Barry (2018–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - yikes - full transcript

Barry deals with his past in prison while finding Fuches with him. Sally returns home. Gene has a spark of new fame after his help with capturing Barry.

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- - Chief
Krauss : Good evening.

Tonight, the LAPD
and our tactical unit

apprehended Barry Berkman,

a 44-year-old resident
of North Hollywood,

for the attempted
murder of James Moss.

He's also being charged

with the murder of Mr. Moss's daughter...

Detective Janice Moss.

He was apprehended
in a sting operation

carried out by LAPD
Detective Mae Dunn,

our forces, and
Mr. Gene Cousineau...

That's him.

Ms. Moss's

- Who?
- And Mr. Berkman's acting teacher.

That's the dude
they're talking about!

At approximately
8:15, Mr. Berkman arrived

- at the 1400 block...
- No shit.

1: Yeah. He's on fucking TV.

W... He was just on that screen,
and now he's in our cell block.

Dude! That's awesome!

But thankfully, our officers...

Hey, he wants
his scheduled phone call, please.

Uh, give him
whatever he wants!

just like to commend the, uh, tenacious

and dedicated work
of everyone involved

- in the arrest of this dangerous killer.
- Hello?

is a collect call from...

- Barry.
- An inmate

at California
State Penitentiary.

Do you accept the charges?

- Yes.
- Mr. Cousineau?

- Yeah?
- Did you guys trick me?

Are you and Jim Moss
working together?

Are you there?

Look, Mr. Cousineau, I-I
want you to know I went there

because I was worried about
you, and I was protecting you.

You know that, right?

You know that, right?

Are you mad at me?

Mr. Cousineau,
are you mad at me?

- Because I love you.
- What did you say?

I said I love you.

- Hey, Barry?
- Yeah?

I got you.

Hello. Hi.

What's your n...

to Joplin, Missouri.

- Lindsay?
- Oh, thank God.

Sally, are you okay?

- Why? What's going on?
- Sally,

Barry was arrested for murder.

- I-I don't know anything about that.
- How?

- Well, I-I wasn't with him.
- But you told me you were with him!

- What? No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did.

Wait, what are
you talking about?

What are
you talking about?

- I'm, I'm talking about how I wasn't with him.
- Sally,

Barry killed
Cousineau's girlfriend

the night she went missing.

- But I was with him!
- I know! He was just arrested.

Cousineau and her
father helped catch him.

It's all over the
news. It's everywhere.

-Wait, where are you? Do you need my help?
-Sally. Sally!

I'm double parked.

Why do you look like that?

Why are you home?

Just so you know,
we've turned your room

into your father's
man cave, which is...

Are you gonna talk to me?

♪ This air of silence ♪

The guy I was dating in LA

killed my acting
teacher's girlfriend.

♪ All around... ♪

When I was there... I was
fucking... What the fuck...

What the actual fucking...

When I was fucking there...
When I was fucking there...

What the actual
fuck? Fucking fuck!

I was actually fucking there!

Oh, my God, I can't
breathe. I can't breathe.

I can't breathe!

♪ It must have been
love but it's over now ♪

- Y'all done?
- We are. Thank you, honey. Oh!

Could I get some chili
cheese tots to go?

- Oh, sure thing.
- Thank you, sweetheart.

Hey, yo, that is him.

It looks like the same guy
from "Laws of Humanity."

The freaking teacher
was in that, too.

- That guy's badass.
- Yeah.

the cop killer.

I'd do one.

Why do you wanna talk
to the FBI, Mr. Fuches?

They put me in a prison with
a guy that wants to kill me.

- What's that about?
- That's a common problem for people in prison, Mr. Fuches.

I need protection.

We know.

What do you mean, you know?

Word on the street is you
and Berkman were besties,

and now, you're not.

Berkman's going down
for Janice Moss's murder.

Are you coming to us
to say there's more?

She's just the tip
of the iceberg.

You'd wear a wire?

If you can guarantee
my protection in here

and... new life on the outside?


When Jim Moss called
me and said he was using

Gene Cousineau to help capture
his daughter's killer, I said,

"Are you telling me
jokes? You Caroline Rhea?"

I can assure you he
is not Caroline Rhea.

I thought you'd either
get yourself killed or,

more likely, punk out
and flee the country.

That tracks.

But you
pulled it off.

- Good work.
- Thank you.

Berkman hasn't entered a plea,
but if this goes to trial,

which I'm thinking it will,

you'll be our key witness.

You'll be testifying
in front of the man

who threatened your family.
Can you handle that?


Santa Fe.

Santa Fe.

- We are doing it.
- No shit we are.

- No going back.
- Why would we go back?

- I feel I'm in "The Wizard of Oz."
- Hm.

- I'm Dorothy.
- I'm Dorothy.

Okay, fine. You're
Dorothy. I'm the Tin Man,

and I am in a magical kingdom

- finally able to be happy.
- Mm...

And safe.

Oh. It's the owner.

The old hippie woman
with the cowboy hat?

She is here to fix the oven.

Yes, coming!


- Okay!
- Thank you so much.

- How you liking the place?
- It's great.

As a rental. We're
looking for something

a little more permanent.
What is the market like now?

Ah, not a lot out there.

Construction costs
are through the roof

with this sand shortage.

You guys can't
find sand out here?

This desert sand is worthless.

I'm talking about the high-quality
stuff you need to build.

They ship it in from Asia and
Africa. How funny is that?

Hey, Sally? Sally!

Hey, Sally, I wasn't planning
on you being here today,

so you're gonna have to come
with me to my appointment.

I have a
checkup with Dr. Julie,

and then I'm getting
my hair colored,

and if we have time, I gotta
run by North Park Mall...

Oh, and Linda and
Becky are coming by tomorrow

just to say hi.

I know you said you didn't want...

- Hello?
- This call may be recorded.

- You have received a collect call from...
- Sally, I love you.

An inmate at
California State Penitentiary.

- Do you accept the charges?
- No, I don't accept the fucking charges.

Don't ever fucking call me
again, you fucking liar.

Your call is
being disconnected now.

Yeah. And when
I was down there, I...


And when he was down there,
he learned a few things.

Yeah, he learned a few things.

Alright, look
alive. Let's go. Come on.


They put you in here?

You know, uh,

I was trying to
remember something.

Wh-When you offed th-that guy,

you... Well, you didn't...
I don't know what you did.

I-In Rochester,
that businessman?

Wh-What did you do to
him exactly? What...

You were right
about Mr. Cousineau.

I never should have trusted him

and I never should have
taken that acting class.

If I hadn't tried to...

understand myself,
we wouldn't be here.

I'm sorry, Fuches.

here we go. Quiet, please.

Going on a bell. And action.

Hi. I'm Gene Cousineau.

We love
you, Mr. Cousineau!

You did right
by my baby girl, Gene.

You're a good actor.

Well, you got me there.

I'm starting to get
interview requests.

People wanna exploit
Janice's case.

This one reporter, Lon O'Neil.

- Yeah, he's been calling me over and over.
- Oh, I know that guy.

He tried to talk to me. Works
for "Vanity Fair," right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

None of us should
talk to the media.

Yeah, I agree. It'll hurt
the case against Barry.


And don't I want
my baby girl's life

turned into some
bullshit entertainment.

Jim, I am so sorry
that happened.

You know what?
You should talk to him.

Take him into the
garage like you did me.

You yelled at me
this close to my...

You scared the shit
outta me.

Yeah. Yeah.

That's the guy.

what's on your mind?

You have not touched
your chilaquiles.

Pretty interesting
what the landlady said

about the construction, yeah?

I knew it. I knew that's
what you were talking about.

- I fucking knew it. I just...
- No, no, no. Listen.

If someone had the
international contacts

and knew how to get the sand
into the country secretly,

they could corner the market.

Make a fortune.

Okay, I get that, but
all of our men are dead.

We have no infrastructure,

and the trail running
here is great.

Oh, believe me, I know.

But, I also know that you
have always wanted to be

the top dog in LA.

It's why you and Goran came to
the States, to make your mark.

It is a dream that
we both share.

This is your chance, Hank.

It's our chance.

We can have both things.

Can I play some music for the
table while you have dinner?


Sally? You in here?

Hey, hey! Hey! There she is!

Under Dad's desk.

Wow. How's my little
ol' Meryl Streep doing?

Did Mom tell you
about my boyfriend?

She did, yeah.

Yeah, that sounds like
a rough situation.

I'm glad you're not
involved in that anymore.

Murder. Yikes.

He didn't get
physical with you, did he?

I hope you don't mind. I
made your room my man cave.

- You cut your hair off.
- Can I be alone?

Yeah, no, I-I know the drill.

Your mom said you made
a TV show about us,

called "Joplin."

I'd like to watch
it after dinner.

She says she needs
to talk to you right away.

Sure. Is she okay?

Hi, honey. What's wrong?

Mom, I just got a
text. I think it's from my dad.

Let me see that.

Is that the B of A on 51st?

You don't have a
daughter. Who wrote this?

I wrote it.

I'm getting another
glass of wine.

- Joe, do you want your usual?
- Oh, we just started it, honey.

Can we just turn this
off? I don't wanna watch this.

Alright, everybody,
let's just calm down.

- This is a big accomplishment for Sal.
- His name was Sam.

- Look, we can talk about...
- You used Sam's name?

I promise, I'm gonna
tell you everything you wanna know.

I didn't use his last name.

respond to him.

I thought this
wasn't based on you.

Well, it's based on
what Sam did to me.

- B-But, you don't have a daughter.
- Okay, let's calm down.

- And you never worked at a bank.
- Okay. I can't do this.

I see his mother at church.

Now, I'm gonna have
to call the family,

and let them know
all about this.

Have you been paying...

any attention

to what I have
been going through?

Oh. Can't believe you
used his actual name.

The guy put his
hands around my neck

and choked me.

Right, and the boy
in LA is a murderer.

I think...

I think I might actually
be in a lot of trouble.

You sure can pick 'em.


I need... your help.

I can't respond to you if
you're going to scream...

I am not fucking
screaming at you!

I'm calling Jean. I'm
sure she already knows.

Oh, fuck Sam!
Sam can go fuck himself!

Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, h-how's this?

The gal I got working for me
is out on maternity leave.

You come in, you work for me.
Just for a couple of weeks.

We can spend a lot
of time together.

What do we do?


Who is this?


No, it's not.

Who is this?

Who is this?

Oh, no.

are you doing up?

I was just researching the sand.

- Oh.
- I think you're right.

We'd be crazy not to do this.

Let's go back to LA.

You fuck.

You fuck!

Way to go, way to go,
way to go, way to go.



So fuckin' smart.
You're so fuckin' smart.


You fuckin' piece of shit.

You motherfucking
piece of fucking shit!

- Fuck! Fuck!
- Bro, bro, bro, bro, bro, bro! Bro!



Stop that.

Settle down. It-It's gonna be okay.

Breathe. Don't hurt
yourself, man. Please.

Jeez Louise.

Look, I-I know they say
you did a bad thing.

But I'm sure you're
not a bad guy.

I-I mean, heck,

y-you were in the Marines, man!

That's pretty special!

A-And y-you were also
on TV. Heh. Right?

"Laws of Humanity"?

That's a great show.

When I was feeling low,

my mom always used to say,

each of us is more than the
worst thing we've ever done.

I always liked that.

Gave me hope.

I'm a cop killer.

I'm a fuckin' cop killer.

If I saw you walking down the
street, I'd fuckin' kill you,

I'd kill your fuckin' kids,
I'd kill your fuckin' wife,

and I'd kill your fuckin' mom.



Fuck you.

- I-I'm an informant!
- Keep your voice down.

Look, I, I-I didn't
see shit. Okay? Got that?

I didn't see shit. I need
you to get outta here,

and leave him the fuck alone

or the Feds are gonna
jackpot your ass, you got me?

Okay, so why don't you get the fuck out? Get out!



Look at you.

I took advantage of
you, alright? I did.

It was me. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I love you, Barry.

- I love you.
- I love you, too...

I love you.

- Lon, Batman voice again.
- Hm?

This is Lon.

I told
you not to talk to anybody else.

Who is this?

We're gonna meet tomorrow,

then I'm gonna tell
you how Gene Cousineau

caught Barry Berkman.

Wait a minute, how
did you get this number? Hello?