Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Episode #5.9 - full transcript

Everyone's favourite Survivor reward is up for grabs - it's the Survivor Auction. However, the rules have changed and instead of using individual cash, each tribe has a communal kitty to pool from.

on Australian Survivor...

I'm back, bitches.

..the greatest players ever seen

have taken the game
to a whole new level.

But a cruel tribe swap
left David on the bottom of Mokuta...

Literally the only person
that I'm tight with is Phoebe.

..and Mat on his own at Vakama.

The one saving grace
is I've got an idol.

The last Immunity Challenge
took everyone by surprise.

You are playing
for individual immunity.


Both tribes
are coming to Tribal tonight

and both tribes are voting someone out.

They all fought hard to win...


..but Jacqui took it out on Mokuta...

..while Brooke was
the last one standing on Vakama.

The yellow tribe's majority alliance

continued to support Shonee's mission.

We're gonna send Lydia home.

And Mat...

..was doing whatever he needed
to get Locky on side.

I'm just doing what I need to do to
survive in this game at the moment.

At Mokuta...

..David was sure he had the numbers
for a Nick blindside.

But Phoebe didn't want Nick gone.

Nick has an advantage of having
an extra vote up his sleeve.

I can use that for my game
moving forward.

And Moana was planning
a blindside of her own.

If Dave doesn't have Phoebe,

it's gonna leave him very vulnerable,

which means Dave
will come towards me more.

Puts me in a good position.

At Tribal Council, there was a twist.

Two people voted out
from their tribes will face off

in a fire-making challenge.



Moana's blindside
worked to perfection...

..or so she thought.


..earns her place back in the game!

Lydia becomes
the seventh All Star voted out.

17 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

-== [ ] ==-

Hey, everyone get over here.
Look at my arse.


Oh, my God!

Is that pus?

He squeezed,
it was literally like, "Bluh!"

That was awesome.

Bet there'll be more.
I reckon there's more in there.

I'm not into the whole
Pimple Popper MD shit,

but that was out of control.
That was big.

So, 19 days out here and I'm back
on the rice and bean diet.

I could go a parma, I could go a beer,

I could go a kebab at the moment

and, uh... some allies to work with.

I've lost Abbey. I've lost Lydia.

And now I'm out here at Vakama
on my lonesome.

I'm so far on the bottom

that, like, something needs to change.

Like, it's as simple as that.

I've lost all my friends
and I need to look elsewhere.

Why is it called cottage cheese?

Made in a cottage. I dunno.

You're a funny guy, John.
Oh, I know.

Mat's a pretty knockabout bloke
like meself.

I reckon we had similar upbringings

in different places
but in different eras.

You know what I mean?

It's all a facade, as well.

"I don't want you to get your hopes
up, mate, when you meet this bloke.

"Bit of a let-down."

"The hair is actually a wig."

So, me and Mat, I reckon, uh, you know,

we're like peas and carrots.

You know, like, we're sweet,
we go well together.

He's all good in my book.

I know for a fact that he's in
a pretty fearful position, as well.

So, for us to work together,
well, that'd be sweet.

Bogan strong.

Very interesting Tribal last night.

Mmm. Very interesting.

Tribal Council last night
was an absolute blast.

Two tribes at Tribal,
vote two people out.

We vote out Lydia.

The new Mokuta vote out Phoebe.

And they're going at it
in a fire challenge.

I honestly didn't think
Phoebe was going to win.


Phoebe wins the fire challenge.
I was blown away. She killed it.

Sends Lydia home.

Lydia's last name
start with an L?


Yeah, it's... it was like
a real long one, that...

Yeah, it's L-L.
..I could never pronounce.

As far as affecting my game,

Lydia was gunning for me,
so I'm glad it's not me.

But I'm still in
a pretty precarious position.

Now my position in the tribe
is on the bottom.

There's eight people in our tribe.

The original Vakama members,
Locky, Brooke, Flick, AK.

Shon, what's this get-up?

I'm washing my dress
and I don't have any other outfits.

The old Mokuta members,
Harry and Shonee,

slid nicely into that alliance.

And the likes of myself, Johnny,
you know, sitting on the outside.

Should we do a wood run?

Yeah, Locky's been the big dog in town.

You know, he's been calling the shots.

Oh, there's a bit of wood there.

I just hate the fact that I've been
playing Locky's lapdog, so to speak.

I think we're all sweet, man.

Like, obviously everyone's
still wary of you.

Yes, sir, no, sir, Locky.

Tell me what to do, I'm with you...

But if anything does come up,

like, I'll be sure to stifle it
or let you know. amazing Greek god of a human.

Oh, it sounded heavy, yes.

Now, that's a chunk.

I would love to take down Locky.

Yeah, is it an ego thing?

I don't know.

Mate, I met my hero in real life
when I was about five.

Brett Kenny, his name was.

And he, uh, shook my hand and told me
that I could play for Australia.

Nuh, that is a true story.

I played for Australia in under 19s.

Oh, did you?
Yeah. It was soccer.

Oh, wow.

Nah, centre defender.

Uh, Locky likes to feel
like he's in control.

There's no question about it.

And then I just...
'cause my favourite coach quit,

so I just kind of quit and played AFL.

But, you know, so do I.

The thing I love about soccer

is that it's so easy
that anybody can play it.

And you don't get hurt.


I've been waiting
to vote Locky out for some time,

but I've needed to be patient.

And I think that moment's
just around the corner.

We'll talk quick.

Johnny's been on the bottom
of this tribe,

you know, since he arrived.

He's had to vote out two of his
alliance members in Abbey and Lydia.

I'll be able to use that anger and hurt

over what he was forced to do
for my benefit,

give Johnny some retribution

and, um, you know,
get what I want done, done.


No, God, no. No.

Yes. Yes.

My plan is to work with
the old Mokuta members

and bring my little friend
my idol along

and there is a blindside in the making.

Yeah, Locky and Brooke have become

this sort of power couple in the game.

And, you know, you've just put
a massive target on your back,

and I'm gonna hit it.

But you only get one shot
at a player like Locky.

If you miss,
chances are he'll be able to rally

and take you out next opportunity,

so, pretty important
that I get Locky out first go.

This island, this tribe, this game
isn't big enough for Locky and I.

Hi, welcome to 'Jacqui's Kitchen'.

So, Jacqui, where do you source
all your ingredients from?


And, Jacqui, I'm a busy dad
on the run with several kids.

Are your recipes right for my family?

My recipe's tried and tested.

I feel a little aggrieved.

When you receive the majority
of the votes at Tribal Council,

it's very socially isolating.

I was definitely upset.

You've got to take your hat off
to good game play.

But I'm still here, and that's
a very big problem for them

because I've been on the bottom before,

I know how to play from the bottom,

I think I've done my best work
from the bottom,

so maybe this was meant to be.

I fought for my life

and I earned my spot back in this game.

But I know that
there are things I need to do

to fight to stay here.

Want to come for a walk
to the well with me?

I'm gonna go fill these up.

David is really upset at me
for revealing the plan to Nick

that he was orchestrating
Nick's blindside.

So I really need to
try and get David on side again.

At this point in time, the only
other person I have is Nick,

so I actually really need David.

We're in a really shitty spot.

I messed up.
We didn't communicate properly.

But, look,
it doesn't have to be the end.


So that's, you know, doesn't mean
we can't move forward together.

And there's always room to move.

So, anyway, um...

Yeah, I need Phoebe for my game plan.

But, man, I do not WANT Phoebe
for my game plan.

I know that I let you down yesterday,
but, like, you do have me.

Phoebe was my number one ally.

She's my girl.
She's the one I dragged through.

She's the one I can rely on.

I wanted to target Nick

and she betrayed me.

I was never, like...

I would only ever vote in a way

that I thought
was looking after both of us.

Yeah, I know.

I'm not gonna flip on you, Dave.

You've got me.
Yeah, I know, yeah.

And you can count on me.

I don't know if I believe
anything Phoebe says anymore.

Sorry, I gave you
a bit of a hard time about it, too.

Yeah, but, like, it was...
You can see why...

I was never, like,
it was never about, like,

I never thought I'd be losing you
or anything, you know.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's alright.

..not at all.

Seriously, it's like your girl
cheating on you, and with Nick!

I just feel like I've got no room
to move in this game at all.

There are ways.

Yeah, there's ways.

I have, like, fallen from grace
in a big way.

I feel vulnerable.

Not only Phoebe's ensured
that she's with Nick,

Nick doesn't trust me
as far as he can throw me.

And Moana gave me wrong information
about the vote.

Feeling way on the outer.

I've got basically no-one
that I can turn to.

No-one wants to play with me.

No-one trusts me.

They're probably
engineering my blindside.

I could be in big trouble.

I could be out.

And it sucks. I hate it.

I've never felt like this before.

I actually hate this feeling.

I really feel like I'm gonna go home.

It did.

My blindside on a blindside worked,

but who knew
that Phoebe could light fire?

I couldn't believe it.

Like, I just... I feel like
I got triple screwed.

Now Phoebe's still in the game,
I'm feeling, um...


The only reason
I want to vote Phoebe out

is because she's in
a strong alliance with David.

And David plays the game
almost better than anyone else.

I want to potentially use Dave.

So Dave's like that forbidden fruit,

you don't want to bite it, it's poison,

you want nothing to do with it,

but then again it's kinda there
and I could use it to my advantage.

If I'm gonna work with Dave,
I can't have Phoebe in the picture.

So if I can take away
Dave's right-hand girl,

you know,
that makes Dave very vulnerable.

And if they're vulnerable,
you can use that to your advantage.

Was the Phoebe vote
just to try and split me and Phoebe?

Very well played.

So, after last night's vote,
I knew that he was intrigued at me.

So I knew I just had to play it out,

and just throwing a bone out there
and just reeling it in

as he comes in for it.

I wasn't gonna tell you...

..because I knew you'd think
I just did you wrong,

but you should probably know
the full story.

You know Phoebe's looking
to oust you before merge?

I'm telling you, though,
I want to go to merge with you.

Even though the other night,
you think I *** you over,

in reality, I tried to ***
save ya from her flipping on you.

Well, I get it. But you
could've done it in a different way.

Moana messed up my plan last night.

But I see why Moana did that.

Now, I don't mind being outplayed.
To me, that is good game play.

What I can't have is being betrayed,

and that was the big problem
with Phoebe's move.

I knew who was voting for who.

I made 'em put the numbers on,

to make sure that what
she was trying to do didn't happen,

and change my vote and then
eventually have this conversation

once you calmed down
and would hear me out.

Mo's got to have in her head
that I'm willing to work with her.

She might be playing small
and playing out of the shelter.

She's playing a bit like
the goddaughter, I suppose.

She's learned a lot of tricks from Mat.

But she's here making moves.

And she's putting a stamp on it.

When we get to merge, I'm gonna
be the only person you can trust.

Trust me.

I don't really trust Moana.

But I don't have a leg to stand on.

I'm on the bottom.

Mo could be a path forward for me.

I just don't want to be a number.

Oh, the humanity.

Come on in, guys!

Oh, is it an auction?

This is interesting.

Oh, my God.
What is this?

Wow. Now?

So, Phoebe...
Hey. was it going back to a tribe
that tried to send you home?

Um, yeah, it's kind of uncomfortable.

Obviously it's not nice
to get the majority of the votes.

Yeah, I think it's very uncomfortable

when you're deceived
by people you trust.


So, David,
what's the most interesting thing

you learned about Vakama last night?

There was interesting stuff
coming across from them,

but I think I learnt a whole lot
more on our side of the fence.

Really? So, you were surprised
by last night's vote?

Uh, that might be understatement
of the year, Jonathan.


Yeah, mate.

..what would lift your spirits today?

A few beers and, uh, maybe a parma,

maybe a Mexican parma.

Food, in general.

In case you hadn't already guessed...

..we're doing the Survivor auction.


But there's a twist.

Of course.
There's always a bloody twist.

There's always a twist.
Here's how it's gonna work.

You will bid as individuals,

just like you would
at a normal auction.

But each tribe
will have a kitty of $2,000.

So, anything you win
will be paid for by your tribe.

You can bid against
people in your own tribe.

The maximum bid is $500.

So, how selfish or considerate
you are with your tribe's money

is up to you.

No sharing, unless I say so.

And, as always,
the auction can end at any moment,

so if you see anything you like,
I suggest you bid.

- Shall we get to it?
- Yes.

- Alright.
- Oh, my God.

How do we split it?

We'll just see how we go.
Is it $200 each, is it?


Let's kick off this auction...

Oh, God.

..with a mystery scroll.


$100 to Harry.

$120 to Zach.

$140 to Phoebe.

$200 to Harry.

$220 to Phoebe.

$240 to Harry.

$500 to Phoebe.


Are we just going to observe
this whole day?

Anyone else want to
get in on the action?

Hell nah.


Alright, Phoebe, congratulations.

Well done, Phoebs.

- The scroll is yours.
- Who's got the money, honey?

You got the money.
Three, four, five.

Thank you.

Just let her go.
Is it all there?

Do I need to count it? Trust you?
Yeah, I think so.

Well, no-one trusts anyone
in that tribe.

Yeah, especially me.

Do you want to read it out
for everyone?

"Congratulations, you've
just bought yourself a seat

"at a private dining table
for this auction.

"You will receive every item
that is bid on in this auction."

Yeah, Phoebe!
Yeah, Phoebs!

"But dining alone is never fun."
There you go, mate.

"Choose one person from
the other tribe to join you. Enjoy."

Alright, guys. Congratulations.

Take a seat. Enjoy.

Can I pull the chair out for you?

Or not.

Oh, shit.

$500 of your money gone.


Phoebe's just spent a quarter
of Mokuta's money on the first bid.

At least it's not a clue.
Next item...

..avo toast.

A little taste of Bondi Beach.

$100 to Harry.

$120 to Lee.

$140 to Harry.

'One sitty'.

'One sitty'.

'One sitty' to Lee.

$180 to Harry.

Nup. You can have it.

$180 to Harry going once...

..going twice...


About the same price
as a normal avo toast.

Back at home, yeah.

Thank you.

Want to take a bite of that
while you're here?

Oof. Yes.

Lemon, just to bring out the flavour.

How good is that?

Oh, my God, I love avocado.
Right? Enjoy.

It's money well spent.

Oh, wow.

Oh, look, there's a lemon
and the cracked pepper.

We were talking about that
this morning!

Oh, we don't even need to come to you.

Oh, I'm, like,
I'm here to serve you guys.

Oh, thank you, sir.
Thank you so much.

Please help yourself.

I'll just take this piece.
Yeah, go for it.

Bit of lemon.

Um, yum!


Next item...

..a massive T-bone steak...

..mushroom sauce

and a mound of mashed potato
as big as your head.


$320 to Zach.

I knew he'd be in on it.

$340 to Mat.

$340 to Mat...

..going once...

That's a steal!

..going twice...

- ..sold to Mat.
- Oh, Zachy boy.

Well done, Maty.


Ah! Oh, this looks amazing.

If no-one was gonna take it,
I was gonna take it.

Oh, mate.
Can we just have a look at it?

Can we just have a look? Yeah.


There's so much
mashed potato there.

Oh, wow.
There you go, guys.

You're the most polite waiter.
Shall I take this away for you?

Thank you, Jonathan.
That'd be lovely.


Next item... a video message from home.

Oh, wow.


Give it... give it to Nick.

Please. $100.

Nick in for $100.

Everyone can bid.
You don't have to not bid for me.

Everyone, bid.

$320 to Flick.

Just bet whatever you need to, man.

$340 to Nick.

Anyone else want to get in on this?

Alright, $340 to Nick.

You got this.
Come on up.

I would never have taken it from him.

I just wanted them to spend more money.

Alright, mate.

Who do you hope is on the message?

My baby daughter.

Alright, take a seat.

Let's find out.

Hey, Nick. This is just a message
to tell you how proud we are of you.

Look at her.

We miss you like crazy,

but you're exactly
where you need to be.

We're trying to say 'Daddy' every day.

We can't wait to see you.

I can't wait
to hear about all your adventures.

And we're absolutely obsessed with you.

We talk about you all the time.

But come home when you need to
come home and not a minute sooner.

We love you.

So, Nick, how old's your little one?

She's only eight months old.

My wife, Christine,
is just so supportive, is just...

They'd be so proud of you, Nick.

She just let me, like,
drop everything to come out here.

And it's so different the first time
you play, when you don't have a kid.

I'm just... Yeah, that was exactly
what I wanted and needed,

especially after last night.

- So...
- Well done, mate.

..thank you, everyone.

OK, next item...

..will remain covered.

I want to get it. I want to get it.

$200 to John.

$240 to Brooke.

$260 to Johnny.

$280 to Brooke.

$300 to John.

It's gonna be nothin', I bet ya!

I know, it's gonna be shit.
You can have it.

What do you think's under here, John?
I have no idea,

but I got money to spend.

Yeah, but you're spending
the tribe's money.

It's not really your money.
Bugger 'em, eh.

Alright. Anyone else?

$300 to Johnny, going once,

going twice...


Hope it's a parmy, big fella.

Could be celebratin'
and then commiseratin'

in a matter of seconds.

Better not stitch me up.

Try not to.

Want to see what you bought?

Open it, open it, open it.

Yes! Whoo!

Large margherita pizza.

That's alright. I don't like pizza.

It's all for you.
Thank you.

Love ya.

Show us. What flavour?

- Oh!
- Wow!

Yeah, baby!

There you go.
Do you guys have any room for this?

I got plenty, mate.
Oh, there will be, yes.

It's wafer thin.
We'll make room. We'll make room.

Sorry. But not that sorry.
Not that sorry.

You all voted me out, so I'm gonna
enjoy the shit out of this.

Oh, come on.

Way to rub it in, Phoebs.

She just dug her own grave
with all that food, mate.

Alright, Vakama, you have $1,180 left.

Mokuta, you still have $1,160.

Next item... a Mexican parma.

Oh, mate! This is twice.

Wait, wait... wait a second.
Wait a second.

This is a joke.

Mexican parmy.

You're gonna need a neck oil
with that. Right, Johnny?

$340. $340.


No, no, no. No, no, no!

$360 to John.

What do you mean?

- No, you can't.
- Do it, John.

Yeah, do it.
Get 'em back. Do it, John.

You can do whatever you want.
Do it, Johnny. Yeah, Johnny.

Are you real? Are you serious?

You can do whatever you want, mate.
You can do whatever you want.

John is in at $360.

$400 to Locky.

$420 to Lee.

$440 to Locky.

No, I can't.


Hey, mate, they are good.

$460, please.

$460 to Lee.

Yeah, nuh, I'm done.

$460 to Lee going once, going twice...


- ..come get it.
- Enjoy that.

You have a sip of that beer, Lee.
How good's that?

Oh, by the way, so...

Thanks, man.
You're welcome.


Next item...

..beef burritos...

..with all the fixings.

Sour cream, guacamole, salsa.

Of course, you're gonna need
something to wash it all down.

Oh, no, there's gonna be a margarita.

If he says margarita, I swear to God.

Wouldn't be complete...

There we go. margarita.

Oh, yes!

$200 to Locky.

$220 to Jacqui.

$240 to Locky.

$240 to Locky, going once,

going twice...

Woo-hoo! Nice, Locky.
You got what you wanted.

I got a burrito again.

What kind of burrito is it?

Beef burrito.
So good.

Oh, sneaky, sneaky, Jonathan.

Oh, so good.


Do you remember that time
you were at the auction on All Stars

and you bid $500?

Yeah, I remember.

Alright, guys,
the auction is officially closed.

I hope you got what you wanted
because I got nothing else for ya.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

I'll see you guys soon.

Watching Phoebe eat
was quite literally

like watching her have her last supper.

She's smiling.

I'm smiling on the inside
'cause I'm like,

"Probably the last meal
you're gonna have here."

She's just digging her own hole.

And she's showing people
her true colours.


But I enjoyed it, you know,
'cause she's my next target.

Guys, I hope you don't mind
if I have a big serve of lunch today.

You ain't gettin' nothin'
for the next five days.

The steak was good, eh,
with the mushroom sauce.

The mash was incredible.

Oh, my God, Mexican parma.

Once again, I missed out
on the bloody Mexican parma

by one stupid, bloody...

..just... pull of the trigger
too soon.

But I got a pizza,
so, like, I can't complain too much.

But I nearly had both.

Your face when
I outbidded you on the parma

when I already had a pizza.

"Are you serious?"

Oh, I know!

But then I was like,
I don't like Mexican parma.

I thought it was just a straight parma.

I was about this close to buying
that Mexican parma after the pizza.

But the last thing I wanted to do

was, you know, paint a bigger target
on me back than I've already got.

I want to stay in the game.

Mat's idea to vote out Locky
is a great idea

because my name isn't Locky

and I'll still be here
when Locky gets voted out.

If we can pull this off,

this'll change the course for Vakama,

change the course for everyone in it

and who knows what'll happen
going forward in this game.

I do not waste a single second
out here to play the game.

I go straight to my alliance

and tell them everything
that Phoebe told me at the auction.

- We are sitting pretty good.
- Everything's chilled here...

So chilled.
..for once.

It's nice.

There he is.

How do you feel?
Tell us everything.

Where do I begin?

Mo changed the vote to Phoebe
and didn't tell certain people.

Who was the people
that were in on it? Mo and...

Mo, Sharn...
Mo, Sharn, Lee

and one other.

Is Mo running it?
Mo's runnin' it.

Yeah. So...


But, um...


How badly did that tribe
stuff that whole auction up?

They stuffed it all up.
Oh, mate.

It's no secret that Mat and Moana
were a tight two.

I was so happy with my burrito.

And come merge, I don't need Mat
teaming back up with Mo.

Mat's a huge threat in this game.

He's the only one in the minority
with any social pull.

And the sooner he's out of my game,
the better.

So, how was your feast, Phoebe?

Oh, well, not bad.

Did you enjoy it?
Oh, I loved it.

Yeah, I loved it. Yeah.

Phoebe just spending $500 first up

was just so selfish.

After last night's vote,

I think she's looking for some revenge.

Phoebe, would you like some rice?

I will pass, but thank you.

But when you haven't even
made merge yet

and you've got a whole tribe of people

that can potentially vote you out,

singling yourself out like that
puts a target on your back.

I've never, ever eaten so much
in my entire life.

Phoebe acting like a hooligan
is perfect for me

because just makes people that
she thought she's friends with

see the real side of Phoebe.

Alright, we'll skip that.

So I'm kind of letting her
dig her own hole here.

For me, it's more about taking out
a really good game player

and then also opens up potentially
be able to work with Dave.

We're gonna have a good day.


Up until this point,
Dave thinks Phoebe and him

are, like, two peas in a pod.

But the reality is her and Dave
are havin' a little tiff

because she didn't vote Dave's way.

And now he doesn't trust her.

David's worried and he's scared,

and that's kind of a good thing for me.

It's good for me when people are scared

because it means
that they're vulnerable.

And if they're vulnerable,
you can use that to your advantage.


At the moment, I'm sort of
at a crossroad with Dave.

Dave's coming across
a little bit hesitant with me

because he feels like
if I take Phoebe out,

he's gonna be left alone,

when in reality
it's not gonna happen that way.

I'm gonna take Dave in.

I'd definitely rather have Dave close.

David's status is probably
the biggest player in the game.

And I feel like he's gonna make
most of the moves,

so I want to be on the right end
of those moves.

I'd rather be with him
than against him.

For me, that's my ticket
to get to the end.


David needs me.

I have the numbers.

I need him, so I can play behind him.

I really do want to
make David's game plan weaker,

so he needs me.

That's where I need him to be,

where he no longer holds the power.


Feel like there might be
something around here.




I'm back, baby!

Look what I got here.

The real deal.

A genuine, 100% real

Australian Survivor: All Star idol.

Oh, man, that feels good!

The Golden God has risen again!


Power's already, ah, gettin',

ah, going to my head.

Ah... Oh!

Oh, that's good.

Man, this is gonna turn
my whole game around.

I can start playing big.

I've been stuck
in this stupid swing-vote position

with someone that I don't trust.

I need a new alliance quick smart.

Mo has revealed to me that she
is a player and she's here to play.

And I want the biggest threats
in the game.

And I want to change
the power structure in this game

and I want to sit back at the top.

This is it, man.

I'm gonna start causing havoc
with this thing.

Come on in, guys!

David... left the auction
empty-handed yesterday.

Did that make for a tough afternoon
back at camp?

Yeah, it wasn't the greatest.

Um, it kind of feels like it puts a
bit of a division between the tribe.

And, yeah, not my favourite.

Phoebe, what would you say to that?

You did quite well
at the auction yesterday.

I thought it was just
the greatest reward ever.

Zero complaints from me.

Lee, Mokuta hasn't lost anyone
since the swap.

Are you hoping to keep
that momentum going?

Absolutely. Two from two.

And it was quite dominating,
the first two challenges.

And we're really keen to

put our foot on the throat
for this one, as well.

Locky, is that a concern?

Yeah, it's a bit of a concern,

but we're coming strong with this one.

So you're feeling fired up?


You guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

First things first...

Brooke, thank you.

Jacqui, thank you.

Individual immunity is no more.

Once again, tribal immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

in pairs, using only your feet,

you will attempt to hold up a disc

tethered to a bucket of water
above you.

If the disc
falls below a certain level,

bucket will tip,
you're out of the challenge.

Last pair to stay dry
wins immunity for their tribe.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where someone's gonna become

the eighth All Star
voted out of this game.

Mokuta, you got an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

- Who's it gonna be?
- It's about core strength.

I don't think I'm gonna be great
at this, to be honest.

I've got awkwardly long legs
to pair up with someone.

We'll sit out Nick.
Alright, Nick, you're on the bench.

- Yep. - Everyone else, I'll give you a
minute to strategise. Let's get it on.


Everyone's in position.

For immunity,

this challenge is now on.

Another simple challenge.

All you need to do
is hold that disc up with your feet,

keep the tension off that rope.

Don't take your hands
off the handle.

Keep talking to each other.

Looks simple.

As is often the case in Survivor,

the simple ones
end up being the toughest.

I'm feeling the burn already.

Feeling it already.
Where are you feeling it, Mat?

Lower back.
Lower back.

It's gonna work that core.

You've got sweat
dripping into your eye,

just need to push through
that discomfort...

..keep that disc up.

Lots of uncertainty
swirling around at both tribes.

It's just digging in.

Be nice not to have to go to Tribal
tonight and be exposed to that.

Someone's going home.


Minute you put tension on that rope,

you're gonna trigger the buckets
to tip over,

you're out of the challenge.


Just like that, Mat and Flick drop out.

Doesn't take much
to trip the mechanism,

as Mat and Flick found out.

One lapse in concentration,

you're out of the challenge.

How you doing there, AK?

I just want you to once say,
"AK looks in perfect condition."

"AK hasn't moved all challenge."

"Looking comfortable."

..AK looking like the Adonis
that he is.

There you are.

Oh, my God.

Well, how are you feeling?
Yeah, I don't think we're gonna win.

Alright, you ready?

One, two, three.

Locky and Harry
can't hang in any longer,

try to duck out of the way
from the barrels...

Hang in there, guys.
Hang in there, guys.

- ..still get wet.
- Mokuta, we can win this.

Vakama down to their last two pairs.

Mokuta have all four pairs still in it.

Towards me.

Last pair standing....

Like, push against me.
..wins immunity for their tribe.

You right?

Keep working, mate. Keep working with me.
I am, I am.

Stay with me, brother.

Struggling to find
a comfortable position.

'Cause there isn't one, Jonathan.
There isn't one.

There isn't one.

There is nowhere to hide with this one.

David and Zach
looking very comfortable.

We did a few... we did a few crunches
in the gym in our time, Jon.

Lee not looking so comfortable.

Sharn and Jacqui...
Don't speak to me, Jonathan.

We're trying to get in the zone, Jonathan. a very awkward position.

Little slip.
Jacqui, Jacqui.

What are you doing? Jacqui, Jacqui!

Sharn has a foot off it.

Oh, my...
Gets it back up.

Nice save.
Come on, Jacqui. Come on.

You can do this.

Hold, Jacqui, hold it.
Oh, it slips.

Ahh! Jacqui!
I gotta go, Sharn.

That's it.

Oh, ***, that's heavy.

After a huge effort,
they can't hold it up any longer.

They're out of the challenge.

Don't worry.
Good girls. Good effort, girls.

That water's probably
some kind of relief, right?

Oh, no, it's like
a bloody tonne of bricks.

Shonee and Brooke yet to crack a sweat.

I'm doing plenty of sweatin'
for 'em, I don't know about you.

AK in a very uncomfortable
position now, readjusting.

Risky move.

Too much tension on that rope,

that mechanism has a hair trigger.


Getting tight.

No, not...
Ooh, that's it!

John and AK
can't hold it up any longer.

They're out of the challenge.

One more, guys. One more.

And now Vakama's down to one.

Mokuta still has three pairs
left in it.

Vakama have all their hopes
pinned on Brooke and Shonee.

Only chance
at not going to Tribal tonight

rests on their shoulders.

Great work, girls.

How you feeling, Shonee?

Yeah, really good.

What about you, Brooke?

I'm alright.

Not as good.
Probably not as good, but...

..hanging in there.

Phoebe and Moana looking strong.

For the first time, David and Zach
have an awkward position.

Can I get some, um, my toe...
Yeah, flexion, flexion for me.

They're not looking comfortable now.
How's that?

Oh, we're good.
Oh, we're good.

I got it wrong, sorry.

Lee and Tarzan...
Oh, that's good.

..are trying to get some movement
back in those old joints,

those creaky old joints.

Where's the pain now, Tarzan?

Well, I can't feel anything in my toes

and it kind of stops
about the top of my head.

Everything is hurting.

How you going?
I'm alright, I'm alright.

I'm not.

I can't even lift my arms up. Ah.

Tarzan really struggling now.


Trying to keep that disc up.

Oh, my hips are givin', Lee.

Keep going, mate. Just keep going.

Excruciating pain on his face.

Oh, oh...

You're right, mate.

Lee looking over,
trying to give him encouragement.

I don't want to let you down. Ah.

Push back. Push back.
Is that better?

Tarzan leaving nothing on the table.

Come on, Tarzan. Dig deep, brother.

Push through this pain, Tarzan.



Giving it everything for his tribe.

That's really good.

Whatever happens, mate,
it's bloody good effort.

Tarzan settles down. He seems
to have found a comfortable zone.


You guys have been at this
for 45 minutes.

Well done, guys.

Stay strong.

Brooke and Shonee.

Not much talk from them, all business.

My hips are going.

I know.

Ah, look at that.

Lots of movement from Lee and Tarzan.

David trying to stretch out an ankle.

My calf, brother. I got this
crazy cramp going right now.

You can see it caving my leg in.

It's difficult to take care of it
in that position.


Tarzan really starting to shake now.

Finding it difficult
to control his legs.

That's it.

After a huge effort...
Well done, buddy.

- ..Tarzan and Lee drop out.
- Well done, Tarz.

Well done, Lee.

That's 52 minutes.
Well done, mate.

Now Mokuta is left with David and Zach,

Phoebe and Moana,

taking on Brooke and Shonee for Vakama.

So, slowly but surely, you girls
are picking off one pair at a time.

Does that feel pretty good?

Be nice if another one dropped.

Oh, shit.

And out of nowhere,
Moana and Phoebe drop.

Now we're left with two pairs,
one for each tribe.

David and Zach
taking on Shonee and Brooke.

We have a showdown.

Who's gonna be the last pair standing?

Who's gonna win immunity
for their tribe?

The girls have continued to look
very strong in this challenge.

Boys have looked strong.

But, David...

..showing signs of pain.

That's why I call it
the pain train, baby.

Think you got this?

I think so.
What do you reckon, big dog?

All day.
Seriously, all day, baby.

We are at an hour, 15.

Size clearly not an advantage
in this challenge.

Two small girls taking on two big boys.

The question is, which pair
is gonna have the mental strength

to take out the other pair?

You guys have been at this
for an hour and a half.

- Sweet. Legends.
- Good job, guys.

Brooke starting to feel the pain.

It's a long time
to be stuck in this one position.

Joints start to seize.

Muscles start to cramp.

Feet go numb.

And you can't do anything about it.

You guys have been at this
for two hours.


That is a huge effort.

Brooke shaking her head,

really not sure how much longer
she can keep this up.

Boys are very still, going nowhere.

All day.

***, my knees!


Brooke complaining about
the excruciating pain in her knees.

Girls, just so youse know,

you can see their disc is shaking,
as well, yeah?

Thank you.
They're in just as much pain.

Lovin' your effort.

Right on the edge now.

I need to go up.

OK, ready when you are. Just...

Come towards me.

Are you gonna go? It's almost there.

I'm in so much pain.

Do you want to come towards me?
I feel like I'm giving birth.

And that's it!

They can't hold it up any longer.

And Mokuta win immunity...

..sending Vakama
back to Tribal Council.

Well done. Bloody ledge.

Come here!
Pain train!

Come here, big dog!
Pain train! Yeah!

- Oh, good work, girls.
- At least we tried.

- Oh, hey, you got nothing to be ashamed
of, eh. - You did so good.


- ..congratulations.
- Go, go, Dave, go.

Come on, Dave, you go, too.
Dual effort. Go on.

Immunity is yours.

Cheers, man.


Well done, guys.

You guys are safe, no-one going home.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.
Enjoy your evening off.

Good luck, guys.

Vakama, despite a massive effort,

Tribal Council again,
where one of you will become

the eighth person voted out
of Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Grab your gear, head on out.
See you guys tonight.

Locky, Brooke, Flick, AK,

those four I want to take down.

We've got Shonee, Harry and John
that I can now work with

and bring my little friend
my idol along

and shift the balance of power.

I am extremely happy
we lost the challenge

because now it's the perfect time

to get rid of someone
we want to get rid of.

Amazing effort, guys.

I need to eat something.

At this point, the alliances
are me, AK, Flick, Brooke,

and we're working closely
with Shonee and Harry...

..which leaves John and Mat
on the bottom.

I want to get rid of Mat.

I need to flush that idol.

Mat having an idol,

I mean, he's had it for so long,
we just need to get rid of it.

He's super dangerous with it
and he's super dangerous without it.

You got to take out the big dog
at some point, so, why not try now?

First person
I wanted to speak to was AK.

I mean, he's the brains, I'm the brawn.

So I want to come to him with my plan,

he tells me the numbers
and we go ahead with that.

AK pretty much tells me that
all the girls are gonna vote for John

and all the boys
are gonna vote for Mat.

We need to make Mat
feel pretty paranoid

so he plays his idol.

If Mat plays his idol,
it'll send John home.

And then we can
get rid of Mat next time.

You got to be happy with your numbers,

happy with your alliance
and stay strong.

And if you've got the numbers,
you've got the power.

What are you eating for dinner, Flick?

Rice and beans.
Oh, rice and beans!


Now, right now
Locky holds all the power.

I would like to have that power.

So I need to position myself
with the old Mokuta members

to take down Locky.

Johnny's on board, you
know, easy to convince.

Harry and Shonee,
I've still got some work to do.

I like big moves.

Then it's like
four other people in charge.

I like that.
Sounds naughty.

The Godfather's back in business.

I think Harry's on board.
I think Shonee's on board.

I know Johnny's on board.
And I'm on board.

So it's a four-four split.


Alright, I'll see ya later.

But you know what?

I'd like it just to be a five-three.

We need one more number.

I reckon Flick would vote for us.

At the end of the day,
she's on the bottom of that four.

Time and time again,
when I've spoken to Locky,

when he was gonna
pick someone to vote out,

it was never gonna be AK.

It was never gonna be Brooke,
they're in a power couple.

And I know I can use the fear of that

to bring her across to me.

Vote with me
and let's get you off the bottom.

What sort of player
is best for your game?

Trust is very big for me.

It's huge.

Trust is very, very big for me.

I don't like it when people

start wanting
to make other plans and stuff.


..yeah, 'cause that makes me
double-think everything.


Well, Locky told me
that he and Brooke don't trust you.

He doesn't trust me?

Yeah, and I don't trust either of them.

Taking advantage
of someone's fear and paranoia

is a perfect play in this game.

And I think the paranoia
has got to Flick a little bit.

I still think Flick
might do what suits her.

But right now if I tell her that
the numbers are gonna be this way

and get on the right side of 'em,

otherwise you're gonna end up
on the wrong side,

I think she'll come over
and vote with me.

It's not a good feeling
that I'm hearing my name a lot.

Like, it's actually not a good feeling.

But here's the thing,
I reckon if you voted Locky out,

we can flip the whole balance of power.


You, me, those three.

I feel like we can make something work.


And I feel like we could...
I can see a pathway for us all.

I mean,
I'm open to anything in this game.

I want to work with people
that I can trust, though.

100% I feel like you got my back...
Yeah, definitely.

..and I've definitely got yours.
Yeah, good.

I don't want to be
voted out of this game

sitting on my hands, waiting for
an opportunity to do something...


..when the opportunity could be right now.


I think we all might be.

Big move on three. One, two, three.

Big move.

You know, this is All Stars.
I'm here to make All Star moves.

You know, I came in here
with a reputation

and I came in here as the Godfather.

The Godfather doesn't sit in numbers
and just be a minion

for some person
telling him where to vote.

The Godfather makes moves
and takes people out.

My move is to take out Locky.

So, what do you reckon?

Things are heating up.

But this is a big choice.
I know.

'Cause, like, we can go with
the Godfather, pure evil,

and have a lot of fun
and vote out Locky

and then have Brooke
as, like, the sitting duck.

But if we piss off Mat,

then we've made an enemy of Mat
and he's got all his friends.

He's got, like, cronies and minions.

I'm, like, so satisfied
with the last two votes,

so I'm, like, I feel like...
You're just like, "I'm full now."

I'm satisfied.
"I'm full of moves."

I feel like you can just decide

and I'll just do what you want.
You're happy to...


Removing a huge target like Locky

is a huge temptation right now.

I'm not sure about
being in Locky's army anymore.

Like, I don't want to
just be his soldier.

I want to take control.

Like, that's what All Stars
is all about.

But at the same time...

..the timing might
just be a little bit off.

I could really expose my position

if I choose to make a move this soon.

The last votes
have just gone in succession

and it's been whoever we want.

So, tonight,
I'm still doing the same thing.

It's just another easy vote.

I want to get rid of Mat
or get rid of his idol.

If Mat does play his idol,
John goes home.

The guillotine
might be about to drop on my neck.

The only chance I've got right now
is to walk into Tribal

and sway your vote with my mouth.

Like, that's all I can do.

If you don't make a move now,
you're gonna end up in a minority

that has absolutely no chance
of getting out.

This game's all about timing.

And right now it's a choice between
breaking up the power couple

or going after the Godfather.

I have to make the right choice...

..if I want to survive long-term.

Hello... again.


Well, Shonee,

Brooke, incredible effort
at the challenge today.

Thank you.

But you guys still ended up here.

So, AK,

the last two people voted out of
this tribe were both from old Mokuta.


Abbey and Lydia.

Is there a pattern developing here?

Um, I guess you could say so.

Shonee, last time you were here,

you said you were happy
to be part of the new Vakama.

Does that mean you've been able
to infiltrate this tribe?

I think that we definitely...
our paths align.

You know, I was disowned
by the Mokuta tribe.

I don't see them in my future at all.

So, what other options do I have?

Shonee was voted out of Mokuta,

so she's not really
part of them anymore.

So, she's a solid Vakama now?

I mean, I think we all are.

But there certainly seems
to be some sort of hierarchy.

There's a hierarchy
in the Vakama alliance.

It feels like there is.

I actually disagree.

Every vote that we've done so far,
we've come up with as a group.

And, um, whether we all agree
with it initially,

didn't really work that way,

but we've discussed it, negotiated,

um, and we've all
stuck to our word so far.

John, you're laughing to that.

Oh, I haven't been
in the conversations, mate,

so I can't really talk.

But all I AM thinking is that

the people on the outer sanctum
of that conversation

are not necessarily calling the shots.

I don't even think they have a voice.

What about you, AK?
Do you think it's a democracy?

Or do you think, oh, actually,
someone does have more of a voice?

I think we're a democracy.

I think it's been a democracy
since day one.

We all have aligned agendas,

and that's the best part
about our alliance,

is that no-one's got
their own hidden agenda.


..there's obviously
a status quo within this tribe.

You know, you've got people
who are sort of playing close,

like butter and toast.

For me, like,
you, um, get around saying, like,

"Oh, we're a democracy,
we're a democracy..." wouldn't see bloody, you know,

a husband and wife
at the top of the chain, would ya?

Wait, what?

Before youse even have a discussion
back at the camp site...

..youse two have made the decision.

Finally, is someone telling me

that these guys
are in charge of the alliance?

Yeah, for sure.

I mean, there's one and two.

And then everyone else
is third or fourth fiddle.

That's not to say, like,
if people weren't so cautious here,

you could change that status quo.

Mat, if you find yourself
at the bottom of a tribe,

what can you do to shift the target
off yourself and onto someone else?


I don't know. Just...

The hardest thing in this game
is the only way you can build trust

is through works, through actions.

And when you're on the bottom
and new people come in,

like, you've just got to try and pitch

and just hope that they're willing

to step out in faith
and come along with you.

Harry, do you think the easy vote
is necessarily the right vote?


I think that
it's just all about timing.

I think you hit your timing right,
you win this game.

Because having control
can be dangerous.

People can come after you.

Like, we can point fingers
at each other,

but everyone here is dangerous.

It's All Stars.

It is next level.

So, John, what's it take
to take someone out properly?

Takes numbers, mate,

and it's as simple as that.

And it takes people
to show a bit of gumption.

It's not as though
there's not enough people here

outside of that alliance
to make a stand and make a change.

I mean, you've got
the lovely Flick down here,

who's distanced from that end,

sort of exemplifies maybe just
how far out of that alliance she is.

So, you're saying that Flick

is at the bottom
of the old Vakama alliance.

I'm just questioning
that, uh, hierarchy there.

Flick, what would you say to that?

Well, that's not good to hear at all.

I mean, I have heard
my name thrown around.

I do feel a bit distant.

So, yeah, I don't know
how I'm feeling right now.

I'm not feeling comfortable.

But I've given my word
to the people that I'm working with

and that's what I'm doing,

so I guess
I have to have trust in this game.

I would be worried.

So, Harry,
if you're in the firing line,

how do you make sure
that you're not next?

Uh, shoot first...

..think is the answer to that.

Always shoot first.

But just don't miss.

Locky, what happens if you do miss?

You want to take someone out,
you have to do it properly.

Mat, what should this tribe remember
before we go up to vote?

Just this little thing.

This is the ultimate power
couple, me and my idol.

Even more powerful
than Brooke and Locky.


Well, I think it is time to vote.

Well, I think it is time to vote.

Flick, you're up.

Locky, this vote's for you.

I know you're coming for me.

Just got to try and land
that first punch.

I guess there's just not enough room
for the both of us.

Let's hope your ego gets in the way

and you go home
with an idol in your pocket.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol...

..and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

It's not exactly hidden.

Yeah, I...

To get away with two immunity
Tribal Councils holding it,

I think, uh, is a bit rich.

To get away with three
is not gonna happen.

I'm wondering if I play it
for me or not.

Just don't feel right
playing it for me.

I'm gonna play it...


OK, so this is a hidden immunity idol.

Mat, who do you want to play it for?

I'll play it for me.

Play it for yourself?

OK. Any votes cast for Mat
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Mat.

Does not count.


Does not count.

Mat. Does not count.

***, here we go.


That's one vote John.

John. Two votes John.


Two votes John, one vote Locky.


We're tied.
Two votes John, two votes Locky.

One vote left.

Eighth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...


All good. Mwah.

Nah, don't be silly, mate.

It's all good. Part of the game.

Sorry, John.
I'll catch up with ya.

See ya, brother.

John, the tribe has spoken.
They have.

See ya, ledge.
Hey, have fun, guys. Yeah?

Play hard.

Bye, Johnny.
All the best. Bye.

Well, in Survivor, if you're
not the one driving the car,

it's only a matter of time
before it runs you down.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Monday night on Australian Survivor...

Oh, my God, this is amazing.
It's so good, hey?

..they didn't flip on Locky.
Get in there.


I'm not gonna sit
at the bottom of an alliance

and just wait to be picked off.

..will Lock flip on them?

I would be worried if I was you.



Ooh, what am I gonna do with that idol?

..will David's rise...

Priority number one for me right now
is to burn Phoebe. Phoebe's downfall?

I'm gonna blindside her.

The best haircut in the game
is now gone.

You've got Locky and Brooke,
they're steering the ship.

And anyone outside of that, they're
all in a very precarious position

as long as those two
are running the tribe.

I honestly think tonight, Flick,
had she got in on that vote,

that would've changed everything.

I am sorry
that I had to write your name down.

Flick, just grow a set.