Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Episode #6.8 - full transcript

Tongues start to wag in both camps with ousted castaways revealing who is in possession of Hidden Immunity Idols, hoping to flush them out. Then, it's blindside time at the Tribal Council.

Australian Survivor...

Brawn was celebrating
Cara's surprise arrival.

I'm the luckiest person
in the world.

But it was nothing
compared to the surprise Brains got.

Oh my God. Cara!

At the Immunity Challenge...

Three of them furiously
looking for that idol,

..Hayley won the scramble for
the surprise hidden immunity idol.

That's it. Hold it here.

But it was Brawn...
Got it on. Let go.

..who won the challenge.

And the Brain tribe
was headed back to tribal.

Tonight's the night we get our man.

Joey was desperate to finally put
the nail in George's coffin.

I don't want any mistakes tonight.
Georgie has to go.

But across camp...

Would you have any interest
in something tonight?

..Hayley was orchestrating
a massive move.

For Joey.

I'm in.

It's about time to gather up

all the people at
the bottom of this hierarchy

to take the head off the snake.

At tribal council...

I've got people that I trust
and they can trust in me.

..Joey had never been more confident.

One team, one dream.

Which made Hayley's blindside...

..that much sweeter.

The tribe has spoken.

18 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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We've woken up in the dirt,
as usual, and, you know, there's

this unsettled feeling around camp.

George was meant to be going
home last night.

We got blindsided.

Joey went home.

I haven't analysed who voted
for who, but it's clear

it was, it was well thought out.

And now Andrew, myself and Laura,
we're in the minority.

HAYLEY: It feels really good
to pull off my first blindside,

like I want a bit more of that.

The plan came together

and the king of the cool kids,
Joey, went home.

Yeah, me too.

He brought so much to the tribe
as well.

He brought such good energy
and like a lot of positivity.

And he was really, like,
he's was a really good guy.

Yeah, he was great.

I'm not a fan of dictatorships
and I don't want to play with people

who are just going to tell me
what to do.

There's no way I came here to
just be a number for someone else.

It's very clear to me that there's
going to be a target on my back

now that I've made this move.

But I have my idol up my sleeve,
so I know I'm not going home

any time soon.

I'm here to play this game
and to play it hard.

I was the swing vote for Mitch
and now I orchestrated this big

blindside against Joey.

So I'm proud of the way
I've been playing.

Can I take the flag, guys,
so they're...

Very welcome.
They're the last to see me?

I'm feeling absolutely ecstatic.

Thank you.

I was expecting to get
a majority of the votes.

I was expecting to go home.

What I want to say to Rachel,
Hayley, Baden and Wai,

for voting for Joey
last night is a big, big thank you.

They had my back
at that final minute.

Whether they acted out of
self-preservation or not,

I don't really care.

But I'm the beneficiary.

Now I'm going into maintenance mode.

I need to make sure
that they stay together.

Rachel is somebody that just changes
her mind as the wind blows,

so that makes me suss.

And there's going to be inevitably,
you've got differences, right?

But we're going to battle.

So we've got to be strong.

You know? So I guess...


So I've noticed a rock in
yellow leather.

It's attached to a rope and it just
keeps going and going and going.

It's like a never ending
magician's hat trick.

Is it an advantage?

Is it an idol? Is it a hamburger?

Watch out, I'm doing my shoelace up.

Rachel and I are so close to camp

and there is absolutely no way
I want them to see

that I have found something.

Oh, shit, she's found an idol
or an advantage.


This is exactly what we needed.

You got those.



OK. "Congratulations, you found the
hidden immunity idol.

"This immunity idol can keep
you safe

"from being voted out of the
game at tribal council.

"You may keep it a secret,
tell others you have it."

I friggin found
a hidden immunity idol.

I didn't think for a second
I would find one in this game

and I found one and I can use it
to change the landscape

of this tribe.

I'm just so happy George didn't get

It's one less immunity idol that
George can find and play

and something up our back pocket
to make a big move with.

Cheers, my friend. Cheers.

Alright, composure.

Come on in, guys.

Wai. And George.

Brawn, get your first look
at the new Brain tribe.

Joey voted out at last night's
tribal council.



That seems silly.

Morning, Jonathan.

Dani, you seem kind of confused
by this move from the Brains.

Yeah, I don't know why
you'd take out the player

who was pretty much carrying you
guys through the challenges.


It just seems like one
of the dumbest moves.

But, hey, each to their own,
however you want to play the game.

You guys must not like winning
or something.

So, Flick, things are clearly getting
kind of hectic over at Brains,

How glad are you that you're on

I am so grateful and appreciative
for our tribe.

We really do all get along so well.

Well, I'm glad that you're happy
with your tribe

because that's
all about to change.


It is time to drop your buffs.

We are switching things up.

Oh, far out.

Get them off.

Oh, I knew this was gonna happen.

My position in the game is back
in the hands of the Survivor gods.

I fought so hard to throw
the target off my back

and just when I could finally
rest my feet,

if I pick the wrong buff,
I could be on the bottom again.

OK, here we go.

I'm so nervous!

Take one buff and don't open it
until I tell you.

Holey moley!

Don't open them until I tell you.

Alright, guys, go ahead,
open up your buffs.


CARA: Noooo, no.

I just about cried.

Just as I'm finally getting
comfortable with my new Brawn tribe,

Boomerang, get swapped back
to Brain's tribe.

At least I've got my trusted
pal by my side in George.

Alright, if you have a yellow buff,
make your way over to the Brains mat.

If you have a red buff,
make your way over to the Brawn mat.

Alright, let's see what we got

New Brains is George, Cara, Emmett,
Kez, Big D, Georgia,

Gerald, Rachel and Laura.

New Brawn, is Wai,
Baden, Hayley, Simon, Flick

Andrew, Dani, Shannon and Chelsea.

It's a pretty even split.

Cara, back on Brains again.

I know. I'm like the phoenix
that rises from the ashes.

But I, I'm good at making
relationships and connections,

so I've got a really good crew
around me.

George, you worked hard to get
control of your situation.

Is this switch good for you now?

Jonathan, I think you know
more than anyone that I've never

been in control in this game,

but it's a chance to spice the game
up a little bit.

Simon, does this help
or hinder your game?

Oh, look, you know, you get
thrown in the deep end

and you just have to swim from here.

But I think it's going to make
for some interesting competition.

We've just got to vote out
all the old Brains, mate.

And then merge with
our Brawn strong team.

Don't tell anyone.

Oh, too late.

Alright, guys.
Well, this game is always changing.

The question is, will you change
quick enough with it?

We'll soon find out.
Head out to your new camps.

And good luck.

HAYLEY: I am pretty happy about how
this tribe split has worked out.

I pulled this big move against Joey

and there was going to be
a lot of fallout,

especially with
Laura and with Georgia.

Now that we've split, they've gone
off to the other tribe

and I don't have to deal
with it anymore.

I'm in the Brawn tribe!

Who would've thunk it? Can
you believe these guns?

I'm not a very physically
fit person.

Probably no surprise.

You guys have seen that I kind
of physically suck.

I'm waiting for the meme
to come out

of Wai stacking it on every single
challenge, like, on a loop.

My puniness is more obvious
than ever in this new mix up. there. About to fall down.
But once we get...

When it comes to what the Brawn
have historically valued...

Ready? Go.

..It's always been performance
in challenges and physical ability.

I'm very out of my element,
feeling like a fish out of water.

I'm just hoping that
I don't end up at the bottom again

and being exposed
as the weakest link.

I need to figure out a way
to prove my worth and fast.

You can never get too comfortable
in this game.

And just as I felt like
I'd found my feet,

a tribe swap comes along.

This changes everything.

We have five original Brawn
with myself, Dani, Chelsea,

Flick and Shannon.

And then from the original Brains,

we have Hayley, Baden, Andrew,
and Wai.

The original Brawn tribe members
may outnumber the original Brains.

But that means nothing if we're
divided as a Brawn tribe.

I am keen to keep
our Brawn tribe together.

I think with our 5-4 split,

I think it makes a hell
of a lot of sense.

Shannon, what do you reckon?

Look you put...

Right from the start,

Shannon and I have had a very
tumultuous relationship.

We had been butting heads
and going at it right from day one.

I'm willing to put my,
put the differences aside.

Tribe swap is an opportunity for
Shannon and I to have a fresh slate.

You know how much I respect you
as a player and everything.

The thing is, if we're actually
going to do this,

we need to do it together.

And I'd much rather one of us

win this game than,
than...yeah, than a Brain.

I do have an idol, and I would like
to do this with you guys together.

And I hope that's a tool
that we can unify around.

I want this to be transparent.

We've got a new deck of cards
that we need to play,

and I'm all for that.

I'm not quite going to call
this a cease fire yet,

but you want to keep your friends
close and your enemies closer.

Now, I found myself sitting
in a really good position

where I have a majority of Brawns
on my tribe.

Can't get rid of me from the Brains

Go figure.

But happily I get to bring some
of my new mates back with me.

DAINI: I feel weird, like I'm in
someone else's home, like.

I know, I feel like...

I'm still Brawn loyal because the
Brains voted for me

and I've got George's loyalty.

Thank you again Survivor gods.

My guardian angel is here.
Saint Cara.

And she's brought some friends.

And I'm thinking to myself,

had she brought me
a strong and stable alliance?

Well, the reality is we've got we've
got a safe way is in,

like in Brawny.


We've just got the numbers.

Cara has done all my work for me.

She's been a super mole, a mole
that has got to know them.

They truly are just solid,
just actually good people.

And I was like, I should
have been here at the first place.

My strategy is always
just to gather information,

form relationships, find out
who I can trust and who I can't

and reciprocate back
with that trust.

No smack talk.

You're seeing only good George.

Yeah. Yeah. Keep your smack talk
down and you'll go further.

Yeah, I know.

I feel like if George can just
integrate into the Brawn side

then I think this will
definitely shake up the game

but in my favour.

So on the new Brains tribe,
Brains 2.0,

we have George and myself,
very tight.

Gerald, Emmett, Kez and Big D.

Easy numbers to pick off.

Rach, Laura and Georgia.

Far out!
Let's see what happens.

Whereabouts in New South Wales?
I'm from Bankstown.


Oh, shit.


Finally! Someone that knows
what it means.

Oh, George. I wouldn't say that
he's someone I can 100% trust

because he is
an absolute loose cannon.

But I do believe
in Cara's faith in him.

So, George, I know you've been
through hell, mate.


And I wanted to speak to both of you

because the last time we were
chatting with her over at Brawn,

I want to bring you in as well
as one of us.

There's no leaders.

There's no hierarchy.

If you want to be a part of our...
We are...

I would love to help you.

You know,
I think the riskiest play here

would be not playing
with a player like George,

because if you have George
on the other side,

I think he's going to create
absolute chaos.

And then just join the party.
I'm in.

And we'll just take them off
one by one. One at a time.


I can't believe how easy it is.

I'm feeling Brawnier already.

How about we go like this, just now?

Which one would you like
to get rid of?

Exactly. There you go.

In my mind I was going "YES!"

but I had to contain myself.

There's a chance
Laura found an idol.


She's a threat.
Need to flush out the idol.

I'm delighted.

I don't need to fight
from the bottom anymore.

And I have gained a position
in a very, very stable majority.

You get to sit down and watch
those three sweat.


I think the new Brains tribe

is going to be so much stronger
in challenges now.

We're going to go out there.
We're gonna win.

And if we don't,
bye, Georgia. Bye, Laura.

And bye, Rachel.

Let's see how they cope
with being the outcast for once.

Come on in, guys.

So, Flick, the new Brawn is
a little Brainier now.

Do you think that's going to help
you win more challenges?

Definitely. You know, we've taken on
a few new members, but I think

we're just as strong as ever
and ready to take on today.

Rachel, on the other hand, Brains
has some much needed muscle.

Is that going to be valuable
in the challenges?


I think we've got the right
balance going forward today.

And I'm pretty excited how
this machine is going to work

and kick the other side's butt
today. Looking forward to that.

Alright. You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yes.
First things first.


Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...

in pairs you're going to carry six
balls over a series of obstacles... a pontoon.

The remaining tribe mates will then
work together to manoeuvre

those balls through a floating maze.

First tribe to finish wins immunity
safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council
where somebody is going to become

the seventh person voted out.

I'm gonna give you guys a minute
to strategise.

And we're gonna get it on.


Alright, on the maze,
we have Dani, Simon and Baden

for the new Brawn tribe.

Gerald, Cara and Big D
for the new Brain tribe.

Good luck, guys. We got this.

Here we go for immunity.

Survivors ready? Go.

Emmett, Georgia, first in for Brains.

Andrew and Hayley,
first in for Brawn.

You have to get your ball
through the whole course

to the pontoon.

Emmett quickly gets to his ball.

Georgia close behind him.

Now you need to carry your ball

across that beam without falling in.

Emmett's looking very steady.

Emmett's first across for Brains.

Both of you need to get across the
beam before the next pair can go.

Oh, it's wobbly.

Andrew, halfway across, looking
a little unsteady.

He goes in.

Wow. That balance is hard.

Georgia almost across.
That's it. Go, girl.

Go, Brain!

George and Kez in for Brains now.

Good work, George. Keep going, mate.

Hayley gets across for Brawn.

Waiting on Andrew to get across.

Brains have a nice lead now.

Put your ball in the chute
and ride the slide.

Down Emmett goes.

Andrew gets across for Brawn.

You're good, Brawn. Go, Brawn!

Flick and Wai in for Brawn now.

Wai is struggling in the water
for Brawn.

Flick paddling with Wai under her arm
like she's carrying a surfboard.

Amazing effort.

Good work, Flicky. Nice, Wai.

Flick is swimming Wai and the balls

Doing a lot of work for Brawn.

Down the slide,
Georgia goes in, Andrew goes in.

Kez leaps to the end.
She's good.

We have George and Wai,
former tribe mates now head to head.

Go, Wai.

Wai, not confident
in the water or on the beam.

Are you OK?

Wai stumbles on the deck.
Are you right? Sure?

Yeah, I'm OK.

You got this, girl.

It's persistence. Keep working.

Cannot move on until you get
across that beam.

Wai, all focused now.

You're doing so well.

She's in the zone, not giving up,
determined to get across.


Wai overjoyed that she made
it across. Well done, Wai.

Just don't worry about them.
Don't worry about them.


George is feeling the pressure.

Flick's across.

You're good, Brawn. Go, Brawn!

Shannon and Chelsea in for Brawn now,
bringing up the last two balls.

Brain had a nice lead early in this

but it has evaporated.

Flick bringing in that fourth ball.

Shannon sticks the ball
down her daks

and easily makes her way across the

Nice work!

Chelsea taking her cue from Shannon.

Moving on to the slide.

Brawn have four balls on the deck.

Brain have two.

George inching his way across.

Finally, George is across.
You're good! Go, Brain.

Rachel and Laura coming up on the
back end here now for Brains.

Chelsea quickly bringing in
that last ball.

You're good, Brawns.
Start working on the maze.

7Brawn put their first ball
into the maze.

They have their ball on the move.

The ball. Stay close to the ball.

Oh, Simon overbalances, goes in.
Don't worry about it. Keep going.

There's definitely a learning
curve on that maze.

That's it. Come on, come on.

Rachel on the beam for Brains now.

Go, Rachel. Eyes forward.

Rachel looking very wobbly.

She goes in.

Laura looking much steadier now.

She's almost there.
Well done, Laura.

And she's good!

It's all up to Rachel now.

Can she pull it together for Brains?

Brawn land their first ball.

Yes, well done.

Well done.

They really have a nice rhythm now,
nice teamwork.


One, two, three.

Brawn are very close to the inner
circle with that second ball.

Well done.

And they land their second ball.

Brawn moving on to that third ball.

Meanwhile, Rachel is still stuck
on the beam.

Immunity on the line tonight.

This is your first challenge
since the swap.

Still trying to work out where your
strengths and your weaknesses are.

Gotta move it.

Oh! Rachel was so close to the end
of that beam, but she goes in.

She's gonna have to start again.

Brawn very close again.

Brawn get their third one.

Working on their fourth.

Bit more, bit more.
I'm ready, I'm ready.

Go, go, go. Go, go, go.

Brawn have it in the inner circle

Baden, keep coming. Baden.

Well done.

They land their fourth ball.

Unless Rachel can figure this out,
it's gonna be a blow-out for Brains.

Don't be sorry, OK?

Come on, Rach. You can do it.

Brawn, getting closer.


Brawn land their fifth ball.

Rachel's had a lot of practice
on the beam now.

Got it? Got it?

Rest of the tribe looking on
in anticipation.

Never give up. Keep going, babe.


Rachel finally gets across the beam.

Brawn, they have five balls
on the board.

One to go.

Brain are yet to get
one on the board.

Bring it home, Rachel.

Rachel bringing in their last ball.

You're good, Brains.

Start working on your maze.

Emmett tosses it to Gerald.

He puts it in place.

Round, round.

Finally, Gerald, Daini and Cara
can get on the maze.

t's almost a done deal,
but you never give up in this game.

Brawn have that final ball
in the centre.

Oh! Do it again, do it again!

They just need to put it
in the pocket.

Brawn, going for the win.

And that's it!

Brawn win immunity!

Well done! Well done!
That's for you, Wai.

Well done!

Well done.

Brawn, congratulations.
Immunity is yours, come get it.

Well done. You guys are safe, nobody
going home.

Swim it on out,
enjoy your night off.

Alright, Brains.

Tribal Council for you guys tonight,

where somebody is going to become

the seventh person voted out of
Survivor Brains vs Brawn.

Swim it on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

DAINI: Rachel has stuffed it up
for the team

based on challenge performance.

She's an easy vote.
So goodbye, Rachel.

Oh, my God, we have lost
another immunity challenge.

Well, it's actually our first loss
as the new Brains tribe.

Unlucky, team.

At this stage, the plan is
at tonight's tribal council

we're going to be voting as a team
that is myself,

Gerald, Big D,
Kez, Cara and George.



Laura, Georgia and myself,
run absolutely mud eating bottom.

Well, it's... like obviously
this is going to be tough

because we're massively
outnumbered here.

Yes, they want to stay Brawn strong.

Cara doesn't like us.
She doesn't like any of us.

We tried to vote her out.
So she's with the Brawn tribe.

Every Brawn needs a Brain,
and I'm gonna run this operation.

Do you wanna turn the corner
so they don't see us talking

because there's a mathematical way
to get rid of the idol

and one of those three.

I know that if Laura
has a hidden immunity idol,

we need to make the right move.

They're going to play the idol.

The numbers speak for themselves.

We're an alliance
of six out of nine.

We need to split our votes.

We throw three votes on Laura,
three votes on Rachel.

If Rachel, Laura and Georgia vote
as a bloc of three,

they can't win in a tie.

Laura will have to play her idol.

Otherwise, we've got her out
in a tie breaker with the Idol.

Simple plan.

Instructions are given.

Let's just execute it
at tribal council tonight.


This ex-Brawn tribe are Brawn

The numbers are stacked against us

and we need to shake this game up.

I have an idol and I really want
to use it to play big.

He's not agile.
He can only lift heavy things.

Like, that's the one skill
that he has.

And do you have a plan?

It'll be you, Georgia and I.


We know where Cara's allegiance

Do we even try to bring and bring
George on our side?

Do we trust him?

I liken George to a cockroach

because you just can't get
rid of them.

He's always back.

He's always there.

But if we can get George,
then we're four strong,

even if it's an alliance
that lasts for one tribal.

I think I just need to take a risk,
jump in head first

and see where it gets us.

Georgie, what are you thinking?

Who would you want to see
going out of them?

I don't think we're going to
influence anyone,

to be honest with you.
No, no, no.

Who would you take out of that

It's hard to say.

Like, I don't know who the key
influencer is.

Laura and Georgia didn't
speak to me for 17 days,

but now they're clearly
on the bottom.

Laura is a very transparent person.

I know what she's doing.

Laura was trying to get intel
from me and I won't say a thing.

I knew what that meant.

They do have the idol.

At this stage in the game,
I still trust George

more than I trust the other three.

George has come up with some
master plan about how we can split

the votes and make sure
that we're 100% safe,

even if an idol is played.

I just need to clarify with George
what exactly the plan is,

how it's going to work
and who I need to vote for.

OK, so one, two, three,
vote for Georgia.

One, two, three, vote for Laura.

Do you want Rachel?

Rachel, OK, doesn't matter.

You want Rachel out?
I want Rachel to go.

What kind of a tribe is this?
It's Brains in name only.

So is everyone clear?

In the tie vote there will
be a tie of three people

so it doesn't matter what happens

in the time you get removed.

OK, so at the tie
we all change to Rachel.

Even if they play the idol,
the idol will be out.

It's impossible mathematically
to lose.

So just to be clear,

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel,
Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.

They're going to play the idol.

'Cause they're gonna vote for me,
I reckon.

Tell me who I'm voting for.

I think that plan sounds
very confusing.

It should be easier than that.

OK, so Rachel, Rachel, Rachel,
Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.

Yeah, and then we all get
rid of Rachel.

It's simple and it's as clear
as daylight.

Right. Good. I'm done.
Thanks, fellas.

All done. Not another word
needs to be spoken.

If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

Worst case scenario
is going home with it.

Yeah. I don't want to do that.

I'm still not sure who I should
play this idol for tonight,

whether it be myself,
Rachel or Georgia.

I think I just need to gamble on it

and we can stick with the plan
of voting for Big D.

And see what happens.

I've got a 33% chance of getting
it right, which isn't great odds.

But screw it, let's get it done.

I hope things go to plan tonight.

I've learnt one thing on Survivor -

don't count your chickens
before they hatch.

But a big one
is going to hatch tonight.

And if things finally go my way,

I'm going to be the
king of the Brains tribe at last.

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Here we go again.
Here we go again.

So Emmett, it's been a while since I
last saw your smiling face here.

Yes, mate, I know.

How does it feel to be back?

I kind of miss this place, man.

I'm missing the family therapy.

You're a great counsellor.

And I think tonight's going
to be a good time

to bring up some unresolved issues.


So, Daini, does coming here
in the new Brain tribe feel different

than coming here
in the old Brawn tribe?

Well, I've heard
some exciting things

from when the Brains
go to family counselling.

So I want to see what happens,
because it's definitely not

what happens on the Brawn's tribe.

Rachel, how would you describe
the new Brains tribe

compared to the old Brains tribe?

Well, I'm going to call
the elephant in the room and say

that we're not a tribe.

Oh, OK.

We're a strong clique of five
and some left overs.

She started the fireworks early.
Hee hee!

And it's off. (LAUGHS) Here we go.

You said we're here for therapy.

You know? You guys have been
very clear about the fact

that you can't wait to get
back to your mates.

And that you are Brawn strong.

And we're the collateral that's
going to get left behind.

So, Rachel, you feel like you're
on the chopping block tonight?

Absolutely, I'm on the chopping
block tonight.

I'm on the oldest person
on this tribe by far.

And, and also, I screwed up today.
Like, I have to own that.

But people don't know what this
old rig can do yet, I don't think.

Daini, should Rachel
be worried tonight

because of her challenge

To be honest with you, I think all
three of them should be.

When you say all three,
there's four of them.

So who are you talking about?

The three girls on the end.

Three girls on the end.

What about George?

He struggled on the beam today.

But I like George.
I like George too.


OK, so Daini, if it's going
to be one of these three tonight.

How do you choose?

Oh, you know.
Had a talk to my little team

and the team came up
with a decision.

And I'm just following
the plan right now.

And unfortunately, one
of those three are going

to be going home tonight.

It is what it is.


So, Georgia, you concerned
that the Brawns are united tonight?

Yeah, it makes it difficult,
but, you know, of course

I want to stay here.

There's no doubt about that.

I feel like I'm good enough
to be on this tribe.

You know, I can hold my end
in a physical challenge.

If that's observed, great.

If it's not,
well, that's their loss.

So, Rachel, what would you say to
the tribe to save yourself tonight?

I'm just here to lay my cards
on the table.

I'm here fighting
for my life tonight.

And I don't love it.

It doesn't feel great.

But, you know,
I want to work as a team.

Cara, do you think Rachel's
saying this

because the shoe's
on the other foot tonight?


Scramble central, like,
welcome to our world.

Where myself and George have been

Like day one and a bit it started.

So I do have sympathy
because I have 100% been there,

but don't spout out about teamwork
or tribe work

when clearly people
have been left fallow.


Man, these tribals
are just like we heard, hey?

Crazy, bro.


So George, if you find yourself
on the bottom of the tribe,

you've been there before many times.

Been there for about 18 days,

OK, so what are the possible things
that you can do to get yourself

out of that position?

You can fight.
That's what you can do.

You also play an idol as well

if anyone's got any of them
floating around.


So, George, is it a fait accompli

or is there still a possibility
that something could happen?

I learned at the last tribal

..very, very well, Jonathan,

that things can change
at the last minute.

So you never know.

There could be some surprises.

I will feel relaxed
when somebody's torch is snuffed,

or my torch is snuffed.

But it sounds
like you're in the majority.

I'll be in the majority
if I'm here tomorrow morning.

The Bankstown cockroach.

The Bankstown cockroach.

That's one way to describe me.

You called yourself out.

Laura, Do you think that George
is being wise?


After every time we've been here
with you,

he's definitely speaking
some wise words, that's for sure.

Well, you never know what's
coming around the corner.

Expect the unexpected.

It's not over till it's over.

Well, I think we should get
to the vote.

Well, I think we should get
to the vote.

Georgia, you're up.

Big D.

I'm going out on a limb here
seeing if this is gonna stick.

Rach. It's not personal, man.

We just got to start
winning some challenges.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Let's play this.

We've gotta give it a go, right?

I'm going to play this
for Rach tonight.

That's very noble.

It is what it is, mate.

This is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Rachel
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Rachel.

Does not count.

Rachel. Does not count.

Rachel. Does not count.

Georgia. One vote, Georgia.

It's one vote, Georgia.

Just watch.


That's two votes for Georgia.

Laura. That's one vote, Laura.

Two votes, Georgia.

Big D.

Big D. Two votes, Big D.
Two votes, Georgia. One vote, Laura,

One vote left.

Seventh person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Brains Vs Brawn

Big D.

You need to bring me your torch.

Let's go, baby.

See you, baby. Stop crying.

Big D, the tribe has spoken.

Let's get it.

Time for you to go.
Yes, sir.

Peace, brother.

Well, the thing about being on
the bottom of this game

is that if you're not out,

the only way is up. Right, George?

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor.

It's every player for themselves.

Here we go, baby.

As each survivor fights desperately
for individual immunity.

And at an epic double tribal

where two major players
will be voted out...

I'm probably a sitting duck. one will be prepared...

If it all goes to plan
we will become stronger.

..for the massive bombshell that's
about to drop.

What the hell?!

To be honest with you, I don't know
what happened tonight.

We had a little plan,
but something got stuffed up.

I ain't got no hard feelings.

I'm definitely proud
of what I was able to do.

I'm not usually a cunning type
of person,

but yeah, man, at the end
of the day,

that's how the cookie crumbles.

To my Brawn team,
I'll see you under the sun. Yeeee!

Captions by Red Bee Media