Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 13 - Episode #7.13 - full transcript

Another testing Immunity Challenge, with the last two standing being the most unexpected. With secrets exposed and alliances rocked, the vote at Tribal Council is a total surprise for one Castaway.

Khanh, will you give me the idol
if I drop?

Yeah, I'll give you the necklace.

Sam and Khanh cut a deal
and Sam decides to drop out.


Khanh won it for Blue.

BEN: You're looking solid, Shay.

While powerhouse Shay...

Oh, (BLEEP).

..proved she was the one to beat.

At the Red tribe,

the boys' club
were calling all the shots.

The plan is vote for Mel.

Should be simple, really.

At the Blue tribe...

KHANH: Giving my necklace to Sam,
it strengthens our bond.

I still have my own idol.

Sam and Jesse's close alliance

put them in the position of power.

Sam and I have been dominating
this game so far.

We're gonna pull off
another big blindside.

At an epic double Tribal...




..after being voted out
of their tribe...

First to make a fire high enough
to burn through the rope

wins their spot back in the game.

..Ben and Mel went head to head
in a fire-making challenge.

Look for smaller sticks, Melissa!

But it was Ben's game
that went up in smoke.


Ben will be the 10th person voted out
of Blood v Water.

(SNIFFS) I'm sure I'll be out next.
I'm so proud of you.

I'm so proud of you.


Four pairs of loved ones.

Five individuals.

Two idols in play.

You don't bring a knife
to a gunfight. You bring a tank.

This thing is my tank.

As the game intensifies,

who will be going home tonight?


-== [ ] ==-

JORDIE: I've never slept in
for this long in my life.

MARK: What time do you get up
when you landscape?

Uh, 5:00 at the latest, generally.

MARK: Oh, yeah?

It's day 26
and, you know, I'm feeling good.

I feel happy. I'm enjoying myself.

Well...well, you think about it -
we've nearly been here a month.

A month of sleeping on the ground.

Who would've bloody thought,
you know?

SHAY: Well, not my grandpa.

But do you know what, it's probably
been the best month of my life.

It's been the hardest month,
but it's been the best.

JORDAN: The food and sleep

The food and sleep's
the hardest part.

The last 26 days have been tough.

It's much harder than you think,
you know?

Like, you sit back on your couch,
on your comfy couch,

you go, "Oh, I could do that."

And then you get out here,

and within the first 24 hours,
you're starving, you're thirsty,

you've got heat exhaustion, and you
hate everyone that's around you.

You know?
Like, it''s hard work.

You have to remember...
Like, it's so hard.

But we have to remember
to be so grateful to be here.

Just go and look at the flag.

And you're, like...yeah, you're,
like, "Oh, I'm a bit tired."

Unfurl your buff and look at it
and you're like, "Ooh, Survivor."

Yeah, it's crazy.

And this has been a dream, you know?
And now we're in it, yeah.

Challenges are fun.

That's, like, the highlight.

JORDIE: We're so lucky to be here.

All you can do is
make the most of it,

because anything can change
at any moment.

This Blood v Water theme
just complicates everything.

When your loved one goes home,
your whole game changes.

Last night, Shay's partner, Ben,
got voted out.

Benny - what's he eating now?

SHAY: Yeah, I reckon,
like, a big brekkie

that has probably,
like, sausages and eggs.

JORDIE: I'm so excited to see Jesse.

I can't wait for me and my brother
to start playing together.

The aim is to get us both
to get to the end.

Like at the end of 'Hunger Games'
with the berries in our hand -

the poisoned berries in our hand -

and we're both gonna have
a poisoned berry

and then we're both
gonna be crowned the winner.





Come on in.


KHANH: Oh, my God. What is this?



How do you feel,
having survived last night?

That was an out-of-body experience

making the fire
in front of everyone.'s a new day.

Well, Chrissy,
you might've lost Ben last night,

but did you gain any good insight
into the inner workings of Red?

Um, I've learnt to read eyes
and lip-read a lot better.

So the 5-second conversations
that I've been having,

yeah, I'm excited to get to merge.


(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC)'s the perfect time... drop your buffs.


We are merging.

No way, no way!





MEL: We made it!

I can't believe I made it to merge.

I'm so excited

to finally play this game
with my twin, Michelle.

We have been on separate tribes
since the beginning.

And it's only taken us 26 days

to finally play the game together.


I'm really glad to be back
with Sammy.

My strategy has been to stay
separate until the merge,

because now we're able to bring
two alliances together.

And also, I have
a little wedding gift for her

and that is my idol.

My mission is me or Sammy
to win this game.

We help each other
and we'll go to the end.

MAN: Oh, I dropped my bottle.
You two lucky ducks!

I've made it to merge
without my partner, Ben.

Last night, he was chopped.
I'm pretty bummed.

Oh, my God, baby!

Your hair looks great, by the way.

But Ben being gone is
almost double motivation

to be the Sole Survivor.

It's up to me to take it on
for the both of us.

I'm gonna give it my all -
like, everything I've got -

to win this game.

Well, you now have a 1-in-13 shot
at winning this game.


For the four couples
finally reunited,

do you stay with your loved one...

..or stick with your alliance?

And for the five singles,

does this make you an easy target
or free to play your own game?

Well, one thing's for certain...'s gonna be interesting to see
how this Blood v Water merge

plays out.

So, Jordie, after 26 days
of going up against each other,

how does it feel
to finally get to reunite

with your little brother?

Mate, you got no idea. (LAUGHS)

This is amazing. It's so good.

You know, like, just being here
is special enough,

but now we get to play
with each other.

Or against each other. We'll see.

Sam, how do you feel about finally
being on the same tribe as Mark?

I know! Is he gonna stay with me
or leave me? It's hard to know.

Um, I'm elated.

This...I mean,
it's gotta be on the bucket list,

checklist, number one,
for every Survivor player

to make it to this point.

And it's a pretty great
group of people

that I feel like I'm surrounded by,

so it's gonna be exciting!

Mark, she's just not gonna let you
forget about that bad decision.

I'm still in the doghouse,
but that's alright.


Alright, are you ready to get to your
first individual Reward Challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge...

..pull on a rope
balancing a wobbly table

and race out to collect blocks
one at a time,

stacking them into a pyramid.

If at any point your blocks fall,
you'll need to start again.

The first person who gets it right

wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?

Come on.

Cash reward of $5,000...
WOMEN: What?

..every month for 12 months

for a total of $60,000...


..thanks to Set for Life.



Is that worth playing for?

Hell, yeah.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.


Alright, here we go.

For a very big reward...



Survivors, ready?


Everyone racing out
with that first block.

First one is the easy one.

It's gonna give you a chance
to see how this thing works.


Jesse drops. He needs to go back.

Every time you lose your stack,
it's gonna cost you precious time.

Need to figure out
how fast you can go

without losing your stack.

Trying to find that sweet spot...

..between brazen and reckless.

Mark taking the early lead,
coming back with his second block.

Everyone else...on their first.

Mark places his second.
He's going back for his third.

Wasting no time.


Jesse drops.

He needs to go back.

Would love to get his hands
on that money.

Settle, bloke. Just settle, mate.

Take it easy.

Bigger brother
trying to give him some advice.

Jonathan, this is
three times more than

either me or Jesse earned last year.


That's why Jesse's nervous
about this one.


First challenge after merge.

Everyone trying to figure out
exactly where they fit

within this much bigger tribe.

Mark placing his third block.

Quickly figured this one out.

Shay on his tail,

coming in with her third block.

Josh, Chrissy, Sam, Mel, KJ and Khanh

placing their third block.


Meanwhile, Mark still has the lead
with four blocks.

Bloody hell. You guys are fast.


Shay placing her fourth.

Chrissy's in it.

Pulls that fourth block
out of her top.


Jordan placing his fourth.

Khanh has four blocks now.

As does Mel.

Mark coming in with his fifth.

Shay on his tail, working quickly.



..places her fifth.


Chrissy dumps two.

What's she gonna do?



Dumps everything.
She needs to go all the way back.

JORDIE: Settle, babe.
Start again.

(WHINES) Now they're all mixed up!


It's Khanh and Shay
placing their sixth block.

Now Mark is chasing them down.

Coming in with his sixth.

And Mark dumps everything.

He needs to start again.

That's how quickly things can change
in this challenge.


Khanh in the lead now.
He has seven blocks.

Khanh schooling everyone
in this challenge.

He has not dropped once.

Shay slowly trying
to chase him down now.

Mark trying to rebuild.

And Shay loses her stack.

That is a disaster.


Khanh coming in
with his eighth block.

How the hell
do you carry these back?

Khanh working slowly now.

This gives everyone else
an opportunity to catch up.


Can they do it?

Khan coming back

with his final block.

Nine blocks in total.

Khanh's in the lead.

Jordan right behind him.

Jordan hoping that Khanh
makes a mistake.


Shay is quickly rebuilding.

She's trying to chase him down.


Khanh placing his final block.

He just needs to get all the way back

without knocking it over.

He is super focused.

Everyone else

hoping that disaster strikes
for Khanh.


He is sweating.

It's looking wobbly.

Can he hold it together?


Jordan and Shay
trying to chase him down.

They each have two blocks left.


And that's it!
Khanh gets across the line.

And Khanh wins reward!



Khanh, congratulations.

The huge, life-enhancing reward
is yours...

Thank you.
..thanks to Set for Life.

Well done, mate. Great job.

Alright, everyone,
Blue camp's gonna be your new home,

where you will find a very nice feast

worthy of a merge.


Oh, yes!

Head on out. Enjoy!

Yes! Whoo!




Oh, my God, I don't think this day
could get any better.

It's merge, I've just won
an individual challenge

and I also won $60,000 - awesome!

The game really does step up now
at merge.

It's an individual game now.

I'm fired up.

But I'm here. My idol's still here.

And hopefully that gets me
all the way to the end.

I can't believe I've made merge.
Like, this is massive!

And my brother's still in the game.

That looks awesome!

Not only that, we have such a feast!

Oh, my God.

KHANH: We have napkins!

And glasses.

Honestly, paradise.

To merge!
ALL: To merge!


It's an amazing feeling. We've
brought the two tribes together.

Right now, there are 13 people left.

We've got four pairs left.

Mark and Sammy.

And... Yes.

JORDIE: Jordan and Josh.

Mel and Michelle.

And me and my brother Jesse.

And we've got five singles.


Khanh, Shay,

Dave and KJ.

SHAY: Yes.
KJ: It's good. Yep.

Hey, Khanh, congrats today, mate.

That's awesome.
Thank you.

That is so sick.

I won today's challenge!
I can't believe it!



That's unbelievable, man.

How are you not crying right now?

It's the second individual challenge
that I've won in a row,

which kind of makes me
a challenge beast.

We made merge. I can't believe it.

SHAY: Lots of the emotions have
lifted, like you have to keep going.

You actually feel more comfortable.

And, like... Yeah.
I'm not scared anymore.

I was scared
coming to merge with Ben.


And now I'm like...hmm. I feel like
now it's time for our own game.


I definitely think it's an advantage

not having my loved one with me
at merge.

I definitely wanted my sister here.
I would have loved that.

But at the same time,
I can play an individual game,

which means I don't have to worry
about anything anyone else is doing.

I'm really happy to be playing
with certain people.

I get along with Sam
really, really well.

The immunity necklace that I gave
to Sam did bring us closer together.

So, I'm at a good place
coming into merge.

Anyone want salt?
Oh, yeah.

Nothing bonds you
like food bonds you.

Thanks, Khanh.

If you shut your eyes
and reopened them,

you would imagine
you're in paradise.

But you're not, you're in Survivor,

and most of the people at the table
don't want you to be here.

KHANH: Yeah. Yeah, that's smart.

It's a massive advantage that me
and Jesse have made merge together.

Blood is thicker than water.







Yeah, and I think...


As brothers,
we've got this unbreakable bond

that's gonna take us to the end.

JOSH: I'm home.
You're home too!

Oh, it feels like home!
It feels like home, guys.

Like we went on holidays,
now we're back.

I feel really lucky to
have made it to merge.

I'm finally reunited with
my twin sister, Michelle,

so I'm feeling pretty happy.

I need to wash my shoes.
MICHELLE: You wanna wash mine?

Oh, no, mine's broken.
KJ: You two are gonna make me laugh.

'Cause I'm just gonna go, "Ohh!"

Maybe we'll swap clothes one day.

Do you wanna try this?

Michelle and I
are twins.

We're identical twins, but we're
also classified as a mirror twin.

A mirror twin is when the egg
splits in half right at halfway.

And if it didn't split at that time,
we would be Siamese twins.

(LAUGHS) Which would be awful.

A mirror twin has


So I'm left-handed.

I'm right-handed.

I have a fang
on my left side.

I have a vampire tooth on my right.

Being an identical twin

is probably the biggest advantage
to the game that we can bring.

Now that we're at merge,

I'm so excited to play this game
with Michelle

because we can share information.

Shay is a huge threat because
she is such a challenge beast.

Michelle and I can work together
and vote a big player out.


I never thought we'd be here either.

Oh, my gosh,
Harry's gonna be so amazed.

Mmm! Ohh.

You're doing good.

You're doing good, Sammy.

I'm obviously very excited that
I'm finally playing with my husband.

Mark and I met
on season 2 of Survivor.

We have a beautiful boy, Harry,
who's three and a half.

Spending time away from Harry is...

It's a really big deal.


Yeah. Sorry.

The both of us left him
to play this game.

Which kind of counts
for how much this game means to us.

And how much it means for us
to rewrite our history.

I wanna know, like,
from, like vote one...

I went to Tribal Council
seven times!

Yeah. You've been a lot.

Does Khanh have one idol or two?

Well, I know he definitely has one.

But he has been looking quite a bit.

I've looked quite a bit around here.

We need clues.

You can look, but you need clues.
It's so hard!

You need a clue.

I've been breaking areas up
into quadrants.

You can do it, but, like, if you get
a clue, you're gonna get a clue.

Did you catch any votes?

Not yet.

Soon, though.
Soon. We all will.

It definitely changes things
now that Mark's around.

People will see us
as a power couple.

And I'm wary of
that power couple title

considering that's what got us
booted out the first time round.

Come on, darling.

Despite the fact that
it's a whole new game right now,

I still have
some entrenched relationships

that I hope will carry me through
to the next phase.

Khanh and I are so, so tight.

And also Jesse and I
shared a lot of information.

And so hopefully that now extends
to Jordie as well.



We've got to look after each other
'cause of that.

There'll probably be a target
on our backs.

Yes, correct.
We need to be careful about that.

He can use his idol.

Whose idol?

Did you say someone has an idol?


I had no idea.
Didn't you?


Didn't he? Why not?

I had no idea.
Why didn't he tell you?

I don't know.

Didn't he?

He's gonna kill me for that.

And who knows?
Only me.


I had no idea.

It's good to know
that husbands and wives

are very close
with their information.

Shit. He's gonna kill me.
Nah. Nah. I won't say anything.


My head's going at overtime.

I can't believe he didn't tell you
about the idol.

I had no idea.

I'm feeling frustrated.

I'm playing this game finally
with my husband

and he didn't share information
that could be useful to me.

I can't believe he didn't tell you
about the idol.

I had no idea.

Jordie lets slip
that Mark's got an idol.

I can't believe that Mark

hasn't told me that he has

one of the most powerful tools
in this game.


What's that?

Do I?



It's like...


I was going to tell Sam
about my idol,

but Jordie beat me to it.

This does complicate things
with Sammy.

But, ultimately, my idol is hugely
advantageous for Sam and I...

..if I can keep it a secret.

So, do you...
Yes, I have an idol.


You don't want to tell everyone now

'cause the more people know,
the more chance there is of leaking.

Because you just want...

Like, when you mention it in public,
someone could overhear it.

I haven't said anything
about an idol.

Jordie just told me
and mum's the word, obviously.

Well, he screwed up.
It was our little secret.

He just thought I knew.
No. No.

Most people would think
that you'd tell your partner.

'Cause he's, like, told
every single thing to Jesse,

so he just would have presumed
we'd do the same thing.

No. I

I had to tell him 'cause he saw me.
We're in a game.

I told him,
"I'm not telling Sam yet."

He's at least gonna know
that you're loyal.



(CHUCKLES) OK. Alright. Cool.

Are you proud of me?

Well, you didn't give me a moment
to, like... Congratulations.

Thank you. (LAUGHS)

That's what I was expecting to see.

I wanted to keep this
a secret from everyone

'cause it makes us
likely blindside targets.

Last time we played Survivor,

Sam and I were seen
as a power couple.

So, we were easy targets.

Mark, the tribe has spoken.

This time,
I'm a far more savvy player

and I want to get Sam and I
to the end.

CHRISSY: Name for the tribe?


JORDAN: Yeah. Bush chicken.
Yeah. Let's call it bin chicken.

KJ: Bin chicken?

I hear it's pretty good if you
make merge, so I'm quite happy.

My loved one's gone,
but I'm still kickin'. (LAUGHS)

I just keep flying by the seam of
my pants and somehow I'm still here.


Lava. It's not bad.

KJ: I like lava.


Lava rocks.

And lava looks like blood
but runs like water.

Oooh! Shay!

Oh, that was deep. That was good.
That was really deep.

We're done. Lock it in.

Everyone happy?
Lock it in.

The Lava tribe!
Yeah, Sammy. Yeah.

Hands in.
Hands on Sam.

Hands on Sam!

Hands on Sam!

KHANH: 'Lava' on three.

One, two, three...
ALL: Lava!


There you go.

Now we're at merge
and I've got some backbone,

got a bit of knowledge,
got a bit of experience, it is on.

If I'm gonna sit out here with
hairy legs and a bloody moustache...

(LAUGHS)'s gotta be worth it.

This game's brutal, mate.

JOSH: Yeah.

MARK: Merge is very hard
to navigate,

but I have a really tight five.

We're bound together by blood.

We have the two couples -
Jordan, Josh, Jordie, Jesse, and me.

We're a force to be reckoned with.

I now feel good about this group.

Oh, my God, it's insane.

The unbreakable crew.

Says a lot about our group of people.

Well, mate, you don't normally get

these many dudes
through to the merge.

Bit of a sausage fest.

That's why...

We've got the numbers
where we need it.

So I think it's just about
being patient,

not doing anything until we need to.

MARK: So with us five,
plus my wife Sam,

the new alliance is gonna be us six
moving forward.

But also I know Sam
is tight with Khanh.

It's me?
What's that?

Yeah. Alright.




MARK: I know Khanh is a target
'cause he's good at challenges.

And he still has his idol.

So I'm starting to wonder if
Khanh is way too much of a threat.

'Khanh' means 'king' in Arabic.

So if I end up killing the king,
that will be one threat down

and that gets me and Sam
one step further in the game.


Come on in!


So, Shay, do we have a name for
this very big new tribe?

(CHUCKLES) Yeah. Lava.

Looks like blood, runs like water.

Although it kind of flows
like blood and water.

Perfect. I love it.

So, Khanh, now that we've hit merge,

is it getting hot in the kitchen?

Getting super hot in the kitchen!
We're having a lot of fun right now.

It's kinda scary, though, 'cause
it's like starting all over again.

Speaking of which,

are you ready to get to your
first individual Immunity Challenge?


First things first.

Thank you.

These are no more.

From now on...

..this is what you covet.


Individual immunity.

With this around your neck,
you are safe.

You cannot be voted out
at Tribal Council.

Without it, you're vulnerable.

Alright, for today's challenge...

You're gonna stand, holding up a bar

that's tethered to a bucket
over your head.

As time goes on, your arms will tire.

If you drop your bar,
the bucket will tip,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins immunity.

Safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 11th person
voted out of this game.

Alright, we're gonna draw for spots

and gonna get to it.


Everyone take your positions.

Grab the bar.

Lift it all the way up
to release the mechanism.

Now bring it down into
the playing position.

My God, this hurts so much.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

Not much room for error in this one.

Can't move that bar too much.

If you drop it below a certain level,

gonna trigger that mechanism.

Bucket's gonna tip.

You're out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

There's nowhere to hide
in this challenge.

First Tribal Council after merge...

..tends to be a tricky one.

It's the first time
everyone's come together.

You don't really know
where everyone stands,

who you can trust.


It'd be so nice...

..turning up to Tribal Council

with the security of that necklace.

To make it fair, everyone's holding
35% of their body weight.

It's actually maybe
an advantage for some.

If you have a high
power-to-weight ratio,

you might have the edge today.

Like Shay. There's lots of muscle,
doesn't weigh much.

Shay, the weapon.

Locked and loaded.

It's hot. It takes a lot of effort
to hold that bar in that position.

Chrissy struggling.

Some movement from Mark.

Michelle getting precariously low.

Who was that?

And out of nowhere, Chrissy drops.

She's out of the challenge.

Michelle drops right after Chrissy.
She's out of the challenge.

Doesn't take much
to trip the mechanism.


Khanh shaking now.

Yeah, it's hard.

JORDIE: Feel the burn!

I'm going.
Are ya?

I think I am.


Oh, it pulled me pants down!

Jordie drops. Khanh drops.

And out of nowhere, Mark drops.
He's out.

Wow. Did not expect that.

10 minutes in.
Now we're down to eight.

Josh, Jesse,

David, Jordan,

Sam, Mel, KJ, and Shay.

Someone is going home tonight.

If you're worried about your safety
in this game,

you're gonna wanna dig deep.

This is the first endurance challenge
as individuals.

First time you get to scope out
your competition

to see who has what it takes.

Mel drops.

Josh drops. He's out.

15 minutes in.

Shay, like a statue.

Looking down the line.

Wondering how many more
she needs to pick off.

Sam digging in.

Jordan shaking now.

David juiced on this one.

Jesse, eyes closed, in the zone.

It's all mental now.

One lapse in concentration
and you'll lose it.

KJ still looking great.

I'm gonna keep going
until I can't anymore.

KJ's shaking, but...

I think I've been shaking
the whole time.

Shaking the whole time, but you've
maintained a very solid position.


I wanna show my kids at home
I don't quit.

KJ really digging deep.


Has something to prove to her kids.

Do my biceps look huge?

They look huge.

Jacked. (GASPS)

And out of nowhere,

surprise, surprise,

Shay drops.

Shay out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity tonight.


Wow. What happened?

You lost focus.

Yep. Yep.

And after almost 25 minutes,

Jordan drops.

And we're down to four.




And KJ.

Who do they want?

35 minutes in.


And just like that,
one after the other,

Sam drops,

Dave drops.

Now we have a showdown

between Jesse and KJ.

Who can push through?

Who can last the longest?

It's just pure pain
in those biceps now.


You two have been at this
for 50 minutes now.


KJ starting to struggle now.


Moving around a lot.

Trying to find some kind of relief.

This has all come down to will power.

KJ fighting for her little kids.

Jesse fighting for his little biceps.

JORDIE: Come up a bit, Jesse.

Good job.

Amazing effort from both of them.

KJ's creeping down.

KJ drifting lower.

Pain on KJ's face.

And just like that,

KJ drops.

Jesse wins first individual immunity.

Well done, babe.



Jesse was talking
a big game out there,

but I think you almost had him.

He did so well.

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of the kid.

How old are your kids?

Uh, six, three and just turned one.

And do you think
they're gonna be impressed?

Yes, definitely.

I hope so, yeah.

I'm impressed! (LAUGHS)

Great effort today.
Thank you.


Jesse, come on over.



First individual immunity is yours.

You are safe. Cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody's gonna become
the 11th person

voted out of Blood v Water.

It will not be you. Well done.

Well done, mate.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

SHAY: I actually bowed out
by accident.

I had a lapse in concentration

and then I was out.

I think that I very much
could have a chance

of being on the chopping block

because it's now no longer about
tribe strength,

it's about individuals,
and people see me as a threat.

Tonight is the first Tribal Council
post merge.

13 people. This could be massive.


Well done, Jesse.

Well done, big fella!
Well done, Jesse!

I've just taken out the first
individual Immunity Challenge.

I feel completely calm and confident.

I've got this around my neck

and it feels really good

to be heading into Tribal tonight

and know that there's
absolutely no way

that I'm heading home tonight.


Right now, we're in a difficult
period of this game.

The two tribes are now together

and in Blood v Water, that adds
a whole 'nother dynamic.

I guess it's just interesting for us.

Like, you know, we were Blue tribe.

Now all of a sudden, you know,

like, there's different dynamics.

It's just a different...

It's a different vibe.
..different vibe.

We all have loved ones here.

Mainly, I'm glad I am safe tonight.

Yeah, I think it's a good one...

It's a good one.
The first one's always good.

MARK: My plan is to knock out Khanh.

Because he's the king.

Khanh's dangerous because everyone
falls under his little spell.

He's dangerous, he's clever,
he's cunning.

And he's probably
the most lethal player out here.

So I want him gone.

It's gonna be very hard to get Khanh.

He still has his idol.

So we need everyone working together
to blindside him.


And then...

Yeah, we...

If Khanh plays his idol tonight,

Mel's a split vote.

Getting rid of Mel
splits up the twins,

so it's not a bad thing if she goes.


We've come up with a final plan.

And it's gonna be great, 'cause
we've got the numbers to do it.

Sam will play along.

And we're gonna knock Khanh
out of the game

with his idol in his pocket.


My plan is to get rid of Shay.

Coming into merge, Jesse is
my number one alliance.

We have played together solidly
since day 2.

Just need to make sure that this one
goes to plan.

You just would wanna kinda...


Shay is a threat.

I could see her doing
a challenge beast streak

across the board.

So I would like to eliminate
that threat as soon as possible.

We do need these people out.
It's about numbers in this game.

We need them out
and then we really start to play.

Along with Mark and other people,

I'm confident that I have the numbers
to make this happen.

I think we've got KJ, I think.

Jesse and I are also
close with Khanh.

I have worked with Khanh since
I have swapped onto Blue tribe

and there has been proven loyalty.

He's given me his immunity necklace

and I know that he's a trustworthy
person for me to work with.

What are we telling other people?


To confirm - I'm putting Shay?


The plan tonight
is to vote out Shay.

I'm just gonna have all the
conversations that I need to

and make sure Shay's on the chopping
block and that it's not on me.


Well, I'm a bit of a free agent
at the moment,

because I just went into merge

"Clean slate, free agent."

And what are you gonna do?

I think that it should be Shay.


Are you OK with that?

I'm OK with that. She's probably
my biggest competition physically.

Shay. So that's our vote.

Making merge as a solo player
is pretty liberating.

And I know who I can trust here.

The relationship that
I've formed with Sam

has been one that I really cherish.

I really trust her.

Also Mel and Mich.

The plan is Shay.


Because she's too good in challenges.



Yeah, I think...

I don't 100% know what's happening
right now,

because I haven't had a chance
to talk to Mark.

I've heard Shay.

But I don't know what's happening.

My vote tonight and the direction
I wanna go is to get rid of Shay.

I just need to have a conversation
one-on-one with Mark,

then confirm that he's
on the same page.

What do you propose?

Both go for Shay.

He has been nothing but loyal to me
in a massive...

Just...just talk about it.

He's been nothing but
incredibly loyal.

I thought Shay was
a better move today.

Hold your nerve.

I know. Well, I just
wanna talk about it.

We have a majority, I told you that,
with five guys.

Why on earth would you
stay with Khanh?

Why would you do it?

Just because he's been loyal.

Well, I've got five guys
that have been loyal.

But Khanh's never tried to get me.

Sam, he will get you eventually.

What are you proposing?
Because I don't know what you're...

The only thing I'm saying is

that I don't know why

people aren't considering
Shay tonight.

Because Khanh's a bigger threat.

That's why. You know that.

He's a much bigger threat -
if you stand next to him at the end,

do you honestly think
you're gonna win?

You're dealing with
a really dangerous player.

See, danger is in different ways.

He's a dangerous player,

but that dangerous player
wants to work with us.

Don't try and burn relationships
that I spent ages building.

Don't get angry at me just 'cause
I'm having a conversation.

I'm not angry.
Well, you're being...

If you try and make
forced moves now...

I'm just talking. I'm trying
to have a conversation.

I know. I'm having a conversation.

You just think
I'm getting angry at you.

Because you are.

Oh, I feel like I'm having
a little mind explosion.

I'm playing this game finally
with my husband,

but Mark and I are not
on the same page.

You know, it was our...


You know, the whole goal
was to get together and play.


You know, when you think that
all you want is

to get to merge together,
and then, you know... you're here and you're, like,
"Is this what I really wanted?"

Like, is this what it's about?


But I don't know why you...

..people aren't considering
Shay tonight.

Because Khanh's a bigger threat.

Mark and I

are not on the same page.

Mark wants Khanh,

but I've worked with Khanh

and he's been nothing
but loyal to me.

You guys are five guys, you know,

you've come in,

you think that you run the show
over at Red, and...

We did. (CHUCKLES)
Yeah, you did.

And I've run the show over here,
and so...

But our show
is bigger than your show.

Our show's bigger than your show.

Get ready to get some really
great feedback later on.


I don't love just being told
exactly what to do.

I'm not telling you what to do.

Put your vote wherever you want.
What's this about?


Goddamnit, I'm in trouble again.
No, you're not in trouble.

I am.
The conversation was not trouble.

Wait, do I actually need
to leave this convo?

Like, are you having a domestic?
No, we're not.

We're just re-re-readjusting
to each other.

This sounds like a domestic.
It's not.

Let's talk this through. Shall we
do, like, a counselling sesh?

How do you feel, Sam?

I feel like I'm being silenced.

(LAUGHS) I feel like...
You're not being silenced.

Ever. You've got your own vote.
Do whatever you want.


I'm merely encouraging Sam
to be independent and... (LAUGHS)

But... And you think
that's silencing you how?

Let's go back to the...

Mark is laser-focused on Khanh

and maybe that is taking away
his awareness of other threats.


Mark's got his lens on,
I've got my lens,

and right now they're just clashing.

I'm really split,
my head and my heart are torn.

I need to spend time with some of the
other people I'm playing with here.

SAM: So, what are we doing tonight?

So, we're still sticking with...


Not only is she physically
the strongest...

I think it's gonna be hard
to convince anyone

not to go for Khanh today,
that's all.

I don't just like being told what
to do by a group of five big guys

and feel like I'm now just a pawn

in the vision of how they want to
get to the finishing line.

It doesn't actually sit great
with me.


I think it would be crazy
handing over,

like, the total
decision-making power.

We'll see how it goes.

Sammy is really stressed about
what's gonna happen tonight.

And I was just like,
"Sammy, it's OK. Settle."

It's the first vote.

We're all new to each other.
Everyone's a little bit nervous.

Merge is a really big point
in the game.

Loved ones are being reunited

and all the singles in this game
could work together.

So there's a lot happening
right now.



Have heaps of fun, man.


MAN: to each other before,
like the independence thing...

Yeah, yeah.

I'm really torn
by this vote tonight.

Sammy wants to put her vote on Shay,

but my brother Jordie
wants to get Khanh out.


MARK: At tonight's Tribal Council,

there's gonna be
a lot of broken hearts.

Hopefully Khanh goes home

and I end up killing the king.

If Khanh plays his idol,

Mel is a split vote.

Sam's not onboard with me yet.

She's still tied to
her old alliance.

So I'm in the doghouse.

The first vote after merge
is always very tense.

Mark wants Khanh, but I think
that Shay is a deeper threat.

It's hard in the real world

when you're not on the same page
with your partner.

Out here it's exaggerated
by a factor of a hundred.

I have a really important decision
to make.

Shannon Guss and special guests

to unpack all the latest

Blood v Water action

every week on 10 play.





We now have this big merged tribe.

We have old tribal lines,

we have new tribal lines
with the swap,

and on top of all of that,
we have Blood v Water.

There is a lot going on.

So, Shay, how do you navigate
all those different relationships?

It's not fun.

I didn't really get to have many
conversations with many people,

so that puts me on edge.

I think not having a loved one

is interesting,

because if someone's gonna vote
for you, that's two votes for you

if they're a pair, and so, yeah.

So, KJ, when we look at the numbers,

the pairs definitely have
an advantage here.

They could band together
and just start culling the singles

one by one.

Yes, there is concern.

It would be stupid
not to acknowledge

that there are some really strong
couples here.


Jesse, is there an opportunity here
for the pairs to get together

and take out a common target?

I think there's an opportunity
for everything, Jonathan.

It''s merge.

Singles could get together,

half the loved ones could get
together with the singles,

all the loved ones
could get together.

Anything could happen.

Chuck your keys in the bowl,
let's see what happens.


So, Mark, after playing apart
from Sam for so long now,

is it a challenge
to get your two games to align?

Um, we've had several spirited
discussions already.


But the good thing is,
when you're doing that,

is the good ideas
kind of rise to the top.

Sam, I know you were keen
to play this game

with Mark from day 1.

Now that you're together,
how are you finding it?


So, you know when you've been away
from your partner for a while...


..and then all of a sudden
you come back,

and there's that readjustment time?

So, you know, Mark's played
his own game,

I've played my own game,

but for me, today,

the vote is simple.

I'm keeping my loyalties
to the people that I spoke to.

So, Mark, how critical do you think
tonight's vote is?

Pretty critical, because...

..there's been assurances made
in alliances,

and people are gonna be
watching to see

if they've been
followed through with.

So that'll determine the strength
of different alliances.

Khanh, why were you smiling at that?

(LAUGHS) Um...

You want to stay safe
at Tribal Council,

but every time you do that,

it draws attention.


People are looking at you like,
"Hmm, Khanh."

Oh, yeah, 100%.

I won, like, 60k,
like, that's ridiculous.

Like, um, yeah, but look,

I...I never thought
that I would be in this situation.

I never thought that I could come in
and win a couple of challenges.

And unfortunately I have,
pretty early in the merge.

How do you know who you can trust?

You don't.

But you have to.

You just have to go in
and trust the people

that you think you do.

And it's not just Survivor,
it's real life.

That's the same thing.

How do you know
that you can trust anybody?

You don't.
Everything that we do is a risk.

Everything that,
when you trust anyone,

whether it be new relationships,
new friendships, a partner,

there's a trust built there
that's blind.

But we choose to take that risk,
we choose to fall into it,

and that's what I've chosen to do.

Shay, how much faith do you have
in this tribe?

Yeah, I don't know.

I think... I think tonight
will really tell.

Oh, there are a few single votes
floating around

that could be whisked up,
I think, yeah?

Got to keep an open mind
at all times.

I think it's a good pitch,
what she said.

You can be pulled in any direction
to any alliance

and support their vote.

Sam, I see you agreeing to that.

Yeah, he makes a good point.

Sam admits that my ideas are always
the best ones, so...

No, it's not true.

It's good. We always
come up with good ideas, so...

There's this beautiful opportunity
now to play together,

and I think trust can be deepened
even further

after tonight's vote.

Khanh, in a big messy tribe
like this,

how confident are you?

Feel pretty comfortable
with your position in this tribe?

Yes. Putting my trust in the
wrong person can send me home.

But I feel as though... (SIGHS)

..I've spent enough time
learning about people,

connecting with them,

that I can put my trust in them
and not blind.

And hopefully I can just stay around
a little bit longer.



It is time to vote.


It is time to vote.

Mark, you're up.


Man the guillotine,

we're bringing the king out
in shackles.


You're definitely
a challenge machine,

and that's definitely a threat
to me.

So it's definitely time for you
to go. Sorry, honey. 'Bye.




I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.



I'll read the votes.

First vote.




Two votes Shay.


Mel. A tie.
Two votes Shay, two votes Mel.

Mel. That's three votes Mel,
two votes Shay.

Mel. Four votes Mel, two votes Shay.





Khanh. We're tied.

Four votes Khanh, four votes Mel,
two votes Shay.


Khanh. Five votes Khanh,
four votes Mel, two votes Shay.

11th person
voted out of Blood v Water,

first member of our jury,


That's six votes. That's enough.

Great game, lovey.

You need to bring me your torch.


I'm sorry, buddy.
That's OK.

Oh! So close!

We're gonna miss your food a lot.
I know, I know, I know.

I'll see you, buddy.

I'll see you,



Khanh, Khanh, Khanh.

The tribe has spoken.
WOMAN: Love you, babe.

MAN: Well played, mate.
Time to go.

Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) Alright. Cheers.



Well, there was a lot of talk tonight
about faithful relationships,

but when the buffs go in the bowl,

you better hope the vote
swings your way.


Grab your torches,
head back to camp.



Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

JOSH: I am a smart, strategic player

and I need to put myself
in a position to win.

They've come this far.

JORDAN: Blood is thicker than water,

but when you're backed up
against a corner,

you need to fight.

Will there be strength in numbers?

Jesse and I want to be remembered
as two of the greats.

It's time to really turn this joint
on its head.

Or is it best to go it alone?

I feel like my game
has been impacted by her.

I don't want to have any bad juju
coming my way.

As they fight harder than ever...

SAM: Mark's played
a distinct game from mine,

but I'm someone who will stand up
for people that I love. become Sole Survivor.

CHRISSY: I am fiercely competitive.

I definitely think I'll become
an absolute weapon.

Imagine if I'm not. What a classic!

I got blindsided.

It was super sad, but also
really exciting for a fan.

I went home with an idol,

which is so dumb but also awesome.

I've had it for 21 days now.

Genghis, your tyrannous reign
is over.

Oh! I'm too trusting, I'm naive,

but it's a flaw
that I'm willing to take.

I don't know

who's gonna win Survivor,

but I think Jesse
will be there at the end,

and I also hope,

I don't think but I hope,

that Sam will be there at the end.
Captions by Red Bee Media