Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Episode #6.4 - full transcript

After the last Tribal Council, the minority group in the Brawn Tribe realise they're in a dangerous position and work to better their alliances. Then, at a tense Tribal Council, one castaway is eliminated.

safe. Goodnight.

safe. Goodnight.
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Previously on Australian Survivor...

..two indomitable tribes descended
on the Australian outback.

Go, go, go, go!
Let's go, guys!

The Brawn tribe
lived up to their name...

Go, Gerald!

..winning the first three challenges.


But at the last immunity challenge...

Come on! Focus!

..the Brain tribe used
more than muscle...

Brains win immunity!

..sending Brawn to tribal council
for the second time in a row.

At camp, Shannon, Kez and Flick
had a plan to vote out Gavin...

We need to split up
that strong three,

which is Gavin, Emmett and Simon.

Meanwhile, Simon was taking charge
of his alliance.


He needed to convince Big D
to help get rid of Shannon.

SIMON: I want you to come with us.

But Big D was no pushover.

Simon was left with no choice.


Yep, OK. Done.
Yep. Done.

But at tribal council,
Kez surprised them all

with a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for Kerryn
will not count.

And the alpha three...


..were suddenly two.

The tribe has spoken.

21 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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Breathe in, hands up,
and lean back slightly.

So, hand touches the ground.

And then just try to be balanced.

Day 8 - the Brains tribe have slowly
developed some good morning routines.

And then tuck your toes.

We've been doing some yoga
with Hayley.

And push it to the other side.

I'm really loving
the peace and tranquillity.

I've missed the start of the class!

It's just like going to the gym!

Lift up your right leg.


Actually, I have no underwear on.

Drop your, like, back heel.

I only brought one pair
of undies out here

and I've been wearing them
every day.

I don't wear undies
in my swim shorts.


So, hopefully, no-one gets a peek.

And then open up.

I have no dangleberries.
(LAUGHS) What?

There's no berries to dangle
when there's no hair.


You like that ass? (CHUCKLES)

Oh, my God.


Oh, cute!
Oh, two!


Day 8.

Made the week milestone.

But it doesn't feel like a week -

feels like day 48.

Did you go another round, Benny?
Yeah, I did two. This is my second.

I'm gonna do a third. I need to eat.

You can tell we're definitely
the Brawn tribe,

'cause every morning there's,
like, Chelsea doing Muay Thai,

and Simon doing
body-building poses...

Push it out, pull it across.

..Emmett doing
a meditation, yoga session.

Mate, it's a full-on fitness expo.

I don't think it's hard.

But I'm not your typical Brawn.

I was a big real estate agent
in Sydney,

moved to LA to chase the dream,

and now...

..I'm here to win Survivor.

My strengths are gonna be
the social game.

To be a real estate agent,
you need looks, charm, charisma.

Like, people love me.

I'm not a die-hard fan,
but I know people

and this is a game of people,

and that's given me the tools to win.


So far, a week out in the outback

is actually quite similar
to a week in LA -

you know, you're, um,
sunburnt, dehydrated,

and you're probably gonna need
counselling after this.

Last night's tribal was fun!



I played my idol, and I think
I shocked a few people. (LAUGHS)

By voting Gavin off,

I've gotten rid of a HUGE alliance
that was about to be formed.

I mean, don't get me wrong -

I'm a bit offended that everyone
decided that I had to go home.

But, at the end of the day,
I'm still here.


Ohh! Tribal council last night.

When we got back to camp,
I found out very quickly

that Daini played the double agent -
got in with us

and then went against us
to send Gavin home.

Eek! Sorry.



Gavin was definitely
my closest ally out here.

Now, with Gavin going home, I'm left
in a pretty precarious situation.

Last night draws a pretty
definitive line in the sand.

In the majority, we have Shannon -
I reckon she's the leader -

we've got Flick, Kez,
Big D, Gerald and Benny.

And then in my minority is
myself, Emmett, Chelsea and Dani.

It's a six-four split,
and we're on the bottom.

It's a really dangerous spot
for someone like me,

who is such a threat in this game.

I know. I know.

What can you do, eh? You can...


I think there's one thing we need...

..and that's an idol.

Yeah, here we go. Look.

I actually don't think Kez needed
to play her idol last night.

But that means
that the idol's back out there.

Did we check the old, uh... know, around the back today?

I have what it takes

to be sitting there in the end,

and an idol is always something
that can help your game.

I need to find it, and I will.

In here?
No, no. At the front.

No, I haven't... Oh, this one?


No. Unfortunately,
that's just the paperbark.


Where else could it be, though, eh?

Do you reckon it's around here?

SHANNON: It's kind of fun

to see Simon and Emmett scramble
after tribal, looking for idols

and figuring out
what their next move is.

Yeah, dunno.

Simon's an absolute alpha.
He's the leader.

He's got a bit of an ego on him.

But his minority
is shrinking day by day.

We're sitting pretty
at the top right now.

GERALD: Oh! That looks good!

That taste, and then
just add an egg on it.


They count the grains out?


They'll all be fading away.

We're having rice in a lentil jus.

That's what we're having.

Might not be like 1,000% ready,
but I think we should just eat.


At this point, I'm absolutely
sick to tears of rice and lentils.

We can't win an award
to save our lives.


The dynamics on the Brains tribe
are actually really good.


It took me like two minutes
to make these.


Brains have won the last
two immunities, which is great.

We haven't been to tribal council
for about a week.

Morale is high.

Everyone's happy,
everyone's getting along well.

Everyone except George.


George is really on the outer.

Making such a big move

and upsetting so many people
at the first tribal council,

I think everyone
wants to get him out.


But people are not giving George
enough credit

for how he's playing the game.

He is playing 3-D chess
at the moment.

Everyone knows who you are now.
You've created a presence.

Alright. Very good.
You can work it out.

I think George is maybe a sociopath
or something along those lines.

I think he outsmarted
the whole tribe.

GEORGE: Oh, that's a good log.


The Brains tribe have won
two immunity challenges in a row,

but my position in the tribe
hasn't changed.

I've been on the out since day dot.

I'm getting along with Wai the most,

and I love Cara.

Cara's just fantastic.

Aww! It's working!
You're getting the knots out!

And...that's about it.

If we got a...
if it was a really sick one,

we could, um,
stack the team for that.

Oh, sick!

Like a, you know, jacuzzi
and a fridge full of food.

No-one's hiding the fact
that they're gonna vote me out.

But I know what's important
here on Survivor -

it's assistance.

And that hidden immunity idol

is the best kind of assistance
a person on Survivor can have.


He's walking
with some purpose, there.


That's what I said.

So, I'm out watching George
going around,

looking behind trees,
looking under rocks.

He just doesn't even hide the fact
that he's looking for an idol.

And then I find myself
down at the water of the billabong

next to the rocks, looking around,

and out the corner of my eye...

There is this little...
little tube down there.

And I couldn't believe my eyes.
I thought I was seeing things.

I didn't look back,

because if you stand up
and turn around and look around,

you look more suspicious.

I just went and grabbed it
and put in my pocket.

I found a little something.

What do we have here?

"In my arms,
stretched over the water,

"an idol nests
with a string to find her."

Hmm. OK, I know where it is.

This is a big moment for me.
This is a game-changer.

Very, very good.

I think it's down
near the billabong,

up in one of the willow trees there.

The problem is it's just
right in front of the camp.

So I have to get away
from the other guys.

I've just gotta be sneaky
and I've gotta be a bit cunning

so that no-one else sees me get it.

Because if someone sees me
get that idol

then there's a big target
on my back.

Come on in, guys!

Brains, getting your first look
at the new Brawn tribe.

Gavin voted out
at last night's tribal council.


Laura, there was a big reaction
from your tribe.

Are you surprised that Gavin
went home?

Yeah. I think all of us thought
Gavin was a nice bloke.

So maybe nice guys get booted
on the Brawn tribe.

Daini, what was the vibe like
back at camp after tribal?

Just like after every other tribal -

we got back, we regrouped
and we're back again.

Let's get it, baby.

So, Hayley, you guys
are zero for three

when it comes to reward challenges.

How much do you want to win
this one today?

It's pretty hard to watch them
win so many rewards

and go back and enjoy
the fruits of their labour,

but we're ready to
take this one out.

Dani, are you guys going to
have some empathy

and let them have it today?

Oh, no. It's very unlikely they're
going to walk away with that.


You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

Alright, for today's challenge,
tethered in pairs,

you're going to race through
a web of obstacles

to get your tribe ball
from the far side...

..and attempt to shoot it
into a basket to score a point.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes!

Well, you guys have been
out here a while

and camp living
is not exactly luxurious,

so here are some things that might
make it a little more comfy for you.


Pillows, blankets...

GEORGE: I'm freezing.
I need a blanket.

..hammock, bowls.

And the ultimate comfort food -

bacon-and-egg fry-up.

Oh, yes!
Bacon and eggs!

Oh, my God!
That's us.

I'm guessing that's
worth playing for.


Brains, you've got an extra player,
you're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?
Should it be Wai?

So, like, it's Wai? Yeah.
I think it should be.

Alright, yeah.
I'll sit out.

Wai, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, I'm going to give you
a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it.

It's two people moving together,

so just think about who you think
you're going to move best with.

That means communication,
also means agility and speed.

Can I make a suggestion first?

I think the two big boys
are gonna be a disadvantage.

I think we pair them together
and maybe take a loss on one.

Wow. They're really using
their brains on this one.


Alright, Brawn,
who are you putting up?

Someone just call it.
Somebody just call it.

Wanna give it a crack, then?
First up?

Yeah, OK.
Yeah, we're cool. We're good.

Alright, Simon and Chelsea.


Hayley and Andrew. Come on up.

Yeah, guys.
Have a watch of these guys
and we'll see what works.

But I reckon you'll need
one designated caller

and one person who stays in front,

Alright, first round,
we have Simon and Chelsea for Brawn

taking on Hayley and Andrew
for Brains.

First pair to get their ball
into the basket

scores a point for their tribe.

For reward, Survivors, ready?


Quick start for Brains.

Andrew and Hayley on hands and knees,
just scampering through.

Brains have their ball first.

Now you need to get back to
your side before you can shoot.

HAYLEY: Under. Under.

WOMAN: Go anywhere. Go anywhere.


You're too far! Get closer!

Get up right. Go short,
go small one.

Simon's back in it.
Take your time, mate.

Takes a shot! Comes up short.

Scrambling to get that ball back.

Hayley taking a shot now for Brains.

Yeah, it's OK.

Take your time, take your time.

Simon, the shooter.

He takes a shot.


Too much power in those muscles.

Oh, what the?!

Simon's not afraid
to play a little dirty.

That's within the rules.
That's good strategy.

I'm not gonna shoot until you go.

You can't shoot from there!
You're in the yellow!

Move, Simon!
You're in the yellow.

Simon needs to get over to his side.

Simon sweating now.

Take your time. You got this.

Come on, mate.

Doing well.
Takes a shot.

And he gets it for Brawn!


Brawn lead 1-zip.

Go underneath all the time.

Alright, next round.

Brains, who are you putting up?
Joey and Mitch!

We're up! Whoo!

No discussion, straight into it.

Brawn, who are you putting up?


Emmett, Kez. Let's go.

Let's go, guys.

So, do you wanna follow me?

I'll drag myself
through that mud, man.

Survivors, ready? Go!

Both pairs quick out of the gate.

Over. Under.
Over. Under.

Yeah, under.
Quick, quick, quick, quick.

And then stand up. Stand up.
Stand up. Stand up.

Mitch dragging Joey.

Takes a shot. Comes up short.

Emmett's now in it.

He hits the rim.
Oh, so close.

Take your time, get right up close.

Joey takes another shot.
He comes up short.

Mitch gets the rebound.

You're in the far corner.
Goes long.

Over. Over.
Take your time.

Emmett's back.

Oh, so close.
On the rim.

Joey's taking a shot again.

And he scores for Brains!


Tying it up!
Joey with the shot.

We are tied 1-1!

That was close.


Alright, next round we have
Laura and Cara for brains

taking on Dani and Shannon
for Brawn.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Survivors, ready? Go!

Shannon trips.

Stay down, stay down, stay down.

Brawn gets to their ball first.

Well done! Yes!

Go, Cara.
Come on!


The girls are really going for it.

I'll go next one.

She's gonna block you,
she's gonna block you.

Headlock! I'm in a headlock!

You wanna know what a headlock is?
I'll put you in a headlock.


Who's gonna get off the first shot?
Dani goes for it.

And gets it for Brawn!


Brawn leads 2-1.

OK, next round.

We have Simon and Chelsea for Brawn

taking on Baden and Georgia
for Brains.

Brawn can win it right here.

Brains needs to win it
to stay in it.

Survivors, ready? Go!


Baden and Georgia whipping through.

Dust kicking up everywhere.

Brawn get to their ball first.

Baden has it now for Brains.

Who's gonna get back first?
Who's gonna take the first shot?

Hey! Out of his hands.

Interference from Simon.

They'll use every trick in the book.

Lines it up,
takes a shot and gets it!

Wins it for Brawn!

Brawn win reward again!

Oh, my God!

Brawn tribe, today you literally
brought home the bacon.


For the fourth time in a row,
reward is yours.

Come grab it.

Alright, head on out to camp

and get comfy.

Hell, yeah.
Well done.

Look, guys, this is why
you just play dirty

until you are told to stop.

Oh, yeah, I know. It's shit though.
We're not that team.

Brains, yet again
got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

SOME: Thank you, Jonathan.

EMMETT: We've won
another reward challenge.


We're the kings and queens
of the rewards,

but winning reward challenges
don't win Survivor.

So we need to win
the immunity challenges,

otherwise one of us
could be going home.


This is definitely
the ultimate reward.

We're making fried rice!

MAN: So good.

We got comfort items,
we're gonna be having a nice sleep.

Look at the size of this thing.

Oh, that's a double!
That's almost enough for two peeps.

It's huge.

We've got blankets and pillows.

Not only did we get that,

we also got bacon and eggs
and avocado.

Oh, my goodness.

There is a lot of bacon here, guys.

Ho, ho, ho, ho.

Being able to come back with bacon
and eggs into camp was unbelievable.

Oh, man. It's gonna be epic.

I've been hanging
for some real food for so long.

I'm a country boy,
through and through.

I definitely feel at peace
in the country, in the bush.

We have been dairy farmers
for a lot of years, my family.

Your shout, is it?
My shout.

I drink two or three litres of milk
every day.


I'm also
a world champion woodchopper.

I currently hold two world titles.

I am a very competitive person.

On the brawn side,
I might be a cut above average.

Might even be
the sharpest tool in the shed.

When people introduce themself
and ask how I'm going,

I like to just turn around and say,

"Just chipping away."


Being a country guy,
when I have bacon and eggs,

you have a lot of it.

We want to cook the eggs
first or second?

MAN: Second. Cook the bacon first.
WOMAN: Uh...yeah.

Just a good medium on the bacon.


Eggs just enough to just firm 'em up.

Oh! A touch of...a touch of bliss.

Get dressed
in the dinner attire, ladies.


Look at this set-up.
I know.

What we've all been waiting for.
Let's see it.

Oh, yeah!

It looks like a real meal.

Everyone gets one slice.
Oh, thank you.

This is so much nicer
than living off a rod.

This will be the first time
I've had bacon for years.


And how you're gonna love it.

This is why I'm grateful
that I'm plant-based and not vegan.


Great stuff today, guys.
Cheers, guys.


Well done!

And thank you to the chefs.
Thank you.

Our pleasure.

Oh, my God.




Salty goodness!

Isn't it amazing?

It's actually got flavour.

Thank you, everyone.

Oh, God, it's so hot.
It is.

You had enough?

There's plenty of
lentils and rice going.

Rice and lentils.

I notice not even the flies
land on the food.

Look, I know, as a doctor, that in
terms of the nutrition we're getting,

it's meeting the fundamental basics.

How do you think
they would have cooked their egg?

Probably scrambled them
and then add the salt of our tears.


With Brawn winning
all of these rewards,

I think it's actually
kind of a good thing.

It gives them a sense of complacency.

I mean, they won
one immunity challenge

and it was by a hair's breadth.

So if they think they're doing great
because they're winning rewards,

they're absolutely blowing up
their own game.

BADEN: I can't stop thinking about
the idol.

I found this clue
down at the water this morning.

"In my arms, stretched over water,

"an idol nests
with a string to find her."

I think it's
down near the billabong.

If I get an idol,
it's a game-changer.

I need to get over there
and find that idol.

I'm slipping around on the bank.
I'm looking everywhere.

Trying not to fall in the billabong.

I just desperately want the idol.

I saw Baden watching me.

But I was watching him as well.

This morning, I saw him
looking around the camp.

I have a sneaking suspicion

he's found a clue
about where the idol is.

I'm not gonna leave him there alone
and let him find it without me.

I've been searching under rocks.

I've been searching in trees.
I've been searching in bushes.

And I've even been looking in every
bloody hole here in the outback

and I'm starting to lose hope.

I'm looking, I'm looking,
I'm looking up to the heavens.

And then...!


I've got something.

Oh, thank you, Macedonian Jesus!

Start walking to the left.


You alright?
Act like nothing's happened.

Oh, well done, man. Well done!

Oh, so exciting.
I'm shaking with excitement.

Oh, my God.

"You have found
a hidden immunity idol!"

There you are! Look at this!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God. You were so right.
That is amazing.

Baden is still looking for the idol.

But he doesn't know
that I've already got it!

What do we do?

We've got to act like we're looking
for the next couple of minutes.

Alright. Does it look like
I have something in my pants?'s alright.

I'm congratulating him,
I'm really excited for him,

but in my mind, I'm also thinking,

"Holy crap.
This changes everything."

I've got to think really carefully

about what I do
with this information.

We can save this for a rainy day.

This is my safety net
to cause more chaos on this tribe.

They haven't even been looking.

They've been cooking lentils.
They've been looking for yabbies.

This isn't MacGyver, it's Survivor

and the only thing that matters
is this!

Come on in, guys.

What do they have in store
for us today?

Wow. It's a big one.

So, Simon, how good were
those bacon and eggs yesterday?


It was everything
you wanted it to be and more.

It was pretty good.

Joey, these guys have won all the
reward so far but only one immunity.

What do you make of that?

Those little minor league games,
we're not interested in them.

We're interested
in the immunity challenges.

That means the underdogs
from downunder today,

we're gonna be
bringin' that thunder.


Well said. Well said. Well said.

Alright. You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yes.

First things first. Baden,
I'm gonna need that.

Thank you, sir.
No worries.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge you're gonna
work together to carry a heavy cage

through an obstacle course,

collecting bags of puzzle pieces
as you go.

You'll then race up a ramp, climb out
of the cage and over a wall.

The whole tribe will then
climb up over the cargo net.

One of you will then unhitch a rope,
releasing a bridge,

allowing everyone to cross.

Finally, you'll use those puzzle
pieces to solve a word puzzle.

First tribe gets it right

wins immunity

and is safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council

where one of you will become the
fourth person voted out of this game.

Brains, you have an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Wai, you sat out yesterday,
so it needs to be someone else.

Who's it gonna be?

I'll sit out.

Cara, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to strategise, let's get to it.

Guys, we've got the strength
straight out of the bat,

so I reckon if we can start hard
and start fast

it'll give us the advantage.

If any of us
see the word at the end,

keep it to ourselves because we
might be neck-and-neck in this one.

Alright. Here we go. For immunity,
survivors ready? Go!

Go. Go. Go.

Moving forward. Moving forward.

First thing you need to do is pick
up that cage and it is heavy.

Slow down. Slow.

It's all good. High enough? OK.

You're gonna have to
boost someone up.

Mitch goes up.

Oh. But he falls.

I'll go.
Jesus. You alright?

Says he's OK. You gotta move on.
Boost him up.

Move forward more, guys.

Shannon goes up for Brawn.

I think we need to squeeze in.

They have both bags.
They're moving on.

To the left. To the left. To the
left. To the left. To the left.

Mitch struggling
with that second bag.

He's good.

Jam forward, guys.

Back lift.
Hang on. Up. Up. Up.

Up, up, up.
We're not up.

Brains falling behind
in this challenge already.

Lack of calories showing.

Andrew, you need to move forward.

OK. I got it. I got it. I got it.

Come on, Brains,
you need to pick it up.

Two, one...

Shannon goes up for Brawn.

They have their second set of bags.

Hold on.
Grab it.

Three, two, one. Lift.

Brawn working very well together

Good job, guys.


Mitch going up again.
Struggling again.

Hold him.
I got it.

Move out of the way.

Gets one bag, gets the next bag.

Alright, guys, come on, go, go!

Shannon easily takes
the third set of bags,

Alright, up!

Brains struggling
with the weight of that cage.

Stop there!

Brains at their third set,
Brawn at their fourth set.

Three, two, one. Up.

Brawn pop up Shannon
likes she's a cheerleader.

Brawn have all their bags
of puzzle pieces.

Three, two, one. Lift.

Brawn going up the ramp.
You need to get it locked in

before you climb out of the cage.

Front up. Front up. Front up.

Go up, Dani. Straight up.

Watch out.

Need to get it up the ramp.

Dani first out of the cage. Brawn...

Good job, guys. We smashed that.

Come on.
Go. Go. Go.

Let's go!
Go. Go. Go.

Baden first over for Brains.

Brawn almost out of the cage.

Coming over. Wait, wait, I'm coming!

Go, Brawn. Go.

Daini on the net,
makes quick work of it.

Brains trying
to make up some lost time here.

They're not that far ahead.

Come on.

Baden just flips over that net.

Wai almost at the top of the net.

We're catching up. Let's go, Wai.

You got this, Wai. Go, George.

Little leap from George.
Very cautious.

Come on, George!

Emmett, last one on the net for Brawn
and they can move on.

Come on, Emmett.

Alright, you're good, Brawn.

Daini, on the rope for Brawn.
No surprise there.

And I imagine he's done a lot
of battle rope work in the gym.

Making quick work of it.

Come on, D!

Brains are up and over quickly
but they need to make up time.

Go, Mitch.

Joe, come watch this. Watch.

Take it off. Take it off.

That rope is heavy. Daini
getting stuck on that last post.

Come on, Daini.
Come on, D

You've got this, D.

You're good, Brains. Go!
Joey on the rope for Brains.

Struggling with the weight
of that rope. He loses it.

Come on, guys, line up.
Go. Go. Go. Go

Go. Go. Go.
Alright. You're good, Brawn,
start on the puzzle.


Take this. Take this. Take one more.
One more.

Good stuff, guys.
We've got the lead.

The middle word is 'Survivor'.

This one.
This one has to be Survivor.

Brawn have a huge lead.

It would take a miracle to come back.


Finally, Joey gets it.

Go, Brains! Get across! Go! Go! Go!

Come on. Pick it up.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

They're going to copy us.
Just do it.

You've got to start
putting them up, mate.

Don't worry about them,
focus on what we're doing.

We've got a W. That's good.

Question word.
Think of question words first.

Survivor at some point. There's a V.

Give me a U. U. U.

Brawn starting to pick up the pace

They think they have something.




Brawn having trouble spelling.

O-R. O-R.


Guys, it's written everywhere.

It's gonna be "Will Brains or Brawn
Survive SOMETHING?" We just don't
know what the something is.

Do we have enough letters?

Brawn had a huge lead
in this challenge.

But it's almost evaporated.

OK. Are you ready?

Shannon going up
on Simon's back now.

As soon as your letters go up on the
board, the other tribe can copy you.

You need to factor that in.

They're putting it up.
OK. So, that's 'or'.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

Simon for another word.

It's really coming together quickly
for Brawn now.

Go. Go. Go. Go.

Brawn have lost
the last two immunity challenges.

I'm sure they don't want to
go back to tribal tonight.

Lift it.
Yeah. I will lift you. Take this.

Brains really picking up
the pace now.

They do not want to lose
another challenge.

Mitch gets another letter in
for Brains.

From the bottom.


George working quickly now.


They spent a lot of time planning
and it's paying off.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

Should that be "Brains" up the top?

"Brains or Brawn"?

Not "Brain". "Brains".

Brawn, they think something
is wrong.

You guys.
Guys. Guys, guys.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"Brains", goes at the top. Brawn...
It's "Brains". Yeah.

Take the first part out.

Brawn are pulling letters out now.
They think they've worked it out.

Leave it there. Leave that there.
We can still spell that.

Everyone working on
those last two words.

We are neck and neck again.

Figure out the last word, team.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Benny, protect. Protect.
Protect me from them.

Come over here.

Hold them up. Show 'em.

I can't see, Benny.

Show them, not...

What the hell, man?

So, "Will Brains or Brawn...


Yeah. Yeah. We got it.

Laura and Wai think they have it.
You got this, Wai.

Can we have another B?
Do we have another B?

We are close.
Who's gonna get there first?

N. N.

One letter left for Brains.
Do they have it?

Yes! Go, go! Go!


Yes! And Brains wins immunity.

Sending Brawn back to tribal council.

Brains, great comeback.

Yet again...immunity is yours.


Nobody going home from Brains
tonight. Well done.

Grab your gear, head on out,
enjoy your night off.

ALL: Thanks.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Good luck, guys.

Alright, Brawn,
tribal council tonight,

where one of you will become the
fourth person voted out of this game.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.


We suck. Is it really the puzzles?
I mean, are we really that stupid?

SIMON: Benny screwed us over

(SIGHS) And now we're going to
tribal council.

I've failed twice trying to make
some really big moves.

But I'm going to have to try again.


Daini, you did well on that one, man.

You did well.
Getting a few of those.

Oh, I was just annoyed, bra.

We've lost. I'm not even surprised.

Who yelled out,
"There's a U in survivor"?

We ain't the Brawns tribe
for nothing.

We're not smart!

So close, but so far.

Benny slowed us down today.

We had everything laid out today.

We had 'brawns', 'brains'
and 'survivor'.

I've gone back to grab the
'survivor' piece, and it's gone.

Goddamn it, Benny.
What are you doing, bruz?


We're going into our third
tribal council and, you know what?

I'm feeling pretty good.

This is an open opportunity to get
rid of a major threat in this game.

So, wait, wait. Name? Name?

SHANNON: We are majority strong.

We have Big D, Kez,
Flickr, Benny, Gerald and myself.

We got Gavin out,
and now we are all on the same page.


Simon was the leader of the group

that tried to vote me out
in first tribal,

and now it's time
to put a target on his back.

Can we just watch him?

Yeah. Let's go for a swim.

You right?

# A little bit spicy! #

(LAUGHS) Let's go!

SIMON: The only people
that I can trust now

are Emmett, Dani and Chelsea.

We are a minority alliance,

and that puts a massive target
on all of our backs.

I've gotta come up with a plan
to try and keep us safe.


Yeah, I reckon.

I reckon. It's our only chance.

Benny seems to be about half a step
behind in all of our challenges.

He screwed up in the last puzzle.

I definitely am going to be
playing this up.



I just like to float.


Mate, these conversations
are so funny, hey?

It's like...

.."We're all buddies! Yay!
OK, who do we have to ask to leave?"

It's almost like a party.
It's like, "I'm sorry, guys.

"But can you ask, um..."

So-and-so to leave?



Oh, my God.

I don't know why Benny
was doing that.

Worst-case scenario tonight

would be they worked out
that we were going to vote Simon

and played an idol for him,
which would send one of us home.

If Simon goes home tonight,
I'm out here on my own.

It's a really dangerous place
to be sitting.

He's my shield right now.

It's going to be a lamb
to the slaughter

with all these wolves running around.

But information is power
in this game.

Benny just telling me everything,

I know exactly what
we need to do right now.

I need to give him
the heads up straightaway.

Shady, shady, shady.

Benny's asking me
all sorts of stuff.

He's like,
"Oh, who are you going for, Dani?"

And I was like...
Oh, my God.

Benny told me that the majority
is going for Simon.

Wow, Dani. Wow.

If Simon goes home tonight,
it really messes things up for me.

He's a bit of shield for me
at the moment.

Come over here.

OK, if they do vote against us
as a minority,

who do you think they'll...go home?

They're definitely gunning for you.


Right now, Benny is my best option
to throw under the bus.

They will be on the back foot in
every other challenge moving forward

if they keep Benny around.

Benny needs to go.

Never a dull moment.

We need two votes
from the majority six

to ensure that we kick Benny out,

so my first target
is hitting up Big D.

Let's see what he's going
to come and spin now.

Big D voted against me
at the last tribal council,

but I'm good with people and
I have to use that as best I can.

Hungry, big boy?

Oh, hell, no.

Where's Benny?

I think he's gone to the well.

Yeah, right.

I need to come up with some magic

and talk my way out of
this position that I'm in.

But Big D is a tough player.

Wanna hold it?
Bro, you...



Come on. I won't put it on ya.
I promise.

Oh, man.

I can't believe
we didn't make that puzzle.

Dude, Benny ruined that.

Like, you know how you had 'survive'
spelt out there?

Oh, and he took all the pieces.

He took all the pieces
and, like, rearranged it.

We can't... We just cannot
get stuck with another puzzle.

I know that I'm still valuable to
the tribe in terms of challenges,

and that's the route
that I need to go down.

I'd like to suggest that
we knock out Benny tonight.

We've got four votes with
the four of us in the minority.

You saw how he's been
at challenges, man.

He screwed us
with the 'survivor' today.

I'm almost begging you, man.

Hmm. I like that.

And I'm asking you from the heart.


The Big D will have a think.

I'll leave it with the Big D.

Who's doing water?
SIMON: I'm about to go up.

All I need is one more vote
to go our way against Benny.

I'm a big player and big moves
are what's going to win it for you.

My back is against the wall,
and so I'm going to make a big move

and approach my biggest threat,

Come for a walk.

Get some more water with us.

It's a little bit of
"Keep your friends close
and your enemies closer."

Have you tried to look, Simmo?

I think everyone's searched
this area.

Yeah. Everyone's been around.

I spoke to Daini and I pitched Benny.

I can't go home before him.

I know.

You know, like, obviously,
it's advantageous to me.

I get another day in the game.

Even if you put two from your six
onto Benny and four onto one of us.

Start thinking about trying to win
these bloody challenges and stuff.


I don't trust a lot of
what I'm hearing.

He knows this game so well,

so I don't know what Simon
is about to play.

The four of us will vote for Benny,
in the minority.

And I guess we'll leave it
in your capable hands.

OK. We don't have much time.

We don't have much time.

Simon's clawing at straws
right now.

Benny is an extra vote for me,

so even if he goes,
we're still 5-4 majority.

But Simon is a threat
and I need to get rid of him.

Simon's pitching you.
Oh, always. Always Benny.

But you know what?
At least it's a loose name.

It's not... It's not too attached
to anything

and a risk or anything, so...

Don't take it too personally.

I think he's just
drawing at straws right now.

Like, who else is he going to pitch?

I kinda feel bad for Simon, actually,
'cause he wants this so bad.

Kudos to him
for giving it his best shot,

but unfortunately, it's backfired.

Tonight should be clear-cut, simple.

We've got six, they have four.

We're putting six down for Simon,
and Simon is...


SIMON: It is self-sabotage for
the tribe to send me home tonight.

I am a proven challenge beast.

I know that they need me.

I came here to play Survivor.
I'm not playing Simon Says.

I'm a big player
and I want that Simon shot.

Join People's Champ Luke Toki,
ex-Survivors and super fans

as they unpack the week that was on
Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn

on 10 play.

If we're gonna be in a tie,

do we just save us?

(WHISPERS) What are we gonna...?



EMMETT: Last-minute changes.

JONATHAN: Well, here you are,
yet again.

Back for some more family therapy.


SIMON: All too soon, hey?

All too soon.

Emmett, last tribal, you lost Gavin

and he was clearly
part of your alliance.

Does that mean that your alliance
is on the back foot tonight?

Mate, we've crashed and burned.

Myself, Simon, Dani and Chelsea,

we're all in a pretty tricky
situation, you know?

Simon, do you think everyone's
pulling their weight in challenges?

I think there's a couple of issues
that are yet to be ironed out,

a couple of people who may be
just half a step behind.

So, Daini, what do you think
that issue was?

Oh, there was a little confusion
on, um...

..Benny just moved
one of the blocks,

which cost us a little bit of time.

So, Benny... sounds like
they're putting it at your feet.

Mate, they're throwing me
under the bus, huh?


I mean, there was, uh...
six of us doing the puzzle.

Yeah. I'm not sure
what they're talking about.

There... Yeah, there were
a couple of mistakes

that you kind of made
on the way through

and we need people who are strong
and can perform under pressure

and to stay calm,
to be able to get the job done.

The reality is there's someone

that's feeling the pressure
at the moment.

They're gonna say anything they can.

That's what we might be
seeing tonight.


When you say that, you mean
Simon's feeling the pressure?

I think Simon's feeling
the pressure, yeah.

Simon, is that true?
Do you feel some pressure tonight?

I'm definitely feeling
a bit of pressure tonight.

I've found myself
in a minority alliance.

So, hell, yeah,
I'm gonna fight for my life.

Look, the long and short of it is
that they can either make a decision

to eliminate one of us...

..or they can choose
to maybe eliminate someone

who isn't as strong

and has been that step behind
on a few things,

to be able to keep the tribe strong.

Like, if we don't have numbers
when it comes to merge,

we are all going to
go down the drain.

None of us are going to have
the chance to be the Sole Survivor.

So, Benny, Simon's pitch
is that the majority alliance

should just pick off
their weakest member.

Mate, I don't know what
his pitch is. It changes every day.

One day, it's this.
One day, it's that.

I just don't know if we can trust
what he's saying.

I feel like I'm holding my own
in the challenges.

And, mate, I've spent
the last about...almost 35-plus days

in transit, coming here,

so...I think I've been through

more than anyone here, really,
to be coming here.

I'm not gonna point any fingers,
but definitely not the weakest link.


So, Shannon, what do you think of
Simon's pitch?

Get rid of one of your own

and you're left with a 5-4 split.

My head and my heart

are continuously
battling each other with this one.

I get both sides of the spectrum.

I absolutely respect Simon

in the sense that he knows
this game, inside and out.

And when it comes to Benny,

he is struggling to keep up
in the challenges

and he is a little bit
of dead weight.

On the other side,
Simon is a threat.

And, you know,
Benny's in the majority.

I've...I've tried to have
a quick whisper,

um, to see if anyone else's minds
have changed and...

..yeah, it's gonna be
an interesting vote.

You mean when you guys
were putting up your torches

and coming to sit down?

You guys were talking about
switching your vote?


I pitched it.
We'll see if it carries.

BENNY: So, are we having
second thoughts?

Well, I mean, Benny, I'd love you to
pitch anything you've got right now

because I definitely am.



From two hours ago,
now we're having second thoughts?

I mean, I'm kind of offended

that I'm even being asked
to pitch myself

when I thought we had an alliance.

I thought we had a strong six.

Daini, are we sticking to
the game plan?

Man, I'm just trying to see
who's got the best pitch for me?

The Big D's in demand,
by the sounds of it.


I'm not gonna dance
for anybody but...

..if it's this easy
to switch the six

just by him giving a pitch,

then it's gonna be next week,
the same thing.

Simon, how confident are you
that things will go your way tonight?

SIMON: Oh, mate...

..who knows?

Anything could happen.

Benny, how confident are you feeling
about tonight's vote?

Mate, I, uh... Look...

If I'm meant to win,
then I'm gonna win the show.

If I'm meant to
get voted out tonight,

I'm getting voted out tonight.


Alright, well, I guess
we're gonna find out soon.

It is time to vote.

MAN: You're not crazy.
You never have been.

It is time to vote.

Gerald, you're up.

(SIGHS) I appreciate your, uh...

..last-ditch effort.

I don't know where this vote
is about to land.

See what happens.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


..I wish I had one.


I was like, "What a plot twist!"

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote...



That's one vote Simon,
one vote Benny.



We're tied. Two votes Simon,
two votes Benny.





We're tied again.

Four votes Simon, four votes Benny.


That's five votes Simon,
four votes Benny.

One vote left.

Benny. We're tied.

Alright. This is how it's gonna work.

We are gonna re-vote.

Simon and Benny, you will not vote.

Everyone else, you can only vote
for Simon or Benny.

Whoever flips is gonna be
the next to go.


I wouldn't be
probably the person who flipped.

(WHISPERS) Here we go again.

I'll go count the votes.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Simon, one vote Benny.



We're tied.
Two votes Simon, two votes Benny.


That's three votes Benny,
two votes Simon.


Four votes Benny, two votes Simon.

Fourth person
voted out of Brains versus Brawn...


Give us a cuddle. It's alright.

It'll be OK.

Benny, the tribe has spoken.

Time to go.

See ya.
BENNY: See ya. Good luck.

(SIGHS) Oh, mate.

Thank you. Thank you.


No matter how well you may think
you know this game,

you'd be foolish to think
you know it all.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...


Go, go!
Go, go, go, go!

..another man down...


..can Brawn claw their way back...

Simon, go, go! avoid another tribal council?


And the hunt is on...

SIMON: I need an idol. desperation sets in.

I'm very nervous.

I'm still in the firing line.

It is do-or-die.

But who will get to it first?

BENNY: (LAUGHS) Oh, mate!

Stabbed in the back!

I definitely got blindsided tonight.

I feel like the tribe

made a mistake.

I'm definitely not the lowest
performer at the challenges.

To the rest of my Brawn tribe,

you guys can go (BLEEP) yourselves.

Captions by Red Bee Media