Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009): Season 1, Episode 13 - Kobol's Last Gleaming: Part 2 - full transcript

Commander Adama is not amused when he finds out president Roslin convinced Starbuck to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo. He orders an attack on Colonial One to end her reign. To retrieve the Raptor away team crashed on the surface of Kobol, he sends Boomer and Racetrack. They're supposed to nuke the Cylon Basestar in a Raptor with a Cylon transponder. While Starbuck is approaching Caprica, Boomer mentions to Helo they're at the temple of Delphi. Somehow she seems to know the importance of the arrow of Apollo. She tells Helo their relationship is important and that she actually has feelings for him. To Dr. Baltar on the surface of Kobol it becomes clear why his Number Six wanted him there. She has some explaining to do.

PreviousIy on
Battlestar Galactica.


Just do it.


Boomer, this could be it.

This is the little
pIanet that soIves
aII of our probIems.

ELOSHA: What did you see?

ROSLlN: A dome-like
structure with six roads
leading out of it.

This planet is Kobol.

a ground survey team.
Three Raptors.

They're everywhere!
Get us out of here!

We need a way to
take out the base ship

before we can
attempt a rescue.

lf you go back to Caprica
and bring me the arrow,

l will show us the way.

What are you doing,

Galactica. Apollo.
She just jumped away.

Where the hell
did she go?



TYROL: Over here.

This is it!
Now, come on !

Now come on !

Everybody up!

TYROL: Come on ! Go!

move! Out!

Come on, get him
out of the chair.

Drag him out.

TYROL: Look at me.
l got him !

For gods' sakes, hurry!

TYROL: Come on !

l got his legs.

l got him !

Try it on your shoulder.


Doc! Come on, Doc!

Crash !


Crash !


Take my hand.

Gaius, take my hand.

Hey, come on !

Wake up! Stay with me!
We gotta go!

Stay with me, Doc!
Come on !

CALLY: Come on !
Bring him outside!

lt's gonna blow!

Get down !

Stay down.

You okay?

We got full tanks.

Let's see what we get.
Getting them down.

CALLY: You all right?
You okay?

TYROL: Get the supplies
before they burn up. Go.

CALLY: Right away.

We crashed both tanks.

The gas is gone.
lt's all gone.


lt's a museum. So what?

lt's more than that.

lt's the home of
the arrow of Apollo.

What the hell is that?

You never liked history.

Come on, Helo.
lt's supposed to be

the only clue as to
the location of Earth.

Earth? What are
you talking about?

Who's going to Earth?
lt doesn't even exist.

l'm trying to get back
to Galactica.

What l need from you
is a way off this planet,
and a way back to my ship.

lf you don't do that,
l'll blow your head off.

Why don't you just
shut up for a change?

You're only alive because
l've kept you alive.

lf it wasn't for me,
you'd be dead by now.

Whether you like it or not,
l'm your only hope of
getting off this planet.

So if l were you,
l'd take that tough guy

attitude of yours
and shove it up your ass.

We can't move around
the city during daylight.

So we hole up and
we wait till dark.



She's crossed
the line before,

but this is so far
beyond the pale. . .

She wouldn't have
done this on her own.

She was coerced.

No one coerces Starbuck.

Believe me, l've tried.

l have the President
on the line.

Bear witness.
Put on your headset.

ADAMA: Madam President,
moments ago, Lieutenant Thrace
took the Cylon Raider

on an unscheduled
and unauthorized jump.


Do you have any knowledge
of this incident?

Let's save some
time here, Commander.

The question you
really want to ask me,

is whether or not
l asked Lieutenant Thrace

to take
the Raider to Caprica.

The answer
to your question is, yes.

You and l had
talked about this.

Yes, we had.

ADAMA: We both decided
it was a miIitary decision.

My responsibility
as President is
first and foremost

to protect and preserve
this fleet and its future.

ln the end, that
outweighs any other
consideration. lt has to.

By taking the Raider,

you've placed our people
on the surface of
Kobol in direct danger.

l'm very aware of
the danger our men and
women are in on Kobol.

l am also deeply aware
of the danger
this civilization will be in

if l ignore the pursuit
of this arrow.

l'm going to have to ask you
for your resignation,
Madam President.


Then l'm terminating
your presidency
as of this moment.

Commander Adama,
l will exercise the
authority of this office

until l am
unable to do so.

So if you want to
stage a coup,

you're gonna have
to come over here
and arrest me.

l don't want any bloodshed.

Of course you don't.
Neither do l.

Neither does the press.

They're here,
by the way.

The press.

They're recording
every minute.

Order the Cap to
isolate Colonial One.

Mr. Gaeta.

Jam any transmissions
in or out of
Colonial One immediately.

Yes, sir.

Prepare a strike team.

As long as she's President,
she's dangerous.

lf she can turn
Starbuck against us,
she's capable of anything.

Yes, sir.

She's bluffing.

Well, let's hope so.

There's also a Cylon
base ship out there
to deal with.

Leave that to me.

This government
survived a Cylon attack.

lt will survive
William Adama.

l think he's bluffing.

But just in case,
we need to be prepared.

l know their
security detail.

They will defend
that ship.

We'll have to take
her down compartment
by compartment.

Mr. Gaeta?

Am l correct in assuming
that l have two
Cylon transponders left?

Yes, sir.
But only one of them
is fully functional.

One will do.

Now l need a pilot.


As you were.

How are you feeling?

lt looks worse
than it is, sir.

Things are moving
very quickly
and l need every pilot.

l'm ready, sir.

l have a very special mission
for you and
l won't kid around.

lt's high risk,
extremely high risk.

l understand.

l need you to
light-jump to Kobol

and take care of
this Basestar.

We're placing
a Cylon transponder
aboard your Raptor.

ln theory, it should
allow you to approach

the Basestar without
getting fired upon.

But we'll still be
lD'd as Colonial Raptors
once we're in visual range.

For all they know,
you could be
two Cylon agents

returning with
a captured Raptor.

Once you're inside
the defense perimeter

l need you to make them
think you want to dock.

You have to fire your nuke
into the loading bay

and then jump back
home immediately.

Do you understand?

l understand.

l can do it, sir.
l know l can.

You have to.

Yes, sir.



This doesn't look good.

Please tell me this
was not all for nothing.

l'm good.

l am really good.


l'm home.

Wow, l'm home.


Gaeta, please tell me
that you're right about
this transponder thing.

Stop. Stop that.

l'm nervous.


Like anything
scares you.

Things scare me, Helo.
l have feelings.

You have software.

l don't know
if you can hear this
or not, Helo,

but what we had
between us
was important.

lt was very important.


Because it was
the next step.

Because it brings us
closer to God.

Don't mock the gods.
lt's a human belief.

l'm human.
They're our gods.

But beyond that,
l just want you to know

that l genuinely feel
something for you.

l don't care.

l don't love you.

l loved
what l thought was you.

Helo, l think
there's something else
that you should know.

l'm pregnant.

Galactica, Apollo.

We have visual lD
on Colonial One.

Tell Apollo he's cleared
to begin the assault

to contact us
when he has soft-seal
on the hull.

Aye, sir.

Boomer and Racetrack

are in the air, ready
for their jump to Kobol.

Put them through
down here.

Boomer, Galactica Actual.

I just wanted
to say good Iuck,
good hunting

and I have compIete faith
in the both of you.

Thank you, ActuaI.
We won't Iet you down.

start the jump cIock.


Clock is running.

APOLLO: Galactica. Apollo.
We have soft-seal.

l know Commander Adama
and l'm counting on the fact

that when push
comes to shove,
he is the kind of man

who will not
want bloodshed.

this may not be
the safest place.

Billy, how many civilians
are in the cargo hold?

1 76.

There is room
in the cargo hold

and l implore you
to find refuge there

with the other civilians.
This is my choice.

This is my choice.

You do not have to
come with me.

We stand
with our President.




Security commander
reports sounds

of someone cutting
through the hull.

The Raptors are
cutting through
the hull, sir.

Get the President
on the line.


You think
this thing is working?


We're about to find out.




I guess so.



How are we
doing on that?

lt's not responding, sir.

Are you even trained
to use this thing?

How's he doing, Chief?


Not doing so good.

l don't know if his lungs
are burned or what.

He's a tough kid.
He's gonna pull through.

Get those wounds
looked at, Chief.

Yeah. Lieutenant?

Shouldn't we be
moving out?

You have a plan for
tactical deployment?

Plan for tactical
deployment, Chief?

Get to the high ground.
lt'll be our best chance

of being seen
by a search party.

High ground is also
our best chance of
being seen by the Cylons.

They're flying around, sir.
They might land the troops

before we get rescued.

That's true.


Sir, if l may

suggest that we take cover
on the ground,

maybe somewhere
we won't be
seen from the air?

Okay, yeah. Chief,
that's. . .


Carry on, Chief.

Launch the nuke
and prepare to jump.




The bomb reIease is jammed.
l can't free it.



We can dock
inside the ship.

Excuse me?

They think we're Cylons.

They'II Iet us dock.

We can release
the bomb manuaIIy

and drop the nuke
inside the ship itseIf.

lt'll work. l know it.

Oh, my gods.

Petard, Felix?

Can l get a hand
up here, please?

Yes, sir.

Cally, how's he doing?
Not good, sir.

TYROL: Get a blanket on him.
Keep him warm.

NO. 6: How are you?

BALTAR: Alive.

You saved me.

You saved my life.

Care to return
the favor?

Are you in need
of saving?

You wondered
why you were chosen?

Why God chose you
above all other humans

to survive and
serve his purpose?

Now is the time
to find out why.

Lords of Kobol,
hear our prayer.

Bring us out
of the darkness
and into the light.

Give us the strength
to show mercy to those
who are merciless. . .

The President says
she will not yield.

ELOSHA: . . .hearts that
they may find peace.

The President says
she will not yield.

So be it.

(WHlSPERlNG) Come on, Dee,
tell me he's not
actually gonna do this.

Tell me she's not
gonna make him do it.

Redeem our hearts
that they may find peace
in the midst of war.


What's going on?

They're in.

ROSLlN: Quickly.


Sir, they're in.

Pretty, isn't it?


Hello, Lieutenant.

Something l can
help you with?

I'm setting her down.


Open the hatch.

l'll release the bomb.

Keep the engines warm
and ready for takeoff
the second I get back.

Yes, sir.
Close the hatch after me.

lf l'm not back in
five minutes, just go.

You got it.



Oh, my God.


NO. 6: Welcome back
to Caprica, Lieutenant.

Like what we've done
with the place?




WOMAN: Sharon.

The frak are you doing?
Where are you going?

Son of a bitch.




This isn't happening.

Come on, Starbuck.


Got anything left?



Madam President,
no one needs
to get hurt here.

Then why don't
you get off my ship,

l'm placing you
under arrest.

We're not doing this.

l'm in command
here, Captain.

Colonel, this is wrong.

You're relieved.
Fall back.

Madam President,
l wish to. . .

Men, lay down
your weapons.

TlGH: Have you lost
your frakking mind?

Colonel, tell these
Marines to fall back.

This is mutiny.
You know that.

Yes, l do.

But you can tell my father
l'm listening to my instincts.

And my instincts tell me
we cannot sacrifice
our democracy

just because the President
makes a bad decision.

Put your guns down.

Madam President,
stand back.

Put your gun down, Captain.

l will not have
bloodshed, neither
your men nor my people

on the Colonial One.

Put your gun down.
All of you.

put your gun down.

Let's go.

Let's go, Captain.

Let's go.

You're confused.
And scared.

But it's okay.

l'm not a Cylon.

l'm Sharon Valerii.
l was born on Troy.

My parents were
Katherine and
Abraham Valerii.

You can't fight
destiny, Sharon.

lt catches up with you.

No matter what you do.

Don't worry about us.

We'll see you again.

We love you, Sharon.

And we always will.


Come on, let's go!

What took you so Iong?

Where's your heImet?

Close the hatch.
Don't turn around.


He put his weapon
right to my head.

Said to tell you
he was following
his instincts

whatever the hell
that means.

Bring him here.

What about Roslin?

We put her in the brig.

GAETA: Dradis contacts!

lt's Boomer
and Racetrack, sir.

Put them on the speakers.

BOOMER: Galactica, Boomer.
Mission accompIished.

Repeat, mission accompIished.

The Basestar is history!


There's some good news.

Bring them home, Dee.

lt's great to hear
your voice, Boomer.

Come on home.


HELO: lt's okay.

l can't believe it.

You are like
the last person
l expected to see.

l could say
the same thing about you.


You okay?

Yeah, thank you.

l missed you.

Hey, l. . .

She's a Cylon !


You can't!
She's pregnant.




l know this place.

Of course you do.

Go inside.

l don't understand.

Life has a melody, Gaius.

A rhythm of notes
that become your existence

once they're played
in harmony
with God's plan.

lt's time to do your part
and realize your destiny.

Which is what, exactly?

You are the guardian
and protector

of the new generation
of God's children.

The first member
of our family will be
with us soon, Gaius.

lt's time to
make your choice.

But l don't understand
what you're talking about.

Really, l don't understand.

Come. See the face
of the shape
of things to come.

lsn't she
beautiful, Gaius?


Open the cell.

Close cell.

Well done,

Hey, nice work.

What's going on?

A lot happened
while you were gone.


to both of you.

You carried out
a very difficult
and dangerous mission

and you did it

despite any personal
misgivings you may
or may not have had.

And for that,
l'm very proud.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.
Thank you.


Someone get a doctor!


Hold his head.