number of
shooters, at least 20 hostages,

and about a 90-minute window before
they start throwing out bodies.

You got a plan, sir?

Lock and load. Let's figure
out the rest as we go along.

Put your weapon down!

Tell them.

He says he's Captain Adama from the Galactica.
He just wants to talk.

Talk, that's it. Just talk.

They're together.

Put it down or she dies.

Hey! She dies,
he dies. You get it?

The difference is, you won't do it.
He will.


We all have someone
we care about.

It's his son.

He's not gonna
choose the Cylon over his son.

Get in line with the others.

The CO2 is through the roof.

They're trying to suffocate us.

What is this, a trap?

There's a reason you don't just
start shooting on a spaceship.

You probably nicked a line. Why don't
you let me talk to the Admiral,

see if we can't
find a way out of this?

I've got two strike teams inbound to you.
ETA ten minutes.

We'll have plenty of
firepower, so that's good,

but I'm concerned
with limited access points.

Admiral, it's Abinell.

Keep Starbuck
on the line with us.


We're losing oxygen.

If it's not restored,
the hostages die.

Then you all die,
because this is over.

Not till the Cylon's dead.

I'm willing to die
to see this through.

Are you willing
to risk your son's life?

Son of a bitch.

Suddenly, you're listening.

Gods damn it! Give her what she wants!
Give her the Cylon!

You're all alone on this,

I'm not gonna sacrifice a military
asset on your altar of revenge.

What are you talking about?

This isn't...

You said this was about
us being played by the Cylons,

but it isn't. It's about the loss of
your husband, and I understand that.

It's about you wanting to strike
back, and I understand that, too.

But we've all lost people that we care
about, and we learn to live with it.

I am sure you are aware, Admiral,
of the concrete evidence

that Caprica's defenses were
compromised by a Cylon agent

who infiltrated the Ministry of
Defense on the eve of the attacks.

People look for complicated answers
when something terrible happens.

Maybe we were just caught by
surprise and were beaten,

and maybe we have to learn
to live with that.

And maybe you are
just missing the point.

You were infiltrated.
You, the military.

And you are being
infiltrated again, right now.

You can sit there and pretend you know
what you're doing, but you do not.

You are being played.

And the rest of us do not want
to go down with your ship.

I want this air system
restored right now.

One person comes in alone,
fixes it, leaves.

Anything goes wrong, somebody
gets hurt, it's on your head.

Keep a direct line open
to Cloud 9.

What do we do?

We repair the air system.

Saul, we can't give her Sharon.

I hope you know that, right?

I know that.

We can't start
dealing with the terrorists.

We start now, it'll open the
floodgates, and it'll never stop.

But, by the way,
it's not Sharon.

It's a frakking Cylon.

You don't think I know that?

I think there's part of you that
looks into that thing's eyes

and still sees that young girl
that reported aboard

two years ago as a rook pilot.

Well, it's not. It never was.

Bill, it's a machine.

Admiral, it's Captain Thrace.


I had one of the Cloud 9 techs

the oxygen feed in there.

There's nothing wrong
with the air.

Could be a glitch.

Or maybe someone screwed with one
of the CO2 sensors in the bar.

Lee? Why?

Maybe he's given us an opening.

If I can get someone inside, get a clear
idea of what we're dealing with...

Kara, this is a recon mission.
Get someone to volunteer.

Then you assess the situation,

and then get the hell out of there.
Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

I'm here to repair the O2 line.

Captain, what are you doing?

Volunteering. Let me see that.

Close the hatch. Search her.

You may not want to do that.
You're running out of air in here.

Looks clean.

Do your job.

Cover her.

Wait a minute.
Turn around, slowly.

Check the box again.

We're hot! Let's go! Hurry!

Get down! Get down!

We gotta get out now! Come on!

Billy, Billy.

I need shirts, towels, anything
I can use as a bandage.


Nobody said you could move.

You still want the Cylon?
Do you?

Because if the Admiral's son dies,
you're not gonna get a deal.

You get that?

If he dies, you're not
gonna get what you want.

He's right. Let him go.

Sir, it's Starbuck.

We got a report of gunshots.
What's happening?

My cover was blown.
I had to move. I'm sorry.

Any casualties?

Two Marines, probably KIA,

at least one of the gunmen,

and Lee.

It was crazy in there,
confused, and he got hit.

How bad?

I don't know.

Stand by.

Hold your position. Make no
move unless you hear from me.

It was friendly fire.

Lee got hit by friendly fire.

I think it was me.

You have your orders.

I can't stop the bleeding.

What can I do?
I can't stop the bleeding.

I gotta stop the bleeding.

I can't tell
if it hit an artery.

Lee, don't leave me.

Lee. Lee, don't leave me, okay?



He's gonna be okay.
He's gonna be okay.

He's gonna be okay. Just hang in there.
Come on.

Stay with me. Stay with me, Lee.
Stay with me.

Are you playing with us?
Are you playing with me?

I've saved the ship, saved you,

how many times now?

Five? Six?

You just can't believe
I'm not playing against you.

You know that there are
Cylons within this Fleet.

You know what they look like.
You know where to find them.

If I were to ask you, would
you tell me who they are?


That I believe.

He'll be all right.

Thanks for the concern.

She loses a husband and suddenly
the world owes her an explanation.

He was a good man.

And he wasn't just her husband.
He was my brother.

My brother died on Picon.
He was a good man, too.

They're all good men.

The Abinell woman sent over
a manifesto to the press

before they took over the bar.

It's mostly a collection of
rumor and conspiracy theories

about Cylons in the military
and the government.

Bunch of crap.

It's getting a lot of attention. We
gotta get our people out of there.

You have Marines on Cloud 9.

The pressure door to the room
has been resealed.

If we try blowing it open,
we'll need so much G4

we'd risk killing
everyone inside.

There are no options left
except for one.

No. We don't strike deals
with terrorists. We can't.

We give them Sharon Valerii,
we're inviting terrorism,

and we weaken our position permanently.
You know that.

everyone in that room

is someone's son, someone's
wife, someone's mother.

Billy is the closest thing that I
have to family left in this world.

And if you don't think that that
confuses things emotionally for me...

Let's not be naive.

What if they're right?

What if Sharon has been
playing us all,

plotting our destruction
with every passing day?

What if the terrorists
are right?

This isn't about Sharon. It's about
something much bigger than that.

It's about
the long-term survival.

It's about the way we conduct
ourselves in all of this.

Sir, it's Abinell on the line.

How's my son?

Alive, but my friend is dead.

So are two of your soldiers.
And your son's dying.

You know, I thought
a long time about this.

About what I'd do.
About how far I'd go.

And I honestly did not know
until this moment...


What? What?

Get on your feet.

What are you going to do?

Saul! Give them what they want!

It's just a machine!

Oh, no. Oh, no. No!

They're gonna kill her.

Hold your fire.

I'm giving you the Cylon,

but she won't be alive.

What does that mean?
That is not the deal.

It means that you've convinced
me that we may have been played.

And if that be the case, and
she's been playing with me,

then I can't take any more chances.
So you make up your mind.

If you want Sharon Valerii,
you can have her,

but on my terms.

I give you the body,
you give me the hostages.


Cut the wire.

It's good.

Coast looks clear.

Admiral. Let me help, please.

Let me take it from here.

Let's go.

Stop looking at him, Billy.

Loan see you watching him. I know
you think you can get that gun.

I'm only thinking
in case something happens.

No. You're not a soldier.

You're not trained for that.
You've got nothing to prove.

I know.

They're right outside. We open
up, they'll give us the body.


We're opening the door.

But if anything goes wrong,
we start killing hostages.

Do it.

It's over.


This isn't right.

This one's been dead for weeks.

Their Cylon is still alive.

Kill the girlfriend.

Down! Report!

We're contained!

All clear!

All right, we're all clear.
Grab this tight!

I need help over here!

Bring in the ER team.

Medic, get in here now! Medic!

Far side of the room.
Right over there.

Lee. Lee, can you hear me? Lee!

- Blood pressure.
- Right.

Can you hear me, Lee? Come on, Son.
Come on, hurry up!

BP's weak and threading.

That's good.

Billy. Billy.




Is this what you gave them?

It was a calculated risk.

It wasn't worth it.

Oh, dear.

There, that's better.
That's better.

He was so young.



What is it?


When you're feeling better,
we can talk.

It was a hell of a vacation.



Lee, you can't leave.

You have to stay.

You have to really stay.
You understand?

It's okay.

I'll be here when you wake up.

I'll be right here.