Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 2, Episode 10 - Pegasus - full transcript

Starbuck is discussing a plan to save the resistance group on Caprica, when reports are coming in of Cylon activity. A large ship is moving to Galactica. Then Gaeta receives colonial transponders. It's the Battlestar Pegasus, with admiral Cain on board. At first, the crew of Galactica seems overjoyed at their arrival, especially since much needed supplies are being delivered. Then reports start coming in about Cain's unorthodox ways of commanding. She also decides to merge both crews, ordering Apollo and Starbuck to join Pegasus' air group. Meanwhile a large Cylon vessel is discovered, guarded by two basestars. A reconnaissance mission is planned. Dr. Baltar is asked to interrogate a Cylon on the Pegasus. She's been tortured and turns out to be a Number Six copy.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.

Gives me the creeps

seeing him acting like that
with her...

How can one of us get that
roped in by one of them?

Look, Chief,

I know how she felt about you.
She loved you.

You know what, I should
probably be grateful to you.

Because that freak in her
belly could've been mine.

Do you have
actual memories

of being with the Chief
before the Cylon attack?

You're the father of my child.
You're the first in my heart.

And nothing is ever
gonna change that.

All right, here's the deal.

We are gonna build
a new fighter.

Blackbird test flight,
cleared for launch.

Galactica, Apollo.
I've lost her.

Of course, you lost contact. It's
a damn stealth ship, remember?

The resistance base camp
is here.

Three hundred clicks north of the
only Cylon airbase in the area.

We can drop seven Raptors straight
down through the Martok Valley

and be in and out before the Cylons
have a chance to launch their Raiders.

The Raptors return
the Galactica

with the resistance fighters,
we jump the hell out of there.


Where's the Fleet?

The Fleet will remain here.

I've tasked seven Vipers and
one Raptor to stay with them.

Seven Vipers?

And one Raptor.


how many jumps

will it take Galactica
to reach Caprica?



That's conservative.

And you know it.

Once you jump the Red Line,

navigational error creeps into

every single jump calculation
that you make.

It could take us
twice that amount of time

to actually find Caprica,
let alone land.

I understand the risks.

Do you really?

We have to try.

Lieutenant, I respect
what you're trying to do here.


We have a duty
to the people we left behind.

I understand that.

We have to find a way to jump
back to Caprica and go get the...


Action stations, action stations.
Set Condition One throughout the ship.

This is not a drill. Repeat.
Action stations, action stations.

Set Condition One
throughout the ship.

Madam President,

looks like you picked
a hell of a day for a visit.

This is the commander.

Bogey just jumped into
dradis range, CBDR.

From the size of it, it's
probably a Cylon base ship.

CAP's on its way
to intercept.

Alert the Fleet
to an emergency jump.

I'm on my way
with the President.

Galactica, Apollo, I'm outbound
on course to the Base Star.

Tag alongside me.

I estimate one minute
till I intercept.

Roger that, Apollo.

Be advised,
alert fighters have launched

and will take station
on your six in three minutes.


Alert fighters
have launched.

New dradis contact,
they're launching Raiders.

How long till we jump?

Another two minutes.


Sir, I'm getting
Colonial transponders.


Hell, now they're using
our own signals against us.


Weapons hold.
Hold the jump, too.

Something up your sleeve,
I take it?

All ships, Galactica,
hold jump.

Say again, hold jump.

Ship to ship,
Colonial priority one channel.

Send hostile challenge
and ID.

And put your reply
up on the speakers.

unknown vessel.

This is
the Battlestar Galactica.

Identify yourself
or we will fire upon you.

Range now 1,700, sir.

This is
the Battlestar Pegasus

to the ship claiming to be
the Galactica. Please respond.

Pegasus? How could that be?

The entire fleet
was destroyed.

Give me direct contact.

this is Galactica actual.

Authenticate identity with
recognition codes immediately.


I'm receiving
Colonial recognition codes.

They're authentic.

this is Pegasus actual.

Adama, is that you?

Admiral Cain.

What a pleasure
to hear your voice.


Red Team, disengage.
Red Team, disengage.


I don't know what to say.

This is a miracle.

You took the words
right out of my mouth.

Step down to Condition One
throughout the Fleet.

Galactica Apollo,
you are not going to believe

what I'm looking at
out here.

It's like a dream.

It is a dream.

Pegasus Raptor 861, Galactica.

Skids down, mag secure.
Welcome aboard, Admiral.

This is a stroke of luck
like you read about.

We could use a little luck right now.

Can't argue that.

You know this
Admiral Cain?

Only heard about her.

But she's a very young officer
on a very fast track.

She's very smart.

Very tough.

Very well-connected.

Fleet promoted her
to rear admiral

over half the commanders
on the list.

What the hell
is this, a party?

Sorry, sir.

All clear the deck.

Oh, Colonel, let it go.
It's a big moment. Come on.

Get into ranks,

Look sharp.
This isn't recess!

Come on, the landing party
is here. Dress and cover.

Nice of you to show up.
Couldn't get here too early.

Group, attention!

Admiral Cain, welcome
aboard the Galactica.

Commander Adama,

it's an honor.

put your men at ease.

At ease.

Allow me to present to you the
President of the Colonies, Laura Roslin.

It's a long story. Welcome.

Madam President,

Dr. Baltar?


It's good to see you.

On behalf of the officers
and the crew of the Pegasus,

it's a pleasure
to see all of you.

Welcome back
to the Colonial Fleet.

Captain Taylor.

Kara Thrace.
Captain Taylor.

Sorry about all of this.

No, it's so good
to see you.

To the 12 Colonies.

It's good
to have you aboard.

Good stuff.

One of my last bottles.


I'm fairly burning
with questions.

I hope you don't mind
if I just dive in.

How did you find us?

Well, we were tracking
a Cylon fleet.

We were trying to predict
their movements,

which seemed
rather random initially.

Until we realized that they were just
jumping to systems with natural resources.

So, we began to scout
those systems ourselves,

hoping to carry out hit-and-run
attacks on their fleet.

But instead of finding
the Cylons, we found you.

So, you've been
attacking their fleet?

Well, you know what they say
about the best defense.


How did you avoid the initial
Cylon attack on the Colonies?

I'll have another
if you don't mind.

Galactica's finest.

Beats the hell out of the
nickel tour. Thank you.

I figured if you'd seen one old
Battlestar, you'd seen them all.

Yeah, well,
she's an old one.

I can't believe the Cylons
didn't kick your ass

up one side and down
the other in this bucket.


I'm sorry. No one gets to
insult your ship except you.

You're Gods damn right.

And just for that

you have to skip this round.

We were docking
at Scorpion Fleet Shipyard.

We were getting ready to go in
for a three-month overhaul.

Most of the crew was getting ready for
extended shore leave and family reunions.

XO had the deck.

I was down in my quarters,
wrapping up some paperwork

and getting ready to pack up
to go home to Tauron.

And that's when
the Cylons attacked.

They hit the shipyard
with three, maybe four nukes.

Five ships.
Two of them Battlestars.

They were destroyed
right there.

And luckily,
very luckily,

the blast blinded
the Cylon dradis.

So they were unable to determine
that we were still intact.

But there were...
There were explosions,

and fires
in the launch bays,

and fuel and ordnance

people screaming.

And by the time
I got back to CIC,

I discovered that
I'd lost over 700 men.

My Gods.

We were completely defenseless,
so I ordered a jump.

To where?


Nowhere. Just jump.

Blind jump.

Could've ended up anywhere.
Gutsy call.

No. Desperate move.

Didn't see any other choice.

How'd you avoid the Cylons
infiltrating your computer system?

Well, our networks were off-line
in preparation for the overhaul.

Yes, Pegasus has always been
a rather lucky ship.

To lucky ships.

I'm sure you have

quite a story
to tell as well.

But I won't make you go through
it right this very minute.

You can send up your logs
when you get the chance.

Yes, sir.

Is something wrong?


I sometimes forget about the
rules of military protocol.

Admiral Cain
is my superior officer.

She will take complete command
of the entire Fleet.

I was wondering
how to broach that topic.

Trust me when I say

that while the chain of command
is strict, it is not heartless.

And neither am I.

This is your ship.

And I have no desire to interfere
with Galactica's internal affairs.

I appreciate it, Admiral.

Madam President, you look
like I just shot your dog.

No, I just...

Just the Commander and I,
we've been through a lot.

Excuse me.
Madam President?

If you'll both
excuse me.

Admiral, I can't tell you how
grateful we are to have you here.

Thank you for finding us.

Madam President.

The Secretary
of Education?

She's come a long way.

I'm sure.

So tell me
about Admiral Cain.

Officer's discretion.

Of course.

We were going after what we thought
was a little Cylon comm relay.

Easy target, right?

Turns out it wasn't a comm relay
at all. It was a staging area

full of 15 squadrons
of Raiders.

Admiral Cain ordered
our XO to attack.

Those two were real close.

He'd served with her
for years.

But here's the thing.

He refused the order.

No frakking way.

There's one other matter.

We have a Cylon prisoner
aboard this ship.


We have one
on ours as well.

Ours has proven to be an
excellent source of intelligence.

She's been very cooperative.

The Vice President, Dr. Baltar,
has been working with her.

You're very lucky
to have him onboard.

Very lucky.

What did she do?

She asked for his gun.

Shot him in the head with it
in front of the whole crew.

And then she turned to me.

What did you do?

Then I ordered the frakking
attack, what do you think I did?


No, no. I'm just joking.

I'm just kidding, you know.


No, no.


Set us up again,
will you?

We haven't been able to get
anything useful out of our Cylon.

I'd like to set up an appointment
with Dr. Baltar as soon as possible.

Yes, sir.

It gives me no pleasure
to have to take command, Bill.

I want you to know that.

Don't give it
a moment's thought, Admiral.

Is this a scorecard?

You guys put scorecards
on the side of your ships?

Like you don't keep score.

You don't see me
painting them on the side

like I'm bragging to the
whole frakking universe.

That's 48 kills
right there.

That's special. Do you
have caps and T-shirts, too?

Where's the Galactica CAG?

Right here.

Let's hear the rundown on this
squadron of yours, Captain.

I see you don't keep track of
your kills. You should start.

Encourages morale, gets the
competition going, esprit de corps.

Well, that's one philosophy.

It's Admiral Cain's

That means it's your
philosophy now, Captain.

The name of my commander
is Adama.

It should be pretty easy to
remember, 'cause it's my name.


I'll keep that in mind,
daddy's boy.

Let's see
your ordnance lists.

I can never get over
how human they look.

Yes. It's uncanny, isn't it?

This model has been
very useful, in fact.

It's given us
key insights into

Cylon information systems,
tactics, strategic plans.

I take it we've encountered
another Colonial warship.

You've gotten all of this
intel without coercion?

Oh, yes.

I find the application

of physical or coercive techniques
to be counter-productive.

You're going to ignore me.

Pretend I can't speak.

We treat this model as if it's
the human being it pretends to be.

That seems to make it
more cooperative.

I haven't shown
you the lab, have I?

So with the background in
physics, and computer programming,

they made me head
of the Cylon branch

and my main focus
is on Cylon detection.

We have our own
Cylon prisoner.

I'd like you to examine it
as soon as possible.

See if you can
glean anything from it.

I wonder who the Cylon
will turn out to be?

A stranger,
a familiar face,

a trusted friend who suddenly
turns out to be the enemy?

Did you hear
what I just said?

Yes, yes.

I'd be really... I'd be very
happy to examine the prisoner.


Admiral. I am so sorry.

We haven't been able to get
anything useful out of it.

you'll have better luck.

She's a hard case,
isn't she?

Just your type, Gaius.

You do have a thing for
strong, powerful women.

Yes, I do.

I'll do my best, sir.

Sounds like
you were both drunk.

No question.

But he wasn't lying.
I can tell you that right now.

Well, I hope you won't
jump to conclusions.

Wait for all the facts.

Context matters.


That woman shot an officer
right in front of the crew.

We shot down
an entire civilian transport

with over a thousand people

Says so right there.

That was
completely different.

And we don't know there were
people on that ship.

Which is why I hope

the Admiral reads
the complete log

and understands the context.

We should ask Admiral Cain
for her logs.

Just so we can
put her in context.

Wouldn't that be nice.

Cally, get a wrench.


Chief. Chief,
take a look at this.

Are these spare parts?

"For our fellow knuckledraggers
on the Galactica.

"Courtesy of
the Pegasus Deck Gang."

Cally, I'm starting to like
that ship.


Lieutenant Ferelli.

These are navigational

software patches
and systems upgrades.

And this is the complete
Pegasus on-board digital library.

Everything from
the Articles of Colonization

to Zarek's trial record.

You did have to erase your
computer memory drives, correct?

Yes, we did.

Thank you.

Thank Admiral Cain.

Got any porn in there?

I've got ships
on half-rations,

and others experiencing
mechanical difficulties.

And so far Galactica is the only
vessel having any of its needs met.

Pegasus has been resupplying
Galactica from its own reserve

for military operations.

Which I
completely support.

But when will some of these supplies
start getting out to the Fleet?

Admiral Cain
has assured me

that those supplies
are on their way.

Well, at least she's taking
your phone calls.

I can't even get her
to answer mine.

I'll bring it
to her attention.

How are you doing
with all this?

She outranks me.

It's as simple as that.

You know, if President Adar stepped
off that Raptor, I'd be elated.

Grateful to have someone
take over. And yet...

I don't want to go
to the "and yet" part.

I've been taking orders
my entire career.

This is no different.

Well, then, Commander,
thank you.

We would appreciate
all the help you can give us.

You shall receive it.

opto-electronic transducers.

That's one ugly baby.

Excuse me?

Do you mind if I take
a look around? I'm...

I'm Laird,
Pegasus Deck Chief.

Oh, hey.
Yeah. Tyrol.

Thanks for sending over
these parts.

Yeah, look at
whatever you like.

Specialist Cally.

DDG-62's. I'll be...

I designed these engines. I thought
they phased them out over 10 years ago.

an aeronautical engineer?

Yeah, I was.

Then the war happened, and I got drafted
to being the Deck Chief on Pegasus.

So you're really a civilian?
How'd that happen?

I was on the Scylla, and we
got picked up by the Pegasus.

Things happen.

Mind if I crawl around inside here?
I heard you designed this yourself.

I'd love to see
how you did it.

Sure, yeah.
You'll get dirty.

People come
to see my ship.

Don't get too close.
It killed seven of my crew.

You want my guards
to come in with you?

Feeling scared, Gaius?

Want the big, bad soldiers to protect
you from the mean old Cylon prisoner?

No, I think we'll be
just fine. Thank you.

Oh, my God.

My God, Gaius.

It's me.

Look what
they've done to her.

Open the door.
Now, please.

ID confirmed.
Lieutenant Thorne.

She must've struggled.

She must have
fought back.

That doesn't justify this.
Stop it.


Hello. Can you hear me?

She's obviously been abused.


But there's no obvious sign
of head trauma.


Voluntary eye movements
suggest conscious thought.

Can't you stop being
a scientist for one moment

and look at the abused woman
lying there in front of you?

Now, listen up.

I know this must be
very difficult for you.

Don't patronize me.

I'm not patronizing you.
I'm trying to reason with you.

If I'm going to help her, I
have to understand her first.

Will you help her, Gaius?

I will do everything I can.

After all

she is remarkably similar to
someone I care about a great deal.

I think
it would be best

if you left us alone
for a time.

In order
for my technique to work,

the technique
I used so successfully

on the Cylon who called
herself Sharon Valerii,

the prisoner must be
allowed to bathe adequately

and eat.

If proper clothes
could be provided and

other sundry comforts,

then that would be ideal.

The comfort of that thing
is of no interest to me.

It killed over 800 members
of my crew.

If you'll permit me, Admiral,

as I understand it, it
allowed a group of centurions

to board your ship, but
it itself did not commit...

Are you making excuses
for it, Doctor?

Have you become
too close to your subjects?

Lost perspective

Quite the opposite.

The Cylons are a brutal
and deadly opponent,

the universe would be
a substantially better place

if they were
exterminated entirely.

But my job
is not extermination.

My job is investigation.

It doesn't sound like
you're very good at it.

You haven't told me
anything new.

It suffered
no serious head injuries,

and therefore
no physical damage

to its neural pathways or
cognitive reasoning centers.

But it's quite clearly

Which would suggest that its current
condition is psychological in nature.

Had you thought of that?

It shows that the Cylon
consciousness is just as susceptible

to the same pressures and
cleavages as the human psyche

and can be manipulated
in the same fashion.

Simply put, Admiral, you
have already used the stick.

It's time to use a carrot.

Please give the doctor
whatever he needs.

Aye, sir.

Mr. Vice President,
if you'd follow me, please.


Lovely ship.
Thank you, sir.

Looks very new.
Yes, sir.

Sorry to keep you waiting,

And that I can't offer you
a place to sit.

I've always preferred
to work standing up.

It's much easier
on my back.

And I discovered
meetings with my officers

go faster when they
have to stand as well,

so, out went the chairs.

I'll have to
remember that.

Did you get a chance
to look around the ship?

A little.

It's been a while since
I've been on a Mercury class.


Ship's nearly twice the size,
needs half the crew.

Makes me feel
the Galactica is a relic.

Galactica is not a relic.
It's a classic.

And I, for one, happen to
appreciate the classics.

I've noticed.

You have some
beautiful weapons.

having reviewed your logs,

it appears that you've been
through quite an ordeal.

We've had our moments.

You did
yourselves proud.

Thank you, Admiral.

As I told you, we were tracking a
Cylon Fleet when we found Galactica.

And now that I've had a chance to
compare their route to your ship's logs,

it's quite clear that
they've been following you.

Our recon
so far tells us

that the fleet is composed
of two Base Ships,

about a dozen or so
support ships,

and one large vessel that we
are still unable to identify.

It's this large ship here
that I'm interested in.

What's its function? Is it
a command and control ship?

A Raider factory?

Possibly. Whatever it is,
the Cylons are protecting it.

This is what I'd call
a tempting target.

And here I was getting ready
to do a whole song and dance

about combining resources
for a joint strike mission.

Any chance of hitting
the Cylons where it hurts,

my pleasure.

I'll have Apollo
coordinate with your CAG.

Which leads me to the
next subject, Commander.

I'm going to
integrate the crews.

And I'm starting by reassigning
Captain Adama to the Pegasus air wing.

I have a team
that works very well together.

Let's just cut through it,
shall we?

After reviewing your logs,
it is my judgment

that having your son as Galactica
CAG has been a grave mistake.

He's been insubordinate,
even mutinous.

And these are direct quotes
from your logs, by the way.

And I dare say, he's not the only
one with disciplinary problems.

There's a Kara Thrace who habitually
strikes fellow officers and disobeys orders.

This Lieutenant Agathon
has fraternized with

and evidently impregnated
an enemy agent.

Let's not even
discuss your XO.


there is a complete list
of the transfers.

I thought you said you had no
desire to interfere with my command.

I'm saving your command,

You're way too close
to these officers.

And it's blinding you
to their weaknesses

and to the damage that they're
doing to unit cohesion and to morale.

I don't agree.

Well, that is
certainly your right.

You have your orders.

Transfer to Pegasus?

Why the frak
should we do that?

Because those are
your orders.

We can't just let her come
over here That's a load of crap.

and change our entire roster
She's trying to break up the team

on the eve before
a major Cylon operation.

'cause their CAG has a stick
up his ass... That's enough!

You're officers.
Act like it.

She's given you an order.
You will carry it out.

Permission to speak freely?
You may not.

We've all gotten used to bending
the rules, having our way,

letting things slide.
Well, that's over.

You wear the uniform, you will
accept the rules that go with it.

You've been transferred.

Pack your gear
and report to the Pegasus CAG.


Watch out for yourselves.

I think they're gunning
for you both.

I think they're gunning
for all of us.


You know, that idea you had increased
fuel efficiency by two percent.

I'm glad
I could help out.

This is bullshit, Chief.

Why is everyone
so pissed off?

Oh, we just heard

brass is bringing over some frakwit
from the Pegasus to take over my deck.

That's gotta burn.


I'm the frakwit. Sorry.

Office is back here.

This is a photo recon mission.

We're interested in
one Cylon ship in particular

which is larger than anything
we've encountered before.

Analysis to date suggests they
will be in this star system next.

We will hide
behind this moon

which has an abnormally large

and will mask
our dradis signatures.

We'll power down,
hide near the surface,

wait for the fleet to pass by.


You've something to add?

Your plan sucks.

You're a heartbeat away from
being in hack on your first day.

I like hack.

It's good to know.

And the Cylons
aren't stupid.

That moon's a blind spot.
They'll never go near it.

You really wanna
get close,

you gotta use the stealth ship

we constructed
aboard Galactica.

The homemade tin can?

That's enough.

you're off this mission.

Whiplash, Thumper,
get your optical gear ready.

Apollo, you'll pilot
the Raptor with me.

Your jacket says
you qualified in one.

Remember how to fly it?

Yes, sir.


On your feet.


They expect us
to take this lying down?

Now you're flying a frakking
Raptor? It's humiliating.

A surveillance package?

Go get the Blackbird. Take some
pretty pictures of our Cylon ship.

Copy that.

Cheers, everybody.

Where's the Blackbird?
Lieutenant Thrace took it out.

She said Admiral Cain ordered
a performance check out.

Hey, Chief.

You deserve a frakking medal.
We haven't seen booze for months.

This place is
a frakking party!

Oh, I heard you guys
even got yourselves a Cylon.

Heard she's a hot one, too.

I'd like to get me
some of that Cylon stuff, huh?

A little of the,
"Oh, yeah, oh, yeah."

Hey, you know what, that's
enough, guys. Just shut up.

Sensitive. You got a soft spot
for the little robot girl, do you?

Hey. Chief said to shut up.
Maybe you didn't hear him.

Hey. Sorry, sir.

Look, we're just here
for a little fun, huh?


Come on. There we go.

Who the hell are you?

Remember, remember,
when Thorne put

that "please disturb" sign
up on the brig there?

I got in line twice.
Oh, I hear that.

Remember she was just lying there with
that blank look on her face, like...

Hey, do you mind?

Ooh, frisky.

That hurts.

What is the function
of this ship?

I don't know.
Here, take a closer look.

What makes it
so important?

Why would two Base Stars
be tasked to protect it?

I don't...

I don't know.

Do you think Thorne will give
us a chance at this one, too?

No, I heard him say he's gonna
have to break her in a little first.

Hey, whoa, whoa.
I know, but not here.

Who the hell's this Thorne?

Lieutenant Thorne, sir.
Cylon interrogator.

Rides them hard
and keeps them talking.

Your little robot girl
is in for quite a ride.


Think about it.
We need to go.

What the frak?

Okay. No!

I'll tell you!

Move it!
Get out of the way!

Move, move, move, move!
Get... Get out of the way!

Move, move!

Help! Help!

Get off of her!

Get off of her, now!


Freeze! Freeze!

Don't either of you
frakking move! Don't move!

Don't either of you
frakking move!

Don't move!

Get down! Get down!

On your knees.

Hands behind your head. Now!

Hands behind your head.

Do it now. Do it!

He's dead.

Pegasus, Raptor 923.
We've cleared Galactica

and are en route with prisoners
and the body of Lieutenant Thorne.

ETA to Pegasus,
three minutes.

The assault happened here.

They should face
a court martial on Galactica.

Commander, I am the senior
convening authority present.

And they'll be
tried on Pegasus.

They're my men.
One of my men is dead.

Fine. We both have strong
feelings about the case.

That only underlines the need
for an impartial trial.

Oh, you mean
an independent tribunal?

Because according to
your logs, Commander,

you dissolved an independent tribunal
when you didn't like the verdict.

And if I'm not mistaken, Chief
Tyrol was on trial there as well.

That was a different time.

Yes, indeed it was.

I'll be in touch, Commander.
Thank you.

Remove the restraints,

I'm here under
Admiral Cain's authority.

Do it.

Thank you.
Now, get out.

The food is yours.

It's not a trick.

I'm not gonna take it away
at the last second.

You know, I...

I'm just going to
talk right now.

I don't expect you
to say anything.

Back on Caprica,
before the attack...

And sometimes

I forget there was
a world before the attack.

I knew someone,
a woman,

unlike any other woman
I'd ever known.

She was unique.

Beautiful. Clever.

Intensely sensual.

When she wasn't in my bed,

she was in my thoughts.

She was a Cylon.

And she changed my life in a
very real, very fundamental way,

in that I have quite literally
never stopped thinking about her.

Because I love her.

To this very day,
I love her.

And she looks
exactly like you.

My name is Gaius Baltar.

And I'm here to help you.

Check me on these
jump coordinates.


Check me on these
jump coordinates.


Jump coordinates verified.

You seem a little distracted,

Something I should know about?

Two of my friends just got
arrested and charged with treason.

I suggest you file that
under "not your problem."

We have a recon mission to perform.
I need your head in the game.


Pegasus, Blue Team, jump
coordinates set and verified.

Ready to FTL. We will jump in
10 minutes on my mark. Mark.

Any word
on the Chief, sir?

He's gonna have
to stand trial.

He's a good man, sir.

I know. I'll do every...
Attention, Galactica.

...Commander Adama,
contact the CIC ASAP.


I just talked to Fisk.
Court martial's over.

Over? When did it start?

I don't know, but they've been
found guilty on all counts.

She's going to execute them
both for murder and treason.

I want a Marine strike team
in a Raptor in five minutes.

Prepare to launch
alert fighters.

We have work to do.

Pegasus, Galactica.
Please secure channel.

Commander Adama would like
to speak to Admiral Cain.

Go ahead, sir.

You told me
they'd get a fair trial.

What kind of a trial
could they have possibly had?

I assure you,
I heard them out.

I weighed their statements
against those of the guards

and I took into consideration their
service records and commendations.

It was a difficult decision, Commander,
but I dare say, it was a fair one.

They have the right to have
their case heard by a jury.

I am a flag officer on detached
service during a time of war.

Regulations give me broad
authority in this matter.

Launch the fighters.

You can quote me whatever
regulation you'd like.

I'm not gonna let you
execute my men.

I highly suggest you reconsider
that statement, Commander.

Admiral, Galactica is
launching Vipers and a Raptor.

why are you launching Vipers?

Please arrange for Chief Tyrol
and Lieutenant Agathon

to be handed over to my
Marines as soon as they arrive.

I don't take orders from you.

Call it whatever you like.
I'm getting my men.

You are making such a mistake.

I'm getting my men.

Action stations.
Action stations.

Admiral, this will
spiral out of control fast.

Launch the alert Vipers.

Adama has taken us
over the line.

He's left me with no choice.
Launch the alert Vipers.

And target the main battery
for Galactica.

And may the Gods
have mercy on their souls.

Here's a good one.

Let's make...