Bancroft (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

With the evidence around the Connors' murders building, Harper and the team are met with conflicting accounts.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Two dead.
Michael Connors and his wife Susan.

Michael had one daughter from a
previous wife who died. Annabel.

I reckon you're controlling
the drug flow for this entire area.

It's my mum supplying the drugs.
She's out for revenge.

She wants a war,
she's going to get one.

Why didn't you phone the police?
I know I should have!

Are they considering Annabel?

Nothing points to her.

I think there's something
really off about her. That's pretty.

Just some bit of old rubbish.
Had it for years.

Dad let me sleep in his bed.

Any bare skin he could find...

So we've got Joe, Annabel
and a gun all missing?

We're checking out her flat today

and a few other properties
Michael Connors owned.

Size 8. Could be Joe Bancroft's.

I'm sorry, but you can't go round
there, ma'am.

This place is now a crime scene.
I need you out.

At this stage of the investigation,
we're very anxious

to trace Dr Annabel Connors,

'Michael Connors' daughter.

'She was last seen at
the Thistle and Rose Hotel

'with her fiance Joe Bancroft

'on Monday night.

'Anyone with any information
regarding Joe and Annabel

'should contact the police

'Do not approach them directly.'

MAN: 'Are Annabel Connors
and Joe Bancroft suspects?'

'They're key persons of interest
to the investigation.'

WOMAN: 'What involvement

'does Detective Chief Superintendent
Bancroft have in the investigation?'

'None. I report directly to
Chief Constable Holland.'

What the hell was that, out there?

Look, you're not across this.
I know what I'm doing.

You could have at least given me
the heads-up before going public.

Why would I? I can't trust you.

You inveigled your way into Annabel
and Joe's flat,

into what turned out to be
a major crime scene.

You put this whole case on the line.

Have you actually got anything
that puts Joe in the Connors house?

Annabel could have been wearing
those trainers,

this whole thing could be a setup!

It's not just the trainers.

The phone company pinged
Joe's work phone.

It was in the vicinity of the
Connors house

the night of the murder.

You wanna help Joe?

Get him a lawyer.

The best you can find.


Get the fu...

What d'you think you're playing at?

I'm fucking sick of you and
Bancroft telling me what to do!

You've got this club,

she gets the glory.

Meanwhile, I'm covering
for both of you.

My mum's onto us! When you come
in here, you need to be discreet.

What I need...

is some more coke.

I'll have some sent to your house.

Get off home.

Did anyone clock who he was?

No, I kicked him straight out.

But he's getting too unpredictable.

Just don't need this right now, I...

If I've got any chance
of protecting Joe,

I've got to keep my position
at work.

I know who threw the acid at you.

He used to work for me.

I want to kill him.

We don't need any more trouble.

Besides, it's your mum
who's the problem.

Do you really think that she'd grass
you out?

No question.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, well...

I got over it.

A long time ago.

Stay at the club tomorrow.

I'll be in touch.



Hello, Elizabeth.

'Anyone with any information
regarding Joe and Annabel

'should contact the police

'Do not approach them directly.'

MAN: 'Are Annabel Connors
and Joe Bancroft suspects?'

'They are key persons of interest
to the investigation.'

WOMAN: 'What involvement does

'Detective Chief Superintendent
Bancroft have in the investigation?'


'I report directly to
Chief Constable Holland.'



Hi. Yes, I think I saw
that young couple on the news.

In the woods near Willowside.


Well, I heard them
before I saw them.

They were shooting at birds.
The boy had a gun.

Thank you for letting me stay.

No problem. Though you probably
should have told me you were coming.

If I did, you would have put me off.

No, I wouldn't, Mum.

Um, I was going to ring you
about Joe.

It's just it's been very busy.

It was on the news again
this morning.

He looks so different
in the pictures.

What do the police want him for,

I think they just need him to answer
some of their enquiries.


Person of interest? Doesn't that
mean they want to arrest him?

No, not necessarily.
Are you sure?

Look, I'll give you a call

if anything new comes up.

I've got to get to work now
and you should be getting home,

so I'll ring you a cab.

Why did he run away
if he didn't do anything?

Because he's bloody stupid!

And his girlfriend's
a manipulative bitch.

Oh, so you think that
she was the one

that got him into this trouble?

Yes, that's what I think.

Great to know you've got faith
in him, Mum. I do. I DO.

I just...
Just what?

What can I do to help?

Honestly, just...

Just go home and let me get on
with this, OK?

Can't I stay?

Please? Just until they find him?




What are you doing?

What does it look like?


Where's that come from?

Oh, I found it.

At the bottom of my bag.

I thought we could have some fun,

as it's our last day.

You're late.

Um, change of plan.

We're not going to pick up
Mrs Kamara any more.

We're going to bring Daanish in
instead. Why?

Well, we need to put a bit of
distance between us and Daanish

and, er, you said that Walker
was sniffing about...

Does Daanish know about this? Yeah,
yeah. I spoke to him last night.

Why am I only finding out now?

All right, everybody.

Listen up.

Let's have your attention, please.

Today, this new force...

..means business.

We've got a lot to do, so I'm going
to need all of your focus, OK?

So what we have is

faces of the drug scene,
past and present. This afternoon,

we turn them over
in simultaneous raids.

I will act as Gold Commander, OK?

Now, I'll come and brief you
individually in your teams, right?

But for now, we go in hard,
we go in fast,

at 4pm today, all right?

Thanks, all. Cheers, Chief.

I see Mrs Kamara is no longer
on the board.

But Daanish is.

Why's that?
He's a person of interest.

Like you said, Highwater
was his backyard.


I just wanted to talk to you
about Jake Harper.

The press conference he did
on the Connors case,

it was well out of line.

He ran every word of it by me.


you can't afford to be sentimental
about family ties.

You need to play things by the book.

We're talking about my son.

There's been a development.

Whatever comes down the line,
don't let it derail you.

Especially today.




Is it true there's a lead
on Joe and Annabel?

Where d'you hear that?

Please, just tell me if you're
going to bring them in today.

Honestly, guv,
there's no new leads.

As soon as we find them,
you'll know.

Was that Bancroft?


I know it's hard to lie to her.

But she can't know about
any of this.

Especially if there's a firearm


I'd like to thank our parents

for fucking us up
so that we could meet!

That's gonna be my wedding speech.
If we ever have a wedding.

I swear we will.

Where will we live?

Fuck knows.
Some fucking mansion somewhere.

And we'll have children!

We'll look after them properly.

We won't do bad things to them
like our parents have done to us.


If I end up in prison...

Then I'll wait for you, however long
it takes. Well, you mustn't.

Cos I won't survive it.

I won't ever come out.

What are you talking about?

Dying wouldn't be that hard.

Sometimes I think my mum's just
waiting for me... Don't say that.

But someone has to pay, Joe.

Not always.

And I won't let you go to prison.

Cos I'll do anything to protect you.



This is Gold, all units
are in position, standing by.

OK. Unit six, ready to go.


All units strike, strike, strike.

Police! Go, go, go!
Armed police!


Armed police!
Go! Go! Go!

Daanish Kamara, you're under arrest.

Move, come on. Let's go.





I think we need to have
a little talk.

Since the moment you got back,

you've made it impossible
for me to ignore you.

Got my attention.

What is it you want?

I wanted you out of the way.

Since that failed...

..I could settle for a deal.

These are my terms.


I think I heard something outside.

Can you go and have a look?

Please, Joe, now!

NOW, Joe.

I can't see anything.

Joe Bancroft.

Don't shoot, don't shoot,
don't shoot! Ahh!

Don't shoot!

My name is Detective Superintendent
Jake Harper.

No sudden movements.

Hands behind your head.

I'm going to walk slowly
towards you,

do you understand?

Do you have a firearm
on your person?

No, no.

In the caravan?

There's no gun!

Armed police!

Show me your hands.

Walk towards me.

Face the door.

Joe Bancroft, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of the murders

of Michael and Susan Connors.

Annabel Connors,
I'm also arresting you

on suspicion of the murders of
Michael and Susan Connors.

No, I haven't done anything!


Joe, help me!


Please! Help, Joe!


I'm innocent!

I haven't done anything!

Sounds interesting.


..question is,

do I really wanna help you?

I've had acid thrown in my face... put shit drugs out
on the street...

..nearly started a gang war...

If there was gonna be a deal,
it would have to be on my terms.

I'm listening.

I don't think you're gonna
like them.


Daanish Kamara's flagged to you
on the system.

You've been running him as an
unregistered informant, haven't you?

But then his mum comes back,

risks your little arrangement

and hey presto, she's dead.

But Daanish, he's got an alibi,

cos YOU brought him in.

I don't have a clue
what you're on about.

Bancroft's got to you.

You're protecting a drug dealer.

You're in this up to your neck, so
when Daanish or Bancroft asks you

to chuck an old lady
out of a window... can't say no.
I didn't go near her.

Well, if you didn't...

..and Daanish couldn't...

..then Bancroft did.



Don't go out!

Stay put.






I'm getting you a lawyer.
Don't talk to anyone

until she gets here.
I don't need a lawyer.

You said you'd help me.
If I get sent down for this,

I need you to get me out
as quick as possible.

You're not gonna get sent down.
But if I do.

Look, whatever you're thinking,

You're head of the force, can break
every rule. Doesn't work like that.

You're telling me you haven't broken
rules before? This is different.

If you were using your brains,
you'd know that. Is this Annabel?

Annabel's been through enough shit.
You've got to stop protecting her.

Like I did Katherine? This has
nothing to do with Katherine!

Of course it does.

You don't get that,
then you don't get anything.

It's time you paid.

It's time we both paid.

Joe! I wanna talk to someone!

I wanna talk to someone NOW!

Guv! You can't be in here.

Do you wanna keep your job?

Do ya? 'Interview with Joe Bancroft,
conducted by DSI Jake Harper.

'DS Morris in attendance.

'Joe, I believe

'you have a statement
you want to read.'

"I, Joe Bancroft, would like
to give a full admission

"as to the murders of Michael
and Susan Connors."


My advice?

Take a moment.
"I killed Michael

"and Susan Connors - both of them.

"They deserved to die."

You must be relieved
to get that off your chest?

So what happens now? Is that it?

We take some details about the night
of the murder.

I don't remember much, I was stoned.

I'm sure we can
fill in the pieces together.

For instance,
how did you get to the house?

I drove up there.

You drove?

You don't have a car, though,
do you? I took Annabel's.

And why did you decide
to go to the house, Joe?

I wanted to talk to Michael. He was
trying to break up Annabel and me.

And what happened when you arrived?

Michael was pissed.

He wouldn't listen to me yet.

He went for me, I tried to push him
away, but he came back at me.

I panicked. I grabbed something,

hit him with it.

It was self defence.

Hit him with what?

Erm... I don't remember.

How many times?

Don't remember.

And what about Susan?


Yeah, I killed her, too.

Are you certain it was
that way round, Joe?

You killed Michael and then Susan?

Why did you do that, Joe?

She hadn't done anything to you.

She was a bitch to Annabel.

She always supported Michael.

Where was Susan when you found her?

Upstairs, in the bath.

And how exactly did you kill her?

I don't remember.

You don't remember much.

'Then what happened?'

'I ran downstairs,
ran out the house.'

'Same way you came in?'

'Yes. Through the front.
Drove away.'

'Where to?'
'Annabel's flat.'

You must have been covered in blood?

Your shoes, your clothes?

I washed them.

Was Annabel awake when you got back?


No, er... Annabel slept through
the whole thing.

I didn't tell her what I'd done.

This has nothing to do with her.

What are you doing?

Get me DSI Harper.

Guv, you can't come in here.

You might have fooled everyone else,
but you haven't fooled me.

Admit this now and it'll go easier
for you. I have nothing to admit.

Joe didn't kill your parents,
you did! Joe's confessed?

He wants to be a hero!

My God, he killed them?

I'm going to prove that you did it.
He killed Susan?

Don't you play-act...
He killed Daddy?

Don't you DARE!

Out! Now! OUT!




Or I'm arresting you for attempting
to pervert the course of justice.

She has put him up to this,

it is a false confession!

We'll ascertain what's false and
what isn't.

Joe didn't even know
that Michael had been whipped.

He didn't know how Susan died! He
said he came through the front door,

the assailant came through the back!
You think I haven't worked that out?

Throw out the confession!

Stop telling me how to conduct
this investigation!

You're not just risking your job,
you're risking mine, too!

And then who's going to find out
the truth about what happened here?

Do I really need to do this?

I thought she had more control.
It's a tough situation.

It's time to charge Joe Bancroft.

We're not ready, Chief.

Everybody's looking at us.

We need a conviction.

The Connors were high-profile. He's
confessed, what more do you need?

The confession makes me question
the whole case against him.

He's the son of a copper?

Maybe he's given an inaccurate
confession to do just that.

Thanks for coming, everyone.

Erm... as you may know,

my family situation is, erm...

putting me under a great deal of
stress, so...

..I just feel that at the moment,
I can't give you

the leadership that you require

and deserve.

So I will be taking leave,

with immediate effect.

Now, I want to be
absolutely clear...

..this is 100% my decision.

No-one else's.

It's a letter of apology to DS
Potter for my regrettable behaviour.

And this is from the doctor.

You have been busy.

You'll be lucky to come back
from all of this.

I've supported you in the past.

I won't do so again.
No, I don't expect you to.

You could have gone
right to the top.

I can't say I'm not
extremely disappointed.



Thank you for what you said
up there.

You hold Joe's future in your hands,
I need the force to get behind you.

Why would he give
a false confession?

Because Annabel's manipulating him.
She's a...

sociopath, psychopath,
whatever you want to call it.

She has no history
of mental disturbance.

She comes from a wealthy,
middle-class family

who were good at covering it up.

She was distraught when she heard
about Michael and Susan.

She lies well.

I mean, look at the facts.

She hardly ever saw her father,

he sent her off to boarding school.

Controlled her relationships,
where she lived,

he controlled her money.

Have you checked the inheritance?

I'm chasing it.

You do realise there is no
forensic evidence against her?

Look, she would have planned this
down to the last detail.

If you're clever, and resilient,

and resourceful,

it's amazing what you can
get away with.

Go through the evidence again.

Let's just see if anything
leads to her.


Mrs Kamara didn't seem the type
to throw herself out of a window.

Good news for us, though.

Especially you.

No more attacks.

Do you know what I reckon?

No, Andy, but you're obviously
about to tell me.

You switched those names
on the board on purpose.

You knew Daanish would be
in the nick.

That the club would be empty.

You got her there,

I what?

I what?
You topped her.


Mrs Kamara's case
isn't open and shut.

I could recommend it

to become a murder investigation.

It'd all come out, then.

Us running Daanish,

her standing up to him.

You'd bring yourself down like that?

If I went
to professional standards,

turned myself over as a witness,
I might survive it.

I wouldn't be following your orders.

What do you want, Andy?

Time I was made DI.

Well, I'm not in a position
to do that any more.

You've still got
the Chief Constable's ear.

Sort it.


Shitty little crime.

Carried out by shitty little people.

Bancroft! Miss Bancroft!


Excuse me.

I've got nothing to say.

Excuse me.


Can we have a quote?




They're still questioning him.

They haven't charged him, yet.

Shouldn't you be there with him?

I'm off sick.

If you're sick,
it's the first time in 45 years.

You don't even catch cold.

If I hadn't have signed myself off,
they'd have suspended me.

So, erm... You know...

Least bad option.

Must have been hard to walk away.

He didn't do it.

He didn't kill anyone.

You really believe that there's
no part of him

that could have done this?
Yes. I'm certain.

He's taking the fall for Annabel.


She's just got this hold over him...

All he wants to do is please her.

And hurt me.


What happened between you?

Doesn't matter.

Look, I need to figure Annabel out,
need to do a bit of digging on her

and it's just not going to work,
you being here.

You neither.

With the press camped outside?

They'll never leave you alone.

Why didn't you call your brothers
from the caravan?

Tell them where you were?

I should have, I just...

I was scared that if Joe saw me

make a phone call, he might lose it.



Sorry, I just can't stop thinking...


and Susan, if I'd never met Joe,
none of this would have happened.

Let's put Joe's confession
to one side for the moment.

We want to hear your side
of the story.

How you met Joe, when you introduced
him to your dad, your stepmother.

It's useful for us to have context.

Er... I met him eight months ago,

at the hospital.

He was so sweet!

that's why I fell for him.

I didn't think for a moment
he was violent.

It's interesting to hear you say
he was vulnerable.

Can you help me understand
what you mean by that?

Yeah, he smoked a lot of weed.

No, he had this girlfriend who died,

a policewoman.


He was really messed up about her.

And he said his mother was dead,
too. Dead?

I thought she was going to hit me
in the cells.

She really came at me.

Is that normal with her?

You can understand why
we can't discuss a colleague.

No, of course.

And I'm not going to put in
a complaint about her, I just...

Just want you to keep her
away from me.

She's no longer in the building.

Must be such a terrible situation
for her.

She's taking leave.

So you introduced Joe
to your dad...?

Yeah, in the autumn.

They got on fine at first.

Then Joe lost his job,

moved into my flat,
started getting bad.

Then we got engaged.

Joe and my dad just clashed.

Joe had this thing about
how parents mess you up.

He had so much anger inside him.

You said earlier you had no idea

Joe could be violent.

No, anger doesn't have to be
the same thing as violence.

I think that's why he did it...

Because Dad wouldn't let us marry.

Do you ever think he might have
done it for you?


No, I didn't put any ideas like that
in his head.

I didn't say you put any ideas
into his head.

Do you think you did?

N... No!


your father was trying to stop
your relationship?

You must have been a bit annoyed
about it? Not really.

I knew he'd come round,
we were very close.

So you didn't feel frustrated
by his behaviour towards Joe?

I thought he could have been kinder,

now, I just think...

he saw what Joe was.

How dangerous he was.

When people cry that much,
I stop believing them.

You've been talking to Bancroft.

Why? I don't want her views
influencing us.

You were too tough on Annabel.

Due respect, guv,
you weren't tough enough.

Go on.

She was fishing.

She hooked you.

You told her the guv
had gone on leave.

We arrested all of them.
Kept them in overnight.

We're still holding two people
in custody.

The woman who died at the raided
club, Naila Kamara.

Was her death linked to any
of her son's drug activity?

Doesn't look like it. Accidental.

Are you sure about that?

Bancroft did for Mrs Kamara.

I know it.

And I just can't prove it.

All this, it's destroying you.

Andy Bevan's got a phone.

A burner.


Well, if he's got one,
Bancroft must have one.

That's obviously how they're

If I could get hold of
one of those...

..Andy's might be the easiest...

And then what?

You're the techie.

Intercepting calls is illegal.

It's one thing.

It's all I'm asking.

If you get caught,
you'll go to prison.

I've always played fair.

All my life.

But with Bancroft, playing fair
doesn't work with her.

To catch her...'ve gotta think like her,
you've gotta act like her.

I can't do this any other way.

So take those, right,
and head around...

I really need to get it back to him.

Come on, he'll be leaving
in a minute.



How does it work?

Andy Bevan is texting
only two numbers on this.

Yep. When he contacts
either of them,

your phone will ring.

Yeah, no problem, Dad (!)


Give us five, yeah?

Before you start about Mrs Kamara,

the post-mortem's legit.

Your funeral, Andy, not mine.

When did you last come home?

Bet you can't remember!


Christmas, I think.

You were with Joe.

It was probably about
three years ago.

We've picked up CCTV footage
of a blue van driving at speed

through Downham Village.

As you can see, the number plates
have been obscured.

Does Joe Bancroft have access
to this sort of vehicle?

We're checking.

We need to close on this case.
Joe's confession has holes in it

and I'm still not entirely sure
Annabel Connors isn't involved.

Could it have been her that took
the gun from the lodge?

Maybe. She had access
to the building,

but we didn't find the gun
in the caravan.

We're presently searching
the woods for the gun...

Make sure that's a priority.

Any evidence pointing to her?

This has come in.

Susan Connors' engagement ring.

It was stolen during the murder.
We found it in the caravan.

It ties one of them to the scene
of the crime.

But why would he take it?

To sell it?

No, nothing else was stolen.
It feels specific.

And Annabel did have a motive.

Money from her mother.

Michael's a trustee and he wasn't
letting her anywhere near it.

How much?

Nearly three million.

What if Joe did it?

But under her influence?

It can be difficult to prove.

Both parties always blame
each other.

What if we went down that route
and we couldn't get to convict

either Joe Bancroft
or Annabel Connors?

It would look terrible
for the force.

All due respect, guv,

it's not my job to think of
the political repercussions.

But it is mine.

I'd like an additional 12 hours'
detention time.

As long as you call in the CPS.

Sure you didn't know? I'd remember
if I knocked off my own mum!

Why did Bancroft decide
to arrest you?

She was stressing about a copper
who was onto us.

Why am I not included
in what's happening any more?

What else did you talk about?

Why should I tell you?

Questioning me
like fucking Mastermind!


There's just a lot going on.

I told her about an opportunity.

She didn't go for it.

Bancroft's out of the picture,

What opportunity?

There's a new man.

Works out of Liverpool.

Wants me to go in with him.

But I'll need protection.

I could help if there's enough
in it for me.

He's handing over 500K,

to launder through the club.

I get 10%.

I'll let him get eyes on you.

I'll split it.

When was the last time
someone cooked for you?

I don't live that kind of life.

Just eat when I can, really.

But Joe did, didn't he?

Before he left?
Yeah. Yeah.

Joe did, yeah.

He came to see me.

After he'd moved out of yours.

He was in a state.

A girl had died.


He seemed to think it was because
of him? He was all mixed up.

Mixed up how?

I can't help thinking that maybe
this is all my fault.

Of course it isn't.

But you weren't like other children.

Somehow, I couldn't get through
to you.

I wasn't a good mother.

You were fine.

Kept myself too distant.

You know, sometimes, children and
parents, they just don't get on.

It's just...

You know, it's just the way it is.

I should have tried harder.

But everything that your father
was frightened of,

I began to be frightened of, too.

I'm sorry?

What has this got to do with him?

You never talk about him.

Do you know, you've never even
told me why he left.

Was it my fault? Is that it?

Of course not, you were a baby!

But Joe's different.

You've got him into this trouble.
No, I didn't! I've...

I'm always protecting Joe!

You didn't realise that YOU'RE
the one he needed protecting from.

How dare you?

I know what you are, Elizabeth.

I think I've always known.

How could I not? You're my child.

I know what you're capable of.

Joe's girlfriend that died...

..what happened?


Katherine was digging into my past.

She didn't love Joe.

She was just using him.

To get to me.

I didn't have a choice.

Joe found out.

Oh, the poor boy.

I don't enjoy it.

I don't...

..go looking for it.

It's a necessity.

Things come back at you.

In ways you never thought.



..don't give up on Joe.

Fight Annabel.

Do whatever you have to.


I wasn't headmistress of the school
when Annabel Connors was here.

So you've no knowledge of her
at all, then?

None whatsoever.

Well, one of the other teachers
must remember her?

They're all in morning classes.

Perhaps you could come back
at a more convenient time?

Sorry, this, er...

This picture.

This was taken ten years ago.


I was a house leader.

So you were here when she was here,

This is a murder investigation.

You need to tell me everything
you know about Annabel Connors.

It was the second year
of their "A" Levels.

They both got expelled.

It was a shock.

They were star pupils.

How much did they steal?

Just under £10,000.

I always believed the online fraud
was Annabel's idea.

She had a strong influence
over Charlotte.


Annabel could be charming.

Why is there no police report
on this?

Annabel and Charlotte's parents

paid back the money

and the school persuaded
the girls who'd been defrauded

not to press charges.

So you hushed it up.

It was an extremely difficult
situation, and...

..there were other factors at play.

What other factors?

I looked after Annabel
when she first arrived.

How old was she?


What was she like?


She'd lost her mother,

her father showed no care for her
at all.

I managed to bring her out of
her shell a bit.

Then the stepmother came along.


She was Michael Connors' secretary.

She cared for him and no-one else.

Certainly not Annabel, anyway.

And do you think Annabel
resented that?

Well, if she did,
she didn't show it.

She became very good
at masking her feelings.

She stopped talking to me.

By the end of her time at senior
school, we'd had hardly any contact.

Though that wasn't her version
of events.

What do you mean?

Annabel said if I went to
the police...

..she'd accuse me of sexual abuse.

My career...

my life would have been over.

She threatened and blackmailed
her teacher.

She's a liar, she's a thief.
Why shouldn't she be a murderer?

Chief doesn't want to put Annabel
in front of a jury.

Why not?

She's from a good home.

Good family, she's a doctor.
She has no record.

She presents well.

Chief reckons it will be hard to get
a conviction. CPS agrees with her.

I'm under pressure to charge Joe.

No. No, no, no.
Joe thinks if he goes down,

I can get his sentence shortened.


He's protecting Annabel!

She's spun him a line.

You've got to find out what.

Let's start with some new evidence
that's come in.

We found this in the caravan.

Do you recognise it?


Who does it belong to?

Do you know where it came from?

She has lots of nice jewellery.

This isn't just nice jewellery, Joe.

It's an antique emerald ring.
How often does she wear it?

I don't know.

When did you last see it on her?
I don't know.

It was Susan Connors'
engagement ring.

We believe she was wearing it
when she was murdered.

Her finger was broken
to get it off.

Can you tell us how that came about?

I don't remember.
So you don't remember

taking the ring from Susan's body,
but you do remember the ring?

Yeah, that's right.

And you said it belonged to Annabel.

No... What I meant to say
is that I gave it to Annabel.

Sure that's right, Joe?

Are you sure SHE didn't bring
that ring to the caravan?

Joe, come ON! COME ON!

Before you go down for 30 years
for this girl,

and 30 years it will be,

you need to know
that Annabel is not defending you.

And what would really help us right
now is if you told us the truth.

I have.

When we last spoke, you said that

Susan was a bitch to Annabel
and that she supported Michael.

What did you mean by that?


Annabel said she had a good
relationship with her father.

Susan, too. Come on!

She's just saying that.

So she's lying?

She's got good reason to.
It's hard to talk about.

Did she say that he abused her?

She's accused other people
of sexual abuse. No?

Yeah. Her schoolteacher.

From what we understand,
it was a lie.

No, Annabel wouldn't lie
about something like that.


Let's find out, shall we?

You want a drink of water?
You look like you need one.

ANNABEL: I've been here
for over 24 hours.

Surely your lawyer's
explained to you

that we've extended
your arrest period?

You really expect me to answer
more questions? On no sleep?

Have a breather, why don't you?

I'm sorry if you had a bad night,

but some new evidence
has come through.

Do you recognise this?

Yeah, it's Susan's engagement ring.

Do you know where we found it?

On Susan's finger?

It was in the caravan.

So, Joe must have stolen it.

The thing is, this ring
means nothing to Joe,

but it means a lot to you,
doesn't it? Not really.

This ring belonged to someone else,
didn't it?

Before Susan.

You know anyway, why are you asking?

I'd like to hear you say it.

My mother.

The ring belonged to my mother.

And how did it make you feel

when your father gave that ring
to Susan?

You want me to say I was angry,

"Susan had taken my mother's place.
I despised her."

That would be good, wouldn't it?
Then I'd have motive.

Except it isn't true.

I don't remember my mother.

I was four when she died.

You realise, if everything
you've told us is a fabrication,

it's better for you

if you admit that right now.

Instead of accusing me,

why don't you do your job
and charge Joe?

Except of course,
he's the son of your boss.

That's what this is about, isn't it?

You're biased.

You're defending
that deranged woman.

Did your father at any stage

behave inappropriately towards you,

Did he physically mistreat you?

No, he never hurt me.

Did he sexually molest you?

No, OK?

No, my father did not molest me.

It's disgusting.

He's been dead a week
and you're accusing him of that?

So your relationship
with your father was... good?

He loved me, I loved him.

And you never told Joe that
he abused you?

If he said that, he's a liar.

But Joe was your boyfriend
for eight months.

You're engaged.

Don't you have any feelings
left for him?

I don't know what I ever saw in him.

He killed my father.

I loathe him.


you need to stop thinking about
saving Annabel

and think about saving yourself.

You're in the frame, Joe.
You're in big trouble.

Your shoes,
we found them at the flat.

They had Michael Connors' blood
all over the soles.

I haven't worn them shoes in ages.

The analysis of the work phone
sited it at the Connors' house

the night of the murders.

I lost that phone, I...

When I left the hospital.

The way I see it, there's three
possibilities here, Joe.

Either you did it,

you did it with Annabel,
or you've been set up.

Michael Connors was tortured.


half to death.
That is not self defence, Joe.

You're looking at a double murder
charge. This is life!

Don't think your mum can pull
any strings,

cos these are way too serious, Joe.
Joe, JOE! Did you do this?

Or did you do it with Annabel?
What happened that night?

What happened, Joe?

What happened?
Listen to me!

Joe! JOE!
I didn't do it!

I didn't do it, I didn't do it!

I couldn't kill anyone, I couldn't!

I was just trying to help Annabel.

Who is this guy, anyway?

The less you know, the better.

He's late.

I'm going for a piss.




This new guy Daanish wanted you
to go in with.

Why did you say no?

I didn't like the sound of him.

Why, you're not getting yourself
mixed up with him, are you?

Have you thought about
what I asked you?



I'll talk to the Chief Constable

Is your man not turning up?

Let's get out of here, man.


Took long enough.


Thanks, Janice.

See you later.

Thanks, love.


It's done.

You and I should keep away
from each other from now on.


Yeah, I agree.

What's happening?

They found the murder weapon in
a skip near Annabel and Joe's flat.

Croquet mallet
from the Connors' garden.

It's got Joe's fingerprints
all over it.

CPS have authorised charging Joe.

What about Annabel?

I pushed to charge her,
they refused.

We're releasing her on police bail.

There's just not enough evidence
against her.


Mum! Joe!

Joe! It's my Joe. Joe!