Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 12 - Episode #7.12 - full transcript

It's no surprise that it's always the quiet ones you need to watch for, and tonight someone's game really begins to heat up.

on Australian Survivor...

JORDIE: I saw Mark find a clue
and shove it in his shoe.

But he thinks he's the only one
that knows.


..the alpha males
were in control on the Red tribe...

Couple of good-looking roosters!

..after stealing KJ from Blue...

KJ: I am ecstatic that
the Red tribe stole me.

It is a boys club but that boys club
needs a female

to shake it up a little bit.

..leaving Shay all alone.

SHAY: It really hurts that my tribe
didn't choose to save Ben.

If we win today, that could put
Ben on the chopping board.

At the immunity challenge...

KHANH: And get to the bottom


..the Blue tribe had a plan
to throw the challenge.

JOSH: Yes, Mark!

JORDIE: Let's go, Marky Mark.

Red wins immunity,
sending Blue to tribal council.

At camp,
Ben was still the number one target.

SAM: Let's just all go on Benny.



Flip this (BLEEP)

..when Croc tried to save Ben
and blindside Jesse...

I don't think
I need to play the idol tonight.

We're good.

..Ben made the ultimate betrayal.

Croc's looking to flip this
and blindside you tonight.

There you go. How does that feel?

This is now the new three.

Gonna send the big guy home?

At tribal council...

..with his idol in his pocket...


..unbeknown to Chrissy, Croc
was blindsided.


Croc, the tribe has spoken.

It has.

14 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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SAM: Whoo-hoo!



BEN: Croc went home last night.

Epic blindside for the whole tribe,
to be honest.

He was a major threat.

So, I'm a bit chuffed with myself.
Sorry, Croc, but, um...

I owe you a few beers after this.





Auntie Chrissy isn't handling it
very well.

She had no idea about the blindside.

But I'm here to play a game.

And right now I'm feeling
very confident.

Myself, Sam, Jesse and Michelle,
we've got a good pinky promise gang

and I feel I can trust them.

I showed my loyalty to them
by going straight to Jesse

when Croc threw Jesse's name
out there.

I think I've got trust in him
for life now.

A little baby.

So my position in the tribe at the
moment is definitely a lot better

than what it was
a couple of days ago.

KHANH: Benny, that's great.

Keep going, Benny.

I feel like I'm back up near the top
and I'm here to stay.

I'm about to stick around
like shit through a blanket.

Last night could not
have gone worse.

Croc's gone home.

My safety net of the idol
went home with him.

Absolute nightmare.

It was like a car accident.

It was slow motion and there was
nothing I could do about it.

And that is what a blindside
feels like.

Right at this minute,
I'm in a world of pain.

I'm missing... kids.

And my hubby.

My sister.

And I'm so sad that Croc's gone.

I don't think if I could write this
script that it could go any worse.

Sam, I cannot tell you,
if this continues,

I'm on the chopping block.

But I will say, if I can find out
who it was that orchestrated

Croc's departure,
there is a target on their back.


I know.

Well, that's why I came up to you
and, like,

you kind of confirmed it to me.

Oh, great.
Had my poker face on again, did I?

You said something had happened

and that was consistent with what
Benny had just said.

And that one brought
the information to you?



He has a lot of explaining to do.

Croc's whole game
revolved around defending Ben.

Before I chatted to Sammy, I did not
know Ben had anything to do with it.

Last night's debacle...

Huh. 100% Benny's disloyalty
to Croc.

If that's how it's gonna be,
I'm gonna have to buckle up.

Well played, Ben, but now...

Game on.

SHAY: Today is day 24.

JORDIE: Got another really
good feeling about today.


Yeah. Got a good feeling.

Just a good atmosphere
around here today.

Good culture amongst this bunch.

And what are we in the business of,


Business is boomin'.


It's day 24 and I'm feeling great.

We've got a strong alliance.

There is a bunch of boys
calling the shots,

which is a rare treat in Survivor.

We've got Josh and Jordan, Jordie,

plus me, Juicy Dave,

and I think we're in good shape.

That's a big night.
That's a big night.

We're halfway through the game
and the boys, the terminator crew,

are getting combat ready
for the merge.

So we just need to keep knocking
the targets

out the...outside our scope.

And unfortunately,
Shay is on the top of the list.

I think Shay is a big threat.

I think she's good at challenges,
she's fit,

she's been involved
in plenty of idol recoveries,

so I'm pretty keen to knock her out.

So, the other day I found a clue
to a hidden immunity idol.

And I haven't found it yet.

But I want to keep this
a secret from everyone.


Good game, eh?'s been hectic.

MICHELLE: May as well go
for a walk, then.

One thing I learned in the military
about tradecraft,

you have to be able to carry out
covert operations

looking like you're not doing
anything out of the ordinary.

The clue was actually
pretty specific.

It said, "By the well,
the power you wish,

"I'm all strung up,

"I sleep with the fish."

I know there's something
near the well.

I've just got to find it.

A hidden immunity idol
in Survivor is your ticket

out of trouble.

But if people know you have one,
you can be targeted.

So I don't want anyone seeing me
pick this bloody idol up.

I want to get it myself.

I don't want anyone to know.

JORDIE: After the reward the other
day, I saw Mark find a clue

and shove it in his shoe.

I think he thinks he's the only one
that knows about this clue.

But if Mark finds out that I know,

he really has no choice but to share
that information with me.

I know this idol is around.

I'm hopefully going to find it
before people notice what's going on.

So I switch right to soldier mode.

I'm starting to scan for things
that are spotted easily.

And as I'm looking around... heart rate takes a little spike.

That is a piece of string that is the
same colour as the river bark tree

tied around it leading to the water.

This is the perfect chance
to snatch this thing.

Here it is.

Check this sucker out.

The blood idol, right here.

Been waiting for two seasons
to get this bad boy

and I spent so long looking for it

and it's finally mine.

This changes everything.

You don't bring a knife
to a gunfight.

That's how people get hurt.

You bring a tank.

This thing is my tank.

Do you know what you're looking for?

(BLEEP) sake.

I can't believe it.

I thought I got away with it,
but Jordie saw me get the clue.

Grab wood, keep going with me.

If I find it,
we'll share it and do it together.


Jordie's kind of a loose end.

So I have to keep the facade going
that I'm still looking for it.

I don't understand.

But I'm starting to wonder whether
it's going to be safer

if I just reveal the idol to Jordie

and try and keep it as a tight secret
between us.

Yeah, I know.

Now, Survivor 101 - trust no-one.

But Jordie is not
a super-malicious player,

so I think
I actually can trust Jordie.


I'd love to keep this hidden immunity
idol secret until merge

so when Sammy comes along
we can use it to win the game.


Yes. Got him.


Now I'm holding all of the power
around Mark's future.


Here we go.

Bring on the chaos.


Come on in!

Red, getting your first look
at the new Blue tribe.

Croc, voted out
at the last tribal council.

What? How did that happen?

Shit. Chrissy's gonna be mad.
Chrissy's gonna be pissed.

Jordan, you were shaking your head

when you found out
that Croc went home.

That's a...that's a huge surprise.

You know, Croc was the heart
and soul of that...of that tribe.

So, yeah, I find that
very interesting.

I think it's a bit of a mistake,
to be honest.

Jordie, you witnessed
the failed blindside on Ben.

Are you surprised that they didn't
just finish the job?

Not surprised.

We sort of expected that anyone
was on the chopping block,

'cause it was sort of
a bit chaotic in there.

But I did not expect Croc.

So what do you think's
going on over there?

I reckon everyone's having
a good dig over there now.

Everyone's there to play,
and they're playing hard.

It's good to see.

So, Chrissy, you once said to me

that if Croc got voted out,
you would be filthy.

Yeah, I'm still not very happy
about what went down.

He headed into tribal
with a plan to defend someone,

and clearly it backfired.

So... Is what it is.


Are you ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yep.

Your Highness.

It's about time.

Thank you.

Today, you are not playing
for tribal immunity.

Instead, you are playing
for individual immunity.

SHAY: Oh, my gosh.

Two necklaces up for grabs

because both tribes
are coming to tribal tonight.

Both tribes are going to be
voting someone out.


For today's challenge,
you're going to stand on narrow pegs

while attempting to balance a ball
against an overhanging frame.

If at any point your ball drops

you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing from each tribe

wins immunity
and cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where two people
are going to be voted out.


I just got goose bumps.


Take your spots
and we'll get started.

Alright, everyone
onto the stepping posts.

Get your ball in position.

Get your hands on your handle.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

The challenge is about
balance and concentration.

One lapse, and you lose that ball...

..and you'll be vulnerable
at tribal council tonight.

You want to keep just the right
amount of pressure on that ball.

Too much, it'll pop right out.



One minute in,
and Juicy's already out.

Tosses his handle to the ground
in frustration.

Oh, (BLEEP).

With no warning, Jordan drops.

He's out.

Only two and a half minutes in
and we've already lost two.

Fatigue's going to set in
in this position.

You're going to feel it
in your shoulders, in your back.

Your feet are going to start hurting.


Just as I say that, Michelle drops.

She's out.

Chrissy, head down, in the zone.

Maybe last tribal
unleashed the beast.

And out of nowhere, Mark drops.

He's out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity tonight.

Red's lost three, Blue's lost one.

Two people are going to be
safe tonight.

Everyone else, on the chopping block.

Jordie, shifting around
on those pegs.

That is a risky move out there.

Doesn't take much
for that ball to pop out.

Mel's out now.

And Josh is out.

Nine minutes in and they're
dropping like flies.

Now Red is down to three -

KJ, Jordie and Shay.

Meanwhile, Blue still have five
left in the game -

Jesse, Sam, Khanh, Ben and Chrissy.

Oh, shit.

A great effort from KJ.

She slips.
She's out of the challenge.

We have a showdown on Red,
between Jordie and Shay.

Meanwhile, all but one
still in the challenge over at Blue.



Yeah, for sure.


Chrissy, trying to find
a comfortable position on those pegs.

Oh, far out.


Yeah, OK.


Chrissy slips, drops her ball.

Great effort.

Now Blue's down to four.

Oh, (BLEEP).

Jesse slips and falls!

Jesse, you OK?

Oh, is he alright?

You alright, Jesse?
You OK?

Yeah? You sure?

He's alright?
Yeah, he's OK.

Just his ego's bruised.

You right, fella?


Despite all the smack talk,

big brother concerned
about his little brother.

Nice to see.

Blood is thicker than water, eh?

There you have it - right back
to the theme of the season.

Both tribes heading
to tribal council tonight.

One immunity necklace
up for grabs for each tribe.

We have Jordie and Shay
duking it out on Red.

Sam, Khanh and Ben left on Blue.

25 minutes in.


Ben, digging deep,
trying to push through it.

Those shoulders burning.

Help me down.
Help you down? Yes?

Ben carries beyond the edge.
He slips.

(BLEEP)! Let me go,
let me go, let me go.

After 26 minutes, Ben steps off,
clearly in pain.


SAM: Khanh,
can you let me have this?

Um, I can, but I still want to hold
it out for a little bit longer.

'Cause I just want
to prove to myself

that I can be one of those people

that stands up here
for like an hour.

OK. I can do it for an hour.

Oh, Sammy's got this.

I just want to prove this to myself.

If I win it,
then I'll pass it to you.

Then you will be safe.

Are you legit about that?
Yeah. I want to win it.

CHRISSY: No, Sam. Stay there.
You're not even sore.

Sam, you have my word.

Khanh, really trying to work a deal
down there with Sam.


Will you give me the idol if I drop?

Yeah. Yeah.
I'll give you the necklace.

Focus on yourself.

Sammy, I promise you.

Sam, at the raggedy edge there,
really in pain now.

Sammy, wiggle your toes.
Keep your toes going.

Sam trying to push through.

Really digging deep.

Trying to focus.

Flex your heels.

Sam, flex your heels a bit.
I can't move them.

Can you help me?


Sam and Khanh cut a deal,
and Sam decides to drop out.



Drop down. Drop down here.

I'm gonna put you down.

(GROANS) No. Wait. Don't.

Sam drops out,
and Khanh wins immunity for Blue.

Can I...?
Watch your feet, bro.

Medic! Medic!

Medic! Medic!

Lay her down flat.
Lay her down. Lay her down.

Lay down flat.
MEDIC: What happened?

MARK: She's got
postural tachycardia,

so she has low blood pressure

Alright. Alright.
You're alright.

We're back. We're back.
You're right, sweetie.

Just some deep breaths for me.

You're right.

Deep breaths.

Yeah, you're right.

You're right. You just passed out.

It's OK.

You're right. Just sitting down.

Let's take some nice, big, strong,
slow, deep breaths.


Anya's here, and she's gonna pop a
little bit of pressure cuff on you,

on your arm.

Sam's OK. She's conscious.

We're doing some blood pressure
and some obs.


That's pretty good.

You alright? It's OK.
OK? You're going to be fine.

Sammy, we're proud of you.


Yeah. Better?

Let's walk it.


Take my hand.
Just take it steady.

Just sit on this little
wooden seat here, alright?

Yeah, she's in good hands.

Now we're down to Red.

We could be here a long time.

Shay looking solid again.

Keep going, Spud.

I'm not going to let go, Shay,
I'm sorry.

That's OK.

Jordie has not looked comfortable

from the very beginning
of this challenge,

but he is still in it.

You're on the team, Shay.
Very impressed.

Lots of movement from Jordie now.

One slip, that's it.

No shot at immunity.

Shay, having a peek at Jordie now,

wondering how much longer
he can hold on.

Who can push through that pain
the longest?

Just sheer willpower.

Shay on her toes.

Looking solid, Shay.

Shay looking strong.

Shay - a warrior.

You two have been at it
for 50 minutes.

Shay, trying to breathe
through the pain.

Lots of movement from Jordie.

Really sweating out there now.

Shay, like a statue.

Jordie in so much pain
he can't even talk.

Just trying to focus.

Oh, (BLEEP)!

And after over 50 minutes
and a huge effort,

Jordie slips out of the challenge
and Shay wins immunity for Red.

Hey, my man.
So good! So good.

So, Sam, I spoke to Dr Moon.
He said that you fainted out there.

How are you feeling now?

Yeah, I feel a bit better.

I feel a lot better.

I don't really remember
what happened.

Huge effort. Well done.

Shay, come on up.

Congratulations - immunity is yours.
You are safe tonight.

Khanh, come on up.

Khanh, also congratulations.

You two are safe tonight.

Not going home.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council,

where two people will be voted out.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you tonight. Well done.

I won a challenge in Survivor,
which is an ultimate goal.

Like, I'm pretty happy right now.

But I 100% am worried that it
could be setting me up to cop votes

by giving my necklace to Sam.

I gave her my word and I'm not
going to go back on that -

like, my promises are real to me.

I just really, really hope
it doesn't come back to bite me.

Shay won individual immunity.

Which is a problem, you know, because
she was our next target. Right?

Great job, Shay.
Well done, Shay.

Yay, yay.

And so now me and the boys need
to find another target.

We have to weigh up
between Mel and KJ.

So what's the vibe?

MARK: What do you say about a split?

JOSH: Mel, KJ split?

Maybe a 5/3.

Onto who?

What's the go with KJ?
She got us last time.

She tried to, yeah.

So she's a bit cagey.

It's neither here nor there
who goes home.

It doesn't really bother me.

But, you know,
Mel is probably more dangerous

because her sister's still here.

When it does come to merge,

Mel getting together with her sister
has the potential to beat Shay.

You know, they're a shady couple.


Do you mind cleaning the pots

because they haven't been cleaned
in 24 hours, I think.

Shay winning individual immunity

completely threw a spanner
in the works.

Because obviously Mel and I are
probably next on the chopping block.


We're up against the boys' club.

I can't believe that.

And I can see them talking about it.

Right now, yeah, my game sort of
relies on convincing those boys

that they're making the right
decision by keeping me around.

I know it's gonna be probably
between Mel and I.

You guys probably know where I stand
with the three of you.

Are you sure?
I'm sure.

You're not gonna pull a shifty on me.

I'm committed to you guys.

I know you will be.

And I've got no-one to flip to.
Exactly. Exactly.

That's the thing.
I don't have any other...

Whereas she has.

Do you know what I mean?
There's no options for me.

I don't have any loyalty
on the other side.

I don't have a loved one.
I'm a free agent.

If they were to save me tonight,
then they've got my loyalty.

Whereas if Mel is still around, she's
gonna flip to her sister's side.



So tonight, plan is old
Blues are going to vote for Mel.

So that being Mark, myself,

Josh, Shay and KJ.

Everyone else, being Jordan, Dave
and Mel herself

are gonna be voting KJ.

Mel is going home.

But Mel thinks it's KJ.



So should be simple, really.

We're gonna have to talk to Shay
about the vote tonight.

And you know, Shay's skittish.

But I reckon we're good.
I'm confident.

Oh, that looks good.
Looks good, hey?



So, yeah.

Winning the individual
immunity necklace is powerful.

Because earlier today,

I was thinking I feel like
I'm on the bottom of the tribe.

Completely on the bottom.

And now, I feel pretty happy
about my game

and I don't wanna be told
who to vote for.

Oh, that's so good, Mel.

I'm not sold on Mel going home

So this is gonna
be super interesting.

Shay wanted to sell the idea
of gunning for KJ.

And if Shay and myself
switch our vote, she goes home.

You must be so excited.

Tonight's tribal council
is gonna be a royal rumble.

The big question on my mind
right now is

who is the person I trust the most
heading into merge.


..or Mel.

I've gotta make a decision.
This is a tough one.

CHRISSY: Sadly, from conversations
that I've had today,

there's only one reason
that Croc went home last night.

Benny orchestrated Croc's departure.

It's pretty dog by Ben.

So, brace yourself because it's not
going to be pretty tonight.

What I think I'm going to do here
is talk to Sam and Khanh.

We've been trying to get rid of Ben
at tribals for three days.

I just need to make sure
that we're on the same page

because he's still here.

What are you thinking?
What are you thinking of?

Because obviously,
I'm going to have to go, Benny.


KHANH: Yeah.

Yeah. OK. Yeah.

Well, the ideal plan is that Jesse,
Sam, me and Khanh

write Benny, four votes on Benny,
Benny's going to go home.

What about Jesse?
He's definitely on.

Yeah. If he's not, we're in trouble.

So that means...

Yep. it doesn't look like four.

Now that I've said it out loud,
I'm not confident at all.

After last night,
you'd have to think

even in your alliance,
where you feel you're safest,

you're your most vulnerable.

Sam and Jesse...

..voted my loved one out,

and here I am, by myself.

Will I forgive them?

I don't have a choice now.

Benny's got to go today,
so I still need a team.

Chrissy's been gunning for me
ever since I voted Croc,

so I need...need to get rid
of that negativity.

I just...I can't have that
around my tribe at the moment.

I know full well that the votes are
definitely going to go towards me.

You've got Khanh and Chrissie
voting my name,

but I have come up with a plan
to flush Khan's idol tonight...

..and get rid of Chrissy.

In our four alliance of Sammy,
Jesse and Michelle and myself,

we're going to do a split
on Chrissy and Khan,

and it goes to a revote
and then we'll vote Chrissy.


You will do that.

How you doing, Kid?

Have a quick chat.

Chrissy's scrambling heaps, but
she's putting my name down again,

Just assuming. Yeah. Yeah.

But it's...obviously
the next vote would be Chrissy.

Well, I think she knows
that she's kind of screwed with me

because Croc wrote my name down.

In my eyes,
Chrissy's got to go tonight.

What about all three?


I believe we've got the numbers
for tonight's vote.

I feel confident
my crew have got my back.


A little walk? Just a little...

So, they're now splitting.
They're going to write Khanh's name.

Yeah. And we're writing Chrissy.
We're writing Chrissy.

We should just explore this
for a second.

Tonight, the vote,
it's going to be interesting.

We could go out and go with Ben
and Michelle

and put our names on Chrissy

to have it at two, two, two.

Or we could
stick with Chrissy and Khanh

and have four votes
going out on Benny

and getting him
ultimately out of the game.

It's good.
So you're in?

Yeah. Cool.

Cool plan.

BEN: Double trouble tonight
after today's challenge,

a lovely little twist,

I've got a couple of plans
up my sleeve.

Hopefully, we'll flush Khanh's idol

But it's going to be Chrissy
getting sent home.

I just need her to be gone.

SAM: Tonight's tribal council
is double the trouble.

So, tension is high,

but I have an immunity necklace

going to be around my neck,

so there's security in that.

And I think Jesse and I
have the ultimate say

on where tonight's vote goes.

CHRISSY: Going into tribal now.
I'm a bit of a hot mess.

I feel very sweaty and very clammy.

If I go on what I've heard,
I think Benny's going home.

But after last night's blindside,

I'll just go and look in the eyes
of my guys

and just hope they've got my back.

So, Dave... gave us a glimpse

of what an individual immunity
challenge might look like.

Did anyone surprise you?
Yeah. Jordie surprised me.

He's a big guy, you know,
in comparison with Shay.

And to be able to last
almost an hour through that pain

was incredible.

Yeah, I didn't...I didn't know
I had that in me,

but still didn't quite get the win.

Shay was just the best.
She's unreal.

So, Shay,
what was driving you today?

Did you feel like
that you needed immunity tonight?

Yeah, yeah.

We have a bit
of a boy-strong gang over here.

So, being one of the three girls
was a bit daunting.

So, now I've just left it up to the
two girls to fend for themselves.

I'm kidding. They're fine.

Yeah. I'm totally fine.

Shay's assessment is that the boys
have a majority, which is true.

That's a fact.

And she has immunity,

so if that is true,
it's between you and KJ tonight.

Are you concerned about that?

Oh, yeah. Very concerned.

What about you, KJ?

How concerned are you
that the boys have the numbers?

They're a very tight-knit unit.

They're a good bunch of guys,
that's for sure.

But, yeah, my name's come
up at the last two tribals,

so I'd be stupid to think
it's not going to come up again.

So, Mark, do you think it's valid
that the women are concerned

about the difference in numbers?

What Shay raised is potentially
a predictable vote, but...

..people that play
aren't always predictable.

Then there's also old Blue, old Red.
There's that argument, too.

So things could swing either way.

There's no such thing
as a clear-cut vote in Survivor.


what's the vote about tonight,
then, for you?

I'm thinking a lot
about who I can trust.

I want to protect the people
I want to work with,

but once we get into the merge,

So, Mel, is that good news?

Well, it depends if Mark is talking
about me or KJ, I guess.

We're both close...
Yeah, we're both close to him.

We were all together day one,
so it's a tough one.

Does that give you some kind
of comfort when he says that?

No, not at all.

So, if you feel like
you're on the chopping block tonight,

how would you convince him?

You just have to look at history.

I bonded with him early

and I've had his back,

and he's a very special person
to me.

I just hope, yeah, that
I can get across the line tonight.

I'm shaking.

Yeah. Yeah, I am.

I don't know what the plans
are going ahead.

I'm last in. I could be first out.

Jordie, do you think there
might be an idol over on Red?

I think you'd be silly to assume
there wasn't at least one.

And that's something
worth considering tonight.

Maybe someone's, like,
learned the lesson and found one

and not said anything.

So, Jordie, what do you think the
vote is going to be about tonight?

Tonight, the vote's going
to be about, very similar to Mark,

just moving forward with the people
that we can trust going into merge.

This is now the time in the game

where instead
of thinking about tomorrow,

you're thinking about next week.

Chrissy, the last time
you were here,

you and Croc got blindsided.

Do you feel
like your trust was broken?

I feel like Croc's trust was broken.

He, um, had no clue that was coming.

I had no clue that was coming.

And I just can't fathom
that he's not here with me.

I'm just gutted.

So, where do you think
that left you in this tribe?

Look, there's going to be
some upsets tonight.

I already know there is.

Let's just say, right this minute,
I'm not...

..thinking that I'm going home.

You're not.


My vote tonight

will be based on

trust that was broken.

Ben, is she talking about you?

I believe so.

There's no hard feelings,
but like Croc said,

I'm ridiculously and fiercely loyal

when it comes
to giving your word to someone.

Goes the same with me.

My trust was broken with Croc,
so I scrambled hard as I could


..dug my way out.


People have
to make their own minds up.

Sam, let's talk
about the challenge today.

Your performance today
was seriously impressive.

Why did you push yourself
to the brink like that?

You want to put in your best effort
for your tribe, for yourself,

for our son back home,

like, he's going to be watching it

and we've been away from him
for so long


..I wanted to do Mark proud.

You know, you don't know
if it's your last day in the game.

And so why not give it everything
in that moment

when you think of the things
that mean so much to you?

So, Khanh, do you think everyone
putting in such an effort today

is a reflection of the fact

that maybe people don't feel safe
in the tribe?

No, I actually think that everyone
put in a lot of effort

because they're doing it
for themselves.

I feel like that's
what I was doing it for.

I wanted to do it for me, I wanted
to know that I could be there,

the last man standing.

So, Jesse,
if I'm hearing everyone correctly,

this wasn't about securing immunity,

this was just about
achieving personal best.

Yeah, I think it's the first
individual immunity challenge.

And it's difficult
to start considering

the individual immunity necklace

..something you want to keep
out of the hands of someone else

because you never know
what's going to happen.

So, Chrissy, there are conversations
going on behind you.
Oh, I'm a hot mess.

What's going on?

My name just got thrown out.


He said it would be smart
for me to use my idol.


Khanh, individual immunity
is guaranteed safety

here at tribal council.

You are not going home if
you're wearing that around your neck.


Any regrets giving up that necklace?

No. No regrets.

But Ben just told you
that you're in trouble tonight.

I also have an idol in my bag.

And once that's gone...

I still have the relationships
that I've formed.


So, there's no regrets here.

So, Sam, you and Khanh cut a deal
out in the challenge today.

Khanh followed through
on the promise.

Were you surprised?

I think it's an incredibly
honourable and generous act.

And so the fact that he bestowed
that to me, I'm grateful.

Khanh is just a genuine good bloke.

And I'm stoked that I've been
hanging out with him since day one.

I don't know,
I can look in Khanh's eyes

most of these nights that we're here
and I know what's going on.

Tonight, I'm not even going
to turn around.

I'm good to go with him.

Wait, let me just one more time
turn around.

And I'm good, yeah.

Khanh, that really touched a nerve
with you.


There are so many real relationships

and that's hard to find
in the real world

and, like, I'm finding it
here in Survivor,

like, it's ridiculous
and it's amazing.

And I'm just really thankful for it.

Sam, it is kind of incredible

how quickly these intense bonds form
in this game,

but at the same time,
there's still a game to play

where there can only be one winner.

You can't do this game alone,

so you need to create relationships.

And I'm also surprised

how quickly some of the
relationships feel real and genuine.

Paranoia is something
that can creep into your mind,

particularly if trust
has been broken.

But I think the best thing
that you can do,

even when it has been broken,
is come back, be open minded

and believe that there is another
day and another opportunity.

Even with those people that might
have broken it the night before.

Well, I think it is time to vote.

and Jury Villa

or on the 10play app.

I think it is time to vote.

Jordan, you're up.

I'm really sorry, Mel.

Nothing personal
but I really wanna make it to merge.

Croc risked his whole game
to take you to merge

and you stabbed him in the back.

I can't forget that.

I'll go count the votes.

OK, before I get to the votes,
there is one more thing.

The two people voted out tonight
will be given a second chance.

They will face off
in a fire-making challenge.

Winner will get to go back to camp
with their tribe...

..loser will go home.

Red, if anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes for Red.

First vote, Mel.


Mel. That's three votes Mel.



KJ. We're tied.

Three votes Mel, three votes KJ.

Mel. That's four votes Mel,
three votes KJ.

Person going to fire for Red...


KJ: You got this.

Alright, Blue.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Ben.

Ben. That's two votes Ben.



We're tied, two votes Ben,
two votes Khanh.

Ben. That's three votes Ben,
two votes Khanh.

One vote left.

Person going to fire for Blue, Ben.

OK, Mel, Ben, come up,
take your positions.

you both have the same supplies,

the goal is to make a fire high
enough to burn through the rope.

First to do so
wins their spot back in the game.

Loser will be the 10th person
voted out of Blood V Water.

Alright, good luck.

You may begin.

Out of the gate,
Mel quickly going for a husk.

Ben, organising sticks
around his husk.

And Mel quickly has a flame,
just like that.


Now she's quickly stacking.

Mel is working furiously.

Throwing husk on there.
That husk goes out quickly.

You only have so much husk
so when you use it is critical.

Ben has a flame also.

Nice, Ben.

Mel, blowing on it,
trying to keep it going.

Starting to diminish.

Ben's has gone out.

He's trying to give it some oxygen.

Trying to breathe some life into it.

It's lots of smoke for Ben.

Less sticks, more air.

Both quickly getting flames
but struggling to keep them going.

Lots of smoke from Mel.

Giving it some oxygen,
trying to bring it back.

Stay calm, Melly, stay calm.

Putting some more husk on.

Ben has his fire back again.

Trying to get some of those sticks
to catch.

Not too many sticks.

Ben, throwing some more husk on.

Trying to get that kindling to catch.

Once you get that flame,
you need to nurture it.

Mel's has gone out again.

No more sticks, Melissa.

Wait until the sticks burn through.

These are the skinniest...

Michelle, trying to give Mel
some encouragement.

Hold three or four at the same time,
hold on top.

Until the fire burns through.

Look for smaller sticks, Melissa!

These are the smallest.


Mel, trying to catch up.

Ben is trying to build up
his structure.

Create a little teepee
from the sticks.

Trying to get that flame high enough.

Both can feel the pressure.

Build a pyramid, Melissa.

Mel has something back again.

She got it. It's going up.

Mel's licking the rope.
Oh, my gosh.

Ben throws a bunch of husk on.

Just gonna give that rope a blast.

Will it be enough
before that husk burns out?

Mel trying to breathe
some oxygen into hers.

They're both licking the rope.

Wow. This is gonna be tight.

This is so tight.

They are neck and neck.

Ben looks over.

Both doing a great job
with this fire.

It is gonna come down to the wire
here. Both licking that rope.

It's only a matter of time.
Who's gonna do it first?

This is tight-as! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.

Wind picking it up...

Block it, Melissa.

..blowing the flame
away from the rope.

Melissa trying to block the wind.

Ben doing the same.

Desperate for that flame
to burn through the rope.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

It is so close.

Both at the same stage.

Come on!

And that's it!

Mel earns her spot back in the game.

Oh, my God.
Well done!

And Ben becomes the 10th person
voted out of Blood V Water.


I'm sure I'll be up next.
I'm so proud of you.

I'm so proud of you.

You're good. You've got this.
Don't think that.

It's your game, OK?

Alright, Ben.

Need to bring me your torch.

And the famous hat.

Alright, see you later.

Go eat lots of food.
I will.

Well done, guys.
Enjoy that food.

I will, bro.

Ben, the tribe has spoken.

Be good and behave, guys. Alright?
Well done, Ben.

See ya, bud.
See you, brother.

Love you, Spud.
I love you.

See you soon.

Tell them I sent ya.

Well, things are about to heat up

so either start playing with fire
or watch your game go up in smoke.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

We are merging.

MEL: I'm so excited to finally play
this game with my twin, Michelle.

..the toughest end game...

This is amazing. about to take off.

MARK: Finally made it to merge.

Now my mission is

Power couples...

Being at merge as a single is scary.

It just feels like
a ticking time bomb.

..make power moves.

Blood is thicker than water.
Now's the time to take control.

And when loyalties are tested...

SAM: It's a whole new game
right now. I feel us separating. far will they go
to become Sole Survivor?

You're dealing with
a really dangerous player.

Do you honestly think
you're gonna win?

I'm not emotional
about leaving the game,

I'm emotional about leaving Shay.

I couldn't have done this
without her.

Like, without seeing her face
every day.

Benny, you have been vocalising
your desire for more food

for over two weeks now.

Your request is approved.

The...emotion's coming from
just leaving her there

and not knowing how she's going.

I would love to see her soon. But...

..I wanna see her at the end.

It sucks that I can't watch her.