Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Episode #6.2 - full transcript

It's a new day, settling into camp. Sleeping rough has taken its toll. With Immunity Idols hidden around both the Brains and Brawn camps, the race is on for castaways to get their hands on them first.

on Australian Survivor...

It was a new dawn

as the harsh, relentless
Australian outback,

home to all manner of deadly species,

became home to two new tribes
in an age-old rivalry -

brains versus brawn.

In their first challenge...

Yeah! Go, Gerald!

..Brawn proved they had the muscle...

Making it look like it's a toothpick!

..beating Brains to the finish line
to take home the reward.


Carpenter Simon chose
the survival kit over fire.

Because I reckon I can make fire.


I'll be here all night
till I get it going.

..he couldn't come through
with the goods.

I just hope this hasn't put
a big target on my back.

Then at the immunity challenge...

Go, Brains! You're in the lead!

..Simon redeemed himself
when it mattered most...

Go! Yes!

Brawn wins immunity!


..sending Brains to tribal.

We've got to think about, like, who
are our weaker challenge members?

Doctor Mitch had a plan
to stitch up author Wai.

Wai seems like
a really lovely person

but I also want to win challenges

and she's not gonna be
a part of that plan.

But at tribal council...

Wait a minute.

..political brain George revealed
a scroll he'd found at camp.

This is an advantage that allows
George to save himself

and five others.

He chose Baden, Cara, Georgia,
Rachel and Wai.

I'm not going to lie -
I'm a bit upset.

And artist Phil
became collateral damage.

The tribe has spoken.

23 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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Last night was crazy!

Shit got real.

You know, big George,
he put his big boy pants on

and came up with a big play
that no-one saw coming.

I was shaking last night.
It's hectic. (LAUGHS)

It was good. It was good.

"First tribal, I'm just gonna take
these five people and head off."

Like...are you kidding me?

Oooh! Chill up my spine.

We were all left in shock as he
basically picked the five people

that he was going to save that night,
and exited the building.


And so I'm left there
on the chopping board.

There's Laura, Andrew, Hayley.

We've also got Mitch in there
and we've got Phil and myself.

Unfortunately, look,
Phil exited the game

and now the rest of us
want George out.

He just put his head
on the chopping block. (LAUGHS)


"I'm just gonna put my head and arms
into this guillotine

"and I'll just see what happens."


JOEY: I think George is, in his own
mind, a bit of a celebrity.

Big George and Wai
are still the two weak links

that we need to remove.

WAI: Waking up on day 3, I'm still
a little bit in shock.

It was such a big night last night
and I'm still feeling the aftermath.

In tribal council, I knew
going in that I was going home.

I'm the weakest person.

But also I know I don't have
very many strong friendships.

I just haven't really figured out
where I fit.

So I thought my goose was absolutely
cooked, but out of nowhere,

George saved me
and gave me another chance.

I didn't realise that
that was even possible.

But of course, it's Survivor.
Anything's possible.


Oh. Oh, OK.

So thank you.

I'm grateful.

But I just wonder...

Because they're going to
pick us off one by one

and I thought...

You haven't had a chance.

It's nice that somebody sees that, I
guess, and that's really important.

But I'm curious what you see,

or if anything
besides from, you know...

Of you?

I see potential.

We are in charge here.

We control our own destiny.

GEORGE: Last night at tribal council,

everybody was expecting
to vote for Wai,

but nek minnit,
I whip out my package,

hand it over to Jonathan,

and he loved it.

And he gave me the opportunity
to save who I saved.

I showed this tribe shouldn't just
listen to that dictator doctor

and send off the physically weak
to the slaughter.

And that's why I made a principles-
based decision to save the old,

to save the vulnerable,
and to save the weak.

I stuck my head out for you.

If you watch my back and we get
a few more people on our side,

maybe we won't feel so vulnerable
moving forward.

Rachel, Cara, Georgia, Baden and Wai
are safe because of me

and the six of us will be working
together, and that's powerful.

I feel fine.

I don't have any regrets.
I didn't do anything wrong.

I want people to understand
why I did what I did.

You know?

We were going down a slope

where we were just
picking off the weak.

That's why I saved
the five weakest in the tribe.

That's just what was happening
and I called it out.


George, while he's talking
about not pigeonholing people,

he's just pigeonholed every single
one of us that he saved.

If we go through the motions
week by week,

they're next, they're next,
they're next and they're next.

Yeah, wow.

RACHEL: I think that he actually
wants to run the shop

and he wants it to be King George.

But I'm not a monarchist
in the slightest.

I have qualities.
We all have qualities.

And we all should have a chance
to exude them.

There is no way ever that I would be
in alliance with George.

Yeah, well, like I said,
it was, um, ballsy.

And none of the five people
that he took with him

are on his side either.

Because even though he saved us,

I think it was
what was best for himself.

I kind of feel like
we were being taught a lesson,

but I don't know
what the lesson was meant to be.

I think what we found out
last night...

Anything can happen.
Anything can happen at any time.

He screwed that up.

I think George demonstrated last
night that, yes, he's willing

to make those big moves,
but he also demonstrated

he doesn't have the brains
to pull it off.

Oh, God, I hope
there's no snakes here.

If he'd played it the right way

and not tried to turn it into
the George show,

he had an opportunity to walk away
with a majority alliance.

How do you play an advantage
like that

and wake up the next day
with not a single ally?

Get it done? How's it going?

Oh! No joy.


Oh, yes.

Take it easy, take your time,
take your time.

Take your time.

Take your time.

Put it on the top?
Put it over the top.

And bring it over to the fire,
if you can get it going.

Hang on.

Set it up, set it up, set it up.

That looks pretty good.

If it doesn't...


You feel it in your heart,
don't you?


So, we don't have fire.

Morale is low.

The heat disperses, like,
so quickly. It's just, like...

Or it's something to do
with the grass.

Yeah, it's the grass's fault.

FLICK: It was a really
bloody cold night.

I think everyone's feeling it
in the camp this morning.

Fire is life
in the game of Survivor.

It brings warmth.

It means we can eat.

You know what? I'm going to have
a couple more almonds.

Eating means we have energy,

and energy means
we can perform in challenges.

So, yeah, fire's everything.

I so want fire now.

I so want some food, mate.

I don't regret the "team decision"
to choose the survival kit,

but making this bloody fire
is going to be a challenge.


The thought of not having fire
on Survivor

is probably one of the most
frustrating things

that could ever happen.

How's it... Is it...

We just need fire.

I have a pretty good feeling

I'm gonna be able to make fire
by rubbing two sticks together.

I've been training for this moment
for my whole life.

Three words to describe me are
driven to succeed!

From completing an ironman triathlon,

swimming from Perth
to Rottnest Island,

training myself to be able to endure
pain and suffering.

I train with a ferocity
and intensity that is unmatched

by anyone else.

My secret weapon in the game
is my plant-based diet.

Plants is the key to all
of my crazy physical feats

and also my insane longevity.

This is a freakin' work of art.

It's the Mona Lisa, baby! (LAUGHS)

This is the ultimate tool
to enable me to win Survivor.

I've been ready for this moment.
I've been waiting for this moment.

I can feel the energy
tingling up my spine, baby!

Bring it on!





We have fire!

Look what I have created!


With my bare hands
and a couple of sticks

and my shoestring from my shoe.

I have created fire.

Just call me...


That was amazing.

DAINI: So thankful for the boys.

So happy Emmett stayed at it.

The boy's got blisters on his hands
and it's well deserved.

You're cooking tonight, D.


Let's eat!

This fire is a gift from God.
Everybody's smiling.

We're all happy
and now we're ready to go again.

We're starting to build up
a bit of momentum right now.

Let's keep this rolling,
keep the good times coming.

Bring on the next win.

Oh, that was actually quite easy.
Perseverance and...

It's quite easy,
now I know how to do it. (LAUGHS)

Come on in, guys!

Let's go!

No crochet.

No. Is it?

Brawn, getting your first look
at the new Brains tribe.

Crocodile Hat's gone.

No way!

Phil voted out
at the last tribal council.


I liked Phil!

Look a bit malnourished over there.

So, Laura, what was the mood like
back in camp after tribal?

Yeah, I think we all chatted it out.

There might have been a little bit
of animosity, but we've regrouped.

We've worked it out
and we've come together.

So, George, is that true?

Has everyone recovered
from that tribal?

I think everyone's fine
after the tribal,

but I don't think
there was any animosity.

Alright, Brawn, so...I'm guessing
from all the charcoal warpaint

that you guys made fire.

Who was the hero? Who got it going?



So we're coming in charged,
ready to go.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge... member from each tribe
is going to go head to head,

racing commando style
through a narrow tunnel.

Grab a sandbag buried at the end.

First person to get the sandbag
into their tribe square

scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


Pull it off.

Everything you need...


..for a delicious Survivor meal.


An awesome fishing kit.

This is what we wanted!

Plus salt, pepper and oil
to add a little flavour.

Stop it!

And because I'm feeling generous
today and I'm that kind of guy,

I'm going to throw in some honey
and a loaf of bread.


Worth playing for?
ALL: Yes.


Alright, Brawn,
you have an extra player

so you're gonna need
to sit someone out.

It cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?

Janelle, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, I'm gonna give you
a minute to talk about it.

Let's get to it!

Alright. First round for the girls.
Brains, you're first up.

It's our choice?

Do you wanna go?
Hayley, you wanna give it a shot?



Yeah, Chelse.
Chelsea. Come on up.

You got this!

Alright, here we go. First round.

We have Hayley for Brains.


She's taking on Chelsea for Brawn.


I am a warrior.

Chelsea, as she breaks and...
Oh, what a toss!

My whole life has been fighting.

I've done martial arts
since I was eight years old.

I'm now 22, Queensland,
Australian, International

and also world champion.

I won't quit and I won't stop.

It's in my blood to win.

Come on, Chelse.

Alright. Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Hayley is fast through the tunnel.
She is quickly pulling away.

She might be fast, but it'll mean
nothing if you can' find the bag.

Hayley has a nice lead.

Fumbles the bag.

Chelsea takes the opportunity.

Hayley has a tight grip.

Going nowhere.

Get her to the square, Chelsea!

Hayley has a firm grip on the bag.

She's not gonna give it up
that easily.

Hayley trying to drag Chelsea
and the bag to the square.

Chelsea digging in.
She does not want that to happen.

What a battle.

Both women giving it everything.

No-one willing to give in.


Brains take the first point.

Brains lead, 1-zip.

Definitely more fitness
than strength, eh.


Definitely cardio, man.
It's a speed game.

This round is for the boys.




I'll take this one.

Mitch, come on up.

We have Mitch for Brains.
Go, Mitch!

Come on!

Taking on Simon for Brawn.

Come on, Simmo!

Alright. Here we go.

Go, Simon!
Let's go, Simmo.

Tradie versus doctor.

Should be interesting.
Survivors ready?

Come on, Simmo.
Let's do this, Mitch.


Brains, quick out of the gate.

Scrambling through
the first part of this challenge.

Trying to pull away from Simon
but he is right on Mitch's tail.

Definitely helps to be smaller
in this section.

He trips.

Simon launches at Mitch and grabs
the bag right out of his hands.

Go, Mitch!

Come on, Mitch!

Simon just picks up Mitch
and the bag

and carries them both to the square.

Simon completes the deal.

We're tied, 1-1.

That was great. Good job. Well done.

Alright. Next round
we have Dani for Brawn.
Yeah, Dani.

Taking on Georgia for Brains.

Go, Georgia. Come on, Georgia.

Prison guard versus psychologist.

Survivors ready?


Fast out of the gate.

Georgia is ripping through
that tunnel.

She does not want Dani to catch her.

Dani getting stuck in the tunnel.

Starting to struggle.

Definitely helps to be smaller
in this section.

Georgia gets there first. Can she get
the bag out of the ground in time?

Dani, all over her like a cheap suit.

Georgia, you've got this.

Georgia is not going to give up,

hanging on to that sandbag
for dear life.

It's not over, Dani.

Dani's gonna drag Georgia and the
sandbag over to the tribe's square.

Georgia attempts an escape.

But Dani wants it now.
They both fall down on the deck.

Georgia getting close.

Come on, Dani, pull her over.

Pull her over, Dani. Pull her over.

Big effort from Dani trying to rip
that bag out of Georgia's grip.

Georgia not giving up,
both women giving it everything.

No-one willing to give in.
Come on, Georgia.

Let's go, Dani.
You've got this challenge.

Dani up on her feet.

Georgia trying to push the bag away.

Dani has the bag now.

Can she get to the square? That's it!

Dani wins the next point for Brawn.

Brawn leads, 2-1.

It's so heavy, man.

Alright. This round is for the boys.

Gav dog.


Gavin. Brains?

GEORGE: I'm happy to do it.

You go next. He's already up.

Alright. Next round.

We have Gavin for Brawn.

Come on, Gavin, you got this.

Taking on Baden for Brains.

Come on, Baden.

AFL legend versus champion cyclist.

Brawn leads, 2-1.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Brains needs to win this round
to stay in it.

Come on, Baden.

I want to see this.
This is gonna be good.

Survivors ready?


Baden is fast out of the gate.

Gavin right on his tail.

Both the big boys having a hard
time getting through that tunnel,

they are neck and neck
under the net.

Gavin breaks out first,
gets to the bag.

Baden's right on him.

Pins him down.

Gavin desperately trying
to keep the bag away from Baden.

Baden's got a hand on it.

Gavin not giving up.

Baden trying to drag the bag
and Gavin over to the square.

We have a stalemate.

Come on, Baden!

Both boys
trying to gather some energy.

Let him make a move, mate.
Let him make a move.

Get him on his back, Baden.

Baden takes the opportunity.

That's it. That's it, mate.

Gavin trying to break loose.

Rolls over, puts himself
in a vulnerable position.

Baden tries to break away.

Both hands on the bag.

Baden's on his feet.
He tries to get to the square.

Gavin is not going
to let that happen.

Baden inching his way forward
with the bag to the square.

Very close.

And he does it!

Baden keeps Brains in the challenge.

We are tied, 2-2.


One more, team. One more.

Now that you guys are tied

this round is for the win.

Who you put up against your opponent
is key.

For the boys, Brawn,
who do you want to put up?


Guys, it's speed
through the tunnel.


Brains, who's it going to be?

I'll go. I'll go.
And Joey.

Let's go.

Alright. Next round,
we have Emmett for Brawn.

Come on, Emmo.

Taking on Joey for Brains.

For the win.

For reward, Survivors ready?


Oh, Joey takes a tumble
right out of the gate.

Scrambling through that tunnel now,
trying to make up for lost time.

Emmett's pulling ahead.

Joey seems stuck in the tunnel.

Emmett starting to pull away.

Emmett gets to the bag first.

Rips it out of the ground,
taunting Joey.

Oh, no, and Joey takes him down.

Emmett's cockiness
forces a challenge.

Joey would love to make Emmett pay
for showing off.

Has a firm grip on that bag now.

Emmett turned a sure win
into a contest.

Joey's not letting go of that bag.

Come on.

It's a marathon, mate.
Run the marathon.

Joey's getting tired.

The heat out here
drains your energy fast.

Come on, Emmett,
put your weight on him.

Throw yourself backwards.

Emmett's gonna try and drag Joey
and the bag to the square.

That's it!

Brawn wins reward.


Brawn, congratulations.

The reward is yours. Come grab it.

Well done.

Alright, guys.
Head back to camp, enjoy.

Bye, guys.
Bye, guys.

Nice work, guys.

We're getting some cod tonight,

EMMETT: Third time lucky.

And it's another victory.

Winning our fishing gear,
the vibes are high

and I think I've proved what
a valuable asset I am in this tribe.

So I'm feeling good.

We're back home, team.

ALL: Whoo!

Three for three.

You little ripper.

Oh, man.

Didn't come all this way to bloody
take it out without a fight.

So, winning today's reward challenge
is so good.

One piece each?

Not only do we have some bread
and honey, some salt and pepper,

which is going to change
that rice and lentils so much.

Olive oil.

Who cooked the rice?

We've got fishing gear.

They're freaking old school, mate.

Look, there's a scale.

Well done, guys.
Tonight we eat.

Can we get some drinks?

Morale is at an all-time high.

I'm not gonna lie,
my heart did sink a little bit

when, like, you were just
standing there taunting him

and then he hit you
and I was like, "Oh..."

We've got to make it exciting.

So, when you were taunting him,
was there a moment that you thought

he may actually
be able to get you back?

No. I had, like, another
15, 20 minutes.


I'm serious, though.

JANELLE: I definitely think

that a lot of the tribe's
working together well.

But my frustrations are on Emmett,
on his behaviour.

Yeah, I didn't come out here to just
bloody win by a slip, you know.

Emmett decided to be a little bit
cocky and he almost lost it for us.

I was just sitting there letting
him smash himself for a bit.

And then, like, I was like, oh,
you know, I've had my fun.


It really pissed me off.

Oh, you're the lobster. OK. Alright.

Emmett is being a show pony.

He is putting his ego
before the tribe.

Put your head down and work.
Celebrate after the win, not before.

I'm definitely not the strongest
Brawn out there

but Brawn's about how strong you are
and I'm here to show how tough I am.

I'm not afraid of hard work.
Never have been.

I'm a mum.
I clean, Monday to Friday.

I'm used to tough, sweaty,
dirty conditions.

I play field hockey.

I love smashing the hell
out of the opposition.

In a competition
I'm 100% there to win.

If you're not first, you're last.

And I'm not out there
to do anything else but win.

That was fine.

Who do you reckon is playin' it?

Yeah, I think so too.

Three strong boys,
that's a strong combination.

They are definitely on my radar.

George has made a big hoo-ha
at our first tribal

that he's not getting a go,
that no-one's listening to him

or giving him a chance.

By putting his hand up at the very
last minute for a challenge

that he's never going to win

is getting really frustrating
for the tribe.

George has been really annoying me.

It's become very obvious to me
that everyone's getting along well.

Everyone's chipping in
for the better of the tribe.

And there's one guy
just doing his own thing,

marching to the beat of his own drum.

And that's George.

I think I would have beaten
Gavin out of the gate.

So that's how you see it?
It's true.

At tribal council he saved me.

But I didn't need saving
and I didn't really want it.

It was a bold move by George.

However, he's just sort of turned
the whole tribe against him.

I didn't come here
to just do generic chit chat.

Let's start working.
Yeah. OK.

As an ex-professional cyclist,

I'm very strategic...

when it comes to winning.

And we need to have
the best team together to beat Brawn.

Like, no-one's doing anything
in this tribe.

I didn't sign up for school camp.

But George is in his own world,

and I just...I just wanted
to pull him up on it.

Who is the person you
put your hand up for? Gavin?

Yeah, I would have beaten him
out of the...

..out of the net

and then I don't know how it would
have gone in the arm wrestle.

The tackle. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
He looked really strong.
Yeah. Yeah.

But I definitely
would have beaten him.

Baden, I'm happy
to have your thoughts on this.

This is how I operate.

I don't care about physique,

I care about
is this person talking shit or not?

What are you talking about?

Talk about talking shit.

What was...when they put
Gavin Wanganeen up, an AFL legend,

and you put your hand up high?

What was your strategy there?

I think I would have beaten him
out of the net.


And if I didn't,
I would have tackled him instantly.

So we stick our fifth-strongest
guy in against an AFL legend.

I had no idea he's an AFL legend.
Your solution to that...

And that means nothing to me.

It means something when you're
wrestling him on the sand.

I feel like I'm more agile than him.

It made more sense for me
to go for the guy...

For you or for the team?
For the team.

I think you're delusional
if that's the case.

This is my thinking,
I'm more evenly matched with him.

And as it turns out, I beat him.

We don't want to lose.

I don't think
you've thought it through.

We've lost three in a row.

Like, what are we going to do
to change our losing streak?

Well, certainly not
by losing earlier.

The point is,
I still didn't have a chance.

Yeah, but you're just thinking
about YOU didn't get the chance.

You didn't. You're missing out.

It's like,
what's the best for the team?

Are you paying attention
to the game at all?

It's just you're delusional.

Back to school camp.

I'm glad Baden
had a confrontation with me.

it's good. I know
I can't work with Baden now.

Well, at least he said the truth.

I'm not denying that's a view.

But I'm concerned that I
don't have the numbers on my side

that I thought I did.

I'm feeling on the outs.



Deary, me, the writing
is going to be on the wall

if we lose this immunity challenge.

Come on in, guys.

So, Shannon, you guys have won
all the challenges so far.

What's the mood like back at camp?

I'm loving our tribe.

Our energy is the strongest
that it's ever been.

So I think we're a united front.

So, George,
what about over at Brains?

Is it all happy times,
like over at Brawn?

Of course it is.

And we're standing
in the thick of it today, Jonathan,

and I think
the shit's about to get real.


Alright. You guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yes!

First things first.
I need it back, Daini.

It's alright, baby.
You're coming back.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge -

you're going to swim out to a deck,

climb up a ladder, roll over
a spinning wheel into the water.

Once everyone's across,

two of you will race
to free balls from the net.

You'll then work together,
to feed the balls into a high chute,

releasing a key
that opens a box of puzzle pieces.

First tribe gets it right,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where one of you will become the
second person voted out of this game.

Brawns, you got an extra player
you need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?
Who can't swim?

Oh, Gerald's already on the out.

You want to sit out?

Yeah. I'll sit out.

Gerald, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

Let's dive in.


Water babies
give us the head start.

Puzzles. Puzzles to work out.

Did you want to take the lead
on the puzzle?

So, I've got the puzzle side.
Mediocre swimmer.

Alright. Here we go.

On the puzzle, we have George and Wai
for Brains,

Daini and Janelle for Brawn.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?

GEORGE: Go, Brains!

Flick first in for Brawn.
Georgia for Brains.

Both girls powering through
the water, neck and neck.

Go, Georgia!
Go, Georgia.

Flick starts to pull ahead,

she gets to the deck first.

You're good, Brawn. Go.

Go, Brains.

Flick going up the ladder,
Georgia, right behind her.

Flick goes over the wheel.

Flops in on her back.

Nothing graceful about that.

As soon as he touches.
Go. Go. Go.

Watch it, Emmett.

Emmett goes over.

Right on his back.

Oh, that's going to leave a mark.

Go, Brains!

Hayley's on the ladder now.
Go! Go!

Hayley goes over.

Good job, team.

Chelsea awkwardly drops
into the water.

Go, Chelsea!

The only positive here is that
no-one can make this look good.

Oh, Gavin goes in face first.

Brawn have a little lead,
but it's not by much.

Go, Joey. That's it, mate.
That's it.

Good direction.
Keep going. Head down.

Joey, going out for Brains.

Everything. Give it everything!

Joey going out for Brains,
Shannon for Brawn.

We are neck and neck at this stage.

Simon, final one in.

Mitch, final one in for Brains.

Mitch trying to close the gap.
He is fast through the water.

Go. Go. Go.

It's even now.

Simon does a full 360. Nice.

Mitch goes in.

Everyone needs to get over
to the deck before you can go.

You need to be on the deck.


Emmett and Flick go in for Brawn.

Andrew and Joey in for Brains.

Now you need to knock those balls
out of the net using the poles.

It's not easy
while you're treading water.

Launch it, guys. Launch it.

You've got it.

Brains get another one out.

Come on, boys.

Brains pulling ahead.

You've got it, boys. Go, Brains.

Brains struggling
with the last two balls.

Come on.

Emmett gets another one
and another one

and the final one for Brawn.

Brawn are good.
Go! Go!

Brains are right there now.
They have all their balls.

You need to collect all your balls
and get on to the deck.

Go wide, Emmett. Go wide.

We are neck and neck
in this challenge.

It is close.
Brains, they have all their balls.

Alright. You guys are going to need
to work together to reach that chute.

Go, Brains.
Brains pulling ahead.

Go. We're in the lead.

Brawn have one in now.

You're killing it.

Brains are whipping through this.
Andrew feeding those balls in.

Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.

Needs to push it up
to release the key.

That's it. They have the key.

You need to get your key
over to your puzzle makers.

Rachel tosses it across. They miss.

George goes in to retrieve it.

Brawn, almost had their key.

That's it. Brawn have theirs.

Get it over to your puzzle makers.

Daini misses the key.

Brains have their box of pieces open.

Brawn have their box open.

There has to be eyes.
Look for four eyes.

Brains sorting out the pieces.

It's all going to come down
to the puzzle.

Everyone trying to find
that first piece.

Wai, busy sorting out puzzles
on the deck for the Brain tribe.

Yes. That one.

OK. Got it. Tale. That one. That

George taking his cue from Wai.
Put that up.

He gets the first piece in
and the second piece.

Brawn trying to catch up,
trying to find that first piece.

No. It's gonna be two and two.
Two and two.

For the first time in this challenge,
Brawn is falling behind.

That one. That one. This way.

Other way. Turn it around.
No. Other way. That one.

Daini thinks he has something.
Is it the right piece?

That looks good, Daini.
That looks good, mate.

He's pretty confident it is.
Brawn have their first piece.

That one. Here. This one.

Wai thinks she's figured it out,

handing each piece to George.

Another piece goes in for Brawn.

This puzzle's not easy,

but once you get the hang of it,
it'll start to come together quickly.

Lots of trial and error
over at the Brawn tribe.

Brains, methodical.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

You're not looking.
You're not looking. Look.

Fix that. Fix the one... Yeah.

Both tribes painfully aware that
immunity hangs on this puzzle.

Nice, mate.

Janelle, I need two hooks
close together

Two hooks close together, Janelle.

This is a very tight challenge.

Two hooks close together,
close together.

George, step back.

No. That's it. That's it. That's it.

George has another piece.

We're nearly there.

Come on, keep it going.

Don't touch these.
They're all right.

No. No. No. No.

And another piece for Brains.

And other piece for Brains.

And another.

Wai is in her element.
She's found her rhythm.

Give me a...

No. That's the bottom piece.

Brawn really struggling
on that puzzle.

No. No. No.

Wai jumps in, she puts in a piece.

And another piece for Brains.

Down to their last three pieces.

Wai pushes George out of the way,
she can smell victory.

And the final piece...

..and that's it!

Brains wins immunity!


Well done, guys.


Brains, finally, after five days,
immunity is yours.

Who wants to come grab it?


Well done, George.


you guys are safe tonight.

Nobody going home.

Head on out, enjoy the night off.

Brawn, for the first time,
tribal council tonight,

where one of you will become
the second person

voted out of Australia Survivor:
Brains versus Brawn.

Head on out,
I'll see you guys tonight.

EMMETT: Tonight is the first time

that our tribe
goes to tribal council.

This is a massive game changer.

This is where we find out

where the line in the sand
actually is

and who's really calling the shots.

It was going to happen at some point.

First time going into
tribal council.

I'm actually quite nervous,

me and Janelle, we lost the immunity
challenge in the puzzle.

It was all pretty, pretty tied up
when we hit the puzzle.

Mate, you did so well on that.

I'm so sorry, boys.
No, man. You were great.

Everyone will be looking
at the group and who to blame.

I was like, "Right. Just look
at pattern. Just look at pattern."

I'm gutted.

Guess it's time to
draw some lines in the sand.

I need to protect myself.

And that means me just try and sway
the votes one way

to go for Janelle.

Because when it comes down to it,

going further into this game,
we're going to need our strongest,

our fastest.

And I'm sorry, Janelle,
that's just not you for me.

I'll make the call, look,
we had to do what we had to do.

JANELLE: I'm really worried tonight.

I know I've got a target on my back.

I need a dip.
I need to wash my feet out.

I see Daini
talking to everyone in the tribe.

But it's a team event.

I'm not going to be blamed
for this whole challenge.

I'm not the weakest link.

The tribe need to realise it's not
about who lost the challenge today.

This is a great chance
to get rid of a big player.

I'm going to fight.

I'm going to fight for my right
to stay on the Brawn tribe.

I really believe
I'm on the chopping board.

I believe
that they're voting for me,

oldest, not buffest,
do you know what I mean? Like...

I know. I know.

The strength is great.

But those boys put together...

Simon, Emmett and Gavin
are too strong together

and they'll be unstoppable.

We need to chop those boys down
a few pegs.

Once one of these boys is cut loose,

the others are going to crumble.


I agree.

I need to make sure
I've got the numbers.

Hopefully there's no slip ups,
it's going to be Emmett.

SHANNON: Janelle is putting
numbers together to take out Emmett

and I completely get why.

I mean, there's a bromance,
like, they're all hanging out.

Those boys
are the ultimate triple threat.

When it comes to the game play,
And what I'm here for,

It'''s scary.

They're going to be hard
to knock down.

Janelle's the obvious vote,

but I feel like the girls are trying
to take out the three boys,

so I need to get something going

Just far enough away.

Not ideal, but great for a chat.

I'll put 'em up here.
Yeah. Go on.

What are you doing, you chaos ball?

Shannon is dangerous.
I've already said that.


Shannon is so well-prepared
for this game.

And that makes her
my biggest threat.

So I need to wrestle the numbers
and send her home.

Chelsea, Dani and Flick
are the strongest girls on the team.

And I think the six of us
could actually work.

Then we've got a majority.

I'm seeing everyone running
around like a headless chicken,

trying to figure out who's
going to be going home tonight

and even my name's
been thrown out there.

Can you believe that?

It would be a massive mistake
to lose me from the tribe.

But I'm not worried.

I've got a strong six to offer,

and I think
that they'll be easily swayed.

I don't trust Shannon.

She's unpredictable.

So tonight, it's easy, we just all
need to vote for Shannon.

Shannon will go home.
We'll have majority. Happy days.

We've brought on Dani and Chelsea

and now Flick needs to know

that this is a great opportunity
for her

to solidify her position in the
majority six and to join the party.

Dani's in, Chelsea's in,

so we're all locked, yeah?

It appears that myself,
Gavin, Simon, Chelsea, Flick

and Dani are all going to be voting
for Shannon.

And on the other side, Big D,
who knows?

Janelle, um,
who else have we got, man?


Um, I can't even remember
who else is in there.

I've only spoken to the people
that I know are going to vote my way.

FLICK: A lot of people's names
being thrown around

and I feel like I'm in the middle
for my vote.

So, Janelle's plan
is that we vote Emmett tonight,

but he's a massive physical threat

and I'm not ready to lose him
just yet.

And that leaves Janelle
and Shannon.

Simon and Emmett both think that
I am voting with them for Shannon.

I'm excited to be invited
into Simon's alliance.

You know,
they're really strong together,

and it puts me in
with a strong group of people.

But I don't know if I can trust
Simon and Gavin and Emmett.

Or I could align myself
with the crew on the other side.


Janelle is the logical vote.

She didn't perform in the challenge.

There's only one strategic move

that's in the interest
of the tribe.

I hold all the cards in my hands

and I need to make the best decision

which will serve me
for the rest of my game.

Do you want to be Maverick or Goose?

Be Maverick.

My decision tonight is crucial

because it honestly is going
to set up the rest of my game

and who I align myself with.

SIMON: There's going to be
a blindside go down,

six of us know what's happening, six
of us are completely left in the dark

and it is going
to go off beautifully.

JANELLE: Tonight I'm voting
for Emmett. He's going down.

He's too cocky and it's definitely
the time to pull the plug

on those three macho,
confident boys.

FLICK: This is the moment
that we're going to finally know

who's aligned with who.

And there's going to be more
than a line in the sand drawn.

I think it's going to be
a big crack.

Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab one,
dip it in the flame and get fire.

This is part of the ritual
of tribal council,

because in this game,
fire represents your life.

Once it's gone, so are you.

So, Simon, after an impressive start
for Brawn, so many wins,

how does it feel to be here
at tribal council now?

Oh, jeez, look, we obviously
got off to a really good start,

and I certainly didn't want
to be coming here

as quick as we have,

but we have to deal
with the consequences.

So, Daini, what kind
of characteristics

are on short supply at this tribe?



To be honest with you,

I think for me it's based off
who performs in challenges.

As long as we all
keep showing up for each other,

keep proving our spot,
we'll be alright.

Janelle, you know,
it's tough putting your hand up

for the end game of any challenge,

you're either going to be hero
or zero, right?

Are you feeling the heat tonight
because of that?

Yeah, yeah.

I feel like I let the team down.

You did say puzzles
were your strength.

No-one else put their hands up.

So, more or less next challenge

and you're going to have
no-one putting their hands up

because no-one's going to want to
put their hand up for anything,

because everyone will think that,
"Oh, well, if I stuff up, I'm gone."

How worried are you
that it could be you tonight?

I'm worried. Of course I'm worried.

Not every challenge
is going to be strength.

Not every challenge
is going to be about your muscle.

And yeah, I failed at that puzzle.

But it's not my only strength.

When you think about it, do,
if we have another water challenge,

you can't sit out

and I can run.

I can run and run and run.

You know, I'm little.

What happens to when we get
into little circumstances

where we've got to go through little
tunnels and stuff like that?

We won that challenge, right?
Yeah, we did, but...

It was close for someone.

Some people were pretty cocky
in that challenge.

Was that...?

Aimed at Emmett? Yes, it was.
It was aimed at Emmett. Yes.

The idea is, is to win the challenge
at all costs.

Don't stuff around
and show your ego.

If I had any doubt that Joey
could beat me in a wrestling match,


I would have definitely
run to the try line, mate.

But it's easy to call shots

when you're sitting
on the bench, isn't it?

If that was the one point that lost
this challenge,

would everyone still be sitting here
so happy?

If I lost the challenge,
then vote me off, man.

If I lost that point, vote me off.

Did I lose? No.

Janelle, have you noticed groups
forming within this tribe?

Yeah, yeah. The three strong boys.

Hey, Gav, strong boys, mate.

Yeah, they spend a lot of time

Everyone sitting here
should be worried.

I've got a question to ask, though.

Why my name was thrown
around at camp this afternoon?

I'm an honest person, and I expect
people to act in honesty

if they're, you know, they're trying
to scheme behind my back.

But so I just thought I wanted
to bring that up here

to ask what they were thinking

and why on earth they're throwing me
under the bus, mate.


I wasn't the only one
dropping your name, mate.

Don't be so confident.
Oh, OK.

Who else then, mate?

Speak up.

No, no, I have got loyalty.

I'm not going to throw someone
under the bus.

You didn't really answer
the question.

So why did you...

I already told you why.

What, because of the challenge?

Because you were just acting
a little bit egotistical.

Because of the challenge.
That one instance.

Yes, just that one instance.

I think your hair is about
to light into flames, Janelle.

You're fired up, man.

Yeah, well, I've got
I've got my place to lose in this.

Flick, are you concerned that there's
three votes that are solid?

Yeah, but there's
a lot more people here

that could make up
another lot of votes.

Emmett, have you put forth
a plan for tonight

that you think
is going to be executed?

Not me personally, but together
as a team, yes, we have.

A couple of people's names
have been thrown out there,

and I believe that the tribe's
gonna... know, stay strong,
stay true to their word.

Shannon, how confident are you

that the plan
that you committed to this afternoon

is going to be the one
that they follow through with?

The logic behind it
when it's explained

that no-one can sit out
in the next challenge,

says a lot about what move
we need to make together

to make sure that we can win reward
and immunity.

The sacrifice needs to be made

in order to be strong
moving forward.

So you're ready
to make that sacrifice?

I definitely am ready
to make that sacrifice.

This being a defining
kind of vote for the tribe,

I think it's a good opportunity
for a lot of us

to really cement ourselves in a good
position and to prove to each other

that we're willing to do
what we said we're going to do.

So, Flick, what kind of things are
you considering in tonight's vote?

I guess I'm considering
what the majority is.

I don't want to come back here.

So you're jumping on a plan
that someone else has proposed?

No, not necessarily.

Alright, well, I want to see
how this is going to play out,

so I think it is time to vote.

I think it is time to vote.

Dani, you're up.

I'm voting for you, Shan.

I knew you were up to no good when
you were whispering with the girls

and, I mean, you gotta go
'cause I'm not part of your plan.

My vote is for Emmett tonight.
I'm staying true to my word.

I said I'd vote for him,
so I'm voting for him.

I know you said you could swim,

I'm not sure you can do it fast
and not crack under pressure.

Sorry, dude.

My vote tonight,

either way I win, I'm going
to be pissing off someone

and I want to be aligned
with my mates and this means it.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote,


Janelle. That's two votes Janelle.

Janelle. That's three votes,

Janelle. Four votes Janelle.



That's one vote Emmett,
four votes Janelle.


That's four votes, Janelle,
one vote Emmett, one vote, Shannon.




Four votes Janelle,
one vote Emmett, four votes Shannon.


That's five votes Janelle,
four votes Shannon, one vote Emmett.

Second person voted out
on Survivor: Brains versus Brawn,


That's six votes, that's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Janelle, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

Well, this big happy family
just lost its mum.

My guess is the kids
are going to start fighting.


Grab your torches,
head back to camp. Good night.

ALL: Good night.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor.

I need to get rid of Shannon
and finish the job.

As the game ramps up...

"In the shade of a tree..."

Oh my God.

..which major player
will be sent packing?

If the Brains lose today, I'm out.

Captions by Red Bee Media

I feel the Brawn tribe
definitely made a huge mistake.

Emmett is playing
a really, really good game.

100% the girls should have got
Emmett out tonight.

Now is the time.
We would have had a majority.

But they just were scared. They can't
just think of just strength.

If there's one thing
I could say to the girls

would be get rid of Emmett.

Think of your long game.

And knock the head off the snake.