Barry (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - a nice meal - full transcript

Sally and John Jr. travel to LA. Hank sends men to eliminate Fuches. Gene takes an enticing meeting about the film project.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Lord, please
watch over me

and fill me with your
courage and grace.

Please watch over my son John

and fill his heart
with his daddy's love.

So you're a
man of God now?

Please take away
all his nightmares.

You think because
you've repented,

you get to choose where
you're gonna go after you die?

Give his mother the
strength to look over him.

You know where you're
goin', and you're afraid.

I just want my boy to be safe.

Why are you
showing me this?

I'm not showin'
you anything.

This is all in your head, Barry.

Why can't I
feel my arms and legs?

I cut them off.


I wanna watch you experience
seeing the people you love

- for the last time.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, John.

"The world needs to
know what the studio is doing

"by making this movie.

"They are
sensationalizing a tragedy

and elevating a murderer. I
will not let that happen."

There's all these comments.

Look at that,
they're all positive.

- See? It's working.
- Yeah. You know,

this is like a really
interesting way to go, Gene.


I mean, I didn't think of
it before, but it's like...

It's like y-you're decided

to take th-the more
honorable path, you know?

Hey, all I'm trying to
do is protect her memory.

I'll tell you what
you're doing with this.

You are showing them to be
the whores that they are!

That's what you're doing!


Val: They're waiting for you.


The men that we're going
to send to kill Fuches.

The Four Ultimate
Badass Killers?

FUBKs. Yes.

Wait, those guys are real?

- Francisco Boya.
- Wow

Weapons expert.

Used to run missions
for the Clateen cartel.

-NoHo Hank: This is nice.
- Prefers to use a knife

because he likes to be
close to his victims.

NoHo Hank: Yes.
Sold. Add to cart.

Persky. Explosions.

Feel free to blow up
cars. Fuches, obviously. Right?

That'd be hilarious. Fuches
with dynamite tied to him.

- Like the Wile E. Coyote!
- Exactly. Next.

Todd Geer,
ex-Special Forces.

Responsible for
leading six coups.

- More like four and a half.
- Hey, don't downplay your accomplishments.

That's still a shitload
of coups, Todd.

- Uh, yes, please.
- Isiah Ransone.

- Oh, he can get it.
- Sharpshooter.

- Of course he is.
- 500 confirmed kills.

Make that 501.

Okay, so when can we
expect this job to be done?


And what does that mean?

- End of the day.
- Okay, then just say "end of day," alright?

You're not Special Forces
like Isiah Ransone over here.

Now, go.

Wipe them out.

Leave no witnesses.

And before you kill
Fuches, tell him...

"NoHo Hank did this."

- Oh God.



John, I don't want this to
be the last time I see you.


I love you so much.

- Please say something to me.

John, please say something.

John, please say
something to me.

- Daddy loves you so much, John.

- Oh shit...

- Oh.

Oh my... Mr. Cousineau.

Mr. Cousineau!

- Mr. Cousineau!

- Mr. Cousineau!

I'm so sorry!

Mr. Cousineau, I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry that happened!
I tried to fix things!

Honestly, I tried to fix things!
I tried to give you that money!


- $250,000?

I was trying to fix things.


I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

F-For who, Barry?

Mr. Cousineau,

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry...

Please turn this off!

Turn it off!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry...

- Gene Cousineau.
- Mr. Cousineau,

I'm so happy I
got a hold of you.

My name is Matt Iserson.
I'm an agent at UTA.

Oh, you're the guy
that's gonna help me

take out an ad in "The
Hollywood Reporter"

about Warner Brothers
being such a dickhead

'cause they're trying to profit
off the murder of my girlfriend.

No. Actually, I-I'm
calling on behalf of a client.

He wants to play
you in that movie.

Hey. Not interested.

My client is
Daniel Day-Lewis.

From "My Left Foot"?

Wow, that's a
deep cut, but yes.

Oscar-winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

He'd like to come out of
retirement to play you.

This is not Tony Danza trying
to fuck with me, is it?

I am not Tony Danza.
My name is Matt Iserson.

I'm an agent at UTA,

and I'd love to fill
you in on the details.

A-Are you open to that?

- I guess I'm free today.
- Great.

- How about Toscana in an hour?
- Toscana, no.

I'll text you the location.

- Yes?
- : Mr. Cousineau?

- Mr. Cousineau, are you there?
- Sally?

- You're alive?
- Uh, yeah.

Oh, thank God.

So are you.

Okay, uh, listen, I...

I need your help.

Anything, sweetheart.
But wh-where are you?

I'm in Los Angeles with my son.

John! Stay close to me!

Yeah. Um, listen, um...

We're at the airport. Um,
can you come pick us up?

- Now?
- Yeah. It would be a huge help.

Yeah, no. No, I-I
have to go to Tosca...

I-I have a... I have a
meeting, I just can't miss it.

Can't you reschedule?

I'll tell you what.

Go to my house, and
we'll meet there later.

Yeah. Okay. Okay.

- Do you remember the address?
- Yeah, I remember.

- Okay.
- Okay, I'll see you soon.


Look, we need to find a
way to get to Cousineau's.

He's an old friend of mine.

We're gonna meet your
daddy there, okay?

- And once we find him...

- everything's gonna be okay. Okay?

Come on. Come on, come on!

I got your text!

What's the word on the FUBKs?

They landed about an hour ago.

We lost communication with them.


Can you find communication?

Val: We, uh,

we just got a
delivery. From Fuches.

- It's their heads.
- We don't know that yet.

It's a head.

I can, uh, find a
couple more FUBKs.

FUBKs don't just grow out of
the ground like mint, okay?

It's another head.

I will go alone and, uh,

avenge the FUBKs for...

Oh, yeah? You're gonna go on
a suicide mission, Val, huh?

Listen, I need you, okay?
You're my support system.

- Why am I still opening these?
- Thank God.

- Ah, Isiah!

Fuck. Even in death,

just an absolute fox.

Accomplice: Can I
make a suggestion?

I think getting the
monsters out of the house

is more important
than the house.

You know what? You're
absolutely fucking right.

Fuck that house.
It is dead to us.

Let's take care of
this shit ourselves.

Let's ride.

Fuches: I understand what you
guys witnessed earlier today

was upsetting. That true?

What about it upsets you?

You cutting off their heads.

I see. Well...

The Raven's flock
are blood artists.

We are modern-day barbarians.

Our clay are the beating
hearts of our enemy.

No, yeah, you've told us
this a number of times.

Right, right, but me saying it

and you saying it,
two different things.

- That's right.
- Yeah.

Shit. Okay.

Well, should've
thought this out more.

- May I make a suggestion?
- Mm-hmm.

Next time we capture enemies,

I or one of the guys take
the ladies out for a meal,

so they're not here
when shit goes down.

Nice. It's a nice
idea. Delightful meal.

And when you come back,
it's all cleaned up.

Yo, that was, like, a
sneak attack, though.

I-I'm not trying
to be all whatever,

- but can't really, like, plan for those.
- Right. I get it. Right, right.

Yo, what about, uh,

like, noise-canceling

You could put on a movie.

But those guys were
screaming really loud.

You could just
put the volume up.

If it's a "Fast and Furious,"
you won't hear shit.

That's not gonna drown out dudes
gettin' their heads cut off.

The one with the
planes on the runway.

I saw it in the theaters, and
my ears are ringing for days.

What, was that "Tokyo Drift"? Is
that the one with Lil' Bow Wow?

No, it's "Furious 6."
Uh, came out, like, 2013.

- Six? I didn't see Six.
- That's the one

where Toretto comes out
the front of the plane...

It doesn't matter.
They're all loud.

You gotta have a legit soundbar
if you want that to work, dude.

Soundbar or no soundbar,
the movie is loud.

Okay, muchacho...

"Fast y Furious"...


I still think I can time
it where we get them

out of the house for a nice
meal before shit goes down.

Gene Cousineau? Matt Iserson.

Pretend you don't know me.



Daniel hasn't been this
excited about a role in ages...

Act like you're
talking on your phone.

Daniel really loved the
complexity of your character.

The, uh, pathos, the courage,
the huge personality.

I-It's the total package.

But, i-in today's
landscape, unfortunately,

Daniel's not enough.

It's why we need to
attach another big name

- for the role of Berkman.
- Are you telling me

that Daniel can't
get a movie made?

Not a theater movie.
Maybe a phone movie.

But, I think this story is big.

- I-It's not small.
- Yeah, right.

And I have a client who
wants to play Barry.

Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg?

Are you shitting me?

Well, we ran this through
our marketing division,

and if we brought Mark on,

the studios would be in
a bidding war tomorrow.



this would be a great way to
get Janice's story out there.

- It would, and that's what we hope.
- Yeah.

But we do have one
problem with Mark, though.

He doesn't wanna
play a cop killer.

And seeing as this Berkman
guy killed your girlfriend,

that's a no-go.

Look, Barry is a very,
uh, complicated guy,

but a sympathetic soul.

You know, it, it...

He loves my character so much,

it made him do stupid
things, like...

killing my girlfriend.

- Really?
- Gene: Yeah.

Because Mark is concerned
h-he's kind of a villain.

But he was so desperate
to have a father figure.

Mark will relate to that,
and Daniel will know

exactly what to do
with my character.

Oh God.
He'll kill it. Mm.


There is so much more
than people know.

I mean, what you
think you've seen,

what you think you've heard,

it is only the tip
of the iceberg.

This is not a good-guy,
bad-guy story.

It goes way deeper than
that. S-So much deeper.

Well, Mark wants this role
before it goes on the market,

so he's willing to
come on as a producer.

Anything to lock it down.

- How would you feel about meeting with him?
- Would he come here?

In the woods? No. No, no.

He's very frightened
of the woods.

He'd like to meet you
at the Four Seasons.

In Beverly Hills.

Okay. Come on, come on, come
on. Here you go. Here you go.

- Yeah. Okay.
- Come on. There you go. Put it in.

Eat your food. Eat your food.


One. Two. Three.

Entourage: Whoa... Hey!

- What was that?

- Hm.
- What the fuck was that?

Alright, well, load
up the next one.

This was it. Only one.

You thought we were gonna get
it on the first fucking try?

Well, these are very
expensive. I'm thinking budget.

Hey, asshole!

- Shit. Shit. Okay.

Come on. Come on. Let's go. Let's
go. That didn't work. Let's...

- No, no, no, no, no, no! Let's go!

- Thank you. Thank you!

Oh shit! Call them off!

Why are you shootin'
rockets at my house?

call them off!

You think you
can get rid of me that easy?

- You killed my fucking driver!
- No shit.

- Well, you're next, asshole.

Oh, fuck! Oh,
fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!

Oh God!

- Ah! Shit.


That touchdown's supposed to be

the game winner for Pittsburgh.

Hello, everyone,
and welcome back.

We're taking a look at some
of today's earlier matchups

around the league.

Now, let's focus on the next
big game we've got coming up.

Boston versus Los Angeles.

I'm here in studio
with Matt and Sean...


Oh no.

Matt, what do you think?

Hello. I believe
my friend is here.

Yeah, got
him right here. He's here!

Okay. Thank you, Miss Phoebe,
for letting me use your phone.

- No problem.
- Here. I don't want this.


You only gave us one rocket.

You told us to watch the budget.

Yeah, I was talking
about office supplies.

I see.

This war on Fuches has
entered a new phase.

And what do we call this phase?

The "give Fuches whatever
he fucking wants" phase.

But Barry can be
anywhere in the world.

Okay, the acting teacher
knows where he is.

Go to his house.

Put him in a sack.

Bring him to me.

Mr. Cousineau!

- Mr. Cousineau! Hello?

Fuck! You fucking said
you would fucking be here.

- Shit.

- When's Dad getting here?
- I don't know, okay?

- John: Can you try calling him again?
- Look, I...

I just di... Um...

Mr. Cousineau's
gonna be here soon,

and then your dad will arrive,

and then after they,
you know, talk,

um, then we'll all be together
again as a family. Okay?

- And then, what are we gonna do?

Well, then we're just gonna
keep doing what we're doing.

- John: Mom?

You look like you're gonna cry.

- Fuck.

You stay here, okay?


- Okay, take care. Bye.

Hey. Hey.

- Hey. Hi. Sir?

Sir? Hi. I, um...

Uh, my son? My son and I.

I, uh, um...

I wanna turn myself in.

Uh, my name is
Sally Reed, and I...

What are you talking
about, ma'am?


Is there something
you wanna say to me?


Officer: Alright,
well, have a good day.


- Mom! Mom!

Is okay. It's okay.

Oh, Mark is so excited
about this meeting.

Oh, which way...
It's this way.

- Are you nervous? You look nervous.
- A little bit. A little bit.

Oh, don't be nervous. Seriously.

He doesn't like nervous.

- Okay... Okay!
- He doesn't like nervous.

- Mark, it's Matt!

Hey, Mark, I have
Gene here with me.

You wanna tell us
why Barry Berkman

gave you $250,000, Gene?

I never asked for that money.

Why'd you neglect
to mention it to us?

Because no one was
paying attention to me,

and when you finally did, well,

I had already spent,
like, some of it.

Y-You have no idea the
tension that I was in.

The stress I was feeling.
H-He threw me in a trunk!

Did you shoot your son
because he found out his house

was paid for with
Chechen drug money?

Now, that is crazy.

Leo, come on. You
can't believe that.

You never could give me a
straight answer about the cash.

You changed your story.

Why are you telling
everyone that Barry is a...

sympathetic soul?

I would never say
something like that.

That's not what you
told me.

Who the fuck are you?

Sorry. I'm
Brad. I'm an actor.

Um, I was actually in your
Shakespeare class in 2004.

I did a scene from, uh, "The
Merry Wives of Windsor..."

Detective Moss killed a Chechen
gangster at your theater

where they found drug money.

She was on to you.

So, you invited her up to your
cabin, where you had Barry,

a guy you claim would
do whatever you say,

murder her.

- That's disgusting.
- And when we found her body,

you were there with Barry and
a Chechen criminal assassin

known as...

the Raven.

H-He's not even a real person!

We know he's real.

This is insane.

Y-You know me. Wh-What
are you... I...


You are a great actor.

Sally Reed.


Sally? Sally.

I'm okay.

Listen, I'm sorry I
haven't gotten back to you.

Hey, man!

I've got two people here
who want to say hi to you.

Say hello.

Say it!

- Dad, please come get us!
- Barry, help us.

I'll text
you the address.

Come quick if you want
to see your family again.

You've got one wide receiver lined up left,

three more, including the
tight end, on the right.

The running back Donovan lines
up on the left side of that.

Don't be surprised if we see a screen pass here.

LA will pull that
from time to time.

Ball is hiked.Evans looks right at his target.

He fakes! Oh, here we go!

Screen pass to the
left for Donovan.

The rookie left tackle Galins
and a convoy of other linemen

are barreling down the left side

flanking any Boston defenders!

Look at him go! Donovan
still on his feet,

using his linemen as a shield.

And he is finally brought down

by Boston linebacker McCracken

at the 22-yard line.

What a play by LA.

Just when you thought
the white flag was flown,

Rusis pulls out the
screen pass play call.

And Boston, uncharacteristically,
they fell for it.

There's normally a linebacker
who will act as a spy

for the running back
in this situation

but Boston sent him after Evans.

Now that leaves the
other two in charge

of the rest of LA's receivers

and it allows
Donovan to run freely

for a massive gain.

If McCracken noticed this
play just a second later,

we could very well
have been looking at

six points on the
board for Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is now
well within field goal range

but also just outside
of the red zone.

How would you play this one, PG?

I-I'd say play conserv...