Bang (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode #2.5 - full transcript



Someone's in a better mood.

I still think it's a weird thing
to do though.

Caryn asked him not to tell us.

Do you still believe that story
after what Sam said?

What's he doing here?

Mr Campbell?

Richie Campbell wants to help
with the investigation.

Does he have new information?

He wants us to use him
to catch the killer.

As bait.

As bait.
What did you tell him?

That it was an unusual offer.
We'd need to speak to you.

We didn't say it was stupid.

Is it?
Five of his friends have died.

Richie will probably be next
unless we catch the murderer.

What would you do in his situation?

Cross your fingers?
Or do something about it?

He's determined to act,
with or without us.



Thanks, Jason.

He seems like a nice guy.

Just don't start a conversation
with him about football.

Not unless you want a monologue
on the Swans this season.

OK, Thanks for the heads up.

OK, Thanks for the heads up.
I'm just doing my job.

That's going above and beyond.

Lift? I can drop you over at Linda's
if you like.

Well, I thought
I could come back with you.

I could finish the garden.

You don't need to bother
with our garden any more.

Who else will cut the grass?

When the investigation is over.

That could go on for weeks.

Has Morgan said something?

No, just...


I was appointed to help you settle
into a life after leaving prison.

You don't need to come to the house,
you don't need to cut the grass.

OK, if Jason is right...

..and the council are looking
for someone to work in the park...

..I can talk about the fight
I had with the bamboo... the job interview.

I know I don't need to. I want to.


Come on.

While we'll endeavour
to do all we can... protect Richie Campbell
at every stage of the operation...

..he understands he's putting
himself in harm's way voluntarily.

We'll equip Richie with
protective gear and a body cam.

He'll be escorted by Alpha Unit... the car park
at the easterly end of the beach.

From there he will
ride along the beachfront...

..towards the appointed RV location.

Should we be concerned
for the safety of Richie...

..the public or a fellow officer...

..the operation will be terminated
with immediate effect.

He will be contactable throughout...

..and will leave the beach when
instructed to do so by DI Riley.

A message was posted on Richie
Campbell's social media accounts...

..informing his friends
and followers...

..of his intention
to come out of hiding today.

If the killer's been
keeping his eye on Richie...

..he will have seen the message
and may decide to make his move.

Every unit is ready.

Drone in the air. I have a picture.

Richie Campbell is about to move.
Luke, Gina, keep an eye on him.

Body cam is operational.
Signal is strong.


The subject is now moving.

He's coming towards you Luke.
Let me know when you see him.

We have a visual, Sir.
We have no reason to worry. Over.

Someone's on the pavement
and he's approaching.

Got a light?

No! No, no.

Stand down all units. False alarm.

He's not a threat.
Richie's moving again.

Richie's stopped, Sir.

Richie's stopped, Sir.
Do we know what he's doing, Luke?

He's got a message. Is it from us?

No, it's not from us.
We did not send that message!

He's on the move.

Subject is moving again...

..but appears to be diverting
from the pre-agreed route.

Stay with him,
don't let him out of your sight.

Call Richie Campbell
and find out what he's doing. Now!

Subject is travelling at speed
on the main beach road...

..heading east towards
the industrial estate. Over.

Oh! No! No, no, no, no, no.


Whose van is this?

He's at the roundabout
headed east.

Armed Police to GPS
coordinates immediately.

Have you managed
to get through to him?

He's not picking up.


Too fucking right.

You just couldn't leave her alone.

You just couldn't leave her alone.
What are you on about?

You texted Marissa. What are you
doing here? Coincidence, is it?

Now! Go, go, go.

I'm sorry, alright?

I'm sorry, alright?
You piece of fucking shit.

You in the red jacket?
We're armed police officers.

Stand still. Do as you're told
and no harm will come to you.

Put the weapon down. Do it now.

Put your hands on top of your head
and interlock your fingers.

We've put Mark Simmonds
in a cell for the time being.

When he's calmed down
we'll have a word.

Do they know who sent Richie
the message?

No, it was sent via some kind
of encryption service.

The team is looking into it
but they don't hold out much hope.

Do you want me
to speak to Richie now?

Give me five minutes.

Caryn, she hasn't been feeling 100%.

Caryn, she hasn't been feeling 100%.


Fuck! Ah!

Yes, but - I don't know
what else you expect me to do.

I've already tried to tell him.

I've got to go.


What have you done?

Sit down.

Hold that up like this.
There you go.

You lost the battle.

Yes, but the war isn't over yet!

Let me see.

Will I need stitches?

Will I need stitches?

Why? Are you scared of needles?

Let me clean it up first...

..before you phone an ambulance
and book the operating theatre.


No, I'm sorry. Look.

It's alright. It's just a shirt.
I'll wash it now.

I've never thought
about dying before...

..but since Dai,
Duncan, the others...'s all I ever think about now.

Richie, we'll move you
to a new address.

Will I be safe?

Will I be safe?
You know I can't guarantee that.

What if I was in custody?
Would it be different then?

We wouldn't take you into custody...

..unless you'd committed
an offence. Have you?

None of us thought
it was out of order that night.

Marissa was copping off
with every bloke in the room and...

She was outrageous,
we were hammered.

It was her idea to take me and Lee
into the changing rooms.

We were kissing and doing stuff
with her, with each other...

We didn't know
anyone had followed us in.

One thing led to another.

Wynn joined in, Dai...

It was mad and wild and stupid,
I know that.

A few days later it goes around
that Marissa's dad's on the warpath.

The lads get pulled in, and I tell
the truth as much as I remember it.

She kissed me,
she undid my trousers...

Did you all rape her?

Not Jack.

Jack just held the door shut.

And what about Cai?

Cai had stayed in the bar.

He hadn't been picked to play for
a few weeks and was getting arsey.

When Marissa went to the police,
he decided to back her up.

He said...

..said he'd come to the door
and heard her telling us to stop.

Did you know he was dead?

I never asked.

Wynn was rattled
the day before the trial.

He decided to go and talk Cai
out of giving evidence.

Dai went too, to try and
calm him down more than anything.

They never told us what happened.

I chose to think
they scared Cai off.

I regret what happened
down the club that night.

I regret it more than I can tell you
but it can't be undone.

All I can do now is tell the truth.

Isn't that what the bastard
who's after me wants?

Richie Campbell, I'm arresting you
for the rape of Marissa Clarke.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence...

..if you do not mention
when questioned...

..something which you later
rely on in court.






Out! Now! Get out of my house!

Let me help.

You can't. Leave me alone!

No-one should suffer like this.

It doesn't happen often.

It doesn't happen often.
It shouldn't happen at all.

If the police knew...

If the police knew...
No! If Morgan ever heard...

What would he do?
Hit you even harder?

I know what I need to do
and when the time is right I'll go.


Morgan's in the middle
of an investigation.

No. You need to leave now.

No. You need to leave now.
It's not that simple.

It is.

Leave him.

Leave him!

Leave him!
I want to leave on my own terms.

Look, I couldn't stop him.

He was out the front door
the minute he saw the text.

Why don't we sit down.

I keep telling him Richie isn't
worth it, but he won't listen to me.

He gets so angry when he
thinks about what they did.

Please say he hasn't done
anything stupid.

Richie's alright, Marissa. Police
arrived before anyone got hurt.

Will Mark get charged?

No, not under the circumstances.

Richie Campbell gave a statement
a short while ago.

He admitted to raping you.

We've arrested him. He'll appear in
court first thing tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry.

I can't imagine what must be
going through your head right now.

I guess he's only confessed now...

..because of what happened
to Jack and the others.

Yeah, he's scared.

For the first time in his life.

If I had any idea who was out there
murdering them, I would tell you.

You believe that, don't you?


I didn't want those men
to have sex with me that night.

That's all I've ever wanted
people to know.

Gina, is there anything
you need me to do?

I'm sitting on my hands by here.

Make the most of it.

I suspect you'll be flat out again
in a minute.

Has something happened?

What did she say?

What did she say?
She wanted to go home to her kids.

What's Richie done?

What's Richie done?

We've got him in custody. Can you
take a look at those statements?

OK, no problem.

Gina, I've just chased up those
statements. Is there anything else?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?
Harri's looking for more work.

Fair play, most people keep their
heads down and enjoy a quiet life.

If you want to help,
print off the latest HOLMES summary.

Give me five minutes.

Richie Campbell
will be moved to a cell soon.

He made the statement
of his own free will.

Without a solicitor in the room.

Without a solicitor in the room.
He confessed.

I don't believe you.

It's been ten years, Jeff.
He was tired of carrying the secret.

So you're telling me if someone
was out there killing your mates... wouldn't say anything
to save yourself.

Did you know about it?

Did you know about it?
Come on!

Never suspected?

He's my son, he told me
he didn't do it, I believed him.

Detective Inspector Riley
says you can stand down now.

Mr Campbell,
if you'd like to come with me.

After you.

I've been looking forward to this.

The others weren't so important,
but you...

What you did that night... destroyed my life.

So it's only fair...

..that I destroy yours.


Following this morning's exercise,
the Chief feels strongly...

..that we need to consider the idea
again that someone on the team... feeding information
to a third party.

Someone other than Eve?

Someone other than Eve?

Someone knew exactly...

..when to send those messages to
Richie and Marissa this morning.

They wanted to interfere,
create confusion.

I want you to investigate the theory

Who had the opportunity
to send the messages?

Who had the chance to act?

I really need to solve this case.

Bring me back something, yeah?



In here, Ma'am.

We saw Harri Schofield
with him on CCTV.

Ambulance, now!

Ambulance, now!
Lock the building down.

Search the building
for Harri Schofield. Now!

Gina. Contact Human Resources.

I want every piece of information
they've got about Harri Schofield.

Address, next of kin.

They must have his references
on file.


CCTV shows him leaving
through a rear door.

There's a dog unit on the way.

There's a dog unit on the way.
And forensics?

Gina's called them.

They'll need to search
his computer's hard drive.

Make sure they go through everything
with a fine tooth comb.

They'll be here as soon as they can.

They're two members of staff down.

They're two members of staff down.
For fuck's sake.

It isn't Gina's fault.

He can't speak to people like that.

You should wait for Forensics.

You should wait for Forensics.
We've wasted enough time already.

He's been working
under our noses for weeks.


Perhaps Luke is right,
maybe you should wait. Morgan!

Detective Inspector Morgan Riley,
and don't you forget it.

I'm running this investigation
and I'll run it as I like!

You need to stop.

I have the authority
to run this investigation.

I'll act as I see fit.

No, DI Riley, you won't.

My office, now.

Sorry, it's a bit too full.

I don't remember the last time
someone made me a cuppa.

Nanny, probably.

Yeah, probably.

The teapot was always warm.

What did you do to your hand?

I was working in Caryn's garden...'s not serious.

The garden must be looking lovely.

When are you there next?

I'm not sure.

They just needed a bit of help
while Morgan was busy in work.

I'm sure Caryn
will ask you to go back.

I know she was your caseworker...

..but you're more like friends now,
aren't you?

I think the world of her, Mam.

I don't know what to do.

What version of Morgan
will we see now?

Curious? Pedantic? Shouty?

Have the dogs found anything?

Have the dogs found anything?
Not yet, no.

I've got a meeting in HQ.

Listen, sorry about the way
I spoke to you earlier.

It was unprofessional.



Did you find Harri's home?

Did you find Harri's home?
It was a false address.

Continue to search.





We've redecorated the room
in the annexe.

Many of our patients
moved over here a few months ago.

You haven't visited Jan for a while?

You haven't visited Jan for a while?

Live away, do you?

Live away, do you?

A visitor for you, Jan.

This is one of the better rooms.

Gets the sun most of the day.

When it's not raining.


Oh, you're back.

You aren't working late tonight?

No, I'm not for once.

I'm going to spend the evening
with my wife.

You deserve a bit of attention.



Are you going somewhere?

Mali texted,
she invited me over for a coffee.

She must've thought
you'd be home alone.

But now I'm back,
you don't need to go.

Sam cut his hand on the tree.

I got blood on myself
when I helped him.

You love that top.

You love that top.
I can buy another.

It's a top. It doesn't matter.

You're a saint.

Put a plaster on his hand.
That's all I did.

I'll have to thank Sam
for all he's done.

But don't let him come over again.

It could make it awkward
in work with Gina.

I'd have come to see you sooner...

..but I've been really busy.

There were some loose ends
I needed to tie up...

..and I didn't want to come back
until it was done.

Let's brush, let's brush your hair.

We want you looking beautiful, Mam.

Just like I remembered you.

Wait a minute.

She's changed her mind.

Don't be too hard on her.

'Do you want me to come over?'

'Do you want me to come over?'
'No, don't.'


She was looking forward
to seeing me.

If I knew you'd made plans,
I wouldn't have rushed home.

She's been feeling low,
she just wanted a chat.

What do you girls talk about
when you meet up anyway?

Open a bottle of wine?
Complain about your husbands?

Don't be silly.

I know I take you for granted

But I do love you.

I love you too.


Do you want me to tell her
you won't be coming over?

No, it's fine.

Do you want something to eat?

You used to do this
for me sometimes.

Do you remember, Mam?

You used to do this
so I wouldn't wake up.

If you were working late...

..or if you were out
meeting one of your boyfriends.

I'm going to be
going away for a while.

I want to make sure
you're not left behind.


OK, Mam.

It should have been different.

OK, Mam, drink this.

We ask visitors
to leave the doors open.

Yeah, OK.


Hello, DS Jenkins.

Hi, it's David
from Glyn Deri Care Home.

Oh, yeah, I remember.
How can I help you?

Jan's had a visitor, a young lad.
I thought I should tell you.

Oh, right. Are you able to describe
the individual? Is he still on site?

Yeah, he's still here, I think.
Tall, blonde, white, early twenties.

OK, right,
I don't mean to alarm you...

..but it's very important
you don't go anywhere near him.

Do you understand?
Do not approach him. We're on route.

Gina, I need to talk to you...

Gina, I need to talk to you...
Ma'am, I think we've found him.

Let me do that.

I should do my share.

Go on, go.

You've had a busy day.

Work, playing nurse to Sam...


Were you going to tell me
you were leaving?

Or were you planning on waiting
until I saw the suitcase had gone?

I know I lose my temper sometimes,

..but can you blame me
when you behave like this?

We've built a home together, Caryn.

We go on holiday
to the best resorts.

Eat out regularly.

Eat out regularly.
You're mistaken.

You packed a suitcase.

I was taking clothes to show Mali.

I was going to throw them out...

..but then I thought
Mali might want them.

Money's been short since
Aled lost his job.

Put the knife down.




Where exactly?





What's the latest?

CCTV shows Harri
arriving at four o'clock.

A witness saw him climb through a
window and run towards the fence.

What was their relationship?

What was their relationship?
We think they were mother and son.

When Jan had her brain haemorrhage,
her twelve-year-old son...

..went into the care system.

..went into the care system.
And now he's come home.

Harri's worked for the constabulary
since he was seventeen.

He started in the canteen at HQ...

..before moving to the front desk
of a police station.

And working his way up...

To the investigation room as admin.

There's a housing estate
behind the fence.

I've organised
door-to-door enquiries.

What's the latest on Richie?

What's the latest on Richie?
He's alive.

If he's communicating, ask him why
Harri would want revenge on them.

Did Jan know more
about the attack on Marissa?

Did the men threaten Jan
in some way?

Harri thinks he's killed all six.

He can't find out
Richie is still alive.

I'll make sure there's a PC
on Richie's hospital room.

Sorry to interrupt your meeting
but I thought you'd want to know.

You did the right thing. Thanks.

Maybe her phone has died.

She'd have told me
if she wasn't coming.

Give her another half an hour.

Maybe she's had car trouble.

Make sure you've spoken to everyone.
I don't want to miss any details.

I'll have to call you back, Sam.

Is Morgan there?

Is Morgan there?

Is Morgan in work with you?

Is Morgan in work with you?

Caryn said she'd be coming over.

Caryn said she'd be coming over.
Over to where?

Mam's house. She isn't here yet...

Mam's house. She isn't here yet...
What have you done?

Just tell me, is Morgan there?

Just tell me, is Morgan there?
Yes, he's here.

Thank you, Gina.

Why is Caryn coming to the house?



See you back at the station.






You can't be here, Sam. Go away.

Let me in.

Let me in.
You need to leave.


Please, Sam. Go.

I'm not leaving
until I see you're OK.

Open the door.

I can't.

If Morgan knew you were here,
he'd lose it.

Please, Sam. Go home.


Stay where you are.

I'm not allowed to move.

He'll come looking for me,
God knows what he'll do.


This is your chance.

It's OK.

I had them earlier.

Have you checked your pockets?

Have you checked your pockets?
I wouldn't have...

Morgan has taken them.
He's got my car keys.

OK, we'll walk.

Look at me. Don't be frightened.

No, Sam. No.

No, Sam. No.
Come on.

Twelve texts and no answer.

You must have been worried Caryn
didn't want anything to do with you.

I was worried about her.

She's fine. Look.

You'd better go, Sam.

Caryn's coming with me.

No, she isn't.

Tell him.

Tell him.
She's not going anywhere.

She wouldn't dare.

Sam, go.

What exactly is going on
between you two anyway?

I know you like each other.

You're very similar.



Or is it less innocent than that?

Two years is a long time
to not be with a woman.

Are you hoping Caryn
will take pity on you...

..and play with your little cock?

..and play with your little cock?
Don't talk about her like that.

I'll talk about her
however I want to.

I'm the one who's found a man
home alone with my wife.

Lucky you don't get a hiding.

She doesn't want
to be here any more.

Tell him.

It's time for you to leave, Sam.

I've had a hard day at work...

..and I don't have
the patience for this.

I'm not leaving without Caryn.

No, don't, Morgan!

Stop before you hurt him!

I'll stay!

Just let him go, I'll stay!

Morgan, leave him alone!
I'm begging you please!

You're going back to prison, Sam.

Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody!

There's been a sighting
of an individual...

..matching Harri's description
on Nelson Terrace.

Officers are on their way.

Has DI Riley been updated
on developments?

He's no longer
leading the investigation.

I've been concerned about his
decision making for some time...

..and after today's outburst...

..I had no other choice
but to ask him to stand down.

Stand down?

Five men have been killed, there was
an attempt on another man's life.

We wouldn't be having
this conversation...

..had DI Riley
acted with greater caution.

This is a highly unusual case.
He's thrown himself at it.

A little too blindly perhaps.

The killer was here, amongst us.

The killer was here, amongst us.
We had no reason to suspect him.

No, no, no.

I fear DI Riley lost his ability to
think objectively about this case.

I've recommended someone takes
over from him with immediate effect.

Let's find Harri
before he does anything else.

S4C subtitles by Cyfatebol