Band of Brothers (2001): Season 1, Episode 5 - Crossroads - full transcript

Winters writes a report on the challenge of an unexpected resistance to a German attack, and is haunted by his conscience after shooting a teenage German SS soldier.

If you're a leader, you lead the way.

Not just on the easy ones.
You take the tough ones too.

A good leader has to understand
the people that are under him. . .

. . .understand their needs. . .

. . .their desires or how they think
a little bit.

He always made the right
decisions along the way.

He was a real soldier.

Some of the officers. . . .

I don't think I'd follow
them into water.

But he was one of the best.

He went right in there and he didn't...
He never thought of not being first. . .

. . .or sending somebody in his place.

I don't know how he survived.

But he did.

Lew? Wake up.

They want us back at Regiment.

Come on Nix, get up. Let's go.

-Something's up.
-I'll be right down.

-You got 1 0 minutes.
-Go away.

Come on. Let's go.

-Leave me alone.

-Come on.
-Damn it!

That's my own piss, for chrissake!

Son of a bitch.

We're the only unit that's got the
Germans on their side of the Rhine.

If we'd taken Antwerp. . .

. . .we'd be well-supplied
and have the Krauts on their heels.

If I can just get lke on the phone.
Are you listening?

Hanging on every word.

-Moose, you too?
-Yeah, Sink's not happy.

Nixon, Heyliger.

Colonel Dobie, British 1 st Airborne.
Nixon is our S2.

That's 1 st Lt. Heyliger.

The Brits lost 8000 men
when Market Garden fell. . .

. . .which is why Colonel Dobie
has to coordinate a rescue. . .

. . .for the troops who are trapped.

Dutch Resistance are hiding
1 40 men. . .

. . .outside a town
north of the river.

They'll assemble in the woods.

Pick a team and get them
across the Rhine.

-1 40 men?
-The Canadians have supplied six boats.

The rendezvous point is landable.
I swam it last night.

At 0030, they'll signal V for victory
with a hand-held red torch.

That'd be a red flashlight.

Operation Pegasus.
2nd Battalion is on the spot.

Assist Colonel Dobie.
If you need anything, come to me.

I can't ask for more.

You didn't endorse
the Market Garden report. . .

-. . .or the TO&E. Why?
-I'll have them at CP 1 300, sir.

I want an inventory on material the
British 43rd left. Rations, supplies.

Yes, sir.


I need your report
on that operation.

-Yes, sir.
-Light a fire under it.

We asked for this yesterday.
A day late and a dollar short.

Enemy maps in the S2.
Let's look at that.

There's 1 00 of them?

This is it, boys.

They have to get across the
river and over the dyke.

-That's a lot to cover.
-Where do we go?

You, Hashey? You get the penthouse.

Thank you. We're up top.

-How bad does it get?
-You'll find out.

-That's a lot of ground.
-Couple of regular GI Joes.

You said it.
Come on.

New guys giving the replacements
the what-for and why-is.

-I swear one of them has never shaved.

This is a hell of a dog, Tab.

-There you go.
-What'd you call it, Tab?

-That's good, I like that. Trigger.

-Got anything?
-It's quiet.

-Alley's hurt!

All right, get him on the table.
It's Alley.

I got this.

Alley, you're gonna be okay.

-Get Doc Roe.
-Where am I? What happened?

-Where was it?

-It was because of your loud mouth!
-Back off!

Send for Lieutenant Welsh.
Assemble a squad.

1 st Squad, on your feet!
Weapons and ammo only!

Let's go, let's go!

Get the boots off and elevate the leg.
Liebgott, use the sulfur.

Let's get this done quickly.
We gotta move.

Hey, Alley.


What are they shooting at?
What's down there?


That's three miles away.
Why reveal position?

-Not as smart as me and you?
-I'll check it out anyway.

-Hold here. Wait for my signal.
-Yes, sir.

Holding here.
I'm waiting for a signal.

This is our fallback position.

Mortars, deploy here.
1 st Squad, on me.


Second on the right.

First on the right.

Third on the right.
Nail the machine gun.

Second on the left.
First on the left.

Wait for my signal.

-Prepare to fire.
-Two rounds, ain't she quick?

-Fall back!



Handful of Krauts,
on the dyke, 1 2 o'clock!

-How many Krauts are left?
-I don't know.

But we got seven in one blow.

Bring on Boyle and Perconte. Go!

Come on, fall back!

Suppressing fire!

Suppressing fire!

Hashey, Garcia, follow me!

Tell Peacock to bring the balance
of 1 st Platoon!

And another machine gun squad.

Dukeman! Go get that machine gun
on the right flank. Go!


Fuck! Dukeman's down.

Sir, the balance of 1 st Platoon
is here.

Gordon and More brought
another .30 cal.


They're behind a solid embankment.
We're in a ditch.

They can outflank us along the dyke
as soon as they figure it out.

-How many Krauts are there?
-There's a ferry crossing here. . .

. . .so it could be a whole battalion.

Okay. What are your orders?

We got no choice.

Here. Talbert, you'll take
1 0 men along the dyke.

Peacock, take 1 0 along the left flank.
I'll take 1 0 up the middle.

Questions? Go.


-I don't know why I'm still doing this.
-What, drinking?

No, hiding it in your footlocker.
I'm a captain, for chrissake.

Well, why don't you. . .?

Why don't you just give it up?


Hiding it in my footlocker.
You're a captain, for Pete's sake.

Maybe this is the place
to stop drinking.

Right here on the business end
of the Allied advance.


That's not literature,
just keep it simple.

Try using the first person plural.
Say "we" a lot.

Thanks for the tip.

Fix bayonets.

Go on the red smoke.

No! Wait for the signal!


Come on, pour it on!
Shoot your targets!

Let them have it!

Come on, boys!



Holy shit!

-It's a whole other company!
-No shit!

Easy Beaver to Easy Minor!
Reinforce Easy at phase one yellow!

Plus one, strike three.
Fire concentration Charlie.

Drop 200, left 1 00.

Repeat, plus one, strike three!
Fire concentration Charlie.

Drop 200, left 1 00!

Krauts in the open!
Fire for effect! Over!

-What's he saying?
-He says they're Polish.

There are no Poles in the SS!


Jesus Christ!

Oh, shit!

-Send Lightning a report. Boyle!
-Lightning, Lightning. Over.

Go up and spot the fall
of those rounds.

Incoming rounds!

Easy Company, take cover!

-Boyle's hit!
-Jesus Christ, they got me!

Take cover! It's German artillery!

Get Boyle, he's down!
Come on, help me!

Jesus, captain, they're SS.


-Joe, knock it off.
-Goddamn it, what?

-You're hit.
-I'm okay.

Take these prisoners to CP,
and get cleaned up.

Yes, sir.
Come on, Kraut boys.


-Drop your ammo.

-You kidding me?
-Give me your weapon.

You have one round.
Johnny, how many prisoners are there?

Got 1 1 right now, sir.

Drop a prisoner, the rest'll jump you.
I want all prisoners alive.

Yes, sir.

"They got me. " You believe that?
You believe I said that?

-Can you make it back to CP?

I will see you someplace else.

Take these to Battalion.

-And split them up.
-Yes, sir.

All right.

Here you are.

-We had them on the run.
-How's that?

They were flooding back
when we hit them with artillery.

It was a turkey shoot.

They hit us with their 88s,
zeroed in on this crossroad.

Now we were lucky, though.
Only 22 wounded.


-Captain Winters?
-Down there, sir.

All right, carry on.

All right, Krauts.

Twenty-two wounded, huh?
You okay?

-Yeah. One killed.



You're looking at
two full companies of SS.

About 50 dead,
probably another 1 00 wounded.

Seven back in the regimental cage,
plus a whole string of them up there.

That's not bad for Dukeman.

You got a drink? Of water?

Yeah, that's water.


363rd Volksgrenadier hit Opheusden. . .

. . .about the same time your SS
made a run for my CP.

3rd Battalion got a beating.

-Ollie Horton was killed.
-Major Horton's dead?

They hit 2nd Battalion CP in force.
He was organizing the defense.

Captain, excuse us just for a minute.

How would you feel
about handling a battalion?


You're XO of 2nd Battalion.
Colonel Strayer is. . . .

Well, he could use some help.

I can handle them in the field.

You're a solid tactician
and a good leader.

Don't worry about administration.

-Who will be taking over Easy, sir?
-Moose Heyliger can command Easy.

-Heyliger would be my choice, sir.

You pack your gear and come on up
to Battalion CP.

Like some coffee, sir?

-Yeah. Thanks, doc.
-All right.

Hey, Dick! You finish your novel yet?

-That's a lot of homework.
-And I thought XO was a fun job.

-Who are you?
-Zielinski, sir.

-Who is he?
-Zielinski's my orderly.

Rank has its privileges.

-Orderly? I suppose you get coffee?
-Can do, sir.

Black, no sugar.

And a bacon sandwich. You?
Bacon sandwich!

Give that to Colonel Sink.
With my compliments.

All that for two pages?
Guess that's gonna take a while.

Yeah, it is. You want a job?

There it is. Wishes he were
back in charge of Easy.

You just here to gloat?

Just to rub it in.
Moose is leading his first mission.

Operation Pegasus is set to go off.

Pegasus. Yeah.

Yeah, great.
Everybody know their job?

We drilled with the boats.
Welsh and the Canadians are coming.

-Dobie's good.
-How many times will you cross?

If there are 1 40 Brits,
three trips.

What time is jump-off?

-We'll be ready at 01 00.
-Speed is the key.

-Keep moving and lead the way.

Easy's in good hands.


-Yeah, right. Well, hang tough.
-I could say the same to you.

-Good luck, Moose.

-Are we sure on the intelligence?
-Well, I think it's pretty good.

Is Easy walking into another
company of Germans?

Why don't we ask Moose
when he gets back.

Right, yeah.

If they do run into any trouble,
you'll let me know?


You run into any bacon sandwich,
do the same, all right?


-Line secure, sir.
-Fall back into position.

-I got the .30 cal. on the left flank.
-Extend it out 1 0 yards.

So, colonel, where are they?


Come on in.

-Welcome back.
-Good to be back.

Heyliger. 506 of the 1 01 st Airborne.

I'm so glad to see a bloody Yank.

-Your show, colonel.
-I'll be back shortly. Go!

-Boats are all secure, sir.

The Brits are on their way.
Pass the word.

Sir, you missed a signature here.

-Moose Heyliger.
-That's me, sir.

-God bless you.
-We're ready. Where's the rest of you?

I'll get them.

-And here we all are.
-Well, let's go.

-Wahai Mohammed!
-Wahai Mohammed!

Moose and the American 1 01 st have
done the Red Devils a great service.

Making it possible for us to return
and fight the enemy another day.

-To Easy Company, victory and Currahee!

I was CO only four months.
Before that, Meehan, Sobel.

You were the only combat CO.
And I'm from another company.

You know where they came from and
what they've been through. Hang tough.

Train your new platoon leaders.
Trust your noncoms.

-It's Moose!

Hold your fire!

Okay, buddy.

Oh, my God.

Send for Lieutenant Welsh.

Stay awake on me, Moose.

Send for Lieutenant Welsh!

Okay, okay.

I'm sorry, sir! I'm so sorry!
I didn't know. Jesus Christ!

-Where are you from?

You're a long way from home.

-You give him morphine?

-How much?
-Can't remember. Two, three Syrettes.

-Were you trying to kill him?!
-I think it was two.

It might be important
to know the dosage!

I don't see one Syrette on his jacket!

-He's a big man. Maybe he has a chance.
-We didn't know.

You are officers, you are grownups,
you ought to know!

All right, let's go! Come on, move it!

-Once more.
-About face! Forward, march!

Easy still has only 65 percent
strength, most are replacements. . .

. . .including their new CO.

How's Lt. Dike doing?

The guys are calling him
"Foxhole Norman. "

They're talking mid-March action. Train
them 3 months, go into Berlin, end it.

The only thing holding Easy together
is the NCOs.

Sir, Sergeant Guarnere is here.

-Look what just came in.
-The daredevil.

-Hi, captain.
-Welcome back.

-Never thought you'd be behind a desk.
-Someday, he'll sit behind it.

I'm AWOL from the hospital.
Hope that won't cause trouble.

-Would you care if it did?
-Not a bit, sir.

Got a letter for you here from Moose.
Lieutenant Heyliger, sir.

-He's recovering, but it'll be tough.
-Thanks, Bill.

There's gonna be a football game?
Those guys in the 502nd?

-Oh, yeah, Christmas Day.
-Great! Skytrain boys. Can't wait.


-Well, I'll just go find some trouble.
-You do that.

-Hey, Bill?

No more joy riding, right?

Anybody ever heard
of a little joint called Lulu's?

Got me.

I'll just ask around.

Well, I guess now is
as good a time as any.

I don't wanna see another paper.

General Taylor's in Washington.
General McAuliffe's in charge.

-Sink is in Rheims to see Dietrich.
-Marlene Dietrich? I'm going to Rheims.

Strayer will be in London
for another week.

I'm heading to Aldbourne
to look up a young lady.

-What are you telling me?
-You are headed to Paris.

That's a 48-hour pass. It's been
decided you need a little civilization.

Bon voyage.

Second that.

-I got two friends in the Airborne.
-Give me a break.

We're all on the same side.

-Marines are the toughest bunch going.

-Wait a second.

No, the Airborne is as tough
as they come.

You should see the basic training.

You know what I did in basic training?
I had to eat rats in basic training.

Well, that's the first time. . . .

When I look at you,
I see eight or nine of you.

-I'll be all right...
-"Look at me. I'm John Wayne.

The costume department gave me
these Navy whites..."

-Luz, shut up.
-I'm trying to watch this.

-I've seen this film 1 3 times.
-I haven't, so shut up.

-Watch the movie, fine.

Come on!

-Where you been?
-Well, I was at home in Tonawanda. . .

. . .then Hitler started this,
so now I'm here.

-How'd you make out in craps?
-Here's the $60 I borrowed.

-You're paying me back?
-And a thank-you.

-A tip!

-Shut up!

-Only $3600 left.
-What'll you do with that?

-Blow most of it in Paris.
-Give me a tip.

That climate doesn 't agree with you.
I've been worried about your health.

-Hey, Buck.
-You don 't look well.

How are you feeling?
Your wounds heal? All four of them?

You seen this before?



Is it any good?


It's a real corker.

Lip, favorite part.

"Got a penny?"

"Got a penny?"

"Got a penny?"

-Got a penny?



-Come on.

I said, quiet!

The 1 st and the 6th SS Panzer Divisions
broke through in Ardennes.

They overran the 28th Infantry
and the 4th.

Officers, report to respective HQs.
All passes are canceled.

Enlisted men, report to barracks
and your platoon leaders.

-Damn, what a day.

Got a light?

All right, there you go.

Sir, have you seen Colonel Strayer?

-Where's the company commander?
-Dike? I'm looking.

How is it the 4th Army's problem
gets dumped on us?

-Lieutenants. Captain Winters.
-Dike, I've been looking for you.

We've a problem. Colonel Strayer
hasn't returned. You believe that?

We're going to the front
and our CO isn't even here.

You've a bigger problem. The men don't
have winter clothing or enough ammo.

Take a canvass of the entire base.

Get all materials before we roll out.
Have you done that?

-No, sir.
-K rations. As many as you can find.

We might not be resupplied.

-And ammo?
-There's no more.

Distribute it as best you can
so everybody has something.

Inform Lieutenant Shames
of the situation.

Get all your platoons as best equipped
as you can and report back.


The blackout's not in effect.
Luftwaffe must be asleep.

What a difference a day makes, huh?

-Christ, I miss those C-47s.
-Got a tailgate jump here.

Where are we going with no ammo?

Hey, kid, what's your name again?

-Suerth. Suerth Jr.
-Got any ammo, Junior?

-Just what I'm carrying.
-What about socks? You got extra?

-A pair.
-You need four, minimum.

Feet, hands, neck, balls,
extra socks warms them all!

We all remember that,
but we didn't remember the socks!

-I want a cigarette.
-I want ammo and socks.

-I bet Junior's got plenty of both.
-I don't.

-How about a hat?
-You got extra ammo?

-What about a coat?
-Shut up with the coat.

-How about some smokes?
-I got that.

-Now you're talking!
-Hook me up!

Pass them down! Pass them down!

Keep moving! Come on!

-Go to the left!
-Keep coming!

Keep it moving! All the way down!
Keep moving!

All right, 1 5 minutes.
Smoke them if you got them.

-Where the hell are we?
-We ain't in hell, it's too damn cold.

Stand back, I been holding this
for the last hour!

Anybody got any matches?

Gather round, guys, gather round.

Wait right here. Don't go anywhere.

Welcome to Belgium.

This area is Bastogne,
strategic crossroads town.

Seven roads leading in, seven roads
leading out. Ideal for Kraut armor.

Ike wants to make sure
they can't use those roads.

We'll put a perimeter around Bastogne,
dig in tight.

-2nd Battalion will be placed here...
-Thank God. Barely made it.

Better get yourself some ODs, Bob.

1 st Battalion's to the north.
3rd's in reserve.

-Let's roll!
-We're short on ammo.

-How short?
-Supply was limited.

Captain, you beg, borrow or steal
ammo, but you defend this area.

Jesus Christ!

-Bill, Don, come here. Look at this.
-What? Hold on. Jesus, I'm done.

What the...?

-What the hell is going on?
-You're going the wrong way.

Hey, pal. Hey, pal...

What happened? Where are you going?

They slaughtered us.
You gotta get out of here.

-We just got here.
-Give me your ammo.

-Take it. You'll need it.
-Go on, get out of here.

Holy Christ.

-Who's got ammo?
-Got ammo?

Hold on, give me your ammo.
You got any grenades? Hand them over.

-You got grenades?
-Thanks, buddy.

Got any grenades?
Who's got grenades?

Private, what do you got?

Make a hole!

Make a hole! Make a hole!
I got ammo! Grab what you can!

Lieutenant, you're a godsend.
What's the situation?

I heard you were coming.
There was an ammo dump.

-Is it just you guys in the 1 01 st?
-Looks like.

-What hit you?

The Krauts had Tigers, Panthers. . .

. . .SPs, Stukas.
Arty and infantry just kept on coming.

-What's your name?
-George Rice, 1 0th Armor.

-Good work.
-Got any more mortar rounds, sir?

I'll make another run,
but don't count on it.

Thank you, sir.
I'll take this.

A panzer division's
about to cut the road south.

-Looks like you'll be surrounded.
-We're paratroopers. . .

-. . .we're supposed to be surrounded.
-Good luck.


Subtitles by
SDI Media Group


When we left for Bastogne,
we were short of equipment.

We didn't have enough ammunition
or warm clothes.

But we had confidence. . .

. . .that our higher military authorities
would get to us whatever we needed.

There was a ridge with a tree line.
We were dug in there.

The Germans knew where we were
and they gave us a shellacking.

In Bastogne we were down to
one round per man there for a while.

The fog was in.
They couldn't resupply us.

When they tried to drop supplies in. . .

. . .they'd miss and drop them
to the Germans.

One guy got hit by shrapnel.
Took his arm off above the elbow.

They were taking him out and he said,
"Get my watch off my arm. "

A medic came along
and he really saved my life.

He stuck a Syrette in a key position.

Even today on a real cold night,
when we go to bed. . .

. . .the first thing I'll say is,
"I'm glad I'm not in Bastogne. "

Doc, doc, doc.

Doc, bandage.
Take him back to Regiment.

-Gen. McAuliffe, division commander.
-Give it to me straight.

We've been taking ground in
one position, losing it in another.

Now we're digging in
on the edge of the forest.

We're under sporadic artillery fire.
We're taking hits with no aid station.

We have no food or winter clothes,
and little ammo.

The line's spread so thin
the enemy wanders into our CP.

We just can't cover the line.

Morning, Captain Nixon.
You got anything for Gen. McAuliffe?

Yes, sir.

General, I took a walk on our line
about 0300 last night.

I couldn't find the 501 st
on our right flank.

We've got considerable gaps
in our perimeter.

I don't have enough people, sir.
We're spread too thin.

Hold the line, colonel.
Close the gaps.

This fog won't lift anytime soon,
so you can forget about air cover.

1 st Battalion just left Foy,
Krauts on their tail.

Tanks. Artillery. Got no backup.
There's a lot of shit headed this way.


Can I scrounge a bandage
from your aid kit, sir?

How are you fixed?

No plasma, couple of bandages,
practically no morphine.

I tried to find my way up
to 3rd Battalion for supplies. . .

. . .but I lost my way.

If you can't get over to 3rd. . .

. . .Doc Ryan will fix you up
with what he can spare.

Thanks, captain.

Eugene? Get everything you can.
You're gonna need it.


-What's happening?
-We're digging in along the line.

Yeah, this is it.
So, what'd you get?

I got this,
and I got myself a Kraut bandage.

-What? This is it?
-Yeah, that's it. That's all we got.

1 st Battalion's pulled out of Foy.
Heavy casualties.

-Then why are we sitting here?
-We need morphine. This is all I got.

-You got extra scissors?
-No. Just the one.

-First Sergeant Lipton?

-What's this? Two medics in one hole?
-Yes, sir.

What's gonna happen to us
if you take a hit, huh?


-First Sergeant, where's my foxhole?
-It's back here, sir.

Maybe you missed it, huh?
I'll walk you back.

-You're a bit close to the line here.
-Goddamn it.

Sgt. Guarnere,
did you keep any morphine?

-No. Doc, I gotta talk to you.
-How's that leg?

-Forget the leg, I'm pissing needles.

-You seen them?

But they're out there.
Depend on it.

-Cup of Joe, doc?
-Gordon, I need sharp scissors.

Scissors? Well, let's see,
I'll have to check the sewing room.

Might be upstairs in the study,
the desk drawer.

All right. What about an extra Syrette
in your aid kit?

Hide your morphine, guys...

-Muck, you okay?
-I'm good.

-Malarkey! Penkala!
-We're okay!

Will you look at this shit?
They peppered my helmet.

Hey, doc! Morphine!

-Here, take it.
-Where's Penkala?

Christ knows.



-You guys hit?

-Easy, doc. How you doing?
-Hey, are you crazy?

Watch the goddamn line!

-You got a Syrette?





-It's the artery.
-Penkala, let go.

-It's a damn artery!
-Loosen your fingers, damn it!

Relax your arm.
It's not the artery.

I ain't going back.
I ain't going, not in this shit.

-And you're yelling "medic"?
-I don't need no aid station.

You're in luck, Penkala.

We don't got no aid station.

-You got scissors?
-What do I need scissors for?

Got your aid kit?

Right, well, you don't need this.
Not yet. I do.

-Who got hit?

Here. I want you to take someone
and find the 3rd Battalion, okay?

Bandages, plasma,
whatever you can beg, you beg.

And get me some damn scissors.
I can't get any.

You get yourself a hot meal too, huh?

-He told me he's a goddamn virgin.

The replacement in my foxhole, Julian.

Goddamn virgin. Just a kid.

The only virgin I know
is the Virgin Mary.

Hey, Babe. Where the hell are we?

This way.

-I don't like it.
-Where the hell is 3rd Battalion?

-Come on.

Give me a hand.

Go. Go.

-Come on, Spina. Move.
-I'm moving. I'm moving.

We can spare a few bandages,
but that's it. No morphine.

-Go back to Bastogne for plasma.

-Doesn't your surgeon have plasma?
-We don't have one.

-Just me and my buddy.
-Sorry, but we can't help you.

Take cover!

Get your butts out of here!

-Let's go.
-Go! Move!

-Should have shot Hinkle in the ass.
-Hinkle nearly shot him.

God bless you.

-These smell like my armpit.
-At least your armpit's warm.

-You want syrup with that?
-What's in these?

-Nothing you won't eat, Malarkey.
-I won't eat Malarkey.

-Maybe Hinkle would like your share.
-I should have shot him.

-Anybody seen Lieutenant Dike?
-Try Battalion CP, sir.

-Try Paris.
-Try Hinkle.

Hinkle, I'm home.

Eugene, Lt. Dike's got a full aid kit.

-He's not using his.
-Maybe Hinkle's got a Syrette.

-Eat your strudel.
-Hinkle Vinkle, eat ze armpit, huh?

Lieutenant Dike. Lieutenant.

Can you spare some Syrettes
from your aid kit?

-What, morphine?
-Yes, sir.

-What happens if I get hit?
-I'll be there, sir.

-Syrette's in here, right?

-Here. I don't plan on getting hit.
-Thank you, sir.

Heffron, you okay?

Gene, what's with the Heffron shit?
You know my name. Use it.

It's Edward, right?

Are you serious?
Only the goddamn nuns call me "Edward. "

-You have any morphine from Holland?
-No. You asked already, remember?

No. I don't recall.

Gordon, you want me?

Yeah, morphine. 3rd Platoon
ponied up the contraband.

-Still looking for scissors?


-Thank you.

You'd better check on Joe Toye out
on the OP. He's missing something.


-You guys okay?
-They got hot food. Smell it?

-You missing something?

Ask him to dance, doc.

-Toye, show me your feet.
-You watch the goddamn line, McClung.

-Where are your boots?
-In Washington, up Gen. Taylor's ass.

-I can move better in bare feet.
-What happened?

Took them off to dry my socks
and they got blown to hell.

-Well, what's your size?
-Nine, just like everybody else.

You keep cleaning those teeth,
the Germans will see you.

That's right, Pee Wee.
You keep laughing.

Hey, doc.

Doc, my stuff. Come on, doc.

-You got a drug store in here?
-No, just my stuff.

-What are you looking for?
-Scissors. Thank you, Perconte.

My goddamn scissors.

-Sgt. Guarnere.
-Marlene, is that you?

-Hey, doc, come here.
-USO, picking up Syrettes.

-Alley, Liebgott, you got any?

You ain't using this stuff are you?
I mean personal, like.

Doc, I still got the itching.
When I pee, it's murder.

I don't have any penicillin
for your biroute.

-Lieutenant, move around a bit.
-I can't feel my feet.

That's why you gotta move around.

-Should I take my boots off?
-No, just loosen them up and move.

Sergeant, I know it must be hell but
I can't help you. Drink lots of water.

-Water? It's pissing that hurts.
-Shut it. Shut the hell up.

-Who the hell's singing, Bill?
-I'll find out, lieutenant.

-Stop them from singing.
-I'll shut them up.

Lord, grant that I shall never seek
to be consoled as to console. . .

. . .to be understood as to understand,
or to be loved. . .

. . .as to love with all my heart.

With all my heart.


Medic! Medic!

-Perconte, get a jeep.
-I'm on it.

-Look at my leg.
-Easy CP, this is Perconte.

-Bear with me. Bear with me.
-Sisk has been hit. I need a jeep.

They're moving, goddamn it!
We need it now!

You'll be all right, Sisk.

-Okay, Sisk. It ain't that bad.
-It ain't that bad?

Okay, one pull.

No, save the morphine.
I can make it. Save it.

All right, let's get him out of here.

-Where's the jeep?
-I don't know, but I hear it.

-Jesus Christ!
-You got blood on my trousers.

-I'm real sorry, Frank.
-Get him up.

Damn it, Skinny.

Tell Spina I went in for plasma.

All the tanks and artillery
pulled back to here.

We got no backup beyond Bastogne.
This is it.

The Krauts captured the 326th Medical.

They took doctors, medics,
the whole shebang. We got nothing.

The boys get hooch for the pain.

-He took a mortar hit. Watch the leg.

Get him in.

-Move it.
-Coming through.

Move it, fellas.

-No, no. Here. Put him here.
-Yes, ma'am.

-Is he bad?
-No, lower-leg wound. No morphine.

-Nurse, have you got plasma I can...?
-Wait. Please.

-Why ain't these men evacuated?
-We can't. We're cut off.

This is as far as it goes.

I'm in heaven, doc.

-This way.

I need morphine. I need bandages.
Whatever you got. We got nothing.

Okay, I can give you a little,
but not a lot.

-You can have this today.
-You got plasma?

-A little. Are you a surgeon?
-No. We have no surgeon.

-What's this?
-From the bed.

-What, sheets?
-Yes, for bandages.

-My name is Renee.
-I'm Gene. Eugene Roe.

-Where are you from?
-Louisiana. Half-Cajun.

-Et toi, tu viens d'ou?

Can you get me back to the line?




Pour vous.


Fight well for God and your country.
God bless you all. Stay safe.

That's it.
Nothing to worry about.

We die now, we die in a state of grace.
Isn't that right, Babe?

Battalion want
a reconnaissance patrol.

I'll go. Take these. Give the boots
to Joe Toye. Tell him they're a nine.

-We go until we make contact.
-Peacock's leading.

That asshole couldn't find a snowball
in a blizzard.

-That's the order.

-Let me be the lead scout.

-Back in line, private.
-Move out.

Tactical columns, men.

Doc, it's a combat patrol. Why don't
you stay back and keep out of trouble?

-Yes, sergeant.

Come on, Hoobler, pick it up.

Right. Move out.


-Get down! Get down!


Bull! Christenson! Up on line!

-We got a man down!

-What have we got?
-Kid's down.

-We gotta make a move.
-I can get him, sarge.

-Suppressing fire!
-Suppressing fire.

-One man down. Easy.
-Covering fire.

Hold them down!

Easy CP, I have one man down.

Stay there. Don't move.
Stop moving or they'll keep shooting.

-What's happening, sir?
-We're pulling back. We made contact.

I gotta get to the CP.

Don't move. Don't move
or they'll keep firing. Stop moving!

Fuck. Sarge, what...?

Pull back! We gotta pull back!

-Let's get the hell out of here!
-Let's go!


Come on, stay with us.
Hold on!

Stay with us! Look at me.
Stay with us! Hold on.

-Heffron, move!
-Don't move, we're coming back.

-We'll get you out of here. Hold on.
-Go. Let's go!

-On me, move!
-Come on, let's go.

-Where the hell are we?
-Straight ahead. Straight ahead.

Doc! Doc!

-Set it up on the rock.

Easy CP. Easy CP. Lightning, over.

-I need a jeep at the CP.
-Eyes sharp!

Okay, I got your jeep, doc.

-Martin? Martin!

-What's going on?
-They got Julian.

-He's alive. We gotta get him.
-We don't know that.

-Did you hit an OP or their line?
-Their line.

-We gotta get Julian!
-No, fall back.

-Where's Peacock?
-At the CP.

-Fall back!
-You okay, doc?

-Get him out of here!
-We gotta go.

Let's up and go!

-We gotta move. Let's go!
-Get him up.

Doc, now! Let's go!


-Let's go.
-Back, fall back!

We couldn't get to him, captain.
Babe tried. We couldn't get to him.

Hey, Bull.
Let me sit in here with you guys.



What you doing out here?

Thanks for the boots, doc.
Doing fine.

Are you still having trouble
with your feet?

Show me. Let me see it.

It's trench foot. If it turns
gangrene, you could lose it.

I ain't coming off the line, doc.

Well, you gotta stay dry.
Massage your feet.

Change socks every day
and dry the wet ones.

-Do it.

I'm working on it.

-You seen Heffron?
-No. Why?

He ain't in his hole.


Got you.



Eat it.


All right.

I promised him if he got hit, I'd get
his stuff and bring it to his mom.

-Now the fucking Krauts'll strip him.
-It's okay.

It's not. It's not okay.

I should have got to him.

What do you call those people again?
Those Cajun healers?


-You know, my grandma was a traiteuse.
-Your grandmother? No shit?

She was. Laid her hands
on people and cured them.

Took away sickness, cancer,
you name it.

Your grandma did that?
You're shitting me.

-I remember she used to pray a lot.
-Yeah, I guess she had to.

Talked to God
about the pain she pulled out.

Asked him to carry it away.

That's what she did.

I'm still trying to figure why they
picked me for a medic. God knows.

Snap of a finger and just like that,
you're a medic.

I've had enough playing doctor.

Hey, how about you?

Take cover!

Cease fire! Cease fire, goddamn it!

I don't understand.
It was our own planes.

C-47s. They're bringing supplies.
It's a drop. It's a drop. Come on!

All right, you help the doc.
The rest of you, come with me.

-Someone give us a hand here.

-Coming through.

This one through here.

The artery, we gotta find the artery.



Where does she come from?

The black girl.

The Congo.

How'd she get here?

Just like me. She came to help.


Your hands.

My hands?

You're a good nurse.

No. I never want to treat
another wounded man again.

I'd rather work in a butcher's shop.

But your touch calms people.

-That's a gift from God.
-No, it's not a gift.

God would never give
such a painful thing.

Nurse! Nurse!

We need some help over here.

-Got shrapnel though the stomach.
-How bad is it?

Okay, get this one in first.

-Now we know how they felt.
-What? Who?

The legionnaires. When they watched
the Huns. Goths, the Visigoths.

Visigoths? Jesus Christ.

They came right through here.

Right through these trees. Sweeping
down to burn the shit out of Rome.

That's a hell of a long ride.

So, what's college like, Buck?

You can study with cheerleaders
running fingers through your hair?

Hell, Babe, I can't even remember.

-Hey, it's doc.
-Sergeant. Heffron. Lieutenant.

Wrap up.

Never calls anybody by their nickname.

-He once called me Edward.
-Is that right?

-Edward? That's your name?

Funny, you. . . .
You don't look like an Edward.

Hey, doc. It's gonna get busy, pal.

Hold your fire.
Don't let them draw you out.

-Stay ready, boys.
-What do we hit those things with?

Hold your fire. Get ready, Walter.

Stay in your holes, guys.

All you 3rd Platoon, you stay ready!

-Smokey's hit.

Hey, Gene, let's go.
Come on, let's go!

Okay, go!



-Hi, Mo.
-I'm keeping it for you.

-I can't feel my legs.

-My foxhole. Get the plasma, now!
-Here they come!

-Yeah, I got it. Go!
-Machine guns, open fire!

Sergeant Lipton!

Doc, we gotta get the hell
out of here.

Hey, come on. Stay with us, Smokey.
Stay with us!

Doc, we gotta get the hell
out of here!

You ready? All right, go!

-Stop. We gotta stop.
-All right.

-Take the plasma.
-All right.

Come on, Walter.
Come on, buddy.

-Hurry. I gotta get back to the line.
-Okay, okay.

-Yeah, buddy?

-You're standing on my hand.
-Sorry, pal.

Look, I'll get you
another Purple Heart for it.

Hey, give us a hand!
I got you a ride, doc.


Give it here.
Okay, put him here.

Where's his tag? Where's his tag?
What's wrong with him?


He's paralyzed. Can't feel a thing.

In the name of the Father, of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.



-Are you...?
-Renee, I need some help here.

Are you all right?

Here you go, man.

One for the doc.

They're having a Christmas dinner
of turkey and hooch at Division CP.

Damned if I don't like Joe Domingus'
rancid-ass beans better.

-Hello, Easy Company.
-Hello, sir.

General McAuliffe sent a message.
Thought your people'd like to hear it.

That's your prerogative, sir.

Men. . .

. . .General McAuliffe wishes us all
a "Merry Christmas. "

"What's merry about all this, you ask?
Just this:

We've stopped cold
everything that's been thrown at us. . .

. . .from the North, East,
South and West.

Two days ago, the German commander
demanded our honorable surrender. . .

. . .to save the U.S.A. encircled troops
from total annihilation.

He received the following reply.

'To the German commander: Nuts!'

We're giving our country and loved
ones a worthy Christmas present. . .

. . .and taking part in
this gallant feat of arms. . .

. . .we are truly making for ourselves
a Merry Christmas. "

-Merry Christmas and God bless you.
-Nuts, sir!



Picture of my girl.

Good-looking broad, Buck.

She's. . . .

She's finished with me.


Yeah. She's. . . .

Just in time for Christmas, huh?

Just in time for Christmas.

Shit, I almost forgot.

-"Lucky Strikes means fine tobacco. "
-Where'd you get those?

Merry Christmas, fellas.
You gotta thank jolly old "Saint Luz. "


Here you go, Penk.

I am shaking so goddamn much,
I feel like I'm dancing.

Here you go, buddy.
There you go.

-Frank, what are you doing?
-It's Christmas, Pee Wee.

-Yo, Frank.
-What is it?

-Lemon powder snow cone.

Merry fucking Christmas.


-Fire's not a good idea.
-Just a couple of minutes.

-We're in a dell.
-A dell?

Like where fairies and gnomes live?

I swear I thought
I could smell a fire.

I did smell a fire.
Are you out of your mind?

No, we're in a dell.

-Put out the fire.


I need an A-jeep to 2nd Battalion CP.

-Stay still, Harry.
-Peacock, put that out!

Medic! Roe!



-Come on, doc.
-Is he hurt?

-I don't know.

We gotta go.

-Get up. The captain's yelling.

Okay, get up. Not okay, lie down.

Come on, move. Jesus Christ.
My hand. My goddamn hand!



Stay still, Harry.

-It's just a scratch, Harry.
-Jeep's on its way. Hang tough.


-Give him some morphine.

-Opposite thigh.

Elevate his head.

Get him up.

There you go, soldier, take that.

Eugene, get yourself into town.
Get a hot meal.

Get out quick!

Clear the road!

Get out quick!

-Stay out of there!
-Are you nuts?

Medic! Get your ass out here!

Come on!

Report, every hour,
on the hour, on the radio. . .

. . .or I don't know
where the hell you are.

Everything okay?


-Hey, how'd you do that?

You did that.

I'll fix it up.

Hey, Gene, you called me "Babe. "

I did? When?

Just now.


I guess I did.


Heffron, watch the goddamn line.

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