Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Episode #6.6 - full transcript

Both tribes begin to struggle with the harsh reality of the Aussie outback. Tensions are high and tears are shed at an emotional Tribal Council. But all is not what it seems.

Previously on Australian Survivor...


..another reward challenge
brought yet another win for Brawn.

Come on!

And back at camp...

..Simon got the best reward of all

when he found not one but two
hidden immunity idols.

I am unstoppable.

At the immunity challenge...

Go, go, go!

..Brawn's luck continued...

Simon goes for the win!

Finally! Brawn wins immunity!

..and it was Brains' turn
to go to tribal.

George's plan -
get rid of Laura to bring down Joey.

Sounds like a good plan.


..Joey had his own target.

Georgie is going home.

But when George came out
strutting his idol...

GEORGE: Nice little find, isn't it?

..Joey came up with a new plan -

to flush the idol

and blindside Mitch.

Um, yeah, I'm definitely down
for voting Mitch.

Nobody will see it coming.

At tribal council...

George can't see beyond his own ego.

Let the blood flow.

..Joey's plan...

Mitch. like a charm.

The tribe has spoken.

19 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


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Oh, my God! I almost put them on!

# Dun dun da! #


That's a huntsman.
That would have hurt.

We are living in the elements
here, guys.


It's day 13 out here
and the Brawn tribe is thriving.


We didn't go to tribal council
last night,

and as long as we stay
far away from tribal council,

you know, we're doing pretty well.

Brawn are super determined
to keep up that winning streak.

Twist that.
Twist into it?

Yeah, and just try
the left-hand hook.

Nice. Go again.

Twist that front foot.

Bring that elbow up in line.

Yeah, that's the angle you want
to make, yeah. Yeah, that's it.

Day 13 and I'm feeling fantastic.

I'm sitting in a really good spot.

I've got two idols in my back pocket.

No-one knows about this.
This is huge.

This is my ticket
through to the end game.

Yesterday, just happened
to be looking out

at the exact moment when Simon
came back with an immunity idol

and put it in his bag.

And having a little celebration
out the back.

Look, on my side at the moment,

I've got myself,
Kez, Flick and Shannon.

Hopefully, by telling everyone
Simon has a hidden idol,

we can get everyone on board
and try and blindside him.


(LAUGHS) Oh, my God.

The idol is the power in the game.

It holds so much power, and in
the wrong hands, it's dangerous.

Especially if it's someone
who's an alpha player.

You're certain?

Oh, Lord.

You're kidding.

The only good information about this

is that Simon doesn't know
that we know.

We'll have to make him
get rid of it.


Knowing that he has an idol,

we have to try to flush it somehow
to get it out

so we can get Simon out
at some point.

He needs to feel confident and
strong thinking he is the top dog.

But really, we're the top dogs.

13 days.

So many seeds. Yum.

I would definitely put seeds
on that. Thank you.

Yeah. It's like risotto.

Yum. Thanks, guys.

RACHEL: Last night,
I didn't vote with George.

A line was drawn in the bulldust.

Me voting with Joey

has cemented my place
in the alliance of six,

and the other four leftover people -
Wai, Baden, Cara and George -

are really quite scrambling
for what's gonna happen next.

GEORGE: Last night's tribal council,
I played my idol,

and I didn't need to do that.

What a stupid move
to get rid of Mitch!

He was our strongest physical asset.

Mitch got played
by a backroom dirty deal

orchestrated by Rachel and Joey.

Rachel made promises to people
and she's broken them.

The deal was quite simple -

Rachel, me, Wai, Baden, Cara

plus Hayley and Mitch

were going to vote for Laura.

I don't like it when people play
the player and not the ball.

I definitely don't trust Rachel
after last night.

Rachel, last night was
playing in the gutter.

Well, yeah, in my opinion.

Yes. Extreme lying involved.

No, it's not.


I made a deal,
and I stick to my promises.

You can wash your hands of Mitch's
blood in any way you want.

I don't intend to, because
I don't feel like I have to.

Well, then, own it.


Hurricane George has just...

He's like an eddy. He should be
called Eddie, not George.

'Cause eddies are like...

You know what an eddy is?

An eddy's like a circular wind.

An eddy.

Oh, right. That's...that's right.


..gust. Circular wind gust.

It's a crossword...question.

I actually thought
I was gonna be voted off.

Mmm. 100%.

I even took my chopsticks with me.

George and I have a unique bond.

We just kind of get each other

and I'm kind of...probably
the cool water to his fire.

His brain never stops.

No, no, no. I agree with that.

George being the brawler
from Bankstown that he is,

he's definitely positioned himself
in the firing line.

So it's now or never
to start making the moves.

We've got to start hustling.

Wow. Do you guys need a hand? Joey?

What about those big Bondi muscles?

I got this, man!

Oh, what a tribal last night!

It went to plan perfectly.

We took out Mitch.
Georgie flushed that idol.

It was a masterful performance
by Joey and his alliance.

Oh! It's all fun and games.

I've got five people on board.

I got 'em in my pocket, man.

We're ready to march forward
and take some more scalps.

It's a 6-4 equation.

It's a 6-4 equation...

..but if we play six on one and they
play an idol on the off-chance...

Or some advantage.
..then one of us is out.

We need to make sure
they don't get an idol.

I just don't think he's as smart
as he says he is.

No, no, he's not.
He's not.

Yeah, all fluff, mate.

In the outside world, would George
get my vote as a politician?

Hell, no.
Will he get my vote in here?

Hell, yes!

George is going home
at the next tribal!

Come on in, guys.

Brawn getting your first look
at the new Brains tribe.

Mitch voted out last night in
tribal council.

That's fun.

No more Dr Mitch.

Simon, I'm sure you spent
your night off

guessing who was going to
go home over at Brains.

Are you surprised?

Look, if that was me, I'd be
trying to keep the tribe strong.

So, interesting decision.

George, how you feeling
about last night?

Well, after last night,
I slept with a clean conscience.

I don't have blood on my hands

and at least I know
who the heroes, the villains

and the wolves in sheep's clothing
are on this tribe.

Sounds like trouble in paradise.

Sounds like it.

Guess we're going to find out.

You guys ready for
today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

For today's challenge...

..tethered to a rope,
you're going to dig under a log

and then weave your way through
a series of obstacles.

Last person through

will have a key that unlocks
a box of sandbags.

Two of you will use those sandbags
to smash a series of targets.

First tribe to smash all six targets
wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes.

Something to satisfy...

..your sweet tooth.

Lamingtons and chocolate milk.


Gerald, worth playing for?

100%, mate.
That's what we're here for.

Animal products.
Couldn't ask for more.

We heard your call, and we answered.

Yes. Thank you.

Alright, Brains, you have an extra
player. You need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?

Alright, Brains. What's the decision?

OK, Rachel, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you
a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For reward.

Survivors ready?


First thing you've gotta do is dig.
Got to get everyone under that log.

Brains have the size advantage
at the dig.

Smaller bodies means smaller hole.

Go under.

Slim Andrew slips through.

He can start digging
from the other side for Brains.

Chelsea is through from Brawn.

She's digging on the other side.

Both tribes pretty close
at this stage.

Baden's through now for Brains.

Brawn are whipping through it.

But they're going to need
a bigger hole.

Simon's through for Brawn.
Joey going now.

Laura's through for Brains.

Brains start to work on the A-frame.

Brains have a nice lead.
Can they keep it going?

Brawn getting stuck.

Big D's through for Brawn.

Gerald's almost through.

Alright, come on, guys.

Brains on the A-frame.
Only two ways to win this one.

Push harder or work smarter.

Emmett's through.

Brawn working on the A-frame now.

Need to make your way along the rope,
woven through the obstacles.

Means you're gonna need
to manage that rope,

need enough slack to get through,

but not so much slack
you get all tangled up.

Cara all tangled up in that rope.

Doesn't know which way to go.

Brawn have caught up
and they've overtaken Brains.

Hang on, Cara. Slow down.

Cara struggling for Brains.

Costing them precious time.

You're right.

I can't. I literally can't.

Chelsea is up and over
the hitching rails.

Making quick work of it.

Dani's through for Brawn.

Kez is through for Brawn.

That rope runs through
the entire course.

You've got to leave
some of that rope

for your tribemates at the end.

Finally Cara's through. Go!
You're good, Brains! Go, Brains!

You alright?

Shannon, last to come through.

Hang on, my ring's stuck.

Wai struggling at the end.

George is through.

GEORGE: Go, go, go, go, go.
Don't worry about me.

We got this, team. Let's go!

We are neck and neck.

It's all going to come down
to the end game.

Yeah, just move the ring through.

I'm really entangled. Uh-oh.

Georgia, pull the rope back
for them.

Give them more slack.

George and Wai stuck at the end.

Guys, pull the rope back.

All tangled up.

Can't get any slack on that rope.

Brawn kicking it into another gear.

Good work, guys. Hustle!

It's exhausting trying to wind
your way along that rope.

Yep. Keep coming, keep coming.
Let's go, team.

Up and over and through
the obstacles.

Three people are through for Brawn.

Andrew through four Brains.

Except, in this challenge,

you're only as fast as your
slowest tribe member.

Use your legs, Wai. Use your legs.

Just keep calm.
Oh, shit.

Wai hurting herself on the A-frame.

That's alright.

George and Shannon hold the keys
for both tribes.

Can't move on until they get there.

Come on, guys.

Shannon last to go over the rail
for Brawn.

Get that chocky milk, baby!

We're doing this together, Wai.

Wai and George need to pick it up
to make up for some lost time.

Keep going, keep pushing.

George! Keep moving!

Rachel trying to give George
some encouragement.

Yeah, it's not encouragement.

Brawn have everyone through
except Flick and Shannon.

Going good, girls.
Well done. Good job.

Good work, girls. Keep it going.

Brains still have five left
on the frame.

Wai and George,
feed it through, feed it through.

Turn around this way.
Turn around this way.

This reward is slipping away
from Brains.

Shannon, finally through.
She has the key.

You're good, Brawn.
Move on. Unlock that box.

Let's go, boys.

We got this, boys.

Simon takes a shot.
Take your time.

He connects,
but they only take off the lid.

You need to smash the target
to make it count.


Brawn smash one target.
Brawn lead 1-0.

Five to go.

George exhausted back there.

I'm not exhausted.

Come on! Move it! Move it! Move it!

ALL: Yes!
Oh, and Simon connects!

Brawn lead 2-0.

Finally, Wai and George are through.

Alright, you're good.
Hand over that key.

Unlock your box. Go, Brains.

Brawn connect and get another one.

Brawn lead 3-0.

Brains have their box open.

Joey and Andrew throwing for Brains.

Just like that, Joey connects.

And Andrew connects!

Brawn still lead, 3-2.

Joey takes a shot.

And another one!

We're tied, 3-3.

Oh, Andrew gets another one.

Suddenly Brains is leading, 4-3.

Brains were nowhere
in this challenge.

Simon takes another shot.
Daini almost hits it.

Both boys firing,
can't quite make it happen.

Joey takes a shot...

Yeah, baby!
Joey gets another one!

Brains one target away from
their first reward in 13 days.

Simon and Daini
desperate to catch up.

Daini fires.
Just like that, Daini connects.

Simon fires. Oh! And Simon connects.

We're tied.
One target left for each tribe.

Who's going to take it?

Simon takes another shot,
Daini almost hits it,

both boys getting gassed.

Emmett, Emmett, sub in!

Emmett in now for Brawn.

Emmett fires. Almost connects.

Frantic throws on both sides, no-one
wants to miss out on this reward.

Andrew fires and connects. Not quite!

Brains take off the lid,
but that's not enough.

Emmett fires again.

Brawn wins reward again!

I'm so sorry.

Brawn, congratulations.

Yet again, reward is yours.

It'll be waiting for you
back at camp.

But, before you go, you can choose
one from the Brains tribe

to join you and share in your spoils.

Talk, talk.
Bring it in. Bring it in.

Wai or Joey?

I say Joey.
Yep, yep.

I'm pretty excited.

Because Joey's
going to come join us.

You can stay on this side.

Well, congratulations, Joey.
Thank you.

Alright, guys, head on out. Enjoy.

See you, guys.

Yeah, Joey.

How good.

Old Joey got an invite for a little
adventure over to the Brawn tribe.

I'm a social beast.

I'm going to connect with and
put in a good account of myself

and turn them into Joey fans.

FLICK: Once again,
Brawn won the challenge.

We are six from six.



So there was an extra twist,

and we were able to bring
one person from the Brains tribe

over to our reward,

and we chose Joey.

6 and 0, baby!

We did it! We did it!


Once again, man!

Welcome, Joey.

I am Christmas excited.

He has put in a massive effort for
the Brains team in every challenge,

and also he has been
the most vocal in challenges

and we thought, because of that, we'd
probably get the most out of him.

This is how the other half lives,


You beauty!

We got a prisoner!

You treat your prisoners of war
very well, guys.

I know.
Oh, my goodness.

Mm, wow.


Oh, I don't think
there's a much better match

than a lamington in the outback,

especially washed down
with a nice glass of milk.


Some people say that they are
lactose intolerant.

But, as a dairy farmer,
I'm lactose dependent.

So I'm feeding my dependency.

Well done. Good win.

How does it taste?
Winning tastes great, guys.

13 days of rice and lentils, man!
This is the best.

So, how did you end up
on the Brains tribe?

Are you an engineer?

I'm not an engineer, no.

But I do have the highest ever
recorded IQ in Australia.


No, I'm...

I see Joey as positive,

someone a little bit cheeky,

someone who can corral
a group together and stuff.

You've been working so bloody hard
and carrying that Brains tribe

through every bloody challenge,

they'd be screwed without you.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I feel like he was the right person
to kind of get in here,

come over
and just get those lips moving.

How is your shelter?

Like, one, and then a little one
off to the side.

That's where we send George.


I'm joking. He's alright. Sometimes.

Why didn't you vote him out
last night, then?

It was an interesting
turn of events last night.

There might have been
an idol in play.

Yeah, I think Mitch was
the collateral damage, so...


One of those ones, you know?


Georgie pulled out the idol
last night.

George pulled out the idol?!

Big George.

He was actually
wearing it around camp,

you know, strutting around with
his big, swinging idol around camp.

No way!

That's ballsy.

Oh, yeah,
he's an interesting character.


Joey flapping his gums today

gave us so much more intel

which we can use to our advantage
to take down the Brains.

That was an upsetting one because
I think we just got so close.

And we came so far.

Yeah, I'm really, really,
really sorry.

But we'll get there.

I promise that I'm going to put in
and give it my all.

I know I was very weak.

Because that's all
I can give you guys.

But, yeah, we're gonna try.
We're gonna keep trying.

We're trying.
You keep pushing.

I think one... One thing,
I think, in the pre-chat,

when we are on the mat,

I know that there's stuff
going on in the tribe, George.

But dissing the tribe
before we go into a competition

is something
that I want to talk about.

Because we are not going to be able
to push ourselves

as far as we need to go

if we know
that going into a challenge,

like, all that negativity
is flying around.

It doesn't feel fair.

George is upset because he got
out-played last night.

But holding grudges in this game
is a dangerous mistake

and that does not make
for good teamwork.

We've got to get that stuff

OK. This is a surprise attack,

I'm not attacking you.
But that's fine.

You are attacking me.
I'm not.

I... I... This is... This is where
we talk about strategy.

As an educator,
I have spent a lot of time

teaching about empowering people

and the importance
of community and solidarity.

That's exactly
what we need right now.

When we are standing
on our fighting mat,

just before we go into battle
against the Brawns,

it's really important that we don't
trash-talk our own tribe.

We always need
to go into battle unified.

I think you're completely off,

And if you are going to paint
a target on me, good luck to you.

I'm not painting a target on you.
You're showing your true colours.

This is why it is difficult
to talk to you.

I've had enough. Enough of you.

Off on an idol hunt!

Should I go? Someone's got to...

Oh, Georgia.

I think it's just about cohesion
before we go into a challenge.

I think that's the only point
she was making at the start.

She wasn't making any point at all,

Do you think that what you said
built cohesion?

Do you know what
doesn't build cohesion?

What happened yesterday, Georgia.

I'm not gonna sit there
and be lectured to by her.

You seem a bit upset.

I'm extremely upset.

And thank you for coming
and reaching out to me.

Do you want to just,
like, maybe have a seat?

No. I'm gonna go looking for things
and you're welcome to come with me.


I'm following George just to see
if he finds an idol.

But also,
being a forensic psychologist,

I can see why he's behaving
and reacting in certain ways.

I am a forensic psychologist.

I am trained and skilled

to treat and assess
criminal behaviour.

People who intentionally deceive,
they want to manipulate me.

They want me
to believe a certain truth.

My job
is not to peel back the onion,

but slice it in half.

And that's exactly
what I'm going to do.

And why are you here monitoring me?

I'm not monitoring you. I'm here
as a friend. That's what I said.

Oh, lucky I've got a friend like you.


You can monitor all day, Georgia.

Why am I monitoring you?

Because I'm looking
for a third item...

Mm-hm. join my other items, Georgia.

Why do you feel you need to do that?

Because, clearly,
I'm the next one out, Georgia.

Georgia can read people's weaknesses
and manipulate that to her advantage.

I don't mind
a bit of psychological warfare.

But I'm smarter than her.

I think two steps ahead.

I'll make sure that she's a target.

A bigger target than me.

SIMON: Long time no see!
Bit colder out there last night?

JOEY: Oh, yeah.

I think we're getting
cold and wet today.

Come on in, guys!

Some big-ass puzzle pieces.

Our favourite thing.

So, Joey,

what was it like eating your
first reward in almost two weeks?

Yeah, look, I'm not going to lie -
it was good. It's...

You know, I think, unfortunately,

I didn't get to share it
with the rest of the Brain tribe,

but I'm very appreciative
of the Brawn for inviting me over.


I know it can be difficult
to get Joey to talk,

but was it nice to have
someone new to chat to?

Joey's full of personality

and he dressed their team
full of colour.

And, yeah, it sounds like
there's some big moves,

there's some interesting tribals
going ahead.

And you know what?

It's just going to make it more fun

when we finally get to merge
the two worlds together.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah!

First things first.

Got it here.

Thank you, Dani.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, on my go,

one member from each tribe will
paddle a board attached to a rope

out to a pontoon
to collect one of five keys.

When you get your key,
you'll hang on to your board

and the rest of your tribe
will use a giant winch

to pull you back to shore.

Once you have all five keys,

you'll unlock some puzzle pieces
to solve a giant puzzle.

First tribe gets it right,
wins immunity - safe from the vote.

Losers - tribal council,

where somebody's going to become
the sixth person voted out.

Alright, Brains,
you have an extra player.

You need to sit someone out today -
who's going to be?

GEORGE: It's five people,
then we've got to haul them back.

..we want.

WAI: It's me.


I'll sit out.


You're on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise, we'll get to it.


Alright, let's do this.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Go, Baden!
Baden first out on the board
for Brains.

Andrew feeding him the rope.

Come on, Baden!

Emmett first out on the board
for Brawn.

Simon feeding him the rope.

Need to make sure your tribemate
has enough rope to reach the pontoon.

Rope management is key.
Keep going, Andy!

Don't want to slow down
your paddler.

That's enough rope!
That's enough rope!

Emmett has a slight lead on Baden.
Good work, mate.

Keep going, guys! Keep going!

Emmet's almost there.
Yeah. Yeah.

He's up on the pontoon.

And, let's go!

Dani, Big D, Gerald and Shannon
cranking that winch.

Really nice teamwork over at Brawn.

Baden has the key. He's back in.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Get rid of the slack!
Which way are you pushing?

Brains are confused about the winch!

Finally, they get
some tension on it.

Go! Go!
Come on, guys!

Slowly dragging Baden back.

Brawn opening up a nice lead.


Kez going out now.
Simon feeding that rope.

Finally, Baden's back on shore.
Good job, Baden.

You're good! Go, Brains!

Joey's going out now.

Pull the rope!

Joey carrying his board over halfway.

To try to close the gap for Brains.

Georgia! Georgia, come back.
I'll do it.

Here, I'll go help.

He needs more...
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Kez is at the pontoon.

She grabs the second key.

Brawn working hard, trying to get
some steam on that winch.

Brawn extending their lead.

They have a very solid lead.

Finally, Joey's there.
He has his second key.

He goes back in.


Brains starts winching.

Simon back on the rope again.

He is a machine today.
Get it, Flick!

Flick looking very at home
on that board.

The pro surfer. This is
totally within her wheelhouse.

GEORGIA: Come here, Joey. Come here.

Joey's back on shore.

You're good, Brains!

Georgia's going out now.

Nice, Baden.

Baden feeding the rope.

Run as far as you can, Georgia!
Keep running, Georgia! Run, Georgia!

Keep running it, Georgia!

Flick is out at the pontoon.

She grabs the third key for Brawn.

Ah! Go!

Start cranking, Brawn!

Ah! That's how you do it!

Brawn getting the hang of it.

Whipping Flick back to shore.

Sprinting back with the third key.

Come on, baby, go!
Chelsea going out for Brawn.

Go, Chels!

Finally, Georgia is there for Brains.

She gets their third key.

She's back in.

Brains stark cranking,
but they're getting exhausted.

Kick, Georgia! Kick!

Struggling through the water.

Sprinting up to her tribe.

You're good, Brains!

Andrew goes out now for Brains.

Chelsea grabs the fourth key
for Brawn.

Let's go, Chelsea!

Brawn have a huge lead,

keep pulling away from Brains.

Andrew was quick on the sand,
but he is slow in the water.

Simon going out for Brawn.
for that fifth and final key.

Run as far as you can!

Brawn want all the time they can get
on that puzzle.

Andrew finally has
the fourth key for Brains.

He jumps in.
They start pulling too soon!

He can't quite get to the board.

He has it!

Start pulling, Brains!

Yeah, Simmo!

And Simon -
he has the final key for Brawn

and they are cranking him back.

Good job, guys!

They have a huge lead at this stage.

Can they take advantage of it?

Andrew's back. Simon's back.

Needs to get back to his mat.

Yeah, Simmo!

You're good, Brawn!
Start working on your locks!

Alright, get out all your keys.

Hayley going out for that
fifth and final key for Brains.

It's alright - we've got a puzzle.

Oh, Brawn make quick work
of those locks.

Let's go, let's go!

Now you need to sort out
your pieces.

Those pieces are big, they're heavy -
it's going to require some muscle.

White snake first.

Brawn have a huge lead, but they're
yet to crack a puzzle in this game.

White first, guys. If it's red,
get them stacked back up.

Good job, Hayley!

Finally, Hayley...

..has the fifth and final key.

She's on the board.

Brains starting to crank,

desperate to get her back
on the beach.

White - get it out.

White - get them in the middle.

Brawn have a nice lead
on this puzzle.

Typically, this is where
they lose the challenge,

and where Brains wins it.

Finally, Hayley's back
with that fifth and final key.

You're good! Start working
on your locks, Brains!

Good job! Good job! Good job!

Everyone on a lock.

Joey has his. Hayley has hers.

Andrew has his. Everyone has theirs!

Brains working on the puzzle now,

but they've left their best
puzzle maker on the bench.

Will that strategy
come back to bite them?

WAI: Keep going!
Keep going, guys! Ignore that!

Brawn trying to pick up the pace now.

They can feel the pressure.

That one's back over here.

Simon has clearly taken charge
of this puzzle.

Each piece is the same size,
but it only goes together one way.

We need a leader.

WAI: The white needs to go flush!

I think I need to go flush
against the sides!

Brains yet to find something.

Pieces everywhere for Brains.

That goes here.
No, look, 'cause, look.

They go out, that way.

Can Brains catch up at this stage?

Hayley. Hayley. Hayley.
It goes this way. It goes this way.

SIMON: Come on, guys. Keep pushing.
Corner piece up here!

Another piece for Simon,
nicely stacked and organised.

Brawn have really found their rhythm.

FLICK: My piece...
Hey, guys, guys, guys!

This piece here, goes over there.

Give it a crack.
Go, go, go. Yeah, this one goes...

Dani and Flick carry another piece
over to the side.

That one -
spin it, put it over there.

WAI: Guys, get your pieces
on the board!

Here. Chicken feet! Chicken feet!
This one.

GEORGE: It's seven across,
four down.

George thinks he has something.

Yep, slide across. Yeah, perfect.
Brains get another piece.

Can they make up for all the time
they lost on the winch?

Hang on - other way!
Other way, other way.

Brains really trying
to pick up the pace now.

They can feel the pressure
from Brawn.

GEORGE: It DOES go there!
Get rid of this one.

That bit over there
doesn't go where that is.

Kez in the middle, yelling
instructions to everyone else.

Yep. Good work. Good work.

Brains have about
a half a dozen pieces left.

This can't be here.
Something's there.

Brawn have four pieces left,
trying to find homes for them.

Yeah, I don't have any space.
Movie it over!

WAI: It has to go flush!

Keep going. We need a push!

Slot it straight in.

Simon pops a piece in.

Gerald puts a piece in.

Last piece. Still good for Brawn!

Do they have it?


It's good!

Brawn win immunity!

ALL: (CHANT) Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!


WAI: Well done, guys.

We got a puzzle! (LAUGHS)

Oh, well done, mate.


Brawn, finally, you cracked a puzzle.

Well done.

Immunity is yours.


You guys are safe -
nobody going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

Thank you!

Finally cracked a puzzle, team!

The puzzle masters!

Alright, Brains.

Tribal council again tonight,

where one of you will become
the sixth person voted out.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

See ya, Jonathan.

It's not the end of the world
that we've lost today,

because it gives us an opportunity
to vote someone out.

George will be next.

It's time for him to say goodbye.

GEORGE: Losing the challenge today
was devastating.

How was that winch? You guys were...

Yeah, you guys on the winch,
you did bloody...

That was intense.

And for me,
I see the writing on the wall.

That's the wash up.

Now it's...

Now it's time to hang up the laundry.

I'm public enemy number one.

You look so relaxed there.
JOEY: Ooh, yeah.


I am definitely sitting pretty.

Pretty in pink at the top
of my tribe, calling the shots.

I'm the kingpin, the don.

Tonight there is 10 votes in play.

Four in the misfits.

There's six in my alliance -

Laura, Georgia, Andrew,
Rachel and Hayley.

Tonight's the night we can finally
chop King George's head off.

Mate, King George's head's got to go.


You know, he's sort
of like a manageable kind of threat.

Enough's enough.


We're putting all six votes
on George.

Who are we voting for?

(WHISPERS) George.

I think I'll take great pleasure
in seeing George's head

just roll on out of that room.


Can I sit here, friend?

The Grim Reaper's been following me
around this Brains camp.

I'm in a minority alliance.

I only have Wai, Cara and Baden.

Their whole intention
is to get George out.

Yep, so plan A is George.

Everyone's just going with the flow,

the group that decide what to do
with no strategy and no vision.

The person who should be going
is Georgia.

She's got no strategy.

Well, it certainly makes sense.

She's been working the crowd.

I've spotted her.

I think Georgia's someone that will
just attach herself

onto the best solution for her.

But I don't have the numbers.

Before tonight's tribal council, I've
got to pull a rabbit out of my hat

or I'm toast.

I found the advantage low.
I found the idol high.

George is going into a tailspin.

Absolutely scrambling.

I found one.
I can find the other one.

I feel for George.
The target is on his back so much.



Cara, please...

No, I thought it was.

Oh! But it's like a needle
in a haystack.

Little lizard.

Huh? You found a little lizard?

What's Cara doing?

Hunting. Looking for idols.


Do you like my shoehorn?

I get my stick, I'm digging around
and I poke everything.

These rocks...

I just broke my stick.

That's not good.

You know when people go on safari
to the Serengeti or whatever...


..and the animal guides are
so attuned to spotting animals,

they can spot them
like a million miles away?


We just need to attune ourselves.

Oh, God, imagine if that was a snake.

I'm just sticking my fingers
in going, yeah, nothing...

Where are you?

It's like the tree of knowledge
and wisdom.


Oh, my God!

Did you get it?

You got it?

Where was it? Up there?

Yeah, a little string
was hanging out.


So excited.

Sit down.

"Congratulations. You have found
a hidden immunity idol.

"This hidden immunity idol
can keep you safe

"from being voted out
of the game at tribal council."

Quickly put it away in case someone
turns the corner.

I knew this cleavage
came into its own help.

This idol, it's a golden ticket.

I could of course
use the idol for myself,

but maybe
I can protect our alliance.

I've been watching Survivor
since I've been 11 years old.

This is a lifelong dream.

I am living my dream right now.

And it means something to me.

I think back and what made me

join the Labor Party

was the intrigue of Survivor.

And that's why it means the world to
be here and then survive another day.

We may be in a minority
but that idol gives us a chance.

And that's all I need on this tribe,
a chance.

We've got one move.

We use the idol.

It's clear that they're all
voting to me.


Because they can't split the vote now
in an alliance of six

with 10 tribe members.

If we stick together, the four of us.

If Cara chooses to play it for me,
vote for Georgia.

George is putting his trust in me
to protect him.

My trusty mate from day one.

That's the dilemma.

A bit of a moral dilemma.

George is the obvious target
but I'm definitely not confident

that they're not
putting my name out.

I really need to consider
playing the idol for myself.

You just never know in this game.

I'm just not convinced that they
didn't find something over there.

Oh, really?

I don't know.

Is that likely?

Could be an advantage.

Our majority alliance of six
want to vote out George tonight.

I don't know, just...

I have my suspicions that George
and Cara may have found an idol.

It does worry myself and a few of us

because we don't have the numbers
to split the vote.

We've gotta be careful because...
They're playing something.


In case there's a hidden immunity
idol, we need another number.

They play an idol,
they've got four votes on...

Two of us.
..on whoever they want.

That's right.


Look, I've got six on my side.

On their side now, they've got
Cara, Wai, George and Baden.


We need to defect one of those
across to us

so our bases are covered.

How confident are you on that?

I think Wai's someone we can swing

'cause she's a very logical,
very smart lady

and she's on the road going nowhere
with the misfits.

I'm gonna throw in a bit
of that Joey charm on the Wai!

Bring her over to the good side.


The numbers matter
and I know the numbers matter.

And I tilt the numbers.

We all want you to be part of that. trust in you.

I think that's...
I appreciate that trust.

I see a little bit of a Survivor
unlikely duo forming here.

It is within all of our interest
to be as united as we can be.

Especially if anything happens.
Can swap at any point, people swap.

It could be me and the Wai.

Versus the Brawn.

Bring it on, baby.


I think she's bought into it.

If she becomes our seventh,
we are gonna be splitting the vote.


We're putting a lot of faith
in Wai tonight.

We need Wai's vote like we've never
needed a vote before.

I'm never 100% confident

but I'm backing Wai to come through
with the goods tonight.

I am feeling like I'm being pulled
in different directions right now

and my head is spinning.

Someone has to go home, and I have
the power to make that decision.

I'm still eternally grateful
George saved me on day two.

It's the only reason I'm here.

Sticking with George and being able
to break up this majority alliance

by Cara playing her idol for George
and voting out Georgia

makes a lot of strategic sense.

But George - his gameplay,
it's volatile.

He's been throwing spanners in
the works and we're just not unified.

Since the beginning of this game,

I think I've found a little bit more
of my voice.

I'm gonna go with my gut,

stick by what I think is gonna be
best for the game I want to play.

GEORGE: Four-six.

I'm sorry, George, I'm not...sure
that I think this is a good idea.

I'm just thinking long-term
how this is all gonna play out.

My whole game is reliant on Cara
playing an idol for me right now.

That's reliant on the four of us
having a threatening bloc.

If we stick together,
they have no option.

You're like the pillar of our four.

Four pillars standing strong,
one final stand.

Can you just wait
until tonight's out of the way

and then dump me? Please?

Are you adamant? You definite?

I need some time.

I'm in a state of shock.

I got so emotional.

Why go for me?

Wai, don't believe the wolf
in sheep's clothing.

Believe the people
that are there for you.

The thing is this - you don't
play your idol no matter what

and you survive, Cara.

Do not play your idol.

They're voting for me.

Or play it for yourself.

What I'm worried about is Wai
revealing that I have the idol.

And I need to do something
about that.

I just think Wai might spill it.

I had a plan all in place that
I was gonna get to the tribal,

pull it out...

And then go, "Oh, George,
I think you need this more than me."

Hand it to him and him go,
"No, you have it, Cara."

And start doing pass the parcel.

Whatever they were planning,
mind goes crazy

and some of them go,
"What do we do?"

Hot potato at tribal. It's just
gonna throw them into chaos.

Put pressure on Wai
to stick to the plan.

Oh, my God, Baden, that might work.
We could still do it.

We could still do it.
That will work.

And then they change their vote
at the last minute.

But just to be clear, it's mine.
It is.

I really wanna see how this
plays out at tribal council.

It's gonna be fun.

Fireworks, baby.

I just have to keep focused
at tribal council and not give up.

I'm taking a leap of faith.

JONATHAN: Go beyond the game
with extended tribal councils,

unseen moments and jury villa

or on the 10 Play app.

So, Cara, I notice you're wearing
jewellery tonight.

I'm assuming there's something
going on there.

I was pretty excited to tick
this off my little bucket list.

George, I notice you're not
wearing one tonight.

Well, maybe I've got a surprise
up my sleeve, Jonathan.

So, Joey, what do you think
Cara's up to by wearing

her jewellery around her neck?

She's a big fan of the game.

But what does it mean for tonight?
Who knows?

So, you guys have spent 14 days
together now.

How would you describe
the Brain tribe?

Looking at this panel here,
there's one bad egg.

We started off as a carton of 12.
We're down to 10 eggs,

and there's one bad one, for me,
that really stands out.

You know, what do you do
with a bad egg?

You toss it in the bin because
it's stanky and it's rotten.

May you sleep with your conscience
well tonight.

So, Cara, with such an eclectic
group of people,

what do you think bonds
this tribe together?

Honestly? Not much.

When you run a business
and you manage a team,

everybody has different dynamics.

You may not like the person,
but you still have a degree

of responsibility and
you still have a degree of

finding a place for them to bloom
where they're planted.

I mean, we're a bunch of
licorice allsorts.

We come from all walks of life.

And, you know, not everyone
will get on.

Some people will, some people won't.

Wai, so, the vote
was split last time.

Is the alliance clearly defined
or is there something more going on?

There's a lot of fluidity

because the variables
are always changing.

And that means that, no, nothing
is really set in concrete

because we're all taking in
new information all the time.

That's part of how we move forward.

Oh, wait a second.

Baden, now you've taken
Cara's jewellery.

Well, she said I could have it,
so I'm not gonna say no.

GEORGE: You're such a nice lady,

Perhaps you could have been
a bad egg like me.

So, Hayley, they're playing
musical chairs with the idol.

Is that going to make it difficult

to know where to put
your vote tonight?

You always need to have
a couple different plans going.

This is going to be a game
with a lot of surprises...

..and you need to be prepared
for lots of different outcomes.

So, George, Wai mentioned
that there's fluidity

within the alliances.

Would you agree?

When I was making my way
out to the outback,

I told myself
all I want to do is win.

And then I realised on day two,
when I saw Wai in distress...

..that it's not worth it
when it's "win at all costs".

Win by doing enough.

And if my torch is snuffed tonight,
so be it.

I know that I was here and I was
100% George from Bankstown...

..and I think that's what matters.

George, that almost sounds
like a concession speech.

Well, it's like we're the walking
dead on this side of the room.

There's no line in the sand,
it's a trench has been dug.

Wai, I'm sensing some tension here.

I sense that, yes. I think that
there seems to be some animosity.

So, Rachel, where is this animosity
coming from, then?

It's pressurised.

You know, it's also amplified
by the environment.


I see you now have the jewellery.

It looks very good on me,
don't you think?

So, Wai, are the alliances
set in concrete

or is there still room to move
from one side to the other?

This game is changing all the time,

and that means the landscape
is changing.

So alliances form for today,
for tomorrow, as they see fit.

Everyone is playing a game
and trying to figure out

what the next step is.

Did your game change
between day two and now?

Lots has changed
between day two and now.

What would you say to that, George?

I think Wai is an
extremely genuine person...

..and that's why I worked
my butt off to save her.

That's very kind, George.

We all know we're in
a pressure-cooker situation,

but your strength of character

and your strength of conviction
comes out when the pressure's on.

Do you buckle or do you stand firm?

Well, it's time to vote.

George, you're up.

Tonight I vote for Cara.


I didn't ask to be saved.

You can't do one thing

and just expect that someone's
going to be loyal to you

for the rest of their time here.

So, that's my decision, mate.
Good luck.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has
the hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

I really wanted to keep it
as a souvenir for my kids.

Like, really.

But I'd be silly not to,
so I'd like to play that, please.

Alright. And who are you
playing it for?

For George.
For George?


If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

For George.
For George?



This is a hidden immunity idol,

and any votes cast for George
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.

George. Does not count.

George. Does not count.

George. Does not count.

George. Does not count.

Cara. That's one vote Cara.

Cara. That's two votes Cara.

Cara. That's three votes Cara.

It's OK.

Georgia. That's three votes Cara,
one vote Georgia.

Georgia. That's three votes Cara,
two votes Georgia.

One vote left.

Georgia. We're tied. Three votes
Cara, three votes Georgia.

Alright, that means
we're going to revote.

So, Cara and Georgia,
you will not vote.

Everyone else, you can only vote
for Cara or Georgia.

George, come and get the urn.

I said yesterday that
there are heroes and villains

on this tribe, and Cara
is the biggest hero.

I'll go count the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote Georgia.

Georgia. That's two votes Georgia.

Cara. Two votes Georgia,
one vote Cara.

Cara. We're tied.

Two votes Georgia, two votes Cara.

Cara. That's two votes Georgia,
three votes Cara.


Two votes Georgia, four votes Cara.

Sixth person voted out...


That's five votes, that's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

You're a hero, Cara.
I'm not a hero.

Cara, the tribe has spoken.

Thank you.

Time for you to go.
Bye, everyone.

Well, tonight, you chose to burn
one of your tribemates,

and in a game of numbers,

let's hope that doesn't
come back to haunt you.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp. Goodnight.


"Your tribe may have spoken,
but your game is not over.

"Another tribe is waiting for you.
Take this torch and join them."

OK. Onwards and upwards.

Holy guacamole. (LAUGHS)

Sunday night on Australian Survivor,

one tribe's loss...

(ALL SHOUT) another tribe's gain.

I really have gone from
Survivor hell to Survivor heaven.

But who will win Cara over first?

If Simon gets her,
then I'm in deep trouble.

And at the Brain tribe...

Why do you have to stab me
in the back?

..has George finally given up
the fight?

I don't see a light
at the end of this tunnel.

Captions by Red Bee Media