Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 16 - Episode #6.16 - full transcript

Tensions within Brawn start a double blindside, but there's an importance in a blindside of picking the right target at the right time.

have a

have a great

on Australian Survivor,

it was a tense immunity challenge.



And he does it.

..Emmett won his third
individual immunity in a row.

Back at camp,

George was still leaking information
to the Brains Alliance.

But when he found out
Hayley had double crossed him...

I'm just worried about Hayley
tearing us apart.

..he skilfully turned
both alliances against her.

Hayley sold us all out last night.

I think you should vote for Hayley.

This is going to be a landslide.

At tribal council...


..the vote was unanimous,

but it wasn't over yet.

And as a new day dawned
on the Brawn Alliance...

JLP is coming, guys.

..things went downhill fast.

What have you done with Chelsea,

She hasn't been feeling well

and the doctors felt
she couldn't continue in the game.

Not only did they lose an ally...

It's heartbreaking.


..after a battle of wills
between Hayley and Baden...

Baden starting to falter.


..Hayley was back in the game.

And Baden became
the first member of the jury.

10 are left,
who will be going home tonight?

-== [ ] ==-

WAI: I think I went to bed
pretty early

and then
just kind of kept waking up

and then I started seeing
weird patterns in the trees,

like, little people,
like, there's a woman dancing.

EMMETT: Last night, people's minds
started to start melting.

DANI: When Hayley and Baden
walked straight back in

and told us they'd been living
at Redemption Rock,

it was a shock to the system.

Redemption Rock
sounds like Alcatraz.

You know? you don't want to spend
any time there.

Yesterday, Hayley pulled off
a massive effort.

Hayley won the challenge
and now she's back in the game.

All I was doing
was sleeping in my shelter,

woke up and realised
that there's liars amongst us.

GEORGE: Oh, my
God, I never thought of that.

I never thought of that.

Hayley coming back has really thrown
the gameplay out the window.

Good morning, Dani.
Good morning.

Could you please join me for a chat
at the billabong?

I can. I can.

Hey, very robotic.

Let's do that.


..Dr Emmett.
Chat soon, George.


Hey, guys.

Good morning.

What a night, man. What's going on?

Hayley's back
and the whole place has gone nuts.

But I wonder if that will be
the collective group decision again.


I think it's gotta be.
Yeah, I agree 100%.

Yeah, nothing to lose.

And she's got nothing to lose.

There's 10 people.

We still need to keep George
and Cara as much as we can

so that we have the six.

And then once we start getting rid
of some of the old Brains,

then we'll have more power.

Chelsea leaving the game,
threw a spanner in the works.

Not only was Chelsea my closest
ally, she was my friend.

Now, that Hayley
is back in the game,

we've got another tribe member
for Brains.

However, it doesn't change
the majority that we've got.

Brawn have still got the majority.

We've got myself, Flick,
Gerald, Emmett

and then Cara and George
floating around.

And then there's minority
of Wai, Andrew and Laura.

HAYLEY: Last night, I had to fight
for my chance to stay in this game.

I went up against Baden,
a huge endurance athlete,

and I won,

but now I've come back into a camp
where everyone has just voted me out.

No-one trusts me.

And I'm not surprised.

At Redemption Rock I realised
that I've made this big mistake.

I wanted to have full control,

so I made deals with everyone
and I threw people's secrets out.

And it was a terrible thing to do,

but really all that matters now
is what happens going forward.

What am I going to do to make sure

I can win the trust back over
of my old alliance?

I need to make sure that I apologise
for the trust that I broke.

Surprised at how much,

like, the outback
is taking a toll on everybody.

I feel like, yeah,
this is probably the time

I'll start going mad.



Oh, I don't know if I'm Phoenix.

Risen from the ashes.


I just burnt every bridge I had
before I left.

And this is a game about
relationships and I blew them.

At tribal council,
everybody voted me out.

I can see
that I tried to jump to the Brawn

and they sold me down the river.

I tried to tell some truths about the
way Cara and George were playing.

Obviously, they voted me out, too.

I think my...I don't know,
my version of redemption

is probably just going to be to try
to undo whatever I did

on the day I went out.

Cara is someone
who I threw under the bus

and I know
I needed to repair that relationship.

I now know that blowing out of
information is not a good way to go.

Not a good way.
Not a good way to go.

My only chance
is to try to rebuild trust

because I lost it all.

And I don't know if it can be done,
but it's my only option.

What I did at last tribal,
like, that was pretty, pretty rough.

It was stupid, you know,
like, I didn't think properly.

28 days. You're tired.
I know.

You can say that
to the other people, you know.

So if you give me a commitment,
I can try and corral our people.


But you just got to know that,
like, you've got to earn the trust.

I've had a lifetime of lack
of trust in my own life

and I want to work with people
that I like and trust.

OK, good.
Thank you for talking to me.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

Alright. We killed our breakfast.
I know, right?

Oh, we're hooked for life.

Oh, no, there they come.
There they come.

That's OK.

Hayley's just feeling
a bit vulnerable.

We should all give Hayley a hug.

'Cause we were just...

It's OK...

"I don't want to do that."

Screw her.
Are the other four down there?

I'm, like, like, you know I'm...

I'm sorry to all of you.

That was... was not the right thing to do,

and it was also not the right thing
to do by you,

especially by you.

And I paid the ultimate price.

It''s tough.
it's tough to come back

And not feel like a pariah.

I tried to screw everyone over

and it didn't work.

If I have any chance, I need
to show that have changed.

The question is where do we go
from here, you know?

Can we instil trust in you?

Look, I know that it's going to take
time for you guys to trust me,

but my version
of what redemption looks like

is that
I will not screw you guys again.

I don't want to do that because
I want to redeem myself in this game.

I think that that's what redemption
looks like for me.

I was delighted
that I blew Hayley out of the water

with my big bad bazooka
from Bankstown.

Hayley coming back to the game

from a numbers perspective
definitely shakes up the dynamics.

There are now four original Brains.

Myself and Cara,
who swung between both camps

and four original Brawns.

If we want to become Brain strong,

with Hayley, then we would have
a six out of ten majority.

Moving forward, I know one important
thing, I respect Hayley's game.

The question is this -

can we trust Hayley
to work with her in the future?

And let's not kid ourselves.
her reputation is in tatters.

HAYLEY: I feel lucky
because I know that not many people

get the chance to play again,

like, it's amazing to be able to play
this incredible game one time,

let alone to make a mistake and have
a chance to redeem yourself.

I want to repair relationships
with my original Brain alliance.

I'm going to prove to them
they need me.

And that's all I care about
going into this challenge.

Come on in, guys!

Didn't want to
get the boots wet today, huh?

So, Hayley, how was your return
to camp last night?

It was nice. Everyone was
really gracious when I came back.

I really appreciate that.

So, George, is that true?

Have you two buried the hatchet?

I don't...I don't think there was
a hatchet in the first place.

Hayley's back,
she's back in the game.

She's a player,
like the other 10 tribe members.

And it's game on from here.

Well, Hayley, I think
it's fair to say,

you've had a couple of rough days.

So, what would boost your spirits
right now?


I think some amazing food reward
would...would be...

..would just be the best thing ever.

Yeah, I'll take whatever you got.

Are you guys ready
to get to today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yes.
For today's challenge...'re gonna be divided
into two teams of five.

One on one, you're going to
race out to a pontoon

where you will memorise
a sequence of symbols.

When you think you have it,
you'll race back

and attempt to re-create
that sequence.

First person gets it right
scores a point for their team.

First team to two wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes.

A trip to the Survivor...

..Outback Pub...


..where you will enjoy...

..a KFC feast...


..with chicken, chips, coleslaw.

And, of course, that would be
an outback pub without ice-cold beer.


Worth playing for.

Let's pick teams.

Oh, my God, I've been craving KFC!

Alright, everyone, take a rock.

Don't look at it until I say so.

Oh, my gosh.

Please, KFC, Jesus.


Alright. Everyone reveal.

See what you got.

I have green.

Alright, guys, move into your teams.

Let's see what we got here.

OK, so, on the green team,

we've got
Gerald, Flick, Laura, Dani and Wai.

White team, we've got Andrew,
Cara, Emmett, Hayley and George -

back together again.


Alright, let's get to it.

Alright, green team,
who are you putting up?

I'll go.

White, who's your pick?


You got this.

This round is six symbols.

Survivors ready?


Both girls, nice dive
into the water.

That's it, Laura!

Neck and neck on the swim.

Let's go, Hayley! Yoo!

Both get there at the same time.

DANI: Nice job, Laura!

Hayley's on the raft.
Laura's on the raft.

Hayley working hard, arm over arm.

Laura, come on! Dig deep!

Hayley gets there first.

Fish, hop, cock. Frog, pork, croc.

Fish, hop, cock.

Frog, pork, croc.

Hayley turning the sequence
into a song.

That's clever.

Coming back now on the raft.

Laura's coming back on the raft.

That's it, Laura. Lay on it!

This is a tight round.

Hayley, back in the water first.

Pulling away now.

GERALD: Jump, Laura, Jump!

Laura, working hard,
trying to catch up.

Yeah, girl!

Hayley's back first.

She starts organising her symbols.

Come on, girlfriend. She's got this.

Laura's back now.

Yes, Laura!

Hayley thinks she has it.

And she does!


Yeah, girlfriend!

First point for White.

(SINGS) # Ay-wa, ay-wa, ay-wa... #

White teams lead, one-zip.

Alright. Next round is six symbols.

Flick for Green

taking on Emmett for White.

Survivors ready?


Oh, big leap from Emmett!


But Flick is right on his tail.

Come on, girl!

Wow. Two fierce competitors
in the water.

Emmett slightly ahead.

Flick's right there.
Both on the raft.

Go, go, go!

Flick, quick in the water,
but struggling on that raft.

Emmett gets there.

Taking a look. Six symbols this time.

Flick's there now.

Come on, Flick, you got this!

Emmett makes his move.

Flick finally decides she has it.


No, changes her mind.
She goes back for another look.

Come on, you got it!

Now she's on the raft.

Emmett has a nice lead.

Very nice reward on the line today.

KFC feast.

Who wouldn't want that?

Emmett, taking his time.

Rearranging the symbols.

Flick's back there now,
putting the pressure on.

GERALD: Come on, Flick!
Make sure of it, girl.

Flick working quickly now.

You got time, Flicky. You got this.

Flick really putting the pressure on.


This is so close.

Flick calls it first.

Does she have it right?

And she does!


Putting Green on the board.

We are tied, one-one.

Alright, Green,
who do you want to put up?


OK. Me.

Alright, Dani and Cara.

Now that you guys are tied,
this round's for the win.

Cara, you got this.

GEORGE: Come on, Cara!
GERALD: Come on, Dani!

Five symbols.
A little easier this time.

Alright. Here we go.

Dani taking on Cara.

For reward!

Survivors ready?

FLICK: Go, Dani!

Both girls neck and neck
in the swim.

You are so strong!

Dani starting to pull away.

She gets there
a little ahead of Cara.

GERALD: That's it, girl! Come on!

EMMETT: Let's go, Cara. You got it!
Let's go!

Cara's right behind her,
closing the gap.

Go, Cara! Do this!

Trying to make up for
some lost time, working quickly.

Come on, Dani! Jump!

Dani gets there.

WAI: Now, take your time!
Take your time!

Cara's there now.

EMMETT: One or two looks, Cara,
and then go!

Five symbols.

All you need to remember.

Come on, Dani, you got this.
Yes! Yes, Dani!

A lot riding on this round.

GEORGE: Go, Cara.

Coming back now on the rafts.

GERALD: Come on, dig hard, Dani!

Dig deep! Come on!

Dig deep!

Gerald...yelling encouragement
at Dani.

He can taste that bucket of chicken.

Go! Go, Dani!

Dani had a lead,
but they are now neck and neck again.

Both girls are gassed.


Dani pulling away now.

GERALD: That's it!

She gets to the ladder first.

Come on! Dig deep!

Dani working on the sequence.

Cara is spent.

Work, Cara, get it. Look and go.

Only five this time.
Cara working quickly.

Come on, Cara.

Tossing blocks out of the way.

Dani can feel the pressure.

She puts five up.
She thinks she has it.

Please, please, please.
You got it. You solved it.

And she does!


Green win a very nice reward.


Oh, my God!

Alright, Flick, Wai, Laura, Dani,
Gerald, congratulations.

The Outback Pub is open for business.


Head on out. Enjoy.

The game has been turned up
a few more notches.

I've lost my mate, Chelsea,

but now that Hayley's back
from Redemption Rock,

it's time to change the game
and make some big moves.


Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God,
there's bread rolls there.

I just couldn't
even believe my eyes.

There was buckets and buckets
of chicken,

coleslaw, bread rolls, chips,
popcorn chicken.

Oh, drumstick!

You name it, it was there.

Oh, and beers, which was great.



Oh, my goodness.

32 days. Just get in,
there's no time for manners.

Just get in there,
get the chicken straight in.

Is this finger licking good,
or what?

It's good.
Yes, it is.

If I could plan my wedding,
it would be exactly like that.

It would be chicken
and beer in a bar in the outback.

It was perfect.


LAURA: Man, it's awesome
to be here with the four of them.

And it's even better
because Gerald, Flick and Dani

are in another alliance.


So to be able to cross pollinate

and talk to them in a way
that I wouldn't get to at camp,

it's wicked.

Hey, I'm going to just call it,
I reckon this is the best reward.

Oh, yeah.


Now that Hayley
is back in the game

and I've lost my best friend Chelsea,

it's time to adapt
every time a new situation comes up.

This game is not about emotion.
It's about strategy.

And this might be the only
opportunity we get

to maybe form a little alliance
together and make some big moves.

We should all just form
a new alliance.

I'm serious.

I'm not... Are you opposed, anyone?

I'm not.

I like alliances.

What a great bunch of people.

We've got three original Brawns
there and two ring-in Brains.

I think we can make magic with this.

We've got some big threats
in our game.

We do.

Emmett... a threat,
just for his physical ability.

Emmett is definitely a weapon.

He's the obvious big threat
to my game plan.

If Emmett lost
in individual immunity...

Have to vote him out. Yeah.

If Emmett
does lose a immunity challenge,

we all need to make sure

that he isn't hiding an idol.

So, if someone knows about it...

It's a bold and risky move.

The new alliance
is going for Emmett next,

just as soon as he doesn't win
a necklace.

This could be the start
of the new army.

And goodbye, Emmett.

GERALD: Oh, my God. This is so good.

FLICK: This isn't sitting right
with me. She's volatile.

ALL: Whoa! Whoa!

Chippies everywhere.

She could be tearing our alliance
apart catastrophically

with this plan to vote out Emmett.

We know
she's a part of our alliance.

She's, you know,
played some big moves,

but this is really a dumb move.

We've got a wild card.
And her name is Dani.


Like, wow, man, what are you doing?

Oh, here they are. They're back.
Are they back?

Look at them holding their bellies.
Oh, my God.

Oh, no...

I want to know everything.


I reckon
the amount of chicken left over,

you guys now
still wouldn't finish it.


That is so wrong.

It's a combination
of dirt and KFC aftertaste.


Dani, Dani, Dani.

She's supposed
to be in my core alliance,

but Dani brought up
wanting to vote out Emmett.

I mean,
that doesn't sit right with me

because Emmett's in my alliance
with Gerald.

I need to tell Emmett
Dani is going to vote him out.

I'm going to tell him tomorrow
before immunity.

Because she keeps talking about

different alliances

and I'm like, "Oh..."

So we just got to be super careful
about that.

Both Dani and Emmett
are massive threats in this game.

Emmett's a massive physical threat,

Dani's, she's had some big moves,

but it's all about

just trying to keep
the Brawn alliance strong.



Dani is trying to drag
Gerald and Flick to the other side.

And Dani's gunnin' for me.

I'm the physical threat.

The other side
want to get rid of me.

EMMETT: The only way to stay safe
in this game

is to win individual immunity.

Sliding off me, whoo.

I know Dani wants to get rid of me.

I don't want to break up
our majority alliance,

but I'm willing to do whatever
it takes to stay in this game.

Come on in, guys.

What do we have here?


Dani, nice to get away?
Oh, absolutely.

It's what dreams are made of.

This is the best reward to date

and I've still got a belly full
of chicken, so I'm ready to go.

So, Hayley, this is your first
immunity challenge

since Redemption Rock.

How critical is this one today?

Yeah. I would say it's pretty
essential that I win today.

You know, I'm here for redemption,
but it's a long path ahead.

So it would be very helpful

to have an immunity necklace
around my neck.

Speaking of which, Emmett,

are you going to let someone else
wear that thing today?

Hell, no, man.

I plan to take it out again.
Here we go.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

Let's do it.

Alright, Emmett.
You're going to have to give it up.

I'll see you soon.


Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

using only your feet, you're going to
hold up a weighted disk.

If your disk slips and falls,
you're out of the challenge.

The last person holding up their disk
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Get to it.

Everyone's in position.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

Only rule is you need
to keep both feet on that disk.

To make it fair, everyone has
a percentage of their body weight.

You just need to apply
enough pressure

to keep that disc from slipping down
and hitting the ground.

Gerald, already not happy.

It's hot today.

That's going to make it
a little more difficult.

Flies, they're out in full force.

Emmett, how are you feeling?
I feel good, man.

I feel like I've trained
my whole life for this moment.

That's it. I'm over it.

And just like that,
George drops out.

No shot at immunity.

You guys have been at it
for 30 minutes.

With every passing day,
immunity becomes more valuable.

Wai's in trouble now.

Really struggling,
has that disk on the edge.

Alright. I'm out.

Wai is out.

Dani, how much would you like to walk
out of here with that necklace?

I'm right next to endurance
Superman over here. So...

Yeah, he claims he's trained
his entire life for this.

This is his challenge.

I don't have that much time
on my hands.


Dani's had enough, she drops out.

Laura right behind her.

You guys have been at this
for one hour.

Now we're down to six.







battling it out for one necklace.

No-one else has worn this necklace
except Emmett.

I'm sure four others
would enjoy that experience.

Gerald still pushing through it.
I like the determination.

Cara trying to get it
back into position,

but it keeps creeping lower,
really struggling now.

Gerald has not looked comfortable
since we started this challenge

but he is still here.

Huge effort from Gerald.

But he can no longer
hold up that disk.

Another slip from Hayley.

Hayley out of the challenge.

Cara not far behind her.

Holy schmoley.
WAI: Good job.

No shot at immunity.

After two hours,
we're down to three -



..and Andrew.

The showdown continues,

battling it out for one necklace.

Slip from Andrew, trying
to get it back into position.

Really working it.

Big slip from Flick,

working hard
to get it back into position.

Emmett pushing through the pain.


Really burning now.

That disk keeps slipping down.

And Emmett...

(GROANS AND GRUNTS) out of the challenge.


Could not hang on to that necklace
for a fourth time.

Now we have a showdown
between Andrew and Flick.

If you thought
it was difficult before,

we're gonna turn it up
just a little bit more.

When I count you guys in, I want you
to put your hands behind your heads.

Three, two, one.

Put your hands behind your head.

Keep both feet on the disk,
both hands on your head.

Take your hand off, that's it,
you're out of the challenge.

Both have come too far
to give up now.

Just need to last longer
than the other person.

Flick, you took your hand
away from your head.

Sorry, Flick.

And Andrew wins individual immunity.

OK. Andrew, come on over.

Well done, amazing effort today,
immunity is yours.

You're safe tonight,
cannot be voted out,

guaranteed a one-in-nine shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where somebody is going to become
the second person to join our jury.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you guys tonight.
Well done, mate.

Losing today's
individual immunity challenge,

I am very exposed
and very vulnerable tonight.

Dani is the self-proclaimed
alpha killer.

I know that Dani
is going to be coming for me

now I need to find a way
to get rid of her.

Dani, I'm coming for you. Let's go.

Flick and Andrew,
you were pretty amazing.

Well done, Andrew.

That was a tough one.
Big effort.

Today's immunity was outstanding,

Andy and Flick going for it
at the end.

Andy's got the necklace,

and poor old Mr Emmett,
who wins everything, lost today,

which is a very nice change.

Well done, bro. Well done.
Big hug.

Huge effort, brother.

I've been aligned with him
from the very beginning.

However, he's too much of a threat
when it comes to challenges

and we've gotta strike
while the iron's hot.

Today at the reward,
I started an alliance.

We've got three original Brawns
there - myself, Flick and Gerald -

and two ring-in Brains,
Laura and Wai.

I told George about it
at the challenge,

and now George is onboard.

We've got the solid six.

It's time to pull it off.



Swift, mate. Swift.

It's super important Emmett has no
idea that this blindside is coming.

We need to reassure him
that Hayley's the vote tonight.



For my plan to work tonight,
I need Dani to feel like she's safe,

so I just say, "Yeah, sure.

"Life's good. It's all good.
I'm with you, no matter what."

But really...I ain't with you, girl.


GERALD: So, what do we reckon?

Before the challenge, Flick told me
Dani wants to get rid of me

because I'm seen
as a physical threat.

So now we're turning on each other.

I'm gonna return the favour,
and we're gonna send Dani home.

As long as we've got enough numbers
afterwards to keep going,

which we should, as long
as George and Cara are still...

They're on board
with whatever we do.

I've got the numbers on my side
to get rid of her

with myself, Gerald,
Flick, George and Cara.

But the only way to stay safe
in this game is with an idol.

And luckily, Flick got an idol,
so we've still got this in the bag.



Oh, here we go. This is good.

If I can convince Flick
to play her idol for me

and we can blindside Dani,

then we're gonna have the majority
and I won't be going home tonight.



I agree.

This is music to my ears.

The Brawn are eating each other.

Emmett is voting for Dani.

Dani is voting for Emmett.

I'm gonna use that to my advantage.

DANI: Hey.

I see an opportunity to get
the Brains to come together as one

to vote out
another Brawn team member.

I'm going for a swim.
All the ducks in a row.

This can change the game.

I thrive in this kind of environment

because, when people are split,
when people are divided,

that's when I can come up
through the middle and conquer.

(LAUGHS) You right?

As a swan.

It'll be the blindside
within the blindside.

At the end of the day, the
only thing that shows true strength

is strength in numbers.

And if we could become a Brains
majority after tribal council,

that's all that matters right now.

GERALD: I'm going for a quick dip,
and then I'm just gonna lay down.

GEORGE: Right now,
Emmett is voting for Dani

and Dani will be voting for Emmett,

and Flick's gonna
play her idol for Emmett.

So I need to make it very clear

to Andrew, Hayley, Laura and Wai

that we need to break down the Brawn.

I need to get the Brains
to come together as one.

And if it's time for a blindside,
the time is now...


..and I need to pitch Plan B.

The five Brains are about
to take control of this game.

Now, we have Dani
that wants to get rid of Emmett.

We have Emmett
that wants to get rid of Dani.

The Brawn are turning on each other.

It's the perfect opportunity
to go Brains strong.

They are voting
as a bloc of five for Dani.

Flick will play her idol for Emmett.

I think we should vote for Gerald,

because he won't have an idol
played for him...

..and we take control either way.

I just need five Brains
and a majority of 5 out of 10

to shift their vote
from Emmett to Gerald.

He's a physical threat, and Gerald's
close to Flick and Emmett -

he's the obvious target.

These Brawns aren't gonna
suspect a thing.

It's time for the Brains alliance
to work as a team.

Um, Flick and Gerald
are playing a double agent.

Flick is playing her idol for Emmett.

The Brains five
are voting for Gerald.

Got it.

Then the idol gets burnt
and we're in complete control.

You're 100% sure?

I'm 100% sure.

Now, the greatness in this plan

is that Flick will think
that Dani's plan has worked -

she will burn her idol
on Emmet's one and only vote.

And I'll walk back into camp tonight
in a majority five Brains alliance

with no immunity idol in play.


George is always scheming up a plan,

but as long as one of the original
Brawn members leaves, I don't care.

I'm 100% sure, 'cause I pretended
I'm in with her, too.

OK. So...?

Gerald. Gerald. Gerald.

They're all on board.

I think I'm gonna pull off
Special Operation Gerald tonight.

Executed in stealth mode.

I mean, I'm going
with my gut on this.

I am too.

Maybe our guts are shit.

The fact that Gerald's name
has been whispered around camp

is music to my ears.


It takes a bit of the heat off me.

But I don't know
if I can trust George

and work with him going forward.

I need to think about this more.

I just hope it doesn't
blow up in my face.

Worst case scenario
is George is tricking me

and they send me home tonight.

DANI: Anything can happen
in the game of Survivor

and I'm just hoping that everyone
sticks to their word tonight

and we send a massive threat home.

You can never have 100% trust
and confidence in anyone out here.

I may not have an individual immunity
necklace on me tonight.

But we're gonna pull off
an epic blindside to send Dani home

and secure a majority alliance.

GEORGE: I'm not sure if my late plan

to get rid of Gerald's
gonna work tonight.

I've had to pull it off
right at the last minute

and I've put my faith
in the OG Brains again.

Emmett, Flick and Gerald are strong.

I'm gonna flush out Flick's idol,

take out one of the key members
of the Brawn alliance -

I'm gonna leave those three
in tatters.

on Australian Survivor:
Brains V Brawn, on 10 Play.

I'll now bring in
the first member of our jury.





I hardly recognise you.

Is that what you used to look like?

You're actually good-looking!
You look, like 10 years younger.


So, Andrew...
Yep. did it feel to finally
take that necklace away from Emmett?

Oh, well, look, Emmett's
a really hard competitor

and he's got quite a diverse
skill range, you know,

not just in terms
of his power and strength,

but, you know, he's also very
forward-thinking and fast as well.

Look, I think today was, I feel,
a little bit unfortunate

about how things rolled out.

Flick is an incredibly
strong individual -

that we all know and see -

and she's definitely inspired
a lot of people here

along this journey.

Yeah, I think she's amazing.

Well done today, Andy.
It was really tough.

It was a great performance
from both you guys.

So, Hayley,

I want to talk about your time
at Redemption Rock.

Yeah, go for it. (CHUCKLES)

Do you think it changed
your perspective on the game?

Oh, yeah.

It's kind of like a rebirth.

Like, you come back in the game

and the worst
has already happened to you.

So, like, the sun
is a little brighter,

the rice is a little tastier.

You just, like...
You sure?

A little bit. Like...

I have won my way
back into this game

and I fully plan
to use this second chance

to redeem myself from the mistakes
that I made the first time.

So, I am coming back in
with a different mindset.

You got ALL the votes last time.
Yeah, that's it. Yep.

Are you worried that the same thing
could happen tonight?

Oh, of course.

I absolutely am worried that the
same thing could happen tonight,

but it's kind of like
it's already happened.

It kind of humbles you completely.

And you come back,
magically, and...

..and, yeah, I'm just here
for whatever I can offer now.

Emmett, are you keen to work
with the newly redeemed Hayley?

At this stage, no.


He's honest.

It's gotta feel strange
for you tonight

to be sitting here
for the first time since merge

without the security
of that necklace.

I feel naked. I feel exposed.

I feel vulnerable.

But I trust my alliance
of six over here

and believe that,
if we stick to the plan,

we'll be able to pick up
a Brains down the end.

Well, are you worried
that the other alliance

might seize this opportunity
of your nakedness tonight

and target you?

Of course I am, man.

But, you know, I'd rather go down
trusting my homies over this side

and, you know, I've got
to put my trust in others.

And instead of being
a physical threat,

I like to position myself
as a physical asset

to my team of six over here.

So you have complete trust
in your alliance tonight?


So, Gerald, do you think
your alliance member Emmett

should be worried tonight?

Look, I think, in our alliance,
we'll be quite strong

and pull through this and come out
stronger on the other side,

keep moving forward in the game,

and we'll all end up at the point
that we're aiming to get to


We're 33 days in
and the division in this tribe

is still pretty much
down old tribal lines.

Flick, are you concerned that
the Brawn numbers are dwindling?

Uh, look, on paper, yeah,
we have less Brawn than Brains.

But I have full trust
in George and Cara.

I think, since tribe swap

and, you know, there's been
a couple of instances go down

and people's track records,

I think these guys are here to stay,
and I trust them completely.

And that kind of takes us to a six.


And that tells me
that that's a majority.

So, I'm happy with that.

So, George, Flick is saying
that you're the key tonight.

Oh, I think everyone's
a key tonight.

It's not about
who is an individual key -

it's about how you
unlock the puzzle.

And we have 10 people left,

we're looking to the future

and we have to make
a decision tonight.

And tonight, my decision
is solely based on

the people that I'm gonna
be sticking with.

And blood's thicker than water,

and tonight
I'm sticking with my people.

So, Flick, do you think your alliance
is gonna stay strong tonight?

Yeah, I do. I have
full faith in my alliance.

But not until it's said and done

and you pull out
the names from the urn

and we really gonna know
who trusts who

and where everyone's loyalty lies.

Gerald, how do you think
this tribe will be different

after tonight's vote?

There's gonna be
an equilibrium of power

after the vote tonight, I believe.

And it's gonna probably shock
a couple of people in the tribe

when this equilibrium hits.

That sounds ominous.

Dani, in order to make
a big move in this game,

you have to time it correctly.

Is now the right time?

Yeah, now's the right time
to stick with your alliance

and take out a threat.


So, you're always 100% confident?



What about tonight?


What about you, George?

Do you think anyone's gonna be
surprised by tonight's vote?

I'm gonna go with the crowd here
and say 100%, baby.


Well, on that note,
I think it is time to vote.

Well, I think it is time to vote.


# Dun-dun-dah! #

Gerald, you're up.

Dani, I tried to bring you
into the six,

but you wanted to flip out
and try and get rid of me,

so I had to get rid of you
before you get rid of me.

Tonight, I'm voting for Emmett...

..purely because you gotta strike
while the iron's hot.

You're too much of a threat, mate.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

You know what?

I actually might play my
not-so-hidden hidden immunity idol.

It has been burning a hole
in my pocket

since I found out
that everyone knows.

So, it's been a curse, almost,
rather than a blessing.

But tonight, I hope
it's a blessing for Emmett.

And I'm playing it
for Emmett tonight.


This is a hidden immunity idol,

and any votes cast for Emmett
will not count.


I'll read the votes.

First vote...

..Emmett - does not count.


That's one vote Dani.

Dani. Two votes Dani.


Three votes Dani.


That's one vote Gerald.



We're tied. Three votes Gerald.

Three votes Dani.


Four votes Dani, three votes Gerald.


We're tied.

That's four votes Gerald,
four votes Dani.

One vote left.

15th person voted out of this game
and second member of our jury...


Oh, my God!

You need to bring me your torch.

Gerald, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Toodle-oo, kids.

See you, Gerald.

Well, when planning a good blindside,

picking the right target is key.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.



Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

Survivor's ready? Go!

..with alliances in tatters...

DANI: I just have to win today.

..they'll push themselves
to sheer exhaustion.

Come on, come on, let's push it! be safe from the vote.

HAYLEY: There is no way
I'm gonna roll over.


"Secret power in this game
has been hiding in plain sight."

..George discovers a hidden secret.

This is the most powerful treasure

ever found on Australian Survivor.

But will it lead to
his ultimate demise?


We got shafted by one of
our own alliance members,

and I reckon I know
exactly who it was.

Leaving the tribe is certainly hard.

All good things must come to an end.

33 days out here in
the great outdoors, in the outback,

with 24 amazing people.

Uh, hopefully, it all goes to plan
for everyone else

and, uh, I'll catch youse
on the flip side.

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