Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Episode #6.3 - full transcript

Cracks and alliances have started to appear in both the Brains and Brawn camps. The split among one tribe is evident at Tribal Council, but with a hidden Immunity Idol at play, will things go to plan.

on Australian Survivor...

Go, go, go, go!

The battle between red
and yellow continued...

Get it to the switch! Brains tried in vain
to notch up their first win.


But they were no match
for the mighty Brawn.

Brawn wins reward!

Back at Brains camp...

I think I would have beaten him
out of the net.

..tensions were rising
after yet another loss.

I thought I could win.

You're delusional.

George and Wai
were still the weak targets.

They're going to pick us off
one by one.

But at the immunity challenge...

Everything! Give it everything!

..Wai proved her worth.

Brains wins immunity!

And Brawn was off to tribal.

Back at camp... looked like a clean sweep
on Janelle.

But Simon wanted Shannon gone...

Shannon is my biggest threat.

..and went about
gathering the numbers.

It is going to go off beautifully.

But at tribal council,
Flick stuck with Shannon...

..and cleaner Janelle...

The tribe has spoken.

..was done and dusted.

Good luck, guys.

22 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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How good, eh?

Get some Zs, mate?

Not really.
No? Not feeling good?

Definitely cold, man.

What temperature do you reckon
it got down to? 15?


We need to get food...
Food fired up and...

..keep going.

SIMON: Oh, jeez.

First tribal council.

(LAUGHS) And...


Everything went according to plan.

But not according to my plan.

Thank you. Thank you, Emmett.
It's official now, mate.

Ha! Just own it, mate.
Just own it.

I am owning it. I did own it.

That's good, mate.

We had six votes lined up
to blindside Shannon.

Myself, Emmett, Gav, Flick,
Chelsea and Dani.

I thought we all knew that Shannon
was gonna be the one

we were going to blindside.

I am so sorry.
Like, I don't know how I miscounted.

The truth is,
I don't think we've miscounted here.

Right. Yeah.

As soon as we walked
out of tribal council,

I honestly thought somebody
flipped on us.

We've got to find out who is
voting against us.

GAVIN: Oh, man, this game
is so confusing.

Like, seriously.

Conversations were happening
left, right and centre.

I thought we were all on Janelle.

Yeah, I didn't know
what was going on.

I mean,
I need someone just to come up to me

and say, "We are voting
for Shannon."

The guys don't know
I made the mistake.

They know I'm a loyal guy.

I mean,
I didn't do that deliberately.


I'm just gonna let this one slip.

You know, it is
the game of Survivor.

I don't want to blow my game up

by telling them

I put down the wrong name.

That's silly.

I just want...someone.

I will take no prisoners here,
my friend.

FLICK: You know what? Simon, Gavin
and Emmett 100% thinks I'm onside.

I flipped
and I didn't want to vote Shannon.

I like Shannon.

Look at how it's turning out.

It doesn't look terrible.

Ooh, but it feels bad.

I think that she is someone I want to
be around for the rest of the game.

I see myself working with Shannon
and I don't want her gone.

I'm gonna put olive oil in it.

Honestly, I didn't want to work with
Gav, Emmett or Simon

because I see them
as such a strong threat.

As soon as they get
rid of everyone else,

I'm the first person to go
of that alliance.

You know what I feel like?
A big breakfast.

My dad makes,
like, really good lambs fry.

What's lambs fry?

It's brains.
Is it?

I'm here to play my own game.

Not theirs.

I have got a couple of great
friendships going on in here.

Dad, make me some of that fry.

And they're people that
I genuinely get along with,

and people that I would want to
be around further on in this game.

The biggest threat for me
is definitely the boys' club.

Especially Simon.

His ego is getting bigger and bigger.

Next tribal council, that's
when we're taking one of them out.

Hey, you're full of birdseed!
Birdseed for brekkie.

It's all clean. It's fibre.

It's fine.

LAURA: It's day six
and I'm feeling pretty good today.

We didn't have to go to tribal
last night

because we won the
immunity challenge yesterday.

We worked really well as a team

and I think that vibe is flowing
through everyone.


But we really need fire.

Otherwise we can't cook
any of the fish we want to catch,

we can't stay warm at night

and we will be eating
that gross activated rice

and nobody wants that.

Where is my food?

OK, what are we doing?

What should the schedule be?

I think...

OK, so if you can give me an example

of how we can be strengthening
ourselves for the challenges,

I'd love to hear it.

Resting? OK.

It's obvious you need fire here
to survive.

If we don't have fire,
we don't eat cooked food.

But we haven't won
a single reward challenge.

We need rest.

What's the likelihood of a fire
being made?



Compared to some of our
strong players

getting blisters on their hands,
and then we're weaker in a challenge.

Like, I don't know what he's saying.

Do you want to have a nap
at some stage?

No, I don't need a nap.
I operate on like two hours sleep.


George is an interesting character
but George is out of his element.

That's all I can say.

We need light, we need fire,
we need to make food.

But it's also an energy boost
if we can get some, you know...


We need fire.


I'm gonna go.

Fire is such a critical element.

And to be able to create it
from scratch, you know,

is quite difficult.

But I'm excited to figure out
what resources we can utilise.

Yeah, that's good.
Alright, it's gonna work.

You can stand up
and get much more power on it.

It's something I'm very
passionate about.

I love doing it.

Nature and being able to work with
nature to my advantage.

I'm a wildlife and survival expert.

I remember being eight years old and
going out and just catching

highly venomous snakes

and then it just developed into this
love and passion,

being able to observe and understand
the environment.

Making shelters or fires.

I've always had this willingness to
survive and thrive and test myself.

That's why I'm going to win

To start fire from scratch by using
the hand drill and bow drill method.



Kind of works well
but you need to persist.


We're moving around, it's getting
hotter and hotter and hotter.

Is that smoking?

When I've handed over to Baden,
you know,

we can see the smoke coming through.



And he's just got to
bring it on home.

That's perfect.

We're good, we're good.

Gonna transfer it.

(GASPS) No way.


Everyone's holding their breath
because no-one wants it to go out.

Burn, baby, burn!


JOEY: No more cold lentils and rice.

We actually get to heat it up.

This will be the morale booster
we all need.

Good job, bro.

We need a bit of a boost,
we need a pick me up,

and now I just want to stick it to
those Brawnsters.

I just want to beat them.

This is the one, we're gonna
bring it home. We need this win.

We need it bad.

Well done, everyone.

That was a major effort.

Wow, you guys got fire
while I was walking.

Did you find anything?

Can I just say, I had a very long
walk and I'm very, very exhausted.



Come on in, guys!

Brains getting your first look
at the new Brawn tribe.

Janelle voted out last night's
tribal council.


So Mitch, you're not surprised
that Janelle went home?

Not at all.
They're called the Brawn tribe.

They just removed the person with
the least amount of muscle.

I'd be really nervous over there

if I was deemed less muscular
than the others.

I suspect there will be a strong
alliance of maybe big boys forming.

So it came down purely to strength.

Emmett, is he right?

Uh, no.

It was a number of things, but it
does come down to obviously

having a strong tribe
and that can mean many things, mate.

Just doesn't come down to muscle,
you know what I mean?

It was a hard one
but here we are, ready to go.

So Shannon, what was the vibe like
back at camp last night?

You know, there was some lines
drawn but we all came together

and voted Janelle off
and it just unifies us even more

because we're even stronger
without that weakest link.

Good to hear lines were drawn.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge,
two members from each tribe

are gonna hold up a trough
while two more will defend it

from the other tribe attempting to
fill it with buckets of water.

The more water that goes into your
trough, the heavier it becomes

until you can no longer hold it up.

Last tribe left standing wins reward.

Do you wanna know
what you're playing for?

Yes, please.

Good old-fashioned Aussie tea break.

With coffee, tea, sugar, milk,
and, of course,

wouldn't be complete
without a jar of bickies.

Worth playing for?


I'm gonna give you guys a minute
to strategise. Let's get to it.

Yeah, boys! We're on!

For the Brawn tribe, we have Gerald
and Daini on the trough.

Let's go, big boys.

Defending, Dani and Gavin.

For the Brain tribe, we have Baden
and Rachel on the trough.

Cara and Laura defending.

For reward, survivors ready?


Everyone racing out to
get their first bucket of water.

The goal is to fill up
your opponent's trough

with as much water as you can
and as quickly as you can.

There are two ways to win this one,
push harder or work smarter.

Simon's first back
for the Brawn tribe.

Cara gets it right in the face.

Three, two, one.

The Brawn tribe has a strategy
going on here.

Trying to get the water over
the defenders.

They've got their biggest
tossers up front,

letting everyone else
carry the water.

Mate, I'm not that much of a tosser.


For Brains, Mitch, Andrew, Joey.

Big toss.

Nice defence.

Not much goes in.

Nothing, boy.

You go left.

Left side and I got the right.

Nice teamwork from Brains, trying to
get some strategy going.

Simon, Emmett, back now.
Three, two, one.

Big toss.

Brawns, quite a bit in on that toss.

Go, go, go! Good work.

Mitch, Andrew, Joey
coming back for Brains.

No! Over the top!

Rachel from her vantage point giving
the rest of her tribe advice.

OK, bring it.

Oh, one's impossible to defend.

Simon, Emmett back now.

Big toss.

Brawn have a nice lead right now.

They have the most water
in the trough.

Brains are gonna have to catch up.

Good, Simmo! Good, Emmett!

Just line 'em up,
get that water in there.

Three, two, one.

Nice teamwork from Simon and Emmett.

A lot of water goes into the trough.

Let's go, Mitch. Let's go faster.

Brains working hard,
desperate to get a win.

Yet to get a reward.

Laura tries to slap it
out of the way.

Lots going in for Brawn.

Another big toss from Emmett.

Brawn's biggest tosses are doing
a really good job.

Here comes Georgia.

Cat and mouse with Georgia.

All there by herself trying to
outsmart Gavin and Dani.

We've got all day.

There is a river of water
flowing into the Brains' trough now.

That trough is heavy by itself.

Put water in it.

You can see
the strain on Rachel's face.

How are we going, boys?
Yeah, we're sweet.

In there?
We're fine. Good.

She's doing bloody real good.
They've got way more over there.


Daini and Gerald having a holiday
over there.

Too easy for those big boys.

Locked and loaded.

Oh, a slip from Brains.

Don't pull it up,
you're gonna pull me off balance.

Rachel for Brains on the trough.

Have they made the right decision?

Simon's back again.

Goes right over the top.

Brains' trough is starting to dip.

They can really start to feel
the weight of that now.

Brains have almost double
the amount of water in their trough.

That's two full buckets!

Can you girls maybe move forward

because they're getting full
buckets of water in here.

Rachel is starting to
struggle on that trough.

That bar cuts into your hands.

Starting to get heavy now.

It's getting close.
Can they hold onto it?

Good one. That's good!

Good work, team. Well done! Perfect.

Make sure of them, guys!

Got four more tosses
and they're gone.

Brawn are getting close.
That's good.

Rachel really feeling it here.

Baden's really struggling now.

Can they hold it up much longer?

One or two more tosses
and that could be it.

Yeah, two more tosses
and they're gone.

Simon back again with another
bucket of water.

This could do it.

Come on, Baden. Come on, Baden!

That's a lot of water.

And that's it!

Brawn wins reward!


Nice work, guys.

Brawn, congratulations.

Your third reward in a row will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Head on out.

Enjoy your caffeine fix.

Brains, sadly, no bickies for you.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Thanks, Jonathan.

At least you got to cool off.

We've just lost the reward
and it's so frustrating.

I think Brains have a lot to prove,

otherwise the Brawn are gonna
beat us in everything,

and we need to somehow have to
outperform them tomorrow

at an immunity challenge.

Today's reward challenge
was a phenomenal display of teamwork

with a little bit of leadership
from myself.

We've been out here
for six days now,

out in the elements.

I have been hoping for a cup of tea,
maybe a few bickies for a while now.

What more could you ask for on a
beautiful afternoon out in the bush?

CHELSEA: Behind the
tea and coffee station,

I spot a photo collage
of all of our loved ones.

I just well up straightaway.

SHANNON: It's quite funny, 'cause
my nanna loves her cup of tea.

DAINI: That's Mum.

Your mum actually
looks like my aunty.

Let's sit down.

MAN: Are we all doing tea?
WOMAN: Yeah!

Thank you.

How good.

MAN: Oh, Gerald, how good.

WOMAN: This is exactly
what we need today.

I think it's story time.

CHELSEA: My relationship
with my dad is so special.

As soon as he got me into fighting

and he started training me, that
bond just grew bigger and bigger.

I remember that fight.
I was getting bashed,

and my dad, he's like,
"I can't watch that.

"If you don't, like, fight back,
I'm going to throw the towel in."

And I just remember being like,
"I have to make him proud.

"I have to, like, push through."

He was so proud of me
for not giving up.

I love him so much.

God, it's only been a week.

It feels like the longest week ever.

So, that' sister.

You look good in a suit.
Yeah, you scrub up alright, mate.

I don't.

We usually don't get
very emotional with each other.

We've been through thick
and thin together, really.

My sister's inspired me a lot
through my life.

She's an amazing girl,

but she's someone you
don't want to step across.

I'm a big man, but she's scary.

Everyone reckons we're like twins.

She can throw a punch
just as hard as I can, so...


WOMAN: I know.

(SNIFFLES) That's Mum.

Being brought up the way I was,
I'm a lot softer than you think.

Growing up, it was just me and my mum
and one brother.

She was a single mum.

Mentally, I'm a rock.

I'm strong, independent and
happy to stand on my own two feet.

That's a trait that I got
from my mum.

All I'm here to do is prove
to myself is I have what it takes

to win Survivor on my own terms.

KEZ: This reward
brang everyone together.

It's made us feel like
we've got each other's backs.

This has reminded me
keep going, don't give up.

The reason I got into body building
is the discipline,

how disciplined you have to be to
get to your goal that you want.

It's made me tough.

I don't let anyone push me around.

In school, I got bullied a lot.

But my parents always taught me
to be strong.

Think of all the positive things
that you have in your life.

That made me push through it.

I want to win Survivor so bad,
I want to make my family proud.

I'm going to win this for them.

Whatever it takes,
I'm going to kick arse...

..and come back a champion.

Oh, my God! Is that a clue?

I've found a hidden immunity clue.

I want to scream.

If I can find this idol,
it's a big game changer.

It is the best feeling.

I feel strong, confident
and I feel very powerful.

MAN: Are we out of almonds?
WOMAN: Yeah.


Actually, there was a rock in there.


We keep losing rewards.

I'm not used to being
on the losing team.

Three consecutive losses.
What the heck is going on?

Look, after six days
of rice and lentils,

man, I'm starting to crave some meat.

I need something on these bones.

But you know what?

We are the Brains tribe, after all.

We think outside of the box.

I've seen a lot of fish
down at the watering hole.

Look at them all here.

We've got a secret weapon
named Andrew

who's going to help us
get those fish.

We're going to dam off these water
and we are going to deoxygenate it.

The fish will just jump into our net.

There they go! There they go!

They were jumping into our hands.
They were jumping into our bellies.

Get in there.

They're everywhere!


Yay! I got one!

Oh! I dropped it.
He's dropped it!

I think a good meal
between this tribe

will be the morale boost
that we all need.

Oh, we're on fire.

What a great day
for the Brains tribe.

This is the time now we can start
to turn this thing around.

We're due for a win, and I feel
like this immunity challenge,

this is the one we're
going to bring it home.

The Brawn tribe, they are
a bunch of big, bad meat-heads.

They don't know what's coming.

And we're going to send
those suckers to tribal council.

Come on in, guys.


Daini, what did you like most
about your reward yesterday?

As good as the coffee
and the sugars were,

I think for all of
us, it was a sweet reminder of home.

I think that reminded us
of why we're here.

Shannon, it's tough playing Survivor
in the Outback.

Was it nice to get a little boost
from home?

Seeing a wall of family photos

and sharing intimate moments
about our lives,

you know, really bonded us. And I
thought we were a tight-knit group

but to actually have, you know,
this teary -

You know, I've never seen
big boys cry before -

moment really got to us
and just, you know, disarmed us

and really brought us together.

So Joey, these guys are all fuelled
up by caffeine and love from home.

What's fuelling you guys?

Yeah, look, they might have walked
away with the bickies yesterday,

but sometimes, that's just the way
the cookie crumbles, my friend.


You know what, we're not here
for the reward challenges,

we're here to win
immunity challenges, right?

And we're looking today
to go back-to-back

against this big, imposing

and ridiculously good-looking
Brawn tribe.

You know what, we're gonna win today
for the underdogs.

We're gonna win
for the Aussie battlers.

But most of all, we're gonna win
for each other!


Alright, well, on that note,

shall we just get
to today's immunity challenge?
ALL: Yeah.

First things first.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you're gonna work together

to solve a giant brainteaser
to release a ring...

..that you'll use to get over a wall.

You'll then make your way
across a series of rope steps

to a pile of sandbags...

..that you'll use to knock over
a tower of blocks.

Two of you will then attempt
to rebuild that tower on a seesaw.

First tribe to finish wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where one of you will become the
third person voted out of this game.

Alright? I'm gonna give you guys
a moment to strategise.

Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go. For immunity...

..Survivors ready?


WAI: Alright! Get as much slack...

Get slack on the rope on this side.

Listening to Wai. Listen to Wai.

Someone has to stand
and put that block up there.

Six people on the puzzle at a time.

Lift, lift. Lifting, in, in, up.

No. Hold them. Hold them.

Come on, boys. We got this.

Hold it in.

The goal is to get
the ring off the tower.

You need to use that ring to go
right over the top of the wall.

But that rope, the attached blocks
and discs is in the way.

You're gonna have to work together.

Jump up. Go.

Gavin, up on Emmett's back
to lift the ring over the tower.

Brawn, can't quite make it happen.

We lift this over all of it.

Brains think
they have something going.

Trying to push that ring up.

But can they release it
from the rope?

Go, go, go. You got it.
Got it, you got it.

Hold the ring.


All the blocks...
Block nearly fall on top of them.

Really gonna need to communicate.

They're stuck, boys. Take your time.

Gerald, insisting on shoving
that disc through the ring.

He's not gonna give up.

Maybe it doesn't go through the ring.

It looks difficult
but it is deceptively simple.

Can we swap someone out?

I'll swap for you.
JOEY: I'll go.

OK, what do you want me to do?
OK, I think we have to lift it.

On top?

OK, put it all the way back on top.

It's the wrong way round.

George offering up some advice.

I can swap in.
Shh. Let her go.

No-one seems to be listening.

Both tribes seem to have stalled.

How you gonna get that ring
over the disc?

Over the block?

Gerald thinks he has something going.

Is he gonna be correct?

Grab the block on the bottom.
Can you grab the block?

Those blocks are heavy and awkward.

More slack. You need slack.
There's no slack.

Brawn are completely stuck.

Over the top?
Yes. That's it.

Brains think
they have something going.

But the box.
Someone lift the box on top.

Explain what you're saying.

Just give them some slack.
It's the wrong way round!

I had the answer!

Can I do it, please?!

George, pleading with his tribe.
He thinks he has the answer.

I think George might be onto it.
Someone get out.

Down, down, down. Ring up. Ring up.

George coming in for Wai.

Ring up! Ring up!

Brains going up again with the ring.

Good, good, good.
And they complete a key move.

They get the ring over the top.

One move away from getting
that ring off the rope.

George thinks he sees something...

He passes it through the slot.

Is that gonna work?

Oh, my gosh!

And that's it!

Take that ring! Stick it in the wall!
Get over the wall! Go, go!


Baden at the top of the wall,
helping everyone over.

Just get your foot on, use my hand!

Brawn are still all tied up.

Brawn lost the last immunity

I'm sure they don't wanna go back
to tribal tonight.

Someone catch the hoop on the left!

Bring the box down.
Bring the cog out!

Bring the cog out.
Bring the box down to the right.

Brawn, feeling the pressure.

Come on! Focus!

Panic starting to settle in.

Go, Bade! Huge lead.

Joey's the last person to go up
for Brains.

Joey's over now.

OK, you guys are good.
Get over the rope steps.

If you fall,
you gotta go back to the start.

Take it steady. Take it steady.

Well done, guys.

Brains have a huge lead but they
are not letting up on the pace.

Meanwhile, Brawn is still all twisted
into a knot, back at the brainteaser.

Brawn only seeing discs and blocks
but no solutions.

Maybe that cog needs to
back on the...


Joey's across.

Mitch is across.

Everyone on the mat.
OK, you guys are good!

Start throwing.

Andrew and Joey...

..throwing sandbags at the tower.

Yet to connect.

Joey connects.

Oh, nice hit from Andrew.

Three blocks off!

Five more to go.

Meanwhile, back at the brainteaser,

Brawn think they have something now.

Little burst of energy.
But is it too late?

Joey connects.

And another shot from Joey.

And another one from Andrew.

Brawn are nowhere in this challenge.

Another shot.

Four more blocks. One block to go.

Mitch in now, for Brains.


And just like that,
he takes out the last sandbag.

Alright, now you need to stack them
on the table.

Pick 'em up!
Get them on the table, guys.


Get 'em on the table!
Get 'em on the table!

Two people on the seesaw.

The goal here is to rebuild
your tower one block at a time

and get it to stay up

for at least three seconds
with the seesaw level.

Baden, carefully sliding a block

Working really well together here.

Hayley has four blocks in place,
Brains do not wanna screw it up now.

Got it. Got it.

Brawn, not gonna give up.

Bring it up and over.

And they complete a key move.
They get the ring over the top.


Yep. Bring the box down
with the ring.

This is Survivor,
it's not over until it's over.


They lose the top half of the tower.

Come on. Come on.

This opens the door
for the Brawn tribe.

Yeah, try to swing it through.

Oh, my God, is that it?
Oh, shitting me!

Finally, Brawn have their disc.

Go, Brawn! Get it in the wall.
Get over.

Come on. Come on.
Come on, they're on.

Pressure is back on, Brains.

Need to complete this part
of the challenge.

Simon, at the top of the wall,
helping everyone over.

Brawn are whipping over that wall.

Desperate to get back
into this challenge.

Everyone's over for Brawn.

Go, Brawn! Come on!
You need to pick it up!

Brains are one block away
from victory.

Can they level it out

and keep it up there
for three seconds?

Meanwhile, Brawn,
hitting the rope steps hard.

They do not want to go back
to tribal tonight.


..has the tower stacked.

They need to get that seesaw
levelled out.

The tower needs to stay up
for three seconds.

Three, two, one, that's it!

Brains win immunity!

We got the puzzle.
We got the puzzle, team.

Mate, I think we already got a win
with getting the puzzle.

Brains, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.
You guys are safe tonight.

Well done.

Coming home.

Back home.

See you guys.
Thank you so much.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Enjoy your night off.
See you tomorrow.
Good luck.

Let us win a reward, please.

Brawn, tribal council tonight,

where one of you will become
the third person

voted out of Australian Survivor:
Brains V Brawn.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you guys tonight.

It's a date.

At last tribal council,
I took a swing at Shannon.

And I missed.

And that is not something you can
afford to do in this game

or it's gonna come back
to bite you in the butt.

I need to get rid of Shannon
and finish the job.

FLICK: We lost that immunity
challenge fair and square.

We had an absolute shocker.

It is what it is.

We should have known it was going to
be simple, that puzzle.

Good puzzle, though. I mean,
it all stumped every one of us.

But in the big scheme of things,

this is the perfect opportunity
for me

to split up that strong three,
which is Gavin, Emmett and Simon.

We have 11 tribe members. I'm in
an alliance with Shannon and Kez.

All we have to do is bring in Gerald,
Big D and Benny

and we would be the majority.

I'm just going to use
my social game...

Simon's bromance needs to end.

I reckon this is our best
opportunity to take out one.

We have to do it.


Simon, Gav or Emmett?

Gav's just an easy one

because I know he contributes
massively to camp life...


..but it's not a huge loss.

I mean, we still have
a bit of strength with us

when we need to move forward.

You know what?

That last tribal council,
I was a bit shocked

to see my name come out of that urn.

But I know that Emmett, Gavin,

the little bromance that there is,

have definitely
put my name into the pot.

So tonight,
I'm hungry for some revenge.

So, it starts with Gavin.

So, Gav.

Yeah. Six one, two, three, four,
five, six.

I've never tasted revenge,
but I'm bee-lining for it.

I reckon we go into tribal
talking about Simon -

we want to get rid of the alpha,

there's' a big threat in the group,
blah, blah, blah.

Who's under the tree over there?
Who do you think?

Right now, I can see a few people in
camp already pulled in my Shannon.

What really worries me
is if Flick has flipped on us,

we don't quite have the numbers
to blindside Shannon,

so I need to come up
with another plan.


We have Emmett, Gav...

..myself, Chelsea and Dani -
tight five.

We'll need one more
to solidify this majority.

It was rough, eh?

That sucked.

If I can bring Big D in...

He's already tight with Chelsea,

he could be the sixth member
to give us majority

and control of this tribe.

I want you to come with us.

What are you thinking?

If we have the six,
if we go Shannon,

we've already put her name on the
chopping block, we win challenges,

but once you're in,
we need you to be in.

Yeah? I'm the swing vote.

I've got the girls over here,
thinking I'm with them.

And I have Simon
in the palm of my hand,

so I can do what the hell I want.

It's Big D's time. Spicy, baby.


I'm voting for Shannon,
you're voting for Shannon.

KEZ: Seeing Big D chat to Simon,
I am worried. What if Big D flips?

I know that Simon wants us girls
to go down.

I'm not sure if we can trust him.

My sole focus
is find that immunity idol.

"In the shade of a tree
there will be a tombstone."

I look over and...that looks exactly
like a tombstone.

I know where the idol is.

But it's right in front
of everyone in camp.

How am I going to get it
without anyone seeing?

I need this idol, today, now.

KEZ: I can't get that idol
without someone's help.

Buried underneath that tombstone.
It's a tough spot.

In front of everyone in camp,

how am I going to get it
without anyone seeing?

Straightaway I grab Flick.

Flick is someone I trust the most
in camp at the moment.

Flick is gonna help me
get this idol.



And look what I found. Da, da, da...


I fund an idol, baby.

This is huge,
but where am I going to put it?

I'm wearing nothing.

I start walking off. I realise
I've got camp looking at me.

How am I going
to get this back to tribe?

Oh, my God. I'm stuck.

I immediately sit down in the sand
and...have a sunbathe.

Oh, there were go. Got a smile.

I can feel my whole body burning.
My skin is on fire.

I need to move.

Hey, Kez.

Flick has rescued me.


I've managed to smuggle this idol.
And the best thing about it is... knows.

I'm gonna have to be on my game
tonight, watch the room

and if I feel like my girls are being
threatened or are in the firing line,

I'm not going to hesitate
to bring out the idol and play it.

I think from where I'm sitting right
now, we're going into tribal,

everybody's chatterboxing around me.


But at this point,
I'm still deciding

if I want to vote with Simon or not.

The thing about Big D
is everybody gets tested by Big D.

You don't get this trust
just for free.

Got to earn my vote here, boy.


No, I'm easy.
Yeah, well...

You know what?

..D, you coming
to this alliance late,

I think we should throw him a bone
and prove he's a valued part of it,

I think we should go Kerryn tonight,

I'm happy to prove my trust to you.

Emmett, how do you feel about that?

Yeah. Yeah.

Yep. Done.
Keen. Yeah.

I just wanted to see if I could make
them trust me. And they did.

So, we've got, um...

..we've got you.
Me, you.


And Chelsea.


And Daini, six. We've got five.
But Daini's...

No, Daini was in the conversation
with us just before, bro. He's good.

Yeah. I know. But they also want
to get Daini on board as well.

They won't get him on board.

He's on board with us, 100%.

SIMON: Today was
a massive social play from me

to be able to get Daini on board.

We needed a spot to be filled and
he is the perfect man for the job.

The six of us are going to be
voting for Kez tonight.

Job done.

BIG D: I don't know who to pick.

I have to either pledge my allegiance
to Simon and go for Kez,

or I go with Shannon
and go for Gavin.

It's about keeping the options open

and making sure you stay on the
majority side that you can trust.

And Big D will make his choice.
Who am I sending home, baby?

SHANNON: It's just
an easy one tonight.

Simon, Gavin and Emmett
are the ultimate bromance.

Gavin's going home tonight.

I want that revenge.

It's time to take them out
and break them apart.

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Welcome back, Brawn.

Although last time
you guys were here,

you said you guys
weren't planning on coming back.


Surprise, surprise.

So, Chelsea, I imagine
that you're a competitive person.

Yes, very.

How did it feel losing your second
immunity challenge in a row?

Oh, Jonathan,
being on the Brawn tribe,

I think all of us
are ultra competitors,

so, yeah, we're devoed that we lost

but we'll cop it on the chin

and we'll come back
and we'll win the next one.

Yeah, Chelse.

So, Shannon, what went wrong today?

We overcomplicated things
with that puzzle.

It was, you know, three moves
but we made it 10 or 15

and we had to reset.

And by the time they were
flogging us down the end,

we had just jumped that wall.

So, Simon, do you think you guys
made the wrong decision last tribal?

We are definitely stronger
as a tribe without Janelle here.

But it didn't go according to plan.

Thank God.

Are you saying
you got blindsided by the vote?

Yeah. I got...

I definitely got a little bit
blindsided by the vote,
that's for sure.

I walked out of here, yeah,

expecting it
to fall a different way.

So, Kerryn, can we expect
another blindside tonight?

Anything could happen, Jonathan.

And I think that there is
a snake in the grass somewhere

and we've got to find that snake.

Yeah. It's going to be interesting.

Well, Emmett, last time you guys were
here there was a lot of talk about

this being one big happy family.

But every family has factions.

Have you noticed that
starting to form in this tribe?

There's definitely factions forming.

It's all started to crack
and separate

and to really force people to choose
who they want to be working with

and figuring out where everyone is

and what's going on
has been quite a challenge.

But I'm... I know
who I'm putting on the paper, mate,

and that's a bloody good start.

when trying to choose an alliance,

do you look for people that
strategically are aligned with you?

Or is it more about people
that you naturally gravitate toward?

People that you have
something in common with?

Nine times out of ten

I usually go for people
that I naturally gravitate towards.

But in the game of Survivor

it's about ensuring
we can win most challenges.


You've got to make the decision

based on who you think
will help you win more.

It's about strength
rather than trust for you.

Can you really trust anyone
in this game?

Kerryn, are we going to see a battle
between alliances tonight?

Oh, definitely.
I think that we are battling it out.

So, Emmett,
in order to send someone home,

you're gonna need the majority.

And in a tribe of 11,
you're gonna need six.

Does your alliance
have six tonight?

Um, yeah. We've got the numbers
for sure, brah.

So, you're confident that your
alliance has the numbers

to make something happen tonight.

Yeah. 100%.

But, Simon, this is Survivor.
This is Survivor.

Anything can happen.
Anything can happen.

Is there a chance that a spanner
could be thrown in the works?

There is always a chance

that a spanner
could be thrown in the works. Um... just depends how big that
spanner is and what it looks like.

There is a little thing out there
called a hidden immunity idol.

Yeah. That can obviously
derail the best set plans.

Does somebody have one?

I guess we'll find out.


So, Daini, it seems like

tonight, a line is going to be drawn
in the sand.

Do you think it's going to set the
tone for this tribe moving forward?


I actually think
it's quite late in the game already

for this line in the sand
to be drawn.

I thought it would have happened
a hell of a lot earlier.

Why? Because you still
have to feel everyone out.

You can't just meet someone day one

and expect that you're gonna
get along with them.

And I think
you've actually drawn the line.

Have you not?

I think everyone had a chance
to draw where they want to stand

and on what side they want to stand.

I guess we'll see.

Daini, what does loyalty
mean to you?

Loyalty outside of this game,
it means everything to me.

Loyalty inside of this game,
it changes day to day.


So, you're saying that your loyalty
is up for grabs.

Hoo, putting something in his mouth,

Tonight, I don't know.
Still up in the air for me.

I'll let you know in a second.

Gavin, you're used to
fighting it out on the footy field.

How important is it that your team
is all on the same page?


Well, especially tonight
it's really important

because we have 11

and the team that sticks together
and votes strong

will be the one
that can go forward nicely.

Dani, is there a risk
to playing both sides?


It's very important to me to know
that the people I'm aligned with

will do the right thing on the day.

'Cause's just
a target on their head.

Alright, guys. It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Chelsea, you're up.

I pledge my allegiance
to our alliance

and I hope this works better
than last week.

It was a move we had to make
to break you and Emmett up.

It was a bromance we could not risk.


I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Yeah, I might do that, Jonathan.
I might play that.

Time for things
to get a little bit spicy.

Who are you playing it for?

I'm playing it for myself.

This is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Kerryn
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote -


Does not count.

Kerryn. Does not count.

Does not count.

Kerryn. Does not count.


It's OK, girl.

Kerryn. Does not count.

Gavin. That's one vote Gavin.

Gavin. Two votes Gavin.


Gavin. Three votes Gavin.

Third person voted out of Australian
Survivor: Brains v Brawn...

That's four votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Sorry, Gav.

Sorry, Gav.
Sorry, Gav.

Gavin, the tribe has spoken.

(LAUGHS) See you, guys.
See ya.

Time for you to go.
Bye, Gav.

Well, in Survivor,
you can plan for anything,

until someone throws a spanner
in the fireworks.


Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

..the Australian outback... about to get even hotter...

Get closer! Brawn scrambles...

(GRUNTS) regain lost ground.

And in their battle against
the elements and each other...

GEORGE: I've been on the out
since day dot.

..who will pull off the biggest
blindside of them all?

SIMON: I'm not just gonna roll over
and die.

GAVIN: This is...
I'm just shell-shocked.

I didn't see those votes
coming back my way, that's for sure.

It was an absolute blindside
at its best.

There's some smart cookies in there.

Those girls,
when they're all together,

um, they're gonna be pretty powerful
and hard to stop.

My old alliance,
moving forward, will...

..they're outnumbered now

and I think they're just gonna
get picked off, one by one.

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