Barry (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Chapter Two: Use It - full transcript

The police investigate Ryan's murder while Barry, intrigued by his new acting class, tries unsuccessfully to quit the hitman lifestyle.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Instead of burning another
small town hood in some snowed-in

rust belt shithole, what
do you say to a little trip

out to sunny Los Angeles?

Hey, man! You must be Barry!

I'm Loco Hank.

This is Ryan Madison.

- You guys want him gone?
- BOTH: Yes.

He went to this theatre
to take an acting class.

You know how you and I talk
all the time about my purpose?

You think acting could be your purpose?

My class is not cheap.

That's not a problem.

Stop thinking. Kill Ryan.

These Chechens are talking about

taking you off this job.

No! No! No!







[WHISPERS] How does this
make us better actors?

[WHISPERING] It loosens
you up, prepares you

for the unexpected in a scene,
gets you out of your head.

Oh. Okay. Yeah.



SALLY: Glad you got accepted to the class.

BARRY: Me too.

Gene doesn't let just anyone in.

You must've really
impressed him with your mono.


GENE: Folks.

Ryan Madison...

is dead.

- Oh!


- I...
- What?


GENE: All right, everyone.
Everyone. [CLAPS]



- Focus.

Now, I wish I could say
that this was the first time

that one of my students was gunned
down in the street, but it's not.

And as much as it pains me to say it...

it is most likely not the last.

So, where do we go from here?

I say... we do what Ryan would've

wanted us to do, and we use it.


I'm sorry. Mr. Cousineau, what...
what's that mean? "Use it"?

Use Ryan's death, the way that you

are feeling right this second...

The sorrow, the rage, the...

[WHISPERS] the terror.

You know, I use my past
all the time in my work.

If I want pure sorrow,

I call up Princess Diana's death.

Or the day that my dad

fell off the roof when I was a kid.


Or the next day when he went
right back up on that roof.


I-I just... I just thought
since everyone was so...

bummed out, maybe we could
cheer ourselves up by...

playing characters and
putting on some wigs.

- Wigs?

- Well...
- This is not playtime, Barry.

- No, I, um...
- This is not Cheers.

I am not Sam Malone.

You want to blow off steam?
You do it after class.

No, no, I-I... I know that. No.

I'm... I'm actually quitting my job
so I can, um, focus on this more.

That is great. Total commitment.

I'm next! [SOBBING] Like
I know... I know I'm next!

- You probably are next.

Look, we're all still very raw,

so I say class dismissed.

Go home, and I encourage you to journal

all of your emotion, all of your feelings.

But... even though we're not acting,

we're still learning to act.

This class counts.

- [SOBS]
- GENE: Stepping away from the class

is in itself a lesson.

So there are no rain checks is my point.


Okay, everyone pays full boat for today.


Okay, so we got two DBs in
the BMW, still waiting on IDs,

but they look Russian or Chechen.

Someone from Gang Unit joining us on this?

Cemenko's on his way.

Okay. Now, there was this
third guy in the passenger seat,

but he was luckier than his buddies,

'cause it looks like he got away.

And in the Ford, there's
this poor Ryan Madison...

Wait. Is Detective Loach... Is he crying?

- Look, look, look, look.

He is definitely crying.

Wait. He's crying in all of these.

- You didn't hear?
- Uh-uh.

He and Diana broke up.

- They did?
- Yeah.

Inside a year?

Shit. I just won 300 bucks.

- That's cold.
- Oh please!

He's a homicide detective, and she's
a human being. That shit don't last.

Plus, if the department had wanted him to
have a wife, they'd have issued him one.

- Any neighbors with security cameras?
- No, but...

there was a tiny camera in the car.

"The car." What's that mean? Which car?

The BMW.

So, you find a camera in the vics' BMW,

and you're just now telling me about it?

[STAMMERS] I mean, it took 20 minutes
to even figure out it was a camera.

I mean, like, I thought it
was a crazy marijuana pipe.

MAN: I thought it was a laser.

Yeah, Rob thought it was a laser.

Everyone listen. [SIGHS]

I think we need to do something for Ryan.

We should have a memorial tonight.

Great idea. We can have
it at my apartment...

We'll have it at Jake's. My
friend Juan's bartending tonight.

- We'll get a deal.
- That's great. I love that, actually.

Speak, sing,

perform a scene that Ryan did in class,

whatever you think Ryan would've liked.

I'll put a sign up on
the class Facebook page,

- so check it for details.
- Thank you.

[MUTTERS] I'm not on Facebook.

- I'm not even there.
- That's the whole point.

You know what? I'm gonna do something else.

It's unifying.

- I'm gonna do it.





These subtitles fucking suck.

Why are they in a forest?

TECHNICIAN 2: I wanna know
what that kid's gonna do.


I've never seen someone be
happy and angry at the same time.




TECHNICIAN 2: Brought to you
by wolf attacking a horse.

Hey. Do you have my video?

Yeah, it's on the camera.

Yeah, I... I know it's on the camera.

You're supposed to get it off the camera.

We need to order an adapter.

No, go buy an adapter.

There's like 50 Russian
electronic stores in Glendale.

Also, Loach and his wife split up,

so you owe me 50 bucks each, remember?

Moss, guys, how we doing?

No, Loach. How you doing?



- Fuches, it's me.

- Hey. Oh.

Oh. Hold on. Hold on. Shh.

Fuches, what are you still
doing here? You gotta go.

- No, no, no, I'm not going...
- I told you to go.

I'm not going anywhere, bud.

This is war. Those
Chechens double-crossed us.

I mean, they hired you to do a
job, and then they try to kill you?

No. No. No. I... I told
'em you have a process.

Listen, Fuches, I talked to Pazar...

and he told me that if you leave town,

he'll sweep this whole thing under the rug.


No. No, he didn't say that. I
don't know why I just said that.

[LAUGHS] You said it because
you're trying to protect me,

and I appreciate that,
buddy. But you know what?

I've been going through some combat
scenarios on this video game here

and I don't know... I think, based
on my research, God, we can take 'em!

You know, I-I... I'll be
here in the command center,

and you'll be... you'll
be out there in the field,

you know, killing all of Pazar's
guys, and together, man...

Together we will fuck them back.

Listen, Fuches, it's not about
the guys in that house, all right?

There's a whole
organization out there, okay?

And plus, there's probably
still more back in Chechnya.


You're right. You're right.

We can't... we can't
outgun these dudes. We...

- We leave.
- Yes. Well, actually, no.

You'll leave... and I'll stay

and face the music.

You want me to get out
of here for my own safety

and leave you here with
the Chechens? No. Uh-uh. No.

I-I... I googled Chechnya,

and, bro... they're crazy.


It's my mess. Let me deal with it.

[SIGHS DEEPLY] Okay, but
then you get on a plane,

you come back to Cleveland,
and we'll go back to work.

Just like before.




What the fuck are you guys doing?

- Uh, hey, Moss.
- MOSS: Where's my video?

You need a code to unlock it.

Yeah, everything was going smoothly
until we got to this screen.

MOSS: So, you just
stopped when you saw this?

Well, we were researching
possible ways to unlock it

and ended up going down a little K-hole...

Okay, how many possible
codes could there be?

Four digits, so a lot.

We're trying to get in contact
with the manufacturer to...

Get out of the way. Come
on. Move, move, move.

That could take months.
All right, first, first,

you try

- All right, so we know it's not 0-0-0-1.

Next, you do, uh...

- Right? Not 0-0-0-2.

Okay, you go on to...


- What the hell?
- I think you just locked it.

Did you know that was gonna
happen and you let me do that?

- We didn't want you to yell at us.
- All right.

Now... now I'm gonna have to call the FBI.


- You guys are assholes.


FUCHES: You know why
everything went to hell, right?

That fucking hug. You
got to close to your mark

and it put you off your game.

It's like when I was a cook, in the Army.

I never named my chickens.
I just... [SPUTTERS]

See, you never experienced any

fallout from your job, Barry.

I've been protecting you from that.

Now, you're gonna be all right without me?

I'm gonna be great. We need to go.

[LAUGHS] You know, I...
I swore an oath to your dad

that I wouldn't let the
world walk all over you.

It's repayment for him
saving my ass in 'Nam.

- During 'Nam.
- During 'Nam.

Fine, whatever, but, you
know, a barracks in Connecticut

- in the late '60s, that was a rough place.


Uh, I gotta take this.

I think I might've won something.

- All right.


Hey, Barry. Hey, it's Sally.

Hey, how you doing?

Hey, the Ryan thing's not canceled, is it?

- No, it's still on.

Oh. Oh, great.

I mean, not great, but,
you know, thank God.

- SALLY: Yeah, so I wanted to ask you...

I was so concerned with making
sure everyone else had a spot

that I didn't give myself anything.

- Oh no.
- Yeah, so you can totally say no,

but would you wanna do
a scene with me tonight?

You wanna do a scene with me?

SALLY: Yeah, well, everyone
else has something, so.

Oh yeah, absolutely. What's the scene?

It's the last scene I did with Ryan.

It'll be weird not doing it with him,

but I felt like my
performance was self-contained.

Yes! Have you seen Doubt?

It's this movie where
Meryl Streep is a nun,

and she makes Philip Seymour
Hoffman, who's a priest,

admit he's been molesting
little boys. It's amazing.

- It sounds amazing.
- SALLY: You'd be the priest.

No, it totally makes sense.

I'd love to play a priest
that's molesting little boys.

Um, do we, like, practice
or something or...

Yes. Meet me at 6:30, at Jake's,
a half-hour before the show.

I'll bring your pages
and your wardrobe,

and we can run it a few times so
you don't have to be off book.

- Great.
- SALLY: Great. Okay, thanks, Barry.

Awesome. Okay, bye.

- Siri, what is "off book"?

- MAN: Freeze, cowboy.

SIRI: Showing two results
for "off book freeze cowboy."

[SHOUTS] You couldn't fucking hear me?

Huh? I was screaming at you! What the fuck?

- I was on the phone and...
- Ah!

You know, buddy, I have to be honest.

I'm quite a bit angry... [METAL CLINKING]

...but I'm going to put that aside for now,

because rage is counterproductive, yes?

And I know, if the situation were reversed,

I probably would've
done same thing you did.

You did do what I did.
You tried to kill me.

Okay, well, now we're getting
a little "he said, she said."

Uh, okay, so, buddy...


So, after you were
finished shooting me, right,

and, uh, I had lost consciousness...

did you perhaps take
something out of the car?


No? Like specifically
off the dashboard maybe?

- No.
- Small blinking item?

You didn't bring that fucking
lipstick camera with you, did you?

[LAUGHS] What? No.

That would be super crazy, huh?

- This conversation never happened, okay?

Hey, Goran.

Barry and Fuches... [SCOFFS]

on the silver plate.


You did not think I would find you?

You killed two of my men.

One of them...

- Lucky...

...was best Chechen assassin.

- Well, he wasn't that great.
- Hey, let's not...

You put me in big fucking bind, buddy!

Lucky, he had job to do tonight.

He was to take out guy who give us some...

confidential information.

- About a Bolivian stash house.
- Shut the fuck up.

- Oh.
- Now, I make calls to my family,

and they are sending someone
to take Lucky's place,

but who knows how long that will take.

This hit is...

This hit is urgent.

No way.

- Why not?
- BARRY: Why would I work for you?

Man, you... You double-crossed me.

I don't like it when people do that.

Aw... that's water under bridge.

Have one of these guys do it.

[LAUGHS] They are not assassins.

They are muscle. Big difference.

Well, have Hank do it.

- You fucked him up!
- Yeah. Yeah. This arm is bullshit.

Right, well... What about that guy?

- Vacha?

He is fucking freak.

You see this... apron?

Why is he wearing that?

He doesn't need to be wearing that.

[SHUDDERS] No, he's too...

self-consciously scary.

He's just a lot, you know?

It's like... [CHUCKLES] "We get it."

No, no, no, I...

I want you to do it, buddy.

He... he wants you to do it, Barry.

Yeah, I don't... I don't
wanna do this anymore.

You-you... you don't
wanna... You don't... what?

Yeah, I-I-I... I
don't do this anymore.

I don't wanna do it.


PAZAR: Lucky, man you kill,

- was Vacha's brother.
- Ooh. Whoa.

- PAZAR: Vacha was...
- Hey.

- ...crying all day.
- Hey.

It was very fucking annoying.


- Ah.
- No.

- Ah.
- Ah... ahh!

Oh. Hey, hey, hey. Tell him to stop.

Hey! Goran!

He stops when you agree to job.

He's gonna file my fucking teeth!

Say yes! [SHOUTS]

I can't. I'm sorry. I can't.

You can't? You ca... [SCREAMS]

- BARRY: Oh! Hey! Hey! Tell him to stop!

- Goran, tell him to stop!

Tell him to stop!

When you hit bubbles,

and then more bubbles come down.





Well, I'm working.


PAZAR: Okay. Okay.

My daughter is having sleepover,

and we are being too loud.




- Hey, hey.
- All right.

Yes, or we kill him now.



Ple... please. Please.

All right, fine. I'll do it.

- That's... this is it.

No more jobs. This is it.

This is the only one. You understand me?

Hey, we hold onto Fuches until it's done...

- so get to it.
- BARRY: Let me just tell you something,

if you... if you hurt him... any more,

- if you... if you kill him, anything...


I'll come back here...

and I'll kill every single one of you.

You understand me?

He cares about Fuches. [SCOFFS]

That's just nice.



You're gonna get right on this, right?


You have to stop this campaign against me.

You can.

- How?
- Confess.

Why are you trying to
attempt... You are trying to...

Attempting to destroy my
reputation. Ah. You know what?

- What's wrong?
- This, uh...

This is really serious.

It is serious.

See, I think I misunderstood
you on the phone.

I thought this was, like,
supposed to be funny.

A... a man molesting children?

Yeah, like how Family Guy is funny.

I just don't know what it's like
to be a... like, a child molester,


so I don't know
if I could play one, you know?

Oh. No. No, you don't have
to know what that's like.

No, you just have to know what
it's like to hurt somebody.

So just, you know, think of a time

when you hurt someone, and use that.

Whoops! Okay, not the john.

I'm sorry. Wait.

What are you doing? Are
you doing Doubt?

Oh, let's not do Doubt.

But it's the last scene
Ryan and I did together.

The class loved it, remember?

I just don't think we should
evoke child molestation

- at a memorial.
- Please, Gene.

- Ryan would've wanted this.
- Hey, you know what?

It's totally up to you. I gotta pee.

- Maybe we shouldn't do this.

Oh, don't worry about him.
This scene'll be awesome.

This scene always works.
From the top. [CLEARS THROAT]

[WHISPERS] "You have to stop
this campaign against me."

NATALIE: Webster's
Dictionary defines "death"

as "a permanent cessation
of all vital functions."

It defines "remember" as "to bring to mind

or think of again."

So, even though Ryan's

vital functions have ceased,

if we think of him, he
will always be with us.

Um, I'm going to perform

an audition that Ryan helped me with.

Here is "Cop Number Two."

[SHOUTS] Get on the fucking ground!

[LAUGHS] Eat dirt, bitch!

♪ I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy ♪

♪ A Yankee Doodle, do or die ♪

I miss you, Ryan! ♪ A... ♪

Giving up smoking is easy.

I should know. I've done
it thousands of times.


♪ This life and death phenomenon
is commonplace and mundane ♪

♪ In class, I'm Eric, but
y'all can call me Unchain ♪

♪ I cannot contain
this herd I'm explaining ♪

JERMAINE: Ryan's manager. Look sharp.

♪ Gonna miss this actor/personal trainer ♪

♪ It's absurd and insane,
in rehearsals he slayed ♪

♪ A mirror up to nature,
every person he played ♪

♪ He gave me five bucks
to go to Del Taco ♪

♪ He used to be alive,
but now he's not, yo! ♪


- WOMAN: Oh.












- Hey, hey. Okay, I think we're next.
- Hey.

[BREATHES DEEPLY] Okay. All right.

Where are you at right now?

Uh, I'm at a bar with you.

No. No, I meant...

- Right?
- [SIGHS] Yes, it'll be fine.


Wow. Antonio, that was... something.

Now, before we bring up our last act,

I'd like to introduce
you to a guest speaker.

He came all the way from Wisconsin.

He wants to meet you...

to express his gratitude...

and to grieve.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Ryan's father, George Krempf.



when my son, Ryan,

told me he wanted to be an actor...


- I thought he was crazy.

But after seeing this lovely
show y'all put on here,

I am so grateful that he was surrounded

[VOICE BREAKS] by such a loving community.


Who would do this to my boy?



- ♪


Hey! Hey, Barry, what the...

- Do you not want to do the scene?
- Just... I've never...

I've never been around for something
like that, you know? I've never...

Yeah, I know, I know.
That was... it was intense.

No, it's just that I've
never seen that, you know?

Like, the-the... the guy
lost his son, you know?

- Hey. Hey, Barry, it's okay.
- It just... it's just messed up.

- No, it's not okay.
- No, this is a good thing.

These... these feelings
that you're having right now,

these are the paints
in your acting toolbox.

You know, that's what
this class is about...

You know, getting to
that, taking that apart,

and... and dealing with it.

It's called "being human."

That's what acting is.

I don't know if I can do that.

[CLICKS TONGUE] We'll help you.

Look, come on back in.

Come on.

Come on. [CHUCKLES]

Look, I'm fine not doing
the scene, you know?

It's... it's really
all Father Flynn anyway.

Meryl Streep is just the straight man.



- Hey!
- Barry, you're back!

- ♪

- To Ryan.
- WOMAN: Ryan. Whoo!


WOMAN: He was so good. Okay, so the best

thing about the scene that you did...

I mean, I'm glad we didn't do it,

'cause I mean who wants to follow up a

father talking about his murdered son?

I mean, it's a no-win situation...

Not fair to us.

How about you?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah. No, yeah, thank you.

For that talk... That was good.

I'm looking forward to putting
some paint in the toolbox.

Yeah. I mean, when I first started in

this class, I was very overwhelmed.

But then I saw everyone else
perform, and I was like, "Oh."

- And then it was easier.
- Oh.

- So, what's your deal?
- What's my deal?

Yeah, you're like a
weird nut I can't crack.

- [CHUCKLES] I am?
- Yeah. I...

- Oh. Um...
- This is a mistake.

It is?

It's always a mistake.
We shouldn't do this.

Do what?

Sleep with each other.
I know it seems like we should,

but trust me, I've been through this a

million times, and it's always a mess,

so I just... I... I don't think we should,

- even if we want to.
- Yeah, I wasn't thinking that.


Um, uh... cool.

So do you want to come in and
talk about why we shouldn't do it?

No, I just wanted to walk you to your door.

But thanks for everything
tonight. Thank you.

And I'll see you in class.

- Good night.
- Good night.