Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 20 - Episode #6.20 - full transcript

Dani and Flick are on the bottom of the pack, but they are two strong physical and social threats who are here to fight. Will George's kingdom crumble under the persuasive powers of the remaining Brawn?

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on Australian Survivor...

..Andrew wanted revenge.

My sole mission is to win
every single immunity challenge

and to get George out of the game.

But at the first opportunity...

We now have a showdown.

..despite his determination,
Andrew couldn't hang in there.

Hayley wins immunity!

At camp,
George was on top of the world.

This is the perfect opportunity
to get rid of Andrew,

and even better, Cara still has
her idol in that pocket.

I was gonna say, we go Andrew next.

Hayley swore her allegiance
to George and Cara.

I expect that Wai will too.

But Wai wasn't quite so sure.

I'm still quite
protective of Andrew.

I've worked with Andrew for so long
and I'm not ready to see him go,

but at this point in the game,
I mean,

if you're not playing to win,
what are you playing for?

At tribal council, Wai decided
to stick with the Brains.


But Andrew was given a second chance.

Three of them contain nothing.

One of them contains a save scroll.

He just needed to pick the right urn.

Here goes nothing.


Unfortunately for Andrew,
luck was not on his side.

The tribe has spoken.

Six are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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WAI: Cracking day 40 feels like

I've been in this very exhausting

There is only six of us now
and the presence

and how small the numbers are
is really, really apparent,

that the pointy end is coming.

I never thought I'd make it
this far in this game. No way.

Like, eyes.

Oh, contacts.

I know.

FLICK: There's only six of us.

I kinda didn't realise that that
happens at the end of the game,

it gets harder.
Oh, yeah.

I think my gameplay has been
kind of navigating by my gut.

I'm really just trying to stay alive

because I would not be here

if I didn't focus on the tribe

and on my relationships with people.

Same shorts, the same shoes.

DANI: He's gonna look so different
with clothes on.

Last night at tribal, the four of us
in the original Brains alliance,

Hayley, myself, Cara and George,
voted out Andrew.

Which is kind of sad because me
and Andrew have never been apart

in this game.


But George told me
that Andrew was gunning for me.

And I honestly believe that.

So I voted him out.

You feeling better after last night?

Now I don't particularly trust

He is also quite a bit of a threat.

His obsession with the game has
really carried him so far,

and he might still have some
moves up his sleeve.

We have to be on guard
and ready to do anything.

Should we just take that
off the fire?

The smoke's getting really annoying.

Andrew was finally voted out
at last night's tribal council.

This was my plan.

Wai believed me
and voted for Andrew,

and I pulled it off without a hitch.

And I'm the last man standing!


(GRUNTS) Oh, God.

A lot of people didn't think
I'd make it this far.

But I knew I would.

Let's do one more,
we'll call it a day.

One more?

My body's not happy,
my muscles are sore,

but I'm still here and I'm still
in complete control of this tribe.


Yes, I am the alpha male, everyone.

Now I can walk around camp

and know that I'm the strongest guy
for miles - miles! -

here in the outback.

Now that I'm the alpha male,
I have to perform.

When I came here on day one,
I knew what my strengths would be,

and that's my political skills
and experience.

But I have had to show flexibility

and the ability to adapt to
the harsh conditions out here.

I've had to learn camping skills,
cooking, making fire,

cleaning my own clothes
without my mum.

DANI: George,
did you wring the water out?

Of what?

Your washing.

Like this?

And I've had to do it whilst
shaking targets off my back.

What makes me dig deep
is just the desire to win.

I'm gonna fight for the win,

I'm gonna try and beat
these strong girls

and show why
I'm the last man standing

and the alpha male of the tribe.


Yeah, Dani! Whoo!

CARA: Oh, my God.

George being the last man standing
is great for him.

But clearly I'm the alpha.

WAI: You look so strong up there,
seriously. Congratulations.

You are always an inspiration
for me, and I mean that, really.

Thanks, Wai. I appreciate that.

Going forward,
I'm all about the girls,

and let's take this bunch of powerful
women and take them to the top.

We went to the Maldives with friends

Maldives? (LAUGHS)

You guys are funny.

Flick and I have been sitting
in the minority for a while now.

We are the two only original Brawn
left against OG Brains.

Going forward, I believe that our
strongest alliance would be myself,

Flick, Hayley and Wai.

I was like, aargh!

Don't take my beer!


As a correctional officer, I deal
with manipulation every single day.

Out here,
I'll be doing the same thing.

You have to know how to read people

and you have to know
how to work people.

It's part of the social game.

My 29th birthday
we were in Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.


And me, my partner at the time and
two Dutch girls just nudy swimming,

and all the luminescent jellyfish.

Oh, wow!

Everyone else was at the bar,
had no idea we were gone.

We were just in the water
just floating around,

just sparkling everywhere.

It was so cool.

At this stage,
George and Cara are really tight.

But I think Hayley and Wai are easier
targets to sway than George and Cara.

If we can drag Hayley and Wai over,
we then are in the majority.

Someone in this six is gonna win.

How crazy is that?

There's only five people
who stand in the way of me

being crowned Sole Survivor.

This challenge is so important
to win today

because when it comes
to immunity challenges,

whoever's got the necklace is
protected and has all the power.

And if I hold all the power, then
I can break up the majority alliance.

WAI: And here we are.

Come on in, guys!


How is camp life without Andrew?

Are you enjoying being
the last man standing?

Oh, I am delighted to be
the last man standing.

But for me it's not a surprise.

I always knew I'd be the alpha male
of the tribe.

And here you are.

Here I am.

Dani, with eight days left to go,

things seem to have
settled down a bit.

Is this the calm before the storm?

Oh, I think it's definitely
the calm before the storm.

Everyone knows what
stage of the game we're at

and where we've got to go from here.

But it's been nice enjoying
the calm, so bring on the storm.

Alright, shall we get to it?


Gonna need that back.

Still not gonna take it off for you.


Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, on my go,

you're gonna race out to a pontoon,

up a ladder, over a net

and across to a pontoon where
you will race to retrieve balls.

You will then carry the balls
across a rope bridge

collecting balls as you go.

When you have all your balls,
you will attempt to land them

in a goal at the end.

First person to land two balls
wins immunity safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council where
somebody's gonna become

the 19th person voted
out of this game.

Whew! It's getting close now.

Alright, let's draw for spots.

Let's get to it.

Swim, race and heights.

Perfect for me today, girls.

Good luck.

CARA: Good luck, everybody.
WAI: Good luck, everybody.

Alright, here we go!

For immunity!

Survivors ready!


Big dive from Flick.

Wai refusing to start,
forgoing this challenge.

Flick looking strong in the water.

Only one person at a time
on that ladder.

Hayley up first.

She grabs the first ball.

Flick up next.

She has hers.

Cara coming up.

Dani on her tail.

Dani has hers.

Cara has hers.

George last to go up the ladder.

We know that he does not
like heights.

Is he gonna overcome his fear?

WAI: You've got this, George!

I believe in you!

GEORGE: It's too far!

You got this!

George very hesitant
at the top of that ladder.

Just leap out.

If he doesn't jump,
he'll have no shot at immunity.


Don't look down, just look...

I can't jump that far.

It's too far out.

Oh, I just give up.

Just like that, Wai and George
effectively out of this challenge.

It's now between Cara, Dani,
Hayley and Flick.

Hayley out front on the net.

Flick right on her tail.

We have a challenge on our hands.

Hayley grabs the second ball.

Here comes Dani.

Cara's right there.

Hayley and Flick moving on
to the next pontoon.

Two fierce competitors in the water.

Flick really putting the pressure on.

Flick's in the lead now.

Flick at the next pontoon.

Now you need to work that ball
all the way to the top and out.

Flick has hers.

Hayley has hers.

Hayley, Flick back in the water.

Getting those last balls.

GEORGE: I... I know...

Look how far I can jump. Look.

WAI: That's plenty, and then
if you take an extra leap...
It's not far enough.

It's not far enough.

Flick just whipping through
the water.

Hayley swimming across with
the net in her teeth.

Determined to get there.

Flick in the lead.

On the bridge now.

Flick making quick work of it.

Immunity on the line.

No-one wants to go home tonight.

Flick has all her balls now.

Hayley struggling to get across.

Dani on her tail.

Cara's right there.

Flick. She's moving on
to the last pontoon.

Hayley trying to catch up.

Dani's right there now.

Cara coming up the rear.

Hayley back in the water,

desperate to get back in this.

Trying to chase Flick.

Flick at the final pontoon.

All you need to do is land two balls
and that necklace is yours.

On the rim.

Lines it up.

Again, on the rim.

Flick would love immunity tonight.

Hayley's in it now.

Dani coming up in third place.

In and out for Flick.

Hayley goes over the top.

Get it, Hayley. Easy result.

Hayley goes again.

On the rim.

Flick, she goes back in
to retrieve her balls.

Dani's on the final pontoon now.

She's gonna start shooting.

We know she has good accuracy
with a ball.

And she lands the first one
just like that.

FLICK: Oh, my God!


And Hayley lands one.

We're tied.

Dani and Hayley both have one.

Flick desperate to get back up
and get back in this.

Dani goes again for the win.

No, she's short.

Cara's right there.

Dani goes again.

Oh, in and out.

Flick comes up short.

Dani goes in to retrieve her balls.

Opening the door for Flick.

She skims across the top.

Cara's in it now.

Come on, Cara!

Come on, guys!

She tosses.

And she gets her first one in!

Go, Cara! One more!

It's now between Cara, Dani
and Hayley!

Two more, Cara!

You got this!

Cara has two more shots.

Everyone else is in the water.

Can she make it happen?

Very close.

One more.

If she lands this,
she walks away with that necklace.

Go, Cara!

Cara taking her time.

Lines it up.


She goes over the top.

Hayley's back with two balls.

Come on, Hayley!

Hayley would love to wear the
necklace for a third time in a row.

Hayley taking her time.

Comes up short.

Hayley goes again.

For the win.

On the rim.

Dani back now with two balls.

Oh, no. Dani's about to get it.

If Dani can make this happen,

this would be her first
individual immunity win.

She's got two shots.

She lines it up.

And she does it!

Dani wins individual immunity!


She won.

Good job.

CARA: Yay, girls!

Alright, Dani, come on over.

WAI: Yeah, Dani! Well done, Dani!

Turn around.


First individual immunity win.

How does it feel to be
wearing that today?

Um, yep, feels pretty sweet
wearing this today.

Well, congratulations.

You are safe tonight.

Cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight

where one of you will become
the sixth member of our jury.


Well done.

See you guys tonight.

Well done, Dani!

GEORGE: Good on you, Dani.
Lead the way.

You're in charge today.

I am stoked I have the security
of the necklace around my neck.

There's only one true alpha
and that's me.

I'm safe tonight,

so unfortunately it leaves Flick
on the bottom of the pecking order.

But I'm determined to save Flick,

and when your back's
up against the wall

you've just gotta start swingin'.

GEORGE: Tonight should be
a simple vote.

Well done, Dani.

Thanks, Wai.

But Dani has the immunity necklace
around her chest tonight.

Thanks, guys.
Well done.

Maybe not just the Reward Queen.

Which just leaves one
survivor left -


It's a process of elimination,

Flick's going home.

Oh, you're safe, Dani.

Last night's tribal council,

there were four urns
and Andrew picked the wrong urn.

Tonight, there's three urns left,

one in three chance of
coming back to camp.

But from my perspective,
doesn't really affect my strategy.

The plan right now for me is to stick
solid with my royal family of four.

Hayley, Cara, Wai and myself.

The only choice that we have
available to us is Flick.

Flick's gonna get the flick.

My worst case scenario tonight is

Hayley and Wai have another
revelation at tribal council

and they decide to vote for me.

I'm happy with that.

It kind of makes sense to me.

Survivor is a game of
loyalty and trust.

A lot of water has flowed
under the bridge

between myself, Hayley and Wai.

But, at the end of the day,

you can't trust anyone.

I'll go see what they're
talking about.

Right now, Cara and I
need Hayley and Wai

to keep targetting these Brawns.

If Hayley and Wai turn on us,
we're toast.

I'm feeling paranoid right now.

Yeah, yeah, if you want, I can.


There's mutual benefit in just
working together,

at least for this
tribal council alone.

but I'm worried that Hayley and Wai
could flip

and vote with Dani and Flick,
and vote me out.

And who are you girls
going to target tonight?

Well, we were on the bottom,
so this is definitely

could potentially change
the majority's vote.


Do you have any thoughts, George?

It's a very solid thought.

Well, it's only solid
until someone breaks it.

Lines of communication are always
open, aren't they, George?


Dani winning immunity basically
means that tonight at tribal

I'm the number one target.


It's a really tricky position
to be in.

So what I need to do now is, I need
to get the numbers on my side.

And I have been working on a
relationship with Hayley and Wai.

I'm just wanting to make sure
that they want to work with us.

I think George and Cara
definitely think

that they have the power
within the six,

and if Hayley and Wai flip,

we're in a position of power here.

Now is the time to act.

Are these undies clean?

Just a chat?
Yeah, just a chat.

Yeah, go on. Give me some options.

It's really hard at this stage.

Eventually, one of these four are
going to have to turn on each other.

And they should do it while
they still have the numbers.


It's us four versus them two.

She said it would depend
on what you say.


And if you were keen to do it
and what's going to happen is

we're going to take down George,
then we're going to take down Cara.

If Hayley's on board,
then I'm 1,000% on board.

She's on board.

This is great.

GEORGE: Oh, my God.

Cara and George will end up in
the minority.

And myself, Dani, Hayley and Wai
will be the majority.

This figure is eight feet.


I just saw a conversation
around camp that I'm not privy to.

That's a massive concern.

Hayley and Wai may not be
on board with us.

Dani is causing chaos
to create confusion.

I could be in trouble.

CARA: Heading into tribal council

I know I'm fully on board
with voting out Flick.

I 100% know George is.

But, Hayley and Wai
may not be on board with us.


The numbers now are so low

that you don't know
when people will flip.

That's good.

So that's all good?

Yeah, the girls.

It does make me a bit nervous.

Dani is solid as.
Just, like, she's lethal.

A lethal mindset.

Being an empath,
it certainly helps read people.

But I just start to get a sense
that I could be in trouble

and that George and myself
are going to go home.

I am as cool as I possibly can.

Yes. I know!

You're cucumber central.
Very, very cool.

The last thing I need right now

is for Cara to get spooked
and play her idol.

But, I need to talk to Wai.

There's mutual benefit
in just working together.

Right now, Flick is a threat.

Because she is such a strong person,

both physically and mentally.

Based on that,

it Flick's a threat to win the game
and that half a million dollars,

she needs to go.

And I've got to convince them
of that.

You kind of got to know me
very early, Wai.

I know. I did.

I don't trust Dani.

There's times for, you know,

and there's times for stability.

And now is the time for stability

when the finish line's
right in front of us.

My Spidey-Sense is saying
something's wrong here.

I'm worried that we're on the outs
with Wai,

but my game needs her help right now.

I feel like they're going to
turn on me or Cara tonight.

There's no need to play your idol.

You play that when we have five left,
for yourself.

Hopefully, I've done enough
to convince Wai

and we don't have to use Cara's idol.

We could use Dani...

Yeah. get out George

Tonight's vote's going to
be interesting

because Wai and I have been working
with the OG Brain alliance,

but Dani and Flick have been
trying to get me and Wai

to flip and vote for George.

Tonight, I have to weigh up
if I'd rather take out

a huge strategic player, George,

or someone who is an all around
amazing player, Flick.

And the only thing is the urn,
which we can't control.

Like, if someone comes back.

Definitely. Definitely.

I've really been taking these urns
into account.

And if Flick got voted out tonight

but then smashed the urn
and saved herself,

then she'd be back in the game

and potentially winning
the next immunity,

which could mean that I'm at risk.

But George has played the best game
of anyone out here.

And at some point I want to flip
on George,

but if he gets saved by one of those
urns, he would want revenge.

It is crucial that they knock out
the right people in the right order.

I trust you and I'm with you 100%.

Yep. Good.

Tonight, I'm worried.

But I'm a political operative.

I'm the person that helps
influence decisions.

So, I'm going to go into tribal
council and convince Hayley and Wai

to get rid of Flick tonight.

Now, tribal council.


DANI: We're definitely stepping into
some fiery territory.

It's dog eat dog,
and timing is crucial

when it comes to pulling off
big moves.

Now is the time to put your foot
on the throttle.

It seems like Hayley and Wai
are on board

and I'm ready to make
an absolute pitch

right there on the tribal floor

that jumping on board for the George
vote is the best thing to do.

Alright. No, we're doing it. I'm in.
OK. Skirt.

I'm in for dress up.

CARA: Heading into tribal council

I'm confident that either George
or myself are going to go home

and I'm starting to sense that
the votes are going on me.

I still have an idol in my pocket

and if I need to play
my idol tonight,

I'm just going to do it
and blow shit up.

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We'll now bring in the members
of our jury.

Baden, Gerald, Laura,

Emmett and Andrew.

Oh, he has clothes.

Voted out last tribal council.

Look at that.

Fresh, clean and beautiful.


Oh, nice.

OK, so, just a reminder.

Whoever is voted out tonight

will have a chance to save themselves
with one of these urns.

If it contains the save scroll,
you are safe,

you get to go back
to camp with your tribe.

If it doesn't,
it's business as usual.

I snuff your torch,
you join the jury.


What do you...

It looks good on me,
don't you think?

It looks good on you.
Well, thank you, Jonathan.

He's one of the girls.
He's one of the girls.

If I can't beat 'em, join 'em.

So, Dani.

Finally, you can be 100% sure
about something and not be wrong.

You're not going anywhere tonight.

I'm, yeah, I'm 100% sure

I'm not going home tonight.

Last tribal council
I was pitching for my life

and now, you know,
I'm back on top, so,

I'll cherish it while
the moment lasts.

So, Flick, last time we were here,

you, Dani and Andrew
were clearly on the bottom.

Now Andrew's over in the jury.

Dani has immunity.

Does that mean you're in trouble

I think it's clear as day
that I am very much on the bottom.

I am not the one wearing
the immunity necklace,

which means that I am the obvious
and easiest target,

but there are conversations
going on all the time

and things are forever changing.

Flick, are you saying there's
a potential crack on this side?

I think there might be cracks
within that four everywhere, really.

Eventually they're all going
to have to turn on each other.

That's just the nature of the game.

George, how do you respond to that?

Look, I think what's critical
at this stage of the game

is strength in unity,
strength in numbers.

At the end of the day, Jonathan,
I know Wai, Hayley and Cara best

and I know what their vision
for the future is,

and it's aligned with mine.

And that's all that matters.

Well, George, that's cool, but,

Hayley and Wai
both approached us today.

Which was very interesting.

The floor is yours.

Your name has come up tonight,
as the man going home.

I'm just saying.

Thanks for letting me know.

I can feel like a cold gust
coming tonight, Jonathan.

Hopefully it's just my new
change of attire.


Wai, I can always count on you
to be pragmatic at tribal.

Is there any hope for Flick tonight?

Look, I'm going to be pragmatic
and frank.

I will admit that, yes,
I am a thousand percent guilty

of having a conversation,
and I own that.

I like to have conversations
and I like to keep options open.

One of the reasons to have
a conversation is misdirection

giving people false confidence
and hope.

We've all learned that conversations
don't mean anything

until we get to that voting booth.

Cara, does that concern you?

Everything concerns me.

Do you believe Wai when she says

those conversations
were just misdirection?

I...I think Wai is very eloquent
and very careful with her words,

and she chooses them wisely...

..and I believe she sticks to them.

One thing we have learned
in our time here

is that timing is everything

and the urn is actually part of
this conversation

because we could vote someone out,
try to blindside them and like,

you know, catch them off guard.

That urn could mean they come back
and change the entire dynamic.

George, I see you nodding.

Yes, because I think
Wai's actually right.

At the end of the day, like,

there are certain ways
that you can play this game.

Tonight isn't about
making stupid decisions.

There's big decisions.

But then there's smart decisions.

Being so close to the finish,

you've got to focus on
what's important right now,

and that's unity.

So, Hayley, is tonight the right
time to make a move?

Look, I agree with Wai,
the urns do change everything.

You could make a move tonight
and then that person comes back

because there's a one in three
chance that they do.

So, I think we're all trying to make
a decision about if tonight

is the time to shift things up
or if tonight is the time to stick

with what has worked for
the last few votes.

What would you say to that, Dani?

Is tonight the right time
to make a big move?

(CHUCKLES) Every night is a
good night to make a big move.

You know, if you actually want to
step outside your comfort zone

and make a game resonate
for yourself...

..tonight would be the night
to do it.

Tonight isn't about making
stupid decisions,

there's big decisions,

but then there's smart decisions.

Alright, well, before we do go up
to vote, just a reminder,

that whoever is voted for tonight

will have a chance
to save themselves with the urn.

Alright, it is time to vote.

Alright, well, before we go up
to vote, just a reminder,

whoever is voted out tonight will
have a chance to save themselves

with one of these urns.

George, you're up.

Lovely, beautiful girl.

Flick, wish you all the best.

George, you're the biggest
strategic threat in this game,

and your resume may be shiny,

but it's looking pretty dull to me.

Good luck with the urn.

OK, I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I wish.

Actually, I might.

I wasn't going to, I was going to
save it for a rainy day,

but it never rains here, so...

I don't trust the urns.


And you're playing it for...?


This is a hidden immunity idol,

and any votes cast for Cara
will not count.

First vote, George.

George. That's two votes George.


Two votes George, one vote Flick.


We're tied. Two votes George,
two votes flick.


That's three votes Flick,
two votes George.

One vote left.


You can come up,

choose one urn,

if it contains the save scroll,
you are safe.

If it doesn't, I snuff your torch,

you join the jury.

I'm going to pick this one.

DANI: Yes!

Oh, my God.

Come grab your scroll.

you are safe tonight.

Well done.

You can go back and rejoin
your tribe.

Good job. You're still here.

There you go.

Well, in Survivor,
anything can happen.

Even when your game's in pieces,
all you need is one lucky break.

ALL: Yeah.

Grab your torches, head on out.

Something good happened for once.




Oh, my God.

I actually just can't believe
that just happened.

See ya.

Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...

We've all gotta stop being
so scared of crossing George.

..they say the most dangerous player

is one who has nothing to lose.

I am still standing

and I'm not going to go down
without a fight.

And when you put two of them

you'd better watch out.

Oh, my God.

Flick and I,
we have to go in guns blazing,

pull off this epic blindside
and we're back on top.

Captions by Red Bee Media