Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Episode #6.1 - full transcript

Cloncurry in north-west Queensland is where the ultimate battle between Brains and Brawn begins. As soon as the castaways hit the red dirt, it's every man for themselves to win the first reward challenge.


Survivors ready? Go!


For five unforgettable seasons...

..Australian Survivor
has tested its players

in the most gruelling ways.


Every year,
the challenges get tougher.

Push! Come on.

Every year,
the game gets more intense.


And every year,

the players are pushed...

What a Herculean effort that is! their limits.



Come on!



..and emotionally.



Through it all...

I swear on my dad.

..incredible winners

have emerged.

And one all-star reigns supreme.

I am a golden god.

Now, a new chapter
is about to be written.

The Australian outback.

A land as challenging and mysterious
as it is breathtaking.

Vast, untouched wilderness.

Soaring temperatures.

Deadly animals.

The most extreme conditions

ever seen on Australian Survivor.


A new breed of player
is rising up from the red earth,

and they come
from two very different worlds.

The Brawn tribe -

at the top of their physical game,

ready to take on the toughest
challenge with brute strength.

And the Brains tribe -

strategically superior,

socially cunning

and always one step ahead.

Here, only the smartest
and the strongest players...

..will survive.

Two tribes, two opposing game plans,

and an age-old rivalry -

brains versus brawn.

48 days.

24 people.

One Survivor.



WOMAN: Playing Survivor
in the Australian outback

is going to add a whole new dimension
this year.

It's unforgiving, brutal.

You're going to have to have
a lot of grit and determination.

The Brawn tribe
have got it in the bag.

We're tough. We're strong.

We have that never-giving-up

This game is fierce,

but it's no match to the snakes
I deal with every single day.

I'm a correctional officer

and I work at a maximum
men's security prison.

I work with the worst of the worst.

The moment I walk into work,
game face is on.

To do my job,
you have to have brawn.

You can't just walk into the jail

and expect that your brains
will get you anywhere.

They need to know who the boss is.

And that's me.

I'll take no prisoners.

I'm on the Brawn tribe.

Well, look at me.

I was born for this.

MAN: The gladiator style
of competing, it's in my blood.

I will just be putting my body
on the line like I always have.

The Ween comes out of the square.

Oh, my God, we're in a Wanganeen!

The man for all occasions!
He's done it again!

People might remember me

for playing football
for Essendon and Port Adelaide.

Wanganeen from behind!

I was the first Indigenous player
to play 300 AFL games

and to win the AFL Brownlow Medal.

When I step over that white line
to play, the beast comes out.

So don't mess with me.

I'm playing to win.

WOMAN: When I found out
that Australian Survivor
was going to the outback,

I was like, "Oh, shit!

"That's a long way from the ocean."

I'm a professional big wave surfer.

The waves on the big wave world tour
are the biggest waves in the world

and I currently hold the record

for the biggest wave surfed
by an Australian female,

which is 35 foot,

which is almost three storeys high.

When you're faced
with a 30ft wall of water,

one mistake can cost you your life.

I know what it takes to be fearless,

to put your body on the line

and go hard.

I'm ready for it.

I definitely think
Brawn's going to win.

We're sending a message to the Brains
that we're ready for battle.

MAN: We, as human beings,

have conquered this planet
because of our brains.

Our strength is easily matched
by other animals,

but it was our brain
that set us apart.

when it comes to the crunch,

brains is what's actually
going to get you through

to the end of this game.

The only muscle that matters
is the brain.

And I've got the biggest
and the best brain of them all.

Hello, sir.
Thank you for coming today.

Please vote 1 Labor
at today's election.

Thank you so much.
I shall. Thank you. Thank you.

I'm a member of the Labor Party
in Bankstown

and I'm basically a professional
spin doctor for a living.

My job is to put lipstick on a pig,

to make things sound
and look beautiful.

Survivor is a lot like
local politics -

there's two sides,
these factions within a tribe,

and I've been outwitting,
outplaying and outlasting

a conga line of people

that are trying to get rid of me
in the Labor Party.

I don't want to stab people
in the back.

I want to get my axe
and swing it right at their face

and let them see it coming.

I don't think I can win.

I know I'm going to win.

WOMAN: People look at me

and they might think
I'm the silly blonde girl,

but I'm a successful businesswoman
and I've got a hidden superpower.

So I've got this.

I'm a real estate business owner,

and when it comes to my job,
I do everything,

from visiting
multimillion-dollar properties

to managing my team around me.

In my job, you have to be really good
at reading people.

So I'll be playing a social game,

working out who to trust,
without them even knowing,

with my superpower.

I'm an empath.

I have this ability where I can
actually hold people's hands

and feel their deep-rooted issues
come to me in words.

And the benefit in Survivor is beyond
anything that anyone else can do.

There's never been anyone like me.

MAN: I might look like
one of the stronger guys,

but my biggest muscle
would be my brain.

I'm an ex-professional cyclist

I've won 50 professional races,

and when I was 23, I won the
green jersey in the Tour de France.

When you're on a bike,

you basically have to make a million
little decisions under pressure

that could risk your life.

You've got 200 people
charging down a road

that might only be five metres wide.

Can I fit through that gap?

Is this guy going to move further

and I'm going to hit the fence
and fall off at 70km an hour?

It's win or crash.

You can be the strongest cyclist
in the world,

but if you don't have the brainpower
to execute,

you're going to be nowhere near
the front.

Survivor is my new Tour de France.

WOMAN: This will be a Survivor
that Australia has never seen before.

Two worlds colliding -
the outback and Survivor.

This is a game.
It's the ultimate game.

MAN: It is going to be far tougher

than anything
that we've seen before.

We're going to put ourselves
through absolute hell

to have a crack at playing Survivor,

the greatest game in the world.

It's absolutely amazing.

And winning out here
is going to mean so much more.


Brains versus Brawn -
bring it on, baby!

WOMAN: Let's smash this.

MAN: Let's go, baby. Let's go.


WOMAN: My heart is racing.

Come on in, guys.

Here we go, baby. (LAUGHS)

Feels like a dream.

Here we are.

This is it.

Game on.

Oh, yeah. Game on.

Let's go.

Alright, well...
Here we go, baby.

Welcome to Australian Survivor:
Brains V Brawn.


Yellow - you are the Brain tribe.

Yew. Yep.
Smart, mentally tough.

Highly strategic.

That means, Red,
you guys are the Brawn tribe.


Physically strong, hardworking,

willing to put your bodies
on the line.

This is going to be an epic battle.

And, we're going to find out
what's more valuable in this game.


..or body.

Woman on the end here
with the short blonde hair.

What's your name?

So what do you think is going to give
Brains the edge over Brawn?

Definitely depth, strategy,
we're broad thinkers

and I'm kind of hoping that they've
got all the gear and no idea.

So we'll see how that goes.

Girl in the pink T-shirt,
what's your name?


So how at home do you feel
on the Brain tribe?

I definitely like surrounding myself
with smart people

and I have a look around,

these guys are some of the best,
I know it.


Gentleman in the back there with the
blue cap. What's your name?


Now you've seen both tribes,
how do you like your chances?

Yeah, well, they seemed to be
struggling a little bit

on the way through the water
on the way here.

So, I mean, that's a good sign.

I think we got here first,
though, didn't we?

We'll see who's around at the end.

You know, we're not
shaking in our boots

because we're going to leverage
and harness

the collective wisdom of this team

and we're going to outwit,
we're going to outsmart

and outthink these big, bad,
beefy brawnsters.

Bring it on, baby!

Hear, hear.

Gentleman in the back.
What's your name?

Nice to meet you, Jonathan.

You look like you spent some time
out in the country.

Oh, might have spent
a day or two out there, mate.

So what kind of hardships
should we expect out here?

Stinking hot one minute,
freezing cold the next,

pouring rain the next.

You just don't know what's
right around the corner.

Alright, well,
every Survivor fan knows

that you've got to do three things
to get to the end of this game.

You need to outwit, outplay,
and outlast.

It seems that the Brain tribe
has enough smarts, we hope, to outwit

and the Brawn tribe definitely
has enough strength to outplay.

So the big question is, who's
going to outlast all the others...

We will. take the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million dollar prize
that goes with it.

Is it going to be the Brawn tribe?
ALL: Yes.

Or is it gonna be the Brains?

Well, we're gonna find out
in 48 days.

You guys ready to get to your
first reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah.
Yeah. Alright.

For today's challenge, you're going
to race to release a key,

but you will have a choice
using brawn to chop through a log

or brains to solve a slide puzzle

you'll then use the key
to unlock a gate.

One of you will then become a caller

to help the rest of the tribe
solve a giant rotating puzzle.

The first tribe to correctly
spell their tribe name

in each arm of the puzzle,
wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?
ALL: Yes.

The winning tribe will get to choose

either an outback survival kit
with fresh fruit and vegies, rope,

tarp, everything you need
to stay sheltered and fuelled.

Or, fire in the form of flame.

So, right out of the gate,
you can boil water, cook, stay warm.

Both options could set up
your tribe perfectly.

But remember, every choice
you make in this game

will have an impact down the road.

And as always,

losers get nothing.


I'm going to give you guys
a minute to talk about it,

and we'll get to it.

I think I should wood chop.

How long is it gonna take
to knock that over?

Um...we'll see.

Are we chopping or doing the puzzle?

I think we have to do
the slide puzzle.

Alright, here we go.

For reward.

Survivors ready?

Get angry, boy.


No surprises here on their choices.

Gerald on the log,
Cara on the slide puzzle for Brains.

Gerald is smashing through that log,

making it look like it's a toothpick.

Cara quickly moving pieces around.

Gerald is just relentless.

That's it!

Brawn have their key.

Go and open your gate. Get to it.

Get to your puzzle.
Go, go, go.

Yes. You are the man.

Brawn have a nice head start.

Can they capitalise?

Come on, Simon, get up there!

Simon, up on the tower.

He's the caller.
Girl over here, girl on this part.

The goal here is to spell
your tribe name

in five arms of the puzzle.

Guys, it's gonna be either
push or pull.

And to do that, you're going
to have to manoeuvre the pieces

through the middle to get
them in the right position.

Alright, get this B in.
Slide the B in.

This B?
Yep, B in.

Simon yelling instructions.

Alright, R in.

Push or pull?
Push, push, push.

Rest of the tribe not quite clear
what he's trying to say.

Simon, just go like that - B, Brawn.
OK, fantastic.

The key to this challenge is
to look several moves ahead,

to work out where the pieces go
and how to get them there.

OK, push one. Push one.

Back to me.

Fantastic. Alright.
Here we go. Spin two.

Brawn are working together
very nicely now.

Fantastic. Slide it in.
They have figured it out.

Go, Cara.

Cara struggling
with that puzzle.

Come on! You can do it!

The goal is to move the large block
down the end,

once you have it in that position,

you can lift up the block
and the key will be underneath.

You got it, girl.
Come on! You can do it!

Cara taps out.

Mitch coming in now
for the Brain tribe.

One more. Keep going!

Go, go, go, go!

One down.

Finally. Brawn has one on the board.

What's the word?
Let's go!

You got this. Whoo!

Which piece needs to come out?

Oh, shit.

Oh, my God.

Mitch makes a big decision,

he decides to give up
on the slide puzzle

and to have a go at the log.

This is really going to set
Brain behind.

Pull, Gav. Pull, Gav.

Keep going, keep going, keep going.
We got this.

And suddenly Brawn have completed
two arms of their puzzle.

Work it! Work it! Work it!

Brain tribe,
they have lost a lot of time.

Switch out, Mitch. Switch out.

Andrew in on the log now.

Brain tribe is really struggling
to release that key.

Gerald for Brawn

had the first part of this challenge
done in 10 seconds.

Keep going. Keep going.

Andrew really hacking away now.

Desperate to get that key.
And that's it!

Brain has their key.

Get on that puzzle.

Going to need to pick it up
if you want to stay in this.

Wai going up the tower.

Gonna be the caller for the
Brain tribe.

We don't need everyone on the arm.

So and I just stay put.

The Brains are still in it.
Start here. This one's got a B.

But Brawn still leads 2-0.

B, put in the middle...

Just do one word at a time
and get all the letters across.

One word at a time.

Everyone yelling at each other
on the ground.

Push it, always go clockwise.

Phil! Phil!

Wai struggling to communicate
with her tribe.

Guys, listen.
Bank it!

One person stay there.

Bank the end. Bank the end.

It's very difficult to see what's
going on on ground level

so you really have to rely on
your caller.


Get the N, get the N.

Go, go, go.

Let's listen to Wai
Listen to Wai.

Breathe, everyone,
just breathe, just breathe.

I have a better idea.

We're going to build 'Brain'
on this one.

Make the B and then do two turns.

That's it. B.

Alright, I is over here.

Brain think they've figured it out.

Move the A. Let's go to here.

Working very quickly now,
moving several pieces at once.

Bring it! Bring it!

Desperate to get one arm completed.

Go! Go! Go! Clockwise!

That's it! Let's go!

OK, go.


And Brain gets one arm of
the puzzle completed.

Ah, here. Ah, here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brawn still leads 2-1.

OK, let's go. Pull back
and bring that W over here.

Simon thinks he's really figured it
out, looking several steps ahead.

Bring it in, bring it in,
bring it in.

Brawn have finally figured out
their communication.

Come here.
We need to get these Ns on.

Get the N!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Brain trying to work as quickly
as possible to catch up.

And the N. OK.

Brain has another one on the board.

Brain has two, Brawn has two.

Brain was so far behind
in this challenge

and they've finally caught up.

Now we got a challenge.

N over here. N over here.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull.

Keep going, keep going. OK.

Just as I say that,

Brawn complete another arm.

Brawn have three now.

Come on, we've got this, guys.
Come on.

Brains still on two.

The N's over here with me.

Brain has a nice rhythm going here.

And very quickly they've almost
finished their third.

Take that N, take that N.

And then back.

Push, push, push.

Come on, guys.

And just like that,
Brain has their third arm.

We're dead even again.

Push, push, push, push.

Push, push, push.

W, W, W.

Come on, guys.

Brawn, very close to finishing
their fourth.

Which one?

Pull, pull, pull, pull.
Go, go, go!

Brawn have four now.
Continuing their lead.

We're gonna get 'em, guys.
We're gonna get 'em.

Brain have three,
working on their fourth.

N! N!
Clockwise! Clockwise!

Brain getting very close.

Hurry up! Hurry up!

And just like that,
Brain have evened it up.

You both have four arms completed.

Pull back, pull back.

Both tribes working on their
last arm.

A to me. A to me.

Not many options left.

Hang on. Hang on.
Stop. Stop.

We're gonna need to do some
stuffing around here.

Brawn suddenly having trouble getting
those letters in the right position.

We gotta take something off.

Take something off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Who's gonna pull this off?

It's gonna come down to the wire,
on this one.

We can do it. Keep pushing.

Where's our R? Where's our R?

R over here!

Huge reward on the line here.

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Winning this reward could really
set up your tribe.

That's it, that's it. Come on, guys.

Push! Push!

Brawn has something going now.
They're getting very close.

Yes, we've got this.

We've got this!

We can't put it on.
We need to bank one!

I know, the R is here.
Um, OK...

We've gotta get this R.

Oh, shit.

Brain now struggling to
complete their last R.

We need the R!

No shit. Drop a letter.

We need to get rid of the N.

Oh, shit. OK, calm down.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on, we're almost there.

Come on, guys!

And to the N.

Push it, push, push.

How do we do this shit?
How do we do this? OK.


And suddenly, Brain is stuck.

And this could be it!

Pull! Yes!

Guys, back to the mat.
Back to the mat!

Go, go, go, go, go!


And that's it!

Brawn wins reward!

And this game is on.


Come on!

SIMON: To have a crack
at playing Survivor,

the greatest game in the world,

is just like a dream come true.

But playing in the outback completely
flips the game on its head.

It's hot and it's dry.

There's not much around.

Not going to have the coconuts
or the papayas or the fish.

It's going to be
a whole 'nother world,

and we haven't seen anything
like this on Australian Survivor.

Brains versus brawn -
I am excited about that,

and I'm super stoked
to be part of the Brawn tribe.

Where the hell are we?

Thought we were on Mars.

The challenge today was a lot closer
than I would have liked,

but we ended up coming away with a
win, which I am super stoked about.

Step up there.


We had a choice between
the survival kit and fire,

and I chose this survival kit,
which is just amazing.


We've got some fruit there.
We've got tarp and ropes.

Come on, winners!

As an apprentice carpenter,
I am a jack of all trades,

so I'm pretty confident that I can
turn two sticks into fire.

Well done today.
I'm super proud of everyone. So good.

Lucky we had the head start
from Mr Woodchop.



So, are you a bit
of a professional at that?

Yeah, I'm...I'm current
world champion. I hold a couple...


..for woodchopping.

That's what I do for a pastime.

When I'm not doing that,
I'm a farmer.

I'm Daini. I don't know. I'm good at
lifting stuff, moving stuff. Yeah.

Yeah, I'm here to move shit.

Hi. I'm Gavin. I'm from Adelaide.

Back in the day, I used to kick the
footy around. Many years ago now.

Did you used to kick the footy
for Port Adelaide?


And another team - Essendon. I'm
really pumped to be here, guys.


Well, hey, guys, I'm Flick. I used
to work on the big wave world tour.

I knew you were a surfer!

Hi. I'm Chelsea. I'm actually
a professional MMA fighter.


On the Brawn tribe, I'm surrounded
by some really buff men and women.

Um, I'm Shannon. I model.
I'm from Sydney.

I might not seem to be the biggest
muscly person on my team,

but I absolutely deserve
to be on the Brawn tribe.

I've been modelling
for over a decade.

And just... Yeah, love that.

Gorgeous. Yes. Perfect.

I've done TV commercials,
I've done print,

I've done swim campaigns.

The modelling world
is super competitive.

My body is my brand. I work my arse
off to have an excellent brand.

I am a beast.

I am a hustler,
and I love what I do

and I know how to get work.

Let's go have a look around,
see what we have.

OK. And we can do a game plan.

I feel like I need to start
getting going on the fire,

since I was, like,
one of the big advocators

for taking the shelter stuff.

(LAUGHS) So I feel like...
Good luck! (LAUGHS)

There's some really good
long logs over there for a shelter.

Because we won the survival pack,
we've been straight into camp admin.

Shelter there?

We need to get that fire going.
We need to build a shelter.

Yeah, so, I reckon we'll pin back
just like a tent peg.

Dig some holes.

I personally wanted to go
for the fire.


It's how we're going to cook
and nourish our bodies.

It is our warmth, it aids us from
all the insects and bugs around us.

Yeah, let's do it. Let's do it.



Yeah, there, boys!

But the boys, they're dominating
the fire section of our camp.

Yes, boys.

But I'm not convinced we'll get
that fire going any time soon.

The Australian outback is desolate.

There's rocks, there's lots of dirt,

and there's not much grass.

Yeah, get shade.

We arrive at camp
and there is nothing.

There is a machete,
a hatchet and a pot.

Home sweet home.
Yeah, here we are.
Pot and everything.

All is running through my head is,
"Oh, my God. Where are we?

"How am I going to live here?"

It's going to be really hard.

Alright, guys. Who ARE we?

I'll put my hand up.
So, I'm Joey, everyone.

I work in financial services.

My first impressions of the Brain
tribe is they seem really smart.

Hi, everyone. I'm Mitch.

I'm a GP, so I'm here to mainly
offer free medical advice.

How far into the game
that gets me...

I'm Laura.
My background is in marine biology.

Awesome. I'm Wai, and I'm an author.

So, I write books for kids
and young adults.

Well, I'm Phil. I'm actually
a full-time artist.

I'm really proud to be a Brain, yeah.

We have the more diverse team
in terms of skills.

I'm Hayley. I'm a pain researcher.

That'll come in handy!


My job is to study
the neuroscience of pain

so that we can help
people who have pain.

So, like, run experiments on people.

We use placebos sometimes,

so we trick them, we manipulate them

into thinking they're getting
treatment when they're not.

Push, push, push, push,
push, push, push.

It's an important part of science,

and I think that will help
translate across to the game.

I've been preparing
by studying the game.

Yeah, I've gone back
over the previous seasons

and made spreadsheets
to analyse that data

to try to figure out
how to best play the game.

It's all about social strategy.

So my strategy going into the game

is to be playing
a really strong social game.

And I really want to get people
on my side

and believing they can trust me.

And then cutting them when I need to,
before they cut me.

OK, so we're just going to use this
as like a main truss kind of thing,

and then what we'll do is
we'll probably build going that way

so we've got cover on this side.

The Brains tribe
has some smarts about them.

And we know
it is HOT hot in the day,

but by night-time,
it's freezing cold.

Are we gonna try the fire?
Gonna try to make it?

Try a hand drill first, and if we
don't, we can tear up a shoelace

and bow drill it.

If we don't get fire today...
We need to stay warm at night.

Right now, the priority
is to make a shelter.

Like that?

Shelter IS looking good.

It is a team effort.

People are making the shelter
or getting water

or trying to make fire.

Yes, it does.
It does?
Yeah, it does.

We're trying to get camp in order
so we can survive the first night.

Fire-making is, uh, a work
in progress at the moment.

Mate, this is a lot of pressure.

I know.

DANI: Simon put his hand up
to make fire...

..and he's failing.

What do we reckon he's got?
Maybe an hour?

Hour till the sun goes down.
Maybe 40 minutes.

In an environment like this,
you need five to survive

in the Australian outback.

Not only are we hungry, tired, you
know, you're out in the elements.

You don't have a lot with you.

It's going to be
cold bodies shivering

and grabbing the closest person

to steal any sort of warmth
they've got left.

Just start chanting.

(PEOPLE CHANT) Fire. Fire. Fire.

Keep going.
Come on, boys.

Downward pressure.
Put downward pressure.

OK, this is...I think that's
as much we can do tonight.

(GROANS) The fire situation
is not good.

My hands hurt. They're, like,
starting to blister.

Like, it's time to call it a day
on the fire...

..and try to get some sleep.

The fact that I'm not
wearing a shirt is worrying me.

Look, it's good
to have the tarp up,'s so cold.

How are you feeling?

I'm cold.
Freezing out here.


Everyone just sleep
on top of each other.

Yeah, OK.

I do believe that the survival kit
was the right choice

for our tribe today.

It's only gonna get colder.

I just hope this decision hasn't put
a big target on my back.


I was freezing last night.
I was... Yeah.

I mean, I know it's gonna be better
with a fire.


Waking up, freezing cold.

And just thinking,

"Kez, why didn't you pack a jacket?"

You're in the outback,
in the freezing cold,

with a singlet and short shorts on.

Good idea, Kez.

We need to somehow put a wall there.

Like, basically,
we need to put in another wall here

and we need another one at the back.


Damn. We should've took that fire.

So how's this fire coming along?
What's the sitch there?

Is it happening or not really?

Oh, it's a different
kind of energy at the moment.

Yep, OK.

It's a little bit faded. Little bit
faded from not a lot of sleep.

No sleep.

You know.
And just having a slow start.

There's no nutritional value
in leaves, my dear.

In Survivor it's inevitable that
you're gonna get tired

and you're gonna get hungry.

But as a body builder,

I feel like in the extreme
conditions, I thrive.

That's when my true focus comes out.

Might need your strength today.

And that's what the Brains tribe
should be scared of.

I think if we can get past this
challenge today,

I reckon we'll ace this.

Running off yesterday's, like,
steam, just keep it moving forward.

We're gonna be just fine.

I don't think the Brains really
understand what's coming for them.

To be quite frank. (LAUGHS)

I can still for now read close,
but that's gonna change very soon.

I'm hitting that age.

PHIL: Yeah, my eyesight's shit.

I don't think they'd be
as bad as mine.

Let's see. Let's see.

Oh, yeah.
See! See!

I told you.

Sleeping in the outback for me
was actually pretty comfy.

I'll use these.

Our home is really looking like
a home, hey?

That looks amazing.

We laid all that paperbark
on top of it,

we laid all those leaves and I had
something resembling a sleep.

Yeah, yeah.

When I was younger
I was always a part of those

special gifted programs at school.

And so I think being chosen
for the Brains tribe feels right.

I would say I'm a pretty proud nerd.

Oh, lovely.

I hoped coming into this game
that being a doctor

that would give me
a little bit of credit.

Just having the comfort of someone
clearly very knowledgeable.

I don't want to break it -
that's my biggest fear.

People are looking to me
for a bit of direction.


Is this big one
what we're looking for?

That thick one?


In Survivor, you're either deemed a
threat or you're deemed a weakness.

Being a doctor, I'm a brain.

Which means that I'm smart.

I consider myself a well-rounded,
intelligent person.

Social skills,
problem solving skills.

From a testing point of view,

I would have scored in the top 1%
for various cognitive faculties

that I have honed through
a diversified life.

So, I'm hoping that the Brains tribe

are both gonna be surprised
by me physically,

but also that I'm gonna be able
to blend in when necessary,

so they don't deem me a threat.

In this game you need to
socially manipulate.

You also need to be good at
helping out around camp

and I think you need to be
half decent in challenges.

And, unfortunately, Wai's just not
one of the strongest members.

WAI: At the moment, I'm feeling
a little bit overwhelmed.

I am not comfortable
in the outdoors.

I definitely feel a bit like
a fish out of water.

I'm a bit worried
because I am not someone

who's typically comfortable
with the outdoors,

that that could be seen as
a weakness.

So I'm hoping to kind of hide that

and just suppress some of that
a little bit

and just kind of put on a brave face
and soldier on.

As an author,
I'm originally from New York.

I love cities and creature comforts.

Chilli powder. Ooh.

I'm familiar with skyrises
and urban jungles,

not creepy-crawlies and creatures,

It's going to be absolutely

I'm gonna use my brain
to win the game

because I'm going to play
to my strengths

and know those are my strengths.

I love puzzles and solving problems.

Trying to unpick
and reverse engineer things.

And that's something that really
tickles my fancy.

So I think that's gonna be
a little bit of a secret weapon

in the game of Survivor.

The dynamic's been a bit
interesting in this tribe so far.

Oh. How so?

What are your thoughts?

It looks like the doctor
is giving instructions.

Yeah, we'll head back,
put these down,

and we'll go get the rest
of the stuff we need.

I'm very appreciative
for his advice.

You have watched a lot of this show.

So you're sceptical, it sounds like.

No, I'm not sceptical.

I just judge people on what they do
and not what they say.

I should be more observant
in that area.

But, we'll get there.

Survivor history tells me that

the leader of this tribe,
if it is Mitch,

will be chopped down.

I don't think we'll have fire
for days, to be honest.

I'm hoping I'm wrong,
but, I'd also like to eat.

We've had the doctor come out
and bark out instructions

with the reward challenge,

and look how good
that turned out for us.

Now he's giving directions
at the tribe.

I mean, what's the outcome?

We don't have a fire
and we're not gonna eat

and we have to get to
immunity challenge.

So, thanks, doctor.
Great start by you.

If anyone needs a government
bureaucrat, I'm right here.

MITCH: We always need order.

Have you done this before, Mitch?


That was a good idea.

Like, it'll be within the flood zone
of the river.

Alright, give us five
or ten minutes.

I need me to be running the show
on this tribe,

not go out and pick up sticks.

I need to be the person
that's pulling the strings.

I need to be the person
that's setting the agenda.

It's very clear that dictator Mitch
is giving instructions

and people are listening.

People are listening because
he's a tall, educated doctor,

that's handsome, that's muscular,
that's physical.

And they seem to trust him.


I get told to do menial tasks
like pick up wood.

Well, I don't follow instructions
for no reason.

That's not how George operates.

The doctor's in a very nice

If we lose that first
immunity challenge,

that doctor's safe.

And I don't like that.

"Congratulations, you have found
an advantage in the game.

"This advantage allows you
to save yourself

"and five other tribemates
at the first tribal council.

"All six of you will be safe.

"Once you play the advantage,

"you will leave tribal council

"None of you will cast a vote
and none of you can be voted for.

"Choose wisely."


This is such a powerful advantage.

Saving half the tribe -
that's never been done on Survivor.

This can change the game.

This can give me the opportunity
to change the direction of the tribe

in my vision.

Not that dictator doctor's vision.

We're going to an immunity challenge

it doesn't matter to me whether
we win immunity or not.

This guarantees that I'm safe.

Last year I volunteered for the
Macedonian church at Cabramatta

as a grants officer

and I helped them get
a successful grant application.

So, thank you, Macedonian Jesus.

Thank you for helping me
here on Survivor.

Come on in, guys!

George, how was
your 24 hours at camp?

I think we had
a great 24 hours at camp.

There's a great bunch of people
here in the Brains tribe.

We had great conversations.

And we're a unified team,

and we mean business today.

What about you guys over at Brawn?

Simon, you had an opportunity
yesterday to take fire back to camp,

but you thought you could
get one going yourself.

How'd you guys make out?

Look, we, uh...we gave it
a red-hot crack, that's for sure.

So you didn't get fire?

We didn't get fire.

So, no advantage.


So, Gavin, how important is it
to win that first immunity challenge?

It's very important -
it'll set the tone going forward

and we get to stay away
from tribal council.

Well, Joey, on that note,

if you end up at tribal council
tonight, you lose someone.

What impact is that gonna have
on the tribe moving forward?

JOEY: Oh, look, you never wanna
lose someone early, right?

And you never want to be
the first team to lose a member.

But I think, for us, it's just
about playing hard today.

And I think, I'm calling it now,

but it's going to be
revenge of the nerds today, Jono.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
your first immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah!

For today's challenge...'re gonna race up a ramp,

over a net,

and down a ladder.

You'll then untie the ladder...

..and use it to climb up to a deck...

..where you'll get into a cart
and race down to the bottom.

You'll then climb a rope
to retrieve four balls

that two of you will attempt
to land in a goal at the end

using a giant slingshot.

First tribe to land all their balls

wins immunity.

And this...

(CHEERING) the immunity idol.

This is what you want in this game.

With this bad boy back at camp,
you are safe.

Without it, you're vulnerable,

because it's a date with me at
tribal council, where one of you...

..will become
the first person voted out

of Australian Survivor:
Brains V Brawn.

And trust me,
no-one wants that title.

Alright, I'm gonna give you guys
a minute to strategise.

Let's get this thing rolling! Yeah!

Alright, so, what's the idea?

GEORGE: The strongest people
have to go on the rope.

Alright, we've got a thrower.

SIMON: I reckon go slingshot.

Two of us?
Yeah, I reckon we can do that.


Here we go!

For immunity!

Come on, Brains!
Let's do this, guys. We got it.

Survivors ready?

Alright. Go, go, go!

Yeah. Everyone's
scrambling to the top.


You can feel the adrenaline.

Come on! Come on, run!
Go, go, go, go!

Come on! Get up! Get up!

Oh, Wai is struggling
for the Brain tribe.

Rachel goes up.
Both tribes are up. You're good!


You need to get across that net!

OK, roll it!

Rachel, rolling across the net!

Let's go, let's go!

Ooh! Ow!

Wai, hurting yourself on the net.

Come on!
Go, Wai!

Ugh! Ugh!

Come on! You can do it, Wai!


Everyone needs to be across
before you can move on.

Brawn, you're good!

Go, go, go, go!

Start working on your ladder!

Let's go!
Go, go, go, go!

Come on! We're in the lead!

Come on, Shannon!

You need to untie that ladder now.

Yeah! You got this, guys!

Eight ropes to undo. Lots of knots.

Keep going. You're going well.
Going well.

Shannon just whipping through
over there for Brawn.

You got it, you got it,
you got it! Keep going!

Gerald methodically working his way
through the knots.

Come on, Wai!

..struggling a bit with those knots.

Come on!

Help her! Help her! Help her!

It's alright. I got it.
You got it. Go.

Who's gonna get it undone first?

Go! Go!
OK, you're good, Brawn!

Everyone needs to come down.

Go, go, go.

Keep rolling! Keep rolling!

Brains, you're good!

Come on, pick it up! Pick it up!

Two at a time.
Two at a time. Go, go, go.

Let's go! Let's go!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Now you're gonna need to carry
that ladder over to the deck

and lock it in!

Go, go, go. Straight back up
the other side.

Brawn tribe working together
very well at this stage.

Sweet. Go!
Good job!

Up! Up! Up!

Brains have their ladder now.

Right on Brawn's tail.

Watch your hands! Watch your hands!

Is it in the bottom?

Brawn, going up to the deck.

Go! Go, go, go, go!

Everyone needs to get to the top
before you can move on.

We all have to be up there, yeah?
Go, go.

Yeah, we've all gotta be up there.

Brains are closing the gap.

Brawn starting to slow down.

It is hot out here.

Come on, team!
Tell me when we're up.

Brains are there first!

Overtaken Brawn.

Six in the cart at a time!

Go, girls! We're in the lead!
All in?


There goes Brains first!

Everyone, out of the way!

Brains were behind
in this challenge, but now...

Six in.
..they've caught up
and they're in front.

You need me as well.
Jump in, jump in, jump in!

Pull the thread! Pull the thread!
Pull the thread!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Finally, Brawn
gets their cart released.

Alright, now you need to pull
that cart all the way back up!

Go, Brains! You're in the lead!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Get on the rope! Get on the rope!
Let's go! Let's go!

You need to pick it up, Brawn!

Oh, get the wheels on!

ALL: Get the wheels on!

Brawn's cart is off the track!

Lift it on the track!

A huge setback for Brawn.


Come on!


Come on!

Opening up the door for Brains.

Pull! Pull!

ALL: Pull! Pull!

We are killing it!

Go, Brains!

Everyone's down!

Alright, the need to climb the rope
and retrieve your balls.

Let's go, Brawn!

Finally, Brawn is down in their cart.

Everyone on the mat, Brawn!

Out of the way. Out of the way.
Hop off.

Andrew, trying to get to a ball.
He knocks one off.

Oh, good, good!
That's good.

Go, Mitch!
Go, Mitch.

Mitch makes quick work of the rope
for Brawn. He gets a ball.


Gavin! Yes!

Next one on! Next one on!

Baden has the last ball for Brains!

Joey and Andrew
on the slingshot for Brains.

We've got a lead!

Brawn still trying
to get their balls.

Benny finally gets one.

Back on the mat! Back on the mat!
Daini going up now.

He has it. Alright.
Brawn, get on the slingshot!

Go, Joey!

Joey's gonna take
the first shot for Brains.

In the kisser!
Oh, it's a bit long.

There's definitely
a learning curve here.

Keep going, boys!
Joey goes again.

He's wide.

They haven't got one.
That's it.

Keep going! Keep going!
Keep shooting!

Keep shooting, Simon! Keep shooting!

Don't worry - I'm watching it.


Oh, and that's it!

Joey gets the first one for Brains!

Brains lead, one-zip!

Simon takes a shot.


Oh! Just wide.


Oh! An in-and-out for Joey!


I think, have a little break!

No, I think he's got it.
I reckon you should have a go, mate!

He's got it.

Just... We'll lose it!
He's got it!

He has got it!

He's gonna tire, though.

That is not without exertion.
Then he can say he's tired.

You go, bro. You go.

Andrew swapping out with Joey
for Brains.

Come on, Andrew!

Come on, Andrew! You got this!

Come on, Andrew.

Now Andrew's gonna have to go
through the learning curve.

Line it up!

Come on, baby! Get in there!


Simon lands one for Brawn!

We're tied, one-one.

Come on, Andrew. You got it.

Andrew struggling with the slingshot.

You got this! You got this!

And Simon gets another one for Brawn!

Brawn is leading, two-one!

Brains had a nice lead
at this stage of the challenge.

Now Brawn is leading.

Take your time to align it.

Lands another one!

Brawn leads, three-one!

You can feel Brains
starting to panic.

No-one wants to go to tribal council
on the first night.

You got this.
Come on, Simon!

Simon could win it for Brawn
right here.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

And he does!

Brawn wins immunity!

And they all bow down to Simon.



Sorry, guys. I'm sorry.

No, don't be sorry. Jeez!
None of that.

Don't be sorry.

'Brawns' on three.
ALL: One, two, three - Brawns!



congratulations - immunity is yours.


You guys are safe tonight -
nobody going home.



Alright, Brawn, grab your gear,
head on out. Enjoy your night off.


Feels good to be a winner.

Brains, different story for you guys.

Tribal council tonight,
where one of you

will become the first person
voted out of the game.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Well done, though.

GEORGE: We didn't lose -
we were annihilated.

We were a ramshackle
at that challenge,

and I blame that doctor.

He took charge
and he led us to failure.

I know what's gonna happen tonight,
because I'm deciding the outcome.

I'm deciding who stays and who goes.

Who do I save?


Well, the challenge today
was a bit disappointing.

We lost, ultimately, which means
now someone has to go home.

Definitely I think
the big learning experience

is that we just need to have one,
maximum two people,

who are designated leaders in charge

and then
we can escalate if we need to,

but we need to respect
those people in charge.
Yep. Yep.

Does anyone want to give me theirs?
I'm happy to go to the well.

I always like to take
a scientific approach.

In science we always learn as much,
if not more, from our failures

than we do from our successes.

There was only one thing
that slowed us down

and that was our strength,
our physical prowess.

We're gonna come to some challenges
and we need the strongest 11 left.

Um, let me pose an argument
rather than saying names.


But I think, moving forward,
it's terrible to say,

but we've got to think about, like,
who are our weaker challenge men.

As much as, you know,
challenges don't win games,

they certainly get you to merge.


I think George is, um... He's very
confident about his physicality.

I'm not sure.

Are you coming in to the deep end?

What are you thinking?

They're lovely people,
but, um, Phil.

You know, we've all got the capacity
to step up.

I think that's a little bit
debatable with Wai, that's all.

Wai seems like
a really lovely person.

I have no interest
in hurting her feelings,

but I also want to win challenges.

And she's not going to be
a part of that plan.

Get rid of Wai.

..immunity every chance we get.

Let's just keep it simple tonight.

Like, that's down.

Better to, um...

Better to kill humanely.
Gently. Yeah.

How's the water, mate?

We all know that, um, the tribe
is strongest with Wai gone.


So that's where we're...
So, we were talking...

Well, someone has to go.

I feel quite comfortable

that tonight's
going to be straightforward.

We're all on the same page.

We all know that the tribe
is strongest with Wai gone.

Coming into our first
tribal council tonight,

the focus of the tribe will be
the weakest person in the challenge.

In physical challenges
I'm probably...I'm not outstanding,

so if I join in this unanimous vote
for Wai tonight,

I think it's definitely
the safest bet for me.

WAI: I'm feeling a bit down.

I know that I didn't perform well
in the challenge.

I gave it a red-hot go.

I don't think that my enthusiasm
is on trial.

But I definitely know I'm in trouble
for tonight's tribal council.

So I might have to rethink
what I'm gonna do.

As an author,
the way I think about storytelling

will help me to convince
the other tribe mates

to take that target off of me.

This is... Oh, yeah.

I mean, look, I'm not... I obviously
know that I'm in danger.

Well, I mean,
who's the biggest threat? Right?

There are some big personalities.

And there are some that are, like,
being very obvious about it.

It could have been useful.

Straight off the bat in the rewards
challenge, Mitch was very strong.

It's something to think about,
I think, you know?

Because if we don't do it now, we
might not ever get another chance.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I hear you.

I can understand where Wai's coming
from with her assessment of Mitch.

I would almost be willing
to blister my hands up further

to suss that bad boy out.

He seems like someone who wants to
take charge and tell you what to do.

So, Mitch is going to be
a big threat in this game.

And that's a big problem.

GEORGE: The tribe
is heading down a direction

where only the brute strength

We're not the Brawn tribe,
we're the Brains tribe.

The dictator doctor
is sending off the weak.

And I don't agree with that.

I'm voting for Mitch tonight.
OK. I'm with you.

I'll vote for Mitch.
I'll vote for Mitch.

It will just give us all
a chance to be heard.

OK? Rather than to be spoken to.

Can we get the numbers?

I don't know.

You know, with our dusty thing.

Let's walk back with at least
two pieces of paperbark each.

The good thing is I have this great
advantage that no-one knows about.

I can pick five people of my choice
to save from elimination

and change the direction
of the tribe and the game.

So, it'll save Wai,

but those left at tribal council
might not guarantee Mitch going home.

Do I play my advantage?

Tonight's vote, for me,
is about unity.

Just as a bit of a block, yeah?

I think there's a little question
about the numbers tonight.

I'll be shocked if there's anything
more than a single vote

for anyone other than Wai.

You know, sad as it is,
Wai's going home.

You worked that tree.

That's how confident I am.
I'm just over here pulling bark.

WAI: I tried to form a strategy
to pitch Mitch as a good option.

But going into tribal council
I'm not feeling safe at all.

I'm definitely up for elimination.

GEORGE: I have to tell myself,
what's in my best interests?

Do I vote with a majority vote

and just let Wai go
and I lose a potential ally?

Or do I play my advantage tonight?

But if Mitch doesn't go home,

I'm worried about
a giant target on my back.

Behind each of you is a torch.
Go ahead, grab one.

Come forward,
dip it in the flame, get fire.

This is part of the ritual
of tribal council.

Because in this game
fire represents your life.

Once it's gone, so are you.

Alright, Brains, welcome to
your first tribal in the outback.

So, Joey,
you've just arrived at camp.

You look around and you realise

this is gonna be home
for the next 48 days.

What's the feeling?

Well, look, I guess yesterday
we all came together as strangers.

We got thrown
straight into a challenge

and, you know, it did go
a little bit pear-shaped.

We didn't come away with the win,
but, look, the mood at camp is good.

I have to admit, I've said it
50 billion times to everybody,

but I froth this tribe.

It's great.

When I first saw them, I knew that,
like, we would do great.

So, Wai, how important do you think
first impressions are in this game?

I think first impressions matter.
I mean, this is a tribe situation.

This is Survivor, so first
impressions have to carry something.

But I definitely think, you know,

it's not the be all
and end all at all.

We're playing with really smart
people here. And it is early days.

And I think as a team
we're really strong

and we have the best intentions at
heart to come together as a tribe.

And I think, as long
as we keep to those intentions,

everyone will get to shine
at some point.

Mitch, you raised an eyebrow
on that.

We're currently in a game
that's two teams

and we just need to be as
strong as we can be as a team.

I have to pick someone
with a weakness

that means we can move forward
as a tribe without that person

and ideally not find ourself back
with your lovely company again.

But is that the way
that we judge our society?

That you are stronger, bigger and
more muscular so you're better?

I just don't agree with that.

And that doesn't sit well
with me at all.

You don't think
it should be the criteria.

That shouldn't be the criteria
on Survivor.

What about life experience?
What about book smarts?

What about street smarts?

We're only on day two

and it's Brains against Brawn
with two tribes.

But we also have that dynamic
within the tribe.

At the end of the day,
we all have talent

and we all need an opportunity
to shine

and not everyone's
had that opportunity by day two,

and that's a shame.

But we're here to win, though. We're
not here to give everyone a fair go.

We're here to win, aren't we?

If you think
you're bigger and stronger

or suited to a better spot
somewhere else, George,

then just say so.

I have said so.
And I've been declined.

Generally speaking,
you spin around and you go,

"Right, who are the four biggest
blokes? They can do that.

"Who looks like they can do this?"
Who decides that?

We've had, like, 10 seconds in total
and two days to strategise.

And who made the call?

Who's giving the instructions?

Why are you laughing, Mitch?

This was a big surprise. I thought
this was gonna go a bit smoother.

You know, say yesterday, we didn't
gel that well in the challenge.

But today, I thought
we were all working really well.

And it's like you've come to tribal
to blindside one person.

Wai, Survivor
is really a social game

and you can win it
without ever winning a challenge.

Maybe you don't need
to be great at challenges.

Look, I mean, I agree
that it is about the cohesion

and about know,
building the strongest tribe,

so it makes sense
that those are the types of choices

that people
are definitely considering.

But we're all thinking about

becoming that Sole Survivor
at the end.

People might be thinking about
strategising early

and seeing what they can possibly do
now to kind of secure that spot.

Mitch, you look like
you're deep in thought.

You really...
You're reconsidering, right?

I think I'm just very surprised,

I really didn't know

you were sort of harbouring
these sort of feelings.

George, when you hear that,
does that make you nervous?

I'm always nervous.

I've spent 10 years
in Bankstown Labor politics.

I know to stay on my toes.

And I've known those vultures

and snakes in the grass
for a very long time.

And call me a snake handler,
but I know how to handle snakes.

Do you think you could
get bitten tonight?

I hope I don't get bitten.
But we shall wait and see.

Alright. Well, I'm fascinated
to find out where this is gonna go.

I think we should vote.

Wait a minute.

I've got something for you.

There you go.

Thank you.


Well, this is an advantage...

..that allows George
to save himself...

..and five others.

That means that he will leave
immediately with his five friends

from tribal council.

He will not vote,
the other five will not vote

and you can not vote for them.

So, who do you want to take?



Got to think about this.

JONATHAN: Keep up to date with
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Alright, well, this is an advantage

that allows George to save himself
and five others.

That means that he will leave
immediately with his five friends

from tribal council.

He will not vote,
the other five will not vote,

and you cannot vote for them.

So who do you want to take?



I think I'm going to want
to be there tomorrow

with people
with good life experience.

Rachel and Baden.


Queen Georgia

and the other one, I think
we can learn a lot more from,

it's my neighbour, Wai.

Alright, guys,
you heard who you are.

You can stand up, grab your torches,

head on out

and enjoy
your rest of your night off.

You guys are all safe.

You should leave, George.

I'm not going to lie,
I am a bit upset.

You're a bit upset?

I came tonight with plan A
and plan B, to be perfectly frank.

Plan A was Wai
and plan B was George.

And unfortunately, both of those
plans have walked out the door

and I'm left
with absolutely nothing.

You could be plan C.

I could be plan C.

Why do you think he left you behind?

Um, because he's trying
to build loyalty,

he's trying to build a loyal tribe.

That's why he...not only
did he give out names,

but he gave out compliments.

He's trying to build relationships,

which is going to be
bittersweet for him

because I suspect
most of those people

are going to be very angry with him.

He's just shot his own game.

He's just...he's just put
his own game up in flames.


Hayley, this really changes things.

Yeah, this completely
changes things.

Look, 11 people,
we've all been blindsided.

There's six of us that just, yeah...

You can't ever be complacent
in this game.

And well played, Georgie,
to be honest. So...

So, Phil, is there
a chance that one of you

are going to be collateral damage
from George's move?

Yeah. Basically.

I wouldn't have picked to vote
any of these guys off any time soon.

So, you know, to have to make
that choice right now

is just, like... head's going to fall off.

So, Hayley,
is there an obvious choice now?

Mmm... (LAUGHS)


It could be me tonight,

and I would hope
that the people here know

that I bring some strength
to the challenges

and, yeah,

and I look forward
to working with them in the future.

So, Joey, you guys came in here

locked in with a very,
very specific plan,

and George...

..your friend George
threw a spanner in the works

and you haven't had a chance
to strategise.

What are you going to do?

Are we going to have
six random votes?

Well, look, I think we've spent
enough time together, this group,

and, again,

I reckon everyone here
is an absolute legend

that I'm sitting next to, right?

Um... Yeah.

I think, from my perspective,
it's, you know, obviously

self-preservation kicks in
in a moment like this.

And you've got to think,
well, you know,

who's going to be the most
voted out of this group?

I think it's a fair comment,
like self-preservation,

like, the aim
is to not get voted out,

so you try to stick your vote
on someone

you think other people
will stick their vote on.

Alright, then it is time to vote.

MAN: You're not crazy.
You never have been.

Alright, it is time to vote.
Joey, you're up.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I'll read the votes.

First vote -



That's one vote Phil,
one vote Hayley.


Two votes Phil, one vote Hayley.


First person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn -


That's four votes. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Give me a hug, guys, please.


Can you please
hang this in the camp...

(LAUGHS) Amazing. it can stare at him?

And please avenge me.

Those two things will be done.


Phil, the tribe has spoken.

Oh, it hasn't. (LAUGHS)

Good to go.
Thank you.

Thank you, guys.

I hope one of you gets power.
See you, mate.


Well, I hope tonight
the lesson is clear.

This is Survivor.

If you're not looking out
for snakes in the grass,

you're going to get bit.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...

MAN: Bring the heat, bring the fire.
I'm ready for battle.

Survivors ready?

Go, go.

The toughest challenges...

MMA champ versus a scientist!

..under the most
punishing conditions.

Tradie versus doctor.

Can underdogs Brains...

MAN: Oh, no!

..bring down Brawn?

You don't need big muscles to fight.
The strongest muscle is the brain.

I would have to say
I'm in a state of shock.

I seriously would never have thought

that I would have gotten voted out
the way I did.

Unfortunately, I just didn't
have enough time to show my tribe

that I am an asset to them.

But...if I was to say anything
to George,

I would probably say good on him.

You did it.

But you better keep it up

because I know
the people back at camp

are definitely going to try
and take you on.

Captions by Red Bee Media