Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Episode #6.7 - full transcript

Our hungry castaways walk into the Barbecue Feast Reward Challenge. Then, tensions flare when one tribe enter the ring for the Immunity Challenge, with a castaway forced to sit out and watch how it's done.

everyone. Have a good

everyone. Have a good night.

Australian Survivor...

Keep going, keep going, keep going.
..Brawn was on a challenge roll...

Go, team!

..firing on all cylinders
to bring home reward and immunity.

(CHANTING) Let's go! Let's go!

Sending brains to their
third tribal council.

King George's head has got to go.

With a 6-4 majority, Joey was
hell bent on getting George.

Tonight's the night we can finally
chop King George's head off.

Then Cara found an idol.

This idol. It's a golden ticket.
Sit down.

The plan was to play it for George,

but it relied on Baden and Wai
voting with them.

If we stick together,
they have no option.

I'm sorry, George.

..Wai had already decided
to flip sides.

I'm in a state of shock.

The thing is this.

You don't play your idol, no matter
what, and you survive, Cara.

But at tribal council, empath Cara
did play her idol to save George.



You're a hero, Cara.

..she was suddenly out of the game.

Or so they thought.

19 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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"Your tribe may have spoken,
but your game is not over.

"Another tribe is waiting for you.
Take this torch and join."

Jinkies. Onwards and upwards.
Holy guacamole.

I don't even know what to say.
I can't even deal.

I thought it was all over for sure.
I think it's an amazing twist.

Picking my way over rocks and water,
and I'm just...

my head is already spinning.

I'm thinking, how am I going
to be received into the Brawn tribe?

Who knows what's
going to happen next?


Oh, sh...

What's going on?

Oh, my God.
Wait, what time is it?

I just wanted you to know.

You are?


I'm superstitious.

The moment we've put that snake skin
on that cow head, we started losing.

I'm going to take it off and see
if we win.


We're a resilient bunch
over at Team Brains.


We just keep showing up
with a big smile on our face.


Another crazy tribal council
at the Brains Tribe last night.

Oh, my.
It was one for the ages.

There were tears.
There was bloodshed.

There was all sorts last night.

We didn't get our man, Georgie,
but we got our girl, Cara.

So I'm sitting here pretty
at the top of my tribe.

It's a good day for
man and womankind

out here in the Aussie outback.

Yeah, yeah, 100%. Yeah.

JOEY: In terms of my alliance,

the pecking order is myself, Laura,
Andrew and Georgia at the top,

Rachel, Hayley and then last night
I've got Wai on board

which is majority.

So I think that I'm the one
calling the shots.

I'm the big lion and I'm the big bad
lion, the head of the pride.

I'm running this game.

GEORGE: I'm feeling sad in the camp
this morning, now that Cara is gone.

Last night's tribal council
was my crucifixion.

If Cara didn't save me by playing
her idol for me, I was out.

I mean, that is one of
the most honourable things

that someone's ever done.

There were three people
that were loyal on this tribe,

myself, Baden and Cara.

I thought Wai was loyal.

So nothing was more disappointing
at that tribal council

than when Wai flipped.

Wai believed the snake oil salesman
in Joey.

But when I write my book featuring
Joey, my main character,

that's going to be a best seller.

And now my kingdom has fallen.

I can't even look her in the eye

because I can't stomach
her betrayal.

But I know one thing.

I'm going to confront Wai.

Let's move away.

Why do you have to stab me
in the back?

We were strong, we were loyal.
I know.

And things just kind of
fell out the other way.

My concern is that
you're very volatile.

I know that you've taken me
along this journey,

but it's just been really
frustrating to just feel like

I'm sitting back and being quiet

and just trying to kind of go
with your strategy.

It's still me, Wai.

I will always have a target
on my back.

And you'll fight to the death

and continue to bring chaos
to everything.

And I kind of want to enjoy my time.
And I know...

I didn't ask to be frozen out
by Joey.

I didn't ask for that.
I know you didn't.

But you are causing fallout
around you.

I just think that what is going
to make me feel most at peace.

Oh, well.

I did not expect this from you.
I know you didn't, George.

I'm going to leave that at that now.

As a result of tribal last night,
emotions are still kind of high.

Things are a little bit awkward,
especially with George and I,

but I finally feel like I made
a move that's right for me.

I took a gamble and a risk
when I made the decision to defect

from the minor alliance
to the majority alliance.

I did feel in the beginning
that I had to align myself

with George just because I owed him,

because of the fact that he saved me
from the first tribal.

But I'm not here to play anyone
else's game but my own

and George, his game has just become
quite volatile

and difficult to work with.

So I'm happy to be separated
from George.

I took some control last night and
I'm stepping up my survival game.

One, under, two, three.

How pretty is the red?

I am delighted to be rocking
the Brawn tribe path.

I'm in the stronger tribe, which
is... very pleasant.


I'm the luckiest person
in the world.

So fancy.

Because it's got
that lemongrass in it.

This is delicious.

Did you roast the almonds too?

This is how the other half live.

The luxury in the Brawn tribe is

They've got forks, for God's sake,

which can also
be used as brushes.

I've just found out
we've even got serving plates.

They've got yoga and boxing.

Relax your shoulder, more hip.

And dance class.

ALL: To the left, to the back.

I really have gone from
Survivor hell to Survivor heaven,

and I'm so happy.

I feel like I've actually
just landed home.

I played my idol to save George
at last night's tribal council.

And I thought I was voted
out of the game.

I can't wait to see the look
on their faces

when the Brains tribe
realise that I'm still here.

Hi, baby.

Joey and Laura are the ones
who got me voted out last night.

So I'm going to start just
spilling the beans on everything.

Joey and Laura are pretty much
spearheading everything.


Yeah, and then they keep talking
about how they feel a bit more adult

because, you know,
they're doing all these things

and they're acting like children.


And George, he's really loyal.

Basically, there's a lot of not...
not so niceness over there.


We're going to have fun when we see
him again.

That we've got to discuss, hey?

SIMON: It's quite clear that Cara's
allegiance is to the Brawn tribe.

And she's a little bit on the outer.

Although I'm in the minority
with Emmett, Dani and Chelsea

this gives me a lot of confidence.

With Cara joining our tribe
it means there's another number

that's up for grabs, which is huge.

So to get her to join our alliance
is another vote

that we can use moving forward.

I didn't tell George at all that
I was going to use my idol on him.

Oh, OK. So George should have gone.
You played your idol for him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We need her because my alliance
of four then becomes a majority.

I would have stayed, but
I'm about building people up.

I'm certainly not about
cutting people down.

Yeah. I've got two idols
in my back pocket.

I just need to make sure
that I've got Cara.

And then we're sweet.

I think Cara is going to be an easy
one to pull across.

One tribe's loss is
another one's gain.

And for me, Cara, is a hot commodity
and I'm making a beeline for her.

Oh, I don't know.

Simon and I feel like mum and dad

of two different alliances
in this tribe

and Cara is an extra
vote for whoever

can pocket her in their alliance.

I'm a big player
and I want her on my side.

If Simon gets her, then I'm in deep
trouble, so I need to make sure

I get there first.

Warm it up, warm it up, warm it up,
warm it up, warm it up.


I believe!
I believe!

I believe that we will win!
I believe that we will win!

I believe that we will win!

Come on in, guys.

Brains getting your first
look at the new Brawn Tribe.

Cara, joining Brawn
after last night's tribal.

Oh, my God, Cara!

Cara, I'm so happy to see you.

I'm sure I'm the only one
happy to see you.

We're happy here.

Maybe you actually heard
what happens on this tribe.

It sounds horrible.

George, George.
Your loss, our gain.

Huge gain for you.
You gained a legend.

So, Cara. Have you had time
to process what happened last night?

It took a little while to process
for sure.

I have been accepted
and welcomed with fully open arms.

And I was thinking this is
actually what I signed up for.

Not the Brawn tribe,
but just the heart tribe.

Like, I just actually feel
really at home.

Simon, how does it feel
having a new tribe mate?

You know, it's really cool
just how well that Cara has fit

into this tribe in such
a short amount of time.

It's almost like she was meant
to be here.

So very much so one team, one dream.

Alright. You guys ready to get
to today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yes.

In today's challenge,
you're each going to hold a rope

attached to a heavy barrel.

If you tire, you can tap out
and hand your rope to someone else.

But once you do that, you can't come
back in.

If you drop your barrel
and it hits the ground,

the entire tribe is out
of the challenge.

Last tribe with all their barrels
in the air, wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

Good old fashioned...

Aussie barbecue.

I'm not even going to ask
if this is worth playing for.

Oh, yeah.

Alright. Brawn, today, you have an
extra player.

You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back to back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

Well, I'm the weakest I don't mind.

We'll get you fit, don't you worry.

OK, Cara, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise. Let's get to it.

Brawn on three!
TRIBE: One, two three, Brawn!

Alright, for reward,
this challenge is now on.

Everyone's locked and loaded,
holding up a heavy barrel.

To make it fair, each tribe
is holding a percentage

of their collective weight.

If at any point,
it gets too much for you,

you can hand it off to someone else,

but you have to have one hand
on the ring at any given time.

If you do that too soon, you risk
overloading your tribe mate.

If you wait too long,
you risk dropping the barrel

and then your whole tribe misses out
on that Aussie barbecue.

It's hot today.

That's going to make it
a little more difficult.

Flies. They're out in full force.

Brains hasn't won a reward in over
two weeks.

Wai working really hard,
trying to hold in as long as she can.

Andrew, you good?

Drop it like it's hot, Wai.

Brawn targeting Wai.



Brawn feeling very confident today.

Andrew coaching her through.

Andrew takes Wai's barrel.

WAI: Thank you, Andrew.

And Wai is out of the challenge.

We're one down. Dun, dun, daaa!

Andrew first with two barrels
on the Brains tribe.

They've gone 19 minutes further
than I thought they would.

True dat.

You're looking strong, George.

That's one of the first nice things
someone said to me for days,

so thank you.

Shannon taps out.

Hands her barrel to Simon.

And just like that, Shannon
is out of the challenge.

You guys have been at it
for 30 minutes.


Emmett takes a barrel from Simon.

Baden handing back to Rachel.

Oh, very close to losing it.

Not even.

Rachel carrying all the weight now
for Brains.

Don't hurt yourself.

Georgia really struggling now.

Georgia could be in trouble.

Brains are feeling the weight
of all those barrels.

You've got this, Georgia.

Brawn, having a party over there.

Oh, hey!

Right, guys, you've been at it
for one hour.


Nice work, guys.
Yes, Brawn.

Staying strong.

Baden coming back in,
offering some relief.

Big D's in the house.

Simon handing off to Chelsea,
handing off to Daini.

Hey, Chelsea!

You have to have one hand
on the ring at any given time.

And you had both hands free
during the transfer.

You're out.

Alright, we're in good shape, guys.
We're in good shape, come on.


Emmett, inching his way over,
hands it to Dani.

Danny to Gerald.

Daini, back to Simon.

Lots of transfers for Brawn.

Dani really struggling now.

You right?

Two, one.

Dani drops out,
hands her barrel to Emmett.

Oh, yes, yes, we got this, guys.

Brawn have six players now.

Brains still have eight.

That is a distinct advantage.

Emmett handing back to Gerald.

Gerald has two, Simon has two.

Daini has two.

I've got to help Daini out.

They're running out of options now.

Come on.

We are 90 minutes
into this challenge.

Yeah, all day!

Let's do another 90. Come on!

90 more!
Things are really heating up.

Gerald struggling
with those two barrels.

Come on, Gezza.
Trying to keep them up.

We are so close to what we wanted,
an Aussie barbecue.

Let's just keep going.

No one wants to be responsible

for losing all that protein
over at Brawn.

Guys, guys. Focus on ourselves.

Gerald at full stretch.

Groaning in pain.

All day, guys, all day.

Really trying to find that
strength to hold in.

Gerald buckled over.

Giving it everything.

One hand for Gerald.

Really stretching to get
both hands on it.

Big dig from Gerald.

Oh, that's it!

Let the barrels go.

And Brains win their first reward!

Brains, congratulations.

You finally did it. You won
probably the best reward so far.


Well done. It'll be waiting for you
back at camp, head on out. Enjoy.

Thanks, guys. Thank you.

Brawn, great effort.

But for the first time this season,
got nothing for you.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Thanks. See ya.

RACHEL: Finally, we won a reward
and we've won the best reward ever.

A bloody barbecue!

We really put our bodies
on the line today,

which has actually made the victory
taste a little bit sweeter.

There's only so far that rice and
lentils can get a woman, you know.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my gosh.

Welcome to the winner's circle!

This is amazing.

Oh, wow.


Let's get into it.

This is the first proper food
we've eaten in 15 days.

Oh, salt!

That could not have been better.

There was green salad
and potato salad.

We had vegetable skewers and chops.

I'm just going to keep eating.

I feel like this barbecue
could fuel us forever.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, my God.

The lemonade!
Give me more of that lemonade.

That was amazing.
Tasted like heaven.

Cheers. Cin-cin.

LAURA: First bite of that frittata

was like an angel peeing
in your mouth.

It was delicious.

It's just the fuel and the energy
we really need to keep on winning.

We can beat the Brawn tribe
and we can outbrawn them

and outbrain them.

GEORGE: I slayed that reward today.

We ate that meat like a pack of

For 15 days, the Brains tribe

has been licking rice and lentils
and beans off a rock.

If this is going to be my last

I'm going to eat as much
of the food as possible.

Did you recognise her
when she was walking in?

No, I didn't.

Today at the challenge,
the shock of my life happened.

Cara popped up in the Brawn Tribe.

Cara's my closest ally

and I'm delighted
that she's still in.

Oh, my goodness, I thought
I got rid of Cara.

I thought, I've got rid of George
all these times.

Who wants half a sausage?

They just keep coming back
from the dead. This is crazy.

HAYLEY: Right now,
it's become very clear to me

that there are big players always
making big moves in this tribe.

A massive part of this game

is that you have to be able
to outwit people.

You have to be strategic.

I'm a pain researcher.

That means you get to manipulate
the way people are thinking.

So I have a really good read
on people.

I think that my plan of coming
in here and getting everyone

to trust me has worked.


It's really fun to be out here
and pretend to look easygoing

and not threatening.

Because floating in the middle
is a nice place to be,

but there's no way I came here to
just be a number for someone else.

So I want to find a way to make a
move and take control of this game.

Because I am here to win.

Well done, guys.

Good evening, jocks.

Honestly, every one of us there
went as hard as we could.

The main thing is that we keep...
get up back on our horse

and keep going.

I lost the challenge for the team.

At the end of the day,

it was me that let go of those
handles and I think

I might be on the chopping block.

The Brawns tribe dug so deep today.

We didn't win the reward

and I can just feel there are
a few fractures in the tribe.

My ability to read people
is my secret weapon.

And I'm always
looking for opportunity

to use my empath skills.

The other part that's kind of odd,
but interesting, good party trick

is that I'm an empath.
So cool.

And right now, I think
it's a really good time to use them

because we need to galvanise the
tribe together.

so I can literally just touch people

and feel pain in their bodies
and stuff like that.

Ooh, that's weird.

I'm just going to check on that,
because that sounds weird, but.

These ones. That. What's that from?

Oh, really?


Yeah, I just get full activation
around here.

You're kind of spot on,
never injured myself.


Yeah, and the only thing
that's on my mind

and has been for the last
two years is probably having kids.

And what that means.
Yeah, that's what I feel.

Now I'm a little teary.

Wow, like I'm in shock.

Cara's ability to pick up on
people's emotions and pain,

it works.

You need that positive energy
in your tribe.

It's cool. It's so cool.

SIMON: I know Shannon has taken
to pull Cara in close.

It is so crucial
that I get Cara in my side,

especially before we go to
the next immunity challenge.

To get her to join our alliance,

it's really important to ensure
that I have a connection with her,

but I haven't had a really good
chance to chat to her yet.

So first things first.

I need to form a bond with Cara.

She's the kind of person that has a
lot of emotional intelligence.

So I'm going to choose very
carefully and be very strategic

about how I approach this.


How are all the women when
they go through menopause?


I went through early.
So I went through, like 43.


Um...and that was hard.


And look at you now, hey? Out here.

Simon is a strong player,
but he is no match when it comes

to my social game.

If we lose the next challenge
and we go to tribal.

Simon is the only thing on my radar.

Come on in, guys.


It's been a long time coming. Was the
reward as good as you imagined?

Six in a row. Six losses.

Yeah, we still showed up yesterday.

We still bought it and we got
the win

and victory tasted oh, so sweet.


Cara, on the other hand, you're
the only one

who hasn't enjoyed a reward.

That's got to suck.
A little bit.

Yeah, I was a little bit

but I'm not so food-based.

I'm love and heart-based.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?


Hell, yeah, that's
what I like to hear.

Thank you, sir.

Once again, immunity is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're going to race up a ramp
to collect ropes.

Two of you will use those ropes
to build a rope bridge.

Allowing the rest of the tribe
to cross over, climb up a tower

and retrieve an idol.

Once you have your idol, you make
your way under a cargo net

to collect your last pieces
of rope from a high rail.

Finally, four of you will use that
rope to hoist your idol up to a hook.

First tribe to hook their idol wins
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council, where
somebody is going to become

the sixth person voted out.

Brawn, you got an extra player you're
gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back to back challenges.

Who is it gonna be?

You're gonna need height, so
I'm gonna be the one jumping up.

Dani, you're on the bench,
everyone else a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go, for immunity.

Oh, actually, hang on,
there's one more thing.

Oh, here we go.

There is a hidden immunity idol
on the course today.

Oh, gosh.

It's hidden at
the big Survivor logo.

So if you want it or need it,
go ahead and grab it.

But in doing so, you could cost
your whole tribe immunity.

Survivors, ready.


The first thing you need to do
is collect all the ropes.

That'll clear a path through the
obstacle so you can all move through.

Brawn have half of theirs.

Go through. Go through, go through.

Brain have half of theirs.

Brains are working quickly today.

Everyone needs to be on your mat
before you can move on.

Run up. You need a run up.

Rachel struggling on the ramp
for Brains.

Right. All on the mat.

Oh, Cara takes a tumble for Brawn.

You good, Brawns?
Start working on your bridge.

George quickly breaking
away from his tribe.

He's going to have
a search for that idol.

Hayley right on his tail.

What the (BLEEP) are they doing?

We've got time. We've got time.

And Gerald breaks away from Brawn.

Three of them
furiously looking for that idol.

DAINI: Ah, Hayley got it.

Hayley, she finds the idol.

That's it.

Comes back to her tribe.

There's a cost to the Brain tribe.

Finally, Brains can start work
on their bridge.

Slow and steady, guys, you got it.

Emmett and Simon, working well
together for Brawn.

Have half of their bridge completed.

Good job, guys.

Hayley, she really wants to make up
for lost time now.

There's a few that aren't sitting
flush on the right.

Alright. I'll fix them.

Alright, you guys ready?
Go, Brawn.

Alright, here we go.

Simon's across.

Chelsea on the bridge, now.

Move it. That's it.

Hayley is on a mission
in this challenge.

Got immunity for herself.

She wants to get immunity
for her entire tribe.

Brains have their bridge completed.
Andrew going across.

Good job, guys.

Get ready to climb,
get ready to climb.

Shannon last on the bridge for Brawn.

Let's go, go, go, go, go.

Brawn's good.
You're across the bridge. Go!

Watch your back, there.

Up that tower. Simon grabs the idol.

Brawn heading under the net, now.

Simon, Daini, holding it up
for everyone else.

Hold it up.
I'm going through.

Quick, quick, quick.

Can you hold it?

Brawn go through the net,

Kez and Shannon going up
to fetch those final pieces of rope.

Joey is last for Brains.
Nice, Joey.

Get up that tower!

Everyone needs to be at the top
before you can move on.

OK, you're good, Brains.

Andrew has the idol.

Get under that net.

Come on, guys. You got this.

You're doing really well.

Brawn have two of their ropes,
working on the last two.

Good work, guys.

Andrew, pull Rach out.

Come on!

Rachel, last to come through the net
for Brains, really struggling.

They drag her through on her belly.

I've got you, Georgia.
I've got you.

Shannon, working
on the last rope for Brawn

She's good! You're good, Brawn.

Move on!

Alright now you need to throw those
ropes over the rail.

Here we go.



Big D has his rope in place.
Simon has his.

You need to pick it up, Brains.

Hold me, hold me.

Just stay there.

That's it. (BLEEP)

Gerald has his. Now you need to clip
them under the disc

to lift up that idol.

Guys, nice job.

We've got to take our time with this
so it doesn't fall off.

Don't panic.

Nice and easy.

All ready? Nice and easy.

All you need to do is hook
that idol at the top.

And you get to relax tonight
back at camp.

Gerald, Gerald... Simmo.

Me, me.
You, you, you.

Simmo! Simmo and Gerald.

Oh, boys.

There's definitely
a learning curve involved here.

You have to work together.

Do you want the girls to have a go?

Finally, Andrew has the last rope.

Go, Brains, you can move on.

Baden, Laura, Joey and George

on the final stage of this

trying to hook that rope
over that high rail.

That's it, guys. Good work, Laura.
Good work, guys.

George, that's enough.

Click it under your disc.

Three, two, one, go.

Just a tiny bit at a time. Tiny.

Despite Brawn's huge lead,
we are neck and neck again.

Yeah, I think we need a better

Cara and Chelsea
are subbing in for Brawn.

We're going to get slack.

We're going to get slack and
we're all going to go one at a time.


Alright. Three, two, one, up.

Simon and Chelsea, yep, hold
it there.

That's it. Hold it here. Nice.

Hold it here.
Maybe they're on to something here.

Three, two, one.

And they go again.

Slower than that.
Way slower than that, man.

Yeah, it's got to be super slow.

What are they doing? Tell us.

Bit by bit. With just one person.

Wai, can you please go a tiny bit?

Wait, wait. Everybody wait.

Brains finally have something
that's looking steady.

Brawn get a little higher again.

Hold, hold, hold.

Cara would really like
to prove herself to her new tribe.

Chelsea and Cara release as we pull.
Three, two, one, go.

That's it.

Slowly down, slowly down.

Slowly down.
It's on.

Got it!

That's it!

Brawn win immunity!

Oh, my God!

Good job. Good job.

Brawn, congratulations.
Once again, immunity is yours.

She made us work for it,
but she's coming home.

Well done.
You guys are safe tonight.

Nobody going home, grab your gear,
head on out.

Enjoy your night off.
Thank you, guys.

Alright, Brains. Tribal council
again tonight, where one

of you will become the sixth person
voted out of the Australian Survivor

Brains vs Brawn.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

See you tonight.

HAYLEY: Kind of sucks that we lost,
but I've got something in store.

I have an idol now
and I'm ready to blow up the game.

Tribal tonight will be fireworks.

Here, guys.
I'm stuffed.

Oh, well.

It is what it is.

We'll win the next one.

I've got dirt in places
I've never had dirt before.

So shall we swim, people?
Let's swim.

Let's swim.

Wash away our loss.

We tried that one.

Unfortunately, we came up short
today in the immunity challenge.

So we're off to tribal tonight
to see what happens.

Obviously I want George out

and I think the tribe will be
stronger for it.

He is dangerous in this game.

He is a strategic player
and that is a threat.

So tonight, Georgie is going home.

So we vote George,
we're obviously splitting.

We're 100% splitting.


I feel a little bit bad because
I did bring Wai into the fold,

you know, for the tribal two nights
ago, and she gave us the numbers

we needed, but I think it
served its purpose.

So tonight, if George plays an idol,
Wai is going home.

OK. So we got it sorted.

I think it's as straightforward
as it gets.

Look, at the end of the day,
everyone's coming to me

to come up with the strategies
because I got the moves.

I'm playing chess.
They playing checkers. (LAUGHS)

Oh, well, congratulations, Hayley.

That idol's gonna probably propel
you to the top three or four now.

That would be fantastic.

Are you gonna play it for me

Stranger things have happened.

Well, it was worth asking.

Famous last words, mate.

Oh, it is a breath of fresh air

to know that Hayley got
to that idol before George.

Hayley is definitely
someone I feel like I can trust.

At the end of the day,
one of my alliance members has it.

George doesn't have it,
which is the big thing.

So I feel like it's in my
back pocket whenever I need it.

I am the puppet master.
I'm pulling all the strings.

At the challenge, the idol
was centimetres away from me

and I just didn't see it.

And the next minute, Hayley's
picked it up and she's running away.

It was at that point in time
I knew that my goose was cooked.

The Brains tribe is my political
party, and tonight's tribal council

is Election Day.

The poll's definitely against me,
but the only option is to fight.

So I have to convince
Joey's majority

to vote for
someone else tonight.

Alright, guys. Am I able to have a
little say?

Yeah, yeah. Have it.
Shoot, mate.

Sorry. I'll let you guys ponder
your thoughts,

because clearly I know
my position on this tribe.

You know, I know I'm
public enemy number one.

So I'm the obvious choice
for tonight.

But I also I think getting rid of me
right now is emotional.

So the question is,
who goes tonight?

The other people that I think
are at least worth thinking about -

you've got Wai. We know what
she can contribute in challenges.

You've got Rachel.

Is she weaker than Wai?

If it's me, it's not
going to be a surprise.

That's just my commentary.

I hear ya.

So, that's...that's it.

Working with these people
is like trying to milk a donkey.

I'm sure it's theoretically

but you're going to get
a sour outcome.

And that's what it feels like
for me on this tribe.

I'm milking, I'm milking,
I'm milking away.

But nothing good
is coming out of it.

Oh, my God.

My only hope is for Hayley to
play her idol for me.

Otherwise, it's game over.

So George just gave us his final,
you know.

His sales piece.
Oh, cool. I want to know what it is.

Oh, well, it's... He, he...

He should be in politics.

We're not taking another
risk with Georgie.

100% he's the primary.


Like, it is what it is.

HAYLEY: There's a clear hierarchy
in this tribe making all the calls

and the rest of us
are just following along.

George is a big target,
but I've got some other ideas.

Finding the idol, it does bring me
power and it makes me feel

like I can make big moves.

So tonight presents an opportunity.

We could get rid of one of the
biggest threats in the game,

and no one will suspect
that I would orchestrate this vote.

It's about time to gather up all the
people at the bottom of this tribe

to take the head off the snake.

I'm going to take control
of the game and I'm going to do it

without using my idol tonight.


How are you feeling going forward?

Feeling like...

It's obviously going to go, George,
and then Wai.

Yep. I hear you.

Who have they said for you
to vote for?


Orders come down the line
and I'm not enjoying that.

Did you have any interest in,
in... in something tonight?

These guys?

Who would you pick?

Would you have any interest in, something tonight?

These guys?

Who would you pick?

That's a pretty big move.

But I like your thinking.

Do you know what? I actually
wouldn't have been surprised...

I'm all about stirring stuff up.

Oh, I know that. I know that.

But, um...

I need some carnage to keep me


I'm in.

Right now, Joey is
at the top of the alliance.

He is like the puppet master
who's running this camp.

So I've decided we could get
Joey out tonight.

It would mean that I knock out a
huge social threat down the line

that's gonna be dangerous
for my game.

So all I need is four other
votes to take him down.

I've got Baden.

Now I need Rachel, Wai and George
to make this happen.

But I know no one wants to work
with George,

so I have a huge task
on my hands.

Well, then that's
when things start getting serious.

What were you thinking?

I think it's too risky.

There is a lot at stake

and I am very stressed
that this plan won't come off.

Wai is going to be a difficult
one to convince.

She voted with Joey at the
last tribal council

and now I need to know that she's
willing to work with George.

It's her name
as the split vote tonight.

So she needs to come to her senses
and make a move.


So there's an option we could do
something different tonight.


But please don't tell
everyone else and then kill my game.

And I don't want you to go,
but what we could do...

Yeah, I know.

Could do it.
Could do it.

Is that your gut?
That's what you feel.

Because if we burn bridges now,
it could come back to bite us.

You know, that's the hardest
part about this decision.

We are.

Hayley's put Joey's name out there

and I can see the pros and cons.

The advantage of voting up Joey
is Joey is definitely a threat.

So it's important to take him out
now while we still have numbers.

But on the other hand, what I don't
want to do is reverse my situation

and end up back in a place where
I am stuck with George's volatility.

I'm part of the majority alliance

and I know how dangerous
a position I'm in.

And to kind of turn my back on them,

I don't want to jeopardise
my position further.

I think if I save George,
I'm putting myself at risk here.

I empathise with both sides
and I just need time to process it.

What are you going to do again, Wai?
Are you gonna vote for me again?

I don't know.
I mean, we have to vote.

Have you reflected on what happened
two nights ago?

I reflected well.

I guess, like I said,
ownership and I own it.

I trusted you 100%.

People are very surprising
and people can be disappointments.

And that's part of what we learn
about life.

Yeah, I know. And no one is more
disappointed in me, Wai. Trust me.

I know.

I can think about it when
I'm packing my bags tonight.

I don't see a light at the end
of this tunnel.

I know my pitch has failed
with Joey.

I know I'm going home at tonight's
tribal council.

My last day here.

If there is
a Macedonian Jesus out there,

I need my bacon saved tonight.

I've put in a lot of legwork
today already.

Everyone else is on board to vote
out Joey, but George is pivotal

for this plan.

Because right now I need George
as a number.

I haven't even been able
to talk to him at all.

I'm sure I could somehow talk
to him at tribal.

But if Joey doesn't go tonight, that
could be really dangerous for me.

Every vote is so important.

I'm feeling very comfortable, I feel
like tonight we have the numbers,

so I don't want
any mistakes tonight.

Georgie has to go.

Everyone's falling into line
and I'm calling the shots.

So King George's head will roll.

This should be an easy one tonight.

It's a no-brainer.

Join People's Champ Luke Toki,
ex-Survivors and super fans

as they unpack the week that was

on Australian Survivor
Brains vs Brawn on 10 Play.

So, Hayley, last time you guys
were here,

you chose to go ahead
and get rid of Cara.

Why was that?

We made that choice because
there was a lot of tension

around the camp and some of that was
tied up between relationships

Cara had with people
who are still here now.

And we collectively thought that it
would be better if we let Cara go

so that we could clear some
of that tension.

So, Rachel, did that work?

It definitely worked.

Yesterday, winning,
winning the reward challenge.

I don't think I've had
a better day actually at camp.

We had fun. It felt lighter.

So Georgia, with such
a happy, united tribe,

is it going to be difficult
to vote someone out tonight?

I mean, it's always difficult
to vote someone out.

But, you know, we need to do
what's necessary

to continue moving forward.

Baden. In the dynamic of your tribe,
where do you think you sit?

I'm not overly concerned
at the moment.

And by the time it's my numbers up,
according to these guys,

I plan to have something in place
to turn the tables on them.

At the end of the day, you align
yourself with people

to advance your position.

I just so happen to have an alliance
that I've got people that I trust

and they can trust in me.

One team, one dream.

So, Hayley, where do you think
you sit in that pecking order?

Um, it is hard to say. I think
everybody's hierarchy is different.

And that's what makes this game
so complicated.

My priority is to make sure

that I have built
really good relationships.

So when Survivor starts to crumble,
that something is there to be held.

So, Laura, do you agree that
there is an order of who goes next?

Within the alliance and network
that we built

I don't have an order at all.

And like zero.

So you're saying that everyone
in the alliance, in the alliance

is on equal footing?

But Wai, isn't that exactly
what people at the top want,

the people at the bottom to believe?


I think the intention is there.

As long as we can stay unified
and stay together, then we don't

have to start thinking
in that kind of way.

And that might keep us OK.

So would you say there's an alliance
controlling tonight's vote?

Yes, I think there is a plan and
that should be how things work out.

Andrew. Sometimes when you come to
tribal, it's just an easy vote.

Is it gonna be an easy one tonight?

I just think there's just so many
unknowns and you just don't know

who's going to pull a rabbit
out of the hat.

Sometimes the, you know,
the hunter can become the hunted.

I guess we're going to find
out tonight, right?

So, Hayley, how do you think
the tribe is going to change

in its dynamics
after tonight's vote?

Um, I think that we will come
together more strongly

after this, I think.

George, is it a concern to hear

that the tribe is going to be more
unified after tonight

when you've been an outsider
for so long?

I don't think so.

I mean, being from Bankstown,
I've been an outsider my whole life.

We don't get a fair share
of our resources

and you have to fight for things.

And that's what I am, a fighter.

So if I have to fight for unity,
that's what I'll fight for.

I could be part of a unified team.

I think I showed that yesterday.
I'm the total package.

I'm strong at the puzzles.

I'm athletic.

I have extreme mental endurance
and physically I'm in good shape.

So I bring an asset to this tribe
and you need assets to move forward.

Laura, you have a look on your face
that says you don't agree.

George, I don't completely agree
with you there.

You showed great resilience
yesterday in that challenge.


But what George contributed
to our society as a tribe

has been lacking compared to others.

So, George, this side of the tribe
is pointing at you saying

that you're part of the problem

when it comes to the unification
of this tribe.

There's no utility in looking
in the past.

I like to look forward
to the future.

And the future is going to be bleak

if we just keep getting picked
off one by one.

At the end of the day,
the past is the best predictor

of future behaviour.

I mean, that's
basic human psychology.

So I've got a good feeling
where my vote will go.

But as we've seen before, things
can change around here very quickly.

So, Hayley, Georgia makes
a good point.

It's not over until it's over.


Is there still time to make
something happen tonight?

I think we've all had
conversations already

about what we want to happen.

I have no intention of changing my
conversations that I've had before.


It's yeah, it's ready to go.

So, George, after hearing
all this discussion,

do you think your poll numbers
have gone up or down?

Jonathan, I've been praying
to the Survivor gods all day.

I'm hoping for a very good outcome.

But as a good politician knows,

the polling numbers don't look
good for me.

I know that.

But the polls are sometimes wrong

and I'm hoping
they're wrong tonight.

But you either have the numbers
or you don't.

And I don't think
I have the numbers on this tribe.

Alright, well, I think it's time
to find out where those polls sit.

It is time to vote.

Alright, well, I think
it's time to vote.

Georgia, you're up.

Joey, leader of the cool kids.

I watched you build your alliance
up. Now watch me break it down.

Georgie, this is the only time
you're ever going to get my vote.

I don't trust you and I can't
march forward into this game

with you still in.

Joey, I'm praying to the Macedonian
Jesus and the Survivor gods

that you run out of
snake oil tonight.

I will count the votes.

If anyone has an immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Wai.


It's one vote Wai, one vote, George.

George. That's two votes, George,
one vote, Wai.


Three votes, George. One vote, Wai.


One vote, Wai.
Three votes, George. One vote, Joey.


That's three votes, George.
Two votes, Joey. One vote, Wai.


We're tied.

Three votes, Joey.
Three votes, George. One vote, Wai.


That's four votes, Joey,
three votes, George.

One vote Wai, one vote left.

The sixth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Brains Vs Brawn,


Need to bring me your torch.

Oh, my God.
See yas.

See ya.

Joey, the tribe has spoken.

It was a fun ride.
It sure was.

Cheers, mate.
Time for you to go.

Well, if there's one thing
we've learned tonight,

it's don't ever trust the polls.

Grab your torches, head on out.
Good night.

Oh, you kill me.

Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor -

the tides have finally turned
at the Brains tribe,

I'm feeling absolutely ecstatic.

But in the game of Survivor,

you never know what's
round the corner.

It is time to drop your buffs.

My position in the game is back
in the hands of the Survivor gods,

I could be on the bottom again.

JOEY: I wanted to be the blindside
king, but in the end,

I got hit with the biggest
blindside this season's seen.

I didn't see it coming.

I definitely got outwitted today.

It was a bit of a boss move
and I'm just... I am left in shock.

I don't really know the mechanics
of what happened tonight.

I've got to go process that.

I still can't see George lasting
too much longer in this game,

but I feel like there is potentially
a bit of a power shift underway.

Captions by Red Bee Media