Barry (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Chapter Four: Commit ... to YOU - full transcript

[HBO] HD. 'Chapter Four: YOU.' (Season One) Barry finds that escaping Fuches and winning Sally's affections is harder than he thought.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What is it exactly
that you want?

Bolivians have stash
house in Sylmar

that I know make so much money.

Then that's what you
should go after.

You could have Barry
handle these things?

Excuse me, I'd like
to speak with you all

about Ryan Madison.

Hey, Detective?


You know, I've done my
share of ride-a-longs.


From where I'm standing,

you check all the boxes.

What the fuck are
you supposed to be?

Barry, I don't want to be alone.

Do you think I'm
going to be a star?

Like, a movie star? Yeah.

Viewer discretion is advised.

B-A... "Barry Block."

"Create account." Great.

And now... you exist.

Okay, so we've added
everyone from class.

Is there anyone
else you wanna add?

Just name a friend, any friend.


There's a guy I served
with who's from LA,

- Chris Lucado, L-U-C-A...
- That him?

Jesus. That was fast.

Oh yeah, I know. You can
find anyone on Facebook now.

That's why it's great
that you're on it.

You know, you want people to
be able to find you, right?


Yeah, that must be his kid.

Mm. Problem with Facebook now,

just one big baby parade.


That's crazy.

Hey, uh, do you wanna

maybe get breakfast
or something?

Maybe you can help me with my
Mamet monologue before class?

Oh! I'm not going to class.

Yeah, Mike got me
another audition.

Ah! So, I'll see you later
at Natalie's party.

- I thought we were going together?
- Yeah.

You'll be there, I'll be there.
Does this look military to you?

- Are you playing someone in the military?
- A medic.

You know, I used to
be a Marine, so...

if there's any questions
that you wanna ask me...

No. I can ask Mike. He's an agent.
He gets it.


So, I'm just gonna prepare.

Oh, okay. For...
for your audition?

- Mm-hmm.
- Cool.

So I should probably leave
is what you're saying?

- Aw, so sweet.
- Right.


- Wait. He shot himself?
- Yeah, he decided

he'd rather off himself
than talk to me.

I pulled a major
mindfuck on him.

So, now we are in the catbird seat.

- What's this?
- Our next job.

A Bolivian stash house,

where they cut their coca.

- How many guys?
- Uh, I don't know.

Whoever's there, I guess.
Five, six.

Fuches, this isn't a hit.
This is a raid.

I know. I know it isn't
our regular gig,

but I believe in you, Barry.

Now, Pazar gets
this stash house,

he can push the Bolivians
out, take over their ops.

I mean, he gets bigger,
he brings us up,

we ride his hairy
shoulders to the moon.

Hey, speaking of which,
here's for Paco.

Come on. You know you want some.

Take it. Take... You earned it.
Take it.

You deserve it.

The rest goes in the cookie jar.

So, what... what does this mean?
That we're both staying in LA?

Mm-hmm. Couch folds out.
Is that a problem?


No, it's great.

Yeah! You're damn
right it's great.

I mean, these guys were
ready to take us out,

and now, we couldn't
leave if we tried.

You're fucking welcome.

Last two drawers are yours.

So, which one of you type the
wrong password to lock camera?


Why is that important?

So it was you, yes?

Can you open it?

Well, because of you, what I must
now do is bypass locking protocol.

Can you open it?

What I must do is bypass
locking protocol,

then run application to
brute-force decrypt password.

I write the software myself.

Uh, well, how long
will that take?

It takes what it takes.

Could be one day, two day...

three day, four day.

Should I do?

Uh, yeah. Uh, do.

I came in early for
this bullshit?

Hey, man, don't click
on any open tabs.

Gene M. Cousineau speaking.

Hello, Mr. Cousineau, this
is Detective Janice Moss.

You left me a message.
You said you had

some valuable information
regarding Ryan Madison?

Yes, I did.

I think I've got a little
bit of a bombshell for you,

but I don't feel comfortable
talking on the phone.

Could we meet for coffee?

Okay. I can do this afternoon.

I was thinking a little
later, like 8:30?

I'll get a reservation
at Stella Luna.

It'll be under Neil
Patrick Harris.

I find I get a better
table that way.

Uh, okay.


Uh, I gotta go.

Until then.

Jesus, God.

Oh my God, he's
with Judd Hirsch.

Hey! Francine!

This crazy man know Judd Hirsch!

- What?
- Yeah!

Hey, Sherry.

Gene Cousineau, always
good to see you.

Thank you. It's what I do.

I'm gonna give you
two options today.

Gene M. Cousineau,

reading for Man in Back of Line.


We're waiting here!


Hey. We're waiting here.

Uh, would you like to
see anything else?

Nope, that was great.

I think we got it. Oh.
Wonderful. Thanks.

"Do you think I'm gonna
lose my leg, miss?"

"You listen to me, soldier.

"I won't let you lose your leg,

"but you need to make me
two promises in return.


"One, you never stop fighting.

Never ever."

"Okay. And what's
the other promise?"

"You'll stop calling me 'miss.'

"From now on when
you refer to me,

you'll refer to me as Dr.
Audrina Borowitz."

- That was great.
- You think so?

What about the wardrobe?
Is it too much?

No, it's great.

You go in there today and
do it just like that,

I think you're gonna book it.

- Really?
- Yup.

Thank you.

Um, so if I do book it,

then does that mean, like,
instead of hip-pocketing me,

you would be my...

Okay, let me tell you
where I am with that.

- Okay.
- I get to this point

with a lot of my
prospective clients

- where I have a decision to make.
- Mmm.

Do I wanna sign them, or
do I wanna fuck them?

Oh, I...

I'd really like to keep
this professional.

That was totally a joke.

Did you think I was serious?

- Oh yeah. Oh God.
- I was totally kidding.

- Yeah, no, no, I...
- I thought you knew that.

Oh, I'm... I'm sorry.
I... No, of course.

I... Sorry.

That's funny.

Sorry about that.

Okay, cool. Well, I... actually,

I'm gonna stop off at work
first so I can grab my check,

- just 'cause I don't wanna like...
- _

- I wanna put it in
before we go, - _

so I'm gonna grab my check from
work and come right after.

So I got... I just got
a set amount of food,


And a set amount of drinks, so
just no plus ones if that's cool.

- Yeah. Okay, so what time?
- Sevenish.

Cool. Oh, and my friend Zach
Burrows is gonna be there.

- Do I know him?
- Well, he just finished shooting.

He's, um, playing Pinocchio

in the new live-action

How old is he?

Um, it's mocap, like
motion capture.

Yeah, I know. Yeah.

Okay, so, they're just gonna
digitally shrink him down

and then animate the
puppet on top of him, so.

But he's gonna be a huge star,

so just try to be cool about it.
You know what I mean?

Of course I'll be cool.
I don't know who he is.

- You can tell...
- Gene's here!

Whoo! Yay!

- We love you!
- Gene!

All right, let's get to work.

Actors, I got three
words for you:

Glengarry Glen Ross.

"Can you put that coffee down?

"Coffee's for closers, only.

"You call yourself a salesman?

"You son of a bitch.

"Hi. I'm from downtown. I'm
from Mitch and Murray.

"Uh, so, you've got...
All of you got

"just one week to
regain your jobs,

"starting with tonight.

"Okay, we're adding
a little something

"to this month's sales contest.

"As you all know, first prize

"is a Cadillac El Dorado.

"Anybody wanna see
what second prize is?

"Second prize

is a set of steak knives.

"Third prize is you're fired,

- but I've worked out a little"...
- Okay, okay. No, no, no.

Stop. I'm not kidding.
You're making me nauseous.

Barry, I gave you this
monologue for a reason.

To see if you were capable
of playing a character

with even the mildest
set of balls.

You know, I'm seeing a trend in
your work, and it's disturbing,

and it's this...

You are deferential

to every character in a scene...

except for yours!

It's the way you
read every scene.

And if you're gonna be an actor,

it's a big problem.

Okay, listen. I guess
what I just thought

was that my guy was
trying to help

these other dudes
achieve a goal, right?

And if it was me, I
would want them...

You know what? That is so lovely.
If it was you.

Is that the way you see your
life, as a human doormat?

- No.
- "No"?

'Cause that's all we've
ever seen in here.

And I'll bet you tits to donuts

it's no different out
there in the real world.

You were in the service, right?

Yeah, well, that makes
sense, doesn't it?

"Stand like this.
Clean your gun.

Swab the deck. Peel a potato."

Barry, do you ever ask
for what you need?

Or do you just quietly feel
shame at your own desires

while sadly doing the
bidding of others?

"Dear diary, today,

"I did what everybody
else wanted me to do.

Is that all right with you, diary?
Love, Barry."

Is that the life you wanna lead?

- Look at me. Answer me.
- No.

No. You're just saying that
because I told you to say it!

Well, I don't know what
you want me to say.

I want you to fight
for yourself, Barry.

I want you to tell me
one thing you desire.

I want you to say out loud,

"Hey, I want this!" Can
you tell me one thing?

All I want is to
take this class.

Well, then you've got 10 seconds
to make me believe that, fucko,

or you're never gonna see the
inside of this class again!

And action.

Fuches! I'm not doing it!
Any of it, okay?

I know it's what you want,
but fuck you! Okay?

There's a lot of things
that I wanna do,

but you don't care
about any of that!

Take out a stash
house all by myself?

"Oh yeah, let's have Barry do it.
He's fucking Jason Bourne!"

Yeah! No! Fuck it! I'm out!

So you're going back to Ohio, and
I'm staying here, and that's it!

Fuck you!



"refer to me as...

"Dr. Audrina Borowitz.

"From now on when
you refer to me,

you refer to me as Dr.
Audrina Borowitz."

- Sally?
- Yes.

- Question.
- Mm-hmm?

Who made your appointment?

- My agent.
- And who's your agent?

Mike Hallman. I wrote it
down on the sign-in sheet.

Yeah. That's sort
of the problem.

We didn't have you on the list,

so we called Mike to
straighten it out,

and he said he doesn't
represent you.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

I... Oh. Okay, I...

Oop. Oh, sorry about that.

- It's okay.
- Sorry about that.

- Oh, no worries.
- Thank you so much.

- You're... you're welcome. Okay.
- Thank you.

- Have a good day.
- Break a leg.

- Um... Alana?
- Yes.

- Hi.
- Finally, for the first time.

When did I know?

I remember exactly. Barry and
I had just started dating,

and he bought me this laptop,

because my screen was broken.

And I just thought, "Wow."

"Now here is a guy who knows
exactly what he wants

and is not afraid
to go after it."

And that was it.

- Hey, buddy.
- Hey, bud.

- Can I get one of those with cheese?
- Absolutely, Jon Hamm.

Oh, you're the best. Whoa!
What is this?

What is that, beryllium?

It's gold. Solid gold.

- I'm really proud of you.
- Thanks.

Can I take a shit in your house?

We have five guest rooms.
Take your pick.

So I was screaming at this
guy, and then I was like,

He could be an agent.
I don't know."

Barry's here! Hey!

Oh. Hey.

- Mwah! Hey! Mwah!
- Oh. Hey. Okay.

Wow. Look at your outfit.

Yeah. I... I went to J. Crew,
and this was on the mannequin.

Uh-huh. Wow.

Um, did you see Zach
Burrows is here?

- Do you see him? Don't look at him.
- Okay.

Look at him, but
don't look at him.

I'm sort of marinating
in my craft.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Taking a little time for that.

How do... how do you guys
know each other again?

He's just like an old friend.

We're, like, in this
secret group together.

It was like

a special anonymous group
for people with problems.


Wha... you're so crazy.

I said no gifts, but
you brought a...

I'm gonna go talk to Sasha.

- Hi.
- How's it going? Hey, how did it go?

Great. Yeah, it all
went so great.

Oh. When do you find
out if you got it?

- What's with the laptop?
- Oh, uh, this is for you.

Yours was cracked, so I...
I bought you a new one.

That's like... three
months of my rent.


Oh, I'm sorry. Umm...

Do you... Do you want a drink?

Oh, I... yeah, well, I
already have a drink,

- so...
- Yeah. All right. Cool.

I just... I haven't said
hi to Natalie, so...

So, I guess I have technically
have had my first audition

but it was just, like,
in North Hollywood...


In this guy's apartment,
and he was like, "Dance."

And so I was like, "What
is this gonna be on?"

And he said, "The Internet."



Can I get a Glenlivet,
two fingers?


Hey, buddy.

Quite a little shindig
you got going here, huh?

What, are you a bike messenger?

Interview with Gene Cousineau
at Stella Luna restaurant,

Detective Janice
Moss, serial num...

Oh Jesus.

Mr. Cousineau, you said coffee.


And they do a wonderful
espresso here.

I recommend it black with
just a dollop of gelato.


So, your valuable
piece of information.

Wow. Straight to the meat.

I like it. Okay.

So, I brought you
here to let you know

that Ryan Madison was not,

in fact, his real name.

- Mm-hmm.
- His real name...

- was...
- Richard Krempf.

Would you prefer the
red or the white?

What the fuck are
you doing here?

You know...

you really let me have it today,

and I thought, "Well, Barry
seems upset about something."

I got worried, and I
followed you here.

Oh, that's good.
That's really good.

- Hey. Shh. Hey.
- And you know what? You didn't notice,

which surprised me,
'cause I thought, "Well",

"Barry would notice, I mean,
if someone's following him.

That's kind of his job."

Fuches, you gotta fucking leave.


Thing that hurts
is you lied to me.

We're friends. You
can be honest.

You're still going
to that class, yes?

- Yes. Yes, I am. Yeah.
- Okay. Yeah. That's great.

I want you to have
that, but I just don't

want you to screw
up our thing too.

I mean, you said you could
do both things, right?

- Yeah.
- Here.

Put this in your car.

Okay. I can see I'm making you nervous.
Don't worry.

I'm not gonna tell all these
people who you really are.

- Okay.
- You know, that would ruin everything.

- Wouldn't it? Am I right?
- Yeah. Yeah. Yes! Yes, you're right.

Yeah. Okay. Proceed. I'll
get out of your hair.

- Okay.
- You know what? Just... just, well...

- Yeah, you know. Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah, I do know.

- Get out. Get out, now.
- I'll... I'll see you at home.

So, was Ryan close
to anyone in class?

Any best friends

- or romantic entanglements?
- Mmm, well...

From what I gleaned from the
proverbial water cooler,

he was a bit of a tomcat, but he
never brought that into class.

So, like his performances,

he was completely
devoid of drama.

- So he as a bad actor?
- Yes.


Well, okay. I'm gonna thank you
for your time, Mr. Cousineau.

What about the food?

I didn't come here for food, Mr.

- I'm working, remember?
- All right. I'll make you a proposition.

- What?
- You're already here.

Give me just a little more time,

and if that chicken à la king

is not the best piece of poultry
you've ever had in your mouth...

you can kick me right
in the genitals.

I mean, where are you going
at this time of night anyway?

Gonna throw your fedora
up on a hat rack?

Share a warm beer
with your parakeet?

Right in the balls?

What the fuck? Shut the fuck up.

Yeah, dude, I got a fucking
wife, a fucking kid now.

- Look at this. Look.
- Oh, that's fucking crazy.

- He looks just fucking like you, dude.
- I fucking know.

- What the fuck?
- It's fucking wild, right?

- Fucking wild.
- Fucking kids.

- Fucking kids.
- Fucking kids.

Fuckings kids, man.

So, fucking look at you, man,

in your fucking bug shirt.

You're gonna be a
fucking actor now?

I'm gonna fucking try. It's
harder than it fucking looks.

- Yeah, good on you, man.
- Thanks.

- Right on. Fuck.
- Oh!

Barry, gonna introduce
me to your friends?

Uh, yeah, this is Chris. We
were in the Marines together.

Great. And who are they?

You just hit my fucking face.

Uh, that's, uh... Wait. What
are your buddies' names again?

Oh, that, uh, that's
Taylor and that's Vaughan.

- Cool.
- They're harmless.

- Are they?
- What you gonna do? Come on.

That was dope!

Sorry, was it not
cool inviting them?

I can tell 'em you
want 'em to leave.

You don't need to
tell them that.

You know, she's in, like,
a secret club or...

Bro, you fucking hitting that?

Oh, no, no, no, um,

my girlfriend's the blonde
on the couch right there.

Looks like Bieber's macking
on your chic, dude.


Pinocchio was my favorite
when I was a kid.

- Mmm.
- God, it must've been such a challenge

to become a wooden boy who
then becomes a real boy.

I love playing transformative
roles like that.

Well, actually, it's not gonna be me.
They animate over me.

It'll be my movements, but
I was on set every day.

- Where'd you shoot?
- South Africa for nine months.

That's cool. They fly
you first class, right?

Uh, they flew me.

Um... can you do the voice?

They're gonna have
a child do it.

Oh. So, what... like,

is anyone gonna
know that it's you?

Yeah, I mean, I'll
be in the credits.

I... I think I'll
be in the credits.

- Hey.
- Hi. I'm Zach Burrows.

Hi. Yeah, that's my girl.


Yeah, that's my girl.
I don't think

the young lady wants
you talking to her.

- What the fuck, Barry?
- No, no, I got this.

Hey, listen, One Direction,

I don't think the young lady
wants you talking to her,

so maybe you should just get
the fuck outta here, man.

Are you fucking kidding me? I...

Hey. What?


Hi. I'm Zach Burrows.

Yes, I sent you my link.

Hey. Hey, hey, Sally.
Sally. Hey.

- What the fuck was that?
- What? Nothing.

I just didn't like the way you
were talking to that guy. Wh-wh...

You didn't like the way
I was talking to him?

Uh, who asked you, Barry?

Oh, well... I... I'm sorry,

but, I mean, we slept
with each other and...

Oh my God. Yeah, we slept
together one time.

Oh, what, that makes
me your girl now?

- Well, yeah, kinda.
- Do not fucking tell me what I am.

God, I am so...

fucking sick of people
telling me what I am.

Do you... do you have any
idea what that feels like?

- Do you?
- No. No, I don't.

Well, it makes me feel like
I'm not even a person,

- and I am a person, Barry.
- I know you are.

I know you're a person.
I'm sorry.

I don't know if you thought you
could like buy me with that laptop,

but that was a weird-ass
Tony Soprano move.

And what the fuck
are you wearing?

Barry, can you please
control your friends?


Guys, chill out.

Fuck yeah!

Come on, baby, fuck me!

- Hey. Hey!
- Ow!

They're scaring Zach Burrows.

Barry, get them out of
here right now, right now.

- Like that?
- Guys! Fellas. Guys.

- Aah!
- Zach!

Oh my God!

- What a fucking baby.
- Pussy.

- Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
- Are you okay?

Hey. Hey, guys.

Get the fuck off of each other.
Hey, guys, guys, guys, listen!

Natalie wants you guys to leave!

I'm cool if you guys stay, but
she wants you guys to leave.

- Yeah.
- Oh. Okay.

Hey. Hey. Guys.

- Asshole! God!
- Zach!

Look at your little hands.

You are so little.

I could rock you like a baby.

I would like you to
rock me like a baby.

I could drop-kick you in the
middle of the restaurant,

and everybody would applaud, then
I would beat the fuck outta you.

And I would let you do it.


- So...
- What?

- The chicken?
- It's all right.

- You would not die for that chicken?
- Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

- That was not the greatest chicken?
- Uh-uh.

I'm crushed.

Oh my God. How did you do that?

I can show you. It's
a teachable skill.

How about next Tuesday?

Oh shit. I gotta go.

- But can I see you again?
- I'm-I'm... No!

I'm investigating the murder
of one of your students.

- This cannot be a thing.
- I understand.

But admit it, you
had a good time.

Okay, I actually did.

And I needed it,
and I thank you.

- Oh, Janice.
- What?

Well, you're the detective,
and I got the confession,


Think about it until
next Tuesday.

I gotta go!

Okay. But just try
it on for a week.

- See how it feels.
- Bye.



- I want to go to Disneyland.
- Okay.

- How far from here?
- It's like an hour maybe.

- Kilometers, please.
- Why does that matter?

- In kilometer, I don't know...
- Hey. We get it open?

What I did was, in order
to decrypt password...

Did we fucking get
it open or not?

- I did.
- Then play it.

Now fast-forward.

Okay. No, no. Okay, one back.

Right there. Right there.
Right there.

Take it! Take the shot!

Now, now, now, now!

Okay, pause it right there.

Now zoom in.

Shit. You can't see his face.


But if this guy was
someone you knew...

you'd recognize him.

All right, so we'll
get some more beer,

and then we'll meet you in the
Dodger Stadium parking lot

- in, say, 10?
- That sounds great.

- Cool.
- Wait, you guys need some money?

No, dude, I got it.

- You sure?
- Yeah, let's hit it.

- All right.
- Shotgun.

I'm gonna ride with Barry.

He's got a sweet
fucking ride anyway.

- Oh good.
- Barry. Barry.

You forgot your laptop.

And, I don't know if anyone said
anything, but I love your outfit.


Auto parts?

You're driving this car, you
got those sick new threads,

and fat fucking wad of
hundreds from auto parts?

It's a very
well-managed company.

Whatever this is...

I want in.

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