Bancroft (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Katherine and Anya make a determined push to get to the bottom of the Laura Fraser case once and for all. Bancroft plans and executes a massive sting operation against Athif Kamara.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Laura Fraser was young and she was pretty

and she was murdered in her
own home by an intruder.

We will be interviewing internally
for the Chief Super job.

- You should be confident.
- Really?

You said you'd let me run Highwater.

- Did you mean that?
- Yes. Crime doesn't go away,

it just needs to be controlled.

Serbian Mafia. What's
Athif doing with them?

Buying guns.

I want her here in safe
accommodation before Athif gets back.

- Is this it? I'm not moving my son in there.
- We had to move you fast.

It's safe, that's what counts.

I think you ought to know the Laura
Fraser cold case is still open.

- You're lying. Why are you
lying to me? - I'm not.

You and Walker are coming
after me, aren't you?

A firebomb through the window. Athif's MO.

How did he find her?
We've kept it so tight.

Well, somebody talked, didn't they?

OK, so, DS Bevan and DI
Morris are going to take you

to your new accommodation.
Make sure you're safe.

- Where is this new place?
- We'd better not discuss that.

We don't want Athif to be informed again.

Excuse me, are you
saying I informed Athif?

I'd never talk to Athif.
I want him sent down.

What were you doing here, anyway?

You rang me. You said Za was on
her own, that I should come over.

What... I didn't know
you even knew Zaheera.

Don't make this any worse
for yourself by lying.

I came to your house. We discussed it.


I told you about the
cold case. I helped you.

I have no idea what you're talking
about. George, sort that out.

Za, you've got to believe me. I
didn't do this. She set this up.

This is ridiculous. Bancroft
told me to come over. Za!

- OK, stay with her.
- Za!

Everything's fine.
Everything's fine. That's all.

All right.

- Who is it?
- It's Anya.

I come from Highwater.

Athif and I, er, we went out for a bit.

He er... reckoned he owned me.

When I got into college, he flipped.

I never went home.

When you were vetted by the police,
didn't you tell them about that, or what?

- They'd never have given me the
job if I had. - That's not true.

Did Bancroft know about
the Highwater connection?


I told her.

She's set you up.

Why would she do that?

Because she killed Laura Fraser.

She almost admitted it last night.

She murders Laura...

.. then she sets it up
to look like a burglary.

- What's her motive?
- Jealousy.

She's in love with Tim Fraser.

She makes sure she's the first copper on
the scene so they put her on the case,

then she tampers with evidence, and
then she feeds Haverstock's prejudice.

She gets the case closed down.

So do you think she firebombed
Zaheera to drop me in it?

I wouldn't put it past her.

I wouldn't put anything past her.

Rahid could have died. So could Zaheera.

- We can't let her get
away with it. - I know.

- Is Zaheera Kamara all right?
- She's nervous. Daanish is furious.

- If he hated his brother before...
- What's the case against Anya Karim?

She was the only person, apart from
myself, George Morris and Andy Bevan,

who knew where Zaheera was.

- Suspend her.
- I have, pending investigation.

Sir, I need to step up
protection for Zaheera.

- I need a female DS on this.
- Take whoever you want.

- I'll have Katherine Stevens.
- No, no. No!

You've been trying to take her
off my cold cases from the start.

Why would Elizabeth do that?

Stevens is investigating a case
that Elizabeth was on which was...

.. mismanaged.

How long ago was this?

- 27 years.
- What was your role?

WPC seconded to the case.

Well, whatever went wrong, it's
hardly at Elizabeth's door.

You need to get this in perspective.

We've got an arms shipment coming
through, significant arrests to be made.

This is the biggest op this
station has run in years.

It's my priority.

Take Katherine Stevens.

Cliff, wind up the cold cases.
You've got nowhere with them.

Thank you, sir.

My office.

Please, guv. I can't work under Bancroft.

It's not my call. She asked
for you and the boss agreed.

Why does she want me?

She needs a woman.

Taheeri's pulled the plug on the cold cases,
so there's nothing else for you to do.

She wanted them closed all along.

Guv... she attacked me last night.


I think she killed Laura Fraser.

It was Bancroft who was shagging Tim.

- She knew him?
- She knew them both.

I saw their wedding video. She's on it.

Well, why didn't you tell me?

She asked me not to and I believed her.

Oh, Katherine.

You're all over the place on this.

First you think it's Tim
Fraser, now it's Bancroft.

- I mean, have you got any hard evidence?
- Not at the moment, I don't, but...

You're not going to get anywhere.

You wanted me to carry
on with the case, guv.

- You wanted something on her.
- Corruption, maybe. Negligence.

Not murder. You're accusing
a senior police officer!

Have you any idea what that
could mean for your career?

She's popular. She's loved.

She's a murderer.

You're putting me in a
very difficult position

even voicing these allegations.

We have to do something, guv.

You're under stress.

I'll make an appointment for you
to see the chief medical officer.

And if you value your job... you won't
repeat what you just told me to anybody.

Oh, you found it all right, then.

Yeah. Yeah. I've not been here before.

Laura worked here.

They said they weren't hiring.

But she tells them she'll get their
customers to drink twice the amount.

And they liked the cheek of her.

Gave her a job.

And did she?

Get them drinking twice the amount?

No doubt. She'd talk anyone into anything.

- What are you drinking?
- I've got some bad news, Len.

I'm off Laura's case.

- What?
- I'm so sorry.


A reorganisation at work.

- So who's on it, then?
- Nobody.

- All the cold cases have been closed.
- No, they can't do that.

Yes, they can.

Limited resources.

I'm never gonna know.

I'm gonna die not knowing.

Len, listen.

Although we're not meant to...

.. we're still working Laura's case.

My colleague is looking through
forensics in her spare time.

- Why would she?
- I appreciate this.

Because we both wanna bring
whoever did this to justice.

Yeah, right.

You know who did it. Or you've
got an idea, haven't you?

I can't say.

Not until we have proper evidence.

I was going crazy, running
through it all in my head.

And then I thought the fibre
tapes that were with Forensics,

they were adjacent to the bite marks.

They might contain some LTD.

- What's LTD?
- Low template DNA.

So I took the fibre tapes to my
old professor at the university.

Low template's her specialisation.

We raised a profile.

It's not complete, but it's clear enough.

All we need now is Bancroft's
DNA, see if it matches this.

How are we gonna get that? She
won't let us anywhere near her.

Getting a profile from someone
who shares her genetic markers.

A relative who we, or you, have access to.

What qualities do you think you have
that would make you right for this role?

I've got all the obvious ones.

I'm... strong managerially.

I'm a visible leader.

But I hope and I believe that I could
bring more than those skills to this job.

The public have lost faith in the police.

They think we hide behind
our desks, ticking boxes.

I'd get out there, make a difference.

I'd bring people to justice who
need to be brought to justice.

I'd prioritise victims,
root out perpetrators.

Reward where it's due,
punish where it's required.

I'd get results.

Good luck, guv.

I don't have a rat in hell's chance.

Are you feeling better?
Everything back in perspective?

If you mean do I retract what
I told you, then, no, I don't.

They're ready for you.

How are you?

Never better.

I will bring you down.

I heard you'd been referred
to the medical officer.

(Poor Katherine.)



You're not answering my calls.

Yeah, well, we as good as split.

So there's nothing to talk about.

No, we didn't.

I was... I was just distracted that night.

You're always distracted.

I don't want to be with someone who puts
their job before me. You're like my mum.

I am nothing like your mother.

But you think that you can get your own way
about everything and that I won't mind.

Well... I do.

Can you just... Can you go, Katherine?

What's happened?

I've messed everything up.

And erm...

.. I think the worst thing I've done is...

.. I've lost you.

I'm so sorry, Joe.

- Keep it down, you'll wake the street.
- You're the one that's yelling.

Uh-oh. My mum's home. Shall
we... Shall we go to yours?

Well, I don't mind if you don't.


You should stay over.

It's about time Mum got
used to people staying.

You know, I'm actually
thinking about moving out.

My mum doesn't want me to,
but, well, I think I should.

What do you think?

Are you going?



- But I'll give you a call, yeah?
- Yeah.

All right. Bye.

Don't come between me and my son.

Is that what Laura did?

Did she come between you and Tim?

Oh, stay and have breakfast with
me. I've got a big day today.

Oh, I can't, Mum.

Your shift doesn't start till 11.

- I'm having breakfast with a friend.
- Katherine Stevens?

I know what you're gonna say,
but we're back together, OK?

The only reason she is still seeing you is
because I pulled her off her precious cold cases.

You know that? She's trying
to hurt me through you.

Why does everything always
have to be about you?

Joe, stop seeing her. You are in
something you don't understand.

Do you know how paranoid you sound? It's
the same every time I get a girlfriend.

- No. It's different.
- It isn't.

Joe, Joe, Joe. Please.
Please, love, let's not argue.

OK, everybody. Final
briefing for the Kamara op.

A vehicle containing smuggled guns

is coming into Hull at 1500 hours today.

Our intention is to follow said vehicle,

seize the firearms and arrest all
the suspects involved, including...

.. Athif Kamara.

I shall be Silver Commander. Thank you.

You've got to wear one
of these, all right?

- Ma'am.
- No, I don't carry a gun.

Yes, ma'am.


- Taser.
- Great.

Katherine, you're gonna be my loggist.

Stay with me throughout the
op, record all my decisions.

- You up to that?
- Of course.

You do this well, we'll draw a line
under previous misunderstandings.


Joe's DNA matches the
saliva on the fibre tapes.

You've got enough to question Bancroft.

You have to tell Walker.


[Where are you going?]

From Silver. Do we have a
visual on the target vehicle?

This is Golf-Nine-Nine. We have a visual.

Golf-Nine-Nine has the eye. All
units, hold back. Hold back.

Golf-Nine-Nine. We're on the move.

Golf-Nine-Nine. Approaching rendezvous.

From Silver. Remember the
briefing. Keep control.

- Keep your distance. They're gonna be jumpy.
- Golf-Nine-Nine. Stand by.

Subject vehicle approaching roundabout.

Subject vehicle indicating west,
west, west onto the Mike-Six-Two.


From Silver. Aerial, maintain
visual of target vehicle.

Copy, Silver. Maintaining visual.

Subject vehicle is indicating.
Approaching a slip.

Signposted Alpha-Five-Five-Six.

Surveillance One, hold back, hold back.

- We'll follow the subject vehicle.
- Golf-Nine-Nine. Pulling back.

Silver has the eyes.

- Have we any idea where they're heading?
- Hard to tell.

Right, yeah, we've been following
the van on the M62, heading west.

They've turned off on the
A556. Where are they going?

- I don't know road numbers.
- Erm... OK, we're on the Chester Road.

There's wind turbines ahead.
Come on. Think, Daanish. Come on.

- There's a farmhouse.
- Farmhouse.

We used it years back.
It's set off the road.

- Is it Brook Hill Farm?
- Yeah, that's it.

OK. Stay standing by.

All units, stand by, stand by.

The destination could be a
farmhouse -- a "Brook Hill Farm".

All units, hold back. Hold back.
Do not follow down the track.

Do not follow down that track.

OK, Stuart, go and sort out a unit.

Move out! Move out!

Straight down! Move out! Move out!

Move! Move! Let's go!

You, check we're clear.

Spotters on bikes half a
mile ahead, coming your way.

We're here to repair the power lines.

Unload them.

All good?

- All good.
- [What's going on?]

- Armed police!
- Get down now!

- Go, go, go! Go, go, go!
- On the fucking floor!

Get your hands behind your heads!

Get them out!

Get your camera out. I
want visuals on these.

Where's Kamara? Where is he?

- Find me Kamara!
- Athif's not here, guv.

Come on, he's got to be.
Right, you, where's Athif?

Oh, Jesus! Get fucking rid of him!

Daanish, Athif's not
here. Where could he be?

Right, OK. Stand by.

- Scene's secure.
- Kamara's not here.

I need you to search the buildings
and the whole perimeter.

Katherine, that's enough on the weapons.

Take the van from a distance and I
want the whole layout of the barn.

- All right? - Yes, guv.
- He's got to be here.

- Stuart, stand by. Any sightings
of Kamara? - Negative, guv.

Yeah, any sightings, let me know.

- No sign of Kamara, guv.
- All clear from the north perimeter, guv.

- I-Is he?
- No pulse.

No. No, please! Please don't!

I need help in here!

It's Kamara! He's shot Stevens!

Get an ambulance! Now!

- What happened? - Firearms
fucked up. The barn wasn't secure.

The guv hears shots, finds the
door to the safe room, runs in,

Stevens is lying on the floor.

- It's OK. - 'A police officer
is critically ill tonight

after being gunned down in a police raid

where three dozen firearms were seized.'

She put Katherine in harm's way.

She knew Athif was hiding in there.

Look, be careful what you
say. You can't prove any of it.

She murdered Laura
Fraser, and now Katherine.

If you'd listened, this
would never have happened.

What Katherine told me
didn't make any sense.

You'd been suspended, which didn't
help, and there was no evidence.

- What did you expect me to do?
- I have evidence now.

A DNA match between Laura Fraser's
body and Bancroft's son's semen.

- Elizabeth.
- She's out of theatre.

- Is she conscious?
- She's in an induced coma.

- Impossible to tell the extent of the damage.
- The next 24 to 48 hours are critical.

Sir, I am calling to
tender my resignation.

Look, if there is blame,
it lies with Firearms.

They gave the all-clear on the barn.

IPCC will need to see you and you
will need to write a statement.

I've already done that.

Look, Elizabeth, I will not accept
your resignation. Understand?

But I am going to take you off ops
until this whole thing's wound up.

Press are organising a conference for tomorrow,
but there's no need for you to show up.

No, I'll be there. Thank you, sir.


Boss, I need a word.

We seized firearms, believed to be imported for
distribution amongst organised-crime networks.

During the operation, one man
suffered a fatal heart attack.

A police officer was also shot.

And that officer remains in a
critical condition. Thank you.

- How is the officer?
- Will the officer make it?

- What's this all about?
- No idea. Sorry, guv.

Oh. I presumed this was IPCC.

No, no, no. This isn't
about yesterday's op.

I've got to ask you questions
about the Laura Fraser case.

I told Stevens everything
I know ten times over.

Just got to go through it once again,
before the file goes back in the stack.

Shall we get it over with?
It really shouldn't take long.


11:05. Interview with Detective
Superintendent Bancroft.

Hang on a minute. Are you recording this?

You know the procedure. I've got to.

Fine. Fine. Ask whatever you like.



Laura Fraser's husband, Tim Fraser...

.. you knew him, yeah?

Stevens told me there's a wedding video.

We went to university together, yes.

Good friends?

I suppose, yeah. Yeah.

Wasn't that a conflict of interest?

I mean, you're on the investigation
team for his wife's murder and...

.. you know him?

Charlie Haverstock thought
it would be beneficial.

We didn't have family liaison back then,
and I was assigned to look after him.


I er... kept him informed
on the case, that's all.

Were you...

.. in a relationship with
him before he married Laura?

- What's this got to do with anything?
- I'm just trying to establish the facts.

Well, I suppose it depends on
what you define as a relationship.

Were you... having sex with him?


So it didn't bother you
when he married Laura?

I was going out with my ex, Brian,
by then. Why would it bother me?

And you and Laura became friends?

We er... We met a few
times, we went bowling.

Oh, you didn't like her.

I didn't have an opinion.

Did you ever... visit them at their home?

I erm... I don't remember.

But you knew where they lived?

Yeah, I... I presume so. I'm not sure.

So... on the day of the murder,
when you were first on the scene...

.. was it a surprise that the
woman who had been bitten...

.. and stabbed 18 times...

.. was the wife of your old friend?

I went to the address. It was
familiar but I hadn't worked it out.

When I saw Laura, it was a huge shock.

And you were sure it was her? I mean...

.. someone can look quite different
when they're covered in blood.

- She was on her back. I could tell
it was Laura. - What did you do then?

I called for backup, went
outside and I waited.

- You didn't go near the body?
- No, of course not.

Even then we were aware of
crime-scene contamination.


So why...

.. is your DNA...

.. a match to a DNA profile
taken from Laura's body?

How did you obtain my DNA?

This is low template DNA taken from
the fibre tapes close to the bite.

And this...

.. is your son Joe's DNA.

Now, as he wasn't alive in 1990,

it can't have been him taking
chunks out of Laura Fraser.

But you...

You have a motive.

You didn't want her coming
between you and Tim Fraser.

You knew where she lived and you knew how to
cover it up to make it look like a burglary.

It all fits, doesn't it?

You're a great police officer
and you've done a lot of good.

Have you been atoning all these years?

I mean, what was it?

Self-defence? Did she come at you?

Tell me what happened.

You must want to.

27 years -- that's a long
time to carry a secret.

I've kept quiet about
all this because I...

Yeah, I didn't think...

.. that it would benefit anyone to know.

But as you've... made it your
business to dig into my past...

Familial DNA doesn't just create
a link between mother and son...

.. but also father and son.

What's Brian got to do with it?

Brian's not Joe's father.

Tim Fraser is.

Tim was all over Laura's body that day.

He broke the crime scene
seal, he lifted her up.

It's Tim Fraser's DNA you
have on your fibre tape.

He and I had a brief
relationship after Laura died.

I slept with a man who needed
comforting. That is all.

We can clear this all up
by you offering your DNA.

I have just arrested eight men
and seized three-dozen guns,

and you are giving me this bullshit?

Jesus Christ, Cliff! You used to
be such a good police officer.

What the fuck has happened to you?

This stops now! All I've
heard is insinuation.

Guv, I don't want any of this getting out.

Joe does not know the truth about
his father. This is gonna hurt him!

This is a purposeful campaign
to destroy a fellow colleague

and I will not have it.

The least we can do is take her DNA.

I do not want to hear another
word about this cold case!

Put all of this back where it
belongs, in the bloody deep freeze.

Are you Joe?

Yeah. Who are you?

I'm a friend of Katherine's.

Do you want to know why she's here?


Have you been to the hospital? How is she?

Why didn't you tell me that
Tim Fraser's my father?

He was here. I spoke to him. Does
he have any idea that I'm his son?

- Whoa, whoa! Who told you that?
- Is it true?

- Walker, the bastard.
- Were you ever gonna tell me?


I-I was waiting for the right moment.

Tim's wife, Laura... She said that you...

Who said? Who have you been talking to?

.. you were jealous of Laura.

No, no. Listen, listen. Listen to me.

No, listen. Everything you've
been told, it's not true.

Walker wants the DCS job.
He's just spreading rumours.

It wasn't just her that died that night.
The Forensics woman said she was pregnant.

You've been talking to Anya Karim?

So you got Tim back and
then you got a child.

I mean, what am I? The result
of some sick revenge thing?

- God, no. How can you think that?
- I know what you're like.

Listen, everything you've
been told is a lie, OK?

Anya Karim has been suspended.

She is a bitter, bitter person.

You're exhausted. You need to sleep.

- No.
- No.

Joe. Joe.


You have to believe me. It's lies!

Katherine was investigating the case.

She was the person who linked it
to you. She had no reason to lie.

She came after you and she's
lying half-dead in hospital!

No, no! Joe, listen to me.

Everything I have done,
I have done for you.

I'm going to London to see Tim Fraser.

He needs to know I'm his
son. I won't be back.

No! Joe, no! No! Joe, please!
You don't... I can't lose you!

(I love you.)

- What's the matter?
- No, please.

I'm pregnant.

Get rid of it.

Look what you made me do!

- You said you didn't love him.
- I said lots of things.

If you want the baby, that's
fine, but stay with me.

Don't be stupid. I mean it,
Elizabeth. You've got to go.

- You can't live a lie, Laura!
- You don't get it, do you?

Everything we've done this
summer, it wasn't real.

It was a game.

A game?

Tim's best friend, the jealous cop.

Can I turn her? Make her mine?

I made a bet with myself. I won.

Please don't say that. Please
just take it back. Take it back.

Why should I? You're fucking naive.

- That's not true. - I'm having
this baby and I'm staying with Tim.

I don't want you coming
anywhere near us, or our child.

You do, I'll tell your copper
mates, "Liz Bancroft's a dyke.

Liz Bancroft's a dyke."

I am not. It was just you. I loved you!

You come across as so on it,
but it's been easy to have you.

You're pathetic. First
it was Tim, and now me.

Well, neither of us want
you, OK? Leave us alone!



No! No!

Elizabeth! Elizabeth, please!

Please, no!

I got you a card with some daffodils on.

Laura's favourite.

Len Dorman?

Elizabeth Bancroft.

- You were on the investigation.
- Yes.

The only copper that bothered.

Apart from this one.

Katherine's a fine police officer.

I know she was sorry that she
couldn't solve Laura's case.

She had a lead. She knows who did it.

- Really? - We just have
to pray she gets better.



Uncuff him and give me five
minutes will you, Andy?

It's not been made public,
but I've been promoted.

When the IPCC have cleared this, and I go back
to work, I'll be Detective Chief Superintendent.

Congratulations. How does it feel?


How does it feel to be
head of your family?

I should feel shit about it. I
told you where Athif was hiding.

And that's our secret.

So, you're up in court in two weeks.

We'll make the judge aware
of your service to the police.

You should be out in six months.

And then Highwater's yours.

I might want to expand.

As long as we discuss it first.

Any decisions have to
be mutually beneficial.