Bancroft (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

Deserted by her allies, Elizabeth enters a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Elizabeth drives her full force into her private investigations, determined.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I killed Michael and Susan Connors.

Both of them.
They deserved to die!

Before you go down for 30 years
for this girl,

you need to know that
Annabel is not defending you!

We're releasing her on police bail.

Annabel had a strong influence
over Charlotte.

How much did they steal?

Just under £10,000.

Thought about what I asked?

I'll talk to the Chief Constable

Bancroft did for Mrs Kamara,
I know it.

I just can't prove it.


It's done.

They found the murder weapon,

a croquet mallet
from the Connors' garden.

It's got Joe's fingerprints
all over it.


Don't bother.

You stop this, all right?
Just stop it.

It's a free country.
I can park where I like.

You've been here every day.

Leave my sister alone.

I'm here to check you're sticking to
your bail agreement, Annabel.

I feel sorry for you.

The trauma you've suffered.

Fired after what,
25 years of service?

I'm on sick leave.

And on top of that,
having to accept Joe's a murderer.

I don't accept it.

You're his mother.

It must be hard to see it.

I've never seen more clearly
in my life.

I see you, Annabel.

Let's go.

Come on.

OK, listen up, everybody.

As you know, a Missing Persons Team
has been on the case

for the last four days.

They've established that
DS Andy Bevan was last seen here,

in this station,
at 15:32 on Thursday.

After that, nothing.

When a colleague disappears,
we all need to pull together.

If anyone has any information,

relay it to the team.

Or if you feel
there's something confidential,

my door's always open.

Thank you.

All you've gotta do is a satellite
trace on his burner phone.

"All"? Dad!

I couldn't do that from home.

I'd have to do it from work,

It could tell us
what his last movements were.

He disappeared on 31st January
in the afternoon.


I've done this for you once.

I'm not doing it again.

No, you're right.

It's too much to ask.

Don't worry about it.

I'll have to find
someone else to help me.

Mind you, these people, they can be
quite unscrupulous, can't they?

Could shop me.

All this, how does it help?

If we're going with the assumption
that Annabel did it...

The night of the murder,
there's too much going on.

She goes up there,
she kills Michael and Susan,

disposes of evidence,
dumps the vehicle, sets Joe up...


Annabel has a history
of using patsies.

When she did the fraud at school,
she did it with another girl.

It's the same pattern here.

She didn't murder her parents
on her own.

Dear Lord, thank you
for all my loved ones,

seated around this table.

Thank you for the food
you've provided for us this day.

And thank you for
the Christmas season,

when we can find joy
in the birth of Jesus Christ.


ALL: Amen.

Dig in, everyone.

What's in the stuffing?

You ever played, Joe?


Bloody terrible game.

Annabel's good at it.

Yeah. She's good at everything.

You're head over heels, aren't you?

I've never met anyone like her.

You might think you love her,

but she's not the right person
for you.


I don't know how to.

Come on. I'll teach you.

Croquet on Christmas Day
is a family tradition.

Everything I thought about her
was wrong,

every single thing
that she told me was a lie.

I even confessed for her.
How could I have been so stupid?

Well, if you're like that,
it's easy to trick people.

Now we've got to go through
every bit of evidence,

to try and find out
how she set you up.

I think she drugged me,
the night of the murder.


Yeah, I was so out of it,
the next day.

I was coming down from something,
but it wasn't weed.

That would have allowed her
to plant the trainers.

What about the murder weapon?

The mallet had my fingerprints on it

because she gave it to me
at Christmas.


She's been planning this
for quite some time.

Can you think of anyone
that could have helped her,

like a friend, or an ex-boyfriend?

I think that she had an accomplice.

There was no-one she was close to.

I didn't really ask about

There was a friend
from school, Charlotte.

Mm-hm, Charlotte Clay.

I'm going down for this, aren't I?

No, you're not! Not if I've got
anything to do with it.

She was always in control.
She'd plan everything.

Did she write any of her plans down?
Not really.

Did she keep stuff?
What do you mean?

Could she have kept any evidence?
No, she threw things away.

Most things, anyway.

She kept her scrubs.
She had a thing for blood.

What do you mean?

She liked it.


Where does she keep those scrubs?

We've got a witness to the disposal
of the murder weapon.

A young male, walking his dog,
sees a van pull up,

woman gets out,
chucks the mallet in the skip.


He hasn't picked her out
from any of the photographs.

And he believes there was
a second person in the vehicle.

Well, it wasn't Joe.

I'm just being straight with you.

We're still working on the
assumption they did this together.

What if she did it
with somebody else,

but it wasn't Joe?

Who then?

Joe told me that Annabel
has a fetish for blood.

Erm, it turns her on.

She's got a locker at the hospital
where she keeps her bloody scrubs.

I'll check it out.

What if she kept the clothes
she did the murder in?

That's a huge risk.

For Annabel, this is a game.

It's all about the risk. The thrill.

It's all part of the fun.

If you wanna catch her,

you've gotta try and understand her.

So, Andy Bevan ended up here?

Yeah, his burner phone
pinged in the centre of three masts,

which locates him there.

Talk about destroying the evidence.

Right, right, shush, shush, shush,
everybody, shush, please!

Cliff has been in this service
for 30 years now.

And as well as teaching us all
to play chess

and telling us what to read
on our holidays...

Is that all I'm good for, is it,
book reviews and chess tips?

I was about to say,
that we have all felt

that we could go to you
if we had a problem.

Cliff, you're as straight as a die,
and we're really gonna miss you.

To Cliff, everybody.


Good turn-out.

Any excuse for a drink.

And to distract
from Bevan's disappearance.

Anything new, Ma'am?

Come on.
I'm hardly going to leak, am I?

I'm only here for one more day.

We got a tip off
from a registered informant.

He heard a man boasting
that he works at a crematorium,

and he'd roasted a copper
out of hours.

The burners at the crematorium
were on all night on the 31st.

We're sifting through the ash,
but it's going to be a long job.

Anything survive incineration?

Hip bones and teeth, apparently.

The coppers believed the crematorium
information you gave them.

It's all there.


Yeah. It's a reunion,
for the leavers of 2011.

We're still trying to get hold of
Charlotte Clay.

Yeah, that's right. She left
just before her A-levels, actually,

at the same time as Annabel Connors.

Six sets of scrubs,
all blood-stained.

Why would she keep them
in her locker?

Get them to forensics.

You never know, we might find
a match to Michael Connors.

OK, yeah, not to worry.

If you do hear from her,

I wonder could you get her
to give me a call?

Thank you, that's very helpful.

Thank you, bye.

What? What did she say?

She bumped into Charlotte
at a Christmas fair.

Charlotte makes furniture.

Her married name
is Charlotte Hampton.

She kept her card.

It has her address on it.

These are from her locker as well?

Do a check on her.

Let's bring her in.

Be careful.


Are you Charlotte Hampton?
Yeah, that's me.

I thought this was your show room.

No, that's in town.

Do you mind if I look around,
now that I'm here? Course not.

Thank you.

So, how long you been going?
Three years.

What are you looking for?

Erm, a new dining room table.

Oh, we do them all to spec,
so you can have whatever you like.

Sorry, it's a bit of a mess.

A bit short on storage, aren't you?

We had our van stolen a week
or so ago.

Means we can't shift anything.

I've got some samples inside.

The catalogue's a bit out of date,
but you'll get an idea.

Sorry about the mess.

Argh! Get off me!

Did you drive the van for Annabel?
Did you go in the house with her?

Help her murder her parents?
Maybe you got off on that.

What? It was nothing to do with me!

Who are you?

That doesn't matter. Just talk.

I can't, she'll...

I'll protect you,
don't worry about her.

She said she needed the keys
to the van,

that I shouldn't tell anyone.

That if I did she, she'd...

All that stuff at school,
it would ruin me if people knew.

Yeah, well, you stole 10,000 quid,
didn't you?

We paid it back.

No, your parents paid it back.

Bet Michael Connors was furious.

Did he punish Annabel?

How did you know?

What did he do to her?

He hit her with a belt.

He was a horrible man.


OK, so, she takes the van,

you know why she's taken it

and you don't think it's a good idea
to go to the police?

She said if I did, she'd hurt me.

Is there anyone else
she's close to apart from you?

Come on, Charlotte!

Her brother.

What, Martin?

No, she thought he was an idiot.


Tell me about Adam and Annabel.

They were, they were close.

He'd had a tough time
when he was young.

She had too.

You know, her mother dying.


He'd take us out from school.

He seemed cool.

Come on, Charlotte.

Come on. What happened?

You can tell me.

He took us out one Sunday.

He took us to the Lodge.

There's a cellar there.

It's kind of like
their secret place.

They got me stoned.

Started messing around
with each other.

Got me to join in.

She's in a sexual relationship
with her step-brother.

'And listen to this.'

After the fraud at the school,

Michael Connors beat Annabel
with a belt.

He was a right bastard to her.

Who told you all this?

'Annabel's friend Charlotte Clay.'

I'm bringing her in.
You shouldn't have spoken to her.

Adam helped Annabel kill Michael
and Susan. I am sure of it.

You need to stop. If this is true,
they could be dangerous.


Apparently the relationship
between Adam and Annabel

has been going on a while.

I don't believe it.

Whoever this Charlotte is,
she's got it wrong.

Did Adam get on OK with your mum?

They got on fine.

Fine. Is that all?

We were grateful to her.


Martin, why grateful?

We were small kids
when she took us in.

We'd been in different foster homes.

She got us back together.

You and Adam were adopted?


By Susan.


I didn't know.

So what was it like
when she married Michael?

It was OK. He was...

He was OK to us.

And Adam got on with him?

Of course!

He gave him a job in the business,
didn't he? He liked Adam.

If Annabel and Adam were together,
she'd tell me.

She tells me everything.

She wouldn't lie to me, would she?

Where are they now, Martin?

It's turn-around day at the lodge.






Again, Adam.

The thing about this place

is you can see a car coming
from miles away.

We saw yours.

And it's not like
I didn't recognise it.

You've been stalking me in it
for days!

But still, I didn't think
you'd just walk in.

No, actually, break in.

What is that? Arrogance?
A superiority complex?

Whatever, it's fucking stupid.

People know I'm here.

What people?

Your friend Charlotte.

Charlotte's a drip.
She won't let on.

And anyway, even if people
did know you were coming,

no-one saw you arrive,
apart from me and Adam.

What happens to you down here,

it's going to stay our secret.

We didn't plan for you.

We picked Joe well.

We'd been looking for someone
for ages, and he fit brilliantly.

He was so messed up
about the old girlfriend.

So easy to set up.

And then there was you.

The one thing
he didn't tell me about.

His mum, the copper.

Adam, you stop this now,
I can get you a plea bargain.

You don't get it.

We've planned this together.

You didn't have it in you
to kill Michael. I've seen the tape.

And did Annabel drown Susan,
or was that you?

We did it together.


She was a boring, annoying woman.

And she drank too much.
They both did.

It was disgusting.

Your dad wouldn't give you
the trust fund money, would he?

You do know that, don't you, Adam?
He knows.

Don't try and turn us
against each other. It won't work.

The thing people don't get

is that killing
isn't about being angry or upset

or wanting to get back at people.

It's about being bored,
or annoyed,

or having to get rid of someone
who's in your way.

Which is why I'm going to kill you.

Unzip her hoody.

Yeah, lift up her jumper.

I am making a cut
at the fifth intercostal muscle

on the left side.

No, stay still,
or I might cut the aorta.

Hardly hurts at all, does it?

But you're bleeding internally,
as well as externally.

As the blood fills
the pericardial sac

around your heart,
you'll go into cardiac tamponade.

I'd say you'll be dead
in about...

..55 minutes.

We'll bury her on the moors.


No, animals might find her.

We'll put her down here somewhere.

She'll smell.

Not if we dig a deep enough hole.

We'll put her in the coal cellar.

What about all this blood?

What are you going to do about that?

You like the feel of it
on your skin, don't you Annabel?

That doll, is it yours?

From the day your mother died?

Well done, Elizabeth. Top marks.

I bet you got covered in it too,
didn't you?

Most children would have run away,
but not you.


I wonder...

..if my blood will feel the same
as hers?

What were you doing
when your father found you?

I was making pictures.

He was horrified, wasn't he?

Didn't want to take you to see
a psychologist.

Frightened of what
they might diagnose.

A child who plays
in her mother's blood!

He couldn't look at you.

Couldn't bear to be near you.

So he sends you away
to boarding school.

Holds back your money.

Warns nice boys like Joe
against you.

And every time he looks at you... can just see it in his eyes.



It just gets so... annoying.

Your words, Annabel.



So you killed him.

You're so clever.

So fucking clever.


It's no use running, Elizabeth!

You're bleeding out, remember?

Get away!

You're gonna die down here,

Hey, Elizabeth.

Fun fact about blood.

Did you know it makes up
about seven percent

of the weight of the human body?

So you're going to die lighter
than when you woke up this morning.

Cool, eh?

Mummy's blood was really dark.

I know why now. It was deoxygenated.

But then, it was this black liquid
pumping out of her.

I put my hand on her neck,
tried to stop it.

She died looking at me.

I didn't know what to do.

That's why I started playing.

So, you're right,
that Daddy found me in the blood.

Made me pray every day
to wash away my sins.

I felt bad enough anyway.

He didn't need to make it worse.


You wouldn't kill me.

Are you sure about that?

Just do it.

Just fucking do it!


Thank you.

When did they release you?

You've been unconscious
for nearly three days.

I just can't believe
that Annabel and Adam...


Don't think about it.

How are you?

I'm OK.

I'm gonna be OK.

Where are you staying?

He's with me.

Well, you know, you can come home.
Your old room's still there, so...

Yeah. I'm gonna stay with Gran
for the moment.

I will come and see you.

It's just I need to get my shit

and it will be easier at Gran's.


Whatever works for you.

Listen, Doctor,
it's been long enough.

Look, I can walk, I can talk.

I can probably
run a bloody marathon.

Just let me out.

One more day.

I am going mad in here.

You've got enough people
coming to see you.

Your police colleague
was very insistent.

What colleague?

Got some reading to keep you amused.

Look at you.

So there was enough evidence, then?

We got the belt,
found the bloodied clothes and shoes

in the cellar room, with a match
to Michael's blood on them.

Charlotte Hampton's admitted

she gave Annabel
the keys to the vehicle.

The video is a confession in itself.

CPS are confident they can convict
both Adam and Annabel.

Thank God for that.

It's down to you.

Well, you'd have got there
in the end.

Sure, without a bullet
in my shoulder,

and you ending up half dead.

Well, I was in a hurry.

We can't credit you
with any involvement.

I don't want to give the defence
anything to play with.

I don't want any credit.

I got Joe out of prison,
That's all that matters.

How's he doing?

Yeah, he's good, he's good.

Yeah, he will be.

And you?

Never better.

Annabel told me she goaded you,

saying you wouldn't kill her.

And you said, "You sure about that?"

I was just trying to scare her.

That's all?

I didn't kill her, did I?

No, you didn't.

But death seems to follow you.

What does that mean?

I'm not sure, to be honest.

Well, just drop it, then.

Well, the thing is,
I find that I can't.

You can't what?

It's all part of the same thing,

but I find I can't stop
thinking about you.

# For she's a jolly good fellow

# For she's a jolly good fellow

# For she's a jolly good fellow

# And so say all of us. #


Welcome back, Guv. Welcome back.

My God!

Here you go. Get this down you.

What are you like?

Are you off sick leave now?

What sick leave, eh?

The Chief Constable
wants to see you.

OK, sure, grab hold of that.

And you...


Morning, Frances.

Elizabeth Bancroft,
I'm arresting you

for conspiracy to murder
Detective Sergeant Andrew Bevan.

What? What are you talking about?

You do not have to say anything
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention something
you later rely on in court.

Wait, is this a joke?

Superintendent Walker
found your burner phone.

I came to the hospital.

You were sleeping so peacefully.

You searched my stuff?

I was half dead.

I'd been attacked
by a couple of psychos.

I wouldn't bandy that word around.
Fuck off, Cliff.

Look, all right, listen,
I admit it,

I was running Daanish
as an informer,

and Andy Bevan was helping me.

I trusted you, Elizabeth,
believed in you.

You wanted the drug figures down
and that's how we did it, all right?

But I have got nothing to do with
Andy's disappearance.


His DNA's been found
in the crematorium.

Your phones revealed how much
you were in contact with Kamara

the night he was killed.

Cliff has had it in for me
for years.

OK? This is fucking bullshit.

I mean, why would
I want Andy Bevan dead?

He was blackmailing you.

Where are you even getting
this information, Cliff?

We offered a deal,

and Daanish Kamara's been much more
helpful than you'd imagine.

Daanish is lying. He's lying!

Tell it to a lawyer.

You would believe a criminal's word
over mine,

after everything I have
done for this force?

You're the criminal!

You're lying, corrupt and depraved.

You're a cold blooded killer.

Fuck you, Cliff!

Fucking get off!

I'm fucking gonna kill you!

Why wouldn't you just leave it,

Why wouldn't you just leave it?

Get the fuck off me!

What you staring at?

Get off me!

CHANTING: Pig! Pig! Pig! Pig!