Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 18 - Episode #7.18 - full transcript

Trying to get your tribe to believe your story can make or break your game, as one castaway tries to spell out the truth. Three castaways are on the outer, and bond together over a shared experience.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

It's my idol. She knows that
and she will respect that.

..Sam tricked Jesse
into handing over his idol...


..double-crossing her close ally...

..and securing enormous power
in the game.

SAM: Two of us in one couple
have idols - no words.

With his little brother voted out...

Jordie...a huge reward to win.

..Jordie was playing for two.

Jordie wins the Isuzu!


Jordie's winning streak ended...

Argh! the next Immunity Challenge.

Jordie drops!

And Jordan wins!

And the Joker needed
a serious strategy.

If I'm going out,
I'm going out swinging.

At Tribal Council,
Jordie exposed Sam's treachery.

Jesse trusted Sammy to the point
where she was able to convince him

to put his idol in her bag.

But Sam pulled off a daring bluff...

I'll empty my bag to the people
who are left at camp.

..and Jordie was sent to Purgatory...


..alongside KJ...

Yeah. Read this.

"Follow the path to Purgatory

"for a chance to bring your game
back to life."

..joining Shay for a second chance
at the game.

That's the best bit about is -
I get to see their faces again.

10 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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SHAY: I've been out
at Purgatory now for two days,

waiting for someone else to turn up

for me to fight for my chance
to get back in the game.

If Jordan doesn't win the necklace,
he's coming here.

Please be someone who cannot
beat me. Don't be Jordie.

Oh, gosh, too many ifs and buts.




What the (BLEEP)?! What?

KJ: Hello!


Oh, my God!

Oh, God, I'm so hungry.
Hey, babe, how's it going?






Well, last night's Tribal
was pretty wild.

Jonathan always introduces the jury.

Khanh came out,

then my sister Mel and then Jesse.

And we were expecting Shay
and Shay isn't there.

So we immediately are, like,
"Ohh! What's happening?"

SAM: Obviously, last night
at Tribal Council, Jordie revealed

that I "stole" Jesse's idol.

Now, I don't think people
believed it,

but there's always that possibility

that they're just waiting
for the right time to get me out.

I need to find out
what people are saying.

Have a stretch.

(SIGHS) Far out.

I think that explosion from...


Who do you think...

Actually, Jordie
told me that yesterday.

Did he?

Last night at Tribal Council,
I got talked about

and I just said,

"Jesse did not put an idol
in my bag," because he didn't.


Jesse did not put an idol in my bag.

Did not put an idol in my bag.


It's the stupidest play
I've ever heard if someone did that.

Yeah, but now you've got
a huge target on your back

'cause people have doubt about you
and having an idol in your bag.

Which is unfortunate.

It's unfortunate.
It's... (SCOFFS)

It's unfortunate, but...
That's the play.

That's exactly
what Jordie wanted to do.

So, in the end, people do believe
that you have an idol.

Oh, people do believe it?
I think so.

Oh, it's doubt. It's doubt.
It's doubt. I don't... Yeah.

Survivor, being in this environment,
brings the animal out of the cage

and sometimes you become this beast.

And the concept that two of us
in one couple have two idols

is one of the most dangerous things

that has ever happened
in Australian Survivor.

So, Michelle just told me

that everybody had heard the story
from Jordie.

I feel...our greatest play...

Our greatest play... You go. to probably still try
and stay tight with Jordan and Josh.

It is.

There's obviously that fear now
that we have two idols.

Whether they believe it or not,
there's doubt.

I'm scared of the idol being
in my bag because at any point...

Don't. Don't worry about it.

I basically said last night
that I'd be willing to show my bag. can give it to me.
That's what I said to you.

You can grab my...
In your bag?

Yeah. You can take it...
We've got to wait till night-time.

They could do it today. I think it's
a huge chance they'll do it today.

OK, well, let's not talk now.
Let's do it.

Come on, let's go.


SAM: It's risky having Jesse's idol
in my bag.

I'm basically like a cat on heat
right now.

To be safe, that idol has to be
in Mark's bag as soon as possible.



Um, not the...not the...

I'll just get...

CHRISSY: I was waiting...
It was literally...

CHRISSY: He looks very slippery.

I love it.

SAM: Transferring an idol
from one bag to another

in the public view
of the most observant eyes...

(INHALES) ..has put me on edge.

I know you like to think
you're a sweetheart...

But you are...


Oh, my gosh, I'm terrified.

JOSH: I don't believe
Sam has an idol in her bag.

Last night I had the opportunity
to split Mark and Sam,

but I made the move
to get rid of Jordie instead.

Maybe Sammy had one in her bag,
but who knows?

I can only go off what I know
and that's Mark's got one idol.

We're in this alliance
with Mark and Sammy,

but we know
that they've got an idol,

and so it just brings this unease
about our chats.

You probably want that idol gone.

Hmm. OK.

I'm weighing up whether I start
the gunfight between the couples

or play it safe and stay aligned.


Come on in!

So, David, with two less tribemates,

that means there's two less targets.

Are you concerned you may have
moved up the hit list?

(CHUCKLES) Well, my name
was out there last night., yeah, definitely.


Mark, what do you think's happening
in the game right now?

I think that we're really
at the business end.

Three are out.
We don't know where they are.

And then we've got seven here.

So it's a pretty tight crew now.
We're pretty small.

Alright, you ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


Thank you.

Alright. Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge... are gonna compete in rounds.

In the first round, you will race to
collect rings - from a mud pit,

from a haystack,

from a high rope.

You will attempt to land those rings
on a series of posts.

First three people to land
all their rings

will move on to the final round

where you will attempt
to land fireballs

into a pit.

First person to land two fireballs

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,

where somebody's gonna become
the 17th person voted out.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

MARK: Sweet.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?



Everyone charging into that mud pit.

Only the first three people
to complete this round

will move on.

Mark first out.

Takes a toss. He misses.

Needs to be on the hook.

David in on it now.

On and off it, David.

Jordan's firing.

Chrissy's in on it.

Michelle last to get her ring.

No-one's hooked one yet.

Everyone trying to get
that ring to stick.

Immunity is on the line.
Someone is getting the chop tonight.

Mark, he lands his first ring.
He's moving on.

He needs to find the second ring
in the hay.

Jordan, he lands it.

Chrissy, she lands it.

Mark furiously searching
for his second ring.

Mark finds the second ring
in the hay.

Jordan trying to find it.

Chrissy still searching
for her second ring.

Michelle lands the ring.

David lands the ring.
They're moving on.


Josh and Sam still struggling
with that first one.

Mark the only one
with his second ring.

Mark in the lead.

He gets it over the post
but it needs to be on the hook.

Chrissy found her ring.
She's in on it now.

Michelle has it now.

It's Mark, Chrissy and Michelle
with their second ring.

Josh is coming in now.

He's in on it.

Jordan still searching.

Jordan had a great lead,

but his second ring has become
a needle in a haystack.

Mark finally hooks his ring.

He's moving on to
the third and final ring.

Now you need to work
that ring with your pole,

carefully teasing it down the rope.

Josh is through.
He lands his second ring.

He's now moving on to the final ring.

It's Mark in the lead,

moving down the rope.

Josh trying to catch him.

Finally Jordan finds his second ring.

You're gonna need to pick it up
if you wanna stay in it.

Michelle struggling.

Chrissy is in on the rope now.

Chrissy burning through
this challenge today.

She is on fire!

Mark getting close to
the end of his rope.

Josh trying to catch him.

First three people to land
their final ring will move on.

Everyone else will be
out of the challenge.

Yeah, you're good, Mark.

Now you can unhook the rope,
release that ring and start tossing.

Sam is finally through.

She's in the haystack now.

Just like that,
she finds the second ring.

Everyone trying to catch Mark.

Josh and Chrissy right behind.

Sam was so far behind
in this challenge,

but she has caught up
and she is on the third ring.

That is a great comeback.

Mark trying to get his
third ring to stick.

It's Josh close behind.

Chrissy's right there now.

Sam trying to catch them.

Michelle still struggling.

Chrissy's through.
She can undo her rope.

Josh has his third ring.

He starts tossing.


Chrissy's in on it.

Not really! (LAUGHS)

And that's it. Mark lands his ring.
Mark is good.


Josh lands his ring. He is good.

We're looking for one more spot
in the next round.

Chrissy on that third ring
by herself.

Nice. Yeah, go, go, go.
Now pull that out.

Jordan and David now trying
to get their third ring.

Unravelling that rope, really putting
the pressure on Chrissy.

Now pull it from this side. Yes.

Josh trying to help his cousin.

Mark trying to help Sam.

Should be...should be forward.
Slap it against it.

Chrissy trying not to panic.

Where is Croc when you need him?

Stay calm.

David's in on it now.

It's a hard one, isn't it?

Jordan starts tossing.

Who's gonna get that final position

in the final round?

And that's it! Jordan comes
from the rear and does it.

He's moving on.
Everyone else out of the challenge.

SAM: Yeah.

Alright, moving on
to the final round.

We have Josh, Mark and Jordan.

Fighting it out for that necklace.

Survivors, ready?


You need to place a ball
in your thrower.

Light it in your torch.

Try and land it in the pit.

Let's go.

Josh has the first crack.

Ooh, close!

Mark tries.

He lands it on the first one.
Mark leads with one.

Come on, warrior!

Wow! Just like that!

Josh feeling the pressure.

He's up and throws. He goes long.



Comes up short.

Two balls in the pit

and you walk out of here
with that necklace,

guaranteed safety at Tribal tonight.

Oh, no!


Everyone's firing.

Everyone comes up short.

Jordan fires.

Mark picking up the pace now.

He'd like to close it out.

And Mark does it!
He lands it, just like that.

Mark wins immunity!


Mark, come on over.

Thanks, guys.

Ah, yes.


Immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight.
Cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the 17th person voted out...

..and the fourth person
going to Purgatory...


..where your game hangs in limbo.

Won't be you. Well done.

Thanks, everyone.
Head back to camp.

I'll see you tonight.

It definitely changes things
now that we know

Jordie, Shay and KJ

could come back from Purgatory.

That makes tonight's vote
dangerous and unpredictable.

Mark has the necklace and Mark has
an idol that he can play for Sammy.

That's dangerous
for everyone's game.

It's the time to make
a move on Mark and Sam

and see what happens.


Hey, man.

Thanks, mate.
Was that three shots?

Bit of fun, huh?

Huge, mate.
Thanks, mate.

Well done, bud.
Thanks, mate.

I'm very happy going
to Tribal tonight.

I've got this sucker,

which I have had on my Survivor
bucket list for a long time.

I've got this necklace,

I've got Sam's idol in my bag

and I've got my own idol in my bag.

That is three Immunity Idols
in one hit.

So at this late stage of the game,

that's a really rare
advantage to have.

We've got a tight alliance.

It's myself, Sam, Josh, Jordan

plus Chrissy and Dave.

Michelle, she's on her own.
She's a lone agent.

So hot!

It's like lava. The floor is lava.

My plan is to stand in the sun
in front of the fire in this heat.

Tonight on the chopping block
in my eyes

is David or Michelle.

She's gonna be an easy target.

We also have to think
about Purgatory.

Ohh, Purgatory!


..that's a real handful.

We don't know what's gonna happen,

how many people are coming back,

what it all means.

Chrissy. You ready to roll?

Ready to roll?
Let's do it.

Our campsite's erratic at the moment

and again, there's a lot going on.

Apparently there's this 'prejudice'.
What is it?


It's not 'judiciary'.




Gimme the first three.




'Purgory'. Pur...



(LAUGHS) What does it mean?

I'm pretty sure it's in between
heaven and hell.

Pretty sure. I'm pretty sure.

Yeah, that is. So I was right, yes.

MICHELLE: It's a place of nowhere.

And is this meant to be heaven?

Oh, I don't know.
I don't think it's hell.

Shay's there.

We sent KJ and Jordie last night.

Do you do all their initials?

They're coming back.

They're gonna compete in a challenge

and one gets to come back.

But this is Survivor.

Please! Two are definitely
coming back.



My vote tonight is about

staying strong over whoever
comes back from Purgatory

and preserving our two idols.

I'm really seeking that
reassurance from Josh

that the couples particularly
have to stay tight.

We're just saying...

I don't think we can trust
what they might do.

They might just lock it
on one person.


We have an alliance of six,

but Juicy Dave was
on fire last night,

and that's when Juicy tends to flow

and he can be your best friend
or your worst enemy very quickly.

I can't trust him, so when you
really can't trust someone,

the obvious move is to
eliminate them from the game.


MARK: Jordie.

Comin' hot.


Right now, I feel like
this majority alliance

is strong enough.

Josh understands that it's better to
keep the couples stronger together

and target David instead.

JOSH: Bro, that...this is
worst-case scenario.

Tonight's vote is a scary one.

You know, Mark and Sammy,

Mark has the necklace and Mark has
an idol that he can play for Sammy.

Right now, they're too powerful.

It would be much easier
for our working relationship

if the idol was gone,

we're still a pair,
we haven't burnt each other

and then we can really
trust each other.


How are ya?
Yeah, well, you know.


So the plan is put
three votes on Sammy

and then we're gonna try
and up the paranoia,

try and make her convince Mark
to play his idol for her.

Mark and Sam will never know that
it was me, so it's no harm done.

And that means we can
keep the partners alive

and full trust in that alliance.


How are you voting?

I know that I've got Chrissy.
She's in.

And Dave's a smart guy.
I think he'll go for it.

That's the whole thing.

Juice has been itching
to get at Sammy,

so hopefully he's on board.

He's got the nickname Juicy Dave, so
it'll be good to see Juicy in action.


So tonight, we've gotta
get rid of the idol.

I'm gonna go a little bit Juicy,

play up a bit and keep talking
idol, idol, idol.

I've gotta spook Mark and Sammy.

Basically give them enough jitters

that they play that idol.



(LAUGHS) There's a storm coming.

There's gonna be some thunder
and lightning tonight.



These look good.


To flush Mark's idol tonight,

we're gonna try and up the paranoia
with Sammy.

Michelle, David and Chrissy
will put three votes on Sammy

and try and make her convince Mark
to play his idol for her,

and that way flushing an idol.

Without the idol, it evens up
the power struggle with the pairs.


To try and make Sammy paranoid,

you just sort of gotta let Sammy
do her thing,

then she'll run around
and hear different stories.

And then I've got Juice,

and he's gonna try
and keep talking about the idol,

and then I might have to do
a little whisper

to Chrissy and Michelle

and just try and make Sammy think
they may be on the block.




MARK: Mate, the beans
have gotten spectacular.

The way the numbers are now,

it might be my last...last meal
with you blokes,

but I'll give it my best shot.

So I'm Decoy Dave, the spooker.

Well, I'm just...I'm...

Yeah. Can't be me, but obviously...

No. Well done to that.
Could be Sam.

DAVID: Part two of the plan
is talking to everybody except Sam

so I can make her really nervous.

It's a now-or-never game,
if you ask me.

But Mark says, "I think
people are gonna go for Sam."

So he might throw the idol down.

We'll see.



You talk to me.

Yeah. It's nice to be talked with.


'Cause sometimes I feel at a loss
when no-one's speaking to me.


The sisterhood needs to be a bit
more...supporters of each other.


I'm not putting your name down.

I know.
I promise.

And I will never
put your name down too.

Are we gonna go for...
You wanna go?

Yeah, let's...
Yeah, woman's business.

SAM: Tonight my vote
is going to David.

He has it in for
anyone who has an idol,

and he's coming for me.

He's been avoiding me
since the Immunity Challenge

and, yeah, it's obvious.

My main thing, like, I think
Dave put my name down last night.

But I don't care about...
I get that.

..girls being thrown under the bus.

Dave never pulls me aside
to have a strategy chat.

I mean, it's fine,
but everyone has their chats,

but when they don't
have chats with you,

and really Dave's the only one
that doesn't have a chat with me.

I want Dave out.

I feel like that's a matter
of urgency.



MARK: It's a heavy one.

So we're just gonna sit that,
let that sit,

until we get part of the table.

Looks good.
That's perfect.



Sam is getting the jitters and is
just watching me like a sniper.

So it's time to push her to the edge.


Come for a walk,
but I want to go to the figs.

Yeah, yeah, let's do that.
I just want to...

My thing, David,

you don't often seem to want
to talk to me about strategy.

When we were at Red,

I always pulled you aside
and had a chat with you.

I don't care if you wrote my name,
but I appreciate, like, the honesty.

Um, I wrote Mark's, right?

Honestly, because he's got the idol
and I...

..and I thought, well, let's flush
the idol out and be done with it.

With you guys having the idol, it's
just a free run straight through.

Not at all -
when you're in an alliance,

which I think we had a very...

..we HAVE a trusted alliance.

It's better that a member
of your alliance has the idol.

It's to be saved, so we can
get the likes of a Jordie out

or the people who are at Purgatory
out if we need it.

Yeah. I don't get that.

Sam is definitely worried.

This could be the chance to
absolutely flip the game on its head.


Yeah, there's definitely 'stormage'



SAM: Maybe that is...

That's thunder.
That's thunder.

I will come to you.

Need help?

Yeah, that was thunder.
You were right, Mark.


I think it's thunder.
Oh, God.


The amount of lies and deceit
and deflection

that are happening right now
are at an all-time high.

This is the most vulnerable
that I've felt in the entire game.

And I guess the worst-case scenario
is that I go to Purgatory

and have to fight
to live another day.


JOSH: Tonight is definitely
about endgame,

definitely about the gunfight that's
about to happen between the couples.

The plan is to flush
Mark and Sam's idol.

But by putting three votes on Sammy
tonight, and Dave and Michelle,

they're probably gonna cop
a couple of votes as well.

Tribals are getting juicy,
so, yeah, bring it on.



We'll now bring in our jury -

Khanh, Mel and Jesse.


So, Dave, with only seven left
in the tribe,

is tonight the night that we could
see the strong six break?

Um, Jonathan, we're definitely
at the pointy end, that's for sure.

And you look at the numbers.
The numbers don't lie.

But I'm confident with the crew
we've got in going forward.

So, Josh, when the majority breaks,

and it will at some point,

how do you make sure that you're not
the first person to get chopped?

Uh, you win
a immunity idol challenge.


That's it, huh?
Oh, there are...

There are some other ways,
but the first way to do it

is make sure
you've got that necklace.

Mark, last Tribal Council,

Jordie really put a lot of shade
on you and Sam.

Now, obviously, you're safe tonight
because you have the necklace.

Do you think that means
that Sam could be in trouble?

Well, anyone who doesn't have
this necklace could be in trouble.

I think we've been working as pairs
for a while now.

We've gone through
a lot of hard votes together

and we've stuck to our word
pretty much the whole way.

So we are still
a force to be reckoned with

and I'll be relying on them tonight.

Sam, perception is everything
in this game.

Could the idea
that you might have an idol

be enough to encourage other people
to target you?

Yeah, perception is reality.

Um, seeds of doubt

can be more powerful than fact.

I think the biggest thing
that's on our mind right now

is that there's Purgatory at play.

And you need to have tight numbers
on this side

to finish the work
that you've started.

Otherwise you'll get eaten off.

Josh, even if Sam
doesn't have an idol,

it's public knowledge
that Mark does have one.

Does that automatically
make Sam a target anyway?

It does to an extent, because
that is a powerful thing to have,

especially if you look
at the numbers now.

We're at the very pointy end
of this game,

so, um...yeah, yeah, it's true.

Well, look, it is true.

Tonight you are voting someone out
to go to Purgatory,

and tomorrow
the four people in Purgatory

will compete in a trial
to bring their game back to life.

So, yes.


There will be some people
coming back.

Is that a concern?

It took energy and stress
and...time and planning

to get rid of
a couple of those guys,

and to sit here
with this little pack

and know that one, two, three
could be coming back,

it's pretty fear...I'm pretty
worried about it, to be honest.

You are?

These guys are gonna come back
with a vengeance.


if you sent someone from
one of the pairs to Purgatory,

do you think that would improve
your position in the tribe?


Um... Oh, look.

Breaking the pairs at some point obviously a gain.

But, um, the bonds are strong
with the two pairs

and the bonds are strong
with the six.

Maybe that strong six sticks
together and goes to the end.

So, Michelle, the pairs have been
a force to be reckoned with

in this game.

What are the odds that
they'll stick together tonight?

They've been working well together.

But also, this is a game

where things can flip upside down
without people knowing, so...

I'm the majority of the minority.

The population is one. Um...

Do you think you might be
going to Purgatory tonight?

It definitely crossed my mind that
it would be me that's going tonight.

Josh, should Michelle be worried?

Um, when you have seven people,
I think everyone should be worried.

There's always a chance
that, um, you know... feel the pressure to make
a big move or something like that

and, you know, someone might
squeeze the trigger early.

So, David,

whoever you send tonight is gonna
have to go up against Shay,

Jordie and KJ.


Has that factored into
your vote tonight?


Yeah, it has. Um...

I don't think we're gonna send in
our best to take on those guys.

Um... It's... It's...

It's what it is.
The numbers are there.

The alliance is there. Um...

The people who aren't in that,

they'll have to fight it out
on Purgatory.

Josh, given that whoever you send

is gonna potentially come back
into the game...

..what's the risk of creating
some more bad blood?

There is always a risk
that anyone you send to Purgatory,

you know, that comes back
will have that bad blood,

and we're almost under
the assumption

that, you know,
Jordie's gonna come back.

There have been
some great challenge beasts

throughout Australian Survivor,

but Jordie's right up there,

and so we're sort of
preparing for that.

And so do you risk one of your...
your allies

and potentially upsetting
their partner

and having to deal with that,

versus just, you know, going through
the process, voting someone out,

and then expecting Jordie back
with a vengeance?

So, Sam, what's the vote about
tonight for you?

SAM: I like to think...

As everyone's probably
a bit annoyed at me today,

I like to think worst-case scenario

and contingency-plan backwards.

So I've been saying
three could come back.

Like, up to three.

So, you've got to count
how many people

you think on this side currently
are solid,

are tight to go into battle
against those three people.


What about you, Chrissy?
What are you basing your vote on?

CHRISSY: For now,

with those guys coming back,

and they're gonna be
cranky and hungry as,

we need to make sure

that our numbers over here
are strong

so there's no doubt that

we can take them on
when they get here.

So, David, the alliance is strong,
in other words.

Good statement.

Alright. Well, I guess
we're about to find out.

It is time to vote.



It is time to vote.

Josh, you're up.

I hope it is a puzzle at Purgatory
and I get to see you back

because I've enjoyed
playing with you.

Give them everything.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Michelle.


One vote Michelle, one vote David.

Michelle. That's two votes Michelle,
one vote David.


Three votes Michelle, one vote David.

17th person voted out, fourth person
going to Purgatory...

It's me!

You need to bring me your torch.

Bringing it.


Smash it tomorrow.
I'm gonna try tomorrow, guys.

Thanks for sending me
some juicy love.

I know!

Good luck tomorrow.
Alright. Bless you.

Hopefully it's a puzzle for you.

Uh-huh, Dave.



Michelle, the tribe has spoken.

Love you, guys!
See you soon.

I'll play for you tomorrow.
Time to go.

'Bye, Michelle.

Well, four torches
have now turned to ash.

Pray the phoenix that rises
doesn't come back to burn you.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp. Goodnight.



KJ: Michelle!



I'm confused.

Are you OK?

JORDIE: Hello, babe.

Yeah, it was just me
in the minority.

KJ: Just you getting plucked off?

Yeah, I just got plucked off.

Anyway, tomorrow we're all fighting
against each other.


Still to come...

This is it. This is the moment.
Let's do it.

..they've been stuck in Purgatory.

Now they are ready to unleash hell.

As soon as we get back in there,
I'm destroying the whole alliance.

Jordan, Josh, Mark, Sammy,
coming for all of ya.

You know what woke me up? It's not
even you guys. It was the flies!

It's right here!

Last night at Tribal Council,

the formidable six
decided to stick together...

..which was extremely predictable.

So I'm really angry.

Last night at Tribal, they said that

the four of us will be heading up
against each other

in a challenge tomorrow.

My whole life,
I've had to be a battler.

You know, like Purgatory, yeah,
it's rough, but it's an opportunity,

and you have to make the most of
every single opportunity you get.

It sucks that we're here,

but I'm glad that I got the space
to reflect on what happened.

I came up with a plan, right?

I've sort of gathered together
my band of misfits -

myself, Michelle, KJ and Shay.

Some of the strongest players
are going to get a second chance.

Come on!

This is the most excited I've been!

Whatever happens, make sure, please
promise me, we don't go to them.

Whatever you do,
we need to break them up.

So do you think
that Dave would flip?

The only person that would
flip out of them is Dave.

I'm hoping to win Dave over.

Dave knows he's on the outs, right?

What that means is
we've got options.

If we get Dave, right,
potentially there's an extra number.

He would be dumb to not want
to make a move,

because he's sitting there going
right now, "Oh, yeah, I'm next."


If he's not thinking that, then he's
not as smart as we all think he is.

We can come out of here
with a strong alliance,

you know, a new team.

KJ: How are you gonna feel
when you see

the six of them
sitting there watching us?


I'm gonna be smiling off my lid.

I can't wait.

'Cause they'll be nervous
to see who comes back.

Also, when we go back,

even if it's not me,
don't be seen together too much.


I'm gonna give death stares
to Sam and Jordan.

Can we act as if we want
to join the majority?

Yeah. We'll just go, "What do you
guys reckon? What are we thinking?"

Oh, it'll kill me to suck up.
I'll be like, "Hmm."

It will be so funny because deep
down we know we're working together.


Yeah. Let's do it.

This is it.
Oi, this is the moment, right?

No matter who gets through,
I'm so proud of all of you

and we're gonna have so much fun,
whatever happens.

Yeah. I'll always remember the purge.

And just go hard. Promise me,
when we get in there, we go hard.

SHAY: I haven't put myself through
Purgatory for this long to not win.

I'm coming back in, charging
beast mode and I'm taking that win.

I'm going straight for Sole Survivor

and I think that
they might sense it coming.

MICHELLE: Right now, the status quo
is the six alliance.

They feel, like, they have
everything in control.

But we all know in Survivor
that's never the case.

We've created
this resistance movement.

I will be pushing it all the way
to the end.

KJ: The woman
that walked into this game

got caught up
in other people's strategic plans.

I'm fed up and it's not on anymore.

Once I get back in that game,
it's gonna be on my terms.

JORDIE: This is the last chance
I've got.

They made it personal.

I'm not gonna fall into that trap.

This is strictly business

and, for me, I'm coming out
with a half-a-million-dollar payday.




We'll now bring in the players
you sent to Purgatory.




and Michelle,

would you like to fill everyone in
on what it was like out in Purgatory?

Oh, mate, it was unreal.
It was really nice out there.

It was, um, you know,
like, beautiful landscape.

Like stunning river system.
We caught heaps of fish and...

No, it was awful.
It was, like, clay.

Hard rock, hard clay, no water. We
haven't washed since we got there.

Oh, my gosh.

Shay, you were out there the longest.

What was it like having your game
in limbo for so long?

I was honestly
just trying to survive.

I think that's probably just
gonna push me to really try

and get back in the game 'cause
I didn't do all that for nothing.

Mighty warrior.


Well, you've all been in Purgatory

with one foot in
and one foot out of the game.

Well, that's all about to change

because the four of you
are now gonna compete in a trial.


This is your chance
to bring your game back to life

and have another shot
at the title of Sole Survivor

and the half-million dollars
that goes with it.

Huge stakes.
This is how it's gonna work.

You're gonna balance a ball on a pole

and make your way
over a series of obstacles...

..where you'll add
more sections to the pole

to reach an overhead gutter,
drop your ball in

and attempt to land it
in a bucket below.

First three people
to land all their balls

win their spot back in the game.


The loser, out of the game for good

and will become the fourth person
on the jury.

Josh, Jordie has a 75% chance
of getting back in this game.

How's that sit with you?
Congratulations, Jordie. Good work.

Come on back
and we'll send you back. (LAUGHS)

Alright, this is it. Take your spots.
Let's get to it.

Alright. Here we go.

Let's go, guys. Let's have some fun.

For a chance to bring
your game back to life,

survivors, ready?

JOSH: Good luck, guys.


First thing you need to do
is balance that ball on the pole.

Make your way over the seesaw
without falling off

and without dropping your ball.

If you do,
you'll need to go back to the start.

Jordie gets to the end but he drops.

Michelle looking good!

She's across.
She's on the stepping poles now.

She drops. She needs to go back
to the start of that obstacle.

KJ drops.

Oh, Shay!

Shay moving steady and strong.
A warrior.

Jordie's across now.
He's catching Michelle.

Now you need to position your bucket

where you think that ball
is gonna drop out of the gutter.

Shay's across.

KJ's in on it now.
SAM: Good work, Kage.

Now you need to add sections
to your pole

to reach that gutter.

It's going to take five sections
for that first gutter.

Michelle just building the pole,

but how is she gonna
get the ball on top?

Good question.

Jordie right behind her.

Shay has something going.

She has four sections.

Trying to get that fifth one
in place.

Michelle has her pole together.

Here comes the test.

She drops it in.

Will her bucket be
in the right position?

Oh, what?!

She hits the rim.

Jordie gets it. He has a crack.

But his bucket's
in the wrong position.

Shay gonna have a crack now.

Will it be in the right position?

No! On the rim.

Everyone has their bucket

in the wrong position.

Kage, bucket's in the right spot.


Last to get her ball into the gutter.

But if her bucket
is in the right position,

she might be the first one
to land it.

CHRISSY: Even slow down.
Nail the...nail the bucket.

Good girl.
Nice, Kage. Nice, Kage.

Really nice, Kage.
Awesome, mate.

No. KJ also misses the bucket.

Everyone's struggling
with that first ball.

Definitely a learning curve
to this challenge.

Ow! Ow.

Jordie's right there.

And it's good!

Jordie lands his first ball.

Jordie in the lead.
Going for his second ball.

Shay goes again.

And she gets it!

Shay lands her first ball.
She can move on to her second.

The second gutter is gonna require
six sections

of pole.

Jordie working on his second ball.

Everyone else chasing him now.

He's gonna drop into
the second gutter. Will it work?

And it does!

Jordie lands his second ball.

Jordie continues to pull away.

Shay working on her second ball.

Meanwhile, Jordie can start work
on his third ball now.

Jordie has a huge lead.

That third gutter requires
seven sections of pole.

First three people
to land all their balls

will have another shot at this game.

Michelle going again with her first.

She drops it in the gutter.

And it's good!

Finally, Michelle lands her first
ball. She's going for her second.

KJ struggling with her first.
Yeah. I am.

Just cannot quite work it out.

Oh! No time to give up, Kage.

KJ finally has something going.

JORDAN: Take your time, Michelle.

She's so close to dropping it in.
Can she get there?

CHRISSY: Brilliant, Kage.

She does! Here's the test.

Will it work?

And it does!

Move it! Move it! Move it!

..KJ lands her first ball and she can
go on to pick up her second one.

JOSH: Nice slow drop, Shay. Good.

Shay goes for her second

and it works!

Next big one.

You're still in it, Shay. Good girl.

She has two now. Jordie has two.

Both KJ and Michelle with one each.

Wind picking up now.

Mother Nature getting in on it.

SHAY: Ooh! Whoo!

Yeah, it's windy!


The sun.

Oh, you bastard, I can't see.

Jordie drops it in.

Going for the win.

And he does it! Jordie secures
the first spot back in the game!

Nicely done.

Looking for two more.

36 days out here.
There's not much left in the tank.

Michelle has her pole together again.

JORDIE: Focus. Watch your hands.

Yeah. Good job! Great job!

Michelle drops it in.
Will it be good this time?


And it is! Michelle has two!

She's moving on to her final ball.

KJ getting close to the gutter
with her second ball.

JORDIE: Take your time.

Watch your ball.

Will it work this time?
She drops it in.

And it's good! Finally!

KJ's back on the board!

JORDIE: Great job, babe.

Meanwhile, Shay and Michelle

are still struggling
with their third ball.

Shay quickly building.

She would love to secure her position
back in the game.

Can she make this one work?

JORDIE: That's it, Shay.
Almost there.

SAM: She's getting there.
Looking wobbly.

Can she drop it in?

High enough?
There it is.

And she does.

Will it work this time?

And it does!


Good, good.

SAM: Well done, darling.
Thanks for your help, team.

Much appreciated.
KJ: Shay, well done.

Now we have a showdown...

JOSH: Let's go, Kage. Come on.

..between KJ and Michelle
for that final position.

Michelle has her pole together.

KJ trying to chase her down.

SHAY: Good. It's nice and straight.
JOSH: There you go.

But now you're gonna want look up.

Michelle getting close
to that gutter again.

KJ right behind her.

Oh, this is neck and neck.

JOSH: Just wait for the wind.
Wait for the wind. Don't move yet.

Just hold.

Both waiting
for the wind to die down.

Michelle gets to the gutter,
drops it in.

And it hits the rim again.

This opens the door for KJ.

Trying not to panic now.

Take your time, KJ. Take a breath.

JORDIE: Just nice and slow.
Do not rush it.

Jordie coaching KJ.
JOSH: Oh, it's good.

Just get in the gap. There you go.

Just a little offline.
She drops it in.

Will it be good this time?

And it is!

KJ securing the final spot
in the game.

It seems like it, eh?

Come here.


Michelle, that was a hell of
a battle, but you just came up short.

What's the feeling?
Oh, no, I'm so proud of everyone.

So proud of KJ.

So, no, I'm good. I'm really happy.
I'm really happy.

I'm gonna go back, eat pizza,
brownies, cookies... (LAUGHS)

Stop. cream...

..that I've been talking
for 10 days. (LAUGHS)

But, no, I'm gonna miss everyone.

I know it's a game and I wish
everybody the best of luck.

Well, Michelle, sadly, after 36 days,
your game has come to an end.

Take off your buff.

Toss it in the fire.
Toss it?


MARK: Well done, Michelle.


You can head on out
and we'll see you soon.

KJ: 'Bye, sweetheart.
Love you, guys!


Alright. Jordie, Shay, KJ,
your time in limbo is over.


You can come forward, grab a torch,
dip it in the flame

and reignite your life in the game.

Come on, Kage.


You can rejoin your tribe.

As soon as we get back in there,
I'm not going for just one person.

I'm destroying the whole alliance.

G'day, guys!
Hi! Hi!

Did you miss us?

Alright, everyone, grab your gear,
head on out, the game continues.

JORDIE: If I do nothing
but break apart that alliance,

I've done my job.

Jordan, Josh, Sammy, Mark,
I'm coming for all of ya.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

We're back.
Let's liven the joint up.

It's Jordie's band of misfits...
It's gonna be interesting.

It's gonna be fun.
..versus the ruling elite.

JOSH: We won't get the win
unless we take them out.

With Jordie stoking the chaos...

If you don't make a move with me
now, it's going to be too late.

Sam and Mark risk their games
on one bold play...

..tearing the majority six apart.