Barry (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - the wizard - full transcript

Barry heads to LA to track down Cousineau. Fuches gets out of prison. Sally struggles to parent John.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Alright, I'm
gonna time you on this

because most murderers
don't wait for you

to put your gun
together and shoot 'em.

- Ready?
- Why can't I just leave the safety on?

- Because John will know how to turn it off.
- No, he won't.

Look, boys instinctively
know how guns and cars work.

Alright? I can't have
him messing around

with this stuff while I'm in LA.

Alight? Here we go. Five, four,

three, two, one.


Assemble it.

- Sally, assemble it!
- Why can't we just move again?

Because you can't
outrun a movie.

People are gonna
see it. It's gonna bring

a lot of unwanted
attention to us.

You know what's gonna
bring unwanted attention to us?

Killing Gene.

What's your big plan?
What, you're gonna go to LA,

you're gonna kill Gene,
the head of the studio,

anyone else who
has read about us?

- Just Gene.
- Why?

Because this whole movie is
gonna be from his point of view,

and that's...

not the truth.

Okay? And I don't
want our son to see it.

You know...

I don't think that this is
God's message for you.

Because this goes against
everything we believe.

Killing is a sin, a big one.

- And I don't think that... -
This isn't a discussion, alright?

We either do this,
or we drop John off

at an orphanage,
and we kill ourselves.

I think you just wanna do this
because Gene turned you in.

I want our son to
know his parents.

He thinks my name is Emily.

But he knows the real you.

Lord, please give us the
strength to get through

these next 24 hours.

Please give John the
strength to know that his daddy

is gonna be back from LA,

and that he's gonna be okay.

Please give Mommy the
strength to not leave the house...

and to tend to John's needs.


Wh-Why can't I come with you?

'Cause it's work stuff.

But you don't have a job.

It's a job interview.

Would we have to move again?

If everything goes well, no.

I have to stay home
while Mom's at work?

Well, I called in
sick today, sweetie,

so I'm gonna be with
you until Daddy gets back.

Sound good?

Okay, I know. I know.

- It's gonna be okay.
- Don't go.

It's gonna be alright.

It's okay.

You're my big guy.

I love you so much.

You're my big guy.

Okay, now I'm gettin' sad.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa! Stop! What are you doing?

Slow down! What... Stop!
Stop! Stop! Hey, come on! Stop!

Whoo! Shit.

Mr. Fuches.

So nice to finally meet you.

Welcome to Nohobal.
My name is Val, and I...

Hey, guys? Hank's
office is this way.

I will show you.
Please follow me.

This is the executive
floor with kitchen, juice bar.

Can I interest anyone
in something to drink?

Small batch kombucha maybe?

Kale smoothie?

- Y'all got Squirt?
- Squirt? No.

- How about Jolt?
- One second.


Wow, look at what
the cat brought in...

to the house! Alright!

Wow! So good to see you.

What the fuck happened to you?

I found myself.

In a tattoo parlor?

No, Hank.

My body tells the
story of my journey.

Initially, I went
through a gauntlet of...

pain, but that pain
turned into pleasure.

Pleasure manifested...

so these are the guys?

- Welcome, guys.
- Yep.

We are at your service.

Right. Right. Still trying to
figure out what that looks like.

In the meantime,
all of you have these.

You can access the money
you're owed on the Moolah app.

All 800.

Well, that's for you to
distribute how you like.

I was a good
soldier on the inside.

I kept my mouth shut.

Don't play businessman
with me, Hank.

Don't worry.

Whatever you do
for us, I'll make sure

it is extremely lucrative.

We can move forward
on two conditions.

You put us up on
your best property,

and then you find and deliver

Barry Berkman to me.


That's old news, man.

I mean, Barry's in the wind.

He's probably dead.

I can definitely get
you guys a house...

- Your best house.
- But I suggest you move on from Barry.

Okay? We have
much better fish to fry.

Barry, alone, in a room
with me and my guys.

That's the top priority.

We'll see what we can do.

is Pastor Pat, and on today's podcast,

we're gonna talk about
what it means to sin.

To sin is to choose our
own way against God's way,

and we know all the big ones.

Using God's name in
vain, being lustful, stealing.

There's no real reason
to rank sins, you know.

You can't say this one's
worse than that one.

That's not really how it works.

Unless you're talking
about murder, of course.

Murder is, by far, the worst...

seated in the zones E and F at this time.

Tom, what is all this
shit you put in my house?

Well, I'm gonna have
everything moved outta here

as soon as I find
myself a new place.

Of course, that does
require me locating a,

a white glove moving service.

- For dolls?
- They're not dolls, Gene.

It's the world's
foremost collection.

They truly mean the world to me.

Listen, get yourself together
and get dressed, okay?

We've got a pitch
to hear. Let's go.

We thought the
article turned out great.

Well, Gene can't really consult

until we find out
what the film is about.

Here's the movie in a nutshell.

It's a cat-and-mouse thriller

between a teacher
and his killer student.

Now, Barry Berkman
is the main character,

but he's the villain.

You, Gene Cousineau, would
be the hero that defeats him.


Well, that, that does
sound rather interesting.

The studio is very excited.

We think we can
attract some A-list talent.

No kidding?

So, what do you think, Gene?

You can't make this movie.


You know, there was a time
when I would be thrilled by this.

I was a narcissistic,
self-involved person.

But for the past eight years,

I've been living on
a kibbutz in Israel,

where I learned selflessness
and true happiness.

Now, when Tom told me that you
were making a movie about Barry,

I had my concerns.

But now that I've
heard your pitch,

I see my concerns are warranted.

But, this movie
is what happened.

It's the truth.

This is a mindless

You are glorifying a psychopath,

and you're exploiting the
memory of the woman I loved.

Gene, listen. This is merely
a discussion, you know?

I mean, they could wind
up making the movie

with whatever you're
comfortable with.

What I'm comfortable with
is this movie going away,

and you leaving me and
the memory of Janice alone.

I'm sorry, but we
are going to make this movie

- with or without you.
- Well, I'm very sorry.

- You're gonna have a fight on your hands.
- Gene Cousineau!

The DA would like to see you.

Take two bites of that
salad and come with me.

Pastor Carl
Hi, this is Pastor Carl,

and on today's podcast,
we're gonna be talking about

is a sin actually a sin?

Now, some of the
sins that we all know from the Bible

are pretty serious,
but others, not that bad.

Some of it is just human behavior.

Let's start with
the big one first.

Matthew 5-21. "Thou shalt not kill."

Now, when talking about
taking a human life...

the act of killing another person,

that's pretty generally
considered a sin,

but it's a little more
complicated than that.

Because the Old
Testament tells us

that there are sanctioned
killings in the eyes of God.

- Exactly.
- There's also an eye for an eye.

Now, I'm a big believer in
capital punishment, obviously.

In ancient
times, we know God commanded his followers

to wipe out whole cities and
peoples. It had to be done.

Those people had to kill

to protect future generations.

But, at the end of the
day, I, I ask myself...

I'm sorry, what?

By law, I'm supposed to
show you these pictures.


Thank you.

But before you get too bloodthirsty,

just know most killings
are not sanctioned by God.

You can't just kill
anyone that crosses you.

That's murder, and
you will go to Hell.

So, you shot your son.

Disappeared for eight years.

Onto a kibbutz.

I really thought my
life was in danger.

You could have come to us.

But you were the ones who
were supposed to protect me

against Berkman.

Do you have any
idea where he is?

We lost track of
him eight years ago.

You came out of hiding,
risked your life for a movie?

I did not want
Berkman immortalized.

I thought that was worth it.

So, you found a spine
over there in Israel?

I did.

How'd your son take seeing you?

Hey, everybody!
It's Pastor Nick Saint Angelo again,

and on today's podcast,
we're gonna talk about

how murder is
definitely not a sin.

Now, the Bible is filled
with tons of righteous

and justified killings.

Most of them are my
favorite part of the book.

But how are you supposed
to know in your own life

when it's okay to use violence?

Well, as many of you
know, I was an enforcer

for the Rockford Ice
Hogs, and, in 1997,

I was sentenced to 10
years for killing Billy Zorillo

in an exhibition game.

Since then, people
have been surprised

at my general lack of
guilt around this incident.

I just tell 'em it's because
it was done within my faith.

Now, what does that mean?

It means I prayed about it,

and I looked for God's signs.

If you go back and
watch the replay,

you'll see Zorillo check my
teammate Mark Flanagan,

putting him in the hospital.

This pissed me off.

This gave me an intense feeling

that I knew was a
sign from God saying,

"You got my blessing, Nicky."


Hey, Johnny...

you wanna color?

How about some
lunch? Are you hungry?

Worked really
fucking hard on that.

Okay, sweetie.

Drink your juice.

Come on, everyone!
That's it, stick together.

Find your buddy. Okay?

Breathe in those
Malibu trade winds. It's great.


Welcome to your new home!

Yep. We got the infinity pool.

- Ooh...
- Yeah.

And this is the
place de résistance.

- The crow's nest.
- Whoa...

Yeah. Now, listen up, guys.

We updated your Moolah app.

We're hooking you up with two grand each!

And Nohobal Enterprises
would like to have you homies

be our security
for the new sites

on Beachwood
fucking Canyon, alright?

Let's go. You'll be paid
handsomely. Let's fucking go!

Yeah! Yeah!

And you're gonna put out feelers

for our dumb,
lanky friend, right?

Yeah, already in the works.

His acting teacher resurfaced.

Shut the fuck up.

Let me handle it.

We do not need
any heat on that front.

Just focus on making sure

your guys protect
my properties, alright?

You got it.

Alright, guys! Let's
check out the rest of the house.

Hello, Leo.

Come on in.

Well, that's a sign.


I came to apologize
for shooting you.

I thought you were
somebody else.

Then, Tom told
me that your injuries

were not life-threatening.
Baruch Hashem.

I'm gonna be
paying back that debt

for the rest of my life.

Why are you back?

Warner Brothers wants
to make a movie of my life.

- Of course.
- I came to kill the movie

because I don't want
that kind of attention.

I don't believe that.

Well, I knew you
were gonna say that,

and you'll just have to see.

Hi, Gordon.

What is he doing here?

It's okay. Hug
your grandfather.

You are so handsome!

How long are you in town for?

As long as you're comfortable.

You still have the same number?

I don't. I have a new one,

and I'm gonna give
it to you right now.



John, it's too bright.

John, go nap in your bed.

Come on, wake up.

Wake up and go nap in your bed.

Your room.

John, come on. Wake up!


You sleep here.

Hey. Hey, bitch!

I'm comin' for you, bitch!

I'm comin' for you,
and that boy of yours.

You fuck!

What the fuck!

Did you poke me in the eye?

Fucking bitch!

What is that, metal?

Hey, kid, wake up. What'd
your mom put in my eye?

Open the fucking door!

Wake up.

He's not waking up!
He's not breathing!

What'd you put in my eye?

- What did you put in my eye?!
- Come on!

You fucking bitch!

Fucking bitch!

You fucking bitch! What
did you put in my eye?!

Everybody raise a glass.

Raise it up. Not you. Raise it up.

I got a family now, boys!

Motherfucker! Hey!

I didn't even
think that was possible.

But this woman right here,

she opened a valve in my heart

I didn't think existed.

And now, I've also inherited

a daughter! Who I... just met.

I mean, I'm a father!
Can you believe that?

I'm a fuckin' dad?

But, guess what?
She's going to college.

Yeah, I study, um,
agriculture at Pepperdine.

- Pepperdine?
- Is a very good school.

- Great volleyball.
- Yeah!

Pepperdine! And she
is a fucking genius.

But, you? Y-Y-You
started with that dinky,

you know, sand
operation, and now, you...

Well, you have an
empire, Mr. Fortune 500.

Mr. Nice Guy.

Mr. Hanging with the
Mayor and Actors and Shit.

Yeah, I didn't think you had it
in you, but you proved me wrong

by putting your
biggest competitors

through a fuckin' sand silo!

The NoHo Hourglass.

Oof! The NoHo Hourglass!

That is legendary
shit in the joint, man.

You know, I was there, too.

Yeah, yeah? You
know... You know about it?

- I was there with the sand, yes.
- Yeah.

You did it!
And then, you,

you know, you
got rid of Cristobal,

you took his idea, and
you made it into your own.

And you are now
doing so well with it.

I'm so proud of him.
Aren't you proud of him?

I didn't kill Cristobal.


Our rivals had Cristobal killed.

That's funny.

That's a funny motherfucking
thing you just said.

No, I...


I think you might
be a little drunk.

Yeah! I'm definitely drunk,

but you know what?

That doesn't change
the truth, does it?

You're talking all sorts
of crazy shit right now, man.

Buddy, buddy, buddy.
Everybody knows

you had him killed, right?

I'm just sayin', why
don't you accept it?

You're a badass,

and I'm giving you
a fuckin' compliment.

it. Deal's over.

I want you and your fucking
men outta here, alright?

By tomorrow morning.

Okay? This is done.
Deal is fucking done.

- What the fuck are you talking about?
- You...

You fucking say that's
a compliment?

You're saying this shit
as a fucking compliment?

Fuck you. I want you
fucking out by tomorrow,

7:00 AM, okay?

What if I don't get outta here?

You're gonna give me one
of those suits?

You bald fuck! I'm
not goin' anywhere!

What the fuck happened?

Hi, this is Clark.

Leave a message, and
I'll call you Scott Bakula.

Barry, where the fuck are you?

Things have gotten
really bad here.

Barry, you need to come
home right now. Come home.

Where the fuck are you?