Barry (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - The Truth Has a Ring to It - full transcript

[HBO] HD. 'The Truth Has a Ring to It.' (Season Two) Barry works with Gene to get into character; Sally embraces her truth; Fuches goes on a mission.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
That's Ronny Proxin.

He's feeling my wife.

If you get rid of him,
all of this goes away.


I've been sent here

by Detective John Loach
to kill you.

I'm not gonna do that.


That was Ronny's daughter.

I think he trains her

'cause she was like
a feral mongoose.

- Ronny.
- Loach!

Shots fired! Shots fired!

He's dead.

Barry. Buddy, we have to go!

Detective John Loach
was integral

to a number of high-profile
gang-related cases.

However, our investigation
has concluded

this was a domestic matter
between Detective Loach
and another man,

unrelated to police business.

Do you have an ID
on the second man?

Yes, I believe we have a photo.


Is that Ronny Proxin?

Yes. Mr. Proxin was a two-time
Olympic medalist in tae kwon do.

Detective Loach's wife, Diana,

had recently left him
to date Ronny.

So, you get it.

Yeah, I get it.

His laptop? His files?

There's nothing here.
Where would he have left it all?

I don't know.


You're going through
a rough time,

but you're gonna
get through it.
I just know it.

And I'm sure there's a site

for people whose
ex and boyfriend
murdered each other.

And if there isn't,
there should be.

Well, thanks for
letting me look around.

Um, I can run you home.

Or why don't we get a drink?

- You want to get a drink?
- No.

Okay. No prob...
Hey, why don't you come
to my softball practice?

- Diana: I'm not really
in the mood.

Looks good, right?
Thirty bucks. Heh.

I am starving, man.

Why don't we go to...
Why don't we go to Du-par's?

Pancakes on me, yeah?

Listen, now that
this Loach stuff's all done,

um, I can't work
with you anymore, man.

Jesus Christ.
Not this thing again. Why?

Why? What have I done?
Name me one thing I done.

You wore a wire.

- I wore a what?
- Come on, man.

I mean, you know
what you did, man.

Look, you know, your head's
not in the right place.

We just got our asses handed
to us by a 12-year-old.

But I'm fuckin' starving.

Can we go to Du-par's?
Can we eat? We'll talk about it.

You sold me out,
for your own interests.

I did what was best for us...
Not me, us.

- Bullshit, man.
- Bullsh... You're not thinking.

There is no way
you can negotiate

a piece of Hank's
heroin without me.

Hank's heroin? I don't
give a shit about that!

See, this is what
I'm talking about!
You don't fuckin' know me!

You don't fuckin' know me.

Mr. Cous... Mr. Cousineau,
he understands me, okay?

He accepts me.

Mr. Cousineau?
You know, he gets you

-because you told him
about Korengal.

Did you tell him
you killed his girlfriend?

That-that never
needs to come up.

Yeah, Barry, you're in denial.

Because that Korengal shit
is fog of war.

You killed Moss out
of your own self-interest.

You made a choice to kill her,

because you're
a violent guy, Barry.

But me, I built...

I built a world
where that's an asset.

I don't want to talk
to you anymore.

Aah... You're gonna choose
that fucker over me?

Well, I guess everyone's
a hero of their own story,

Fine, I'll just work
with Hank without you.

-Work with Hank
without me?

Without me? What do you bring
to the table without me?


You got nothin' without me.

I am your fuckin'
business, idiot!

You're out of moves.

Don't you walk away
from me, Barry. We...

Fucker, we got too much
on the line!

Come on, man!

Fuck you, Barry.

Fuck you, actor boy!


Akhmal, I'm getting
to your stuff, okay?

Thank you, but listen.

When you are done
washing monks' robes,

Cristobal wants
you to fold them
and take them out to car.

Okay. Why?

Esther and her men
are moving back to monastery.

They want to be there
when heroin shipment arrives.

They are leaving us?


Yes, Barry.

I am washing Burmese
right out of my hair.

Good. Good.
That's much improved.
That's good.

So, the heroin shipment
is coming in two days,

which means we have small window

before monastery is
fully fortified to take it,

just like we took stash house.

Hey, what do you mean "we"?

Well, we... you, me.

Team Badass. Come on.
Kickin' ass, makin' names.

No, the deal was,
is that I train them, that's it.


That is true.
That is true.

You know, that was plan,
and I'm man of my word.

Okay? I am honest Gabe.

So, what do
you think, though?
Are they ready?

They're as ready
as they're ever gonna be.

Shit, man.

They're gonna be pretty
fuckin' broken up about it.

I mean, they're gonna
want to say goodbye
and thank you and...

Barry. Man,
you don't even know.

It's about to go off.

NoHo Hank:
Hey, hey, hey, hey...

It means, um,
"The debt has been paid."

You owe me nothing.

And, slate is clean, right?

And just because we're not
working together anymore...

Are you fucking serious?

Are you fucking
kidding me right now?

You just fucked this moment,

this beautiful, tender moment
with your accordion.

You just whipped out
your accordion,
and you fucked it, man.


- Hey, I'm so sorry about that.
- It's all right.

Um, where was I?

Aah, it's gone. It's gone.

Yeah. Gone.

Where'd you park?

Barry, do you still have

special Chechen bullet
I gave you?

Because I think it would be
a real gas for me to use it
to kill Esther.

I didn't bring it.

All right. Well...

Normal bullet is cool, too.

I wanted to say thank you
for pushing me.

Before you, I was small.

I had nothing.

You know, when they look
at me, they... they see nobody.

But now,

I have a purpose.

You gave me that.

- Take care of yourself, Barry.
- Stay off the 405, man.

"So, this is an absolutely
true story that happened
to me.

"When I was six or seven,
I was at home, at my mum's
flat in London,

"and I looked
out of the window,
and I saw

"a horse,

right outside
my block of flats."

- And?
- That's my story.

And you think that that moment
is the moment that defines you?

Gene, I didn't grow up around...

a lot of animals, like you lot.

Right? Like I'm... I'm not
from like a rural place.

This is in the middle of a city.

All right, thank you.
Thank you, Sasha.

No don't...
No, no, no! Don't clap.

You lot... you lot should've
applauded at the end.

If you clap now,
it's like pitiful.

We didn't know
it was over.

Okay, Sasha,
there are people waiting.

Maybe you didn't know
it was over, but...

could you tell that horse
was a big deal to me?

Because it was.
I mean, I stood up here
and told that story.

Hey. We're up next.
What's going on?

I rewrote my scene.


Barry, look, I'm really sorry

that I didn't
tell you this before,

but after we had
dinner with Sam,

he called me, and, um...

I went to his hotel.

- What?
- God, no.
Nothing happened, I promise.

No, it wasn't like that
at all. No, it was...

awful, actually.

I just... I couldn't
stand up to him.

I don't know, I just
felt fucking paralyzed,

like I was fucking
19 years old again.

Like, I stood there like
a fucking idiot, and I just...

I don't know what
I thought. I thought...

I thought it'd be different,

or I thought I'd
be different, or...

But I just... He's got my number.

So, I wrote this.

- It's the truth.
- Yeah, no, I can see that.

Sally: I don't know.
I... I don't know
if I can do this.

I mean, I can barely talk
about this stuff with you.

How am I supposed
to get up there and just...

And just like say all of this
in front of them?

I mean, what if they judge me?

What if they don't
fucking get it?

No, no.
Hey, listen, Sally.

I think...

if you can tell the truth,
you should.

Telling the truth's
a good thing.

"Everybody was staring at you.
I don't like it.

It was embarrassing.
You looked like a whore."

Sam, Ken is just a friend.
Don't be an idiot.

"Don't call me
a fucking idiot."

"Sam grabs Sally by the throat,
pins her against the wall.

"Sally stares at him wild-eyed,
gasps for air. None comes.

"He's going to kill her.
Finally, Sam lets go.

"Sally slumps to the floor,
fighting for air.

Sam paces. Then..."

"I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I did that to you.

"I'm so sorry. It's just,
seeing you with someone else,

"I got so jealous.
And you're right,
I'm an idiot.

I'm such a fucking idiot."

"No, you're not.
It's my fault.

"Look, I'm sorry
that I called you that.

I love you."

"I love you, too.

And I'm never gonna do
this again, I promise."

"I know. No, I know."

"They embrace.
Sally turns to the audience.

A spotlight returns to her."

Yeah, so, this next bit would be
sort of like a direct address.

"He apologizes, like before.

"And I will never feel more
loved than in that moment.

"I endure the wrath because
I know what comes after.

"It's a cycle I can't break,

"because I want to
and I don't want to.

I stay for the apology."

Really, it wasn't that bad.

- It wasn't that bad?
- No.

Are you fucking insane?
Were you in there?

I just took a giant
fucking turd out there.

Look, they were expecting
the old version,

and this new one just
threw them a little.

- That's all that happened.
- Yeah, well...

clearly I can't do this version,

and now they know
the other version is a lie,

so now I have no story.
So, thanks.

Listen, once we rehearse it,
and-and... you perform it,

they'll see that
the honest version
is really powerful.

- Once we rehearse this?
- Yeah.

You? You and me?

What, you and me
are gonna do this
and it's gonna be powerful?


I teach pigs.

Hey, Mr. Cousineau?

Hey! How's Sally?

- She's pretty embarrassed.
- Yeah, well, understandable.

But I am proud of her.

I mean, we were all shocked
that she had the guts

to get to the emotional
place she went.

Yeah, I know. Um...

Look, she doesn't want to do
the scene anymore,

and I think she should...
tell the truth.

So, um, I want to put
my energy into playing Sam

and not do my own piece.

- Is that okay?
- Okay?

It is more than okay.
Because I...

I don't know if you remember
this or not, but you killed...

and got away with it.

Yeah, no, you keep
reminding me of that.

Look, I want to be good
in her scene.

Um, can you help me?

Of course I will.
I will always be
there for you.

As long as I'm out of here
in seven minutes.


Here we go.

What is the essential emotion
of this scene?

Okay, Sam is enraged,
because Sally is withholding.

He gets violent, he acts out,
then he feels shame.

Sound familiar?

- Korengal.
- Exactly.

You don't literally
have to tell your story

in order to use your story.

Yeah, but I... I lost con...
Control back then,

and I don't want to do that
with Sally onstage.

Barry, you're the actor.

You're not hurting anyone.
You're not attacking anybody.

You're just lending
your emotional experience

to the character of Sam.

- Okay.
- Look...

Sam is an inherently
violent guy. You are not.

He is a horrible person.
You are not.

So, in order to play him,
you've got to use

the worst thing you've
ever done in your life.

Yeah, no,
and that-that was the...

worst thing I'd ever done
in my life.

Thank Christ.

Because, you know, you killed
somebody and got away with it.

Okay, so, I want
you to dig deep.

I want you to get in there.

I want you to paddle
that canoe, there, soldier.

And, Barry...

- thank you.
- For what?

For telling me your story.

I am very touched that I was
able to gain your trust.

I am so late for my escape room.

- Hi, Sally.
It's Tom from Gersh.

- I have Lindsay for you.
- Thank you.


Hey, Madeleine's people
said you hadn't confirmed

for two o'clock today.
Are you on your way?

Hi. Hi, Lindsay. Hi... Hi.
Yeah, no, I'm really sorry.

I just... I'm... I'm working
on this theater piece,

and I got kind of wrapped
up in it, and I just

kind of forgot.

Um, I'm really sorry,
but can we just cancel?

Theater piece?

Sally, look,
I know it's one scene,

and it is another wife,

but this is
Benicio Del Toro's wife,

so I'm assuming she drinks.

- So, how soon can
you get there?

Yeah, I...
I can't today, Lindsay.

I'm really sorry. I...
I really need to focus on this.

- Okay? Thanks. Bye.
- Sal...


Okay, here we go.
Here we go.

Wha...? Wait, wait.



I don't know how
to tell you this, but...

one of the twins smothered
the other in the womb.

- Eric: Why would God
allow this to happen?

I don't... I don't know.

We gotta go.
We can do the stage combat.

-How do I do this?
-Hand first. Ready?
One, two, three.

What is wrong?

I don't want to do this!

Look, the last time I did this,
they all just stared at me.

It's gonna be good, all right?
I've been working really hard

with Gene,
and it's gonna be great.

- One more time.
- Okay, go ahead.

One, two, three.

Sell it.

- There you go!
That was great!!

Okay. Who's next?

Um... Hold on.

This is a bar.


Table, and...

I'm grabbing dinner...

Yeah. Okay.


Why were you dancing
with that guy tonight?

Ken? He's just a friend, Sam.

Everybody was
staring at you.
I don't like it.

It was embarrassing.
You looked like a whore.

- Sam, Ken is just a friend.
Don't be an idiot.

Hey, can, can I reset?
Is that all right?
Can we just take it from...

Yeah. Take it
in your own time.

'Cause I'm a cop,
and you're a fuckin' murderer.

It's done.

Why were you dancing
with that guy tonight?

Ken? He's...

- He's just a friend, Sam.
- Everybody was looking at you.

It was embarrassing.
I didn't like it.
You looked like a whore.

Sam, don't worry about it.
Okay? Ken is just a friend.

Just a friend, since when?
Since when? Who the fuck's Ken?

- You met him.
- When did I meet Ken?

I don't know, he's just
a friend. You're drunk.

- I'm what?
- You're drunk.

If Ken's such a good friend,
tell me when I met him.

Tell me the day, tell me
the time, when I met Ken.

-Sam, just don't
be an idiot.

Don't call me a fucking idiot!

What are you calling me?
You're calling me an idiot?

Calling me an idiot?
That's what you want?


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I saw you dancing
with someone else,
and I got jealous.

You're right.
I'm a fucking idiot.

- No.
- I don't deserve you.

I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

-I shouldn't have
called you that.
-No, I'm sorry.

- Sally: I love you.
- Barry: I love you.

-And I'm never gonna
do that again, I promise.
-I know.

I hold him,

and I can feel
his shame, burning.

I take care of him,

so my shame grows.

I stay for the apology.

And scene.

- Are you okay?
- Hey! That was great!

My God!
You were great!

Yeah, I'm fine!

My God, I was bit thrown
by the whole table thing.

Yeah, I didn't know
if that was crazy or not.

It was good.
I think I'm gonna
write that in.

-Hey, Barry, can I see you
over here for a minute?

I have a few new ideas.

Yeah. Hey, was
that all right?

Really well done.

Now that it's shorter,
like, it's so much better.

Like, I feel like
the shorter scene can be
the bear it's gonna be.

- Right?
- Sally: Right.

- So, the cuts are good?
- Yes, don't write any more.

Keep the cuts.
Never milk it. Just like...

- Thanks.
- Live in what you've got.


So, this is why you're
turning down auditions?

Yes. My God. I'm re...
I'm so sorry about that.

No, no, no, no.
Don't be. This is good.

Really? Thanks.

So, this is your real story?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Are you free tomorrow?

Do you have time to come in and
sit down with me and the Mikes?

- Yes, totally.
- Sorry, um, who are you?

This is a closed rehearsal.
You can't audit the class.

I'm so sorry. Um, I...
I'm Lindsay Mandel.

I'm Sally's agent. Gersh.



I got you!

I got you, Barry!
You motherfucker!

Hank, it's go time.

- The vehicles are loaded?
- Yes.

And you reminded
the guys to double-knot
their boots, yes?

Because I cannot
have people tripping.

It's dangerous, but, you know,
it's also embarrassing.

- I told them.
- Great.

All right, so we have
one shot at this.

We have to capture
the monastery before
the heroin arrives,

or we are... fucked.



Khazam? The fucking accordion
player sold us out?

We are very disappointed
in you, Hank.

Noho Hank:
Okay, in my defense...

Your Chicken à la King.

Thank you.

- Jeffrey?
- Yeah.

Take that away.

Sure, Gene. Okay.

Have you decided on dinner, sir?

Yeah, I think so.

I'll have what he's having.


Come on, my friend.

Maybe fresh start?
You know?

One-time do-over?

Get out of free jail?

We'd like to put you in a room
with Aaron Ryan.

The TV producer?

There's three women.
When we meet them,

they're all
in abusive relationships.

- They're lost.
- That's great. I love that.

So they start a group
where they kill their husbands.


An audition?

- You?
- Yeah.

- Have an audition?
- Yeah.

are they reading extras now?

Man, that's so weird.
Sally said the same thing.

I don't wanna talk to you

Well, I guess everyone's a hero
of their own story, right?

Fine, I'll just work with Hank
without you.

- Work with Hank without me?
- Yeah.

Without me? What do you bring
to the table without me?

This episode, we always wanted
Barry breaking up with Fuches.

He finishes working
with the Chechens.

It means, um,
the debt has been paid.

You owe me nothing.

Now, he can just finally, like,

"I'm free.
I can be an actor now."

That was the initial idea,

and then this thing
with Sally came up.

She does it.
You know, she writes the truth.

It's a cycle I can't break

because I want to
when I don't want to.

They're all stunned
that she went that deep.

She doesn't feel like
she can lie anymore,

but she also...

doesn't know if she has
the strength to tell the truth.

I want to put my energy
into playing Sam,

and not do my own piece.

It is more than okay
because I... I don't know

if you remember this or not,
but you killed somebody...

And got away with it.

Yeah, no, you keep reminding me
of that.

To help Sally tell her truth,

he's gonna have to draw
upon stuff

that he doesn't want to look at.

You don't literally
have to tell your story

in order to use your story.

Barry uses things from his past
to play this scene

that he hasn't told
Cousineau about,

and Cousineau's reaction
is to the performance.

Really well done.

So, you've got Cousineau,
ironically, congratulating Barry

for the courage to dig deep
and draw on experiences,

one of which may or may not
have been

the killing
of Cousineau's own girlfriend.

Mr. Cousineau,
he understands me.

Okay? He accepts me.

Because you told him
about Korangal.

Barry does this big confession
about Korangal

as the worst thing
he's ever done.

He feels so much shame about it.

We would be in the writer's room
and people would go,

"But that's not the worst thing
he's ever done. I mean,

- he fucking killed Chris.
- Right. Yeah.

- You know, Moss.
- We've seen many worse things.

Yeah, what is going
on here, man? You know?

So we had Fuches say that.

Did you tell him you killed
his girlfriend?

Fuches, I think,
has been spurned by Barry.

It's that thing of, like,
if we can't be together,

then I'm just gonna wreck
your life.

The idea of him
going out into the woods

and trying to find the car
was always something

that we had played with
or talked about.

Fuches has always
fancied himself

like this kind of military guy,

- but he's just a poser.
- Yeah, and that...

He gets out there, and you think
he's gonna find it,

and you're kinda like, "Aw, man,

he's gonna really
figure this out,"

and then immediately
he gets lost.

So Hank finds out that Esther
and them all left,

so he's like, "Great.
Now we can attack."

It's about to go off.

It's one of these
comedic conceits that I love,

that... that Hank picks a fight

with this...
schmuck accordion player.

♪ -Are you fucking serious?

If you look at Bill, every time
he's in a shot with Anthony,

- he's either looking down...
- I'm looking down,

or I'd have my eyes closed.

Are you fucking kidding me
right now?

He was making me laugh so hard.

And then that guy ends up

being the reason
that Hank is betrayed.

Kazan? The fucking
accordion player sold us out?

- If he had never yelled
at the accordion player...

would have gone great.