Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 22 - Episode #7.22 - full transcript

A puzzle Immunity Challenge separates the muscles from the strategic, but will the result upset an alliance? At Tribal Council, nothing goes to plan as unwelcome surprises leave everyone on edge.

Previously on Australian Survivor...

..David held the balance of power
in a rapidly shrinking tribe.

MARK: Dave is becoming
more and more of a threat.

His skills are really
coming to the fore now.

Jordie spotted an opportunity

during the spa reward challenge.


..convincing Shay to add his name
to the guest list...

This could be
the best day of my life.

..and laying the groundwork
for a new alliance.

There you go.
That'll do.
Alright. Cheers.

Josh dominated
the immunity challenge...

He thinks he might have it.


..before focusing on
the biggest puzzle of all.

What we're gonna do tomorrow,
load up on Mark,

he's gonna play an idol.

We're gonna blindside The Juice.

I'm gonna win
more trust with Jordie.

He's gonna think that he's in.

And at tribal council,

all Josh's pieces...

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol,
now would be the time to play it.

..once again fell neatly into place.

Yeah, sure.

Mark used the first of his two idols.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

17th person voted
out of Blood v. Water...


..because the real target
of the night

was Juicy Dave.

Juice, signing out.
Yay, Juicy!

See you, Juice.

Six are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

-== [ ] ==-

CHRISSY: Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi.


SHAY: That was so thrilling.

Now, that was convincing.

He's done it again.

How does he keep doing it?


The Joker lives another night.

And Two-Face, Josh.
We're the best team.

The Joker and Two-Face.

Who would have thought?

Poor Juice. Poor Juice.

He will be smashing beers.

Mark played his idol
and then Juicy Dave went home.

But KJ tried to blindside me,
the cheeky bugger.

What happened?


It's alright. No.

You can never apologise for a vote.

This is the point
where it could turn on its head.



The people that I'm nervous about
are KJ and Mark,

because I know that Mark's
got two idols - I know that.

He's just played one tonight,

which means he's still got
another one he can use.

The next vote is crucial.

And here we go. It's exciting.

CHRISSY: Wow! 43 days.

Day 43, I'm top six.

JORDIE: Wow, man,
I can't believe that.

CHRISSY: The day I stood on that mat

and finally met Jonathan,

laughed my head off,
said, "How embarrassing.
I'm gonna be first to go."

Then we got out to camp
and I was like, "I'm not doing this.
This is absolute garbage."

JOSH: Who's doing the coffee run,

A pot of burnt beans was gonna be
our menu for three meals a day.

Here I am. I love it.

Oh, yeah, these are good.

I think I'm losing my mind. (LAUGHS)

Mark just caught fish.

CHRISSY: He got one?!
Oh, Marky, we've got one each!



OTHERS: Ohh...

Right. I'm getting this out.

Where's the machete?

We've tried.

No-one's tried.

Josh is my absolute number one
in the game at the moment.

And Mark's number two.

This should have been done
43 days ago! (CHOPS)

We've been together since day one.

Got it.

Ha! Yup.

How hard was that, right?

Josh? You could have done that.

Saved 55 broken toes.

Not my problem.


We just bounce off each other.

Right, listen here.

Careful! I've got a sore toe.

My biggest strength in this game
is my social game.

Don't poke the bear
this late in the game.


I'm still here.
Why the hell would I change it?


It's Day 43
and I'm feeling totally buggered.

Last night at tribal,
I played my idol.

I got three votes,
which would have sent me home,

but instead of me going home,
it was Juicy Dave,

sent home on a revote.

CHRISSY: Oh, poor Juice.
Reckon he knew?

I don't think so.
No, not really. No.

You thought you had me?

The Joker survived another day...


..simply because David
had stepped up his game so much.

But we're gonna have to
get him real soon.

MARK: Since the last vote,
myself, Chrissy and Josh are tight.

Jordie's tight with Shay and KJ.

It's a three/three even split.

Three more immunity,
then the final pitch,

But I still don't trust Josh...

..because he voted out Sam.

Look, I don't know where you're at.

I mean, obviously,
I'd understand completely

if you're still pissed about Sammy.

Right now, me and you, Chrissy
and KJ are probably the best chance

of doing something together
at the top four,

you know, instead of taking Jordie
or Shay there.


Josh is shaping up
to be a dangerous player.

He's winning these immunities
pretty well.

It could be a real mistake
keeping Josh this long.

But the time is not right.


I still need Josh for a bit longer.

So, I've got to put
that animosity aside

and I've got to work with Josh
for now.

A lot of what happens tonight
and the next night

will be dictated by
who gets that necklace.


We all recognise that Jordie's
a serious challenge threat.

So, if Jordie doesn't get
the immunity necklace,

we're gonna try and vote him out.

Let's do it.

So, I may have played one idol,

but secretly,
I'm carrying a concealed weapon.

This is it.

I'm gonna call it...

..the Ghost of Jesse,

because Sam sold off Jesse,

Sam gave it to me.

And with this, I'm gonna knock out
Jesse's brother, Jordie.

Jordie, did you get lots of smiles
and Jesse, you last night?

Yeah, heaps.

He could see I was worried, though.

I have been copping votes.

Since Jesse went home, since Day 30,

I've been copping votes
at tribal councils.

Man, last night was heavy.

It's just been night after night.

I don't remember the last tribal
when I felt safe.

Personally, I think
I've played the best game in here.

I worked within the majority,

blindsided heaps of people... through a merge,

tried to play a big move,
my brother went home.

Put me on the bottom.

I then worked my way back
from the bottom,

took revenge on the person
that put me there.

And now I'm here and I'm back on top.

That's the best game.

Like, you tell me a story
that's better than that.


I actually think the best move
that I've done so far in this game

is convince Shay
to take me and Josh to the reward

and get the opportunity to solidify
my relationship with Josh.

Because of that,
I got saved last night.


This sort of sacred partnership
with Jordie

could take me to the end of the game
or could be my death sentence.

JOSH: But to be this close
to the end of the game,

I'm willing to do anything
to get the win.

It's alright. It's alright.

JOSH: I'm weighing up
the future of my game.

Do I take the Joker up on a deal

and potentially guarantee myself
a top three?

Or do I win some trust with Mark
and back Mark tonight

and show him that, you know,
he can trust me again?

Ride it, man.

Come on in!

Oh, God.

Nice small tribe.

Chrissy, you look worried again.

So many things.

Oh, God.

So, Chrissy, did things settle down
after Dave's departure,

or is it still as juicy as ever?

No, we miss Juicy,
but it's calmed a little bit.

Um, there's nowhere to hide now.

There's only six of us, so everyone
knows if you're scrambling,

everyone can hear you.

It's intimate there,
let me tell you that.

So, Jordie, it's Day 44

and the only people left
are from the original blue tribe.

Does that surprise you?

To be honest,
it doesn't surprise me.

You know, we all built a tight bond
early on and...

..there was always a good atmosphere
around the blue tribe.

And we're a strong bunch,

so not...not too surprising.

Mark, now that you've used your idol,

is your only hope that necklace?

Oh, yeah.

A lot of people are going for
that necklace today, Jonathan.

Alright, shall we get to
today's immunity challenge?


Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'ve got to race through
a series of obstacles...

..and swing over to a frame...

..where you'll use two rungs
to climb to the top.

You'll then untie a ladder...

..that you'll use to climb up
and over a tower,

where you'll find a chest
of puzzle pieces.

And you'll use those pieces
to solve a vertical puzzle.

The first person gets it right,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become the
18th person voted out of this game.

Let's draw for spots,
let's get to it.

CHRISSY: Fun. It's a fun one.
MARK: Alright.

It does sound fun. The swing.


What's vertical? Like this?

Alright, here we go!

For Immunity! Survivors ready?


The first thing you need to do
is crawl through that rope tunnel

on that very hot sand.

Jordie, first to pop out.
Shay right behind.

Now you need to make your way
up the balance beam,

onto the platform, grab your rope.

Jordie's there,
Shay's there, Josh is there.

Everyone's coming up from behind.

Everyone flying across the swing.

CHRISSY: Let's go, babe. Come on.

Now, you each have two rungs.

You need to place them
one on top of the other

and make your way
to the top of the frame.

It's slow and it's awkward.

And Shay drops her first rung.

You drop a rung,

you need to come back down
to the bottom, start again.

It's gonna cost you precious time.

Jordie is making quick work of it.

Jordie, pulling away.

Mark and Josh right behind.

Josh, I'm not doing this right.
How do you do it?

Chrissy really struggling
with those rungs.

Come on, hon.

KJ also.
KJ: Hey!

Meanwhile, Jordie is powering ahead.

Mark is chasing him down.

Jordie is at the top.

He's untying his ladder.

Mark...not quite there yet.

Jordie jumps down, grabs his ladder.

Now you need to stick it
onto the tower.

Jordie, first up the tower.

Mark is at the top of his frame,
untying his ladder.

Jordie sliding down the other side.

Now you can grab your chest
and start unpacking your pieces.

Mark has his ladder.

He's good.

Josh, almost there.

Mark is up and over the tower.

Josh has his ladder.

Jordie and Mark
sorting through their pieces.

Josh quickly joining them,
putting pressure on Jordie.

Shay, untying her ladder.

Oh, Jesus.

Shay cautiously jumps down.

That's a big jump for her.

Mark...Josh...and Jordie...

..all on the puzzle.

Lots of pieces

have similar shapes.

They only fit together
in one configuration.

Shay, sliding down the other side.

You are looking to build
a vertical circular puzzle.

So, high!

I'm with you.
We're jumping together.


They're gonna jump together.


Watch what the mamas can do. Ready?

One, two, three.


Good. Come on! Let's go, let's go!

Come on, you can do it.

This vertical puzzle
is more difficult than it seems.

Unlike a horizontal puzzle,

you are forced to work
from the bottom up.

It's lots of trial and error.

Jordie gets another piece.

Jordie has a slight lead.
Mark right on his tail.

KJ coming down.

She's in on the puzzle now.

Chrissy, completely gassed,
just taking her time.

It's Jordie and Mark, neck and neck.

Josh close behind.

Shay has one piece, KJ and Chrissy
still sorting through their pieces.

Mark gets another piece.

And another piece for Mark.

Starting to come together for him.

Jordie, looking over,
trying to get a clue.

Jordie would love to walk out of here
with that necklace.

And another piece for Mark.

And Jordie gets another one.

Can't see...a thing.


Chrissy very excited
that she's found her first piece.

Do not ask. It was a complete fluke.

Mark gets another one.

CHRISSY: Good job, Marky. Good boy.

Chrissy cheering him on.

Jordie taking a peek.

And another piece for Mark.

And another piece for Jordie.

Jordie thinks he has another piece,
and he does.

It is Mark and Jordie

pretty much neck and neck.

Shay and Josh close behind.

Chrissy still has her head
in the chest.

CHRISSY: I'm tempted
to just pass you Jordie's pieces.

I'm so far... Alright, let's do it.

Chrissy, given up on hers, takes a
step back to look at everyone else's.


I think this guy, on your left.

And another piece for Josh.

OK. Left.

Wow! Chrissy, helping Josh now.

That could really help him.

There. Over there, over there.
On top.

Mark struggling to find
that critical piece.

Takes a piece out.

Shay's making some nice progress now.

Shay has almost caught up.

KJ: Well done, Shay.

It's now Mark, Shay, Jordie and Josh,

all neck and neck.

Big one in the middle.
Big one in the middle.

Mama in the middle.

Two, and one up.

Josh gets another piece.

Jordie trying different combinations.

And Mark finds another piece.

It's now between Mark and Josh.

Jordie and Shay close behind.

KJ, what is that big mama bit?
It's got... Ooh. It's this one!

Josh gets another piece!

Josh really has something going now.

Mark continues to struggle
with that left corner.

Jordie trying to make a piece fit.

And another piece for Josh.


Mark had the lead,

but now it's Josh, Mark,
Shay and Jordie... chasing Josh.

And another piece for Josh.
The pressure is on now.

Let's go, babe.

Damn it! Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Jordie, starting to panic.

Josh in the lead.
Huge lead.

Josh can smell victory.

Three more pieces left.

Two more pieces left.

This could be it!

Last piece!

And that's it!
Josh wins individual immunity again!


Josh, come on over.


Well done.

Yet again, immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out,

guaranteed a one-in-five shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where somebody is going to become
the 18th person

voted out of Blood v. Water.

It will not be you. Well done.
Thanks, man.

Alright. Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

JOSH: Thanks, guys.

CHRISSY: Did good.

MARK: Chrissy was helping Josh
in the challenge today.

It's not a bad thing for my game
'cause we're aligned.

Probably the best thing about this

is that it means
Jordie's going home tonight.

The Joker's reign
must come to an end

and the Dark Knight's
gonna finish it.

Joshie boy.
Well done again.

Give me that bloody necklace, Josh.

JORDIE: Well done, big dog.
Great win, great win.

Wearing the immunity necklace again.

Three for me now, and two in a row
at the right time of the game.

So, I'm flirting with a few ideas
for my endgame.

Option A is a little deal
lined up with Jordie,

where he's promising me top three
with him if I back him tonight.

Or Option B - win some trust
with Mark and back Mark tonight.

And show him that, you know,
he can trust me again.

JORDIE: Today, Josh won immunity.

It's bad for me
because I didn't win.

However, it's good for me because

I've got a secret alliance with Josh

and we are gunning for Mark.

If we don't get Mark
or his idol tonight,

he has waltzed his way through
to top four.

Tonight is the last night
we can do this.

Alright, here's what I'm thinking.

You realise that us three
could just take out Mark.

KJ: I'm thinking that.

It is the perfect option.
It is our only option.

I'm pitching to KJ and Shay that the
Purgatory Three can retake control,

so I'm hoping that myself, Shay
and KJ and Josh come together

to put four votes on Mark.

So, we can actually take control
of the vote straightaway

if we all went Mark.

He's gone.

Oh, you can never say 'shoe-in',
don't say 'shoe-in' in Survivor.

However, it's looking good,
it's looking really good.

I'm definitely a target tonight.

Everyone's starting to believe
I have a second idol.

Which is true.

And they either want to flush it
or they want to get me out.

But I don't want to play it

because I want to save that
to the endgame.

To me, it makes more sense
to try and load up on Jordie.

And that way,
we're guaranteed he goes home.

Oh, God. There we go.

MARK: I know there are fractures
in their Purgatory alliance

I can take advantage of.

It's good. It's so nice.

MARK: If Josh and Chrissy
vote for Jordie and KJ does, too,

we'll have a majority
and I won't have to play my idol.

KJ: How you feeling? You alright?

Yeah, I'm gonna get...
I'm gonna catch heaps tonight.

I'm just trying to figure out
what to do.

You're writing down Jordie,
aren't you?

I was gonna, yeah.

I think it's still a good plan.

Who do Jordie and Shay
actually have influence over?

You, kind of.
'Cause you were with them.

But not so much anymore, right?

I think KJ is most likely
to flip on Jordie.

She's a silent assassin.

I think she knows
the threat he poses.

I can see the merit in it.


KJ said she's voting for Jordie.

So, to pull this off,

I've just got to make sure
Josh is good.

What about Jordie?

Jordie came from me and I still
want to get him for that.

Yeah. I'm not bullshitting, mate.
Like, I want that four. Us four.

It gives us the best shot.

Who? Is KJ in the four?

JOSH: Us four. Yeah.
Me, you, KJ and Mark.

So, like, idol or not...

..get Jordie out.

I don't...honestly, even if you have
a second idol, I don't care.

I don't want to go there
and do some endurance challenge

against Jordie.


In an ideal world, I would listen
to my alliance, trust them,

we vote Jordie out,
I play tomorrow night.

Sounds simple, but...

You can see why I'm nervous, right?
100%, bro.

Because you're trusting in me...
Yeah., you know, not flip on you.

And that makes it...


I trust you, it's just...
It's a precarious...

100%, bro.

So, hopefully, Jordie tonight.


Josh is a question mark.

Hands in. I love it.

Do you love it?
I do. It's OK.

Let's go. Let's go.

Team! Whatever.

MARK: I think Josh is great
at influencing people,

great at pitching people.

For me to keep my idol,

I'm going to have to believe
that Josh is telling me the truth.

But my Spidey sense
is saying that...

..I could be in trouble.

I don't know. I think it's a ruse.

Do you?

SHAY: A bit more fire
on the side there?
I reckon.

Oh, gosh.

JORDIE: Right now,
I'm in a great position

'cause me and Josh
have a little secret duo,

a little sort of unlikely couple.

You guys right for water?

I'll come with you.

We've managed to come together
and create some sort deal and trust.

So, I'm hoping that with Josh, the
Purgatory Three can retake control

and vote out Mark.

Where are you heading?
Are you going to Mark?

Uh...well, yeah.

I've got to weigh it up, man.
I'm not gonna lie to you.

The thing is, though, man,
you gotta think about tomorrow.


Think about tomorrow.

So, you are promising me...
Yes, mate.

..that if you win
the necklace tomorrow...

Yeah. will take me the top four,

Correct. That's right.

JOSH: And you can' can't vote
Chrissy. You can't touch...

No, no, you and Chrissy
are out of the question, mate.

I'm not going back on that.

JOSH: I honestly have to have
a think, considering today, bro.

I am concerned. Yes.

I can see that Josh
can't look me in the eyes.

He will not give me
a straight answer.

I wouldn't mind a bloody idol, too.

That would be handy,
right about now.

So, now it gets tricky

because without Josh,

this plan isn't going to be
a sure thing anymore.

KJ: It's going to be interesting,
what Josh wants to do.

So, what do you do
in this situation?

Wow! Tonight's gonna be intense!

I will be causing chaos. I have to!


Here's the deal.

Josh and Chrissy come in a pair.
They come as two votes.

Oh, that looks good, babe.

That's Josh's and mine.


If I can convince Chrissy

that Mark's been lying to us
about his second idol,

then perhaps Chrissy
can convince Josh

that it would be safer
to vote with me.

It's going to be a slog
when we get to the end.

But I'd rather us work together

because I know that you two

are the only two people
I can trust around here,

especially after last night.

You know,, like...

You guys backed me in.

CHRISSY: So, where does Mark
fit into all this with you?

The thing is, we should be able
to get rid of him.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

How do you think, in God's name,
you're gonna get rid of him

if you are preaching to us
that he's got the second idol?

That's our issue.

So, if...if, if we were to try
and send him home with it...


Oh, my God.
You know what I mean?

This is the deal we can make.

It means that you, me and Josh
are going to the end.

Let's just do it.

I'll just touch base with Josh,

'cause if that's the case,

that soldier's gonna have
a real battle on his hands.

JORDIE: Right now,
it's an interesting position

because myself, Josh and Chrissy

will hopefully vote Mark.

But to make this move...

..I need to keep him calm,
keep him cool,

so that, hopefully,
he doesn't play his idol.

Hey, Mark, we haven't
had a chat yet, mate.

Do you want to have a word?
Yeah. Let's chat.

Mark wants to hold onto that idol,
more than anything in this game.

We're in a bit of strife
today, mate.

So, I'm gonna use that
and leverage that

and, you know,
present a good-faith plan.



What are you talking about?


MARK: When people make a last-ditch
play to try and stay in the game,

I'm always paranoid.

'Cause then...


It makes me think
Josh is coming for me.

But they're telling me Jordie,

and it's very convincing.


MARK: I don't know what to do.

The pros of playing
the idol tonight -

if there's funny business
and they're loading up on me,

I stay in the game.

The cons are I don't have an idol
for next tribal,

and that's really dangerous.

Tonight, I'm in a lot of strife.

The Purgatory Three plus Josh,

we could stick together
and send Mark packing with an idol.

But if Josh doesn't vote with us,

this could be the end for the Joker.

But it is not in the Joker's
character to go down quietly.

I'll be going down swinging.

Ex-Survivor players George and Hayley

to unpack all the latest

Blood v. Water action

every week on 10 Play.

We'll now bring in our jury.

Khanh, Mel, Jesse.

Michelle, Jordan, Sam...

..and David...
OTHERS: Juicy!

..voted out the last tribal council.

Jordie, there's only six
left in the tribe,

but is it obvious
where everyone stands right now?


There's sort of ups and downs,
you know?

There are some days where you go,

"Oh, yeah, I can see
where this person stands."

You know, you might have
made a deal with this person

or, you know, you''ve got

a sort of a verbal contract
with someone.

And then sort of, over time,

depending on who goes home,
and who wins immunity,

things can change, you know?

Things can open up or things can
close down, so it's ever-changing.

At this stage of the game, can you
really rely on your relationships,

given that everyone has their sights
on Day 47?

Well, in a way, I'd like to think

that I can rely on the people
that I've made deals with.

I just hope that they stick
to their promises.

But often, people don't, you know?

No matter how solid a deal is,

people can only promise you
so much, you know?

So, what are you gonna do
when you know you're on the bottom?

You start throwing around options.

We'll find out where that leads.

Mark, is that true?
Did Jordie approach you today?

Yeah, Jordie canvassed
a few different options

and he came up with some good ideas.

Any of them appealing?

Yeah, definitely.

Well, Jordie, you and Josh

have targeted each other
for quite a while now.

Where are you at with that?
Have you buried the hatchet?

Uh, well, yeah,
after the last tribal,

we sort of came together
and put our heads together

and worked something out and...

..and as far as I'm aware,
that still stands.

So, we're about to find out
whether that still stands.

What about you, Josh?
Were you approached today?

Yeah, me and Jordie have had some
chats over the last few...few days

and, um, you know,
do you back yourself

or...and what you've already got

or do you try and get a bit
of insurance going in the game?

And that's what I'm trying to
weigh up tonight.

But basically, it comes down to...

..who do you want to
wake up with tomorrow?

Do you want to wake up
next to someone

who you know you can rely on,

perhaps the only person
you can rely on?

Or do you want to wake up next
to people that, you know,

perhaps you know
are threatened by you

and you know that they will
take any opportunity

to take you out when they can?

You know, that's sort of
your option.

So, Mark, you don't have
the necklace.

You used your idol last tribal.

What's your play tonight?

Your mystery idol?

If there's an idol in play,

So, Chrissy,
what do you think the odds are

of Mark's storied second idol
making an appearance?

I change my mind on it every day.

You do? Where are you at now?

Tonight, right now...



No, he doesn't have one?



Finally. Bloody hell.

So, Jordie, if there is
another idol tonight,

there aren't that many opportunities
left to play it.

No, that's right.

So, there's no doubt
that if someone's got one,

they'll be playing it tonight.

However, if they think that they've
got a relationship with someone

that means that
they don't have to play it,

you know, they might hold onto it,
if they feel safe.

So, Josh, Jordie is making
a pretty compelling pitch

about the reliability
of relationships

at this stage of the game.

How does that sit with you?

Yeah, it's,'s a funny one

because, you know,
these two here haven't...

..haven't done anything to me.

They haven't broken my trust once.

Jordie's tried to gun for me before.

And, you know, he was certain
that he had a blindside set on me.

You know, I've got to
take that into account.

And, you know, I hear Jordie
talking about promises, deals. know,
me and Jordie have had...

..we did do a little deal

and I held up my end of the deal.

What is to stop anyone
flipping on a promise

when we get to
this final four situation,

if we're lucky enough to get there?

There's a lot on the line

and,, anyone
can promise me anything now.

But when you dangle that carrot,
500 grand, in front,

what's reliable, what's trustworthy?

You've got to think more than just
getting to the end, if you ask me.

Ooh, it's tense!

JONATHAN: It is tense.
You could cut a knife with it.

So, Mark, what is tonight's vote
about for you?

Tonight's vote is about moving
forward with a crew I can rely on,

and that I've relied on for 44 days.

Didn't Josh vote Sammy out?


Mark, that's a good point.

That is true, that is true. Yeah.

You've got to get your hands dirty
at some point.

So, Josh, Jordie just threw you
right under the bus.

Oh, fair play. You have to.

It's not actually throwing HIM
under the bus.

It's throwing, um, his idea of who
he thinks he can trust under the bus

and what their motives might be.

Trust is very subjective.

You know, and I'm not sure why the
relationship there would go before

the relationship
between mine and his.

So, Josh, what are you
basing your decision on tonight?

Yeah, Josh.
JOSH: Do I... know, keep control
of my own game

or do I risk it
and, you know, work with someone

based off the promise of insurance,
you know, moving forward?

I take into consideration also
what challenges are coming up,

who are going to be
really good at those

and who's...who's likely
to win those.

Um, and do I want that?

So, yeah, there's a lot
going through my head right now.

Good. So, looking forward to
coming back to camp, then, big guy.

Looking forward to the beans!

Sorry, mate, you got close.

That's alright.
That's alright, mate.
Really sorry, mate.

Oh, live and learn.

Alright. Is everyone ready
to ride the lightning?

Bring it on! Let's do it!

Alright. It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Jordie, you're up.

Sorry. This is my only hope.

Hope you're ready
to ride the lightning, Joker?

JORDIE: You know
what to do, Chrissy.

Shush, Jordie.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


..everyone keeps asking
if I have a second idol.


Finally! Guys! Finally!

And I've been saying no,
but I've been telling the truth.

JOSH: Oh, my God.

Sorry, bro.

This idol has done
quite a bit of travel, actually.

This was recovered from Jesse
by Sam.

Sam gave it to me
before she got voted out,

and now I'm returning it
to its rightful owner.

So, I call this idol...

..the Ghost of Jesse.

And I'm gonna play it
for myself tonight,

and the run-off votes are gonna
knock Jordie out of the game.

Harsh, but...OK.

This is a hidden immunity idol,

and any votes cast for Mark
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Jordie.

Two love hearts. That's nice.

Shay. That's one vote, Jordie,
one vote, Shay.


Two votes, Jordie, one vote, Shay.

Jordie. Three votes, Jordie.
One vote, Shay.

18th person
voted out of Blood v. Water,


That's four votes.

That's enough.

I need you to bring me your torch.



Thank you for telling everyone,

See you, mate.
It was a pleasure, really.

You're a legend, mate.




The tribe has spoken.

Yes, they have.

It's out. Rightio.

Thanks very much, guys.
This has been awesome.

Like, so grateful
for this opportunity.

Love you all. Thank you so much
for making it awesome.

This has been a dream of mine
and I finally got to live it out.

Pretty proud of the way...

Oh, yeah, and I won a car!
Thanks for reminding me, Chrissy.

Alright. See you. Can I have a...
bring it in for the real thing?

Come on. Well played, mate.

Thanks, man.

There better be food out here!


Tonight, you pulled the Joker
from the pack,

but with three days to go,
you better make sure

there's an ace up your sleeve.

Grab your torch. Head back to camp.


Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

..just five remain.

MARK: Top five
is a great achievement.

But I don't want
the pat on the back.

I want the title.

They've outwitted...

There's no time for me to rest.

This is that pivotal point
where I'm ready for it.


Control is everything.

I've just got to stay focused
and put the blinkers on.

..and outlasted all the others.

It's time to change the narrative
and get this game back on my terms.

But who has the strength...

Come on in!

..and the strategy..

For me to win Sole Survivor,

I've got to take someone down. make it to the end?


JORDIE: I am feeling gutted
right now. Yeah, gutted.

They finally got the Joker.

Mate, um, you've just scraped
and battled the whole way through,

but, um,
just moving forward, brother,

you are too strong
at those challenges

and I need to keep control
of this game.

Finally, Mark's second idol
was exposed.

I've been telling them
for weeks now!

And he didn't even need to play it.

It's good. I don't look like
a complete idiot now.

Not a total idiot.

I gave it everything.

I worked really hard to keep
coming back time after time,

vote after vote.

You know, so,
I'm proud of myself. Yeah.