BTS: Burn the Stage (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - full transcript

Namjoon! Namjoon!

Oh, yes.

I'm here to support my friend RM.


- Namjoon!
- Did you listen to it?

- Yeah.
- Namjoon!

Hey, what should we do?

I mean, for the rehearsal.

We need to decide
what song we'll perform.

We've done "Spring Day" before, but...

Let's do "Am I Wrong,"
"Crow Tit" and "DOPE," then.


Today we'll do
"Am I Wrong," "Crow Tit," "DOPE."

Okay. We could also do "I NEED U"
if we have to choose.

We could do "I NEED U,"
"Lost," "Cypher."

How about "Crow Tit," "DOPE," "Save ME"?

- "Crow Tit" and "DOPE."
- Okay. Sounds good.

Shall we go?

- Wow!
- Oh, it's cool.

Let's give each other feedback, okay?

Do we need to give feedback to that?

Go easy on it.

You're working too hard. Go easy.

- Giving feedback...
- I feel the soul.


Yeah, each person has

- a different capacity.
- There are limits to the capacity.

If you keep putting water in a bathtub

it's going to overflow.

That's all that it can take.

You're right!

Yes, that's right!

It's out of line with
the person behind you.

- It's cool.
- Cool.

My voice is failing me.

And we just said you're cool.

It's okay.

You can do better later.

If I have to choose the coolest here,
I'll choose you, Jimin.

That's why we have rehearsals.

I felt so bad. So bad.

If I start getting pessimistic,

I just can't stop these bad thoughts.

I'm losing confidence.

And I get too worried

when I feel down.
I get oversensitive about this.

You did a great job, Jimin.

I couldn't even tell.

I couldn't hear it through the PA.

- I didn't hear it at all.
- I wasn't wearing

in-ear headphones
and I couldn't tell at all.

I feel bad for Jimin. I always do.

When he first joined us

he couldn't sing,
so he'd cry after the TV shows.

I think it frustrated him.


He worked really hard
ever since he was a trainee. Really.

The one that worked the hardest

among all the trainees we had.

If you listen to his singing now

it changed a lot compared to before.

I think he's done a great job.

Always as if you're yawning.

How do I explain it?

You need to lower
the back of your tongue and sing.

He asks me a lot of questions
about the vocal part.

But the way that he sings

is very different from
my way of singing.

I wish he could
take advantage of his voice

and sing better with his voice.

Lower your tongue
as if you were yawning.

You sing like this with this voice.

But this is a little...

It shouldn't sound like this.
It has to sound clear

with that technique in mind.


Dope! It can't sound like that.

He feels bad after every performance.

He says that he doesn't know
how to use his vocal cords.

And I feel bad for him
when I see him like that.

He's not in a situation
where he can get vocal lessons.

Going crazy.

We've invited the audience
for the sound check today.

Which three songs will you sing?

- We have a list.
- "Crow Tit," "DOPE,"

and "Save ME."

Crow, dope, save.

- Dope, crow, save.
- Yes.

- Is it dope, crow, save?
- Dope, crow, save?

- Crow, dope, save?
- Dope, crow, save.

Dope, crow, save.

I think the drums needs to be louder.
Turn up number four.


We have to admit it.
J-Hope did a great job.

That's very exhausting.

His previous routine is very exhausting.

Even the cypher.

One after another.

I thought, "how can I go on a tour?"

It's a very demanding routine for him,

but he never complains.

It's the intro that I've dreamt of.

And I'm showing it to a lot fans
from around the world.

So that makes it exciting
rather than exhausting.

Don't film me from below.

I'm going to take my pants off.

Spectacular body.

Good job.

Good job, really. Brazil's the best.

But tomorrow's Monday.

I wonder if they'll come.

Our producer said this once.

He said that when he looks at us,

none of us seems tired
of performing yet,

and he's glad that we're not.

When we prepare something
thinking about a concert,

we make a lot of preparations
thinking about the audience.

I've never felt that
a concert is too much

or that I don't want to do it. Not yet.

They enjoy our concert even to
the point of fainting in the heat.

If I was standing up, I wouldn't stay.

So seeing that encourages me.

Man, we're so excited.

I think it's the second time for us.
For the concert.

But you know,
the show got much bigger.

And it's at the Prudential Center,

so we're so excited that we're meeting
the American audience.

Stand by.

- I'm ready.
- Stand by me?

He's a rapper, he's a songwriter
and producer, so thank you.

Yeah, he's attractive in his way.

I'm dope, man.

Gosh, my goodness.

- I'm going to die.
- RM has to work hard here.

- Long time no see.
- Oh, nice to meet you!

We just did it because we wanted to

communicate with the fans
all over the world.

Upload our pictures
and tell them how our life is like.

They really want to know
how we feel and how we do

in the US and all over the world.

So I think that's really
surprising for us too.


- Bang, Bangtan!
- Bang, Bangtan!

- What time is it now?
- 42.

- After listening to the first two...
- Guys, in eight minutes...

It's a bigger concert hall again.
We were in very small ones so far.

So don't panic,
and keep the choreography going.

- Check thoroughly.
- We have to be sure.

The gap between you and I is too big.

Then I have to move to two.

Yes, go to two.
You need to go to two to the left.

The other time, you...
You need to move faster.

You need to be in one no matter what
before you finish your part.

I can't tell the distance.

It doesn't matter.
You need to be in one anyway.

I was in one. I was.

And then it's too far for you, right?
When we sing "Spring Day."

Isn't the bridge for "Spring Day"
too far for you?


You run, but you should run faster.

I run after I see you run.

Yes, it was far yesterday.
I mean, the other day.

I ran at full speed at that time.
As fast as I could.

Bang, bang, bang.
I kept the time and ran.

You took too long to get ready.

You can just take smaller strides.

I took really small strides.

- We were getting farther apart...
- I was going fast.

There's nothing I can do about it.

I run at full speed to get there.

You keep complaining to me.
What do you want me to do?

No, I'm not complaining to you.
Listen to me.

After you do this,
you take too long to get ready.

You can finish this faster
and move more quickly.

I'm telling you I'm...

I'm doing it as fast as I can.

I'm asking you to take smaller strides.

I'll try to take smaller strides,

so just get ready faster
in a shorter amount of time.

I'm doing my best.
I'm doing it as fast as I can.

You used to be faster,
but suddenly you can't.

I can't suddenly change
my starting pose.

Try that today,
and if it doesn't work...

I used to be
very possessive and selfish.

Yours is mine and mine is mine.

Everything was mine.

So we fought a lot,
and they told me off a lot.

And they taught me not be like that.

They said I shouldn't be like that.

But now that they were being selfish,
I could see it.

- This isn't worth fighting for.
- We have to perform in minutes.

Let's go and get ready.

It's just a matter of
stepping back a little.

I could say that...

before a concert,
we need to come together.

We can't help but get sensitive, I know.

But when he said he's doing his best,
I felt discouraged a little.

I did my best.

But if I move faster to go,
I get the wrong tempo.

So I told him I did my best
having that in mind.

I can't move faster than that.

I'm talking about the performance
and you're overreacting.

- Hey...
- Wait a second.

I got pissed off when you said that.

It was not a nice sight to see.

Why do they have to go that far?

We only have ten minutes left.

I got a little disappointed.

I don't think either of you are right.

Listen. It's already eight.

- We have to go in now.
- We need to go now.

What do you think you're doing?

Okay, we got it.

We can't solve this right now, can we?

We're not going to say
who was wrong and who was right.

No, it's my bad.

You were talking about the performance,

and I took it as a joke.
That was childish. I'm sorry.

I admit it.

We can talk about this later.

We'll talk about it later.
We really have no time.

We need to go now, Taehyung.

- We have to go now!
- Okay!

Snap out of it. It's a concert.

Our fans lined up for days
and are waiting for the concert.

Let's not act like amateurs, okay?

- Let's go. Chin up!
- Okay, okay.


We can't argue right now.

We need to pull this concert off.

If you're ready, go.

Let's go.

Let's pull this off. It's a concert.

Hey, really. We'll do this as BTS.

It's not about V or Jin or RM.

- Bang, Bangtan!
- Bang, Bangtan!

We can do this. Let's do it.

We're performing
"Boy In Luv" together, okay?

Let's do it!

- Go.
- Go. There you go.

Go, go.

Why did we even fight
when it wasn't even a big deal?

It wasn't a big deal.
Why did I get mad?

Yes, I felt it was unfair,
but this is not what I intended.

That's not why I brought it up.

I wasn't trying to pick a fight.

I was seriously trying to talk to him
about the performance.

When I heard
why are you making a big deal out of it

I felt so upset. Like it was unfair.

Honestly, each and every one of us...

We're like little kids in a way.

I don't think it's a bad thing to fight.

My mom gave birth to me,

but I fought with her a lot
as I was growing up.

And not just me, all of us did.

It's normal that we fight.

It can happen,

but depending on how
we deal with it as time goes by,

it could affect our teamwork.

Make some noise. Make some noise!

Make some noise.

One, two, three.

Good job.

- Good job.
- Good job!

Good job.

Good job!

Everyone gather in the suite room today.

Yes, let's do that.

Let's hurry and get out of here.

Now that we've listened...

It's not about who's wrong.
It didn't have to be that way.

I'm sorry that it happened.

But I think Jin could have listened

and tried to do as asked.
That's what I think.

And Taehyung, you...
This is what I think.

I make a lot of mistakes too.

But you shouldn't forget that
he's older than you.

This goes for Jungkook as well.

You're right. I apologize for that.

I acted selfishly.

I talked to you with an attitude.

It's true that I disregarded you
and that I offended you,

but I'm older than you,
so that hurt my pride.

I try to not impose myself on you guys.

Because I think pridefulness
is good for nothing.

If I may explain myself,

I never, not even once,
tried to offend you.

I've never thought,
"Oh, I'm just going to offend him."

You're not trying to offend each other.

I don't think any of us does.

we can't take a joke as a joke.

That's what I thought it was.

I'm sure you're not trying
to offend anyone.

- If you did...
- Then it'll be a fight.

- You'd have fought already.
- You would.

It's not that you don't like Jin.

Let me know and I'll try to change that.

I guess you found out today.

Regardless of what happened today,

your jokes are sometimes too much.

I think that's also true.

You let it slide many times as well.

I also say the wrong things sometimes.

We can get pissed off,

but I think we can think twice.

The staff was there
and it looked really serious.

You didn't say it to each other,
but I know you both are sorry.

I'm sure that's all you could think of
during the two hours of performing.

That's what I think.

The BTS that made its debut
in June of 2013

is not like the BTS that
is on a tour now in 2017.

We got closer on a deeper level.

We got much closer.

We understand and know
each other much better.

Things like respect.

The closer you get,
the more you need it.

You're right.

It doesn't matter who was in the wrong.

We all make mistakes.

I have my dark side. You do too.

We all have a dark side.

And sometimes that shows
when we're under stress when we perform.

But you two affected the team
and the concert anyway.

In some ways.

And honestly, that wasn't professional.

I think we need to know
when to back off sometimes.

That doesn't mean you're losing.
It's for the sake of the team.

I think we're all trying to consider
each other's feelings.

- Yeah, I agree.
- Yeah, but...

Yeah, all seven of us are different.

We can't all be the same.

I think it's a good thing that
we had this chance to talk.

What's really interesting is that
even if we have a big argument,

we sit down and talk about it.

Even if I can't admit it now,
we try it the next day

or one week later.

We don't let it sit forever.

We talk about it.
We try to find a solution.

We can talk about
the choreography tomorrow.

It's a great thing that you guys
fought about the choreography.

Yeah, it's a relief that
it was about the choreography.

Imagine if it was about food.

Why are you eating more?

There's only one left
and you take it? You're so petty.

We did fight about food a lot before.

I even threw him a banana.

I was like, "Whatever. Just eat it."

Right. I remember.

He threw it like whatever.

Honestly, I was a little shocked.

A person can change like this.

We can do anything to make a good show.

Okay, standby.

Standby, action. Here we go.

Why did you act like you don't care?

Standby, standby.

What happened between you?

- When we leave...
- Let's get out.

Nothing's going to happen!

They're going to hug.
Let's get out of here quickly.

Yeah, good job.

It's the right time to leave.

Let's get out. They're shy.

They don't want an audience.

- Let's go.
- Let's get out.

Whenever I see that,

I think that we'll stay together
no matter what.

At some point,
that thought got in my mind.

We learned how to trust each other.

I understand now.

Now I know what ticks you off. I get it.

I'll really try to change that.

So if I'm feeling down
and you make a joke

and I can't take it as a joke,

I hope you can understand that.

I'll try to change too.

If you can accept that
and try to change,

I'll be very thankful. I also get hurt.


If that's how you felt,
I'll be more careful.

I'll try to be more careful.

And I understand because

you see the bright and funny side of me,

but I also get depressed very often.

I'm just trying to
stay positive for you guys.

People say we should forget about it,
but no one can be so cool.

I do have my dark side too.

Each of us have challenges.

But because we do,
we get along well with each other.

Okay, we're done.

- Let's get inside.
- Let's get some food.

Let's have a drink later on.

Yeah, have a drink together
and talk about it.

Let's get some rest.

- You promised each other.
- Let's go.

Stop butting in.

Let's go!

It's already too late. It's two.

What? It's nine past one.

You can't even read the clock.

Come on. Let's go.

Our strength is that

no matter how difficult, tired
or exhausted we are

we gather at night and talk.

We settled the matter that night.

It's not something that
will come between us.

I think it made us become even closer.

We fought a lot. We really did.

Namjoon and I lived together
for seven or eight years.

Hoseok and I, eight years.

And seven years with Jungkook.

You think we wouldn't have fought?

You think we didn't argue?

More than the time
I spent with my family

I think I spent more time with them.

We always talk about it
when we have a problem.

No matter who's fault it is.

I think that's one of our strengths.

Yes, the guys are awesome.

I could see that everyone
wasn't feeling well.

Do you think you can remember that?

That's a little...

We hadn't checked and confirmed.

I don't know about the others,
but I felt very anxious.

It feels like it's not good enough
even if we give 100, 120 or 150 percent.

That's what I think.

Toss up or lose.
Rock, paper, scissors!

Delicious hotdog, please.
Is that how you say it?