Babylon 5 (1994–1998): Season 4, Episode 4 - Falling Toward Apotheosis - full transcript

Refugees from worlds destroyed by the Vorlons descend on Babylon 5.

We're preempting normal BabCom service
for another update in the continuing crisis.

Two more deep-range planetary colonies
have been eliminated by Vorlon forces.

This footage was taken as the Vorlon fleet
closed in on Ventari 3.

The ship eclipsing the local star is presumed
to be their main weapon, a planetkiller.

Below is a list of colonies and League
Worlds accepting refugees from Ventari 3.

We will continue to update this list
as the situation changes.

If you are from the Ventari system,
you are asked not to return until authorized.

The local jumpgate is destroyed, and space
traffic is a hazard at the jump intersection.

Contact ambassadors for information
on family members...

...who may have escaped
before the colony was destroyed.

We're taking in refugees and escaping ships
as fast as we can...

...but our resources are almost maxed out.

We will repeat this every 20 standard
minutes until we receive new information.

Once again, please remain calm.
Right now, our greatest enemy is fear.

Please, I need to get through.

No, I have to get to my husband.
I have to tell him something because...

Can somebody help me, please?

- You okay?
- Yeah, I think so.

My God, that was him, wasn't it?

Yeah, that was him.

They say he came back from the dead.
Is it true? Did he?

Lady, I don't know what's true
around here anymore.

Come on, I'll help you through.

- You heard?
- I heard.

- They need to believe.
- Not in me.

- You can't save them all.
- I can try.

- You'll fail.
- We'll see.

- Please remain calm.
Once again, please remain calm.

Right now, our greatest enemy is fear.

It was the year of fire.

The year of destruction.

The year we took back
what was ours.

It was the year of rebirth.

The year of great sadness.

The year of pain.

- And a year of joy.
- It was a new age.

It was the end of history.

It was the year everything changed.

The year is 2261.
The place, Babylon 5.

Yeah, come in.

Hey, chief. How you feeling?

Fine. Ready to get back to work, as soon as
they get off their butts and give the word.

That's what I came to talk to you about.
Just got a call from lvanova. She said...

That's a securecam record.

Thought the doc told you
to take it easy?

Well, I gotta do something
or I'm gonna go stir-crazy.

You keeping an eye on the captain?

No, on him.

The guy worries me. Everywhere the captain
goes, he's there, watching.

How do we know
he's not pulling something?

Come on. The captain vouched for him.
Said he saved his life.

I thought he died on Z'Ha'Dum.

Yeah, well, after that part.

Look, I don't pretend to understand it.

I'm just glad he came back in one piece.
You sure you're okay?

Yes, Zack, I'm fine. Okay?

Why? Why does everybody keep asking me
the same question every five minutes?

We're just concerned, that's all.
You've been through a lot...

...and you say you still don't
remember what happened.

What do you mean, I say I still
don't remember? I don't remember.

- You saying I'm lying about it?
- No, chief.

I'm not saying that, and nobody's
questioning your word.

Then why's nobody grilling the captain?

He breezes in here, says he's back
from the dead and everybody buys it.

"Boy, howdy, that's great.
Good to have you back."

Meanwhile, I get the third degree and:

"Are you okay?" every time I sneeze.
Does this make any sense to you?

You finished?

For now.

Good, because I got a message
from lvanova.

Doc wants to take one more look at you.
After that, you can come back to work.

Good. About time.

- Anything else?
- No, that's it.

- Zack?
- Yeah?

Before I left, the captain and I were
on pretty good terms.

We got to where we could
talk to each other.

Since we both got back,
he hasn't said two words to me.

It's like he's avoiding me. Why?

Well, assuming you're not overreacting...

...I don't know.

But I'm sure he's got his reasons.


You sent for me?

I was just looking at the sky.

Tell me, what do you see, Mollari?

The stars, Majesty. Nothing more.

Then you're not looking hard enough.

Vorlons are out there, Londo.

They've gone mad.

Attacking any world, any base, any colony
where my associates have influence.

Is this true, Majesty? I've heard nothing.

Yes. We kept the information to ourselves.
No reason for anyone else to know.

After the last war, my associates hid
many of their ships on distant worlds.

The Vorlons want to make sure
that doesn't happen again.

There are over 100
of those ships here.

I assume they will be leaving now.

I'm afraid not.

- The Vorlons...
- Will never attack Centauri Prime.

Small colonies, deep-range planets, sure.

But to destroy a world as big as this? No.

- They don't have the will.
- Perhaps.

But we cannot take the chance
that you might be wrong.

- The ships must leave, Majesty.
- The ships stay.

As our liaison here, you will arrange for
a blockade of ships around Centauri Prime.

The Vorlons don't want
lots of civilian casualties.

If they see you're ready to oppose them,
they'll just keep on going.

- Majesty...
- Do as he says, Mollari.

We must be courteous to our guests.

Thank you.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Majesty...

Good night, Londo.

Majesty, this is intolerable.

To send our people out
to defend their ships?!

You get so exercised
at times like this, Mollari.

- I wish I had a picture of your face.
- This is serious.

Of course it is.

And I have no intention of sending
our ships out there.

- You don't?
- Of course not.

Walk with me.

Majesty, you don't know how relieved
I am to hear you say that.

I was hoping you would see
this situation for what it is.

Yes. Yes, I've come to
the same conclusion you have.

It was all obvious once I set my mind to it,
which is why I've decided I like you.

You think the same way I do.

Thank you, Majesty, but now...

In fact, I've decided to show you something
I've shown only a few people before.

Yes. This way.

This way.

Sit, Mollari, sit.

I call them my Shadow Cabinet.

I think you can appreciate the irony.
They certainly can't.

Sit. Mollari, sit.

We were discussing this situation earlier
this evening, and this one had the most...

No, no. This one.

Minister Dugarri.
You remember him, don't you?

Always coughing. Most distressing,
but we finally cured it.

Had the most wonderful idea.

We won't be sending any of our ships
out to fight the Vorlons. Not one.

Then you will tell Mr. Morden's
associates to leave?

Of course not. I promised they could stay
in exchange for elevating me to godhood.

No, they will remain on the island
of Celini.

But when the Vorlons come...

...if they are destroying whole planets
to get at these Shadows...

Yes. You understand exactly. Snicks?

You and I, Mollari...

...we will turn Centauri Prime
into an inauguration pyre... commemorate my ascent to godhood.
The fire of our world will light my way.

You see it, don't you?

If I become a god,
how will our world survive without me?

I can't just abandon it. That would be cruel.
And any who followed me...

...would obviously be inferior.
Best to put them out of their misery.

I will take it all with me in spirit.

Don't send the ships.
Let it burn, Mollari.

Let it all end in fire.


Take a deep breath.

And exhale.

Quack like a duck.

Sorry. A little med-school humor.

So how's it look?
Can I go back to work?

So far, everything seems to be fine.

- There's one more thing I wanna check.
- Oh, no. Come on, man. I really hate that.

Don't worry. It's not that.

This is gonna get a little hot.

It's gonna sting a bit, but I have to get
underneath the epidermis.

Yeah, well, like I said...
This is almost through here.

- What's this for?
- Well...

...your fighter disappeared while we were
surrounded by Shadow vessels.

If you were taken and they wanted to
program you to use in the ship, there'd be...

...considerable scarring back there.

- Is that what you think happened?
- No, not necessarily.

But the captain asked me
to check all possibilities.

You're clean.

So, what do you think happened?

I've been thinking about it a lot.

I guess when they pulled out
I got caught in the backwash...

...before they jumped to hyperspace.

That would explain how my ship ended up
12 light years from here. After that...

...I don't know.

Well, with any luck... should come back to you eventually.
- Yeah.

In the meantime, as far as I can tell,
you're ready to go back to work.

Yeah. Thanks, doc.

- I gotta go.
- It's good to have you back.

Any results yet on my tests?

This is a Command and Control update.

The safe haven for refugees on Tizino Prime
is no longer responding.

We believe they may have fallen to the
Vorlon advance, but we can't be sure for...

...I guess, 10, 12, hours.

Before they attack, the Vorlons blanket all
frequencies so no reports can get out.

The list of refugee stations has changed.
We'll have that information for you shortly.

We've lost three of them.

All governments in Sector 57 have declared
a state of interplanetary emergency.

Reports coming in from survivors indicate
mass destruction on a planetary scale.

We continue to need medical ships,
transports, anything that can fly.

We especially need atmosphere-capable
shuttles to help survivors on the ground.

We'll rebroadcast this message
in 20 standard minutes.

You heard?

- Yes. The shuttles...
- No, not the shuttles.

Her voice. She's afraid.

I've known lvanova almost 10 years,
on and off. I've...

...never heard her afraid before.

Well, this is the first time I've seen you
alone since I got back.

Everything has been so busy.
There has hardly been time.

I thought I'd lost you.

I thought it was my fault.

I knew Anna might be alive.
I said nothing, you went away.

The only thing that might be
as terrible as losing you...

...would be if you came back
and could not forgive me...

...and I lost you again.

You did what you thought was right.

That's no excuse.

I'm sorry, John.

I fell at Z'Ha'Dum, Delenn.

I saw my own death and accepted it.

I looked up and saw Anna...
What was left of Anna.

At that moment...

...I said goodbye...

...the goodbye I could never say before.

I let it all go.

I only held on to one thing:

The image of your sweet face.

If I never came back...

...that was enough.

But you gave me a reason to come back.

Could I love that much and not forgive?

We're up to our ears in ships,
and not just warships.

Every refugee transport
in 10 light years is coming here.

I know. Medlab's jammed.

We got wounded backed up into
the hallways and more coming in.

Soon, the wounded will
be the least of your concerns.

How so?

It's the only place these races
can find their own kind.

So they're all coming here.

Especially since someone decided Sheridan
is a Second Coming or some damn thing.

- They think he can do something.
- Have you seen the reports?

There's nothing we can do to stop
that fleet from doing what it wants.

When they decide it's our turn,
that's it.

Meanwhile, you're gonna be swamped.

We can handle a quarter-million people.
We're already past that.

What are you gonna do when 20,000 people
at a time start showing up and wanting in?

What happens when it gets ugly and they
start fighting for the right to get in here?

You think you got a security problem now?
Wait 24 hours. This'll seem like a picnic.

- What about Epsilon 3?
- What about it?

We have a planet below us that's
never been touched by Shadows.

So, in theory, the Vorlons
should leave it alone.

We can shuttle people down there now.
I could set up a portable Medlab.

There's gotta be supplies down there.
No one brings in food or equipment.

I agree.

Do it.

Well, where's your new best pal?


We don't have a lot of time,
so I'll get right to the point.

Michael, we have a security problem:
The new Vorlon ambassador.

As long as he's here watching
and reporting back...

...we can't do what's necessary
to stop these attacks.

Which is?

I can't tell you.

So you're saying you can't trust me?

No, that is not what I am saying.

We don't know how telepathic
the Vorlons are.

We know they can project thoughts,
but how well they read is an open question.

Now, if I tell you and he can
pick up on your thoughts...

...then we've had it.

That's why I've kept you out
of the strategy sessions.

Okay, what do you want me to do?

I want the Vorlon gone.

Fine. I'll just go up to him
and ask him to leave. That'll work.

- Michael.
- It's all right.

That's exactly what I want you to do.

He's got to know we're planning to move
against him, so let's do what he expects.

Then we can do what we have to do.

Which is the part you can't tell me about.

- You want me to take a full tactical team?
- No, just a few people you can trust.

That's not enough.
He'll wipe the floor with us.

I know.

Swell. Okay.

If you want me to fall on my sword for you,
that's what I'm here for.

I'll let you know what happens,
assuming he doesn't frag me just for kicks.

Is it my imagination,
or is Mr. Garibaldi crankier than usual?

Yeah, well, he's been through a lot lately.
He just needs a little time to settle in.

We're ready.

Has Lorien explained everything to you?

I don't know if I can do this,
but I will try.

Remember, Sheridan:

The Shadows were able to kill Kosh
because they're alike, both First Ones.

For you, this will be much more difficult.

You've never seen a Vorlon enraged.

They're more powerful than
you can imagine.

Captain, what exactly are
we talking about here?

Millions of people's lives
are at stake here, Stephen.

If the ambassador stays,
billions more will die.

So we're going to take out the Vorlon...

...any way we can.

This is Babylon 5 Command and Control.

We have another update
on the Vorlon attack fleet.

The Dura 7 outpost has fallen.
I repeat, Dura 7 has fallen.

All medical ships in the area are being
asked to help with the evacuation.


Ambassador, this is Security.
We need to talk to you.

I got a message from the captain.

Due to your government's attacks
on the League of Non-Aligned Worlds...

...we're asking you to leave at once.

All right.

That request just became an order.

You'll come with us.
We'll escort you to your ship.



Out! Out! Everybody out! Go, go, go!

Get out of here! Everybody out! Go!


Let's go!

- You okay?
- Never better.

Man, we couldn't even touch him.

I know. If they wanted him to think we
weren't a threat, that ought to do it, huh?

I just hope the captain
knows what he's doing.

All right, come on.


Incoming message for you, captain.
It's Ambassador Mollari.


He's probably calling collect.
Did he say what he wants?


All right, put him through.

Good day, captain.

Ambassador, what can I do for you?

I need a favor. Some information.

There is a rumor that the Vorlons
have gone mad...

...attacking every colony, every planet
involved with the Shadows?

It's no rumor.

We've been tracking their attacks
for the past two days.

Then could you tell me how far
they are from Centauri Prime?

Don't your people have that information?

Yes, but it is not exactly
being widely distributed.

And so I ask you,
how long until they reach here?

The way they've been going now...

...l'd say seven days, eight tops.

Seven days.

And can I assume that you are already in
the process of doing something about this?

Yes, but we won't have anything
in place before they get here.

Now, we have an idea...

...but no guarantee we can pull it off.

No, of course not. There never is.

Well, thank you, captain.
I owe you a favor.

Good luck to you. To all of us.

I heard what happened. I came to warn you.

Sheridan and the others are gonna
move against you.

It is done. They are irrelevant.

I know. I know they can't harm you...

...but I think it can't hurt to have all the
information you can about what's going on.

To protect yourself and the cause.


I told you, I wasn't here when
Ambassador Kosh died.

I didn't have any of his essence with me.
I thought he was gone.

But for a while, I've suspected that
someone else here had a piece of him.

I think I know who it is.

But I can't draw Kosh out of him.
He won't let me.

- A human?
- Yes.

- Imprisons one of us?
- Yes.


If there is still a piece of him there,
you can draw it out.

Use what it knows and take it back
to Vorlon when this is all over.

I cared about Kosh.
I'd like to know he finally made it home.

Show me.

But the guards...

They will not threaten us again.
Show me.

It's this way.

We have to hurry.
I think he might leave soon.

Your thoughts are troubled.

I'm worried about Kosh, that's all.

After everything we've been through,
I'd hate to lose the last of him now.

- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.

Open your thoughts to me.

- We don't have time for this.
- Open!

Lyta, run!


Come on!

Second Team!

We need more current down here.
Give me everything you got!

I'm re-routing the power coils.

What the hell is that?

Control, this is Bay 13.
The Vorlon ship is breaking free.

- It's like it's alive!
- Get out of there!

Clear the Vorlon ship to leave
before it tears the place apart.




It's Kosh.

- Kosh was inside him?
- Yes, the last of Kosh.

And some of him and some of me.

Is everyone okay?

Captain, is everything all right?

- John!
- No, wait.

His life force must be replenished.

Is this how you brought him
back from Z'Ha'Dum?

I give of myself to replenish him.

For a little while.

How long?

Long enough.

I'm not used to being summoned
on such short notice.

I hope you have good reason
for this intrusion.

I do.

I was thinking about Your Majesty's
coming godhood...

...which is possibly the greatest event
in the history of the Centauri Republic.

A great thing.

Well, as I say, I was thinking
about all of this...

...and wishing that others could know you
as our people know you.

If only they could see
your greatness as we do.

Why should we care
what other people think?

Well, after the Vorlons have
eliminated Centauri Prime...

...which we will be most happy to fall,
you were correct about that, Majesty...

...who will be left to sing your praises?

Who will know you for who you are?

A god is a god, yes,
but if no one knows his name...

...visits his temples, sings his songs...?

Once we are gone, who will remember
the living god Cartagia?

I find these thoughts
of yours most disturbing.

As I did, Majesty.

And what do you propose?

That you leave Centauri Prime
before the Vorlons arrive?

That you might better
remember me at a distance?

No, no, of course not.

Your Majesty's humor, as always,
is quite exceptional.

No, my place is at your side.
However, I was thinking about G'Kar.

The Narn?

Why? He'll be dead in a few days. I don't
think he'll remember much after that.

True. And he deserves to die for his crimes
against our people, and die he will.

But what if we conducted
his trial and execution...

...on his Homeworld instead of here?

The whole world would see
Your Majesty's wisdom...

...see, with their own eyes, the brilliant
center of the Centauri Republic.

Can you imagine how it would move them?

Once they see you sit
in judgment over G'Kar...

...your name will spread
like wildfire among them.

And from there to 100 planets beyond.

Then you can accept
your imminent godhood... that your name will be spoken and
remembered throughout the known galaxy.

I have occasionally considered
a trip to Narn.

My advisers counseled against it
for security reasons.

Majesty, can you harm a god?

It would be a great crime for one
who will shortly walk among the stars...

...who will hold entire worlds
in the palm of his hand... be mistakenly perceived as being
afraid of a few barbarians.

You have raised a good point, Mollari.

Once again, I am in your debt.

The Vorlons will arrive in seven days.
This is just enough time.

Three days there, three days back,
one day for trial and execution.

Half a day. His guilt is obvious.

But we must allow them proper time
to see me for what I am.

Of course, Majesty.
You are, as always, quite right.

And I will go with you to personally
end the life of Citizen G'Kar.

- That is a hell of a lot of ships.
- And more on the way.

The captain wants the biggest fleet
in history if we're gonna end this war.

The way things are shaping up,
he just might get it.

- And then what?
- And then what, what?

Well, if we lose, there is no "then what,"
and if we win, what next?

We're still renegades. There's no one left
in the Galactic Core we haven't honked off.

We can't go home.

Sometimes I don't know which
scares me more, winning or losing.

God, I thought I was depressing.

John, lvanova told me that you
wanted to see me.

Yes. There's something...

...I didn't want to tell you at first,
but when I heard what you asked Lorien...

- You have a right to know.
- To know what?

He was gravely wounded at Z'Ha'Dum.

He was dying.
He was dead.

I did all I could to help him,
but I cannot create life.

Only the universe can do that.

I can extend, enhance.

There is no magic, nothing spiritual about it,
only the application of energies...

...healing and rebuilding cells.

I had Franklin do a complete medscan.

He found things in my neurosystem.

Some kind of biochemical energy
repairing and sustaining me.

- He's never seen anything like it.
- I did the best I could.

I gave him back a portion of his life,
but only a portion.

How long?

In human terms, barring injury and illness,
perhaps 20 years.

But no more than that.

Twenty years...

I'll be in my early 60s by then.

It's a good run, Delenn.

You told me that humans live to be
100 years old, even older.

- You can't...
- Twenty years.

No more.

And then, one day he will simply...


Can we have a moment?

It's all right, Delenn.

I went into this with my eyes open.
I knew if I went to Z'Ha'Dum...

...there'd be a price.

Seems there's always a price.

I'm okay with this.

But I'm not okay with this.

I told you I was afraid that I would
get you back only to lose you.

And that's what this is. Twenty years.

Yeah, but it's a long time.
It's 20 more years than I would have had.

And at least...

At least I can spend most
of them with you.

That's why I wanted to see you alone.

Here it is. Man, I thought I'd lost it.

I wanted you to have this.

I got it down in the Zocalo.

It's not what I had exactly in mind,

It's temporary until I can get you
a real engagement ring.

It's an Earth custom.

You see, you give someone you love... engagement ring as kind of
a down payment for another ring...

...the kind that you exchange
when you get married.

I don't know when we'll be able
to get to that part of it.

We may not survive the next two weeks.

But I wanted you to have this and for you
to know that whatever time I have left...

...I want to spend it with you.

Oh, Majesty, there you are.

I have spoken to our people on Narn.
They are anxiously awaiting our arrival.

Good. Good.

I was just making sure nothing
went wrong at this end.

Trouble with being infallible is, you have to
put up with everyone else making mistakes.

I was just thinking, I don't like
the way he's looking at me.

I'm trying to decide what to do about it.
Would you care to make a suggestion?

Oh, no, I'm sure whatever Your Majesty
decides will be appropriate.

I should go and pack.

No, I don't care at all
for the way he looks at me.

Pluck out his eye.

Which one?

I don't know. Doesn't matter.

That one.