Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 14 - Episode #7.14 - full transcript

In a puzzle making Immunity Challenge, a challenge beast is exposed. Will this place a huge target on their back and get them eliminated from the game?

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on Australian Survivor...

We are merging. was the moment
they'd all been waiting for.

This is amazing.

And loved ones
were finally reunited.

MARK: Finally made it to merge.

Now my mission is to win this game.

At the immunity challenge,

when KJ couldn't hold on...

You've done it, Jesse.

..Jessie claimed individual immunity.

At the reward challenge...

Khanh wins reward.

..Khanh found himself $60,000 richer.

I don't think this day
could get any better.

At camp...

..the boys club
thought they had the majority.

MARK: I have a really tight five
plus Sam.

The new alliance
is going to be us six.

But when they tried
to take out Khanh and his idol...


The six
weren't as solid as Mark thought.

I don't know why people
aren't considering Shay tonight.

Because Khanh's a bigger threat.

If you stand next to him at the end,

do you honestly think
you're gonna win?

You know, the whole goal
was to get together and play.

Now you're here and you're like,
"Is this what I really wanted?

"Like, is this
what it's about?"

At tribal council...

Mark's had his own game.
I've played my own game.

There's this beautiful opportunity
now to play together

after tonight's vote.

Sam admits that my ideas
are always the best ones.


..Sam sided with the strong six...


..sending Khanh and his idol home.

The tribe has spoken.

12 are left,
who will be going home tonight?

CHRISSY: Wow. Wow. Wow.

Let's get some fire, and I've got
to work out how to cook dinner.

Sam and I are both stubborn folks

and we always disagree
on different things.

Sam had fallen under the spell
of Khanh,

who is a very charismatic guy,

but Khanh is not here anymore.

He's gone. The king is dead.

She'll appreciate
the hard work I've done.

It's going to get us through
to the end of the game.




We're successful business people.

We're in the green.
We're in the green.

We're in the green of the targets.

We're paying dividends.
KPIs are good.

Good luck to next year's team trying
to follow up those numbers.

Rolling the bonuses back.

It's day 28 and I'm
feeling in good control here.

We've got the new merged Lava tribe

and we've just executed
a brilliant blindside.

Khanh wasn't spooked enough
to play his idol,

and so he went home
with that thing in his pocket.

It is a huge win.

And I can't believe
he didn't play his idol.

That was a rookie move.

He had about half an hour.

He did have half an hour to decide,
didn't he?

He had a long time.

My alliance is now
the dominant alliance here.

We've got myself, Jordan, Jordie,

Josh, plus Sam and Jesse.

We have a majority still.
We're in charge.

We have a good track record
of working together

and we trust each other.

We're solid.

CHRISSY: Breakfast.
I think he'd be proud of me.

Oh, look at you.

Alright. I think you guys
are going to thank me.

I have managed to make mash.

Mashy, mash. Mashy, mashy, mashy.


Now we've passed the halfway mark.

That makes it easier 'cause we're
kind getting into the home stretch.


And, you know,

like, essentially you're locked
in to the end now really.

Good mash.

It's a credit to the people
we've surrounded ourselves with, eh?

You know?

With the top six still chugging
ahead towards the end of the game,

this is perfect.

This is a chance for me
and my alliance to shore up our bonds

and to start knocking down
our opponents.

We're going to lay waste
to this tribe.

Oh, God, it cut me to the bone.

Yeah. I'm sad.
Sammy and I had a bit of a cry.

It's probably the first time
she's never had so little control.

Yeah, yeah.

It's a weird vibe.

Yeah. I was like, why, why?

Why I'm so sad.


We voted Khanh out last night.

I was complicit in this vote,
but it was not my preference.

I wanted to vote out Shay.

But then I had to kind
of go along with Mark's plan.

I missed you, darling.
I missed you too.

There looks like there is a strong
alliance in the Lava tribe right now.

The boys that I'm working with
think we've got a strong six.

The lines have been drawn.

It feels like it's powerful,
but it could be smoke and mirrors.

And I can't help but wonder

has Mark been blinded
by this bromance?


It's obvious who's in control.


And at the moment, it's not me.

But then I'm not willing to sit tight

and allow the moves to happen
around me

without my voice being listened to.

Here we go.

Right now, I just need
to try not to get too emotional

and play the game
that I am individually proud of.

I'll tell you where I'm going.

I think we get rid
of the next threat, which is...

..would be Shayster.

I think she's dangerous.

I did think Shay as well.

She's a little threat
in terms of physicality.

She will just win immunity,
win immunity.

Yeah. I thought Shay was the smarter
move even last night to be the vote.

I wonder, are those big guys
just pretending to want her out

or are they really wanting her out?

I would like to eliminate
that threat as soon as possible.

Alright. Let's do it.
Yeah. Let's do it.

SHAY: I'm pretty stressed

because my name was written down
last night twice

and the people
that are involved in that vote,

they're very powerful in this game.

So I've been looking around

and they're having
very in-depth one-on-ones

with people that I think
put me in hot water.

Well, what are your...

What are your...?
Long-term thoughts?

For the integrity of this majority
to hold...

I'll tell Michelle.

There's always the level of concern
that I could be
on the chopping block tonight.

I think people are definitely
thinking soon we'll get Shay,

soon we'll get Shay.

So every single tribal,
I'm like, "Is today soon?"

And being in merge as a single
and not as a couple is scary.

This is the four-week mark. Day 28.

But there's going to come a time
when all of us are under fire.

And it's, like,
you've got to be ready for that.

I do wonder when
the chink in the chain will start.

If I think about it logically,

it'll probably go
me or KJ the next two.

But it helps that there's... three couples
in the major alliance,

so you get, like, couples themselves
who actually have the higher power.

Yeah, but then what happens
is it gets to a point

it's like who can beat who?

You guys are still in the game.

People see me as a threat
because I'm athletic

and because
I keep winning challenges.

Now that I've shown my strength,

I kind of
have to just keep winning them,

and the second that I don't win one

I'm probably gone
unless I find an idol

or unless someone else blows up
their own game.

Such a nice morning.
Yeah, it's a bit cooler, isn't it?


Now with Khanh out of the game,

we've got a sort of
a really tight six at the moment,

and right now
we're working like a committee

to make the right decisions.

How are you feeling
about everything?

Yeah, good, bro.

I think I felt pretty early on

that, like, this picture
of how we're sitting right now

was going to be what...

We got the big, big blindside,
big threat gone.

It didn't affect us, like...

And it wasn't, you know,
breaking up one of our alliances

or anything like that.

And then now
it's time to just, like,

pick off a few bottom feeders.

Pick off a few bottom feeders...

Because they're the ones
that will get us in trouble.

Yeah. Definitely.

JORDIE: Our alliance wants to think
logically and make good decisions.

However, I'm getting a bit sort
of sick of how comfortable they are.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, cool. That's good, man.
That's all I need.

Eventually, we're going
to turn on each other,

so maybe it's time to strike early.

Knowledge is power,
and I've got a lot of information

that is actually useful.

I can use that
to manipulate what's going on.

This could benefit me a lot.

Has he told you anything new?

He's got an idol.


You know,
I can't keep a straight face.

I think it's pretty funny.

But, yeah,
we'll see how it all pans out.

Don't get me wrong.

This strong six, it's got merit.

But to be honest,
if you came to Survivor

and didn't come here to play moves
and play hard,

I think maybe
you're playing the wrong game.

Come on in!

Chrissy, at last night's tribal,

did you feel a gear shift
in the game?

Oh, big gear shift. Our chef's gone.

You know, he was a massive player.


Probably shouldn't
have wasted the idol maybe.

On that note, are you ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?



Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re going to fill a leaky drum
with water

to level a table that you'll attempt
to solve a puzzle on.

If you let too much water
leak out of your drum,

the table will tip,
you'll have to start over.

First person to solve their puzzle
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become the
12th person voted out of this game.

We'll draw for spots.
We're going to get to it.

Alright. Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


First thing you need to do
is grab your bucket.

Fill that drum with water.

Here we go.

You want to fill it with enough water
to lift the counterweight... level the table.

Once you have the table level,

you can start working on your puzzle.

But, remember,
that drum has holes in it.

You want to fill it with enough water

because if you lose too much water
from your drum,

the counterweight
will come back down,

tip your table,
knock over your puzzle.

You'll need to head back
and refill your drum

and you'll need to start again.

Therein lies the problem.

The slower you are at fetching water,

the less time you'll have
to work on your puzzle.

I can't do puzzles.

I don't know what I'm looking at.

Mel, struggling early with the water.



David, Shay,

in on the puzzle now.

Everyone still
sorting through their pieces.


KJ is struggling to fill
up her drum, feeling every drop.

Mel has a couple on the table now.

Josh, working quickly.

Josh has three now.

Mark finally has something going.


KJ has a couple.

KJ lets her counterweight drop,
table tips, knocks over her puzzle.

If you prioritise your puzzle
over your water level,

your shot at immunity will wash away.

Go, mate. go fast.

Mark had something going,
but he loses it.

Shay has four on the board.

Mel, desperate to catch Shay.

Last two tribals, she's copped votes.

She'd love to have the security
of that necklace tonight.

Josh and Shay
getting the hang of it.

If you've been paying attention
to your surroundings,

you will know what this puzzle is.


Shay stumbles. Nice save.

So far, Josh is in the lead,

Shay right behind.

quickly trying to get back.

The counterweight.

Knocks everything over.
All that hard work down the drain.

This opens the door for Shay.

You could have told me
I needed water.
Oh, sorry.

Now Shay has the lead.


is chasing her down now.

Josh, trying to quickly rebuild.

Shay in the lead...

How do you spell this one?

..with Josh chasing her...

trying to take it back.

Mel has rebuilt.

Shay and Josh, neck and neck.

Shay going back to refill her drum.

Josh's counterweight

getting precariously low.

Careful, Joshy.

Catches it just in time. Nice save!

Shay's back.

She keeps working on the puzzle,
working on that third row.

Mel is in it now. She's now
working on her third row.

It's now between Shay, Mel and Josh.

Everyone else, trying to catch up.

Come on.

Great comeback from Mel.

Shay, four pieces left.

She's not going to take a chance,
she goes back to refill her drum.

She does not want all this good work
to go to waste.

Josh can feel the pressure.

Mel, quickly building now

trying to catch Shay.

She's now working on her fourth row.

Shay with her last piece.

Shay rearranging her pieces,
she gets her last piece in.

That's it! It looks good.
Shay wins immunity!

Shay, come on over.


Individual immunity is yours.

You are safe. Cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where somebody is going to become
the 12th person

voted out of Blood V Water.

Won't be you. Well done.

Head back to camp. See you tonight.

SAM: It's awkward. We're about
to head to a tribal council.

Shay has the immunity necklace
on her neck.

And I'm highly disappointed.

We don't want to make those
fatal mistakes again and again.

SAM: Shay has the immunity necklace.

It's kind of a little frustrating

because I knew
that we should have taken Shay

when we had the chance.


You OK with everything?

I told Mark that Shay is a deeper
threat and he didn't listen.

I don't think it matters.


Mel then.

In this alliance of six

everyone keeps talking that
this majority is a flat hierarchy.

But there is a pecking order
in every alliance.

And if I was to put one name down

who is more in control
of the alliance right now,

I would say, Josh.

He is the mastermind
behind what's going on,

and he continues to have strategy
chats with everyone in the alliance

but me.

It's going to get a little hectic
around here pretty soon.

What's your gut think about Josh?

Josh has played
the biggest game on Red 2.0.

Now we need to ask ourselves
the question,

where do we sit in that six?

The best defensive move
I've been making

is having him and Jordan looking
like they're running the boys' crew.

Mark's played a distinct game
from mine

and I feel they clash at this point.

The guys have a vision
on how this game is to be played.

They're wanting to stay strong.

To a certain point, before there's
this moment when everyone goes,

"OK, now bloodshed can happen

"and we're all going
to be happy about that."

Someone is going
to pull the trigger first.

And the question is,

am I going to allow Mark
or myself to be blindsided

because we weren't willing
to make a move first?

I'm going to let you in on something.

The biggest threats in the game,
you know, you have your obvious one

like Mark found an idol and he hasn't
actually told our alliance

and fair play, you've got
to protect yourself in this game.

I understand that,

but I've got a slight vibe
about Jordie

that I'm not sure about.

You're just like, "Whoa,
is he deliberately doing this?"

I don't know.
You know, do I trust him?

I think today's plan
will be pretty straightforward.

We're going to stay strong
as the big majority alliance

and pick off a few floaters and
we're going to be in a great spot.

In the tribe at the moment,
it seems to be like a committee.

But the truth is that I'm in control

and I'm dictating
which way we're going to go.


Mel and Michelle are the ones
that can destroy an alliance.

You know, if all of a sudden

the two tops of the alliance
start going at each other

and these floaters in the middle
just cruise through

and then
they're at the top of the game.

And I don't want that to happen.


I trust in the plan we've got.

I've just got to make sure
the numbers are right with everyone.

Let us know.
Have a chat. Have a chat.

And just...and then just
give us a yell or not.

I said, "Alright, girls.
Who do you want to vote out?

"Take the pick," knowing that it was
literally Mel or Michelle.

But empowerment, you know, let people
think that they're got a say.

Who would you want to be six?

I'd be happier with Mel.

Mel, she's a sneaky one.

I think she's very smart

and she's sitting back,
watching everything play out

and watching the numbers very well.



I'm not going
to insult your intelligence.


Yeah, to be honest, it's probably
going to be you and Mel split.


You should never really tell
people that they're going home

because it gives them enough time
to unleash the fury

and battle lines will be drawn
at this point.

What are you doing?

What are you guys doing?

I mean, it's not gonna work.


How do you feel?

My name got thrown out, didn't it?


I don't get why.

There's so many other bigger targets
out there.

I know.
I know.


It's tough. There's a risk.

Josh is definitely the leader
at the moment.

He's making the rules

and making the decisions for people

on who to vote
and who not to vote for.

He also is a really social player.

I can see his hamster wheel
turning in his head

and I can...I can definitely
tell that he's calculative.

I think there needs to be a real
big shake-up in this game.

I think it's time
to play a big move.



Mm-hm. Yeah.

Yeah, but, like,
I think the votes are skewed

because people don't know
who to vote for.


As in they don't know
who to write, you or me.

I don't know how you feel
about this,

but the only move
that I can think to save both of us

is to get the girls in majority

and then we have to vote out Josh.

Tonight, we have the chance
to break that boys alliance.

Because they're going
to split votes between us,

we have enough women at the camp
currently to flip the majority.

But I know that Sammy's not feeling
so great right now in that alliance.

We can use that to our advantage.

And this will be the only chance
we can do it.

I just really need to get this plan
rolling and get the girls on board.

No need to hide from me.
I'm not hiding from you.

Yeah. I already know.

You know?

You know there's bigger threats
than Michelle and I, right?

Like, we're just like, what?

Like, do what this one did.

Scramble till death.
Scramble to the end.

Got to take out a threat.

Like, who would you...?


The boys are super tight.

There is a boys club there.

They want to do something about it,
they need to strike

because the boys
will pick you off one by one.

They're pretty tight.

Could be an all-boy sort of ending.
I know.

Which is really what...
Do you really want that?

If you want to ever make a move
on the guys...

It would be now.

The boys are super tight.

If you want to ever make
a move on the guys...

It'll be now.

Or else they're just going
to pick everyone off one by one.

I also don't want girls
to go into it like...

It's not really...

It's kind of goes against
every fibre of my being

to just allow that to happen
as well.

You know,
I can see this writing on the wall

for the females in this tribe.

By sending Mel home tonight

there will definitely be more men
in the Lava tribe than females.


And, of course, being a female

that's concerning.

The only way to break up the boys is
to actually, like, get the majority

and make a move.

It's a very valid thought
that you're saying.

It's very hard for me right now.

I do see Josh as a threat
to my long game,

to my future success to $500,000.

But the move that they want to make
to get out Josh

will blow up this alliance of six.

And if I was going to make
a blindside tonight,

I need to know
that I have the numbers

to keep going forward with that.

Why don't you just
talk to everyone?

Talk to Chrissy. She's an open book.

Talk to KJ.
KJ will probably love that.


How's it looking, girl?
We're absolutely killing it, Davey.


How are you?
Very good.

Have you talked to the boys
about tonight?

Have I talked to the boys?

No, I have been cooking up a storm,

Well, long story short, they're going
to try and split Michelle and I

and probably me going home.

Aye, yi, yi.

Yeah. What do you think?

The boys are super tight?
Yeah, I know.

I'm very aware of this tightness.

You are? How do you feel about it?

Well, I mean, it's going to be tough

To break from. break.

It's now or never.

This is literally the only time
that it can happen.

Oh, yeah.

It's the easiest one
out of the four.

Yeah, he's a weapon, too.
Yeah, he is.

And he's cruising.

Getting the women together,

this is my Hail Mary plan.

This could definitely
change the tide of the game,

and I'm really hopeful
that I can pull this off.

You've just got to fight

because you never know, you can
change someone's mind out here.

Oh, my God.

I need to think about it.
I'm not saying yes or no.

I'm the same.

I know.
I need to think.

It was public knowledge
that my sister and I

were going to be the split vote
for the boys.

Who's going to write my name?

Just try and hold your nerve.

I know it's hard.

I think I've done nothing wrong.

It's not about wrong or
right or anything like that.

It's just this game.

It's going to get messy,
like, it's getting real messy.

There's going to be... We're going
to all be under fire soon.


The plan that Mel wants to do
to take out a big player

like Josh,

I think it's a good game plan.

The only thing I'm concerned about

is I always like to keep myself
in the middle.

And if it doesn't work, I hope
it doesn't come back to haunt me

because the person that's staying

will have to fight
against the boys club.

So hopefully
she can actually pull this off.

Because it's your sister
I can... I understand.

Like, I know it's hard.
I just hate it.

This game's, like,
I'd almost rather play alone

versus like normal,
like a normal Survivor.

Like, when you've got your family
involved, it's just another beast.

Whatever happens tonight
is going to be big.

Will the majority just listen to Josh
and be a pawn in his chess game?

Or will they girls fight back
and blindside him?

Tonight, I'm coming to my decision
with the thought of timing.

When is the right time
to make a move?

Because you pull the trigger
too quickly,

and if you don't have
all the bullets ready to go,

that can very quickly make you
a target in people's minds.

JONATHAN: Keep up to date
with the game, with the 10play app

like never before.

Now, bring in the first member
of our jury.




Looking good, mate.

What a glow up.

Full snap, bro.

So, Josh,
a majority came together last night

to vote out very handsome Khanh.

Is it fair to say
that there's a majority

that's formed in this tribe?

Yeah. I think there's
no point in trying to hide it.

There is a solid majority

that have been working together
from the start.

We started in Water, then we picked
up a few new members in Blood 2.0,

and now we've picked up
another few after the merge.

So I think, you know,
we all know where we sit.

And we were able to show that
last night with the vote.

So, Dave, who do you think
is calling the shots in this tribe?

From what I've seen, it's a bit
of a decision by committee,

to be honest.

And there's no-one actually bossing.

There's everyone throwing an idea
around and it's strategic

and hopefully it's effective.

But, Mark, you're used to operating
in group situations.

Is it really possible for a group
this size to operate by committee?

People are afraid
to stick their hand up

to say this is what we're doing
because it makes you a target.

Everyone will jump on a name

so it diffuses responsibility
through the group,

and that's what it is at the moment.

So, Michelle, the majority
got together last tribal

and got rid of a major threat.

Is that going to be the case
again tonight?

It's public knowledge.

I mean,
we were all told this afternoon

that there will be a split vote
between my sister and I tonight.

Whether or not we're a major threats
in this game, I don't believe so.

I don't know whether that
strategically would be my move.

I don't think it's the right move.

I think there's major threats
in this game right now.

I really believe
that when you hit merge,

you need to build that resume.

You don't have time.

So you think now is as good a time
as any to make a move?

Yeah, I think it's the greatest
time to make a move

because you just never know
when your last day is.

So, you don't think
you're a big threat in this game?

I never saw myself as a big threat.

Josh, what do you think makes Mel
and Michelle a threat in this game?

Mel and Michelle
are incredibly smart women

that are big fans of Survivor.

They know how the game is played.

But Sandra said it to us that,
you know,

she goes, she turned around
and pointed at me and Mark,

and she goes, "You and you,
you're all going to get picked off."

The only way that happens
is if we break our trust

and break our group
and then the floaters in the middle,

like Michelle and Mel, just start
going bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

and pick us all off.

So, Mel, what do you think
about the label

that you are floaters in the middle?

I don't think that we are floaters.

I think that everyone's
playing their own individual game.


..if it's not you tonight,
who should it be?

Josh is a serious threat, guys.

Like, he's got a strategic mind.

Well, Josh, she just threw
you under the bus just like that.


I understand
she's trying to scramble,

but we all said it before,
there's no leader here.

We're all a group consensus, so...

So, Mel, you were shaking your head
when Josh was speaking.

Someone needs to catch him
because he's going to win it all.


He knows the game as much as I do.

He analyses like when to do a split
vote, when not to do a split vote.

Will an idol be played.

I've heard all these conversations

He's a really social player.

He's got great relationships
with mostly everyone here.

Sam, Mel, just straight up, said,

"Josh is a way bigger threat
than me."

I've only spent three days
with Josh,

so I haven't had the opportunity
like Mel

that's been able to observe Josh
from day one.

So, the fact that she's had
a longer relationship with Josh

and she's saying this,
does this give you pause?

You know, we all listen

to everything that people
have to share here.

And then you have to go back
to your perspective and your game

and go, "What information
is important for me?"

So, you know, I take it on board.

So, Mel, is there anything
you want to say to the tribe

before we got the vote?

The boys are tight.

I just hope everyone just, like,
don't be just a number.

You've got to make moves.

You've got to get yourself
off the bottom.

And not just be a number that
someone can pick you off one by one.

So, Josh, you received
a lot of attention tonight.

What's the big picture?

I think we're getting
to the pointy end of the game

and so everyone's
looking at everything you do and...

If you're a boys club,
like everyone's calling us,

we don't have a choice
but to stick together.

We can't let people pick us off
in the middle,

so they are the biggest threats
to us.

It's about winning Survivor.

Like, I'm an honest guy,

and I pretty much
say what I'm going to do,

and I've done nothing but prove
that to my alliance.

Everyone here has seen how I play.

So I trust that we're going
to stay strong and do what we said.

Well, I think it is time to vote.

I think it is time to vote.

Josh, you're up.

Good scrap there, Melly.

But if you'd pulled those
claws out a bit earlier,

maybe we would have kept you
in the alliance.

Sorry about this.

They need to know
that you're a threat.

Hopefully today
will be a new day for you.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote.




One vote, Mel, one vote, Josh.

One vote, Jordie.


Two votes, Mel, one vote, Josh,
one vote, Jordie.



We're tied. Two votes, Mel, two
votes, Michelle, one vote, Josh.

One vote, Jordie.


Mel. That's for votes, Mel.
Two votes, Michelle.

One vote, Josh, one vote Jordie.


Michelle. We're tied again.

Four votes Mel, four votes Michelle,

one vote, Josh, one vote, Jordie.


Five votes, Mel, four votes,
Michelle, one vote, Josh,

one vote, Jordie

One vote left.

12th person voted out
of Blood V Water...


Bring me your torch.

Well played.

I'll look after your sister.

Thank you.

Mel, the tribe has spoken.

ALL: See you, Mel.

Well, every committee has a head.

Better make sure you chop it off
before it sets its sights on you.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

I really think that we need
to chop the head off the snake.

..two of the strongest power couples
go head-to-head.

We're in a Mexican stand-off
right now,

and the first pair that pulls
the trigger

will have the power in this game.

And will the ultimate betrayal...

Jesse is going to pay the price
for his brother's misbehaviour.

..leave Sam blindsided.

This is a yucky situation for me.


This is now where it gets serious.

I don't want to cut off the head
of my best friend in the game.

Mark and I, I feel us separating.

It's been four tribal councils
that my name has been brought up,

and it's not fun,
but I gave it a good fight.

Mel, I love that you fought tonight.

I just love this game so much that...

And I hate
that my sister has beat me. (LAUGHS)

I've only had three, I think,
three days with my sister

because we only played at merge.

But if she is a dark horse
in the game,

then for her to come with me to play
my favourite game in the world

is'll bond us forever.