Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 7 - Episode #7.7 - full transcript

It's Tribe Swap time. As the game heats up, the time has come for the castaways to truly play their own game, even if it means turning on a loved one.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

I am the Wicked Witch of the Outback

who they just can't kill.

..Sophie was scrambling
to make new alliances.

The word that I've heard,
that I would be first

and then if your Idol was flushed,
you'd be next.


I find myself at the bottom
with Benny and Jordan.

..her old alliance
was still outnumbered

on the Red tribe.

At the Immunity Challenge...


..out to prove his worth, Croc
pushed himself to breaking point.

But Blue had the strength
to persevere.


Blue wins immunity,

sending Red to Tribal Council.

At camp...

Amy, Jay and Dave.
We gotta eliminate them.

..Sandra gathered the numbers
to get the vote on Dave.

He went off the rails.

But when Michelle told Sandra
about Amy's Idol...

She has an Idol.

..Sandra changed the plan
to take down Amy.


We'll split votes
between Jay and Amy.

I will always be the queen,

regardless of what Survivor
I'm playing on.

I'm here to reign over everyone.

But at Tribal Council...

Not tonight, Satan.

..after a last-minute tip-off
from Jordan,

Amy played her Hidden Immunity Idol.

Who you gonna play it for?

..leaving Jay as collateral damage.

The tribe has spoken.

19 are left. Who will be
going home tonight?


-== [ ] ==-

NINA: I feel really good
where I stand with my Blue tribe.

We're very easygoing.

Just gonna pretend
that I'm not here

and then pounce.

I've come across so many characters.

There's a bloody humpback in there.

Wait for it. It's around.
It'll come up.


Did you see it?
MAN: I did not.

I feel like I have a really good
group around me.

Go back out there.

I've got Mark and Josh.
Then we have Shay and Jordie.

Oh, OK. I'll go get it.

Just wait for it.
It's pretty, like, white.

It's really pale.

I've never seen
anything like that before.

That's gonna be right here forever.


I'm really enjoying
playing my own game.

I think that I can
dominate this tribe.


I'm playing Survivor
to really push myself.

And I can see myself going
really, really far.

Like, I honestly feel like
I can make it to the end.



Come on in!


Blue getting your first look
at the new Red tribe.

Jay voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

Sophie, are you surprised
that Jay was sent home?

No, I'm not surprised
Jay was sent home.

I'm really happy to see
some faces here on this mat today.

Sam, there's a lot of talk
about keeping

the tribe one big, happy family.

Do you think that was achieved?

Jay had a really good personality,

but we are a united tribe

and we are pretty keen to get

whatever is under that
beautiful rag over there.


Well, I'm glad that
you're feeling united,

because that is all about to change.

Drop your buffs.



We are switching things up.


SAM: My heart was pounding
out of my chest

when he said, "Drop your buffs."

I mean, this is a moment where
your game can be made or broken.

Everything is being thrown
up in the air.

Alright. Here we go.

One buff each.

Finally, Mark and I get the chance
to be together.

I miss him.

Our plan has always been to get
to merge and play on together,

and now we could do it
a hell of a lot earlier.

One of them is empty.

Do not panic if you get that one.

NINA: I honestly don't like the idea

that I could be on
the same tribe as my mom.

I want her to be as far away
from me as possible

so I can really play my own game

and be in my own zone

without having the distraction.

This could ruin my game. I don't
want my mom to make me a target.

Well, let's see how this is gonna
play out. Everyone, open your buffs.

MAN: Who's playing with whom?


Our team.

Alright, if you have a red buff,

come over to the red mat.

If you have a blue one,
over to the blue.

You got nothing.

You're a military man.
You won't panic.

Alright, let's see who we have
on the Red tribe.

We have Amy, we have David,

we have Shay, we have Jordie,

Mel, Nina and Sandra.

We have Jordan and we have Josh.

Alright, on the Blue tribe,

we have Michelle, Jesse, Khanh,

Ben, Sam, Sophie,

KJ, Chrissy and Croc.

Alright, Mark. You have no buff.

Because we have uneven numbers

and you're the odd man out,
to keep it fair,

you can choose which tribe
you would like to join.

Tough choice, Jonathan.
That is.

Both, um, very good line-ups.

I've got Sammy over there and...

Mark, we've got a good
swimming hole, mate.

..the Bloods over here.

Uh, it's a tough one.

MAN: You don't need blankets, Mark.

I feel like there's gonna be
some blood in the water today

and I think I'm gonna
join the Bloods.


MAN: Oh, my God! (CHUCKLES)

MAN: Yes!

Sam, how do you feel
about Mark's choice?

Well, I mean, I'd like him...


I mean, we all wanna play with our
loved one, and if we get a choice,

I would have thought
that we might have that.

But he's playing his own game
and we're all individuals

as well as partnered up as well,

so I respect him to do
what he wants to do.

Josh, how you feeling
about the swap?

Mate, I'm stoked, yeah,
to see the cuz over there

and both pull the red buff
is awesome.

Yeah, like, it''s given me
a bit of fresh air, seeing Josh,

and I've more energy now,
and I'm just excited.

OK, so the other pair on Red

is Sandra and Nina.

Sandra, tell me.
How close are you two?

Me and Nina are very close.
We talk every single day.

I'm happy for the tribe swap.

It's like a reset button for me,

especially after last night's Tribal
Council, and again getting votes,

so I feel like I need this
new breath of fresh air.

Nina, is Mama Bear
gonna cramp your style?

I hope not!

Um, I kinda have a feeling
she might.

But we're just gonna have to
talk about it later.


Well, I think the swap has been
a pretty nice shake-up.

Are you guys ready to get to
your first Reward Challenge

as new tribes?

ALL: Yeah!

For today's challenge...

..four members from each tribe

will face off in a boat tug of war.

The goal is to get enough ground

to grab your tribe flag.

First to do so scores
a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three...

..wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?


A visit to camp...

..from the Survivor hot dog cart.

ALL: Ohh!

Hot dogs with all the fixings

and refreshing cold drinks
to wash it all down.

Worth playing for?

Alright. Red, you have
an extra player.

Gonna need to sit someone out.

Who's it gonna be?

Amy, you're on the bench.
Everyone else, we'll get to it.


Alright, first round, two women,
two men in the boat.

Who you gonna pick?

Soph, Chrissy.

OK, who we got?

Ben, Croc, Chrissy, Sophie.


Which boys?

Alright. And who are the girls?

Mark, Jordan, Mel and Sandra.

Come on up.

The team that paddles together
is gonna win. Yep.

Alright. First round.

We have Sophie, Ben, Chrissy and Croc
for the new Blue

taking on Mel, Sandra,
Mark and Jordan for the new Red.

Go, guys!

Survivors, ready?



The objective is
to pull your opponents

as close as you can get to your flag

so you can reach out and grab it.

Everyone trying to prove their worth
to their new tribe.

Lift it!

Blue is quickly gaining ground.

All together, guys.

That's it.

Pulling Red.

Can they get to their flag?

Go, Ben! Go, Ben!

Almost there. Ben finally grabs it!

That's it.
Taking the first point for Blue.

Blue leads 1-0.

Yes, guys! Good job.

Yeah, I was really outta time.

When you paddle,
like, look into the boat.

You gotta watch everyone
and do it at the same time.

We need to go all together at once.

Yeah, they weren't in sync.
Stroke, stroke.

They weren't in sync at all.

Alright. Next round is for the men.


OK, we've got Josh, Mark,
David and Jordie.

Oh, Mark's going again.


Ben, Khanh, Croc and Jesse.
Come on up.

You guys at the front
paddle together as you see fit

and we'll match your paddle.

Every number he called,
I rowed.

I rowed every single...
I know.

Alright, here we go. Next round.
Let's go, lads.

Lot of beef in those boats

desperate for a feed.

Survivors, ready?

Come on, Red!

Red would love to get on the board.

But Blue are strong paddlers.

Go, Benny!

Blue taking quick strokes.

Go, Jesse!

Red, longer and deeper strokes.

Come on, Red! Let's go! Forward!

Which strategy is gonna work?

Go! Go! Go!

Mark in the back there
getting everyone in sync.


Blue starting to get worn out.

Go, Khanh. Harder, Khanh!

Khanh struggling to connect
paddle to water.

Not helping his new tribemates.

Here we go, Jordie! Keep going!

Red's slowly pulling Blue
over to their flag.

Keep going! Nearly there!

Red can smell victory.
Digging in now.

Blue is completely gassed.

Benny, don't stop!

Ben is in so much pain.

Red is almost there.

You're so close! Go, David!

They are a well-oiled machine.

Juicy Dave reaches out,
grabs the flag,

putting Red on the board.

We are tied, 1-1.

God. (PANTS)

They're cooked.

Really good.

Blue is completely gassed.

Good work, guys. That was hard.

Do you?


Yeah, she will be.
Yeah, she will be.


And the wind kicking up now.

Gonna add another element
to this challenge.


Alright, next round is for the women.


OK, Sam, KJ, Sophie and Michelle.


Sandra, Mel, Shay, Nina.

Come on up.

NINA: And get those long strokes in.

We don't want short, quick ones.
We want long ones.

Nina, let me see where
you're putting your hands.

A little higher.

Storm's a-brewing.

And just like the wind,
anything can change on Survivor.

Survivors, ready?



Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

Big push!

Guys, big push!

Blue have less of a rhythm.

They seem to have a little more
strength in the water.

Gaining a little edge on Red.

Red trying to hold them off.

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

Blue digging deep now.

KJ, stroke!

Red starting to struggle.

KJ, keep going! Sophie!

Don't let go, don't let go!
Don't let go!

Sophie in sync with her tribemates,

proving she can be a team player.

Keep going, keep going, keep going!

Blue almost there.

Can they finish Red off?

Keep going, keep going!

KJ gets up, tries to get
closer to the flag.


Can she get it for Blue?

You got it, KJ!

KJ reaches out, takes it for Blue!

Blue leads, 2-1.


Good work.

And again.
Good job, girls.

Good heart, girls.
Good heart. Awesome.

I tried, guys.
It's alright.

Alright. Next round,
two men, two women. Red?

Josh and Jordan for Red. Who else?

I don't mind. Yeah.

Nina and Shay.

Good luck, guys.

Alright, Blue. Who you got?

Ben and Croc.

Chrissy...and Sophie again.

Hot dogs, guys.

That's it, Sophie. You OK?
You got your breath back?

Let's go, girl. Let's go. Come on.

Blue leads 2-1.
They could win it right here.

Red needs to win it to stay in it.

Do it for the hot dogs! Come on!
Survivors, ready?




Go, Blue! Go, Blue! Go!

Stroke! Stroke!

Everybody furiously paddling now.

Go, Blue! Go, Blue!

Everyone digging deep.

Everyone wants that hot dog.

Blue quickly getting the edge.
Red struggling.

Blue are a well-oiled machine.

They could win it right here.
And they do!

Blue wins reward!


Well done!

Hot dogs!

SANDRA: Good job, guys. Good job.

Didn't really want hot dogs anyway.
It's fine.

Blue, congratulations.

Your Survivor hot dog cart
will be waiting for you back at camp.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Let's go!


Alright, Red. Got nothing for ya.
Head back to camp.

We won this challenge, but Mark
chose to not be on this tribe.

But I have to trust him

and I have to trust in my ability
to play an independent game.

And I'm reunited with Sophie!

So it's gonna be interesting,
moving forward.

I guess Blue tribe, here I go.


Oh, yeah!

CHRISSY: I love reward.

We won the hot dogs,
so that was amazing.

There's massive hot-dog bread rolls,
there's all fillings and toppings.

Welcome, everyone.

WOMAN: Welcome.

CHRISSY: Everyone's together.
There's huge cups of fizzy drink.

Cheers, guys.

KHANH: Sammy, everything?
SAM: Yes.

I love you.



CHRISSY: So excited.

I'm experiencing something
I've never felt,

well, feels like I've never felt,
and it's food in my belly.

MAN: Look at your face!


SAM: There's nothing

more important
than when you swap tribes

that all of a sudden you go out
with a bang in the first challenge.

MAN: Flavour.
MAN: Mustard.

Just flavour in general.
With anything.

KHANH: Do you want any more onions?
I know!

You're gonna have some gut issues.

And we get to forge
this new relationship in success.

I mean, this is a triumphant moment
for this new tribe.

As soon as I saw your blue,
I was like, "OK, I'm fine."

But just, then you look over and see

who's made your life normal for two
weeks, it was like, "Oh, my God."

SAM: I was happy that Croc
got reunited with Chrissy.

Oh, you're so happy.
I'm so happy that you're so happy.

Oh, I'm rattled.
Absolutely rattled.

I don't like change.

But I guess
the big elephant in the room

is that Mark had a choice
of which tribe to join.

MAN: The look on your face,
he regretted it instantly.

You're an idiot, sir!

That actually really surprised me.
MAN: Oh, really?

Mark is a very strategic person.

It doesn't mean
his strategy's always right.

But, like, I trust him,

and if there's a reason for him
to do what he does,

I have to let it be.

But of course there was
a gut reaction of me of going,

"We could have started
to play this game together."

What do you reckon
his reasoning was?

I don't know. Honestly, like, I
tried to... I gave him death stares.

Yeah, I saw your face.

I was just like...
Maybe he's got an Idol.

I was giving him daggers,

but let's not forget, Mark and I got
booted out for being a power couple

on our first season,

and there's probably
some trauma associated with that.

But right now he needs to
play his game,

I need to play my game,

and the best thing that we can do
is play hard enough and smart enough

to get to merge together.

I mean, it would have been nice,

'cause he would have given us
an advantage in challenges.

WOMAN: I just think...

But we got the first one.
Didn't need it.

WOMAN: Don't need it.

Here's to new friends...

That's why I love you guys.
..and new tribe members.

Old friends, family.

I feel for you guys that didn't
get to swap with your partners.

But today is gonna be amazing for us.

And then all we have to do
is focus on...

SAM: Tomorrow.
..not going to Tribal.

KHANH: It's not gonna happen.

SAM: But there is a big spanner
in this tribe.

Anyone wanna take that one?

I don't mind having it.
You have another one.

I'm easy. Whatever.

It would not have been my preference
to be on the same tribe as Sophie.

I mean, you don't want to
blindside someone

then have to deal with
the consequence

of them still being around.

I wasn't even there.
It was devised in the hammock.

And then I was told later.

It's like the boat
was already going that way

and I just ended up becoming...

..another number to it.

You know in this game it's hard.

Anyway, it's done.

Sophie tried to tell me that,
"Hey, there's no hard feelings."

I don't know, I feel like
there's a lot of muddy water

around Sophie,
and there's a lot of mistrust.

Yeah, gosh, well,
this is just a new tribe.

A Blue tribe.

But I feel the moment
she walks away from me,

it'll be like,
"I've got to get rid of Sam."

She's still, you know,
on my hit list to go first.

OK, let's head over.

I think there's gonna be more...
There might be some big ones.


It's always the mustard.
MAN: Mustard.


I just love ketchup, my God.

He's so excited to be here.
Yeah, he's so much like his brother.


Everyone's happy,
we're all in love with each other,

and then, in one second,

just my line, my eye,
a rolled-up clue.


Because I have some students,

and one of the kids that they have
is a three-and-a-half-year-old

who's working on FND,
all these activities...

I just thought, "If someone else
is looking at it, I've got to go."

Get ready to snuggle.
There's no blankeys here.

There you go.

We do have Benny,
the fire boy, though, which is good.

See? Croc's still sleeping...
You can snuggle with me.

In close.
Pickles, I friggin' love pickles.

Oh, yeah. (LAUGHS)

Back there.

He's definitely more prone to worry
than I am.


WOMAN: What have I got here?
Like, a funny thing...

I was freaking out.
I didn't want anyone to look at me.

How you travelling, Khanh?

Had the clue.

You're not eating anymore?
No. I'm good.

You sure?
My belly is full.

WOMAN: Will you stop talking
over people, please? (LAUGHS)

I have found the clue,
I've got Croc.

MAN: Oh!

It's the best day ever.


Do we need to bring our bags?

MAN: Our what?

All I wanted to do was tell Croc.

But how do you just give something
to someone without everyone looking?

WOMAN: Oh, wow!
KHANH: Oh, no, our fire's out!


WOMAN: Look.
WOMAN: Oh, you got a chopping board.

And we don't, we don't even...
Have you got a chopping board?

We don't sleep here,
we just sleep around that.

It's cute. I like this.
This is nice.

This is cute. I like it a lot.

We'll go water?

I don't think anyone else
needs filling.



See? Being lazy counts.

I sat my big arse down
and it was under the bench.

I can't believe it!

I just said, "I've got to sit down,
my legs are sore,"

and saw this thing rolled up.


Are you so proud of me?

Absolutely having Chrissy and I
come together on this tribe

has put a target on us.

Having an idol just gives us
the chance to make it to merge.

You good?
No, you're good.

"Where the river rushes,
a tree leans out far."

Yeah, I know it.

"I'm getting ropey,
reel me in fast."

What is it?
There's a rope on that tree.

Reel me in fast.

"Where the river rushes,
a tree leans out far.

"I'm getting ropey..."
OK, so there's only one here.

And there's one just over...
See the water rushing there?

And that's where I get my eucalyptus
to do the washing.

I know nothing about this camp
at this stage.

I don't know any of the landmarks.

And so I rely on Chrissy to find
the branch that leans out far.

OK, you take my stuff
and I'll go along the...

I'll go along the creek and pretend
I'm getting eucalyptus, yeah?


Unless it's all the way up the end.

Do you need any water?
WOMAN: No, I'm OK.

You good?
Yeah, thanks.

Oh, man!

I don't know what to do, Croc.

This is the branch
that leans out far.


Oh, oh, is that rope?

Is anyone around?
We have it. Oh, my...

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! (SQUEAKS)

What do you want me to do?
Should I walk out?

Should I stay in? I can't believe it.
We got the Idol.

Just stay here.

What does it look like?
Is it so nice?

Is it red? Have you unruffled it?

Down my pants.

Down your pants? I can't deal.

I can't eat for...
I don't mind, but...


I'm gonna see
if Khanhy needs help.

And here' little
friend here.

And this, I think,
should, if we play it smart,

guarantee us into merge.

Just don't tell anyone.

No. First thing Sandra taught me,

if you ever find a Hidden Immunity
Idol, do not tell a soul.


And then, in terms of
what happens next,

we don't need it just yet.

Hopefully we can take it
all the way to merge.

If we do, we know we've got it.

I can play it for you,
you can play it for me.

If we hear each other's names?

I think I'm gonna spew.
There's too much adrenaline.

I know Chrissy's excited,

but I need her to make sure
she doesn't tell a soul.

This is our little secret.

I can't believe it. We're gonna win.

We are.


JORDIE: Tribe swap can be really
detrimental to your game,

like, depending on
who you end up with,

but I could not have got luckier
with the swap, right?

This is perfect for my game.

MAN: Put your bags...

WOMAN: Cool digs!
Hang your clothes up if you need to.

Oh, this is the best!

Where do you guys put this bad boy?
Just over here, brother.

Oh, man, how good's this?
I reckon we got pretty lucky, eh?

I reckon we did.
WOMAN: Very lucky.

SANDRA: We got really lucky.
MAN: Definitely got the camp site.

The blankets at night-time
are just an absolute lifesaver.

And the crew. What a crew, you know?

This new Red 2.0 is... It's looking
pretty good for me right now.


I've got Josh, Jordan.
They're cousins, they're legends.

I get on with them
like a house on fire.

I got Marky, you know, like,
just a legend.

Like, I look up to him as a man.

And you can fit up to six people,
depending on their size,

under the blanket.

And now, of course,
Nina and Sandra are together,

so that's something to think about.

..said he could come back.

Nina's a legend. Love Nina.

But Sandra, huge, huge threat.

This is someone who I've really
got my eyes on at the moment.

We've got a good team here.
WOMAN: Yeah, mm.

How you doing?
I'm alright. How are you?

Good, good. Yeah.

You good?
I'm alright, I'm alright.

I'm just feeling
a bit shitty about...

Oh, mate, no.

You made the right decision.

My goodness, tribe swap.

I was thinking
I should go with Sammy.

I'm like, "It's probably smarter if
we're not together at this point."

Stay separate.

But it was very hard, you know?

It's good to have your partner there.

I had the chance to play with Sam,
but it's counter-intuitive.

Even though I want to be with her,

we're both gonna be less safe
as a pair in that tribe.

Yeah. It's hard.

Super weird, though. I'm like,
"10% chance I'll get the thing."

Got it.

When that merge comes,

Sammy and I are going to bring
together both our alliances

and form a tight crew.



JORDIE: Could you do my back, Neens?

This is the best crew, though.

Oh, yes, I would much rather be here
than over there.

Same for me as well.

Now we have a Jordie and a Jordan.
Oh, yeah!

What are we gonna do about that?

MAN: You guys want this?

We just did the tribe swap,

and this new tribe,

it's a whole different game, it's
a whole different set of people.

So who do you think here now
is on the out?


I know I have a target on my back.

Dave and Amy,

they both did write my name down,
and I have not forgotten that.

But right now I need to play
with a level head,

I need to play an invisible game,
I need to lay low.

DAVE: Yeah.

And I mean it.
No, I 100% mean it.

I got lucky enough to be
in a tribe with my daughter

and her alliance members.

I gotta find out their dynamics,

because my daughter
never talks to me.

You know, she's straight
and forward and focused, and...

I know how my daughter is.

She will come to Mama
when she needs to.


I'm proud of the way Nina
is playing the game,

because they love her,
they adore her,

and I need to just use that
to my advantage.

My head space right now
is don't make any waves

and not seem intimidating.

I just want to be invisible to them
for as long as possible.

JORDIE: How you feeling, Sandra?
I'm feeling good. Why?

Feeling good about...

Like, are you comfortable with that,
sort of, treading on your toes?

You're not treading on my toes.
This is your tribe now.

Thank you.

Dropping the buffs could have
ruined my game, but it didn't.

I literally got my alliance.

The people that I'm closest with
are with me.

And then I also have my mom.

They're saying 'Mom',
I don't know why.

But maybe because I'm a mom,
I'm the oldest one here.

I just answer to it.

Alright, we'll stick with that.
Mama Bear.

NINA: We're the only mother and
daughter relationship out here,

and we're super close
and people know that.

I've been watching her play Survivor
since I was five.

She has that experience,

she understands the game
and she's done it before.

And she's my mom.

I would love to keep her around
as long as possible.

But I don't know how
that's gonna sit with everybody.

My intention
is staying strong with you guys

and I don't want her
messing with that.

If she can fit into this somehow,
then great, if she can't,

then I'm just gonna have to let
y'all just do y'all's thing

and just deal with her.

You talking about her now?

Like, I'm saying if you guys feel
like you gotta do something one day

and you just leave me out of it.

She'll be right. It's fine.
She'll be fine.

It's good. It's a good thing.
It's a good thing.

Everybody's talking her up,
which of course they're gonna do,

they're not gonna tell me,

"I hate your mom,
I wanna get her out of here.

"I wanna be the queen slayer,"
nobody's gonna say that. makes you think -

do I have to break
my loved one's trust?

Do I have to break somebody who I
really want to work with's trust?

Oh, I really don't know.




Come on in!

Mark, did you enjoy your first night
on your new tribe

or, uh, are you having
buyer's remorse?


There's pretty good digs out there,

Big watering hole,
nice cosy blanket,

pretty cool new tribemates.

We're having a good old time there.

Sam, have you forgiven him
for making the wrong choice?

I mean, I'm always the right choice.

But he's also gotta make
his own choice.

So he's no longer in the doghouse?

No. But he's on a different tribe.

So he's in the doghouse
on another tribe.

Yeah. Yes. (LAUGHS) We'll go
with that. We'll go with that.

I'll take it.

Survivor brought you together,
so I'd hate for it to tear you apart.


Alright, you ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?



Billy gets separation anxiety,
so I'm gonna need him back.

We've been on a few dates.

We're getting along.

All you gotta do is win today
and he'll be yours.


Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...

(DRAMATIC MUSIC) are gonna chop through a rope
to release a cargo net,

allowing you to climb up
onto a platform...

..and cross over
a series of balance beams,

collecting boxes as you go.

You will then take those boxes
to the top of the tower

and drop them off the edge
to release their ball.

Finally, you'll work together
to manoeuvre their ball

through a giant table maze.

First tribe to land their ball
wins immunity,

safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,

where somebody's gonna become

the sixth person
voted out of this game.

Red, you have an extra player.

You need to sit someone out.
Who's it gonna be?

Mel, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

MARK: Let's get it done.
Let's get it done.

For immunity...

Go, Joshy.

Survivors, ready?


Come on, Joshy!
WOMAN: Go, Josh!

Josh chopping for Red.

Croc chopping for Blue.

Both have a nice technique.

Oh, nice, Joshy!

Josh makes quick work of that.
He's on the net.

Pilot Josh flying up the net. Wow!

That's it, Croc. Yeah, Croc!

Croc is through. He's on the net.

Josh is up now.


Mark helping Amy up for Red.

Chrissy and Ben on the net
for Blue now.

Everyone needs to be at the top
before you can move on.

Go, go, go. Get up.

Mark pulling Amy up
like she's a ragdoll.

Jesse, KJ going up now for Blue.

I've got it. It's all good.
Pull up, pull up, pull up.

There you go, Blue!
Start heading down.

Go. You guys go.
Coming in tight, coming in tight.


Get up.

Jordie...trying to help Sandra.

Struggling a little bit on that net.

You're alright, Sandra.
Almost there.


Mark helping Sandra up.

She's made it.

Red's good.

Blue moving on to the balance beam.

Khanh first out. He grabs a box.

Sam right behind. She grabs a box.

MAN: Smooth. Smooth is fast, guys.

Yes, Chrissy!

Chrissy's good.

Blue have a slight lead.
Not much in it.

Sandra coming now.

Halfway through.

Slow and steady on the beam.

She has a box. Shay right behind her.

Sandra is a handbrake
in this challenge.


Michelle on the beam.

KHANH: Yes! Powering through.

Killing it, hon!

Michelle is looking a little wobbly.


Oh, no! Big setback for Blue.

Michelle falls off.

She's gotta go all the way back
to the start. Do it all again.

This opens the door for Red.

Jordie whipping across.
I'm off.

Red's good. You can move on.

Red's taken the lead now.

Everyone needs to be
at the top of the tower

before you can start
tossing your boxes.

MAN: Help each other up.
Red starting to pull away.

MAN: Go, go!

Michelle - last for Blue.
Take your time.

Take your time. That's it.

Michelle can feel the pressure.
MAN: Who's got the balls?

She's made it.

SOPHIE: Ready? Let's go.
Go, go. Let's go.

Come on, Blue!
You need to pick this up.

Let's go! Dig deep!

OK, Red, you're good.

Now you can start tossing your boxes
off the platform.

Ready? Wait up. Going in.

You need to break open these boxes
and find that ball.


Red break their first box,
but it's empty.

Nine boxes in total.
Only three of them have balls.

Nina tosses her box down.


Nina's box doesn't break.
She needs to come down and grab it.

WOMAN: You've got this! Yes!
MAN: Well done!

Blue's still waiting for Michelle
to get up

before they can start
tossing their boxes.

OK, you're good, Blue.

Wow, just like that!
WOMAN: The ball?

Croc, he finds a ball,

taking the lead back for Blue.

The sun has made that a scorching-hot
pole between your legs.

Red had a lead in this challenge.

It has all but evaporated.

Khanh coming down now.

WOMAN: Made it.


Blue moving on to the table maze.

Four people on the maze.

Everyone else on the deck,
one of whom will become the caller.

Just breathe, breathe.

We have Croc, Ben, Jesse and Sophie
on the table maze.

People on the maze cannot see
what is going on,

so they are relying on their caller.

Pull it... Hold on.
Pull up, pull up.

They need very clear communication
to make this work.

Red still looking for the ball.

Jordan...goes again.


Finally, Red have found their ball.

Coming down now.


This is Survivor.
It's not over until it's over.

Red's still in it, but they need to
hustle 'cause Blue is pulling away.

Tilt it down. Down.
Guys, so you guys go up.

No, she said, "Down."

Everyone trying to give advice
on Blue.

So when you say, "Pull down,"
is that...that's up?

Too many cooks in the kitchen
on Blue.

Guys, come on.

Blue really need to figure this out.

Red trying to make up
for some lost time.

Nina coming down.

Shay last on the pole.


Red's moving on to the table maze.

Let's go, let's go! Pull it, Jordan.

Josh, stay there. Josh, stay there.
I'll go round the back.

Nina is the caller for Red.

We have Shay, Jordie, Jordan and Josh
on the maze for Red.

Stop. Jordie, pull up.

Blue had a nice lead
in this challenge.

Jesse, down that way!

That way!

Not much in it now.

Shay, pull, pull. Pull.

Shay, pull more.
Pull more, pull more.

The puzzle proving to be
the great equaliser.

Now, Jesse, let go.

Khanh deciding to take over.

Now we're gonna find out which tribe
is working together well.

Perfect. OK.

Is it gonna be new Blue or new Red?

Jordan, pull a little more up.

No, no, no. Not...

Shay, start pulling.

Nina very precise
with her communication.

Stop there. Jordie, pull. Yeah.
Oh, no.

No, no, no.
Jordie, pull. Josh, pull.

Sandra trying to help her out,
but trying not to get in her way.

Relationship between mother
and daughter playing out right there.

They're going the wrong way, baby.
Down. This has to go down.


Soph, pull. The other two, let down.

OK, stop. Now go this way.
Khanh really finding his groove.

Stop. Now go that way.

Pull, Croc. Pull, Croc.

So, my right side...

Blue really need to figure this out

if they don't want Red
to send them to Tribal Council.

Pull a bit, Jesse. Pull a tiny bit.

First Tribal Council after a swap
can be a tricky one.

Are you safe tonight?

No-one let go.
You pull a little bit, Jesse.

Now, Croc, pull hard now.

Very clear directions from Khanh.


Big move from Croc.
Gets the job done.

OK. Now stop.

Now, everyone, stop.

Jordan, pull.

Nina can feel the pressure.
She's trying to pick up the pace now.

Now start pulling.

Pull hard. Yes.

Blue getting close to the gate.

Yes, yes, yes. OK, stop.

This is...this is the last bit.

Pull hard.

Suddenly Blue gets through
the next section.

Shay, pull. Jordan, release.
Josh, pull up, pull up.

Red falling behind again.

OK, Croc, pull hard.
Sophie, let go a little bit.

Sophie, let go a little bit.
OK. Croc, pull hard.


And Blue does it!


Blue wins immunity,
sending Red to Tribal Council.


I dropped my damn ring.



Blue, nicely done.

Immunity is yours. You guys are safe.

Khanh, you got your wish.
Thank you.

You get to keep it.
Billy's back.

Well done. You guys are safe.

Grab your gear. Head on out.
Enjoy your evening off.

'Bye, guys. 'Bye, guys.

See you later.
Be safe.

Alright, Red, Tribal Council tonight,
where one of you will become

the sixth person
voted out of Blood v Water.

Head on out. I'll see you tonight.


JORDIE: We lost immunity today,
and losing never feels good.

But, to be honest,

I enjoy Tribal Council.

It's a good opportunity
after tribe swap for Red 2.0

to set the battlelines
within the new tribe.

So tonight's gonna be a crazy one.


NINA: Guys, I just wanna apologise.

We were neck and neck and I couldn't
get it there at the very end.


We were, like, three moves away,
and then boom.

SANDRA: So we lost
the Immunity Challenge today.

And of course
it is dreaded day 16 for me.

Hey, Nina,
you're a great leader, mate.

That was really good work.
Thank you.

I know.

You know, it's just 'cause
it was so close.

SANDRA: I have the day 16 curse.

Day 16, for me,
is when my tribe loses immunity

and I go to Tribal Council
and get sent home.

It's happened to me twice before.

Yeah, get in the water.

SANDRA: So I am not happy
that we lost.

But now that
the tribe swap happened yesterday,

I got lucky enough to be in a tribe

with my daughter
and her alliance members.

What do you think?
I don't have too many thoughts.

You guys are the majority.
You guys are the bosses. (LAUGHS)


The Blue tribe.

SANDRA: I know she's gonna
look out for me as best she can.

I don't expect her to give me
a free ride to the end of the game.

If you were gonna say someone,
who...who would you want?



SANDRA: For me, right now,
I'm just laying low.

I'm trying to be invisible and I'm
just doing what the alliance wants.

And then I'm positive
I'm gonna make it beyond day 16.

Yeah. Easy. So, plain and simple.

Alright. So it's Mel?



We're just saying...

SHAY: That's exactly
what we thought.

SHAY: Yeah.




NINA: Losing our first
Immunity Challenge as a tribe

was kind of tough.

I was very upset
that we didn't get that win,

being the one who was calling.

And I feel, like, my mom,
that she has a target on her back.

They said...
well, they're saying the weaker...

Like, at this point...
Yep, strength.

..try to get the weakest out

because we need to win
some (BLEEP) food.

If we keep coming back here...

Like, I know it's, like,
pretty straightforward game play.

BOTH: Yep.

But if we keep coming back...
We're screwed.

We're just...

I thought Mel,
the second she was like,

"I'mma be clumsy,
"I couldn't make this,"

I thought, "Damn, she's right."

And it's about to get more agile.
We've got her tomorrow.

Like, we can't sit her out tomorrow.

That was my lines of thinking
as well.

And it's true - we can't even walk
certain places without Mel tripping.


Let's grab some bottles and...

But that's...yeah, that's my line
of thinking tonight as well.


I've been hearing Mel's name
coming up.

Uh, so hopefully
we can go in that direction

and avoid me and my mom.

Really, like...I really hate losing.

It's, like, hard for me to cop.

SANDRA: Mm-hm.

I heard Mel...I heard Mel's name.

DAVID: Yeah?

Jordan, even at my age,
you think that she's weaker than me?


I haven't seen enough of her.

Every time we're doing challenges,
I don't know what she's doing.


Well, maybe the Survivor gods
will shine upon us tonight.

JORDIE: So tonight we've got
virtually everyone voting for Mel.

But it's too easy.
Let's have some fun!

We've got the majority here in Blue,

so I've got another idea.


So just to clarify...




I actually think Sandra, but...

Yeah, right.

..either one is good.

Bang. Great. Easy.

Blue strong. Male strong.

Sandra's gone.



MARK: I actually think Sandra
is good.

Got more trust with her.
Yeah, 100%.

Jordan's pretty keen for Sandra,
I think.

I think that's a smart move.

Should we?
Get rid of the queen.


Yeah. Do it now,
'cause if you don't...

Do you reckon Dave will do it?
Dave will do it.

No, he just said,
"I'm a gun for hire."

JORDIE: Pros of voting Sandra.

Number one - she's not very good
at challenges, so she should go.

She's a big threat.

She's won too many times.
She doesn't need more money.

And it's a good one for my resume

to say I was a part of the blindside
that sent Sandra home.

Alright, so there's your five.

Do you reckon they'll tell her?

What do you reckon?
Don't say anything?

Maybe we could tell her, but there's
a chance she could swing it.

She told us to...

Oh, man, this Blood V Water thing
just complicates everything.

Like, it adds a whole nother layer

which normally you wouldn't
have to think about.

You know, voting out Sandra

could be detrimental
to the trust we have with Nina.

But, whether Nina likes it or not,
her mum's gotta go,

so it''s difficult,
but it needs to be done.

We just can't tell Nina.


SHAY: What do you truly think about
the Idol situation?

'Cause, like, I just...I feel like
it keeps putting a target on me.

I already told you, I feel like
you need to follow your instincts.

It's your Idol.
You do what you feel is right.


Do I think you need to play it

I don't think so, but your instincts
are different than mine.

You've spoken to Josh, yeah?

His target's Mel.

Yeah, I heard that, yeah.

I'd agree with that.

Yeah, I'd agree with that.

I am currently voting for Melissa.

That will not change.
It is self-preservation for me.

I have to get over
this day 16 curse.



So you know, I told them,
I was like, look...


Yeah. But, um... Yeah.

Because I asked them, like...



I know. I know.

SANDRA: I trusted my daughter,

so tonight I don't believe
that I'm on the chopping block

and I don't believe that I'm gonna
even see one vote my way.

But my daughter did tell me,
when everyone left,

she said, "Mom, I can't continue
to save you.

"You know, you gotta step it up,

"because, you know,
once Melissa goes, who's next?"

I'm the oldest female here,
but that's just for another day.

I'm not gonna worry about that
today. I'm worrying about tonight.





Alright. Done.


Um, did Josh tell you...

He did?

MARK: Just now.

Did you...

Is it me?


I'll tell you.

We've considered... And I don't know
how you feel about this.

Tell me.

Considered switching to, um, Sandra.

What do you think about that?

JORDIE: What's Sandra
been performing like?

Um, she's... I think you kind of
should watch out for her.

'Cause that was another name
that got thrown out earlier today.

Her? But how...


I don't mind doing that as well.

You wouldn't mind that?


JORDAN: Yeah? And what's...

We've got numbers, man.


Can't stand it.

NINA: We were so close.

That was so close.
You did a really good job.

NINA: For some reason,

Mel and Mark...are acting funny
to me today.

Kind of feel like early on,

people would be punished for
stepping up and not succeeding.

But I always respect it.

Yeah, it's a hard gig.
I don't have the courage to do it.

Because it takes brainpower you don't
necessarily have at that point.


I feel like they're not looking
in my eyes when I'm talking to them.

And I don't think it's me, though.
I don't.

I haven't heard anybody say
my mom's name, but...

But, yeah, if my mom's name
is out there,

I don't think
I'm gonna know about it.

JORDIE: Yeah, it's, um...

I assume Josh told you.

Uh, Jordan. Yeah.

Mm-hm. Yeah, yeah.

'Cause if you're, you know, not,
we can chat...

..relationship, yeah.



JORDIE: I have done everything
in my power

to get the numbers.

Tonight is gonna be crazy.

If you want any scalp,
you want Sandra's scalp.

And, hopefully,
we can take down the queen.

NINA: I'm definitely gonna
have to watch everybody

and kind of listen out
during Tribal.

I hope it's not my mom tonight.

I can't be on the wrong side
of the numbers.

I wanna know who's working with who.

But either one... (SIGHS)

No decision is a bad decision,
but they all have consequences.

I have to weigh out
those consequences.

It is gonna be the ultimate test

of how I can separate emotions
in this game.

We'll definitely find out if blood
is thicker than water out here.


or on the 10 play app.



So, Sandra, it's day 16.

What do you make of Red 2.0?

Yeah, I think it was a new chapter
in all our lives,

in the game,

and we shall see if that's correct.

You feel good about this tribe?

I feel good about this tribe.

But we've only tribe-swapped
for one full day.

So I really can't answer
that question just yet.

We're only on day 16.

There's still, what,
31 more days to go.

You know, I think I've done well

considering it's day 16
and I'm still here.

Well, Mel, how do you feel
about tonight's vote?

I mean, I'm always uncomfortable
going into a vote.

I know that, you know,
if you're comfortable here, it's...


I don't think anyone
should be sitting comfy.

Well, Mark, the most obvious thing
that I see here

is that former Blue
hold the majority, 6-4.

Is that still gonna be the case
with tonight's vote?

Well... (SIGHS)

Yeah, I did notice that
when I came over,

that Blue held a majority.

But there's no guarantee
that we vote along those lines,

so there's no guarantee that's
the...the divide in the tribe.

I think voting based on past tribes
is a bit simple

and a bit, you know, like...

You've just gotta focus on...
on your tribe

that you've got in front of you
at the time.


Shay, it was a super-close challenge

At this stage of the game,

is challenge strength still something
that you're considering

when planning the vote?

Tonight, yes.

Tonight, yes?

Because we are so hungry,

and just knowing the other tribe's
munching down on hot dogs

or tacos or whatever it might be
is painful.

So, yeah, we want to get fed

and then we want that food
to fuel us

for the next
Immunity Challenge win.

I don't think so.
I don't think so.

People always talk about

staying strong
and voting out the weakest.

It doesn't matter, really,
who you vote out,

because that doesn't mean
that because that person is gone,

now you're gonna win everything,

because that is not
how Survivor works.

And if you think that,
you better open your eyes.

There's never been a tribe
that dominates.

Wake up!

Mark, you know how it is.

You're strong, you're happy now,

you're gonna have rewards.

But all these alpha males that win
all these challenges at first,

by the time
it's every man for himself,

just remember that the weak will
always outnumber the strong

and they will come after you

one after the other.

The first time you don't win
that individual immunity,

you will be going home.

And that's why you need people

that have your back.

So, Shay,
Sandra makes a good point.

Muscle can only get you so far
in this game.

I don't know, honestly.

Yeah, I...I think that some people
might change their mind

hearing Sandra talk.



I thought I knew where the votes
were going and..., I definitely don't.

I don't know if I'm gauging things
right but I'm trying to listen hard.

Jordie, how does that sit with you?

Well, the thing about Survivor is...

..if you come in with
all this confidence and you go,

"I know this about the game
and I know this

"and I've played this many times..."

..I suppose it's all irrelevant


There's a group decision been made,

and I've got all faith in the...
in the greater plan.


But there's always the possibility
that an Idol could pop up...

..and upset the plan.

Yeah, that's always a possibility.

SANDRA: That's exactly
how Survivor works.

Nothing is ever set in stone.

So, Nina,
what do you think's gonna happen?

I don't know, Jonathan.

(HALF-LAUGHS) I don't know.

Now we have a situation
where you have

old relationships mixed in
with new relationships,

mixed in with loved ones.

Jordie, if you decide to break up
one of the pairs,

you still have to face the remaining
loved one when you go back to camp.

Yeah, that's right.

Is that factoring in
to tonight's vote?

Oh, yeah, always. Always.

But Blood v Water, this whole theme
just adds another layer

which you never normally
would have to think about.

Sandra, let me ask you this.

Every time you've come
to Tribal Council,

you said, "Hey, I expect to get votes
because I'm the queen."

Are you expecting something like that
to happen tonight?


SANDRA: Am I expecting it tonight?


I wouldn't be surprised if I got
a couple of votes my way.

I guess it depends
which way the pairs go, right?

Having your loved one here,

do you think that strengthens
your position?

I perception is
that when you do lose a partner,

you lose stock in the game.

Trust, you know, can help you,

hopefully, manoeuvre
to the end of this game.

They've been together
for, what, 15 days.

She's been with me for 24
and he...they've been cousins for...

31 years.

Not everyone has that.

Jordan, as the other pair
in this tribe, with your cousin,

what's your opinion?

Oh, yeah, I actually agree
with Sandra there.

Like, um, I think you are more
powerful as a two than by yourself.

Yeah, it'd be silly to say
we're not on the same page.

We've had some chats
with our new tribe members,

and the vote is the ultimate
litmus test of trust, so...

We're gonna be able to see
once those votes are read out

where the lines are
and who can trust who.

Nina, how about you and Sandra?


Let me look into her eyes.
No, don't look at me, look at him.

He's asking the questions.

Sandra, what's the vibe you're
getting now from your daughter?

That I'm in trouble.
What's that?

That I'm in trouble.
That you're in trouble.

You're getting that
from your daughter.

How does that sit with you?


I knew what I was getting into
when I was coming here, you know?


That's my baby.

She has to do what she has to do,

and I'm just gonna cross my fingers
and my toes

that, um...that it's not me.

Queen stays queen.

Well, on that note,
I think it is time to vote.


It is time to vote.

Jordie, you're up.


Queen Sandra,

it's been an honour to play with you

and an honour to take you out.



SANDRA: Adios, mate.


NINA: You always tell me
to stick with the majority.

And, unfortunately, it looks like
the majority's coming after you.

I wish we could have
played together longer.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.



Who are you gonna play it for?

I'm playing that for myself.

This is a Hidden Immunity Idol,

and any votes cast for Shay
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote - Dave.

Thank you.


That's one vote Sandra,
one vote Dave.


Two votes Sandra, one vote Dave.





The sixth person voted out
of Blood v Water...


That's six votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.


I'm sorry, Mom. I love you.

I know. Don't worry about it.

I love you, OK?

Jonathan, I'm not even mad.

You're not mad?

I've played for
166 consecutive days.

No-one can take that away from me.

And I appreciate

being able to play the game I love
in Australia,

so thank you very much to
all of those that reached out to me

and invited me to play.

Well, we appreciate you playing.

Sandra, the tribe has spoken.

I know.

Play to win, guys, OK?

And if it doesn't benefit you,
don't go along with just any plan.

Thank you.

'Bye, guys.

I hope you win tomorrow!


Me too!

Well, tonight you may have
slayed the queen.

The question is,
will you wear the crown

or will you find your head
in the guillotine?

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp. Goodnight.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

NINA: I wanna be remembered
as Nina the player,

not Sandra's daughter.

A new queen has arrived.

I'm coming for the title
of Sole Survivor,

the queen of Survivor Australia.


..will Sophie's relentless quest
for revenge...

Tonight is definitely gonna be
a Sam v Sophie showdown.

..leave KJ caught in the crossfire?

It's a really hard position to be in
because as her big sister,

my role is to protect her.

But, like, how far do I go?

SANDRA: I was actually
taken by surprise

because all of a sudden

my daughter is looking at me funny
and saying things

and I'm like, "Oh, damn.
Her alliance is gonna get me."

And that's exactly what happened.

I can't critique her game

because she's an athlete.

She can play a strategic game,

a physical game,

and a social game,

so she has all three components.

So I wish her a ton of luck.

I hope she comes home with
the big cash money prize.