Baskets (2016–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Wild Horses - full transcript

Chip learns how to transfer a call.

Looks like a position
has become available

in a traveling Russian circus.

You American, you all
want to be star, huh?

You're fired.

How did the, uh,

- trustees meeting go?
- They took a vote

and decided to remove you as president.

It's Baskets Career College,
as in Dale Baskets.

Let's take a look at this will.

- Shall we?
- Yes.

Money's no problem for me.

I've come into a little nest egg.

My mother died.

My daughters and I

run a carpeting business together.

I find it fascinating.

Especially that you have
a family business.

It all looks so fun.

You're not thinking about buying
this place, are you?

What do you think?

- "Baskets Family Rodeo."
- I'm just a performer.

I, you know,
I'm-I'm not a business, so...

I'll be handling the business

because I'm a business-minded

Who means business.

Don't eat my hat.

Three, two, one.

I want my mother
to see my horses, so I want you

to wash 'em, wax 'em and buff
'em, make sure you make 'em

look like one of them
beer commercials. You know?

- You got it, boss.
- Okeydokey.

Stick 'em in the stall.

Get the shit out of their eyes.

You have any circuses
coming through town?

- Nope.
- Nothing I can run away with?

Hey, there's nothing I can offer you

that's as steady as that rodeo.

Hey, plus...

you're in management there.

I mean, that's a step up.

Yeah, but I just sit behind a desk.

I'd rather get back to clowning.

You know, I'm actually a clown, too.

- Kablammo.
- Kablammo?

- That's nice.
- Yeah.

But now this is my job,

and Kablammo is just the icing.

Why were you called Kablammo?

Uh, it's 'cause I used to try
to light my farts on fire,

but then it got... well, things happened

and my insurance lapsed.

- Howdy, Dale.
- Hey, Chip. Guess what?

Baskets Family Rodeo now owns
three beautiful stallions.

- Good for you, Dale.
- Yep.

Bought 'em myself. Whittled the guy down

on the price a bunch.

He was real poor, that guy.

Oh, look, here's some pictures

of the horsies if you want to see 'em.

You know, I'm a novice
to this, uh, rodeo thing,

but I've already acquired three horses
and some cowboys.

Have you hired one clown yet?

Uh, yeah. I was just, um...

I was just about to... Oop.

I was just about to do that.

- Um...
- Mm-hmm.


You've never worked in an office before.

You have to dial nine.
You've got to dial nine.

That's at every office
across the United States.

You know what, I will hire the clowns,

and you...

just man the phones.

You're the phone guy now.

Phones are a vital part

of a business.
You know, they're a portal

to who might be your customers,

so working the phone,
being the gatekeeper's

a very important job.

Don't pooh-pooh it

just 'cause you don't know how
to do-do it.

Answer it.

I'm not the phone person.
This isn't my training, I...

Answer the phone.


Baskets Family Rodeo.

This is Chip Baskets.
How can I help you?

You've got to be courteous.

Who would you like to speak to?

Christine? Okay.

Let me just transfer you,
uh, over, okay?

Just transfer that to Mom.

Just transfer it over.

Okay, so I just, um...

- Just, do you see a transfer?
- I'm just gonna transfer.

- Just transfer... trans... Chip.
- I'm gonna transfer you

- in just a second, hold on.
- Tran...

- What are you doing?
- Call coming in, Mom.

What the hell are you...?

Okay, Mom, you have a phone...

Oh, my God.



You have a call coming through.

- Just pick it up, okay?
- Okay.

- I already have a phone here, honey.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, God.

Hello, Baskets Family Rodeo.

This is the owner and CEO,
Christine Baskets.

What? You're kidding.

Channel 9 News is coming

to the rodeo!

That's great, Mom.

This is big-time. Danielle Mana

from the 4:00 news
is going to come on Friday.

Chip, you should not be working
on the phones.

- You should be getting clowns.
- Yeah, I...

Dale insists that I have
to do the phones, I guess.

- That was a business hypothetical.
- Well, whatever.

I've got a million things to do.
Channel 9!

- It's exciting, Mom.
- I love it.

You have a lot to learn

about office politics. A lot.

It's half past.

- Do you think she forgot?
- She's probably feeding

some bucking bronco or something.

It's always something down at the rodeo.

Why a rodeo, anyway?

She's got a screw loose.

We're all going to start
losing our marbles soon.

She bought it for her son.

- Chip? Jeez.
- Yeah.

Look, I give it about two weeks.

Well, it's not really a business.
It's only a gesture.

Oh, sorry, girls.

What a day.

But I brought champagne!

- Champagne?
- Oh.

I'm gonna be on TV.

I'm so honored
to be on the 4:00 p.m. news.

You know, I don't even watch
the network news anymore.

My VCR's broken. I don't watch anything.

I'm thinking about wearing my hair up.

- Or down.
- You mean like Sally Field's?

- Yes.
- Oh.

- What are you gonna wear?
- You know, I thought

I'd get something new,
'cause I lost 20 pounds.

- Oh, you look great.
- Yes.

It's just a shame that
those cameras add 20 pounds.

I mean, everybody on television

is just a toothpick.

- Oh.
- And you better make sure

you don't get something
that makes you sweat.

Oh, but they have
these wonderful sweat pads

that you just pin
right into your jacket.

Yeah, you should get those.

So, what are you gonna wear?


What do you think of this?

I like that.

Too Coney Island.

That's the problem with that one.

What about this?

I like that.

God, I never realized
I had so many pastels.

God, what am I...
I thought I was an autumn.

I think I'm a summer.

Can you move that mug or
whatever that is out of the way?

It's like we're still talking
on the phone.

Oh, I like that.

- This is a blanket.
- Well...

- You're not even paying attention.
- I am paying attention.

I liked it.

I mean, the fabric
would look good on you.

I don't want to look bad

- on TV.
- You won't.

- I'm a rodeo owner.
- I know.

Can you believe it?

Christine, why don't you just go out

and buy something new, honey?

I've already tried everything on

at the Dress Barn.

I'm in between sizes.

Well, I tell you what.

You're a very talented woman.

Why don't you
just whip something together?

I mean, remember?
You sewed that button on for me.

It's still there.

A button?

They teach animals to do that.

I don't know.

I used to sew years ago.

I was pretty good.

Well, I think you're still a good sewer,

and you can do this. I believe in you.

You're Christine Baskets, rodeo owner.

You can do it.

Oh, God.

Good morning, everybody.

The first PA announcement
goes out to Christine Baskets.

Please report to the main arena

to meet the costars
for the Channel 9 interview.

That's over and out.

One moment.


- Are these ours?
- Yes, Mother.

- Oh, they're beautiful.
- I know.

Danielle is gonna want to see these.

This is Bucky Boy, that's Lady,
and that's Bucky Girl.

Oh. Well, can we change one to Ester

for Meemaw?

- Can we change their names?
- Hey, Mom.

Hey, Mr. Head Clown.

You find any clowns yet?

No, but I had an idea for a...

- for a classified ad, you know...
- An idea?

"Clowns wanted," honey. That's it.

This reminds me
of when you were in junior high

and you'd come to me,

"Mom, I haven't read...

the Little House on the Prairie."

Well, who has?

Just make up some stuff.

Laura Ingalls dot, dot, dot.

I didn't ask for any of this.

I'm sorry. I'm sure
you'll find someone, honey.

You'll find some good people.

Oh, stop!

Stop! The horse bit me!

- Oh, shoo! Shoo.
- Mom, Mom, Mom.

Oh, God.

Everyone out!

Dale, Dale!

Give the horse space!

Give the horse space!

Oh, what happened?

I mean, good gosh.

- They're crazy.
- That horse goosed me.

Mom, they were eating out of my hat.

We need to fix this.

It's your fault.

It's open.

Hi, Mrs. Baskets. Is Chip ready?

Hi, Martha.

Chip, Martha's here!

Okay, I'll be down in a second.

Okay, that's fine.

Hey, could you take all these donations

down to the Goodwill on First for me

on your way to the rodeo?

You're getting rid of a lot of stuff.

I am.

Wow. Hey, is this your wedding dress?

Oh, that disaster.

I still remember
the look on Nathan's face

when he saw me coming down the aisle.

He hadn't seen it yet.

His whole face dropped.

I was so embarrassed.

I didn't even know you sewed,

- Mrs. Baskets.
- Oh, yes.

I sewed everything.

I even got caught up
in the doily craze for a while.

But Nathan always said
they didn't look good.

But I didn't care,
'cause I loved sewing.

I love the feel of material,

working the machine, and...

It took that dress

to convince me that he was right.

I just didn't have the eye for it, so...

I just quit sewing. I gave it up.

Well, I think it's really good,
Mrs. Baskets.

That's so sweet of you, Martha.

If you'd like it, you could have it.

No, I'm gonna hold off on marriage

till I find out what
this polyamorous stuff is about.

Polyester... that was
my favorite material to sew.

You could do anything with it.

Well, I'm not gonna screw up
this interview for Channel 9.

I got a pattern this time.

I'm gonna make a beautiful dress.
They're gonna love it.

- Chip!
- Yeah.


Hey, Chip.

Well, you kids should shove off.

Okay. Bye, Mrs. Baskets.

If you want to keep the dress,
Martha, feel free to.

- I'll get the door.
- Uh-huh. Okay.

Old man got it.

Come on, Junior.

Howdy, guys.

Must be nice to just...

pussyfoot your life away.

- Bunch of pussyfooters.
- Yeah, that's right.

Just pussyfooting around, bonesmoker.


Sir, I'm a metrosexual.

Huh. You didn't say "heterosexual."

Metropolitan sexual is what I mean.

By the way,
I don't appreciate being set up.

You turned my horses against me.

Now I can't even set foot
in our own rodeo.

Did we?

Hey, Clyde.

Do you remember turning

the horses against Dinky?

Save it, Clyde... I know how

this works... I'm supposed to go
into the horse corral first

as to establish who's the pack leader.

But you guys sent
the horses in first, and now

- they have no respect for me.
- Whatever you say, Dinky.

- Dinky? Why do you keep calling me Dinky?
- No, no, no.

Not you. The little man who
pulls the strings inside you.

That's... that's not his na...

I don't have a man pulling
the strings inside of me!

God, I'm getting all flustered!

I'll tell you this, if those horses

ain't eating out of my hand
by the time that local news reporter

whips out her microphone,
I'm gonna smack

that booger-blocker right off your face.

All right.

Oh, God! Chip, you gotta get

this thing off my face! Please!

- Dale, what's going on?
- Take it off...


There's been a mutiny...
my men have turned on me,

- and I need you... Chip!
- Let me see what I can do.


I hear what you're saying,
I mean, Dale can be annoying,

but he... he means well.

So what?

I ain't his mama.

Dinky ain't my boss. We'd rather go

through a clown like you...
you understand us.

No. No management for me.

I just want to get back to clowning.

Them horses, they come to us crazy.

They was wild.

They got slowed down
on them tranquilizers.


Jim Jack Mahoney is what.

- Jim Jack Mahoney?
- That guy can't be trusted.

Okay, wait a minute.
So you're telling me

that Dale bought sedated horses
from this Jim Jack guy?

- Oh, I'm just sayin'.
- Look, Dinky needed

to take a fall off his wild horse, see.

Wasn't my place to school him
on the ways of Jim Jack Mahoney.

I think I know what
you're saying. I think.

You're the only person I know

- who's been on the news, Mrs. Baskets.
- Thank you.

Actually, you know,
my cousin was on the news

for dumping grease into a storm
drain, but that wasn't as fun.

Well, it's all been a whirlwind for me.

This rodeo has changed my life.

You're like Cinderella, and
I'm one of those helper rats.


- Sorry.
- Careful, Martha.

- Sorry.
- Geez.

Well, just think of me
as your fairy godmother.

- How about that?
- Okay.

You know, I hope
you're not too hard on Chip

if he can't find any clowns.

I know he's been trying really hard.

Well, I hope so...
I bought the place for him.

Oh, shit!

Damn it.

I've sewn the sleeve to the dress.

Martha, we've got to concentrate.

Less about your personal life,
more sewing.

Sorry, Mrs. Baskets.

Do you want to turn me
back into a pumpkin?

I would love that.

Well, you tell me...
you're the veterinarian.

These horses need to be
on camera tomorrow.

When I bought 'em, they were
just docile angels. They were.

Right. They'd probably
been injected with Xylazine.

That's what we give the big guys

when we're doing a little
dental work or a castration.

Fine. Is it possible
to get a lifetime supply

of Xylazine, then?

Not really something to joke about.

Tranquilizers are for licensed
medical professionals only.

Drug-addicted teenagers fry
their brains on that stuff.

You got swindled, Dale.

- You know what, this is your fault!
- My fault?

You work at a rodeo...
you should know about horses!

Do you have a rabies shot
for him? I think he's

starting to foam at the mouth
from the horse bite.

I only have rabies shots for horses.

I am not authorized to work on humans,

if you're asking me to bend the rules.

You know what? I should be
in an air-conditioned office

yelling at people. Thank you.

Thank you for calling
Baskets Family Rodeo.

This is Chip Baskets, head clown

and Vice President of Phone Operations.

Well, there you go, Chip.
Was that so hard?

Dale, good. Listen, um,
Mom and this local news thing

and the horses,
I'm a little worried about it.

Chip, look, these horses
need to be sedated.

So you're gonna ask one
of your riffraff cowboy buddies

which drug dealer
in the Bakersfield area

sells tranquilizers to tweens,
to junkies, to horses.

Thank you.

And then he was sitting on a donkey.

I just need to know where
I can score horse tranquilizers.

I got a man.


You're the, uh...

- A girl's gotta eat.
- Yeah, that checks out.

Come on in.

- Wow. This your man cave?
- No.

Don't open your eyes.

Yeah, they're closed.

- Okay.
- All right, here we go.


- What do you think?
- Yeah, my little rodeo gal!

- You like it?
- I love that!

- Bang-bang, huh?
- Oh, that's great!

- Oh, my God, my sleeve.
- Oh.

- That's pretty. I love that little...
- You do?

Oh, the frills, yeah, it's beautiful.


Sorry, babe.

Oh, my God, the back. Oh.


Oh, neither sleeve's really on.

I'll never be able
to get this done in time.

- You got time; you can do it.
- I don't have time.

It's today...

in 45 minutes, I have to be there.


- that's not good.
- I got to go, Ken.

All right, honey.
I'm here if you need me.

I like that one,

but Jake's gonna like the other,
and it's four dollars less.

This is the most important day
of your life.

Excuse me. This is mine.

Chip will come
through, he's gotta come...

- Dale.
- Oh, good, you got it.

I'll open the gate,
and you can inject those beasts.

I don't think we should do this.

I mean, the horses are gonna suffer.

Oh, so you want Mom to suffer, do you?

So Seabiscuit and Secretariat

can just trounce all over Danielle Mana?

Let's just tell Mom
that we couldn't figure out

the horse thing... I mean,
she'll understand, right?

- Oh, gosh, I'll just do it myself.
- Dale.

- Hey. Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey.
- Calm down.

Don't be a snowflake, Chip!

We're not Ringling Bros.,
we're better than that.

- Listen to me!
- Dale, Dale, Dale.


- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

It just went in a little bit. I'm fine.

That smarted, though.

Rodeo's off limits!

No media at the rodeo,

so get your van with all its bells

and whistles and giddy on out!

We're looking for Christine Baskets.

- Well, I don't know who that is.
- Hooray, Channel 9!


What are you wearing?


I love your news!

- Thank you.
- Oh...

Your report

on dangerous crosswalks saved my life.

- Thank you.
- You look more beautiful in person.

- Oh. So sweet.
- It's true, you do.

- These twins are saying we can't get in.
- What?

- Mom, the horses are still...
- Shh...

The horses are sleeping.

- They need their rest.
- Oh, sure.

Well, let's do the interview out here.

That's great. Let's do it.

Welcome, cameraman!

- Wow, he looks like a real pro.
- He is.

Well, we're not open

to the public yet, but we're close.

I have to ask. I just love your outfit.

- Thank you.
- Who is it?

It's Christine Baskets.

You made this?

- I did.
- It's amazing.

And this is my son Chip.

He's a French-trained clown.

And, uh, he's head
of all the rodeo clowns.

Well, this must be
a dream come true for you.

That is dretch... dratch...


Anyway, like I was saying,

we've been all working very hard
to get open for the public.

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