Barry (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Chapter Six: Listen with Your Ears, React with Your Face - full transcript

Barry tries to fly solo at a remote airstrip, but Taylor still wants in; Vacha looks to exact revenge on the man who killed his brother, despite Pazar's hands-off orders; Moss tries to end her association with Gene, but finds herself drawn to his classroom at a critical juncture; Sally lobbies for a major acting challenge.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So this is where the
Bolivians are gonna land?

BARRY: According to Paco, yeah.

TAYLOR: You know what?

I honestly think we should
knock that shit out in midair.

I know this guy in Tijuana who
can get us some FIM-92 Stingers.

Fucking boom.

We'll be celebrating with cervezas
before that shit even hits the ground.

Sweet. Yeah. Brute
force is a total valid tactic,

but I think in this case,

maybe going surgical
is the better way to go.

You know, put me up with
a rifle on top of the hill there,

and they'll land someplace here,

and I'll shoot the Bolivian
leader when he gets off the plane.

But keep the suggestions
coming, man. All good stuff.

I think Taylor's gonna
be clutch with this.

He wants to shoot the plane
out of midair and then drink beers.

Well, I mean, you
can teach discretion,

but, frankly, what he needs,
Fuches, is someone like you to...

TAYLOR: Or if we
had a few more dudes,

we could just bum-rush
these motherfuckers.

To mold him.

Don't try and Parent
Trap me, dickhead.

You think you can
stick me with this donkey

and then go be Hugh Grant? No!

You should've killed him at the
stash house like you were supposed to.

TAYLOR: This would be
a sweet place for a hot tub.

Fly in some chicks.

Fuck them.

- Oh.
- I can't. I can't watch this.

I'll be in the car.

You need to kill this guy
before he gets you killed.

And this would be a terrible
place for a hot tub! A fucking

(YELLING) hot tub!

Did Fuches just say hot tub?


HANK: Oh, watch your step here.

GORAN: That's a big one.

Hey, you know, if we
knock down that wall,

it would really
open the place up.

You know, clean up the blood,
maybe add some French doors,

maybe a ping-pong table
right there. You know?

I'm just riffing.

Now, Cristobal will
come here to US.

Hey! You took my
fucking stash house!

I'm going to slit
your fucking throats.

And we will be waiting for him.

- Yes, because they're short. Right.
- Right.

Goran, this is great
physical comedy of you.

- It costs. It costs.
- It's good, though.


I have prezentatsiya for you.

Okay, I take photos.

All time, Barry no
doing hits. No, no.

Barry buy fancy new clothes.

Barry have sex with nun.

Barry buying laptop computer.

No hit.

You're so creepy, man.
You're just so fucking creepy.

You were following Barry?

Who tell you to do this?

Whole point is that Barry have
no connection to our family.

You follow him around and
be personal photographer?

That's connection!
Why would you do this?

He kill my brother.

- Okay, you need to let that go. Okay?
- Oh, my God.

No one cares. It's so boring.
Every day with "kill my brother."

Look! Barry got us stash house!

Beautiful, super awesome,
sexy stash house.

- It's so nice.
- He does great work!

Let me kill him.

Are you deaf?

Leave him alone.

- Boss...
- Look. Here, finally,

is job that is
tailor-made for you.

Chop, chop, chop.
Blood and guts.

You can wear your apron and
your fucking creepy hockey mask.

But no Barry.


I leave Barry alone.



- Hi.
- What time is it?

It's 8:10.

- I gotta go to work.
- Not on an empty stomach.

You know, it's our
one-week anniversary.

Don't you think I would
have forgotten that!


Gene, this has been
really wonderful, and... Wait.

This has gotta end, honey,

because I've just... I
mean, I've let it go too far.

I'm still investigating
your class.

This is just way
beyond over the line.

- Whose line?
- My line. Your line. Every line.

- It's just...
- Janice, for three nights,

you've come home and
told me that everybody

is "up in your grill" at work

because you can't let go of this
crazy acting class connection.

I never said, "up in my grill,"

- so you can stop there.
- Okay, the point is... The point is,

nobody believes that my class

could be involved in
Ryan's death, except for you.

I myself thought that you
were questioning them

because you wanted to be
close to me. I was very flattered.

But now I've gotta wonder.

Are you keeping them in play

because you're trying to
prevent us from becoming

- what we might become?
- No. It is not...

No, no, that's not
what's happening here.

- Well, that's good, Janice.
- Okay?

Now, I know that it's only
three days, but I'm 47 years old.

I am old enough to
know a great thing

when it comes knocking on my
door in the middle of the night.

We are breathing rarefied
air, and you know it.

If we ran away from this
because we were scared,

wouldn't that be,
oh, so very sad?

WOMAN ON TV: Oh! Good! More!

MAN ON TV: Yeah.
WOMAN ON TV: Oh, yes!

Oh, good!


(EXHALES) Killer job,

on the recon at
the airstrip today.

Lot of great suggestions.
Just came real naturally to you.

I'm a Marine, just like you.

Look at what this chick
does to this dude's asshole.

You know, if you
keep it up at this level,

you know, there's
a world where...

You know,


you could take over for
me, and I, in turn, could


So I'd work for Fuches?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That'd be cool, right?

No. That dude sucks.

Hey, can you pause this?
Is there a way we can...

What's his cut? What's
he take off the top?

Just half.

What? Dude, fuck that.

- No, the way he explains it, though...
- That fucker's scamming you.

He's not scamming me, all right?

We've been working
with each other for years.

- We're a team.
- So why do you wanna leave?

Well, you know, I'm just
at a place where I wanna

branch out and explore
new opportunities.

- But he won't let you?
- It's not that he won't let me.

It's just that he doesn't
like me doing other things.

You should fucking
ace that dude.


Kill Fuches?

- I can do that?
- Well, you do what you wanna do.

You should get rid of him.

WOMAN ON TV: Oh, my ass.


What's this?

Money from the stash house.

I counted it out.
This is your half.

Okay, uh, this money is dirty.

You can't spend it.
You need it cleaned.

And no, I'm not
gonna ace Fuches.

He's essentially family, and I
think if you give him a chance,

you'll see that you two working
together makes total sense.

You take that
money, kill Fuches,

live your dreams.

Watch how much this guy jizzes.


Fucking shame.

Hey, Dad.

Who's this?

Well, that's me when I got
out of the Marine Corps and...

I don't remember
who this man is.

Where's your sister?

- You guys gotta get to school.
- Fine.

- Have a good day.
- Thanks.


WOMAN ON TV: Oh! Again!







Oh. It's still
going on. All right.


So I'll see you tomorrow.

- Hey.
- Hmm?



(CLEARS THROAT) Hey, guys?

Hey, hey. I just wanna,
real quick, say I'm really sorry

I yelled at you guys last class.

You guys were just
trying to do the work,

and I jumped down your
throats, and I was wrong.

No, listen, Bars.
We were talking.

- And we're sorry.
- Yeah.

Yeah. We all took a quiz.

We were in a bubble.

You've been through something that
we can't possibly understand, Barry.

Yeah, I've actually decided to start
reading books about World War II.

You're gonna be an amazing
Macbeth... Scottish king.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate that.

- SASHA: Yeah. Yeah.
- Thanks for understanding.

All right.

Who wants to bring
the Bard's words alive?

Scripts out.




- Give me a second.
- JERMAINE: Sorry. Sorry.

Hey, B, I saw you, like,
rush out of the theater.

Do you have IBS?
'Cause, like, I have IBS.

Barry, I'd actually like to
share my story with you.

You know, when I was 12 years...

"Out, damned spot.

"Out, I say.


"Why, then, 'tis time to do't."

(WHISPERS) I thought
this was Natalie's part.

Yeah, I know. I asked her.
She doesn't want to talk about it.

Do you mark that?

Okay, Barry, hold it before
you give yourself a hernia.

What are you doing?

Uh, I'm saying my line.

Yeah, and, heh, you're
saying the hell out of it, too,

except we're not sayers.

- We're studying to be actors.
- Right.

- Where's Lady Macbeth?
- She's right there.

She's so close.
What is she doing?

She's sleepwalking.

- Do you wanna wake her?
- No.

(QUIETLY) So my thought is your
guy would probably talk like this,

(LOUDLY) and not talk
like this, for Christ's sake!

All right. Cool.

So quieter? Or not. Or...

This is not a volume issue.

This is an issue of
that you have decided

how to do the scene
even before it started.

You are not listening
to your acting partner.

- Thank you.
- Stay out of this.

I feel like I am listening

'cause that's why I know
when to say my lines.

Yeah. No, that's
called "waiting."

- Okay.
- You're waiting. You're not listening.

- Right.
- You have to listen to the attitude,

to the tone, to the way
that it's being said to you.

Wow, I keep forgetting
how strong you are.

All right, you know what? Both
of you face each other right now.

We're gonna do
repetition exercises.

You're gonna say something to
Sally. She's gonna repeat it back to you.

You're gonna say it back to her.

Now, the words will stay
the same, but you will change.

All right, go.


What do... I don't
know what to say.

- I'm sorry.
- Okay.

- I don't understand.
- All right. Listen.

- Just listen and focus.
- Okay.

Something simple.

Just tell her you love her.

I love you.

I love you?

- I love you.
- Okay. Stop. All right.

You're saying it
like you mean it.

She's saying it like... (SPITS)
"Get the hell out of here."

You have to listen to the
way she's talking to you

with her soul.


I love you.

I love you.

I love you?

All right, now, adapt.
Adjust. Look at her.

BARRY: Uh-huh.

All right? It's hopeless,
Barry. Give it the fuck up.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

GENE: Well, look
who's a good listener.

You stuck your tail between your
legs, and you slunk off like a beaten man.

That's listening.
Bring it in. Bring it in.

All right. Thank you. Thank you.

Let's take a hard five.

have three new voice messages.

Barry, Taylor.

Let me know when you
want to kill those Bolivians.

My schedule is pretty freed up. I
canceled most of my appointments.

(SIGHS) Fuck.

Barry, Fuches. Have
you killed Taylor yet?

If you don't have the stones
to do it, you better tell him

to keep his fucking mouth shut,
or you'll stick a bayonet up his ass!

(SIGHS) Oh, Jesus.

Hey, Barry, it's Taylor.

Forgot to tell you I put a
deposit down on a hot tub.

I figured we
could split it 50-50.

- What?
- So you owe me 1, 700 bucks.

- Fuck!
- Also, you killed Fuches yet?

All right, that's it!


Put a fucking bayonet
in your ass, man.

- Hello?
- Hey, Taylor. It's Barry, man.

Listen, dude, you uh...

You've been pretty
amazing. Really, really great.

Just an incredible energy,
and I felt like we had, like,

an amazing chemistry at
the stash house, you know?

But this plane thing is
kind of, like, a different vibe.


And, you know, I'm still
trying to figure it all out,

but it seems to
me, that maybe, um,

low-profile is the best
way to go with this one,

so I think I'm gonna
do this job solo.

- Okay.
- It is no way

an indictment of your ideas,

by the way, like that
amazing bum-rush pitch,

which was so inspired,
dude. Really, really inspired.

You haven't told anybody
about this, have you?


I don't know why I
just asked you that.

Big, professional dude like you.

So, yeah, I'm gonna do it by
myself, and you're not coming,

and it's gonna be...
It's gonna be a thing

that I do by myself.



MAN: Hey, so, like, are we
allowed to park in that outer lot?

That one's over...

I've been parking
over there, and I...

I'm not sure if we're supposed
to be doing that or not.

There's no sign or anything.

I don't know.

Hallelujah. (APPLAUDS)

She saw the light.

How about that?

Come in.

Okay. I have an idea,
and it might just be brilliant.

I'm listening.

Okay, you know how
my scene isn't working?

I just took it away from
Natalie and gave it to you.

What else could
you possibly want?

Debra Messing says that you
should only play parts that scare you.

I've played Lady M. I
need something more.

I need something that I
can, you know, (HISSING)

sink my teeth into.

Yeah? Well, I am so sorry

that Shakespeare's women
are not juicy enough for you.

- Who are you dying to play?


"Tomorrow and tomorrow

"and tomorrow."

- Are you serious?
- Yes! I am.

Not Lady Macbeth.
Macbeth himself.

- Act 5, Scene 5.
- The whole enchilada?

Mother of God.




Do you know how many
greats have died on that hill?

- Orson Welles for one.
- Oh, for God's sake!

Lord Richard Harris.
The great Bert Lahr.

Sally, this is reckless.

Look, I just... I need
to do something drastic.



Mike Hallman
dropped me as a client.


What a turd of a profession.



- You're gonna have to nail this.
- I know.

- We're talking perfection.
- I know.

But, Sally, you
know the expression.

"You want to go
fast, go it alone.

"You want to go
far, go together."

Why do you always
insist on going it alone?

You and I both know there is
no one in this class at my level.

Be that as it may, Sally, not
everything is a monologue.

The ensemble is
there to help you shine.

Gene. I want this.

I need this.

All right.


But Barry is gonna play Seyton.


Sally, it's one line.

I'm sure you can
eat around that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Okay. Okay.

I won't let you down.





Do you know if
Mr. Cousineau's in the office?

No, no, no. Sorry.


Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.

Excuse me, sir!

Are you one of
Mr. Cousineau's students?



Wrong address.

Very small English.

That accent,

is it Russian?


LAPD! Stop!


Oh, shoot.

Do not get in that car!


- Gun! Gun!




Show me your hands!

Show me your fucking hands!



Thank you. Thank you so
much. Thank you, thank you.

- Hey. You okay?
- Yeah.

- They took your statement?
- Yeah.

What the fuck are the
Chechens doing here?


Maybe it had
something to do with this.


26K and change
stuffed in a fucking john.

- Think Ryan stashed it?
- Maybe.

Maybe he just wasn't
fucking Pazar's wife.

Maybe he was using her to be
in business with the Chechens.

But one thing I do know?
We didn't find $26,000

and a dead Chechen
in a fucking gym, Loach.

We found them here.

COP: Sorry, sir. Can't
come in right now.

GENE: Of course I
can. It's my theater.

- Sorry... Sir, it's a crime scene.
- My students are waiting for me.

- What do you mean, it's a crime scene?
- I said...

Hello. Hello. I'm sure
you remember me.

- Mr. Gene Cousineau.
- How can I help you, Mr. Cousineau?

Are you all right?

You need to go
home, Mr. Cousineau.

- Am I gonna see you?
- Go home.

Fucking acting teacher.


Yeah, I remember him.

What I don't get is that
you made a whole thing

about taking the acting
class off the board.


what were you doing back here?

(WHISPERS) I'm so sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

- It's over though, right?

It's over.

- Good.
- Good.

- Let's go to work. Come on.
- All right.

Taylor, dude, what the
fuck are you doing here?

No, brother, it's all good.

I know what you were saying,
but I solved that problem.

- This stuff is free, right?
- Shut up. Come on.

You need to get out of here
right now. You understand?

- What the fuck are they doing here?
- What's up, dude?

Said you needed more manpower
for a bum-rush, so I kissed them in.

They're fucking pumped. Dude,
we've been pre-gaming all night.



Check this out.

- Bushmaster, baby.

- Shit!
- Shit!


My bad.



This is perfect, dude.

- We're gonna crush it.
- MAN 1: Gonna set this bitch off.

Get out of the car, Chris.

- What? Why?
- Get out of the fucking car.

- Dude, dude!
- Get out of the car now!

- Dude, relax! Relax, man!
- Get out of the fucking car, man!

It's not a big deal! Okay?

Taylor said you needed some help
to scare the shit out of some guys.

That's it. I got your
back. I ain't soft.


reading that acting book.

Fucking life-changing shit.

We're going east, right?

You think that story about
Ralph Macchio's true?

Pretty fucked up.

Taylor, we're posting up on the
hill like we talked about, right?

'Cause that's our turnoff right
there. Hey, Taylor, turn around!

That shit that dude says about
making the unsafe choice?

- Fucking spoke to me, man.
- Taylor, turn around!

- Fuck yeah.

Let's fucking party!

Taylor! Taylor!

- Fucking get shot!
- Turn the fucking music down!

- Come on, motherfucker!
- Shit.

Jesus. God damn it.

Get these motherfuckers!


Taylor, they're already here!
The plane's already here!

Smoke them motherfuckers!

Taylor, stop!