BTS: Burn the Stage (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - You Already Have the Answer - full transcript

This is the first time
we're doing a world tour

in almost two years
since "The Red Bullet".

We want to show them something different.
Show them that we grew.

I'm getting so confused.

I'm going to work myself to the bone
during the concert.

A lot has changed.
During "The Red Bullet,"

we lacked a lot of things
and we weren't as skilled.

But that was that back then.

To say that we gave so many concerts
just to prepare for this one,

we put a lot of effort into those
and worked really hard on them.

But I can say that now
we're truly performing a show.

During this tour,
we'll perform individual songs

as well as sub-unit songs.

We have many acts that
have a different feel and vibe.

Being worried that we didn't have
hit songs or enough songs to perform.

It was all about that before.

But now we work in better conditions

so all we need to do is do a good job.

It feels totally
different from standing still.

Because I have to raise my voice.

We can lower it by half a key
for the live performance.

I don't think that's...

Though it'll make it
a lot easier to perform live.

How can we better show them
what we want to show them?

How can we finish everything well?

I think I prepared with that in mind.

It's not like the stage
will move up, right?

- Anything else you want?
- All I want is do a good job.

Let's keep it up.

I think it's an important moment
in terms of performance.

We want to move to another level,
so we tried a lot of new things.

We'll perform these acts
one by one during THE WINGS TOUR.

So that when it's over
I can say I really grew.

No, but this...

This year is important.
A meaningful year.

I feel like I'll never
experience this again.

It's so exhausting.

Whether it's a world tour or an event,

they're coming to see us
because they like us.

So I want to have
an attitude of gratitude.

The concert in Seoul
marked the beginning

and we put a lot of work into it.

What if I can't sing today?

What kind of act will we prepare?

What do we want them to feel?

We thought a lot about that.

Nature's calling.
I need to go to the bathroom.

As an idol star, an artist or performer,

this will be a show that will test me.

Just as we prepared.
Just as usual, okay?

It's everyday life for us. We prepared
the concert while appearing on TV.

Don't consider this just one more day.

People gathered after a lot of work,

so we must show them something.

- Bang Bangtan!
- Bangtan!

- Let's go!
- Go!

How many people
can one meet in a lifetime?

The fact that we're performing
in front of thousands

is something to be proud of.

I could never say, "This is enough."

We want to show them our authentic side.

We don't want to disappoint them.

We need to perform
with a sense of duty.

ARMY, scream!

- There you go.
- That's what we want.

If you ask me about my motivation,

I have to mention our fans, obviously.

So many things that
we feel grateful for happened in 2016.

But the most important thing is

the Grand Prize that we were awarded
along with you guys, ARMY.

I get so many thoughts
when I think of our fans.

We could give this big concert
thanks to you, ARMY.

Really. We truly thank you. No.

We love you!

Thank you.

They don't ask for anything back.

They support us purely.

That makes me feel that
I have to work harder.

I also want to repay them.

I like them because
they're so handsome.

They're so cute. They make me happy.

Maybe joy?

We want to go beyond that.

We want to listen to their stories.

We want to look into their eyes
and see what kind of lives they lead,

and become a part of the lives
of those that love us,

so that we can be of big help to them.

Good job, everyone.

I can't cry on a happy day.

I don't cry on happy days.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.

Health for BTS, ARMY and Big Hit.

- That's what I wish for.
- Thank you, everyone!

We promised we won't play with food.

- Oh, right.
- Let's just eat it.

Hey, that's my bag.

- Sorry.
- Your bag's covered in cream!

Lift it straight up.

Park Jimin! Park Jimin!

How much is the bag?

Oh, come on. What now?

He said the f word.

That's an expensive bag.

[We'll be the wings of BTS]

[We'll be the wings of BTS]

Whenever we read your letters

we can feel
how you're dealing with life

and how you're surviving it.

How you're dealing with pain.

And we like that very much.

So we want to stay together
with the love that you show us

to continue to feel you
and walk this road together.

As long as we stay together,
just like the title of our song,

[We'll never stop flying]

we will see the spring day come.
I have no doubt about that.

So let's spread our wings
and fly to our spring day.

Thank you.

We're in trouble.

The nightmare we had in the US
is starting all over again.

I'm not even surprised anymore.

I hear that
our leader lost his passport.

Shall we try to find it?

We can't enter Chile
without the passport.

Didn't it slide through
the seat in front?

Didn't you originally¡¦

Did you check under the blanket?

It wasn't there.

Excuse me, do you speak English?

We can't enter Chile, then.

They found it!

My goodness.

- Thank you, sir!
- Thank you!

You just saved my life.

Thank you.

Ah, what just happened?

Thank you.


Let's get out of here.
I can't stay here.

I almost cursed at him.

I almost cried. I'm literally crying.

- Thank you!
- Thank you! Thank you!

Hang his passport
around his neck from now on.

Let's go. Go.
Let's get out of here.

Get out! Get out!

- Let's go.
- I almost died of frustration.

What should we do about him?

I'm really sorry.

It's the second time you lose it.

I had it when we left the US.

Okay. There will be a lot of fans,
so stay together. We do it in one go.

We know how much our fans love us
through social media.

is scheduled for 2017.

We will have the time to go ourselves
and feel the love of our fans.

So I was really nervous.

What's up, guys?

- You know BTS?
- What's up, Chile?

We prepared this stage, man.

What was that?

What was that?

Cool people say it like this.
What was that?

- It is "What was that?"
- What was that?

- It's "What was that?"
- What was that?

It literally means "What was that."

- Is there anybody who cares...
- What was that?

- What was that?
- What was that?

- What was that?
- Grow up.

- Growing.
- Growing.

Yes, BTS.

BTS, grow up.

Anybody! Anybody.

Can you speak more slush?




I want to have some slush.
The ones you can buy near schools.

- Yeah, I want that slush.
- The type you scoop up.

Why isn't Suga here?

Suga's working so hard right now
that he has no time to eat.

- I miss Suga.
- That's a nice front you're putting up.

You miss who?

We're opening the rehearsal up
to 500 people?

To 500.

We're going to draw for winners
among those who bought the best seats.

What will we rehearse?

Let's do a group song.

Well, we have to do "Not Today."

"Stigma," "Lie" and "Begin." Done.

What does the youngest have to say?

We'll do "Reflection,"
"Awake," and "MAMA" in Brazil.

Yeah? Then we'll only
do "Lie" in the US.

A song of the person who's not here.
Suga. What's his song?

- "First Love."
- What's his song?

I think "MAMA" is the most exciting.

Let's take this to Yoon-gi.

Take it to him.

Yes, wrap up this food.

- Wrap this and that.
- Wrap everything.




I'm your Hope.

Eat this.

Eat up, bro.
We bought it for you.

Eat up. You look like you slept well.

Bye, bye.

He looks so refreshed.

He must've slept well.
Good night, guys.

Chile... Chile...

Wow, really...

We haven't gone to Brazil yet,
so I don't want to jump to conclusions.

Just as expected. It's different.

So hot.

I'm thankful. When I perform

I get excited and feel good,
but also I feel very grateful.

Whether we appear on TV or do a show,

if they come to meet us,
we feel very grateful.

A lot of people uploaded
cover dances of our songs.

I search and watch a lot of them.

It's interesting and entertaining.

Each member has a peculiar habit.

And they catch each and every detail.

Sometimes when I see that
I get goose bumps.

We were putting on make-up
and I could hear loud screams outside.

I asked if some other group
was doing an opening act.

It can't get hotter than that.

Wow, two thousand, a thousand seats.
Oh, my God.

A quarter only... Do you remember?

We couldn't even pass through it.

Dancing with the lights.

The fact that they cover our dances
and catch every detail

would mean that they're expecting
that much from us.

And we're showing them
the original thing at the concert

so we don't want to disappoint them.

Their reaction is dope.

I saw their fever.

I would call it madness in a good way.

I don't mean it in a bad way.
I like that word very much.


They take pictures of us and film us.

And I like that they capture
how nicely we perform,

but what I like the most is
when the audience enjoys it.

Listening to the songs while seated
where the concert hall is cool.

Do I like that pleasant environment?

Or do I like a concert hall
that is filled with deadly madness?

Then I'd always say it's the latter.

If we enjoy it, they enjoy it.

If they enjoy it, we enjoy it in return.

Then the energy builds up and
it's two or three times more intense.

These people make us pour
more of our energy into this.

The show in Chile was so much fun.

Not many will have the opportunity
to feel this way.

I think it's very special.

Honestly, these days,
the amount of effort I put in

and the time that I invest
to show a better version of myself

is not as much compared to before.

I regret that
and I think I should change,

but I believe I'm gaining something

while I take it easy
and do other activities.

And regretting doesn't help.

My individual song
is a lot of pressure for me.

And that makes me worry even more.

I worry more when I have to do it live.

There's a lot of pressure.

I messed up.

No, you didn't. It was only two parts.

You're talking about
your voice cracking, right?

- Yeah, it cracked.
- Okay.

The microphone fell off, too.

You didn't mess up.

Others could say that it's not a big deal,

but that one thing makes me feel guilty.

And I get so stressed out
because of that one thing.

I'm already stressed out

and I have a sore throat.
If I keep making mistakes,

it'll be so hard for me to bear it.

More so because
there's nothing I can do about it.

I don't know what happened to me.

I think I overestimated myself.

That never happened to Jungkook before.

I never expected that
and it happened all of a sudden.

I realized Jungkook is also human.

He never shows how exhausted he is.

You can never tell.

Jungkook was in a very bad shape.

Who? Jungkook?

He looked really exhausted.

I was really surprised
when I saw the symptoms.

Like, "What's happening to him?"

It had been a long time
since we came to Chile.

We don't know
when we're going to come back.

And we only had two days of shows.

So I worked myself until my body
couldn't take it anymore.

Hey, are you okay?

Jungkook, slow down.

Go easy. Slow down.

You'll pass out.

Don't overwork yourself.

It took me by surprise.

And I got very worried.

And I was worried about the show
at the same time.

I was very confused.

I didn't know what to do.

The first day...

It's high up in the mountains,
so I thought I could probably pass out.

I thought about that the day before.

The day before,
I managed myself well physically.

The second day was our last show.

I'm feeling much better now.

If you're ready, go.

- We'll go first.
- Yeah, you go first.

Jimin, let's go.

Hang in there a bit more.

One minute left.

We want to show them something
when we perform.

And though we can't be perfect...

at least... at the very least...

There's a minimum
that we want to show them.

But if I can't deliver
as well as I planned,

or my body isn't feeling well enough,

then I feel really sad.

Not just Chile. We can't go
to other countries very often.

And they're supporting us
from so far away

I want to come here
and show them something.

So when I think that
I couldn't do that, I feel so...

I just sigh.

I knew my body wasn't in a good shape
before we started.

My body knew it and I knew it.

But I sang with
only this thought in my mind.

That I won't be able to see them again
for a long time.