Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 6 - Litmus - full transcript

A humanoid Cylon straps himself with explosives and commits a suicide bombing in a crowded hallway on Galactica. Roslin and Adama are forced to publicly reveal that the Cylons now have models that look like humans, and a wave of paranoia spreads over the fleet as everyone starts being suspected of being a Cylon.

PreviousIy on
Battlestar Galactica.


Sharon, get out of here!

Where are you? Sharon !

TYROL: Halt!
No sudden moves.

Get down on your knees
and cross your ankles. Now!

l am human. l am from Oasis.
lt's a hamlet, a couple stops

out of Caprica City.

l'm not a Cylon !

Don't leave me!

MAN ON PA: Attention.
The Scorpia Traveler
has docked.

Civilians currently
boarding Galactica,

pIease proceed to
security checkpoint.



Thank you.

Viper Maintenance Crew Bravo,
report to FIight 3.



MAN: Yeah, okay.

lt's all clear?

l've got your back, Chief.





Anybody see you?

l went through
the hatch combing
on C Causeway.

Good girl.

MAN ON PA: Bravo Team,
EOD, stand by for
munitions off-Ioading.

Hangar Bay 2.

You know,
sometimes at work

l try and conjure up
what your face looks like.

The curve of your lips,

the way your hair falls,
how you smell.

You see my face
every day.

Yeah, but not like this.


Security, XO.
Send an armed
detail to meet me

in the midpoint promenade
deck causeway, C level.
Approach from aft.

Repeat, approach from aft.

Doral !


Look out!




What's the count?

Three dead, 1 3 injured.

Did you get a good
look at the bomber?


lt was him, right?


ADAMA: l want to see
the Master-at-Arms in
my office in 1 0 minutes.

A Cylon?

Eyewitness accounts
all state the bomber
was a man.

The Cylons
look like us now.

Like us?

Yeah, they appear human.
The flesh, the blood,

the whole thing.

The bomber was another copy
of a man we knew as Doral,

posing as the
Public Relations Officer
aboard this ship.

We've learned that there
are multiple versions
of the same Cylon.

l want you to open
an investigation

l want to find out
how that Cylon,
or any civilian

could break through
our security.

There've been a string
of security incidents
aboard ship, sir.

The water tank explosion,
the discovery of explosives
aboard a Raptor,

and now this.
Your point?

l need a free hand.

The authority
to follow evidence
wherever it might lead

without Command review.

lndependent tribunal?

Yes, sir.

You'll get it.

Thank you.

That will be all,

l also strongly recommend
alerting the public
to the Cylon threat.

lf there are other copies
of this man aboard the fleet,

we should find them
before they strike again.

l'll take that
under advisement.

That will be all.


Open to the public.
There's a can of worms.

Keeping silent hasn't
helped us very much.

Maybe shining a little
light on the situation
will make things pop up.

All right.


l owe you one.



Get me the President.

Don't kink the line.

JAMMER: There, we've got it.

Okay, let's go.

So who's first?

How about me?

Hey, Chief.

How's it going there, Top?

Come on. Let's have it.
Come on.

TYROL: You people are
the sorriest of the sorry.

The dumbest of the dumb.

The only thing you're
making out of this
is a one-way trip

to Sickbay or the morgue.

Now, tonight,
after night call

one of you brings me
twice that length of
copper tubing,

a spot heater
and a CO2 scrubber,

l'll show you people
how this is done.

All right?

Now get the hell
out of here before
l change my mind.

Thank you.



NO. 6:
He's very handsome.

You really think so?

BOOMER: She says that
about everyone.

You disagree?

He's attractive.

NO. 6: l hope
you're more convincing
than that with him.

lf he wants to find me,
he'll head north,

toward Cylon forces
he's already seen.

lf he wants to go alone,
he'll go south,

hoping to find another
way off the planet.

Either way,
he won't make his move
until nightfall.

DORAL: lf he flees,
he dies.

There's going to be
a huge reaction.

lf there are
any other Cylons aboard
any of our ships,

we need to find them.

lf we enlist the help
of the public,
it'll make it a lot easier.

People are going to be
shocked, angry,
terrified, paranoid.

There is a price
to be paid when asking
for the pubIic's heIp.

They're going to demand,
at the very Ieast,

that someone be
held accountable.

l'm setting up a tribunal.

And that tribunal
will have to come back
to the public with a name.

Someone who screwed up.

We don't know
if anybody screwed up.

A Cylon agent penetrated
your security,
killing three people.

At Ieast one of your men
or women screwed up.

Look, here's my view.

lndependent tribunal,
openness, transparency,
it all sounds great.

But after 20 years
in poIiticaI office,
I'm teIIing you

these things have
a way of infIicting

damage on the peopIe
you Ieast expect.

l do not want
a witch hunt
on our hands.

So, where were you at
the time of the bombing?

ln my rack, reading
some trashy novel
Socinus gave me.

Did you see the Chief?


He was on the Hangar Deck
going over some paperwork,
l think.

How do you know that
if you were in your rack?

l saw him right
before l turned in.

l was with Cally,
playing Pyramid in
the mess hall corridor.

HADRlAN: You sure?

Yeah. She's pretty good.

Did you see the Chief?

Yeah, he was there.

l mean, not the whole time,
but he dropped in,
watched us play for a while.


SOClNUS: l was on watch.

Did you see the Chief?

The Chief? No.

He wasn't on
the Hangar Deck?


Wait. Yeah, he was.

He came in, did some work
on one of the Vipers
that the Captain rides.

Thank you.

Asleep in my rack.

Sure about that?


l was asleep, Sergeant.

All right.
That'll be all for now.


Good afternoon,
and thank you for coming.

Please be seated.

l'm sure by now,
word of the explosion
on the Galactica

has spread through
the entire fleet.

We offer our continued
gratitude to
the brave men and women

aboard this mighty ship.

ROSLlN: ln consultation
with Commander Adama,

I have appointed
an independent tribunaI

to investigate
the circumstances
surrounding this expIosion.

Also, in the interest
of security
and pubIic safety,

l feel it is time to reveal
certain information
that has until now

a tightIy-guarded secret.

This information was
known onIy to myseIf,
Commander Adama

and a few select advisors.

The cat's out of the bag.

The Cylons have the ability
to mimic human form.
They look like us now.

MAN: Did you hear that?

ROSLlN: We have reason
to believe that a Cylon
agent was responsibIe

for the expIosions
aboard Galactica.

ROSLlN: This man
has been identified
as a Cylon agent.

We believe him
to be responsible
for the bombing.

He evidently slipped
aboard the Galactica
with a civilian group,

killed a Marine guard,
stole the explosives
and detonated them

killing three members
of the crew
and destroying himself.

This man has also been
identified as a Cylon.

And we now know that
there are duplicates
of each Cylon model.

Anyone seeing
either of these two men

at any time,
anywhere in the fleet

should immediately contact
the Battlestar Galactica

and the office
of the President.

Now l'll take your questions.


They've known about
this the whole time.

They just decide
to tell us now?


l mean,
who's the Cylon now?

This is too much.
l don't even
want to know this.

Excuse me, sir.
Will you come
with us, please?

What? Why?

TYROL: What's up?
What's going on, Sergeant?

HADRlAN: Chief, we need
you to come along as well.

You're arresting the Chief?

Who's arresting
the chief?

No one is under arrest.

What's the meaning
of all this?

HADRlAN: Step back!

Lieutenant asked you
a question, Sergeant.

A tribunal has been convened

to look into
the Cylon penetration
of our defenses.

lt requires the presence
of Lieutenant Valerii
and Chief Tyrol

and l am here
to escort them to
the Wardroom, sir.

Very well. Proceed.

HADRlAN: Thank you, sir.

Lieutenant, Chief,
you'll come with me, please.

You're it till l get back.
Don't worry.

HADRlAN: Lieutenant Valerii,
where were you
at the time of the explosion?

l was in my rack.

Did anyone see you, sir?

l don't know.
l was asleep.


is it true that
you and the Chief
are involved in a

romantic and
physical relationship

in violation of
the Colonial Code
of Military Conduct?

l thought this was about. . .

Just answer
the question, please.

Are you and the Chief
involved in a relationship?


The XO ordered us
to put a stop to it,
so we did.

Sir, can you testify
as to the whereabouts of
Chief Petty Officer Tyrol

at the time of the bombing?

l have no idea
where he was.

Thank you, sir.

You're excused,

But l'm sure
he had nothing to do
with the bombing. . .

You are excused,

Bring in the next witness,

HADRlAN: The testimony
you give before this tribunal
may be used

to adjudicate
your guilt or innocence

in the matter
under investigation.

Do you understand?


The matter being
investigated is first,

how a Cylon penetrated
Galactica's security system

and second, whether one of
Galactica's crew members

aided and abetted
this crime

through conspiracy
and collusion
with the Cylons.

Collusion with the Cylons?

Do you consent to give
your testimony
freely without invoking

your right to remain silent
as provided for

under the 23rd
Article of Colonization?

l do.

Then let's begin.

They're going
after the Chief.

They're going
after the Cylons.

What the hell
does that mean?

Wake up.

The world's changed
while you were asleep,
little man.

Frak you.

Cylons look like people.
That means anyone. Anyone.

Not the Chief.
How do you know?

l know.
This is stupid.

You two just don't want
to deal with reality.

You want to
keep your heads
buried in the sand.

That's exactly
what the Cylons want.

For us to turn on
each other.

Start getting
suspicious, paranoid.

She's right. lf we don't
believe in each other

then we don't guard
each other's backs
when the heat comes down.

That kind of
thinking is over.

lt's every man
for himself now.

You better
watch your backs.

HADRlAN: You had the mid-watch
before the bombing, correct?


Would you please
explain to the tribunal
what you do on watch?

TYROL: l walk the perimeter
of the Hangar Deck,

the tool rooms,
storage facilities.

To make sure
all hatches are sealed?


That no unauthorized
personnel is poking around
where they shouldn't?

That's right. And there was
no one on the Hangar Deck
that night.

l believe that's
what your log says.

What about the
hatch combing
for Causeway C?

Anybody see you?

l went through
the hatch combing
on C Causeway.

Your log indicates that
all hatches and portals
were locked and sealed.

lf that's what
the log indicates,
then that's the case.

Which would include
the hatch combing
for Causeway C?

l don't know
where the Sergeant
is going with this,

but they're not related.

What if l told you that
l found the hatch open
after the bombing?

l would say that
l don't know
how that's possible.

lt's not just any hatch
on the Hangar Deck.

lt opens onto a causeway
which leads directly to
a small arms locker

where a Marine guard was
found dead at the scene.

The locker was opened
with the correct code.

Do you have the correct code
to that locker, Chief?

Yes, l do,
as do dozens of others,
including the guard.

lt's possible the Cylon
forced the guard to open
it before he killed him.

l'd like to take this
opportunity to state that

that was an internal
security matter.

And internal security
falls under the purview
of the Master-at-Arms.

And the Master-at-Arms
is Sergeant Hadrian.

Did Lieutenant Valerii
leave the hatch combing
open last night?

l have no idea
who left the hatch
combing open last night.

Chief, were you doing
paperwork at the time
of the bombing?

Were you working on
a Viper at that time?


Were you watching
a pick-up game of Pyramid
in the mess hall

at the time
of the bombing?

No! As l told you
earlier today,
l was asleep in my rack.

Then why do l have three
different statements

from three of
your deckhands

stating variously
that they all saw you

and you were anywhere
but in your rack?

Chief Tyrol,
where were you at
the time of the bombing?

Were you, in fact,
meeting with
a Cylon agent?

l exercise my right
under Article 23.

By invoking the 23rd
Article at this time,

the tribunal
will look on this

as further evidence of
your guilt. So l will
ask you one last time.

Who were you with at
the time of the bombing

and was this person
a Cylon agent?

HADRlAN: Specialist, your
sworn statement indicates
that you were on watch

at the time of the bombing
and that you saw Chief Tyrol

work on one of the Vipers.
ls that true?

Yes, sir.

can you explain to us

why Chief Tyrol told us
in his testimony

that he was in his rack
asleep at the time
of the bombing?

Speak up, Specialist.

He said that?

Did you see him,
or didn't you?


No, l did not, sir.

So the Chief did not
come to the Hangar Deck
after all?

l don't know.

l left my post.

Excuse me?

l left my post, sir.

l ducked out
to get a smoke.

l went to the galley
to get some chow.
The Chief,

l mean, l don't know
where he was.

l'm sure he was
asleep in his rack,
just like he said.

You went to the galley?

Yes, sir.

Did you go through
the hatch combing
on C Deck?

Well, to get to the galley,
that would be the best way.

Yes, sir, l went
through that hatch.

Did you leave it open?

l'm not sure.

Yes, sir. l think l did.

Look, the Chief had
nothing to do with it.
lt was me.

l left my post
and l left the hatch open.

lt was me. Just me.

You realize, don't you,
that by leaving
the hatch open

you allowed a Cylon
to gain access to
a small arms locker?

Yes, sir.

Specialist, did Chief Tyrol
instruct you to leave
the hatch open deliberately

as part of a conspiracy
to allow the Cylon

to gain access to
the small arms locker?

The Chief is innocent.
He didn't do anything.

Specialist, did you leave
the hatch open deliberately?

Yes, sir.

Whatever happened,
it was me. Just me.



You overestimated
his willingness to
risk himself for you.

He just doesn't love you.


North. Toward his love.

Seems you made
an impression after all.

He's a good man.

He always does
the right thing.

Are you prepared
for the next step?


Hello, Lieutenant.


l brought you a cigar.
A recovery gift.

How are you?

l'm good.

The food is good,
company is better.

Yes, l just happened
to be absolutely
nowhere near Sickbay.

l thought l would

see how you were doing.

So, Doctor,

your super-secret
project's on C Deck,

l'm not at liberty to
divulge exactly what
l am doing on C Deck.

But you're more
than welcome to pop by
once you're ambulatory.

The bomber was
on C Deck, right?

Yes, l know.
l heard the explosion.

Very frightening.

Do you think that's
where he was headed?

l'm sorry.
l didn't follow you.

The Cylon bomber?

Do you think that
he was trying to
blow up your project?

NO. 6: And you
along with it?

lt's funny.

l hadn't thought of that.

Kind of hits you
where you live, huh?

Yes, it does, actually.

You get well soon.

They're trying
to kill me.

Me, always me.

They're trying to
destroy your work.

Destroying you
is an added bonus.
But why?

That's what
l don't understand.

Why are they trying
to blow me up?

You told me what to do
in the first place.

l wouldn't be making
this Cylon detector
if it wasn't for you.

But l'm just in
your head, Gaius.

They don't know
about me, or us,
or our life together.

How romantic.

l'm going to have to
destroy that Cylon
detector myself.

Blame the sabotage
on Cylon agents.

That's what
l'll tell Adama.


No, you won't.

You're going to
complete the project,
just like l told you.

Really? Will l?

Or what?

Don't make me
angry, Gaius.

You wouldn't like me
when l'm angry.

DORAL: Sharon.


NO. 6: ls that enough?

No, Sharon wouldn't give up
without a much harder fight.


ADAMA: Did you read
the tribunal report?


And I'm sorry to read
that one of your men

has been charged
with conspiracy

and collusion
with a Cylon agent.

Specialist Socinus.

But after reading
the transcripts,
I have my doubts.

What about this other man,
your Chief Tyrol?

He took the 23rd.

What is that about,
do you think?

lt's his right.

The courts have never held
that invoking
the right to remain silent

can be used as
evidence of guilt.

You sound like a lawyer.

My father was a lawyer.
Civil liberties.

Let's set aside
the legalities
for a moment.

Obviously, you are
defending your man.

l respect that, l do.
But he is hiding something.

Chief Tyrol has
been under my command
for over five years.

And if he really wanted
to take this ship down,

he could.
l think this is over.


Madam President,
l'm going to have to
call you right back.


l have orders to bring you
before the tribunal, sir.

Let's go.






lt's okay.


What's happening?


Can you walk?

l think so.

Come on. Okay.

Now we're even.


l think we should go.

Right. Okay.

HELO: Come on.

lt's going to be
all right.

You're going to be
just fine.

HADRlAN: Commander Adama,
when did you first learn
the truth about the Cylons?

On Ragnar Station,
before we left.

And you chose to withhold
this crucial information, sir?


l felt that

to alarm the public
would only cause
chaos and panic.

But you also withheld
the information

from your own security
detachment aboard ship, sir.

Not knowing who to trust,

l decided to keep
the information

for the time being.

Sir, isn't it true that
had we known that the
Cylons appeared human

different security procedures
would have been followed?


But l had to weigh
the possible
ramifications of both.

But isn't it also true,
sir, that

had different procedures
been followed

the bombing may
have been prevented?

That's speculative.

l'm asking
if it's possible.

l know what you're
asking, Sergeant.

l will not speculate
as to what
might have happened.

Do you personally
believe that

a Cylon agent planted
explosives in
the ship's water tank?


Do you believe that
there are Cylon agents
aboard ship even as we speak?

Yes, l do.

Sir, isn't it true
that you knew

that Lieutenant Valerii
and Chief Tyrol were having
an illicit relationship

in violation
of regulations?

l don't see the relevance
of this line of
questioning, Sergeant.

The Commander
should bear in mind

that my questions
are not subject
to Commander's review.

Why did you allow
the relationship
to continue

knowing it was
against regulations?

l'm a soft touch.

Sir, are you aware
of the fact that

both Lieutenant Valerii
and Chief Tyrol

have been implicated
as possibly being in
collusion with the Cylons?

l'm aware of
the allegations.

Where are you
going with this?

l will ask
the questions, sir.

lsn't it true that
by allowing their
relationship to continue

in violation of regulations

you may have made it
possible for
two Cylon collaborators

to compromise the safety
and security of this ship?


We're done here.

Excuse me, sir,
but my questions
are not finished.

You've lost your way,

You've lost sight of
the purpose of the law.

To protect its citizens,
not persecute them.

Whatever we are,
whatever is left of us,

we're better than that.

Now these proceedings
are closed.

You'll be transported back
to your ships,
and we appreciate your help.

MYSON: Commander.

This is an independent board.

You have no authority
to close our inquiry.

This is a witch hunt.

l will not have it
aboard my ship.

Corporal of the guard !

Restrain the Commander
and return him
to the witness chair.

Your orders are to
escort Sergeant Hadrian
back to her quarters

and keep her in confinement
until further notice.

Make your choice, son.

Sergeant Hadrian,
you'll come
with us, please.


MAN: She's just
about to speak.

Yes, l tried to get
an interview
with her myself.

Good evening,
have a seat.

The investigation
into the suicide bombing
aboard Galactica

and how it was
allowed to occur,
has come to a close.

ROSLlN: You are all aware
that the bomber
was a Cylon agent.

The tribunal has determined

that the Cylon gained
access to the expIosives

by going through
a hatch door in
the Hangar Deck of the ship.

This door was Ieft open
due to negIigence of
one of the ship's crewmen.

His name is
Specialist Socinus.

He has confessed
to Iying under oath

and dereliction of
duty in time of war.

He has been stripped
of his rank
and confined to the Brig.

At this point, we have
no reason to believe

that there were any other
parties responsibIe.

Now I'II take your questions.
You, sir.

permission to enter?

What is it, Chief?

Thank you, sir.

Sir, l believe
that Socinus. . .

l believe that his
confession was a lie.

l think that
he's covering for me.

For you?

l think that he's doing
this out of a sense of
misplaced loyalty to me.

Somewhere in this
there's truth.

Care to take me to it?

Sir, l was with
Lieutenant Valerii at
the time of the bombing.

The deck gang,
they all knew it.

They've known all along.
They're trying to
cover for me.

They started lying.
Socinus. . .

l don't know.

l think that he thinks
he's helping protect me
by taking a fall like this.

You don't really know
whether he was on duty
or not, do you?

Commander, he's innocent.

l know that much.
l should be in the Brig.

Well, that's a fact.
You should be in the Brig.

this isn't right.

You can't let
an innocent kid. . .

l can't?

What l can't do

is, l can't let someone
that wears this uniform

get on the witness stand
and lie under oath.

And that's what
your man did.

He either lied the first time
or he lied the second time.

And it doesn't matter.

He's guilty and
he'll pay the price.

You? You'll pay
a different price.

You'll have to walk out
on that Hangar Deck every day

knowing that one of
your men is in the Brig

because you couldn't
keep your fly zipped.

You're the most experienced
noncommissioned officer
we have left.

You keep my planes flying.

l need my planes to fly.



Sharon, no.


Sharon, we're done.
lt's over.

What do you mean
it's over?

l love you.

l really do.

l'm sorry.

Wait a minute.

l deserve more of
an explanation than that.


One of my men
is in the Brig.

He confessed to a crime
he didn't commit,
to protect me,

to protect us.

There can be no more "us."
No more secrets,
no more lies, that's it.

lt's over.

l can't believe
you can just turn
your back on us.

l put everything
on the line for you.

l cover for you,
l protect you.

l risked my career,
my freedom,
my integrity, for what?

So some innocent kid,
one of my kids,
can take the fall for me?


We are not worth that.



l guess
l'll see you around.

One more thing.

Did you leave
the hatch combing open
last night?


Did you leave
the hatch combing open
last night?

What are you saying?

That l helped the Cylon?

l didn't say anything.

l'm just asking you
a question.

l think l deserve
an answer.

You have the only answer
you're ever going to get.