Barry (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Chapter Five: Do Your Job - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Here.
- What's this?

Our next job.

A Bolivian stash house.

Fuches, this isn't a hit. This is a raid.


Admit it, you had a good time.

Okay, I actually did.

Well, you're the detective
and I got the confession.

I'm investigating one of
the murders of your students.

This cannot be a thing.


Okay, pause it right there.

Shit, you can't see his face.

Are you going to introduce
me to your friends?

That's Taylor and that's Vaughn.

We were in the marines together.

- What you gonna do?
- Oh!

That was a good one!

God, I'm so sick of people
telling me what I am.

Do you have any idea what that feels like?

No, I don't.

Well, it makes me feel
like I'm not even a person.


Whatever this is, I want in.

ANNOUNCER: Viewer discretion is advised.

COMPUTER: You have two new voice messages.

- MAN: Barry, it's Taylor,

Chris's friend from the party.

I was just calling to check and see

when we were going to
kill those Bolivians.

Okay. Fuck yeah. Later.

- Barry, Taylor.

You didn't kill those
Bolivians yet, did ya?

I really wanna kill them with you,

so, give me a buzz. Bye.


- CHRIS: Oh!

Oh, like that.



- CHRIS: Oh!

- Oh!
- Oh!

Almost. Ready?

It was nice meeting your
friends this weekend.

Oh, thanks, man.

That Taylor guy, what's, uh,
what's... what's his deal?

Honestly? I don't fucking know.

We met in this program
that helps vets reacclimate.

Yeah, he was the first
guy they ever kicked out.

- Great.

Ooh! I want the big rat.

You want the big rat?

- Yes!
- Done.

Watch this.

What do we got?

He... he's a, uh, he's a
solid dude, though, right?

- Oh yeah, for sure.
- Yeah?

Yeah, we were, uh, we were
at this bar hanging one time,

and this guy spilled a drink on my leg,

and then Taylor broke the dude's jaw.

- [EXHALES] Cool.

- I want the big rat.
- I'm... I'm just a little rusty.

Give me the thing. I got it.


- Big rat.



Hey, Barry, would you mind
taking a picture of us?

- Oh. Yeah, sure.
- Honey.

- Yeah?
- Take a picture?

Oh yes. Yeah. You get a picture?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Hey, um, can you do me a favor?

Can you... can you not tell Sharon

that we hung out with Taylor last night?

She's not a fan, so.

Oh. But he's a nice dude, though, right?

Yeah. Okay.

- Here we go.
- SHARON: Say, "Cheese."

- CHRIS: Say, "Cheese."

- Wanna put him on my lap?
- Okay, yeah.

- Okay. Okay.
- Sit with Daddy, okay?

- Here we go, Mikey.
- Now, big smiles. You look so pretty.

- Hey. Look right there, buddy.

- SALLY: Yay!
- Is he smiling?

Here. Get in. Get in here.

Okay. It's me.


- ♪

Oh, my. Shh! The list is up.

- The what?

Casting assignments for the
annual Shakespeare showcase, Barry!

If I'm not Titus Andronicus, I'm gonna

burn this fucking place to the ground.

Puck? Fucking Puck?

- Jeez.
- NICK: Again?

Oh, hey, the list is up for
the Shakespeare carnival.


Hey, did you get my messages?

- Yeah.
- Oh, cool.

Yeah, sorry about that. I think
I was just a little jealous

- of your talking to that guy and stuff.
- Okay.

Can we reset, maybe?

Like, um, let me take you to dinner

and, I don't know, we
can go to an aqua park

- or an arcade or something?
- Yeah, totally.

Or we could try not speaking to
each other for a couple of days

or, like, even say a month
or two and reset that way.

- Okay.
- I just feel like you've got

some toxic masculinity
issues you need to work out,

and until then, we just shouldn't
interact so much or like at all.

You know?

Scene partners.

Yeah, you and Barry are doing

the Macbeth scene with Natalie.

Oh, I don't want to
play Lady Macbeth again.

Yeah, well, don't worry
about it, because Natalie is.

- What?
- Yeah, casting's fucked this year. Fucked.

- Focus.

There is somebody here to talk to you...

about Ryan's murder.

MOSS: Okay, we released this photo today.

It's a screen shot of the recovered

footage of Ryan's murder,

and I'm hoping one of you
recognizes the man in this photo.


I'm sorry. Excuse me. Is this
the best photo that you've got?



'Cause it looks like,
um, a thumb with arms.

- Is this the back or the front?
- Mm.

'Cause usually in the front
of a head, there's a face.

- Mm.
- Yeah, we did a scene in class from CSI

where I played a young technician

who enhances a photo from an ATM.

We should enhance this.

That's not a thing.

Well, we caught the
criminal in the scene, so.

Okay, look, this is the
best photo that we can do,

so if any of you have any idea who this is,

then my phone number is
on the bottom of the flier.

- Okay?
- Which I happen to have on my phone too.

So be, on the lookout for a man

with no discernible features.

He killed your friend.

And, uh, Detective Janice Moss,

thank you so much for
coming to my classroom.

Thank you very much. Such a pleasure.

[WHISPERS] Let go of my
hand now. Can you let go?

- Okay. Thank you for coming.
- Thank you. Okay.

So, um... so, um, uh,

also, I need to speak

with Eric, Jermaine, and
Barry in private, please.

- GENE: Come on down.
- MOSS: Gentlemen?

Okay, one thing we can
tell from our photo is

that our mystery shooter
is at least six feet tall.

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, okay, I see.

So me, Jermaine, and Eric, we're the...
tall guys.

MOSS: Exactly.

But you served in the Marines.
Where were you deployed?

Baqubah mostly, and Afghanistan.

So you know your way around a gun?

- Yeah.
- Plenty of training then?

Does me being tall make me
a suspect or... [CHUCKLES]

Only in the sense of my
desperation to rule you out as such.


Now, on the night that Ryan died,

I know that you were in the theater,

because you spoke to Ge... Mr. Cousineau.

Did you go anywhere after that?

I went and had dinner with Frank Ewing,

from our corporate office in Texas.

Okay. Did you go home after that?

No, Frank and I went and had, uh, drinks

with a guy from a manufacturing
plant, Ramón Díaz.

So I'm sure you wouldn't mind
giving me their numbers, right?





Oh shit. Box phone. Box phone!

Box phone.


Box phone. Box phone...





Yeah, Frank here!

Hi. Mr. Ewing?

[SOUTHERN ACCENT] Can you hold on
a sec? I'm on the factory floor!

Hey, Larry! Move that
forklift over there, would ya?



[QUIETLY] You think Eric did it?

- What?
- I think he did.

[SCOFFS] Know what I'm saying?

He's a fucking psycho.

[SOUTHERN ACCENT] What did we do?

We split a piece of that key lime pie,

uh, and then we, uh,
we went out with a fella

by the name of, uh...

Ramón Díaz, out of manufacturing,
for a nightcap. Yeah.

Okay. Thank you so much
for your time, Mr. Ewing.

FUCHES: Bye-bye.


[SPANISH ACCENT] This is Ramón.

Barry, you're good to go.

- Eric.
- Hi!


GORAN: The fucking police were at my house,

asking me, "Do you

recognize voice on camera?

Do you know man who got away?"

And I am thinking, "Yes."

"I... I know man who got away.

"It is same fucking moron

who put lipstick camera in car."

Too much heat.

We must call off stash house hit...

- Whoa. Whoa.
- ...killing Bolivian leader. All of it.

- Goran. Goran.
- I think that's a great idea, Goran.

- You know what? I got it.
- I think that's what we should do.

Goran, walk with me. Come on.

Yeah, come on. I wanna tell you something.

You play the market, Goran? Stocks, bonds?

You ever heard of Warren Buffet,
the world's greatest investor?

He says, "Be bold."

How great is this place? [CHUCKLES]

You know, Barry,

if Goran calls off this hit,

uh, because of my video...

I'm dead man.

I don't care.

[CHUCKLES] No. I'm... I'm serious.

I'm serious, too. He should kill you.

You brought a lipstick cam to a hit,

fucking idiot.

What can I say, man?

I'm a gearhead.

You know? I love gack.


And what is this talk about killing me?

Come on. Cool your jets, man.

You sound like a psychopath.

I think what I'm trying to say is,

if there's ever a time to call a job off,

now is not it.

You know, Bolivians get wind of this,

you're a puta this
and maricón that.

You know what they're gonna
say? They're gonna say,

you wear pissy pants.

- No.
- No, I know, you don't wear pissy pants.

You wear big-boy-who-takes-down-
stash-house pants.

Right? But they don't know that.

Papa! Papa, watch me.

Hi, honey. Papa is watching.

Ah! Doing great!

My family is already blaming
me for death of Stovka.

If anything else goes wrong,

- I am so fucked.
- Ah.

Way to go, Jenny. [CHUCKLES]

Goran. Goran. Don't worry.

It'll be great. Great!

- He was about to call it off.
- FUCHES: Yeah.

- Why didn't you let him call it off?
- I know!

You're not on the
management side of things.

This isn't in your purview,
but subtle concept here:

He calls off the raid,
we don't make the money.

See? Even now, you're calling it a raid.

Barry, buddy... [CHUCKLES]
I know you can do this.

- Nothing'll go wrong!
- "Nothing'll go wrong"?

I just got grilled by a fucking cop.

I know you did, and you
followed protocol perfectly,

except for being in a fucking acting class,

and because of that,
Ramón had to save your ass.

"Gracias, Ramón."

[NORMAL VOICE] Look, we're back
on track. We're good to go! Right?

There's a Marine named
Taylor, he knows about the hit.

He wants in, he's probably crazy.

- FUCHES: Fuck!

God damn it! Fuck! Fuck!

[SHOWER TURNS OFF] You fucking moron!

Shit. Shit.


I've given this some thought, and...

this isn't bad.

Don't get me wrong, you're
still a fucking idiot.

You could've really fucked
us, but, fortunately for you,

I thrive in parameters.

So, you and wacko do the hit.

We do?

Yeah, and then afterwards,
you take him out.

- Take him out?
- Mm-hmm.

- He's a Marine.
- [LAUGHS] I don't fucking care who he is.

He knows too much. He has to go.

So, what, we just take
out whoever threatens us?


toxic masculinity.

- What the fuck is that?
- It... it doesn't matter.

It... it's not what we do,
okay? We take out bad dudes.

You made him a bad dude.

No, no, no, no, no. No, he' a Marine.

Once we start fucking killing Marines,

where does it stop? No fucking way!

No, no, he's a Marine! That's nuts!

All right. He's a Marine, you're a Marine.

Who fucking cares? Huh?

You remember your training? Do you?

You take out who you're
told, when you're told.

You leave arbitration to
the fucking pearly gates!

Barry, this guy could
get us busted or killed.

He could get all your
little actor friends killed.

Taylor has to die! And you know that.

Oh Jesus.


You know he has to die, right?

Or has that acting class erased
all your common sense, huh?


Look at me.

You know Taylor has to die, right?


So, do that, you kill all
the guys in the stash house.

It seems pretty simple to me.

You know, sometimes, you
just have to shut up...

do your fucking job.


"Out, damned spot!

"Out, I say!

One: two:

why, then, 'tis time to do't."

"Do you mark that?"

"What, will these hands ne'er be clean?

No more o' that, O Lord, no more o' that."

"Go to, go to. You... have
known what you should not."

"She has spoke what she
should not, I am sure of that:

heaven knows what she has known."

[SNIFFS] "Here's the
smell of the blood still:

"all the perfumes of
Arabia could not sweeten

this little hand.

Oh. Oh! Oh!"


Wow. Wow. [CLICKS TONGUE] Wow.


GENE: All right. Now, uh,

anybody have a thought
about what we just saw?

Ugh. [SIGHS]

Sally, you seem to have a thought.

Um, just one thought really. I...

It's not working.

- Because...?
- I'm not really sure.

I mean, I feel like the last time

we did this scene, it was really flowing.

The last time? Meaning like
when you were Lady Macbeth?

Right. I just feel like
when I was doing it,

I sort of, you know, tapped
into the emotion of the piece,

and I feel like when you're
doing it... no offense...

You're just kind of saying words.

Okay, that is actually very offensive.

I'm just trying to be constructive.

Well, that's really
not constructive at all.

It's actually the opposite of
constructive. It's un-structive to me.

Okay. All right. Claws in.

All right, class, open to anybody.

What is this scene about?

Um, guilt.

Good start.

SASHA: Okay, well, that's what the spot is.

Like, Lady Macbeth thought that she

can kill whoever she wanted to kill,

to be in charge, and then
just move on, but she can't.

You know, like, because once you start

killing, you can never just go back.

That's what the stain
is. She's stained forever.

I'm not sure that's true. [CHUCKLES]

- ANTONIO: No, it is.
- SASHA: Yeah.

- Her soul is fucked, as well as Macbeth's.
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]

JERMAINE: Well, actually, he's
more fucked, don't you think?

I mean, she just ordered the murder,

but he actually carried that shit out.

Right, but it was her
idea, though, you know?

Like, so sh-she...

- She made him do it.
- So, what? So he's off the hook?

Yeah, I mean, I don't think
he's gonna be messed up for life.

Did you read the end of the play?

- SALLY: Hey!

Whoa, whoa, he's a murderer.

No, he was following orders.

Sometimes you just have
to shut up and do your job.

- Yeah, but doesn't Macbeth have free will?
- Yeah.

He doesn't have to take
Lady Macbeth's orders.

He can stand up for himself and
say, "No, I'm not gonna do that."

- Right, that's what I would do.
- ANTONIO: Absolutely.

- Yeah, duh, we all would do that.
- SASHA: Yeah, of course.

I dis... I disagree, I guess.

I feel like Shakespeare
whiffed it on this one.

[LAUGHS] Oh my God! Are we really

debating the morality of murder?

That's what the play is about!

Macbeth is a murderer!

Yeah, well, I guess then so am I. Right?

I mean, I've killed people.

What? I should just go blow my brains out

'cause there no hope for me, right?

My soul's fucked because I was
ordered to kill someone and I did it?

You know, it doesn't make me a psycho.

No, Barry, you're overreacting.

We didn't say you were a psycho.

You all just said that!

Am I wrong?

Isn't that what you guys are
saying? I'm a fucking psycho?

It's exactly what you fucking said!

It's really easy for you guys to sit here

and weigh in on some shit
that you don't know about,

but it's, um, it's fucking lame,

and-and... And it's not true.

Okay, okay. All right, Barry,
take a breath. Take a breath.

I think that Barry is relating

to his experience in the military,

which is completely justifiable.

And I want to say on behalf
of the rest of the class...

Boy, I'll tell ya, thank
you for your service.


Thank you, Barry.

But I think that you will all agree with me

that if you kill outside of war...

you're a fucking psycho.

I mean, then you're
irredeemable. Am I right?

- NATALIE: Yes, you're right.
- GENE: All right, let's take a tight five

and then come back for
group exercises upstairs.

I would love a coffee.



COMPUTER: You have
one new voice message.

TAYLOR: Barry, Taylor.

Let's fucking do this thing, man.

Kill people. Fuck yeah.


I don't know. I feel like
an idiot for saying all that.

I mean, I can't believe we
forgot that he's in the military.

[SCOFFS] Yeah.

- I can't even begin to imagine.
- I know.

- It's terrible.
- Fine. Guys,

maybe he was uncomfortable, but
does that really make it okay

for him to scream at us like
that? I mean, I was scared.

I think he owes us all a huge apology.

You know, I did one of those online quizzes

to see if I was living in a bubble or not,

and it turns out I am.

- Oh.
- SASHA: I know,

which I guess could mean that we all are.

Regardless, that's just
not how we treat each other.

Am I right?

- Look, I'm just looking out for the group.
- Are you?

- What does that mean?
- I mean, I don't recall

getting an apology from you about Zach.

- Who's Zach?
- [ANGRILY] Pinocchio?

Jesus Christ, let it go. He
invited me to another party,

so we left. We're both adults.

I wanted to be an adult
with him, Sally. Not you, me.

Yeah, she was talking
about him for fucking weeks.

- NATALIE: Yeah.
- Weeks.

And I feel like if you were
really worried about the group,

- you just would've respected that.
- Right.

Oh my God, are you serious?
What is this, middle school?

No, Sally, it's not! It's acting class.

So, uh, how'd it go with the Bigfoot photo?

No takers.

The three possibles in the
acting class all alibied out.

Good news. All right.

Wait, wait. What are you doing?

You just said the three
could be alibied out.

But my gut says we're not
finished. We're missing something,

and we're not done with the acting class.

LOACH: Moss, you think
any of these cupcakes

could honestly be a criminal?

I mean, look at this. [SCOFFS]

Oh, special skills, yeah.

Southern accent. Yeah. Jazz and tap.

Oh, a retail associate at the Gap.

- Hardcore, hmm?
- Pictures stay up.

[SIGHS] Oh, come on, Moss.

Why are you holding onto this?


[MUFFLED] ♪ This
thing is all in fun ♪

♪ When all is said and done ♪

- ♪ How far can it go? ♪

- Hi.
- Oh.

The siren returns.

♪ A show or two ♪

- Oh! We're going right into it? Okay.
- Yeah!

- GENE: Okay.

BARRY: All right, so we'll make entry here.

And if that's blocked,

we'll move to a secondary entry point,

which is right here. Okay?

Now, I wanna maintain fire
superiority the whole time,

and if things go to shit or
you're hit, and you're not mobile,

stay where you're at, and I'll...
I'll come find you, and I'll get you.

Is that good with you?

- Yup.
- You know, I won't think less of you

- if you have any questions.
- Roger that.

Roger that. [INHALES DEEPLY]

You know, it's just us going in there.

No air strike, no backup, no nothing.

It's... it's just you and I,

and there could be up to,
like, 20 guys in there.

Yeah. It's gonna be a party.

It's not really a party time.

There's a good chance we'll die.

Fuck yeah.

It's not really a high-five situation

or a fist-bump situation.

What I need to know is
that you have my back,

and I'm letting you know that I have

your back.

All right.

Then we should go.

TAYLOR: These dudes might've peaced out.

They've been torturing people in here.

TAYLOR: Sweet.






[WHISPERS] One, two...






- [SHOUTS] Leroy Jenkins!

Barry, come on!

Barry, I got your back!

Barry! What the fuck, Barry?


Barry, come on, bro! What are you doing?

- Barry, come on!

- BARRY: Thanks, Miss Thomas.

- I'll tell Sally you said, "Hi."

Andy hit me first, Dad.

BARRY: Then you go get a teacher.

But if I do that,
kids'll think I'm a pussy.

Who cares what they think?

It's fine to get mad, but hitting somebody?

That's not you.

Don't let someone lower you
to that kind of behavior. Okay?

You're bigger than that.

You're a good guy, Denzel.



You okay, dude?

I have a concussion. I can't see straight.

I smoked this fucking fool for ya,

smoked all them! Fuck yeah!

That's why you brought me, bro!

Got your back. Come on,
check this shit out. Let's go.

Come on! Whoo!


Get some!

Barry, get down here,
man. Check this shit out.

Check it out.

They didn't say anything about this, right?

Mission was just to eliminate the targets?

Dude, this is mega.

Hit the frigging jackpot.

We're a team, brother. Look at this.

I'm gonna get a frigging boat.

You know how many fucking chicks

we're gonna fucking get with this shit?

I can't believe this.



Fuck. Fuck. [CHUCKLES]

Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah!

- Fuck yeah!
- Keep it down.

- Barry! You are the man.
- Keep it down.

You are the fuck... Tell me you're the man.

- [WHISPERS] It's done.
- You are the fucking man.

Sit, sit, sit, sit down.

[LAUGHS] God damn.

I'm gonna throw up.

I haven't slept.

I thought you were dead
for sure, but look at you.

Here you are. Here you are.

Goran's gonna be so happy.

Right. I... I know.

I... I know you're sad,
because you had to ice Taylor,

but, you know, like you said,

he had to go. No loose ends, huh?

TAYLOR: What's up?


Fuches, Taylor. Taylor, Fuches.

Hey, man.

- ♪ Let's go, come on! ♪


♪ I give you the green light
to do whatever you like ♪

♪ 'Cause, baby, anything can
happen at the end of the night ♪

♪ No shawty taking a bite ♪

♪ You do whatever you like ♪

♪ Ee-oh
oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ I give you the green light
to do whatever you like ♪

♪ 'Cause, baby,
anything can happen ♪

♪ At the end of the night ♪

♪ No shawty taking a bite ♪

♪ You do whatever
you like ♪