Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 5 - You Can't Go Home Again - full transcript

Starbuck is shot down after the battle with the eight Cylon raiders. Hotdog thinks she was still maneuvering and this gives commander Adama the idea that she might still be alive. He launches a full scale rescue mission. Starbuck has crash landed on a moon. She tries to attract the attention of rescue parties by moving to higher ground. The search isn't going well however and Starbuck's oxygen supply is running out. The mission is hindered by low visibility, high rates of fuel use and on top of that the vipers are beginning to malfunction due to the atmosphere. But Adama seems obsessed with the rescue. He orders more and more attempts, even if that will endanger the security of the fleet at a Cylon attack. Meanwhile on Caprica, Helo's shelter is attacked by a Centurion. He and the Cylon Boomer are intentionally separated.

Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.


Zak failed basic flight.

And l should have
flunked him, but l didn't.

The bottom line
is that l killed him.

Walk out of this cabin
while you still can.

l don't get it. How does
a military coded signal
end up coming from in here?



GAETA: It's the CyIons.

DUALLA: Starbuck's wireless
and transponder just cut out.

TlGH: Starbuck's gonna
take on all eight.

And get herself killed.

Galactica, Boomer.
Hot Dog's aboard.

Yeah, so is his lunch.

Take it easy, Hot Dog.

You're not the first
to lose it in combat.

You won't be the last.

No sign of Starbuck.

He says she was hit,
but still in the fight
when he lost track of her.

Roger that, Boomer.

Search and rescue ops
are underway for Starbuck.

Bring Hot Dog in.
The oId man
wants to taIk to him.

ADAMA: This is where
you found him?

Yes, sir,
he drifted quite a ways
from the fight.

Was she maneuvering?

l think so.
Yes. Yes, sir.

So she survived
the initial hits.
She could still be alive.

She is alive, Lieutenant.
We're gonna find her.

Yes, sir.

Get this man to Sickbay.

Yes, sir.

l think
you earned those today.

The auxiliary RT switch
is sticking a bit, sir,
but she'll fly.

Polish up the canopy.
l want it crystal clear.

Yes, sir.



Find her.

l will.











GAETA: Still no joy
from the search teams, sir.

ln the last four hours
we've combed everywhere

within a 200 click sphere
of Starbuck's
last known position.

No ship, no ejection seat,
no debris.

So we're extending
the radius another 50.

We need more pilots.

Everybody who can fly
is up, sir.

What about Starbuck's
course computations?

The variables of combat
maneuvering make them
almost meaningless, sir.

lt's time
to start guessing.

Yes, sir.

Since there's been
no dradis contact
in the area,

l would have to guess
that her Viper was

captured by the gravity
of a planetary body.

The only nearby gravity
wells are the gas giant
and this moon.

lf the gas giant
pulled her in,

its radiation would
fry her like an egg.

What about the moon?

The spectroscope people
call the atmosphere as CO2,
methane, some argon.

The clouds are
mostly hydrocarbons.

lt's cold as hell
down there, but she could
survive on the surface.

Until her oxygen runs out.


GAETA: 46 hours
and change, sir.


That's a hell of a long time
to stay in one place.

What if the Cylons appear?

They won't,
not for a while.

What makes you say that?

Sending a patrol
instead of the base ship

tells me they didn't
even know we were here.

So they're searching
a lot of other places,

places with
potential supplies.

Like staking out
water holes in the desert.

lf we sent eight fighters
to search
an entire star system

for 60-odd ships,
it would take us weeks.

Assume they're
better and faster.

lt'll take them days.

A lot of assumptions
you're making.

Educated guess.

Talk to me about
searching the moon.

That's going to be
slow going.

We can't see squat
through those clouds.

Send the ships
below the cloud cover.

Tell the pilots
to take a hard look
the old-fashioned way.

Mark One Eyeball, sir?

Mark One Eyeball.

call from Colonial One.


Commander Adama,
l don't wanna take
much of your time.

l just wanted to say
how happy we all are
you found one of your pilots.

ADAMA: Thank you,
Madam President.

How is the search
for the other pilot?

Nothing yet,
but we've just begun.

ROSLIN: I've spoken
with the other captains
in the fIeet.

They've agreed to
give over their ships
at your disposal

if it'll increase
the odds of finding her.

Frak the odds.
We're going to find her.

Excuse me. Thank you.

Tell them we could
sure use the help.

l'll coordinate their
efforts with your ClC.
Continued good luck.

Thank you.


So it looks like
we're going to be
staying here for a while.



You all right?

Yeah, l'm fine,
it's just a. . .

How long you think
it will be before the Cylons
wonder what happened

to their missing patrol,
and send another one here
to look for it?

You have attacked us
hundreds of times.
We're still here.

l think you'll find
that we are more than
adequately protected.

Might be a little tricky
with the fleet scattered
over half this system,

looking for the lost pilot.

How many days till
the Cylons return, Gaius?



Three at the most?


Your requisitions.

Thank you.

Madam President,
l don't mean to be
impertinent, really, but,

do you honestly think
this is wise?

You are compromising
the security
of the entire fleet

while we search for
one solitary pilot.

lt is a risk, but those
pilots put their lives
on the line for us every day.

Yes. l was just
saying that, to. . .

l'm not insensitive to that,
is what l'm saying.

l happen to know
the missing pilot

Not as personally
as you'd like.

Guess you'll never get
to find out
if she's a real blonde.

Which makes it all
the more difficult for me,

because on one hand
l think of the pilot.

And then on the other hand
l think of the thousands
of defenseless

women. And children,
l meant.
Throughout the fleet.

l am sure Commander Adama
has considered all of this.

Thank you, Doctor.

Yes, of course he has.

Of course he has.
Thank you.




lt's okay. lt's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.


Okay, get to higher ground.

Then they see you.
Then they rescue you.


Apollo, Galactica,
we are being bounced around
like beach balls down here.

Visibility about two,
best spectrum.

DUALLA: Copy, ApoIIo.

Whoa! Blue Flight,
go vertical now!





l don't think
anyone's left out there.

Must be someone.

We can't be
the only two people
left in the world.

The good news is
my leg's much better

and we've got
anti-radiation meds
to last three months.

l say we load up
as much food
as we can and. . .

Move out.

Try to find a Raptor
or a transport

or something
we can fly off Caprica.

Unless you can think
of a reason to stay.

Not really looking forward
to going back out there.

l've almost started to
think of this place as



No, sleep a little longer.

Who knows when we'll find
clean sheets again?

l'm going to go topside
and make some breakfast.






Hey, is breakfast ready?

Get out of here! Go!


Lords, it's Kara Thrace.

l'm running
a little low on O2

and l could use
a lucky break.


No? Okay, just thought
l'd mention it.

Oh, frak.




Not bad shooting,
if l do say so myself.

Lords, l owe you one.

Looks like l found
my ride out of here.
lf l can fix you up.


Galactica, Apollo.
Bingo fuel.

DUALLA: Roger, Apollo.
Return to base.

Can't you tank me in orbit?

Negative, Apollo.

The tankers are refilling.
You'll be dry
before they can launch.


Are these figures correct?

Yes, sir.

Atmospheric ops mean
Viper and Raptor engines
run continuously.

Fuel's going to be
a real problem
if we keep it up.

ADAMA: Any report from
the civilian ships?

They're spread
pretty far out.

We'll have a hell of a time
trying to cover them
if the Cylons pop in.

We should consider
pulling the civvies into
a defensible formation.

No. Keep all the ships
on the search.

We've left enough people
behind. l don't wanna
leave Starbuck behind.

l'm just saying,
committing the entire fleet
to this. . .

l said no!

We are going to find
our missing pilot

and we're going to
bring her home.

We leave no one behind.

Resume your duties.





Sharon, where are you?

Damn it, Sharon,
where are you?

Sharon !


Sharon !



Frak me.

Are you alive?



What the hell happened
this time, Captain?

l hit the roll thrusters
to level off for set down
but only the left one fired.

TYROL: lt's that crap
you're flying into
down there.

Gums everything up.

Get me another Viper.

Love to, Captain,
but this is 1 3 Vipers

that are down, plus
your Mark Vll. l'm out.

Damn it, l've got
a pilot down and l need
another Viper now.

l realize that, Captain.

But you can push people
a hell of a lot further
than you can push machines.

l'm the CAG,
you're the Chief.
Just make it happen.

Commander, the clock has
passed five hours, sir,
for Starbuck's O2 supply.


Here's the photo mosaic
for the area
we searched so far.

We've got to do
better than this.

Can't see very far
when you're
hugging the ground.

You can't see anything
at all from altitude.

Not to mention the crap
in the air that keeps
screwing up our ships.

1 3 Vipers down
for repairs.

We need more eyes.

Where we going
to get them?

Pull the CAP.

the Combat Air Patrol
to the search.

Bad idea. The CAP is
the fleet's only defense.

lf all Vipers are
frakking around
on the moon

when the Cylons
come calling,
we're maggot meat.

Then bring the fleet
closer to the moon.

We can always scramble
the Vipers from the search
to meet any attack.

You've got to be kidding.

Bottom line, we can double
the area we can search
in the time we have left.

Starbuck would be
the first one to tell you
not to do this.

Nothing would make
you happier, would it?

Leave her behind.

Get rid of
the foul-mouthed
insubordinate pilot

that keeps challenging
your authority.

You are way out of line,

l'm not the one confusing
personal feelings with duty.

Oh, yeah? What the hell
does that mean?

lt means you are
way too close to this
because she's your friend.

Gentlemen !

We have work to do. Captain.

Get as many birds up
in the air as you can
and we find our girl.

You got it.

Oh, my gods.

You bite me,
l'll bite you back.

So l guess the only thing
flying you is you.

This must be your brain.


l don't think
you'll need it.

Good thing that
l brought one of my own.





Even cockroaches
have to breathe.
How the hell do you?

Call for you, sir.

Can someone finish
this up for me?

Where is it?
That way.

Yeah, Apollo.

BILLY: HoId for
President RosIin.

How're you holding up?

Better than my Viper.

We're slapping
one together from
pieces of the others.

l need your help.

Did you know that
your father just redeployed
the Combat Air Patrol?

Yes, Madam President.
lt was my idea.

Your idea?

We need every Viper
we've got.

Maybe l'm missing
something about
the tactics invoIved here

but isn't the fleet
without the CAP?

OnIy for a short time.

Because after that. . .

Because after that,
Kara's oxygen will be gone
and she'll be dead.

Are you very close
with Lieutenant Thrace?

l'm close with
all my pilots.

And l assume
the same is true
for your father?

His pilots mean
a lot to him.
To all of us.

We don't leave
anyone behind.

But we have left
people behind.
You know that.

Not this time.

Your FTL drive should be
spun up and ready.

Just make sure everyone
is set to jump at
the first sign of trouble.

With all due respect,

there are times
when it is necessary

for the safety of
the fleet to put. . .

Not this time.

Madam President,

we just haven't exhausted
all the options

and the safety of the fleet
has not been compromised.

l hope you find her.

Thank you.

Blue Flight reports
bingo fuel, sir.

Have them stay
on the search.

Send the tanker to them.


ls there a problem,
Mr. Gaeta?

lt's just that
trying to tank in
that turbulence, sir,

will be extremely hairy.

l suggest we wait
until the clock
has run down

and then tank up
on the way back
tom GaIactica.

Did someone call them
back to Galactica?

l just assumed. . .

The search was over?
lt was hopeless?

That we should write
Starbuck off as dead?

ls that what you're
telling me, Mr. Gaeta?

No, sir.

Then what are you
trying to tell me,
Mr. Gaeta?


You have your orders.

Yes, sir.

Time's up.
She's out of O2.

The clock is a guess.

We don't know for
a fact that Starbuck
is out of air.

Her tank only holds
so much oxygen.

She could have
a reserve supply
in her survival gear.

A reserve?

What, she just happened to
pack an extra bottle today?

lt's possible.

We are putting
people at risk.

We have pilots out there. . .

We are not quitting.

. . .pushing themselves
and their ships

too hard,
all for the sake of. . .

We are not quitting
and you are relieved,

l stand relieved, sir.



Come on, you're part
biological, right?

Which means
you need oxygen, right?

So it's got to be
here somewhere.



Commander, the President.


Commander Adama,
l just wanted to say

how very sorry l am
about Lieutenant Thrace.

Please give my condolences
to your son and to the rest
of the crew.

Excuse me, ma'am,
but l think
you've been misinformed.


We don't know
if Starbuck's dead.

I was toId that her
oxygen had run out
a half an hour ago.

That's an estimate.

She may have
a reserve supply.

We'll continue the search
as long as there's
a chance she may be alive.

And how long
will that be?

Until l say stop.

This is a military decision,
Madam President.

Thank you for your concern.


First on the list,
seal you up,

figure out
what controls what.


One of us needs a bath.


Now you're going to
teach me how to fly.

APOLLO: Commander?

Red Flight reports
an area of highlands here.

lncreased visibility
out to 1 5 clicks maybe.

lt's the wrong side
of the moon.

Excuse me, Commander. . .

Almost impossible to. . .

We have a signal from
Colonial One's shuttle.

They request permission
to land. They have
the President on board.

Why wasn't l notified
the President
was coming onboard?

There was no
advance notice, sir.

l didn't know
she was coming.

Let's go.

Have Colonel Tigh meet her
at the airlock.

Bring her
to my quarters, please.

Very well.

Every flying machine
has four basic controls:

Power, pitch, yaw, and roll.

Where are yours?



Safety tip number one:
Don't touch that.

Are you going to order us
to stop the search?

l came here to talk,
not to give orders.

lt may take an order.


Col. Tigh, do l need
to know something?

lt's gone beyond
military needs.

lt's personal for
the Commander
and for Lee.

Because of
Lieutenant Thrace?

Because of her,
and because of Zak Adama.

The Commander's dead son.

lt's complicated.

Take about three weeks
to explain.

We've got about
three minutes.
Talk fast.

She's going to press.

l'm with you.

President Roslin.

ADAMA: Madam President.

Skip the formalities.
You both know
why l'm here.

Termination of
a pilot's rescue mission
is a military decision.

That's a bunch of crap.

This isn't military,
it's personal.

Neither of you can
let go of Kara Thrace

because she's your
last link to Zak.

You don't know
anything about
my brother.

Don't even begin,

You've lost perspective.
As have you.

Under normal circumstances
it would just be sad

that the two of you
can't come to terms
with Zak's death.

ln this situation
you're putting
your pilots at risk

and you're exposing
the entire fleet to

possible attack
every moment
we stay here.

We've been at risk of
an attack since day one.

The Cylons won't be
missing their patrol
for at least one more day.

Col. Tigh, how much
aviation fuel has been
expended in this operation?

Forty-three percent
of reserves.

Almost half.
That's unacceptable.

Operations in
the moon's atmosphere

have put one third
of your fighters
out of action.

That is also completely

"Crap." "Unacceptable."
Whatever it is
you feel about this,

the recovery of
one pilot is
a military matter.

All right.
lt's military. Fine.

And you're both officers.

And you're both
honorable men.

And you're both
perfectly aware that
you are putting the lives

of over 45,000 people
and the future of this
civilization at risk

for your personal feelings.

Now if the two of you,
of all people,
can live with that,

then the human race
doesn't stand a chance.

Clear your heads.

Combat. Stand by.

This is the Commander.

Terminate search operations.

Bring everyone home.

Prepare the fleet
to make a jump to
the next system.

We're leaving.

Okay, so it either
works or it doesn't.



Okay, it's power,
roll, pitch, and yaw.

We have control.
Take me home.


You stink,
but you're one hell
of a flying machine.

l want you to know,
l think she's wrong.

l think we have come to terms
with what happened to Zak.

l haven't.

l need to know something.

Why did you do this?
Why did we do this?

ls it for Kara?
For Zak? What?

Kara was family.

You do whatever
you have to do.

Sometimes you break
the rules.

And if it was me
down there instead?

You don't have to ask that.

Are you sure?

lf it were you

we'd never leave.



Resume your duties.

Sir, fighters
are aboard, sir.

Civilian ships
have begun their jumps
to the next star system.

Give the word,
we'll start our clock.

Start the clock.

Mr. Gaeta,
start the clock.

GAETA: Starting clock.

Madam President,
would you like to
return to your ship?

Thank you,
l'll stay here.

l'd like to see how
the professionals do it.

As you wish.

Execute jump,
Lieutenant Gaeta.

Aye, sir.
Jump clock is running.

MAN 1 : Go.


MAN 2: Go.

Flight Ops?

Contact. Dradis contact.

lncoming, bearing 060,
carom 308.

Hold count.

Count held.

Contact is. . .

MAN: Holding count.



Cylon Raider, sir.

You're right.
lt's just a matter of time.

He's on
an intercept course.

He'll be on us
before we complete
the jump.

Action stations,
launch Vipers.

TIGH: Action stations.
Launch alert, fighters.
CyIon Raider approaching.


Now look before
you shoot, please.

GAETA: Gun captains
report weapons
manned and ready.

Where the hell
are the Vipers?

DUALLA: Most are
being fuelled.

Hot Dog and Apollo
are in the tubes.

OFFlCER: Viper l,
cIear forward.

Navcon Green,
intervaI faiIure.
Abort Iaunch.


l guess l'm going solo.

Why only one Cylon
this time?

lt could be
a lone recon mission

or the vanguard
for a Cylon base ship
about to jump on top of us.

Either way, we're going
to have to take it out
before we can jump.

Galactica, Apollo.
Target in sight.

You idiot.
Didn't anybody teach you
intercept protocol?

Okay, we're going
to have to do this
the hard way then.

This bastard's good.

They're closing fast.
Port guns have
a firing solution.

Very well.

Hold still, you little. . .

No cigar for you.

Just a little bit closer.

Not that close!

What the. . .

I've Iost him.

Galactica, l repeat,
he is nowhere to be seen.


No help.
Their reports have merged.

Launch tube status?

Still fouled.

We'll have a Viper
away in 45 seconds.

This will be over
in 45 seconds.

Holy. . .

Galactica, the Cylon
is now flying
in formation with me

right above my head.

This thing is acting weird.

Put me through.


It's Starbuck!


Come again, Apollo?

the Cylon Raider
is marked "Starbuck."

It's written under
the frakking wing.



Bring it into the bay.

lf it does anything,
take it out.

Wilco, Galactica,
but l tell you what,
it's got to be her.

This thing is flying
with some serious attitude.



Now your ass belongs to me.

Like my new toy?

Boy, when you take
a souvenir,
you don't screw around.

Oh, my God,
you smell like a latrine.

You want to give me a bath?


How're you feeling?

Been a hell of a lot worse.

Don't have any ambrosia,
but the Doc

can fix you up with
some really nice stuff.

lt's not bad, is it?
The knee?

Doc says
it's too early to tell,

but knowing you,
you'll be fine.



You did good.

You did real good.


Need anything?

A stogie would be nice.

l had a feeling.


lt's my last one,
so enjoy it.

Thank you.

Get some rest.