Barry (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going - full transcript

After a shootout at the airstrip, Barry must make a tough decision to avoid capture. Sally worries her performance in MacBeth will be compromised and ruin her chance at impressing a top talent agent.

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That was a rough one.

These little planes.


You're not gonna believe this.

The pilot is from the same
village as my grandfather in Bolivia.

It's fucking crazy, right? Whoo!

What happened?

I've only been here for two
minutes. You already shoot someone?


A bum rush?


Go, go.

Two dead.



Give me your phone.

Okay, Goran.

Here is all of Vacha's things.

Maybe we donate tools
to local veterinarian.

Throw them out.

Oh, we having guests?

I'm putting this out for when fucking
cops come to ask me questions.

You want I should
go get a babka?


Maybe two babka?

Don't get cinnamon kind.

Makes me sneeze.


Hey. Goran.


Man, it's Cristobal,
Sifuentes. From Bolivia?

How are you?

I am okay.

(WHISPERING) It's Cristobal.

How is he still alive?

Cristobal, how are you?

Well, complicated
question, you see.

I flew in because my guys
said you took my stash house.

And just now, two
military guys tried to kill me.


Was Barry working with someone?

I hope this aggression
isn't just about business.

If you wanted in on my stash
house, all you had to do was call me.

- Is he angry?
- I can't tell.

You know I have been
a fan of yours for a while.

Like when you sent
me that bullet via DHL,

I was like, "Wow! This
guy, he is next level."

Listen, I know how hard it is

to break into Los
Angeles, but you and I,

we should be working together.

Not against each other, no?

What's happening?

He is super nice guy.

- That's great.
- We fucked up.

Cristobal, it...

It seems I got some
bad information.

I was told I had to attack you

because you were
bloodthirsty maniac.


Whoever told you
that is just wrong.

We need to kill Fuches.

I mean, you just
assume that I am

this mean guy without
ever meeting me?

How... Listen, do you know
the book The Four Agreements?

You owe it to yourself.
It is life-changing.

Agreement three in the book,

"Don't make assumptions."

"Don't make assumptions."

Is that from The Four
Agreements? Such a great book.

Maybe we could take
two step backward,

start over? Hmm?

I wish we could, but you
killed a bunch of my guys,

so now, I have to kill
a bunch of your guys.

You know how this shit goes.

Men I just sent are dead, yes?

Barry's dead?

The same military
guy you just kill,

he kill few of my guys too, so
maybe we are now all even Kevin.

If only, man.

Agreement one in the book is,

"Be impeccable with your word."

I have to back my people here.


Yeah. It's a war now.


This is really not
good news for me.



- Quien eres?

Fucking Christ.

All right. Hey, man.

Quien eres? Para quien trabajas?

Chris. Chris, shoot him.

Diga me! Estas muerto.

Chris, he radios his
buddies, we're dead.

Chris, do it now.

- Chris. Chris!

Chris! Chris!


Come on, let's go.



Chris. Chris? Hey,
hey, we gotta go.

- We gotta go, come on. No, no, no.

Pick that up. Pick that up.
We'll get rid of it. Come on.



This is Noho Hank.

Hey, bud.

Barry hasn't called you to tell
you how the job went yet, has he?

Because, you know, he usually
calls me, and I haven't heard from him.

Did Barry do this job
with someone else?

A military buddy, perhaps?

Maybe. Why?

Because if he did,

Barry's dead.

- What?
- Yeah.

It hasn't really hit me yet.

Super broken up about it.

Just a big kick in the balls.


Are you there?

You killed a bunch of my guys,

so now, I have to kill
a bunch of your guys.

You know how this shit goes.

Men I just sent are dead, yes?

Yeah. The same
military guy you just kill,

he kill few of my guys too, so
maybe we are now all even Kevin.


CRISTOBAL: Agreement
one in the book is,

"Be impeccable with your word."

I have to back my people here.

Yeah, it's a war now.


This is really not
good news for me.

CRISTOBAL: You know, if you wish-list
The Four Agreements on Amazon,

I'll buy it for you. You
really never read it, huh?

GORAN: My wife gave
me Mars/Venus book...

LOACH: Okay, there's about
10 more minutes of discussion

of The Four Agreements
and other self-help books,

many of which are terrific.

There's no shame in
seeking help, is my point.

Anyway, it's all
in the transcript.

The upshot is, we
are looking for two DBs

at some sort of airstrip,
one or both possible military,

and I guarantee you,

one of them is our Bigfoot here.

Detective Moss,
would you like to...

Okay, apparently, we're done.

Barry, where the
fuck have you been?

You look like shit.

The cops came, and they found
money hidden in the theater,

and they shot a guy. They think
Ryan was involved with the mob!

- What?
- Oh, also, we changed the scene.

I'm Macbeth, and
your line is different.


I have almost forgot
the taste of fears.

The time has been my
senses would have cooled.

To hear a night-shriek,

and my fell of hair would at...

At a dismal treat... Treatise...

There's no way that
was Ryan's money.

He borrowed money
from me like 15 times.

Right? And if he
had all that cash,

why wouldn't he
take new head-shots?

Exactly! Hello! His have bangs.

Would at a dismal treatise,
rouse and stir, as life were in it...




Um, I just... Gene, I could
really use some direction here.

It, to use the
technical term, sucks.

So why don't we just
go back to Lady Macbeth,

and just chalk it
up to overreach.


I'm playing Macbeth.

I have supped...


Chris, you gotta
stop calling me, man.

CHRIS: I need to
talk to you, man.

You... Okay, listen. You need
to relax and stop calling me.

Familiar to my
slaughterous thoughts

cannot once start me.

the fuck out, okay?

(SHOUTING) Cannot once start me!

Shit, I gotta go.

My Queen, the Lord...

My Lord, the Queen is dead!

That's not the... I
can't. I just... I can't.

- I'm sorry. Sorry.
- I just got the line. Sorry.

not the fucking line!

All right, everybody,
let's take a tight five.

I'm talking a tight five,


Well, that was something.

You came charging out there,

equal parts loud and raw.

Your eyes as big as saucers.

A little blood in your
hair. That's a nice touch.

Are you on drugs, Barry?

Because getting clean is an
important part of an actor's journey.

A little story to illustrate.

I was doing Long
Day's Journey Into Night

at the Pasadena Playhouse
with a bunch of coke-heads.

It's usually about
a three-hour play.

We could bring it in
just under 37 minutes.

We thought we were great.

Apparently, we
were unintelligible.

It was the beginning of the
bad years, Barry. I don't know. I...

Mr. Cousineau, I'm not on drugs.

You're not?


Well, then, that's
very bad news for you

because it's one line, Barry.

And if tonight, you're not high,

and you can't handle
one fucking line,

then maybe this is not for you.

JANICE: Who doesn't have
a freaking Facebook page?

- Hey.
- What?

Lancaster Sheriff's got a
shot-up car near an airstrip.

Two DBs, both Marines.

Let me guess. One
of them's this guy.

No, but it you'd have been right,
that would have been really cool.

Okay, name is Taylor Garrett.

Six feet, 415.

He's a real hot-head.

Has some 390s. Drunk in public.

Punched a guy in a
bar once. Broke his jaw.

This is the same
brick as at the theater.

Same exact amount.

They split it.

So this guy and Ryan
were working together.

Okay, just slow down.

We need to connect
them to each other.


Well, I'd say that's a
connection, wouldn't you?

He couldn't have
been more than five

the first time I
saw his dumb face.

Sweetest kid you ever seen.

HANK: I went to the
store this morning

to buy a babka,

two babka,

and I saw a man there,

and just for a second,

I thought,


But it was not him.

It was not Barry.

You know, he never got a
chance to apologize to me.

And now,

too late.

are we after all this? We good?

Well, to be honest,

Goran is very upset you told
him to start war with Bolivians,

who, PS, are just
off-the-charts nice guys.

So, no matter where you go,
we will find you and kill you.

CHRIS: Dude,

Taylor and Vaughan, they're
dead. They're fucking dead.

Yeah, just relax. Relax, okay?

We just... We just...

We just left their
bodies out there.

What do I do next time I
see Vaughan's girlfriend?

- What the fuck do I say?
- Don't say anything.

All right? Don't say anything.

We're just gonna lay low,
man. Just be quiet, all right?

- I killed a guy.
- Right.

I was never in
the shit, you know?

I was in logistics,
okay? Logistics!

I never shot anyone!

Well, you had to.

I didn't even want to do it.

You know, you made me do it!


you need to relax.


Listen, I...

I think we need
to go to the cops.

- Jesus Christ.
- Okay, we can tell them

that it was self-defense,

you know, that they attacked us.

Who are they gonna believe?
We're Marines, you know?

We're... We're...
They're criminals!

What do you think we
were doing out there?

What do you think I
do for a living, Chris?

The guys I work for,

they're already pissed at me
because I fucked this job up.

They sent a guy out
to kill me, all right?

What we need to do
is, we need to relax.

- Not do anything, lay low.
- No, I can't!

I can't! I cannot
live like this, okay?

We could go to jail!

No, the only way
anyone's going to jail

is if you go to
the cops, all right?

These people I work for,

they'll go after your family.

They'll go after your wife.

They'll go after your kid.

They'll kill them.

So I think the best thing for us

is to be quiet

and safe.

Okay, what if I
just turn myself in?

Okay? They wouldn't
know anything about you.

- We're linked!
- Nothing about you.

We're linked on Facebook, Chris.

I met your wife.
You go to the cops,

they'll figure it out.
They'll find me, all right?

No, they won't because
they won't know anything!

They'll find out about me, about
Fuches, about the acting class.

- Everyone will be dead, Chris!
- Well, I don't fucking care, Barry!

I killed a guy, okay?

Now, you might be cool
with this shit, but I'm not!

I got a wife, and
I got a kid, okay,

and she fucking knew. She knew!

She knew something was up
when I came home. She knew it!

And then I lied to her,
and I told her that I was...

I was going to the gym just now,
but when I go back, she's gonna know.

She's gonna know something is
up, okay, and it's gonna come out.

So that's it.

That's it, okay? That's
it. I'm going to the cops,

and I'm gonna tell
them everything.

And if I gotta do
some time, fine.

But I'm coming clean.

Why did you say that?

Why did you Facebook me, dude?

You're a fucking hit man,

and then you fucking
Facebooked me?

did you just say that?

I told you to get
out of the car, man.

You know what?

It's cool.

I can keep quiet.

I'm cool.

And I didn't tell my wife,

you know, that I
was going to the gym.

I told her that I was

coming to see you.

I know you're not gonna
do anything crazy, Barry.

I know you're a good guy.

So I'm gonna drop you off.

And then I am gonna keep

my fat trap shut.

And then, you
know, I promise you,

no one will ever know
any... Wait, wait, wait!



All right, hi.

What a pleasure. I think there
are some seats over there.

ACTORS: Many men
making much money.

Many men making much money.

Many men making much money.

All right everyone,
let's focus. Bring it in.

Bring it in. All right, listen.

It's two minutes until curtain.

Two minutes.

It is a veritable who's
who of Hollywood out there.

The red-headed reader from ICM

and Daniel Meldman from Gersh.


He came?

All right, now, listen.
I wish you godspeed.

I wish you courage.

And no matter what happens,
loud, fast, and keep going!

- Hands in!
- Guys.

One, two, three...


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.

Recently, our dear
friend Ryan Madison

was taken away from us too soon.

Because of this,

all of the proceeds
from tonight's show

will go towards the
fight against violence.

WOMAN: What?

Alas, poor...

Fuck. Forgot my line.

Cous, I'm gonna come back in.


You guys, fucking Barry
couldn't be bothered to show up.

I need someone
to do his stupid part.

Is there any way one of
you could help me, please?

We have a saying in Italy,

you make your bed.

SALLY: I have supped

full with horrors.

Direness, familiar to my
slaughterous thoughts!



start me.

The Queen, My Lord,

is dead.


SALLY: She should
have died hereafter.

There would have been
a time for such a word.


and tomorrow.

Creeps in this petty
pace from day to day...

No one will ever know
any... Wait, wait, wait!



- You're here!
- Where is everybody?

And you're not in costume!

Fuck it!

I'm supposed to wear a costume?

We're up.

Here. Here, put this
on. It's something.

Come on, it's places. Now!

Barry. Barry. Look
at me. Look at me.

Here's what's happening.

Do you see that guy
out there on his phone?

That's Daniel
Meldman from Gersh.

I invited him, and he came.

He was Emma Stone's agent before
she got too big for him and fired him.

Look, he's here to see me,

but if I don't do
well, it's over for me.

He'll never sign me. I'll
never get him to work for me,

and I'll certainly
never get to fire him,

so please, please, please,

just give me
something to work with.

Can you do that?

I'm sorry. What?


- Just... (CLEARS THROAT) Whatever.
- What?


Well, Puck just took a big
dump out there. That guy sucks.

I have almost forgot
the taste of fears.

The time has been, my
senses would have cooled.

To hear a night-shriek,
and my fell of hair...

Lord, the Queen is dead.

My Lord, the Queen is dead.

(GASPS) Fuck!


Lord, the Queen is dead.








Stop, stop, stop.


- Chris!
- Fuck!

Yes? When?


Cannot once start me.

My Lord,

the Queen is dead.



She should have died hereafter.

There would have been
a time for such a word.


and tomorrow,

and tomorrow.

Creeps in this petty
pace from day to day,

to the last syllable
of recorded time.


And all our yesterdays
have lighted fools

the way to dusty death.


Out, brief candle.

Life's but a walking shadow.

A poor player that struts and
frets his hour upon the stage

and then is heard no more.

It is a tale told by an idiot,

full of sound and fury,

signifying nothing.

MAN: Bravo!





I just saw you go to a place
tonight I have never seen before.

I don't know if you can
do it again, but it was...


Okay, I see you're
still in that place.

I'm going to leave
you to your process.

You know, I have a few notes.

They can wait till Monday.




MELDMAN: That'll work
for me. SALLY: Really?

Yeah. I'll tell you
what. Why don't you

give me a call, and
we'll set up a meeting.

All right?

- I will.
- Okay.

- Thank you!
- You're welcome.

Thank you so much.
Thank you for coming.

You bet.

Oh, my God, Barry.

Daniel Meldman from
Gersh, he told me to call him.

He said... He said... He said,
"There's a lot to work with there."

Barry, thank you.

Thank you for doing that for me.

Oh, my God, that was amazing!

I didn't even have to act!

You just gave it to me,
everything I needed.

God, you were so


That was acting, Barry.

You are a real actor.

- I am?
- Yes!

I mean,

whatever you did
tonight to get to that place,

that's your new process, okay?

All you have to do
is do that every time.

(SQUEALS) I'm gonna go change.

We're all going for drinks.

Thank you, thank you,
thank you. Thank you, Barry.