Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Episode #6.5 - full transcript

One lucky castaway who currently holds an immunity idol finds another. And later, battle lines are drawn at another intense Tribal Council, which lands on a surprising outcome.

at the same time tomorrow night.

JONATHAN LaPAGLIA: Previously on
Australian Survivor,

since turning the tribe against him
at the first tribal council...

I've been on the out since day dot.

..George had been frantically
searching for an idol.

I'm starting to lose hope.

And while Baden
found the idol clue...

BADEN: This is a game-changer.

..George got to it first.

Look at this!

Then, at the immunity challenge...

Show them, Ben. Show them, not...

..Benny blew it for Brawn.

Go. Go.


..wins immunity!

And it was Brawn heading back
to tribal for the third time running.

SIMON: I know that Shannon
wants me gone tonight.

Right now, Benny is my best option
to throw under the bus.

Simon appealed
to Shannon's competitive side.

We need to keep the tribe strong.

And at tribal council...

If we don't have the numbers,

we are all going
to go down the drain.

..he rammed the message home.

My head and my heart are battling
each other with this one.

BENNY: So, are you having
second thoughts?

In the end...

..Shannon made her choice.

The tribe has spoken.

20 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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The Marlboro Man.

Now, that's your January pose,
now give me your February.



That's so Brawn. I love it.

We want to see the booty.

Work it, girl.

You need to hold the axe like this.

There it is. There it is.

Undo your buttons a bit.

A bit more?

Like, completely undone or what?
Undo your buttons a bit. OK.

The dynamics in the tribe
at the minute are rapidly changing.

Turned into an aggressive,
sombre mood last night.

We're trying to bring it back

to a bit more of a lighter mood
this morning,

but there's definitely
some tensions there.

So, at tribal last night,
it ended up being a split vote.

We had Benny and Simon.

If things went to plan last night,
Simon was going home

and we would have been left
with a massive majority.


..but Shannon decided to flip.
That sent Benny home.

So right now, I'm in
a majority alliance with myself,

Kez, Flick,

Shannon and Big D.

Simon is still the target.

He is definitely a physical threat
in this game,

and I think it's only
going to get worse as we go.

Simon will be feeling the heat today.

He's got the biggest target
on his back,

so I'm sure he's looking
for immunity idols.

We've really got to keep
an eye on Simon at all times.

It's gotta be around.

Are you looking for the idol
or a clue?

Oh! Anything.

Dude, we need this so bad.

Get the power back.

I know exactly how close I am
to going home,

and this is terrifying.

I need, I need, I need,
I need to find this idol.

SIMON: Oh, my God!

In a tree. I think there would be
something in a tree, too.

I have eyes on me everywhere I go.

It's a nightmare.

It won't be in, like, this,
I don't reckon.

It'll be like...

Too many snakes for that.

I hope to God
no-one has spotted me.

I need to wait for a safe moment
to grab it.

DAINI: Did you find your idol, bruz?

Should we make him strip search

Yeah. Take off your pants right now.

Oh, my God.
"Take off your pants"!

I am very nervous,

leaving the idol out there,

where someone else could grab it.

I'm going to get some firewood.



Oh, my God...

Mwah! This is going to save my life.


White bread?

Do you guys want a Tim Tam?

Oh, shut up.
Hey, what's the...?


Double digits.
10 days in the Aussie outback.

Oh, my God.
Didn't quite pass.

We have not won a reward yet.

I would say that I am,
on a scale of 1 to 10,

10 being, you know, starvin' Marvin,
I'm probably at number 9.

You start to go a little bit crazy.

That's horrible.

GEORGE: That really does look like
a Tim Tam.

Rocks are starting to look edible
to me. That's how hungry I am.

Fun times.

Well, I think in terms
of my position in the tribe,

I'm sitting pretty.

Myself, Andrew, Georgia and Laura,

I got in early.

I built those good relationships

I'm the head of growth
for a financial services company,

and I deal with people all day,
every day.

I want you to come in
and I want you to bring the energy.

People love me because I form
strong relationships really quickly.

We're going to make this
the best week of our careers.

In the game of Survivor, they won't
even know that I'm playing them,

but I will be because I understand
the strength of relationships.


I'm gonna wear this
to tomorrow's challenge.

(SING-SONG) Nip slip.

I think he looks great.

So pretty. So pretty right now.

Makes him look strong.
I feel strong.

What are those things called?
A courgette. A corset.

A courgette.

Corvette. I feel like a Corvette.

Vroom, vroom!

You know, my social skills
have come in handy.

And, yeah, I had them eating
out of my hand from the get-go.

I think the only problem is George,
nobody trusts him.

Been a thorn in all of our sides
from the get-go,

especially since he blew up
that first tribal.

I feel like he can't be trusted.

Yeah, look, I think if we do so
happen to go to tribal council next,

I wouldn't be too annoyed,

and a few of the other tent-mates,
with our giggling.

The first chance I get,
and I'll be taking him down.

Come on in, guys.

You could have just
walked on the bank.



It was a good entrance.

Brains getting your first
look at the new Brawn tribe.

It's Benny.

Benny's gone.
Oh, Benny.

Benny voted out
at the last tribal council.

Yeah, called it.

Called it. Called it.


Good entrance, Gerald.

Careful, Gerald.



you guys have eaten
nothing but rice, beans

and whatever else you can find
at camp for the last 11 days.

What are you hoping
is going to be under here today?

Basically, anything.

Anything that's edible,
I'll take, Jonathan.

Not fussy.

Alright. You guys ready to get
to today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah.
Hell, yeah.

For today's challenge...'re going to square off

in a log-rolling competition.

The goal is to stay on the log
as long as you can.

First person who falls in,
out of the challenge.

The last person left standing
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.


Want to know what you're playing for?
ALL: Yes!

Everything you need

to make hot, delicious,




You're gonna get ham, cheese, tomato,

bread, baked beans and a jaffle iron

to make the magic happen.

Worth playing for?
Oh, yeah.

That's worth fighting for.

Alright. Brains, you have two extra.

You're gonna need to sit out
two people today.

Cannot be the same in back-to-back
challenges. Who's it going to be?

GEORGE: I suck at balance, guys.
OK. One. Who else?

I'll go.
Alright. All good.


George and Laura,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute to talk
about it. We'll get to it.

OK. Brawn, who are you putting up?

Do you want to have a crack at it?
I'll go.

Come on up.

Hayles, I reckon you're gonna go...
you're gonna win.

You're gonna get us on the board.

Brains, who are you
going to put up first?

Go, Hayley.

Go, Flick.
Here we go. First round.

Hayley from Brains
taking on Flick for Brawn.

Researcher versus surfer.

Come on, Hayles.
Come on, Hayley.

Take your positions.

Survivors, ready?

Come on, Hayley.

Hayley's trying to
get something going.

Trying to rock it.

Flick looking solid.

looking solid.

Hayley looking solid.


Big move from Flick and she slips.
Oh, great save!

She gets back on the wave!


Oh, big move from Flick.

Another big move from Flick.
She saves herself.

Stay on straight.

Hayley has Flick on the run.

Can she save herself?

And she does it!


Brains lead, one-zip.

Well done.

Unlucky. Good work.
Well done, Flick.

Alright, Brains.
Who are you going to put up?



Who's having a crack at Andrew?

Man and woman? I don't know.

I don't mind.
Yeah. Go. Yeah.

Come on up.

Alright, next round.

We have Andrew for Brains
taking on Emmett for Brawn.

Survival expert
taking on the fitness expert.

Let's go, Emmo.

Alright. Here we go.
Take your positions.

You've got this, Andrew.

Survivors, ready?


Go, Andrew.

Sizing each other up.
You got it, Andrew.

Who's going to make the first move?

Give him a jolt, Andy.
Give him a jolt. He's unstable.

Oh, you almost had him, Andy.
You almost had him.
He almost does it.

Nice save from Emmett.
Do that again.

Andrew trying to get something going.

And he has Emmett on the run.
Who's gonna go in first?


Ow. Ow.

Come on!

Andrew goes in first.
That is going to hurt.

Emmett takes the first point
for Brawn, tying it up one-one.

Andrew, you OK?

I'm all good. Yeah.

(HIGH-PITCHED) He's alright.

OK. Brawn, who do you want to put up?

I'm going up.

I feel like Joey's been waiting
to have a crack at me for a while.

Let's do it.
Joey. Come on up, guys.

Jaffle iron is on the line.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Get him, Joey.
Come on, Joey.


Get him out, Simmo.

Where's the budgies, bro?


OK, next round, we have Simon for
Brawn, taking on Joey for Brains.

Come on up.

Might try that one again.

Little fist bump.

Survivors, ready?


Oh, Joey's in trouble already.

He goes in.

Simon easily takes it for Brawn.

Brawn lead, two-one.

It all comes down to this.

Brawn can win it right here.
Let's go, D.

Go, Cara.

Cara for Brains,
taking on Dani for Brawn.

Real estate agent
taking on the prison officer.

Take your positions.

Critical round.

Survivors, ready? Go.


Dani tries to scare Cara.

Cara solid.

Float like a butterfly, baby.

Dani being very cautious.

Trying to defend that protein.

It's weird.

It's the only time
Brawn seems to work,

when there's protein on the line.

Light on your feet, Dani.
Light on the feet, D.

Cara getting aggressive now.

Trying to get it rolling...

..she has Dani on the line...

She goes in first.

And Brawn wins reward yet again!

Good job, guys.
Good job.

Again, and it's just reward, so...



Brawn, congratulations.
Yet again, reward is yours.

It'll be waiting for you
back at camp. Head on out. Enjoy.


Brains, same old story.

Got nothing for you.

ALL: Oh...

Thank you, Jonathan.

Unfortunately, once again, we lose.

I think I'm beyond hangry.

I've been out here for so long now,
eating rice and lentils,

that, man,
I'm starting to become a big lentil.

Oh, wow.

Oh, my God. We all got one.


Oh, my God.
Oh, baked beans. Stop it!

Butter and cheese.


Oh, my God.
Those tomatoes look so good.

Oh, my God.

Am I one happy man right now?!

Alright. Let's get into it.

Not only do we win reward,

but I'm sitting
in a position of power

with an idol in my back pocket.


My mouth is watering.


So, we're all standing around
the food and everyone is frothing

and can't wait
to get their toastie on the fire.

I love baked beans so much.
Me too. Me too.

And I see, underneath the jaffle
irons is a couple of hessian sacks.

First of all, I get excited

because that's really going to help
me when I come to fishing.

So, I grab the hessian sacks,

and as soon as I did...

..I felt a thump inside.

Oh, my God, are you kidding me?

I love cheese. Like...

..with all my heart.

Trying not to be too obvious.

I kind of scamper up the back...

..reach into the hessian sack.

And look what I find.


And I can only assume
that this is one thing.

Started from the bottom,
now we're here.

Oh, shit.

Two hidden immunity idols.

I am unstoppable in this game.

I am confident that I managed
to pull this off

completely seamlessly.

I don't think anyone
suspects a thing.

What a day, huh?

You want a bowl?
What a bloody day.

GERALD: Very interesting.

I actually saw Simon find an idol

and put it in his bag.

I'm one happy man right now.


I think this is going to be
worst-case scenario for our side.

We want Simon out,
but he's got an idol.

It's,'s unbelievable.

Guys, this is my favourite moment.

Mmm. It's bloody good.

SIMON: Oh, just another day,
another reward win, eh? (LAUGHS)

Five out of five.

Imagine that, hey?

Just, like, seeing us go away
with the bloody...

A little bit of their heart
just broke a little bit more.
Oh, yeah.

And I love knowing
that we're the ones breaking it.

Oh, well, rice.

I'd like to have a toastie.

Losing the challenge
really upset me.

Yeah, but don't worry
about it, babe.

It doesn't matter, you know?
You know?

Thanks, babe.

You have got
the best attitude, Cara.

You really do.
Oh, thanks.

I try to.

We've just lost reward.

We missed out on
some beautiful-looking jaffles.

We certainly would love to win
a reward challenge.

We haven't won one yet.

It is tough on morale,

but at the end of the day,
I'm not worried about food.

And all I can think about is that
bloody idol that I can't find.

Before my eyes,
I'm seeing alliances form...


..which I'm not a part of.

At the moment, I'm flying solo,

a bit of a lone wolf.

I've really got to find that idol.

It will keep me safe
for the time being.

I've re-read the clue.

I've gone over it again.

It's very clear what it says.

And the idol is just not there.

The fact that I can't find that idol
is absolutely driving me nuts.

GEORGE: Baden is looking for
the idol across from the billabong.

But what Baden doesn't know,
is I already found that idol.

If you're looking for the idol,
start looking in my backpack.

It's important
that I work out where Baden sits.

I know I'm on the bottom
of this tribe.

I've been at risk
since I played my advantage

at the first tribal council.

At this stage in the game,
I just think numbers.

I think Baden knows he's vulnerable.

Baden's on the outs

and I need to work with Baden
to our mutual benefit.

Some cracks going on there, mate.

Yeah. I was frozen last night.


I trust you. OK?
I'm going out on a limb.

That tree that you were looking at,
I found that without a clue.

The idol?
I saw you going there today.

Is that what your clue was about?

Are you serious, dude?

I can't believe, all this time,
George has had that bloody idol

that I can't find.

I'm a bit shell-shocked.

I wasn't expecting that at all.

Oh, this is opening up my hips,
which is great.

What it shows me is George
is a really crafty player.

He's definitely a dangerous player.

But although he annoys me sometimes,

every person's vote
is worth the same in Survivor.

So, I don't mind who I'm aligned with

as long as I can count on
their vote.

Right. Time to get the shorts on,

The thing with numbers
is you don't need to get along.

I don't need to get along with Baden
for us to work together

and vote people out.

But if Baden works with me,
this could change the game.

Baden and I will be unstoppable.

I need to get shit moving.

Come on in, guys!

Gerald...'ve had a lot of rewards now.

Was that the best one yet?

Oh, it was pretty good, mate.

The joys of animal products on
gluten? What more can we ask for?

Simon, what did you love most
about that reward?

Look, it was it was pretty good
just all around.

And what we get out of it
as a tribe is fantastic.

It's nice to feel full,
but I've never been hungrier.


Hayley, how much would you love

to send these guys
back to tribal council

for a fourth time in a row?

It would be pretty epic to send them
back another time to tribal.

Yeah, every time we lose the reward,

we get hungrier
to win our immunities.

And it's worked so far. I don't see
why that would change now.

Alright. You guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

First things first.

Thank you, Baden.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

In today's challenge, one of you will
release a series of balls.

that the entire tribe
will race to catch.

Once everyone has a ball,
you will then roll it into a chute.

Carry it through a mud pit
and finally attempt to land it

in an overhead frame.

First tribe to land all their balls

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where one of you will become
the fifth person voted out.

Brains, you have two extra.

You're gonna need to sit out
two people today.

Cannot be the same
in back-to-back challenges.

Who are they going to be?

I'll do it. I'll sit out.

OK. Who is it?

Alright. Hayley and Wai,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise. Let's get to it.

For immunity, survivors, ready?


Daini, releasing for Brawn.

Rachel for Brains.

As soon as that last ball
passes through,

you start running.

Go. Go. Go.
Let go.

Everyone charging through
the turnstiles,

trying to catch a ball
before it hits the ground.

They're coming quick.

They're coming quick.
Here. Here. Here.

Daini gets one. Baden gets one,

Rachel gets one. Laura gets one.

Everyone needs to catch a ball
before it hits the ground.

You didn't get one,
you got to go again.

You gotta go back.
You gotta go back.

Brawn have two, Brains have five.

Well done. Alright.

You need to collect your balls,
head back to the start and reset.

Brains have a nice lead.
Mitch reloading for Brains.

Simon for Brawn.

That's good.

Cara releases for Brains.

They go again.

Go, Cara.

Every time you miss,
the more you've got to run.

The more exhausted you get,
the harder it is to catch a ball.

Shannon releasing for Brawn.
Go. Go. Go.

Brains have a nice lead.


A mix-up between Mitch and Andrew.

Everyone gets one except Andrew,
he's got to head back,

he's the last for Brains.

Right here. Right here. On your
left. Back. All on this side.

Everyone catches a ball for Brawn,

except Shannon and Simon.

They need to go back.

We're good here, guys.
Yeah. We're good.

Andy's gonna smash it.

Brains have one ball left.

Brawn has two.

Brains coming back.

Andrew last one without a ball.

Alright. You guys are good.

Move on!

Two at a time on the ramp.

Need to roll it up into the hole,
and down into the chute.

Gentle. Go a bit more gentle.
Pretty simple game.

Kind of like something
you might find at a carnival.

A little bit of skill involved
and a whole lot of luck.

Take your time.

Brawn trying to get
their last two balls.

Shannon gets hers. Simon gets his.

Brawn, you're good. Move on!

A game like this
can be the great equaliser...

..right up there with puzzles.


Just like that,
Baden lands the first one.

Every member of your tribe needs to
sink a ball before you can move on.

That's perfect, Andy. Perfect.
And he does it.

We're even. One each right now.

Joey gets one for Brains.

Brains have two, Brawn have one.

Very close at this stage.

Gerald sinks his ball for Brawn.

Now they have three.

You've got this.

Laura gets it.


Oh, yes!
Brains have four.

Here comes George.

Rachel gets it in.

Brawn get another one.

We are very close.
Now Chelsea sinks another one.

We're even - five each.

In and out for George.

Well done.
Oh, Brawn have another one.

They have six.
They're starting to pull away.

That's it. That's it.
They were behind in this challenge.

Brawn desperate
not to go back to tribal council

for a fourth time in a row.

Cara sinks another one.

Now we're even again - six each.

Come on, George.

More pepper.
Not that much.
George goes again.

Very close.

Emmett sinks another one for Brawn.

Brawn are pulling away again,
seven, six.

Andrew sinks his.

Two more left for both tribes.

George still cannot quite get there.
I'll get there.

That's it.

Simon finally sinks it.

Brawn are down to their last one.

George goes again.
In and out for George.


Mitch sinks his, leaving George
all by himself.

Last one for Brains

Shannon, that last ball.

And that's it!

Shannon sinks the last one.
Brawn, you can move on.

Grab your balls, hit the mud pit.

You need to go under and over.

Brawn, struggling through
the mud pit.

Brains, trying to get it in.

Go, George. You've got this, mate.

That last one for Brains.

Brawn making their way
through the pit.

Alright, you guys are good. Move on.

Now you need to get it up
in the frame.

Kez goes for the first shot.


Lays it up.

She makes it stick. Nice.

That's it. Perfect.

Flick next up for Brawn.

Almost for Flick.

Flick gets it.

Chelsea lays it up.

Another one for Brawn.

Oh, Daini's in now.


Brawn have four up in the frame.

George still cannot quite get there.

George is feeling the pressure
from Brains.

George still struggling
to get one in.

Almost. Come on!

Little bit less pepper.

There's definitely
a learning curve here.

Don't try to bounce it.

George goes again.
This is the one.

Come on.
So close for George.

Ball rolls around the rim.


George still struggling
with that last ball.

And that's it!
Finally, George sinks the last one.

You're good, Brains.

You need to pick it up, Brains.
Come on. Come on. Come on!

Let's go!

Brains pushing hard,
but immunity could be slipping away.

Brawn have four up in the frame.

Five to go.

And Shannon makes it stick.

Brawn have five. Gerald in now.

He makes it stick on the first try.

They have six, three more to go.

Emmett makes his stick
on the first try.

Two more to go.

Dani gets it.

Cara gets the first one for Brains.

And Simon goes for the win.


Andrew lands one.
Brains are still in this.

Simon lines it up, takes a shot.

Gets it!

Finally, Brawn wins immunity.


Brawn, it's been
a long time coming, but...

..finally, immunity is yours.


Well done, guys.


You guys are safe tonight.
Nobody going home.

Grab your gear. Head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

Guys, let's go.

Brains, for a change,

I'll be seeing you guys tonight
at tribal council

where one of you will become
the fifth person voted out.

Grab your gear. Head on out.
I'll see you tonight.

GEORGE: What a day.

Finally we are off to tribal council

I'm going to grab this game by the
horns and start making big moves.

There's a few that we need
to probably exit stage left.

So, tonight's the night
we can get rid of one.

Watch every challenge, power play
and blindside

of the ultimate Survivor showdown

with full episodes at:

or on the 10 play app.

GEORGE: Losing the challenge today
was devastating.

We're going to tribal council

I could be going home.

We're done.

Well done, guys.

Home again, home again...

I was the only one
that stuffed up this challenge.

The egg's on my face.

But do you know what?

I've got this.

I've got the hidden immunity idol,

safe and sound in my backpack.

JOEY: For me,
tonight's the easy vote.

We still want King George's head
on a platter.

George is a strategic player,

but he's also someone
that's willing to blow shit up.

George, I still
haven't forgotten that first tribal,

where you blindsided us all
with your big advantage.

Georgie is going home.

I'm feeling sweet.

We've still got 11 members
of this tribe.

I feel like I've got a majority
on my side.

Andrew, Laura, Georgia, Mitch,

and I definitely
want to bring Hayley in,

and then Rach.

It should be an easy one tonight.

It's a no-brainer.

I'm never gonna forget
that first tribal.

What are your thoughts?
What are you thinking?

Well, there's...
Are you good with that?


GEORGE: Survivor
is like local politics.

You need people, you need numbers,

and you need to work those numbers

to get the outcome
that you're seeking.

I've noticed another group of people
forming in the background -

Andrew, Laura,

Georgia and Joey.

And that's dangerous.

They could want me out.

But I have an insurance policy...

..the secret weapon
at tonight's tribal council.

I'm calling this idol, Diego.

Diego has fire

that's burning inside of me,

and I'm going to unleash him
to cause chaos.

Where is he?



Where is he?

He's taken off! He's taken off!

Where's George?

Oh, I'd love some almonds.

Nice necklace, Georgie.
I know. Does it suit me?

Nice little find, isn't it?

What have you gotta do
to get rid of these people?!


King George over there.

Whether or not he'll play it,
though, is another thing.

I was thinking, "What can I do?
What can I do?"

And I thought, "Whip out the body
and whip out the idol."

Laura, Georgia, Andrew and Joey,

a solid four that are going to be
voting for me tonight,

and that's a wasted vote.

Oh, my God, it's so...

The most important thing in Survivor
is being in the numbers.

I have my numbers, with Wai,
who's now a very good ally.

Cara, I'm glad I had some
decent conversations with her.

I pulled over Baden with my idol.

My plan is very simple -

to break up the social crowd
that goes sunbaking on the rocks

and to vote them out.

I think Joey's the glue
that holds them together.

And I thought,
if we can separate them...

CARA: To break up that.

Break up the pack.

I was thinking Laura.

GEORGE: I think Laura's
a good option tonight.

Laura has no interest in
working with me.

She's very close to Joey.

So, it'll rattle...

That's fine.
Like, he'll lose his power, right?

Yeah, so...

..I think Rachel's on board.

I haven't spoken to her.
CARA: I was gonna
go speak with Rach.

Baden's definitely on board.
Yeah, Baden's on board.

You're on board.

On this tribe,
there are 11 votes in play.

Six is a majority.

All we need to do
is get Rachel and Hayley on board -

that leaves me in a majority.

Yeah, look, it is a bit of a shame

because I did want to
take Georgie's head off.

But it is what it is.

We need to, um, plot our next hit.

It's gonna be a fun tribal.

JOEY: He's a good second option.


Mitch is a strong strategic player

who wants to be
the leader of the tribe.

Let's blindside Mitch.

Do you want more of this?

Yeah, good man.


LAURA: Let's do it.


Sure, yeah.

I think the pecking order, for me,
is probably, you know,

myself, Laura, Georgia
and Andrew at the top.

Guys, I think it's...we lock it in.

This is the first trust vote.

We just need to make sure
Hayley and Rach vote with us

and my team, my little alliance,

will be the strongest team,
with the majority,

and, you know, sittin' pretty.

He has absolutely no idea
that his name's even come up.

Yeah. No, he's got none.

Ahh! It's a lovely, peaceful
afternoon, isn't it?

Very nice.

So calm.

GEORGE: Over 10 years in politics,

the single greatest skill
that I have for Survivor

is my ability to influence.

To negotiate. To build trust.

To build alliances.

And I'm gonna use that
to my advantage.

I...I look at it like this.

Like, we've gotten
to know each other.

Now, the next test is,
"How can we trust each other?"


I heard that, like, six of us
are targeting Laura.

I think once Laura goes,

Joey will be very nervous

and then Georgia will scramble.

So, I think the more strategic option
is Laura.




I think you're the key
in this, Rachel.

We're walking into a pretty epic
tribal council tonight

and I'm really excited.

The tribe has divided itself
into two groups.

Hayley and I are in
a really strong position.

So, the conversation
I just had with George

is all of them voting for Laura.

I was kind of figuring out what I
was gonna do with that information,

in terms of Laura.

And whether or not I was going to...

Tell her.
..tell her or vote for her.


GEORGE: My worst-case scenario is
I don't play the idol and I go home.

But that's not gonna happen.

I have the confidence of my allies.

And I've got Rachel and Hayley.

I'm gonna be walking into tribal.

I'm gonna be wearing my hat,

my wonderful Maltese-puppy
Hawaiian shirt

and my idol.

I'm in control tonight.

I decide my destiny.

JOEY: We're going to tribal tonight.
I've got the numbers.

I want to grab this game
by the horns.

We're gonna flush George's idol
down the toilet

and we're gonna take out Mitch
with the same shot.

The good doc is unfortunately not
gonna get the prognosis he's after.

He is going to get blindsided
and nobody is gonna see it coming.


Yeah?'s been a while
since you've been...
It's been a minute!

It's been a hot minute, Jono! Jeez!

I love what you've done
with the place.

A few extra flames.
I'm feelin' it, that's for sure.

Has it been nice,

to have all that time to relax?

Yeah, look, it has been good to have
just a few moments with the tribe.

But the way I see it, right,

as the more time passes, I feel like

there's certain individuals
maybe in the tribe

that paranoia levels
tend to creep up and...

..I think, uh, yeah, some of
those whispers have got louder

as the week's worn on.

One of the great things
about coming to tribal council

is that we can figure out, actually,
where things really sit.

At least for the moment.

So, Laura, are there
some personality differences
in this tribe?

Oh, of course.

I mean, we're 11 people
from all different walks of life.

Yeah, there's always
gonna be...clashes.

Cara, you guys have been with
each other for the past 12 days.

You should know each other
pretty well by now.

Have you noticed social groups
starting to form?

Definitely social groups form.

And then they meld
and...and, um, evolve as well.

So, Joey, Cara's saying that
it's kind of fluid in this tribe.

Is that how you see it

or do you think
there are firm alliances?

Um, you know, I think to say
that there is some fluidity to it,

I don't know 'cause I've heard
actual names

that have been associated now
with these groups.

So, Rachel, are you aware of
these alliances?

Um, I definitely think

that there are a couple of groups
that have formed, yes.

So, Mitch, where do you
fit into this tribe?

I, uh, guess I must be
somewhere in the middle.

But is it a concern
there are alliances forming

and you don't think that you're
actually in one of those alliances?

Um, I think there are
alliances forming, sure,

but, um, I'm more interested
with relationships

that I hope will surpass alliances.

Rachel, you guys have a had
a long time to think about this vote.

Was it a straightforward
decision tonight?

Absolutely not.

The longer the time
we've had, actually, over days,

it's become a lot more confusing.

George, I mean, one thing
that can complicate a vote

is a hidden immunity idol.

Do you think anyone's found one?

I don't know. I'm still looking.
You're still looking?


Look, Jonathan,
tonight is about one simple thing.

Who do you trust and why?

We've been mulling over decisions
for day on this tribe.

But the line will be drawn
in the bulldust tonight.

I'm building trust with people.

And I think, after tonight,
if I'm still here,

I'll know who I can trust
and who I won't.

Mitch, are you intimidated
by George's idol?

George is a smart fella.

Um, he's not gonna suffer any fools.

He's found an idol

and he's gonna probably use it
to protect himself.

So, it just means
there's one less person to vote for.

It was the George show
the first time around

and he's trying to make it the
George show the second time around.

Um, George wearing an idol,
like, doesn't scare me.

The power of the idol scares me.
Does George scare me? Not so much.

Because I feel like George
can't see beyond his own ego.

George is a guy that's out
playing just for himself,

so when he's talking trust
and who he can trust,

I definitely don't trust George
after the first immunity challenge,

and I don't think
I ever could again,

because he drew a line in the sand,
I feel like, that night.

How do you save five people and wake
up with no allies the next day?

What do you say to that, George?

More bulldust.

I'm not here to make allies.

I'm not here to be the
Miss Congeniality of this season.

I'm here to play Survivor

and I'm here to focus on
what I value.

I value different attributes
in people.

I'm not afraid to be brave and to
stand up for what I believe in.

If that crucifies me, so be it.

Wai, do you think George
will play his idol tonight?


Isn't that the question
of the night?

Um, we'll see. We'll see.

I wouldn't even begin
to be able to say

and I kind of like it that way.

Rachel, does George's idol mean that
you need more than one plan tonight?

Uh, not...not necessarily.

I think having confidence in...
in what you said you're going to do

is important

'cause that would have
sort of encompassed George's idol

and any decision
he might make tonight as well.

George, does that make you
feel better,

that Rachel doesn't care
whether you play it or not tonight?

A lot of the comments tonight
are helping me make my decision.

And I've still got a bit more time
to make my mind up.

Are you saying you might not
play your idol tonight?

Well, I've still got a couple
more minutes to decide, Jono.

But do you think
it looks good on me?

I've been working out six times
a week for eight months, Jonathan.

And the body's finally here!

It's here!

It does suit you, George.
Thank you, Jono.

So, Hayley...

..what do you think
this tribe values?

And do you think it'll be reflected
in tonight's vote?

I think a few people
have said it tonight

and I think it is what the vote
is gonna be about tonight.

It's gonna be about trust.

Who trusts who?

Who wants to move forward with who?

I think that is what the tribe
right now is valuing.

So, it's about making
your alliance stronger?

I think solidifying it.
I...I'd use the word 'solidifying'.

So, Andrew, before we go up to vote,

what should the tribe remember?

(LAUGHS) Try and love each other,
I guess.

This is just...this is a game.

Ultimately, at the end of the day,
this is a game.

Uh, it should be
a fun life experience for people.

I know that's the way I've seen it.
That's how I've come into it.

I love a good blood-letting.

And let the blood flow.

Spoken like a true king.

Well, I think it's time to find out

exactly how much trust
is in this tribe.

It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Cara, you're up.

I will keep writing this name down
until you are gone.

(WHISPERS) Sorry, dog.

You're a big strategic threat

and I thought
I'd shoot my shot early.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has
a hidden immunity idol...

..and they want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


I'm playing it for me.

This is a hidden immunity idol

and votes cast for George...

..will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Does not count.

Laura. That's one vote Laura.




Four votes Laura.


Four votes Laura, one vote Mitch.




We're tied.

Four votes Laura, four votes Mitch.


That's five votes Mitch,
four votes Laura.

One vote left.

Fifth person voted out of Australian
Survivor: Brains v Brawn...


You need to bring me your torch.

Mitch, the tribe has spoken.

Sure have.

Time for you to go.

Pleasure to meet you all.

Except you, George.


Hey, Mitch, I actually
didn't vote for you.

Think about that tonight.

Well, this tribe came here
for some blood-letting

but after tonight, it might be
in need of a transfusion.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Tomorrow night

on Australian Survivor...

GEORGE: I see the writing
on the wall.

..George is on the warpath...

You shouldn't get upset.

I'm extremely upset.

..and he's taking aim.

GEORGE: My greatest weapon is me.

I'm the gun and I am gonna shoot
when I need to.

But can he survive another onslaught?

I'll take great pleasure
in seeing George's head roll on out.

Bring it on, baby.

MITCH: The game's over for me now.

I was absolutely blindsided tonight.

I didn't necessarily
fight for myself.

I made it clear to people
where my vote was falling

and some people may have thought
that that made me rigid

and someone they couldn't rely on.

I see your game. Don't play at
the front, don't play at the back.

Just hide in the middle.

MITCH: My diagnosis
of the Brains tribe?

Currently, they've got a tumour

that they're probably gonna
need to resect at some point.

Captions by Red Bee Media