BTS: Burn the Stage (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - I'd do it all - full transcript

You do shows in the US with an audience
of over ten thousand?

And the tickets sell out?

Yeah, I'll show you.

Sensation BTS is hitting "Not Today."

They're getting ready to take over
the US in just over two weeks.

They're going huge.

Get this. Their arena shows
in Chicago, New York and L.A.

They're all sold out.

BTS is the first K-Pop idol group

to be awarded
at the Billboard Music Awards.

The Top Social Artist Award

had been awarded to Justin Bieber

for the past six years
which makes it more meaningful.

Fans from Bolivia, Peru and Argentina

are now here, too.

BTS just announced a series
of brand new albums

and the internet has lost all chill.

This team first became popular abroad

so they're already doing a world tour
visiting thirteen countries.

BTS. If you don't know them,
you need to know them.

They're a K-Pop group, a Korean Pop
group, and they're huge on social media.

They were the only one
who had triple millions.

Holy moly.

Historic moment.

What I can say for sure is
that there's a reason we do this.

I want this to have a reason.

I think fans would be curious about

what we do backstage.

I think it has to be more raw.

What happens before we do make-up.

What we do when we're in hotels.

Honestly, sometimes we argue.

- It happens, you know.
- We need to show them plainly.

I think we need to show them
without adding or concealing anything.

So they have a reason to watch it.

That's how people think of us.

They think we show our lives
without filtering anything,

but we hide a lot of things.

I tried really hard so that
my weaknesses don't show.

We should get rid of all that

and show them the raw side.

When we're under pressure
we get annoyed at each other.

We get sensitive.

I think we need to show them
some of that, too.

During our performances or preparations,
we always show...

The finished product.

Honestly, we don't want to
show them the entire process.

Because there are a lot of things
that we're not good at.

What I've always emphasized
ever since we made our debut

is that we want to interact man to man.

I struggle internally every day.

I actually have these kinds of thoughts

and have these other sides.

But if I let them see it,
they might worry

and they might not like me.

But I really want to break out of that.

Let's say I do something.

If you have a negative view of it,
it looks bad.

But if you see the positive side,
it can be good.

But to our fans, at least,

we try really hard to show them
everything honestly.

I want them to think,
"Oh, I didn't know they had that side."

It'll be an opportunity to
show them more by filtering less.

Our biggest strength is that human touch
and we can show them more of it.

So they think, "They're just like me."

They get irritated under pressure
and they also cry.

I was only lucky to find
what I wanted to do earlier in life.

I was lucky to find good friends
and that's how I made it here.

If I get frustrated during work,
I just read webtoons for five hours.

And some days I don't want to work.

People think I always work hard,

but sometimes I just lie down and sleep.
Things like that.

They said that we'll cry
if we watch this 10 or 20 years later.

After I heard that,

I could imagine myself

watching this in 10 or 20 years.

When I see this camera
I feel like I'm going to cry.

It feels strange.

I think it's going to be a life...


We haven't done anything yet.

But I know what you mean.

Yeah, it feels weird.

But what if BTS advances to the attack?

I'm the leader in BTS
and my name is Rap Monster.

I wish something spectacular
would happen, but at the same time...

Don't overdo yourselves. Don't.


If you're in too much pain,
you can't even make a sound.

I hope nothing goes wrong.

I'm the rapper in BTS.
I also write music.

How frustrating was it
when we were trainees?

I bought one lottery ticket every week.

A pig tells me the numbers in Korean.

Six! Ten! And I go like, "Yes! I won!"

Yeah, that's what I do.

I'm the big brother of BTS
and my name is Jin.

I'm in charge of having
the amazingly handsome face.

Are you, by any chance, a celebrity?
You're so handsome.

Needless to say.

I'm J-Hope of BTS.

I'm like the person that connects
the younger and older members.

It's just a matter of
closing the distance.

I can't make it by that time.

Just take shorter steps.

I took very few steps.

Can we put the concert off?

It's eight now.


The youngest isn't doing his job
as the youngest,

so I'm doing it for him.
I'm Jimin.

One chili and one garlic.
Rock, paper, scissors.

Paper! Yeah!

You really can't.

Come on. If you don't eat it...

The smaller chili is the spiciest.


I'm 22...

Wait. Am I 23 this year?

I'm V.

- Andy Warhol.
- Oh! Paul Cezanne?

I'm living a nice life.

Introduce myself?

Hello, I'm Jungkook of BTS.

You're eating again?
Mine too, Jungkook!


He's a good one.

Hey, there are mushrooms
in this ramyeon.

It's a chocolate ball. What?

Dang you!

Here's the cue sheet.

- "Not Today."
- For today?

Yes. "Am I Wrong", "Crow Tit," "DOPE,"
"War Of Hormone," "21st Century Girls."

"Stigma" comes last in the second part.

Tae-hyung, come with me.

All we have to do is
make them sing along.

Let's do it together.

I feel drowsy and watch stuff
with no purpose if I stay in the studio.

The moment I opened the Japanese book
I felt so sleepy.

- I just want to sleep.
- For studying, the study room is best.

I got all ready and went to
Starbucks and sat down.

I opened it and I realized
I didn't bring my pencil case.

Some steam and some don't.
What's the difference?

I feel good when it steams.
It feels more humidifying.


Create fog like with dry ice.

You shouldn't trust.

- The camera was on, guys.
- Yeah, I know.

I didn't know.

Let's clean up. The camera's on.

The camera's on?

Oh, come on.

Why are you suddenly cleaning up?

You don't clean up after eating?


Everyone does, but you.
Everyone but you and who else?

Jimin, you should clean up after eating.

Cut. Five seconds.

Two. One, three.

And then it's "War Of Hormone."

No, "War Of Hormone" comes last.

After the medley of the title tracks.

You didn't memorize your cue sheet?

Look at him.

You don't deserve to be a singer.

He hasn't memorized the cue sheet yet.

What do we do?

I'll be sure to learn it.

He doesn't know the sequence yet.

Today? Rehearsing on the stage here

really feels like we're performing
in the concert hall.

Like we're in Gocheok Sky Dome, right?

No, not at all.

I thought my voice will be recorded.

- Not at all.
- How can you do this to me?

It doesn't feel like
Gocheok Sky Dome at all.

When we do rehearsals, we usually...

We practice the day before
to be sure it's like the real thing.

But it's nice to practice
two weeks ahead.

What do you think?

They couldn't hear you at all
thanks to Yoon-gi.

I'm going to kill Yoon-gi.

Trying to look like
he's so professional.

The total number of concerts

is as many as the number of concerts
that we gave so far, I was told.

Throughout this tour, first of all,

we'll go to many different countries
though we can't go to every country.

We have fans that support us from afar

so it's nice that
we can go and meet them.

I believe they expect something from us.

Something that they can't usually see.

Like the performances that
they only saw on TV from afar.

I want to show them as is.

The most problematic song
of this concert

is becoming the most anticipated one.

Yes, Jimin of BTS.

It's not bad.

Yeah, because I totally let go, right?

But you'll have other dancers.

Tell them to do it that way.

If it doesn't work, I'll go in.

Good job.

I'm trusting you. You're the only one.

We're not practicing live, are we?

Can't be removed.

No... I didn't plan well.

I slept too early and woke up too early.

I didn't get to sleep
before the rehearsal.

But the live performance was good.

Each member has a keyword.

For example Jungkook,
just like you saw on the stage,

his keyword is "Begin."

He joined BTS when he knew nothing

and he grew up here.

It's the story of
the beginning of his life.

And I think about myself a lot.

So they said that could be my keyword.

It's my life.

The graph of my life.

That's right. Life has ups and downs.

We spent a lot of money for this scene.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

It has to be more money than J-Hope's.

The most money went into the resources.

Then please don't tell the members.

This is hard.

The BTS that I thought...

"The BTS that I saw on social media
is not this."

We don't want to deliver that.

We want to make sure
they feel our energy.

It's a show. A performance.

We don't want the audience to come

and say, "I wasted two
and a half hours of my life."

We want them to get more value,

show them everything we prepared
and see how they react to it.

He's the man of THE WINGS TOUR.

His outro...
He even does an extra outro.

- I'm the man only in these moments.
- The real man.

It's been a long time
since I sang so many songs.

My legs are shaking.

- I'd better work harder.
- Your legs are shaking already?

- He has to say that.
- It's because you're old.

There's always one person
that will diss you.

Then you do it.

What's wrong? My Jin is handsome.

There. Isn't he an upright friend?

Your legs can't be shaking already.

It's going to be a long journey.

I hope that there is something
at the end of this journey.

I'm doing this tour with that in mind.

It's not that I'm already
thinking about the end,

but I think I hope I see a better me
at the end of it.

What BTS tries to accomplish is...

Actually, we accomplished
everything we planned.

We made most of
our dreams come true.

Now we have to move on
towards a new dream.

And I want to be in it.

That's my dream.

From the beginning.
Snow comes down.

And it comes down slowly again.

Everybody. I miss... Yeah!

One more time! I miss... Yeah!

Do the dab.

You need to come forward
for the second part.

The members are my motivation.

They're one of my biggest motivations.

I enjoy it when I do things
with these people.

They make me think that
we can do so many things.

And that motivates me more.

Just having them by my side
encourages me as well.

Really, these guys make me move.

We want to be
the number one song on Billboard.

Give a concert
in a really big concert hall.

That's also part of my dream,

but if I must share
something more personal,

my dream is to perform
with these guys for a long time.

I also wonder

how much more
I will have grown after one year.

I'm hooked on workwear lately.

I wonder if you'll still be hooked
on it later in time.

I hope you are.

People say it looks good on you.

I hope my face isn't as puffy.

I danced hard, too.

By then, I'll probably dance
better than Rap Monster.

I'm not sure
who I really am yet.

What I can tell you for sure
is that through this

I want to find out
what kind of person I am.

I hope this process helps me
find who I am.

I don't know how much time
it will take to fulfill it,

but I hope you became a good singer.

Jungkook, big bro.

You're 22 now, so I'll call you big bro.

I only have goals,

I don't really put things into action.

I hope you're putting
your utmost effort into practice

by that time.

Hello, I'm the V from last year.

I'm trying to do my best
to grow a bit more each day.

I'm trying to focus a lot.

If there's anything I hope

is that you don't get injured.

I hope the tour ends safely.

You're not really that smart.

And you're not so selfless either.

I hope you know your limits well.

But don't stay within those limits.

Overcome the limits each day.

I hope we don't become stagnant.

Neither BTS nor I.

It could be slow and difficult,
or we might enjoy it,

but we can go on slowly
experiencing all of that.

Guys, what...


Everybody, sing!

Spread, spread.

Are you ready?

Spread, spread.

J-Hope, you do that part.

We'll do this again.

Spread, spread, spread your wings.

- No?
- Is this not right?

Are you guys ready?

Hey, ho!

Everybody, say it!

One, two, three, four!

I'll try to be the you that you are now.

Because I'm becoming you.

I hope people want to see you
just because you're Park Jimin.

I hope you're a better person now.

I think I'm a loved person.

I'm sure you're still very bright

and childlike. I have no doubt.

For those wishes and good fortune
to come to you,

I hope you're able to overcome
your lazy moments.

So that when you see this message

you can say, "I worked hard."

It was always...

Let's take it slow and do what we can.

I said that was our goal.