Bancroft (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Bancroft helps Katherine and Anya with the Fraser case, but they are struggling to find any worthwhile forensic evidence. Katherine and Joe's relationship progresses, whilst events take a grisly turn for the Kamara family.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You've been set up by your own brother.

Elizabeth, you're quite
something. Get me Athif Kamara.

Superintendent Walker has
put me on cold cases.

Cold cases?

Laura Fraser was young
and she was pretty.

And she was murdered in her own
home by an intruder. That's a story.


I'm going to help DS Stevens.

Someone killed that girl.
I'm going to find out who.

Bancroft. You're giving the
address at Charlie's funeral?

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, horrible accident.

- Who found him, by the way?
- His wife, apparently.


- I heard he was on the way out anyway.
- Yes. Yes, I heard that, too.

Well, give him a good send-off.
Half the force will be there.

The Fraser case was a mess.
And as far as I can work out,

- Haverstock was negligent.
- Hey, keep your voice down.

The man's being buried today.

He closed the case down too soon.
He was biased against the father.

This is about statistics.
I need convictions.

Where are you with the forensics?

We're looking for them, but
they're not in our storage unit.

[No forensics, no case.]

- I'll find them.
- Mm.

Come in.

Hi, guv.

This is Dr Karim.

I was telling her that you were first
on the scene at the Fraser house

and she had a couple
of questions for you.

Sorry to bother you, Ma'am, but

unfortunately we can't
ask DI Haverstock.

No, of course. I'll do
anything I can to help.

And I'm thrilled that Katherine's
got you on this case.

I've heard some very positive
things about your work.

Thank you.

So, erm, you found Laura Fraser?

Yes. I er... I was in the
area, I picked up the call.

How long did it take
before SOCO arrived?

An hour maybe.

I think Haverstock arrived
first and then the husband.

- Tim Fraser.
- Tim Fraser.

I've been trying to contact him,
but he's not returning my calls.

The thing is, erm, the
forensics have gone missing.

I don't suppose you saw
what evidence they took?

Hard to know where to look, not
knowing what we're looking for.

Well, I was behind a cordon
but, erm... clothes, I think.

- Blood swabs?
- Yes, probably.

And the saliva from the bite?

I don't remember seeing...

What did Haverstock
do with the forensics?

I didn't have that much
to do with the case.

Len Dorman remembers you, so you must
have had something to do with it.

Look, I'll do everything I can to help,
but... I honestly, I can't remember.

It was such a long time ago and
she was my first dead body...

You must be able to
remember something though.

Like I said, I'll help all I can.

Sorry, excuse me.


Yep, right. I'll be straight over.

There's been a development
in the Kamara case.

- We're gonna have to
pick this up later. - OK.

Katherine, why don't you come with me?

I'm supposed to be
looking for the forensics.

Well, that can wait.

Come on. You said you
wanted a bit of live action.

- George inside?
- With the paramedics.

- What's going on?
- Athif Kamara, his wife's dead.

Hello, Mrs Kamara,
good to see you again.

You're not coming in.

Well, if you don't let me in, I shall
presume you've got something to hide.

I'll get a search warrant,
and rip this place apart.

Thank you.

Looks like suicide.

- Right, who found her?
- Athif's mum.

Athif's out of the country, apparently.

She said she, er... didn't get up this
morning, so she went into her bedroom.

Well, call CSM.

Erm, stay down here with Andy.
If anything

kicks off, just calm it down, right?

Katherine, you're with me.

Give me a sec, please, will you?

What do you see?

- Blood.
- Is that all?

What do you mean?

The blood's congealed, dark in colour.

There's rigor in the body, she's
cold. Been dead for a while.

Means of death?


Incised wounds on both wrists,
lengthways. Caused by small knife.

This your first body?

Laura Fraser was mine.

You see how... little you take in?

She's my sister-in-law!
I want to see her!

- It's not a good idea.
- It's OK, it's OK, let her in.

Now, this is a crime scene,
so don't touch anything.

Ah-ah! No, no, no, don't
touch! Come on, out you come.

I don't get it. Why would
Ayeesah do that to herself?

Sit yourself down. All right?

You're Daanish's wife, aren't
you? I saw you at the hospital.

- What's your name?
- Zaheera.

- I'm Elizabeth Bancroft.
- I know who you are.

You're that bitch
that put Daanish away.

I'm also the bitch
who could get him out.

It's not Daanish I want,
it's his brother.

If Daanish helps us, we can
help him. Get him to talk to me.

- Athif'd kill us!
- Well, he might anyway!

You are not safe here
any more, Zaheera.

Look what's happened
to your sister-in-law.

Now, I can get you and your son...
It's Rahid,

isn't it? I can get both
of you to a safe place.

- Athif'd find us.
- No, no, listen, listen, listen.

I won't let him, all right?

You can leave all of
this behind you, but

you have got to get
Daanish to talk to me.

Athif's always hugging Rahid.
Talks at him, and

I think, what's that
bastard saying to my boy?

- Where are you? - Guv!
- Give me that file.

I want you to call me, day or night.

[Mrs Kamara, you can't go up there!]

What are you doing?

Taking a statement from
your daughter-in-law.

I'll need one from you,
too. Mobiles off, please.

Er, but it's the husband
from the cold case.

I don't care if it's God.

You don't take calls on my time.

'Hi, you're through to Katherine
Stevens. I'm not available right now.

Leave a message and
I'll get back to you.

This is Tim Fraser.

I'll be in court for
the rest of the day,

so you won't be able to get hold of me.

I can't see how I can
be of any use anyway.

I said everything 27 years ago and...
Well, I have nothing more to add.

Hi, sweetheart.

There's a party tonight at Shannon's
house. Can I go? Mum said I can.

Well, only if her parents know about it.

- Get me a number for them, will you?
- I'll look so lame!

- Dad, come on. - You know that's
the deal. Text me the number.

OK? I love you.

I can't see how I can
be of any use anyway.

I said everything 27 years ago and...

- Hey.
- Andy!

- Bancroft hates people on their phones.
- Yes, I know.

I'm just... I'm meant to
be doing this cold case.

- Why did she bring you here?
- I don't know.

I nearly puked on the body.

Don't worry about it.
Everybody does that first time.

You look like shit. Are you all right?

I want to see you. When can I?

Get in the car, please, Katherine.

Are you all right, guv?

Ayeesah was my informant.

It was an arranged
marriage, she was unhappy.

She came to me. I worked
on her. I turned her.

She was good.

The op last week, because of her,
we knew the drugs were coming in.

And then Daanish turns up instead
of Athif. I just should have...

I just should have known that he'd twig.

- Do you think he killed her?
- Well, not directly.

Perhaps Mrs Kamara did the honours.

- Well, it's not your fault.
- I can't see that it's anyone else's.

And if that's not bad
enough, I've got to

speak at Charlie Haverstock's funeral.

I'm the last person...

I just don't know what I'm gonna say.

Just... Just be honest about
him. That's what people want.

Right. OK, how do I look?



You've been a real help today.

Thanks, Katherine.

Then he said, "If I had to arrest my
own mother, I'd call for back-up."

Charlie always made it fun.

He was resilient.

He was ambitious.

He gave everything to the job.

But he was also a family man.

And his sense of family didn't just
extend to Julie and the girls...

.. but to all of us.

Having someone senior to
you who believes in you...

.. it makes a huge difference.

I wouldn't be where I am
today if it wasn't for him.

We all loved him.

I know I did.

Goodbye, Charlie.

It was good. A very good
turn-out. I'm very pleased, yeah.

Lovely to see you.

Why's Katherine Stevens here?
You're land-grabbing her!

- I needed her for the Kamara case.
- For a stalled op?

Athif Kamara's still out there.

Your cold cases aren't
exactly delivering.

You've got her on one, she hasn't
even got any forensic evidence!

There's plenty more where that one
came from. We just got unlucky.

Back to the station.
You've wasted a whole day.

- Sorry. Guv...
- No, no, the Fraser case is closed.

- You're moving on to the next one.
- I'm trying to tell you.

I've been speaking to Dr Karim.
She's found the forensics.

- Win your case?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, it went well.
- Well done.

I'm going out to the cinema with Rachel.


Well, I thought that you were...

There's a lasagne in the fridge. You
just have to put it in the microwave.

See you later, love.

Come on. I'll drive you.

Pick you up at midnight, OK?

- One o'clock?
- Twelve-thirty.

Why are you so stressy about me?
Other people's dads are cool.

Well, other people's dads
probably have lots of children.

You're the only one I've got.

And you're growing up so fast.

- They look older than you.
- Shannon's sharing it with her sister.

You didn't tell me that!

- What was the husband like?
- Devastated, as far as I remember.

I've got his statement.

They'd only been married nine months.

- It's awful. He lost his
baby and... And his wife. - Mm.

- Have you talked to him yet?
- I've tried.

Well, don't get his hopes up.

I want you to hold off until
the forensics come back.

- Where did Dr Karim find them?
- Mayfields storage?

Yeah, Mayfields, I know it.

We used to use it. They had a back-up
generator in case of power cuts.

What's she got?

Blood samples were tested at the
time, but they were from the victim.

Now, what we're really
interested in is that saliva swab.

Yeah. What you've got to remember there
though is that evidence is 30 years old.

- That swab could be degraded.
- But it could

give us the DNA profile of the killer.

I don't want you to get
emotionally involved in this.

It's hard not to.

I just... I hate the idea that there's
someone out there, free, who killed her.

Well, if it was a junkie, and
Charlie always thought it was,

then they're almost
certainly dead by now.

Who's picking up the forensics tomorrow?

I am, first thing.

Is that my Joe?

We're just friends.


I can see you two getting on.

You know he's terrible at
making the first move though.

He's only ever had a few girlfriends.

I mean, I... I do like him.

But I'm not sure I'm his type.


You mean you're not sure he's your type.

Married men more your thing, are they?

Like Andy Bevan?

Oh, I know. I know.

It's the danger that's so much fun,
isn't it? And the sex is great.

But it never ends well.

Why don't you give a nice
boy a chance for once, hm?

Go on. You can ring Joe from my office.

- Hiya.
- Hi.

So I've, erm... I've
got us like a table

in town. It's just a
little Italian thing.

What was that for?

Let's skip dinner.


- [All right?]
- [You all right?]

- [All right?]
- [There he is. All right?]

Down! Down! Down! Down! Down!


It's only NOS! Everybody does
it! And I wasn't even taking it!

Well, I don't care. I don't want you
at a party where other people are!

You're just so over the top.

Because I love you
and I worry about you.

You don't need to! I
can look after myself.

You're probably right, and you
probably can look after yourself.

But isn't it better that I'm

overprotective than not
protective at all?

Not really.

Bad things happen, Amber. You...

You just don't think
they'll ever happen to you.

What's the matter? What's happened?

- Dad?
- They've re-opened her case.

- Her? Your first wife?
- Mm.

But, I mean, isn't that a good thing?

They might find out who did it.
Are you helping the police?

As far as I can work out,
they have no new evidence.

They might find some!

It's ridiculous, dredging it all up.
I'm not having anything to do with it.

I am starving.

Let's get a takeaway.

Don't you cook at all?

I can't be bothered to think about food.

Oh, God, you're just like Mum.

She doesn't switch off.
Nothing but work.

I'm not surprised.

Your mum not switching off.

This Kamara case is really
intense. A girl died today.

And your mum, she really
held it together.

You're not, like, working
with her, are you?

No, it was just one day.

Can you...

Can you not tell her about us?

It's just she gets really funny
with my girlfriends and stuff.


- She just... She saw off my ex.
- How? With a shotgun?

No, it's just, erm, she just
doesn't like competition.

I'm not competition.

Yes, you are.

Hi, you're through to Katherine Stevens.

I'm not available right now, so leave
a message and I'll get back to you.

Hey, Katherine, it's me, Anya.

Mayfields is literally on my way home,

so I'm going to drop in
now and get the forensics.

Look, I'm sorry for the
delay. Kids smashed my car.

Right, here we are. Cold
storage in the basement.

Thank you.

'Doors open. Lift going up.


Hey! Hey! Stop!



Pathology report's back
on Ayeesah Kamara.

She had a sleeping drug in her system.

But it's one the doctor prescribed,
so there's no joy there.

And her fingerprints are on the knife.

If the family killed
her, we can't prove it.

What about Athif Kamara?

Interpol located him in Belgrade.

What's he doing there?

He could be looking for
a new drugs supplier.

Why go all the way to Serbia?


I reckon he's into something new.

Interpol have got eyes on him and I can

have another go at the brother.
Excuse me.

Sorry. I've got to take this, Sir.

- Bancroft.
- It's Zaheera. I have to see you.

Security guards say they get break-ins,
but they normally stick to the exterior.

Mayfields is a disgrace. Should
have been closed down years ago.

You sure you don't want
to file a complaint?

We got what we needed. Physical
evidence from the crime scene.

Not much of it.

Anything that wasn't
direct crime scene

would have been given back to the
family. That could be worth a look.

Yeah. I need to pay Len Dorman a
visit. I'll see what he's got.

- Meantime, I'll start with this.
- Right.

And his mother keeps yelling at me,
what was I talking to you about?

She says when Athif gets
back, he'll get it out of me.

He's been mad ever since that drug
deal went wrong, and now Ayeesah.

I don't want the same thing
to happen to me, or Rahid.

So how does it work?

You protecting us.

Different city, different
name. Safe location.

And Daanish? What happens to him?

He gives me what I need and he'll
get a much shorter sentence.

And Athif?

Don't worry about Athif.

I'll make sure he goes
down for a very long time.

Come on.

You haven't been honest
with me, Mr Dorman.

You didn't tell me you
had a criminal record.

I was at Orgreave.

They charged me with violent disorder.

It was a bloody disgrace.

Your lot had horses and dogs. They
chased us down the village street.

There's another conviction, isn't there?

In 1988, for burglary.

You try getting a job
when the pits are closing.

I got in with some bad people,
I did some stupid things.

I regret it.

Because when I was inside,
that's when Laura met him.

Tim Fraser?

By the time I got out, they
were married... and I'd lost her.

- What do you mean?
- He didn't like me.

You should have seen him
when he come up here.

He looked like he wanted
to stick a peg on his nose.

I have tried to contact Mr Fraser,
but he's not getting back to me.

I don't think she really loved him.

Oh, she wanted the money and the
big house, and I don't blame her...

But underneath all that polish...

.. she was a miner's daughter
and he was a police lawyer.

How's the case going?

Yeah. We're hoping to
raise a DNA profile.

And we also want to re-examine
any physical evidence.

Did the police return any items
from Laura's house to you?

I've got a box in the attic.

I'll look it out.

There you go.

I haven't touched any of it.


You might want to watch this.

I haven't. Not since...


Why isn't Tim Fraser talking to you?

Don't worry, I'll get in touch with him.

And I'll be in touch with you, although
it would help if you had a mobile.

I've got one.

I've had no reason to switch it on.

Until now.

- Hiya.
- Bad news, I'm afraid.

- The sample was degraded.
- How can that happen?

It could have been left
out of the fridge,

got too warm, or just
left in the light.

I don't believe it.

I want you to get out of here.
I just want us to be together.

Don't worry, we will.

What happened to Ayeesah?

If she grassed, it serves
her right, don't it?

What, that they kill her?

Come on, Daan, you don't mean that.

It'll be us next.

Your mum, she's wants me and
Rahid to come and live with her.

- What? - I will slit my
own wrists before I do.

Za, she told me about Ayeesah.

You think she didn't kill herself.

Do you think your mother or
your brother could be capable?

What's so funny?

Athif did that. When I was 12.

With pliers.

I'm screaming the house
down and my mum...

.. she cleans the pliers in the sink
and she puts them back in the toolbox.

They're capable.

So what are you gonna do about it?

In the hospital, you said
you'd let me run Highwater.

- Do you mean that?
- Yes. You can pick up the business.

- You help me as and when I need it.
- Back-handers?

No. This isn't about money.

I want stability.

Crime doesn't go away, it
just needs to be... controlled.

You and I could do that together.

I'll talk.

But not until you make
Za and Rahid safe.

Consider it done.

And when you've got
Athif, you lock him up

good and you throw
away the fucking key.

Get onto Witness Protection.

I want Zaheera in safe accommodation
before Athif gets back

and I need a risk assessment
on how to pick her up.

Go on ahead. I'll catch you up.

So, how did it go with the forensics?

Well, the saliva swab's degraded,
so we can't raise a DNA profile.

Yeah. Oh, I'm sorry.

Best thing is just to move
onto the next file...

and don't let Bancroft
distract you this time.

She was helping me.

Bancroft doesn't help
anyone but Bancroft.

What was her excuse for
meddling in this anyway?

She worked the Fraser Case.
She was first on the scene.

- Bancroft worked the
Fraser case? - Yep.

Did you say there was
corruption involved?

Not corruption. Negligence maybe.

She's been jumpy about
it since the get-off,

wanting to move you across,
telling me to close it down.

Well, that can't be right. She's
been really, really good about it.

You haven't got the DNA, all right.
Have you got anything else to go on?

Well, we've got physical evidence
from Mayfields and Len Dorman had some.

Get Dr Karim to test it.

Let's see what she can find. On the QT.

- But, guv...
- Officially, this case is closed,

so no talking about it.

Do you understand, Katherine?

Yes, guv.

If you find anything,
you come straight to me.

Er, listen, darling,
I'm gonna have to talk

to this gentleman, so
you go on without me.

See you tonight.

Look, I'm not going to get myself wound
up in some pointless wild-goose chase.

You call finding Laura's
killer pointless?

We've all had to put
it behind us, Len.

I haven't.

I want to know who stabbed
that knife into her.

Whose was the last face she
looked at and why they did it.

But most of all, more than
anything, I want them to pay.

I know.

If she hadn't have married
you, she wouldn't have died.

Wouldn't have been in
that house, on her own.

A burglar broke in and murdered
her. You can't attribute blame to me.

You don't care, do you?

You never loved her.

That is not true.

Look, the whole thing...

It was... It was so intense.

And... And look, we were young.

Not much older than my daughter is now.

Yeah, and your girl would
have had a sister or a brother,

if they hadn't been
murdered inside Laura.

Do you think that I haven't
thought about that?

This is our last chance
to find out what happened.

We won't get another one.

Why won't you help?

Because unless the
police have new evidence,

they will never solve a murder
that happened 27 years ago.

There's lots of cold
cases that get solved

now, and you haven't
seen this policewoman.

She's going through all the old
evidence. It's being analysed in a lab.

I mean, who's to say that
they won't find something?

You're hiding something.

I resent that suggestion.

So prove me wrong.

Go and talk to DS Stevens.

Moved on?


I've already forgotten
the name Laura Fraser.

Oh. Well, that's good.

Are you seeing Joe tonight?

We haven't got anything planned.

He... He doesn't know that
you know about us, by the way.

Right, well, I won't let on.

Oh, erm, do you bowl?

- I can. Yeah. - Great. Come out
with the Kamara team tonight.

We're celebrating, and I'm sick of
being the only woman on the team.

OK. I'd love to.

- Yes!
- Yes!

Did you see that?

- Hiya
- Guys, guys. New team member.

- I'll go on your team, shall I?
- No, go... Go with Andy.

He needs all the help
he can get. Go on. Andy.

Did you see that?

So, middle finger in that hole there.

- Yeah.
- Bit of a run-up.

Katherine told me she could play.

- Whoo!
- She can.

- You should have put her with us.
- Ah, never mind.

She's keeping Andy happy.

He needs it. His wife's left him.


- Mm-hm. Walked out with the kids. - Oh!

He's gutted.


Oh, hi, boss.

Erm, didn't realise this was
one of your local haunts.

I've got the shirt. No,
I think I'll leave,

er... it all to the
rest of you tonight.

- I hear your man's
about to talk. - Yeah.

Good. We need to know what
that brother of his is up to.

Well, the bigger it is, the better.

We catch him, we put him away. Then
after him, we go for the mother.

- Have you got anything on her?
- No, not yet, but I will have.

She killed my informant.
I won't forget that.

We will be interviewing internally
for the Chief Super job.

- You should be confident.
- Really?

Elizabeth, you could eat those
other candidates for breakfast.

I've put some money
behind the bar. Well done.

- I'm gonna get a strike.
- We'll see about that.


Guv? Guv?


Erm, you... You give me a
minute. Take my go. Go on.

- Sure? - Yeah, go on.
You're better than me anyway.

[Let's get a drink.]

Go home! Go home!

Sorry. Sorry.

Go on. Go on.

OK, so, for once... the Sam Smiths
have done some tidy rolling.

20 ahead.

- We only need two strikes, guv.
- All right.

I will see what I can do.

Right, here we go. Ready?
Mwah! I'm gonna do it.

Yeah, yeah.

Go on. They're all going down.

- Oh, yes!
- How's she done that?

- Go on!
- How's she done that?

Question is, can she do it again?

- Right.
- Come on. Come on.

Come on!

- Come on!
- Yes!

- Come on!
- You win some, you lose some.

I'm sorry, mate.

Joe! Joe!



Laura's blood is on the jewellery box.

It's a gloved fingerprint.

And there's more on the other side,
where someone's tried to wipe it off.

So you're saying that Laura's
lying dead downstairs

and the burglar goes upstairs, puts
on gloves and ransacks the bedroom?

That doesn't make any sense.

Yes, it does, if he was setting
it up to look like a burglary.

A staged burglary and break-in.

And there's more.

This was kept as evidence because
of the blood spatter on it.

But that's not what's
interesting about it.

It contains glass particles that
were on top of the blood spatter.

It tells us the window was
broken after the murder.


This changes everything.

Someone knew what they were doing.

Wasn't the husband a CPS lawyer?

Yeah. Yeah, but he had an alibi.

I'll re-check it though.

Look at friends, anyone who
Laura could let in, or had a key.

Although how we find
her mates, I don't know.

I've got the Frasers' wedding video.

I'll start there.

I didn't know about
Katherine and Andy Bevan.

I'm sorry.

- Are they...?
- He's married.

Rumour has it they've been
shagging for the past six months.

'Welcome, everybody.

This is the marriage of Laura and Tim

who welcome you here today.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered
here in the sight of God...

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