Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 21 - Episode #6.21 - full transcript

Dani concedes that the only way to get ahead in this game is to exploit some cracks in the majority alliance, but that would mean trusting someone who has betrayed her in the past.

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on Australian Survivor...

With top six, everything was suddenly
becoming very real.

I need to fight for my life here.

At the immunity challenge...

No-one wants to go home tonight. was girl power all the way...

She lines it up.

..but Dani rose above them all.

Dani wins individual immunity!


At camp...

..the target seemed clear.

Tonight is a simple vote.

Dani's got the immunity necklace
and Flick's gonna get the flick.

Then Flick and Dani tried to use Wai
to sway the vote.

She's on board.

And Cara was getting nervous.

CARA: I'm seeing a lot of different
little conversations around camp

that I'm not privy to.

The last thing I need right now
is for Cara to get spooked

and play her idol tonight.

But at tribal council,
Cara couldn't take the chance.

I was gonna save it
for a rainy day, but...

And you're playing it for...?


As it turned out,
she had nothing to worry about.


Flick's only hope...

Grab it, come forward.

..choose the urn

that contained the save scroll.


And Flick earned her place
back in the game.

Six are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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It's day 42 and we're waking up
this morning in camp to rain.

These conditions are tough out
here in the Australian outback.

It's hot, it's dry,
so I get excited

that there's a bit of rain
for the first time in 42 days.

WAI: Oh, does it?

I'm like, yay! Rain!

I'm getting a new Survivor

DANI: Everyone's annoying me.


42 days in.

Maybe we could look at this storm
coming metaphorically

and maybe there's a change coming,

because a bit of mixing up for
Dani and I would be good news.

How you feeling after last night,

Oh, glad to be here.

Glad that we got to cuddle
for one more night.

Yep, I'm stoked you smashed that urn.
Same. Me too.

I was like...

About time for some good luck.


It's day 42 in the game and I've
woken up feeling a very lucky woman.

I smashed the right urn last night.

I saved my spot in the game.

So I'm definitely not gonna waste
this opportunity.

The person I trust the most
in this game is Dani.

The people I trust the least are the
people that are sitting in that

top four alliance -

George, Cara, Hayley and Wai.

And it has been extremely hard
to crack the four.



CARA: Yep.

I think Dani and I feel very similar
about our positions

in the tribe right now.

Very much still on the bottom,
we're in a minority of two.

So we've got work to do
if we want to stay in this game.

We've got to stop being
so scared of crossing George.

It's very frustrating.

I think they were actually keen on it

but then they were too worried
about the urns.

Oh, you reckon?
Yep. 100%.

Now with the urns out of the picture,
people will finally wise up,

think for themselves and start voting
out some real threats in this game.



George and Cara have been an absolute
power couple in this game

because they're unbreakable.

They've been working alongside
each other since day dot.

They're always gonna vote together.



I like being dirty.
I like the dirt!

If we can persuade Hayley and Wai
to come over to our side

and send one of those two packing,
what an epic gameplay.

Now that the urns
is out of the question,

we try and revisit the conversation
with Hayley and Wai.

Because you know the person that we
vote out is actually going home.

Tables turned.


All we needed is a little mistake,
some cracks,

and that's an opportunity to strike.

And we'll be sweet.

Well, at least now we know that
there's no idol in play, right?


Cara playing the idol,
that was so dumb.

Oh, my God.

It was the dumbest play ever.

GEORGE: At last night's
tribal council,

the alliance with Hayley, Wai,
myself and Cara voted as a solid bloc

and then two things went wrong.

The first one is that the urn
saved Flick.

I mean,
I've got to act happy for her.

Yay! Flick's coming back to camp.

But I wanted her gone.

And the second one was that Cara
blew up her hidden immunity idol

for absolutely no reason.

I told her that she was safe,
but she did it anyway.

So if Cara playing that idol
so stupidly last night

has got us in trouble.

I mean, trust is the only thing
that matters in an alliance,

and at the end of the day,

Cara and I didn't tell Hayley and Wai
about that idol.

Cara's meant to be an empath

but she couldn't see the writing on
the wall that burning her idol there

is just gonna burn trust
with Hayley and Wai.

HAYLEY: Sure, yeah.
Do you want to go first?

At least the bloody urns are gone.
That's all I'm happy about.



When you started pulling the idol
out of your bag I'm like,

why are you doing this, though?

I just think it was something else.
How were you so sure?

I went into tribal last night fully
intending not to play my idol.

But the reality is,
the paranoia set in.

So I definitely need to do
some damage control.

I don't question you guys.

It was the freakin' urns.

It did my head in.

It really did.

Because I had three different
conspiracy theories on it.

It's very easy to become
paranoid in this game,

and sometimes you make a move
too early.

I'm mortified
and hopefully my alliance

will be able to forgive and forget
that stupid mistake.

Yep, yep.

Alright, cool, done. Thanks, people.

Secrets break alliances.

They break political parties,
they break allies.

And Cara playing her idol,
that could break us apart,

that could be the crack.

Let's go win some reward!

So the storm's a-coming
here in the outback.

I can feel it.

JONATHAN: Come on in, guys!

DANI: What on Earth is this?

Hello again.

So, Cara, what were you saying
about it never raining out here?

(LAUGHS) I know!


Bit of an omen.


How's the first day of the rest
of your game going so far?

Oh, my God. I am honestly walking on
borrowed time right now.

But I am, yeah, excited because
I've got unfinished business.

So, Hayley, you're no stranger
to second chances.

Do you think Flick is gonna
make the most of hers?

I am sure she will, yeah.

As I have, as Cara has.

It's a big game until the end now

and we're all here to fight for it.

So Dani, is this stormy weather
an indication

of what might be coming up
in the last week of the game?

Oh, absolutely.

We did say it was
the calm before the storm

and today is proof of that,
so yeah, bring it on.

You guys ready to get to today's
reward challenge?

ALL: Yes!

Alright. For today's challenge,

you're gonna race out
to collect a bag,

you're gonna bring it back to shore,

and use the sticks and rope inside

to fashion a long pole
to retrieve a key.

You will then use that key
to open a box of sandbags

and attempt to land them
in a spinning goal.

First person to land five sandbags
wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes!

A night away...
(ALL EXCLAIM) the Tylenol outback retreat.

Where you will enjoy a jacuzzi, a
soft bed, soap, shampoo, conditioner,

and of course, cheese and chocolate.


Everything you need
to recharge and unwind.

I think it's time
for a little relaxation.

ALL: Yes!
Alright. Let's draw for spots.

Let's get to it.

For reward, survivors ready.


Very nice reward on the line today.

Exactly what you need
to recharge your batteries

for the final week of this game.

That final push.

Flick grabs her bag first.

Hayley's right there,
George right behind.

Coming back to shore now.

Everyone has their bag.

Hayley gets back first.

George on her tail.

Flick's right there.

Need to untie those bags,
pull out those sticks and rope.

Now you need to figure out
how best to use them,

build a pole long enough
and strong enough to reach that key.

A number of different ways
to construct this.

Dani hammering some pieces together.

Hayley working quickly.

Cara trying to reinforce hers

with extra rope.

Whose strategy's gonna pay off?

And George thinks he has it.

But it falls apart before he even
gets to the key.

Gonna have to rethink that.

Hayley wondering if it's long enough.

She's gonna give it a crack.

Might be long enough.

But it's definitely
not strong enough.

Back to the drawing board for Hayley.

Dani gonna give it a crack.

Dani's looks like it could be
long enough.

Inching closer.

Can she hook that key?

Just tries to slap it
off the top there.

She's on the hook.

Nope. Leaves it.

As Hayley goes out again.

Very close to that ring this time.

It's definitely long enough.

Will it be strong enough?

So close.

Just needs to nudge it off that hook.

Dani's back in it again.

Who's gonna get it first?

Whoever does will have a huge
head start on the endgame.

FLICK: You got this, Dani.

You got this, girl.

Flick cheering on Dani.


Oh, so close for Dani.

Flick is there now.

Hayley going out,
keeps dancing around that key.

She's close.

Can she knock it off?

Oh, very close.

And she gets it!

She gets the key! Hayley moving on.

Oh, thank God.

Unlocking her box of sandbags.

The opening of that goal
faces away from you

so you need to wind it up to land
the sandbag as it spins around.

Flick gets her key.

She's in on it now.

Now we have a challenge.


How are you meant to do this?

Hayley firing.

Almost gets one.

Go, Flicky!

Flick winding up her goal.

You need to put enough wind on it
so you have time to get back

and start firing.

DANI: Come on, Flick!

Flick starts firing.

Hayley's firing.

It's not easy to time it
when that goal is spinning around.

Hayley lands one!

She leads one-zip.
WAI: Yes, good job!

Flick trying to land her first.

DANI: Good luck, Flick!

Go, Flicky!

Come on, Flick!

And she gets one!

We're tied up. 1-1.

Yes, Flick! Keep going, babe.

Hayley feeling the pressure now.

Everyone else still
working on their poles.

You guys still have a shot at this.

George taking a break.

Working on his suntan.

George, have you given up?

Dani takes a swipe at the key,
she gets it!

Dani's in on it now.

Unlock your box of sandbags!

Oh, she's in it now!

You need to land five sandbags
to win this thing.

Dani winds up her goal.

She starts tossing.

Now she's on the board.

We're tied, 1-1-1.

Whoever lands five bags
wins this very nice reward.

And another one for Dani.

Dani leads, 2-1-1.

And another one for Dani!

Dani leads 3-1-1.

WAI: Damn, girl!

Hayley and Flick had a huge
head start on this challenge.

I know you want to make an alliance,

(LAUGHS) Spy alliance.


..has now passed them
and is in the lead.

Can she bring it home?

She's getting close.

Hayley and Flick
can feel the pressure.

Hayley lands another one.

Oh, my God.

And Flick lands another one.

Dani still leads 3-2-2.

This is a very close challenge.

Dani just pelts one at the goal.

And gets another one.

Dani leads 4-2-2.

Hayley and Flick really feeling
the pressure now.

One more will do it for Dani.

Dani going for the win,

and she does it!

Dani wins reward!

Such a good job, mate!

Dani, come on over.

WAI: Well done, girl.


A night of relaxation is yours.

But it would be kind of boring
spending a night

away from camp by yourself,
so choose one other to join you.

Of course my girl Flicky.

Come on, babe.

Good girl.

Let's go get clean.

You know what?

I think there's probably
enough room in that jacuzzi.

Yeah, I bet.
Choose one more.

WAI: Yay!

Come on, babe.
I won't leave you hanging.

Well done.
I'm so happy.

Dani, Flick and Hayley,

your Tylenol retreat awaits you.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Yeah, the girls!

GEORGE: Things can change
at the drop of a hat,

and at this stage of the game,

I am worried that my alliance could
all just fall apart

at the last minute.

Dani taking Hayley for
a girls' night out at the day spa

might be what sways her vote
to the dark side.

Oh, my God.

FLICK: Oh, my God.


Oh, robes!


Oh, a fan!



Oh, my God. Look at the platter!



Tylenol overnight stay.

Oh, my God!

There's cheese fondue.


Oh, my God,
I can't get over this fondue.

This is the best reward yet.

I've never even had cheese fondue
in my life.

It's a girl's dream. Absolutely.


No way!

Oh, my God.
Body wash!


There is a case

and it's got all the
cleaning products you could want.

Oh, my God, soap, conditioner.

There's soap,
and the soap smells amazing.

ALL: Whoo-hoo!


This is an amazing reward.
Wow. Shampoo.

42 days of dirt in there.


This is a total game changer.

Oh, my God! It's so good!


I am the queen of rewards,

but tonight's reward was about

all of us feeling like queens.

Jacuzzi in the outback.


Bringing Hayley along
was not only a smart play,

but a great opportunity to steal her
away from the prying ears

of George and Cara.

Bubbles and bubbles.

Now's the time
to make a big game play -

having Hayley all to ourselves

so we can start to form some cracks

in their alliance
with George and Cara,

because Hayley needs to start
thinking about her future in the game

and align with us.

We are so spoilt right now.

So spoilt.

Can you believe there's only
six days left in this game?

Have you thought about how
you would even move forward, then?

Say if you picked off both of us,

I feel like you would be
the next target.

I don't know what Cara's game is.

I think she's only focused
on final two

and she just wants to get there.

And she wants to get there
with George.

Yeah, she does want to get there
with George.

I don't want either one of those two
at the end.

My game plan's always been adapting
every day out here,

but playing with people
who have my back.

Up until last night,
I thought that George and Cara

were pretty transparent
with me and Wai,

but I was wrong about that.

Cara played her idol last night,
which is strange.

What did you think about that?
That was odd.

She keeps saying
it was about the urns,

but I think she wasn't trusting me
and Wai.

Cara played this idol randomly,

an idol that only George
and Cara knew about.

So I don't know
how long I can trust them.

Yeah. And so that does
make me think that

something has to be done about that.

There's only six people
left in the game,

so everyone is starting to think,
"How can I win?

"How can I make sure that
I am in that final two position?"

I can see you, me and Wai
and Dani working together.

I think that now could be like
probably the perfect opportunity.


You know, I understand...

I do understand
that George is someone
that everyone's worried about.


I know that something has to be done
about that at some point.

Flick and I just very much like,
live on the edge, we're so close.

He's a huge threat.
That would be a massive play.

There are a lot of different ways
to get to the end,

and I want to make sure that
I've explored all of them fully.


Yeah. Yep.


How comfy!

Ah, yeah.

This is the best reward yet
on Survivor.

Yeah, this is
definitely the best reward.

I could be asleep so well tonight.


Goodnight, girls.

Oh, yum.

What a day, what a great reward.

Oh, it's unbelievable.

This has been,
like, THE best reward.

Thanks so much, Dani,
for choosing us.

Oh, of course, of course.

I'm just picturing what is going to
happen tonight, how it plays out.


It's gonna be fun.
It'll be huge.

George and Cara are rolling in shit.

They're thinking
that they are so comfortable.

We've got to break up those two.

Yeah, exactly.

It's the perfect time to do it.

So you're in, Hayley?

I'm in.
BOTH: Yes!


I'm so excited for this.

You better not flip on me.

I will take away this coffee.

I feel a connection with Hayley
from the beginning.

We've had this controversy,

we've voted each other out
a couple of times

and she flipped on the first alliance
she made with me.

However, I respect the way
that she plays the game.

Flick and I
definitely are living on the edge

and second chances
is what we're all about.

So we could use her gameplay
to our advantage,

because having Hayley on side
is just perfect gameplay.

Next plan is just to keep winning.

I'll be putting my everything in

and turning on beast mode when
it comes to immunity challenges.

CARA: This would be the best day
to not have a fire.

That's alright. We'll get it.

Do I want to be whisked away
and eating food?

Of course I do.

I'm damn hungry here on day 42.

But I didn't want to try
and win the last challenge

because I rely simply on my strategy
to get ahead in the game, not food.

Oh, there's one.
Here too. Oh, quick, quick.

Yes, we're going to eat.

I thought we were going to starve.

But now with Hayley being taken
to a girls' night out at the day spa

with Flick and Dani...


..I'm worried that Hayley might flip.

We don't have a plan B
right now, Cara.

What plan B? If she defects?

If Hayley defects?
I know.

And that makes me uncomfortable.
I don't think she will.

That's the question.

If we lose Hayley,

I think I could be in trouble

So I need to get ready
for the immunity challenge

and I need to win.

JONATHAN: Come on in, guys!

WAI: Whoo!

Hello. Here they are.

Dani, Hayley and Flick.

Returning from their outback retreat.

You want a hug?

FLICK: Can you smell us?

Oh, you guys look amazing!

Was it good?

I want to hear every bit of detail.

I can tell you everything
in about 30 seconds

because I've had about 6 cups
of coffee this morning.


But dressing-gowns, jacuzzi,
sparkles, cheese,

big comfy king bed.

FLICK: The bed felt like a cloud.
I'm sorry.

So, Hayley, are you grateful
that Dani took you?

Oh, it is hard to describe
how grateful I am.

I had to imagine what
rewards would be like

because I hadn't been on one.

And now I get to have that

and I'm really happy
that I got to have that.

It meant a lot.

It was really cool. Thank you.
You're welcome.

Well, we had a really good
bonding experience.

I spent a really good night
with two fantastic women.

I'm really grateful to
the conversations

that Wai and Cara had with me.

And I feel really close to them
right now.

Alright. You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

Let's go, JLP.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.


For today's challenge,

you're gonna be tethered to a rope
that is woven through a frame.

On my go, you're gonna race
to unspool as much rope

as you think you need

to get through a series of obstacles
to retrieve a key.

When you have your key,
free yourself from the rope,

make your way over a balance beam,

and then smash a hitching rail
to release a bag of tiles.

You will then attempt to slide
those tiles down the long table

and into a goal.

When you've landed all your tiles,
you will then use them

to solve a word puzzle.

First person gets it right
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council where somebody
will become the 19th person

voted out of this game.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

WAI: Sounds good.
GEORGE: Good luck, everyone.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready!


First thing you need to do
is unspool that rope.

You need to figure out how much rope
you think you need to reach that key.

You need to manage it as well to make
sure it doesn't get tangled up.

Hayley whipping through that frame.

Dani moving quickly.

Flick right behind.

Everyone trying to unspool.

Who's gonna be the first
to make a break for it?

Hayley going for it now.

She's up and over the wall.

Now you've got to go under that rail.

If she gets to the key, now
you can unlock yourself and move on.

Hayley whips across that balance
beam, grabs the sledgehammer.

Four hitching rails to smash through.

Dani's over the wall now.

Flick right behind her.

George, Cara and Wai
stuck back at the start.

Hayley struggling to smash
through those rails.

Finally Hayley has her bag of tiles.

She's on the shuffleboard now.

28 tiles.

You need to get all of them
in the goal before you can move on.

Wow, Dani powering through
those rails.

Wai's over the wall now.

Flick, she's on the beam,
whipping across.

Cara coming over the wall now.

George right behind.

Hayley and Dani on the shuffleboard.

Dani puts so much power into that,
they're flipping off the table.

Flick making quick work of those
hitching rails.

One more will do it.

She does it.

WAI: Oh, boy. I can't even lift it.

Wai swinging that sledgehammer.

It looks heavier than her.

Yah! Ah!

Cara's there now.

She's smashing through the rails.

Finally George is coming up the rear.

He's on the beam.

George has the hammer now,
smashing away at the rails.

Who's gonna get there first?

Come on!

George, he has his bag of tiles!

He was so far behind on this
challenge but he's now in it.

Dani landing lots of tiles.

Hayley has landed a whole bunch.

Oh, my God.


Flick has only landed three.

Cara's at it now.

Wai's in it.

Everyone firing away.

The sooner you land those tiles,

the more time you will have
on that puzzle.

Immunity on the line tonight.

Someone is definitely going home.

Dani finally lands that last one,
collecting all her tiles.

First on the puzzle.

28 letters, six-word phrase.

HAYLEY: I'm in.

Hayley's landed all her tiles now.

She can move on to the puzzle.

Flick has two tiles left.

One tile left.

Flick has all hers through now.

She can start working on the puzzle.


Wai, Cara and George

still working on landing those tiles

in the goal.

Trying to get on the puzzle.

GEORGE: Ah, come on! Go in!

Hayley quickly placing them
on the board.

Six-word phrase.

It needs to make sense.

Dani had an early lead.

Now she's stumped.

Flick not quite sure where to start.

Cara does it.

She's in on the puzzle now.

George and Wai desperate
to get in on that puzzle.


Trying to will those tiles
into the goal.


We know that George and Wai
are good on puzzles,

if they can just get there.


Cara working quickly,
putting the pressure on them.

Hayley all scrambled
on the table now.

Oh, man, I'm in Struggle Town, eh.

Flick - stopped.

She's in on the puzzle.

Cannot figure out what it is.

Yeah, this is not my strength.


Finally, George does it.

He can get in on it now.

George, trying to close that gap.


Wai, down to her last tile.

She would love to get in
on that puzzle also.

She's getting close.


Everyone else, stumped
by this word puzzle.

Day 43.

Tired, from all those challenges,
all the strategising.

It's hard to think straight
at this point.

There's only one way to make sure
you're safe tonight -

that is to solve this word puzzle.

Yes! Finally!

Finally, Wai lands her last tile.
She's moving on to the puzzle.

Wai working quickly now.

Wasting no time.

Wow! She's just, like,
ripping through it.

She's not even stepping back
to look at the letters.


One thing Wai loves, it's words.

This one should be
right up her alley.

She's working very quickly, putting
the pressure on everyone else...

..who has been here
for quite a while.

The puzzle is the great equaliser.

I have a word, but I don't know
how to spell it.

Ugh! What is this letter?

Oh, my God. Maybe.

Wai thinks she has something.
she's working very quickly now.

Hayley picking up the pace now.

She's feeling the pressure
coming from Wai.

Who's going to do it first?

Tiles in and out. In and out.
Yes! Got it!

Oh, my God!
What does it say?

'Guaranteed spot in the final five'!

Wai wins immunity, and guarantees
herself a spot in the final five.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

Yeah, you should...
you should be so proud.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Without coffee or food or anything.
Yes. Oh, my God! I did it!

Wai, come on over.

Nice work!

First individual immunity win.
Oh, my God.

This is really emotional
for you, right?

This is really emotional. I
just didn't think that was possible.

Oh, thank you.

So proud of you.

This is why you never give up.

So, these are tears of joy?
These are tears of joy.

OK. Well, well done.

Thank you.
You are safe tonight.
Cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-five shot
at winning this game.


As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where somebody's going to become
the sixth member of our jury.

Won't be you.
Thank you.

Well done.

Good on ya, Wai.
I'm so proud of you.

I told you you were
going to win at camp.

Alright, guys, head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

Lead the way.

I can't believe it. I'm just happy!
I love that feeling.

I actually won a challenge.
Thank goodness!

It's just really surreal.

I don't think anyone expected me
to win the immunity challenge.

So this is definitely
going to change the outcome

in tonight's tribal council.

GEORGE: Way to go, Wai.

Oh, my God!

I won something! Oh, my God!

I won an immunity challenge.

I'm so proud of you, Wai.
I know. It's amazing.

It was amazing.

Thank you.

I've been kind of thinking
for the past while

that I don't really deserve
to be here.

You are a true testament
to never giving up.

Oh, thanks.


This has definitely given me
a lot more confidence,

reaffirms that I've earned my spot.

I think it could have been anyone's,

but I'm very, very grateful
that I won something!


I'm one of the top six
and I'm gonna be one of the top five,

and that's pretty important, yeah.

It's like,
"Oh, my God, a puzzle, finally."

So good.
And I get to keep my crown.


For tonight's vote,
I'm putting all my trust in Hayley.

I'm pushing for Hayley and I
to go as far as we can.

I wanna be really transparent
with you.

Like, you can't assume that

whatever has happened before
is always going to...


Coming out of tonight there will only
be five players left in the game.

This is an opportunity to get
a 3-2 majority.

This is one of those critical moves.

There are no more urns anymore,
so if anyone was to make a big move,

now is the time.

DANI: I'm actually so glad
that Wai won today.

Me too.

Wai, the little legend,
has won the immunity necklace.

I'm so happy for her.

However, this means that
myself and Flick

are back on the chopping block.

I feel like Wai feeling confident
in her position

is a good time for her
to "make a move",

and her move will be
to come over to our side.

Flick and I have been sitting
in the minority for a while now.

We are the two only original
Brawn left against

Hayley, Wai, George, Cara -
the OG Brains sticking together,

la-la-la, boring!


But wooing Hayley with
a girls' night definitely did help.

This morning she agreed
that George needs to go

and that she will vote
alongside Flick and I.

She's gonna have a better chance
at making final three with you and me

than what she is with them.

They're gonna vote her out

There are only six people
left in the game.

If Hayley and Wai vote with us, we
have the numbers to split the votes

between George and Cara, just
in case one of them's got an idol.

The votes have to go,
like, two Cara, two George.

Also, yeah, I think we need to decide
who's going to do the two and two.

We need to communicate that.

George and Cara
are gonna vote together,

which means that there will be a tie
and we'll go to a revote.

If George doesn't play an idol,

we revote and then
put votes on George...

..we send him packing.

As long as bloody Wai's on the plan.

We're relying on Hayley
to bring Wai over to our side.

We just have to have
full trust in Hayley,

which is really quite scary...

..considering her track record.

She is known as the Flipper.

Definitely known as, that's for sure.

But we'll give Hayley another chance
to do the righty by us tonight.

I'll just leave that 'cause I don't
know who's watching it. Everyone's
like, "I don't know."

Is that cool? Is that cool?

DANI: I think Hayley and Wai
seemed really on board.

Hopefully, we are now out of the
minority and on our way to the top.

GEORGE: Dani's been gunning for me
at the past three tribal councils.

I'm worried that after having spent
last night with Dani and Flick,

that Hayley could have
just changed her mind

and might decide to
vote me out tonight.

I need to find out
what she's thinking.

Hi, Queen. Please provide an update
to the royal court.

As long as they're far away.

I am 100 million per cent
working with you guys.

Like, I really, really
want you to know that.

I understand it's suicide
to do anything else.

I'd like to stay with this.

I think that it is in
all of our best interest.

It's very clear to me.

And, yeah, that's where I'm at.
So what do you guys think?

What do you want to do
out of those two?

I think could it be Dani?

Yep, I was hoping you would
say that. Yeah, I agree.

We're taking the safe bet,

splitting the vote just in case one
of them have a hidden immunity idol.

OK, so, Dani, Dani, Flick, Flick.
Let's not get it confused.

And then if there's a revote,
Dani's out.

This is smart.
It's mutual progression.

No, I agree.
At the stage of the game we're at.

Not volatility, OK?
Yeah, stability.

I'm hoping to the Survivor gods
and the Macedonian Jesus

that Hayley and Wai stick with
Cara and myself.

But I know what Hayley's
been like in this game.

Hayley's changed her mind
at the drop of a hat before,

so I'm not counting my chickens
before they hatch.

I need to do what I do best
to make sure that it's not me.

Climb up for me.
I can kind of see something.

Can I climb on your shoulders?

HAYLEY: Right now I really like
my position in the game.

Back in the middle,
pulling the strings.

Have you looked around here?

On one side you have an alliance
that is gunning for Dani...

We need to find an idol.
Just in case.

..and on the other side you have
an alliance gunning for George.

And in neither situation
is anyone trying to get me out.

Sitting in the middle is
all about building relationships

and building trust so that no-one
looks at me like a target.

This has been my strategy
from the start

and that's working perfectly for me.

A snakeskin.

But every step of the way now,
things can change the game.

The votes can change
at the very last minute.

People can develop new relationships
or blow up old ones.

And there's advantages,
idols coming out of nowhere.

We don't know what's coming
that can totally shake the game up.



Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

"Congratulations, you have found
a hidden immunity idol."

Oh, my God.

I am stoked.
We have a hidden immunity idol.


We don't tell anyone.

This is massive
at this point in the game,

and we're going to keep
it between us.

Alright, do you want me
to hide it under my shirt?

So Dani stuffed it down her top,
in between her assets.

This idol will be the backup plan.

We have worries about Hayley
and Wai voting with us tonight.

Myself, Dani, Hayley and Wai,

we're going to split the votes -
two on George, two on Cara.

If they don't play an idol,
that allows us to strike on George

and take him down tonight.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I've told the girls that
I really wanna work with them

because what I want
is control in this game.

I want them to think
I'm 100% in their plan

and I want George and Cara
to think I'm 100% with them

so that I have
all the information,

so I decide what happens.

We're in the middle
of our term of government.

Let's just get to that next stage.
Next fixed election cycle.

To be in the top six
this close to the end

has put such a fire in my belly

that I can see myself
as the Sole Survivor now.

Tonight's vote, my mind is on
how do I get to the final two.

If I decide to go with
Dani and Flick tonight,

we could get out George -
the biggest player in this game.

Or I can vote with Cara and George
and take out Dani,

another huge threat.

Dani is someone who has a smart
strategic, social and physical game

and she has big potential
to win a lot of immunities.

Tonight is a crucial vote
to set my game up for the end.

This decision could be the one that
costs me half a million dollars.

I think Dani's a pretty good option.

Imagine George going home tonight
and being on the...

Well, that's exactly it.
I can't even imagine it.
This is also...

He might be one of those people
if you don't try now,

somehow you never get there.

WAI: Hayley and I, we're in a fairly
good position for tonight's vote.

But there's a lot riding on
this decision.

We can't afford to make a mistake
at this critical moment of the game.

I think she is.
My nervous radar's going off.

But you'll be safe, Cara.
I just...I just...

I'm the one at risk.

I've got to put trust that Hayley
and Wai are gonna stick solid

with Cara and myself.

At the end of the day,
you can't always be in control.

She'll walk up to the voting booth
and just write my name down.

I don't think she will.
I think she's good.

It's risky business.
It is. I don't know what to do.


Having the idol gives me
some sort of breathing space

but also makes me nervous.

(SIGHS) God.

Heading into tribal tonight our plan
for the idol is to hold on to it.

It's so scary, but I've gotta
trust in Hayley's word.

DANI: If we can send George home,

actually pull off
this epic blindside,

this is a huge move.

Sending him home
will make us legends.


We've gotta put
our trust in someone.

We don't actually have a leg to
stand on, sitting in the minority.

And although Hayley's broken it
so many times...

Any point in us trying to convince
you to not kill us tonight?

Yeah. (LAUGHS)

..we've got no other choice -

we have to trust Hayley tonight.

Until I see those votes cast and the
ballot read out by Jonathan tonight,

I'm worried that Hayley could
change her mind and I'm out.

HAYLEY: For tonight's vote,

I am back in the middle
where I like to be.

Me and Wai have all the power
to dictate who goes home tonight.

Whatever I choose to do,
Wai is totally on board.

It's gonna be a pretty fun tribal.

JONATHAN: Go beyond the game

or on the 10 Play app.

It is cold tonight, JLP.


We'll now bring in
the members of our jury -

Baden, Gerald, Laura,

Emmett, and Andrew.

So, Wai, I gotta say,
that necklace suits you.

It''s a bit heavy.
I feel, like, its weight.

But it's been really surreal
to have it. (CHUCKLES)

Feels pretty good, right?
It does feel good.

I feel relieved and honoured.

Did you ever think
through the course of this game

that you'd be sitting here
wearing that necklace?

Probably, no, not in any...

I've just been basically focused
on staying upright.

Now to come away with a win
is pretty special.

So, Dani, was it bad timing

for your winning streak
to come to an end today?

You're sitting here tonight
without any protection.

You're vulnerable.

Yeah, absolutely.

But there's no urns
this time, so, uh...

No urns to save you tonight.


So, George, out of Dani and Flick,

who do you consider to be a bigger
threat in the game at this point?

I think they're both equally
threatening for different reasons.

Flick is a professional athlete.

Her endurance skills are phenomenal.

And in saying that, looking at Dani,

her rope skills, her ability
to throw and hit a target,

it's a real gap
in my personal skill set.

But that's threatening.

If we were to
put our hand up right now

and say, "Who's won an
individual reward challenge?"

unless my memory's wrong,
it's only Dani.

She's an absolute gun
that's performed.

Oh, that's a head shot, straight up.

Cara, why do you think Dani and Flick

chose Hayley to join them
on the retreat

and not one of you guys?

Dani's a smart girl. There's always
strategy behind there.

She knows Hayley's a flipper,
and, um...


..has been in the past.

And I'm sure there would've been
a lot of proposals

put forward to Hayley.

Let's hope nothing sticks.

George, you're a student
of Survivor -

you know how powerful
a reward like that can be...

Yeah. tearing apart alliances

and cementing alliances.

I agree with that proposition, JLP.

Part of the benefit of spending a
whole night of luxury with people

is that you can embed a new idea.

So, Hayley, is that true?

Did these girls try and pull you
over to their side?


Yeah. There was some chat.

Things can happen while you're away,

and the only person
feeling safe here tonight is Wai.

It's not anyone else.

I think I'm in trouble.

George, Hayley's being
very evasive tonight.

Is that a concern?

I...I think if...if Hayley
has had a revelation at the day spa,

I could be sitting on that jury
bench at the next tribal council.

But now is not the time
to wither in a different direction.

We have this golden opportunity
to stick solid and progress.

And I know what my priority is.

I need to tick that 'outlast' box.

Um, so...

Everyone has a different opinion

on how they think the Sole Survivor
should be crowned.

But I believe that
you should be a combination

of outwitting, outlasting
and outplaying someone.


..I have seen George give up
in yesterday's reward,

not even complete the challenge.

So, to me, that just
doesn't sit right.

Especially being, like, an athlete
and someone who wants to succeed

and just never give up.

So, for me to see someone giving up,
that was pretty tough.

I've survived 43 days in the most
foreign environment to me possible.

I would never frame myself
as having given up once.

And I don't need sniping
from the sidelines.

I struggle and I persevere,
and that's what I do.

For me, the final piece
of the puzzle is simply outlasting.

OK, as long as you believe that,
that's fine.

That's just my take on what I saw.

I haven't played the player once -
I play the ball.

Remember that you can't just have
one strategy or one thing -

you have to adapt to whatever's
in front of you,

you have to have a little bit
of outwit, outlast and outplay.

Just remember how you play
before you send someone to the seat.

Hayley, what's the vote about
tonight for you?

Hmm. Tonight, the vote is about...

..moving forward with people
that I want to move forward with.

George, what about you?

It's about the future.

And mutual progression.

And shared objectives.

And shared resolve.

I am not going to sit here and say

that I haven't told lies
in this game - I absolutely have.

It's just about who you give
your trust to at what time.

And sometimes I give my trust
to people when the time is right,

and sometimes I flip.

Alright, well, on that note,
I think it is time to find out.

On that note, I think
it is time to find out.

Dani, you're up.

Tonight I'm voting for you, Cara.

It's all about
just sticking to a plan,

and if the plan succeeds,

the cockroach goes home, finally.

Flick, you're just
a safety vote tonight.

I think you'll live
to fight another day.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote -





We're tied - two votes Dani,
two votes Cara.



We're tied - two votes Flick,
two votes Cara, two votes Dani.

OK, this is how it's going to work -

we are going to revote.

Dani, Flick and Cara,
you will not vote.

Everyone else, you can only vote
for Dani, Flick or Cara.

I'll go count the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote -


19th person voted out
and sixth member of our jury.

Dani, that's two votes.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Alright, let's do this.

See ya, kids. Play nice.

Let's do it.

Dani, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Yeah, the girls!

Well, Dani was always 100% certain

but, unfortunately, tonight
she was 100% right.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.


Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

FLICK: I am fighting for this
with my heart, my soul,

and I'm here to win.

..over three explosive nights...

HAYLEY: I am willing to be
as cutthroat as I need to be.

Whatever way I need to do it,
I'm going to do it.

..get ready for a massive endgame.

WAI: I don't want to play
by the rules anymore.

I want to make this mine.

The top five will fight
like never before.

CARA: I can do this.

But which one will become
Sole Survivor?

GEORGE: I'm not going to stop
until that crown is mine.

DANI: Knowing who to trust
in this game is super hard.

We tried to go
from the bottom to the top,

but I got blindsided
and sent packing.

Everyone has been playing
a massive strategic game,

going in, through to the end.

From now on, I'm going to be
keeping a keen eye on Hayley.

She's a massive competitor.

So, you know, good luck to her
in the rest of her game,

but I'll be sitting on the jury now.

I'll forgive, but I won't forget.

Captions by Red Bee Media