Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Episode #5.2 - full transcript

Proving it's game on, things heat up between tribe mates, with new alliances being formed and others being kept in the dark. An intense Tribal Council sees a much loved character say goodbye.

on Australian Survivor...

24 giants of the game are back.

The Godfather's back,
and I'm ready to play.

The biggest, and the best

the game has ever seen...

I'm going in this
time with vengeance.

I'm not going to make
the same mistakes again.

..back to play harder...

It's the best of the best!

If there's a sniff of an opportunity,

I'm jumping on it.


I'm 10 times stronger
going into All Stars

than I was the first time,

and I'm ready to fight.

..and smarter.

This is All Stars.
Shit's about to get real.

Go, go!

Yellow tribe Vakama
and green tribe Mokuta

hit the ground running.

Come on, baby! Come on!

Theirs is getting high now!

But it was Mokuta

that was rewarded
with a ready-made camp...

..while Henry and Mat
found rewards of their own.

"The idol is hidden
at Tribal Council."

"You have to be quick to grab it
because the idol's power

"only lasts for the first three
Tribal Councils."

In the Immunity Challenge...


Oh, my God, Locky!
He is a machine!

..yellow tribe Vakama
came out all guns blazing...

AK takes the shot.

..while green tribe Mokuta's
ex-cricketer Lee...

You got this, you got this!

..buckled under the pressure.

Vakama wins first immunity!

You're safe over there?

Yeah, all safe so far.


I've got a score to settle tonight.

..after Shane blindsided Lydia
last time they played

she wanted payback.

What are you doing?

Dirty Harry was happy to help.

I think I'm just on Shane
at the moment.

And he went about gathering
the numbers.

If we just bung it all on Shane now...

Yeah, I'm happy with that.

At Tribal Council...

Lydia and I had a great talk,

and we have mutual respect
for each other.

..Shane gave a good fight.

This is a new game, blank slate.

But it wasn't enough
for the former winner.

First person voted out of

Australian Survivor All Stars...


Lydia and Harry got what they wanted,

and Henry got his idol.

23 are left,

who will be going home tonight?

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Alright, guys.


In London, I am a personal assistant

to a super-rich guy,
and it's the best job ever.

How did you get that job?

Was this through contacts?

I was just walking back to my house

and I saw a man with a Dalmatian.

I was in an Uber, actually,

so I got out of the car,
and, like, ran over.

Oh, my God, I love them so much.

Enough to stop an Uber ride
to go out and talk to a stranger.

'Cause they're rare,
exquisite beauties,

and when you do see one,

you really need to make the most of it.

So, I got out and I was
chatting to this guy,

and I was like, you know,

"I just moved here, I don't have a job,

"so I'm free to walk your dog
anytime you need.

"Here's my number. Give me a call."

That's a Sliding Door moment.

That is, very good story.

Yeah, how cool.

Shonee is my Survivor spirit animal.

She is the funniest Survivor
that's ever played.

Want to be a magician?
Five easy steps!

I think she's just a ripping good time.

Exactly like Tony Hawk, darling!

Mm, hey.

She's like...
Just backing into the bush.

Shonee is the only person on earth
that could get a job

by patting a Dalmatian.


It's just the most Shonee thing
ever, and I am here for it!

Sit down, and shut up.

Last night,
Shane Gould went home,

and I had a crack at Harry.

I thought I had the numbers,
but I didn't.

Now, I'm in a massive pickle.

Harry's gonna want payback on me.

Saving grace, I almost
deforested a whole forest

up at Tribal Council
for this sweet piece of power,

and it's time to see what I got!


Look at that!

Now, let's see how it looks on.

Did I need this.


"You have found a hidden Immunity Idol.

"But its power is only valid

"at the first three Tribal Councils.

"This hidden Immunity Idol
could keep you safe

"from being voted out of
the game at Tribal Council."

The fact that it can only be used

in the next two Tribal Councils

means this idol has a time limit,

and I need to act fast
to wrestle that control

to sit on the top of this tribe.

At this stage,

I'm super worried
Harry's gonna want payback on me.

But hopefully, he doesn't have
a clue that I voted for him.

It feels like Survivor.


Last night, my name came up.

Basically, I have a suspicion

that Henry put my name down,

tried to get me out of this game.


Yeah, let it go!

We're so good at Survivor, guys!
All Stars, yeah!

Henry is a big player,

so he could see me
as too dangerous to keep around.

Could you just machete that bit?

But that's not really
something that's gonna fly,

so I might have to work some magic.

I'm 100% down for, like,
you, me, Nick...

..making something happen.


'Cause that's gonna be the most fun.

That's like my dream team.
The dream team.

You can't trust anyone,

that's absolutely essential
in this game,

but I want some solid players
to be aligned with.

If I have to trust someone,
it's gonna be Nick and Shonee.

I think it's important
that we keep the, um,

the people like us
together, around, yeah.

We've bonded over

the fact that we are
a little bit naughty,

and we are interested in

making some chaos in this game.

We could...

I'm cool with that.

Like, I don't need
an invitation to be naughty,

'cause I already am!

Me, Nick, Shonee,
we're the little rascals.

We've got huge plans
to rock this tribe.

Look at that cheeky smile!

Henry is in huge trouble.

This is the circle of trust,
OK, everyone?

This is our...
There's no rat in here.

No, there is not.
Like, in jail.

Snitches get stitches!

And end up in ditches.

The kingpin.
The kingpin has spoken!

Princess Pickles has spoken.

You know when, like, on your phone,

your battery flashes
and there's nothing left?

That's me right now.

It's day three in Survivor,

and we don't have a flint.

Oh, Locky still has the energy.

Which means there's no food,
there's no fire.

How are we going to survive

the next couple of days without fire?!

I just need rice, or I just need fire.

Fire, actually, like so important.

Get a burrito.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, mate.

And a burrito and a margarita.

I don't think anyone
in Australian Survivor history

has ever made fire from two sticks.

And I don't see our tribe
doing it one bit.

Dude, and none of it's...

Yes, I bet.

But if I wanted to sing
"Kumbaya" by the fire,

I would have gone camping
with my family.

I'm here for the strategy.

I'm here to vote people out,

and hopefully make
half a million dollars.

Right now at my Vakama tribe,

I can see two different groups forming.

You've got your older sort of crew,

Mat, Mo, Jericho, Tarzan and Jacqui.

I can see Mat Rogers
rallying up his henchmen.

Oh, God, no.

And then you've got
your young, attractive crew.

Oh, my God!


Locky, Phoebe, Flick, Brooke, myself,

and at the top of that is David.

Yeah, he looks really sexy.
Oh, yeah.

It's turning me on!
You alright?

Dave is smooth,
and Dave is a smart operator.

Dave, you look sexy.

I was just, I was just telling them

that I've got a hella man crush on you.

Locky and the girls
have swooned to him,

and there is not one part of him

that isn't loving every second of it.

The scarf just works for me.

It's just 'cause I'm holding a machete.

There it is!

Man, it feels good to be back!

Everyone wants to dance with me,

they're ready to go.

They're like, "How about
a little foxtrot, Davy?

"How about a little

And, yeah, I'm down for it!

I'm the belle of the ball.

Watch heads.

My game play right now
is really just to put myself

in a good position with
the tribe at this point.

I'm helping with the shelter.

Trying to get the fire started.

It's over two days without any food.

Fire is everything right now.

Fire is the way you cook.

We're not be able to eat
if we don't have fire.

Fire is the way you keep warm.

Oh, so much smoke, so much smoke.

But making a fire without flint
is pretty hard.

On Australian Survivor,

nobody has made fire
without flint before.

Oh, you son of a... ***.

So close.

Really, really close.

And it is gonna be cold tonight,

so people are, you know,

starting to freak out a little bit.


Oh, man, I must have tried
that spindle thing,

like, no joke, 100 times.

But we just didn't stop.

I desperately want to get
that fire going.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four...
Oh, look at that!

..three, two, one.

Look at that!

Pull away softly, softly.
Just let it breathe.

Just let it breathe, let it breathe.

Let it breathe.
You want the wind?

Do you need me to breathe?

Yes, yes!


We've got fire, baby!
It was so good!

It might actually be my best
Survivor moment ever.


Now my game has completely changed,

and we're gonna be a strong
tribe moving forward.

Oh, first tribe in Australian history!

You bloody beauty.

Come on in, guys.

Oh, what is this?

What the hell?

Did they put war paint on?

Yellow tribe Vakama
getting their first look

at the new Mokuta tribe.

Shane voted out
at the first Tribal Council.


Oh! Poor Shane.

Alright, David, what's up
with the war paint?

We're ready for war, Jonathan.

I thought that was obvious.

Where'd you get the paint from?

It's just charcoal, man.
We're just having fun.

Bit of tribe bonding, you know?

Wait a sec, you guys have charcoal.

Does that mean you have fire?

Yes, sir, we do!

And no flint!

Well done, guys.
Well done.

Wow, well done.

First time on
Australian Survivor, well done.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge,
three players from each tribe

will face off on a floating deck.

On my go, you will attempt
to push your opponents

off the deck and into the water.

First tribe to push
all the members of the other tribe

into the water scores a point.

The first tribe to three wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?


A trip to the Survivor shop.


A little store packed with
all kinds of supplies

that'll make your life at camp
a little easier,

and you get to choose
what you take home.

Wow, that's so good.

Worth playing for?



Alright, minute to talk about it.
Let's get to it.

Alright, so first round
is for the girls.

Vakama, who you putting up?

Me, Mo, and Brooke.

OK, alright.


So, Lydia, myself, and Sharn.

Alright, off you go.

Come on, girls!

We have Daisy, Brooke...

Let's go, girls!

..Moana, for the yellow tribe
Vakama, taking on...

Lydia... of the best challenge beasts
we've ever seen.

Abbey and Sharn
for the green tribe, Mokuta.

For reward. Survivors, ready?


Oh, right out of the gate,
Brooke is in there.

Everyone's scrapping around
in the middle.

Moana, she's dragging Sharn
to the edge.

Sharn's not gonna give up!

Abbey has Brooke on the edge.

Flips over!

Lydia dragging Daisy!

Lydia in her element.

Daisy struggling!

It's not gonna be easy.
Come on!

Daisy, Daisy, use your left knee!

That's it, use your knee!

Bump her with your knee!

No, Daisy!

Daisy breaks away,
trying to push Lydia in!

This is savage.

Hold on!

Daisy has Lydia over the edge!

Push her off, Daisy!
One last time, yeah!

Lydia not giving up!

Lydia's out!

That was beautiful!

Daisy gets up,

she goes over
and she helps poor Brooke!

Abbey proving she is a force
to be reckoned with.

Abbey, take them both!

Take her with you, just go in!
Go in, Brooke!

Daisy pushes both Brooke
and Abbey into the drink.

What a beast.

Come on, Sharn!

Sharn, the only Mokuta member left.

Roll in, eh!

Just like that, Daisy sacrifices Moana,

pushes them both in.

Vakama leads, one-zip!

That was good, man.

Absolute weapon.
You were so good!

Alright, next round.

For the boys, Mokuta,
who are you putting up?

Alright, guys, in, in, in.


We have Nick, Lee, and Zach

from the green tribe, Mokuta,

taking on Locky, Mat, and David

from yellow tribe, Vakama.

Let's go, boys!

Survivors, ready?

Go, go, go!

They're right at it.

Go, Dave!

Everyone's scrapping
in the middle there.

Just a big game of Twister right now.

This is pretzel, eh?

Yes, grab him, Lee, that's it!

Go, Lee!
Lee trying to drag David.

Locky sacrifices himself taking on Lee,

and they're out of it.

Come on, boys! Come on, Dave!

Zach inching his way
to the edge with David.

Zach has David pinned.

Mat trying to carry Nick to the edge.

He's close.

Oh, are you hurt?

Stop the challenge!
Stop the challenge.

Are you alright, brother?

What's happened?

Zach, do you have pain?

Oh, shoot.

Is it worth the risk?
I'd rather if you,

if you think you're gonna
hurt your knee,

I'd rather forfeit the point.

It's your call.

You want to sit this one out?

OK, alright, so you're sitting it out,

and it's gonna be two v one.

Alright, here we go.

Zach has decided to take care
of his knee, he's tapping out,

so that leaves us with Nick...

Come on, Nicko!

You got this, my friend!

..taking on Mat and David.

Go, Nick!

I love this guy.

Survivors, ready!

Come on.

Looks like David wants to make it fair.

NRL legend and high school teacher.

Flip him, Nicko! Flip him!

Mat has Nick on the edge.

He's not giving up.

Holding onto Mat's shorts.

Yes, Nick! Keep going!

Keep going!

Nick goes in!

Vakama leads, two-zip!

Alright, this one's for the girls.

Get in there, girls.

OK, Shon!
Let's go, guys!

Low and slow, girls!
Low and slow!

We have Flick, Phoebe, Jackie

on the yellow tribe, Vakama.

From the green tribe, Mokuta...

Oh, my God, I can't even get up.

They got this!

..we have Abbey, Shonee,
and Michelle.

Vakama leads, two-zip.

First to three wins reward.

Mokuta needs to win it
to stay in this challenge.

Survivors, ready?


Right out of the gate,
Flick's on Shonee.

Shonee and Flick go in!

Abbey up on her feet
trying to drag Phoebe.


Phoebe grabs onto Michelle,
using her as an anchor.

Don't let go now, Michelle.
Don't let go now.

Jacqui has Michelle on the edge!

Both girls go in.

Now it's up to Abbey and Phoebe.

Abbey pinning Phoebe to the mat.

Abbey is a force to be reckoned with.

Abbey trying to twerk her way
to victory.

Wiggle your legs!

There's a lot of arse in my face!

I'm so sorry!

You guys have been at this
for 20 minutes.


Shop closes in five minutes.

Both girls completely exhausted
at this stage.

Big reward on the line.

A lot of useful stuff in that store.

Abbey has Phoebe pinned to the mat,

but if Phoebe can find a way
to break loose

and get Abbey into the water,

she could win it for Vakama right here.

Phoebe, wrap around the one leg!

That's it! Now roll around!

Phoebe trying to worm her way
out of her grip.

Strain on Phoebe's face.

She flips over, Abbey's on the run!

Phoebe staying down low.

Phoebe proving she is a force
to be reckoned with,

holding her own
with a professional athlete.

Both girls sizing each other up.

Who's gonna pounce first?

Go for the ankles, Phoebe.

Got her around the neck.

Both girls really scrapping now.

Come on, you've got this, Abs!
Come on, Abs!

Abbey trying to roll Phoebe
over to the edge,

desperate for that reward.


Phoebe has Abbey on the mat now.

Abbey pushes Phoebe to the mat.

Phoebe, don't give up!
You got this!

Go, Abbey! You've got her, go!

Abbey trying to inch Phoebe
to the edge of the mat,

Phoebe making it very difficult
for her.

Phoebe not giving up.


Abbey gets Phoebe close
on the edge, pushes her in!

And Abbey takes it for Mokuta,
putting them on the board.

Vakama leads, two-one.

Hey, that was amazing.

Good work, Abs.

You OK?

That was amazing.

That was so good.

Thank you so much.
So good.

Thank you.

Phoebe, that was a great effort.

That is what All Stars is all about.
Well done.

Let's go, baby.

Let's do it, mate.
Let's do it.

You gonna go?

Alright, here we go.

We have Henry, John, and Lee

for the green tribe, Mokuta,

taking on Locky, Mat, and David

from the yellow tribe, Vakama.

Vakama leads, two-one.
They could win it right here.

Mokuta needs to win it to stay in it.

Here we go, battle of the big boys.

Survivors, ready?


Oh, right out of the gate
they're into it!

It is scrappy out there.

John perilously on the edge,
David trying to push him in.

Yes, John!

He saves himself.

Mad Dog, you got it, Mad Dog!

Mat trying to pick Henry up.

John is on his feet running around,

trying to pull Mat's shorts off!

Whatever it takes.


Mat breaks away.

He's trying to push John in,
hasn't won yet.

Both boys go in.

Lee has Locky pinned.

You're right, Henry!
You're right!

Do youse guys want a coffee
with that conversation,

or do you want to wrestle?

They are, like, having
an intimate conversation.

They're having a very deep chat.

David spins around the other side.

Henry flips David over.

Golden God and Zen Hen all tied up.

Go, Hen!
Hen, don't give in, mate!

Henry's not giving up,

desperate to stay in this challenge.

David trying to shuck him off.

And he goes in!

Go, Lee!

It's alright, Lee!

He's gonna help Locky.

Picks up Lee.

Everyone's gassed.

Lee, you're the original
Survivor terminator, mate.

You got them.

David has Lee in a lock.

Locky and David determined
to take this reward for Vakama,

working together and trying
to carry Lee to the edge.

Locky's gonna sacrifice both of them.

Lee not giving up.

Lee trying to take both of them in.

Let go of my pants!

But he's holding onto Locky's shorts.

He's not giving up.

Locky's gonna take his shorts off.

That's it, Lee is in.

Vakama wins reward!

Well, that was epic.

You guys are All Stars
for a reason. Well done.

Vakama, congratulations.

You've won a trip to the Survivor shop,

but only two of you get to go.

Oh, no! Stitch-up!

I've never won a reward!

Locky and Phoebe.

Alright, Phoebe and Locky,
swim it on out.

Pick wisely.

I really wanted to go
to the Survivor shop today.

There could be flint,
or maybe the tarp.

Whatever it is, it could
change my game in this tribe.

I'm ready to play and play hard.

I can't wait.

Good job, guys!

That was so good.

Today at the challenge, I beat Lydia!

I'm the challenge beast!
It's me!

Yeah, I threw Lydia off.

Yeah, that was great.
That was so good.

Daisy, you were a beast!

They voted Shane out 'cause
they would have thought,

"We need to be strong."

And then you just dominated
the two strongest chicks

to ever do Survivor.

That means you're the strongest person.

Oh, my God!

What's that saying?
Cream always rises to the...

I'm so proud of myself right now!

If you had told a 6-year-old
girl from a cattle station

that she was gonna be
the Survivor challenge beast,

I would have said you're dreaming.

Phoebs ran a close,
very, very close second.

Oh, hell yeah.
If not a tie.

Oh, Phoebe was a freak today.

Yeah, that was crazy, hey?

What do you guys reckon
the shop looks like,

or what it is?

I reckon it'll be like basics.

Fishing gear.

There's got to be a dilemma,

because why would they
only bring two people

and not have the rest
of the tribe, right?

Yeah, they're gonna have
some kind of dilemma.

I know so, because
I went through a dilemma.

Last time I played Survivor,
I had a moral dilemma.

"This is a moral dilemma.

"You have a choice.

"Take this firewood back to your tribe,

"or keep this stash of food
secret from the tribe.

"Choose wisely."

But I was the cookie monster...

Of course I'm gonna take these cookies!

..who was the most devious

and most dangerous player of them all.

This time around,
there's no way of hiding.

I'm going to be so much more devilish,

conniving, and ruthless.

I've already won this game
before, I can do it again.

I just hope the dilemma is
do they bring us food,

or do they bring us lots of food?


I have never really
won a reward playing Survivor.

You know, I played 31 days
last time I played this game,

and I think the only reward I ever won

was a bloody chicken
that didn't lay eggs.



I'm definitely gonna make
sure that I'm using this reward

to advance my game.

Oh, this is so exciting!

"Choose five items only.

"It is up to you whether
you take them for yourself,

"or share them with your tribe.

"Shop wisely."

Today's reward was just like a menu,

and we got to choose five things.

There's food, comfort items,

everything you could possibly want

for your Survivor game.


You have to drink it.
I don't drink margaritas.

There's an advantage.

"This advantage allows two
people to attend any reward

"that your tribe does not win."

Holy shit, that one.
It's only valid once.

The best part of this advantage,

I mean, myself and Phoebe

get to go along any reward
with the Mokuta tribe.

We can tell them what we want

and get information that we need,

and relay what we want.

So, it's super powerful.

Only once and before merge.

Oh, we're keeping that...
..for ourselves.

It's only us!

I'm glad you agree. OK, cool.

We got... one.
I mean, yes.


Oh, but we need...

Oh, flint. Locky.

Yeah, 100%.
Let's take the flint.

Tarp, definitely take the tarp.




Do you want to eat...

I kind of feel like...
Should we eat some cookies?

I feel like we should eat the cookies.


Oh, they look good!

You look pretty good!

Let's have a little bit.

And if we stop...

We stop.

You get one.

I'm getting the chocolatey chip ones.

Oh, they're so good!

Game advantages,

like, the cookies are
so important in this game.

Oh, they're so good!

Because it can help solidify
our majority alliance,

and also a way to appear
trustworthy to that alliance.

You can leverage cookies
for trust in this game.

Alright, we've got it.

Secret stash cookies.

The only thing that I value out here
is trust,

and if cookies enable me to
create trust with other people,


My plan coming back into camp
is to let Locky do the talking.

Are you back already?

What did we get?

Whenever you're not
being honest with people,

the more you say
or the more words you use,

the more scope there is
for interpretation.

So the less I say the better.

Locky can just take the heat,
explain away.

I'll just sit there
smiling and nodding,

and that'll be great.

We got tarp, flint, we got flint.


A whole bunch of, like,
potatoes and stuff.

Oh, what? Sick!

Well, we thought all the veggies...

So, we thought this will
last us, like, a week.

Oh, yeah. Great news!

The one thing that you're all
probably wondering about

is was there an idol?

OK, there was two.
We both got them.

What we did get...

There was an advantage
for the people that went.

Um, it's for any other reward
that we lose,

we get to go on without them...

Sorry, guys.

Does it have to be you two,

or can you two pick someone else?

It has be us two.

Four items.

No, no, how many items in total

were there to choose from?

There was probably like...
Or maybe 12.

There were, like, three, four rows.

Oh, you deserve...
Good job, guys.

Well done today.

So, I get two rewards.

I'm OK.

I'll take it with me.

I swear sometimes when
I'm listening to Locky,

everything that comes out
his mouth is full of crap.

It doesn't sound right,

and I know that there's
something that they're hiding.

I just don't know what it is,

but they're hiding something.

If anyone does think we've got an idol,

feel free to go through my bag.


You know I got no clothes
so I can't hide it anywhere.

Yeah, man, no, you picked great.

The veggies are gonna be awesome.


We want to share the cookies

with myself obviously and Locky,

as well as Brooke, Flick,

David, AK, and Daisy.

That's what I want,

like, we wanted to tell you

Your eyes were like "bing"!

By sharing the cookies,

it's like a gesture of goodwill,

a way to kind of bond everyone together

in like solidarity as an alliance.

I'm feeling pretty damn good right now.

I love chocolate chip cookies, man!

I'm dying to eat those cookies.


Oh, God.
That is the best.

Oh, let's do this.


Don't break my cookie.

They are really good.

We absolutely go
to town on those things.

It starts out soft at first.

There's a little bit of like,

"Maybe we should just have two.

"Maybe we should just have three.

"Oh, these are so good!
Maybe we should have four!"

Cookies, rowr!

We all ate some cookies,
had a good time.

Oh, there's a smashed one.

Who cares?

I do smashed.

And right in front of us,

we see how this alliance
starts to form.

I think I can definitely work
with these guys at the moment.

I'm in a majority alliance.

I've never played
in a majority alliance,

and you know what majority
alliances need?

A common enemy.

Come on in, guys!


..Mokuta has lost
the last two challenges,

and a member of the tribe.

How important is it to avoid

going to Tribal Council again today?

I think a win today would
give us a bit more confidence,

especially an immunity win.

I think from previous seasons
of Survivor,

everyone who wins reward
tends to not win immunity,

so hopefully we can keep that.

Good luck.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?


First things first, who has Excalibur?

You ready to take my sword?

Thank you.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...

..on my go you'll scramble
under an obstacle

and up a cargo net
to the top of a tower.

From there, you will drop
six barrels down a chute

and run them over rails,

and finally place each
of them on a crate.

Two of you will then
attempt to land a sandbag

on each of the barrels.

First tribe to do so wins immunity

and is safe from the vote.

Vakama, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit someone out.

It cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?
We're gonna sit out Tarzan.

Alright, Tarzan, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, minute to talk about it.

Let's get it on.


Alright... here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?

Both tribes crossing each other
under the mat.

Oh, it is chaos!

Block him, block him!

John's first through.

Ah, ***!

But he goes to the wrong mat.

We gotta wait, we gotta wait.

Whole tribe needs to be on their mat

before you can move on.

Get up! Get up, go! Go!

Everyone flying up the cargo nets.

Everyone needs to be at the top
before you can move on!

Go, ready to go?

Mokuta has everyone up first.

OK, go, go, go.

Henry coming down for Mokuta.

Lee coming down next for Mokuta.

They're gonna retrieve the barrels.

Is everyone up?

Vakama seem to be falling behind.

Come on, guys! Come on!
Go, go, go.

Mokuta sends down their first barrel.

Go up.

Hold, hold, hold!

Locky and David coming down for Vakama.

Go, DG.

Those barrels are heavy!


Vakama sends down their first barrel.

Get the next one ready to go.

Come on, drop and roll.
Drop it.

Henry and Lee working on
their second barrel.

Next one up, next one up.
Let's go.

Mokuta has three barrels.

Come on, man, with the barrels
over the line!

Vakama working on their second.


Go, go, go, go!

Mokuta sends down their fourth.

Vakama sends down their third.

Henry and Lee working on
their fifth barrel.

Gonna have to pick it up, Vakama,

if you want to stay in it!

Yep! Yep!

Mokuta sending down their last barrel.

That's good, guys.
That's good.

Mokuta has all their barrels.

The rest of the tribe needs to come down

before you can move on.



..making their way down the ramp.


Vakama sends down their sixth barrel.

And it gets stuck!

Oh, ***!

Vakama has their last barrel
stuck in the chute...

..opening the door for Mokuta,

allowing Mokuta to pull away.

Yes, Mat!
Nice, Mat!

Mat gives a little assistance.

Alright, you're good, Vakama.

Start coming down.

Go, go, go, go!

Yeah, go, Dais.

Vakama desperately trying to catch up.

Go, go, go, go.
Good girl, good girl.


Careful, guys!

That's gonna hurt.

Careful, be careful.

Zach coming down, last person
coming down for Mokuta.

Alright, you're good, Mokuta!

Start walking those barrels
across the rail!

Who's on first?

Me and you.

Abbey and Nick on
the first barrel for Mokuta.

Ready? Go.

Yeah, go.
Just roll.

Mokuta have a nice lead.

Don't fall off.

If you fall off, you need to
go back to the start.

Good, go.

Oh, whoa, stay, stay, stay!

Right, OK, yeah.

Vakama making their way down,
trying to catch up.

Slide if you need to,
slide if you need to.

Flick making her way down
very awkwardly.

Let's get it off.

Shon, Shon, Shon!

That's it.

Tiny little baby steps,
just get it to the end.

Michelle and Shonee on
the second barrel for Mokuta.

That's it, guys.
You take your time.

Yeah, looking good, girls!

Alright, go, go, go.

Locky and Mat on
the first barrel for Vakama.

Yep, yep, yep!

You alright?

Moana and Daisy, second out
on the barrel for Vakama.

Vakama had their first barrel across.

Moana really struggling on this one.

Oh, you alright?

Moana falls off.

You need to go back to the start.

That's going to cost Vakama
some precious time.

Slow and steady.

You need to do a bit more your side.

John and Harry on
the fourth barrel for Mokuta.

A bit more one way.
Lee and Zach on the fifth.

Go, girls, let's go.

We're going, Mat.

Vakama working on their third.

Step together, step together.

Gonna need to pick it up, Vakama,

if you want to stay in this!

Mokuta have a nice lead.

Line that up, line it up.

Lee and Zach across.

Come on, get over, Zach!
Get over! Good boy.

How you going, man?
How you going?

Good, good, good.

Henry's the last out for Mokuta.

Go, go, go.

AK and Jericho sidestepping on
the fourth barrel for Vakama.

Mokuta have all their barrels across.

Go, go, go, Lee!

They'll now position them
on the crates.

All the barrels need to be on a crate

before you can start throwing.

I'm with ya, I'm with ya.
Keep moving, keep moving.

Mokuta has a huge lead at this point.

They are working together very well.

Vakama continue to fall behind
on their fifth barrel.

Go, go, go.

Yep, OK.

Mokuta have all their barrels in place.

They can start throwing now.

Henry and Lee throwing bags for Mokuta.

Come on, come on, visualise.

Henry has a shot, but he's short.

And Lee lands the first one.
Mokuta lead one-zip!

Come on, man.
We need this, guys.

Come on, guys, come on!

David and Moana,

really struggling on that
final barrel for Vakama.

Moana is a handbrake in this challenge.

Come on, guys,
we still got it. Come on!

Jump into Locky's arms.

Go, go, get off.

And that's it.
Be careful behind you!

Start placing them on the crate.

You're gonna need to pick this up

if you want to stay in this!

Yep, I'll take bottom.


OK, somebody go long,
somebody go short.

Mokuta had a big lead,

but they've only landed one bag.

Focus on the shorthand,
focus on the short.

You go short, I'll go long,
I'll go long.

And Lee lands another one for Mokuta.

Mokuta lead two-zip!


Vakama trying to get
all their barrels in place.

Henry misses.

Too much, too much pepper.
Too much pepper.

Both boys firing away.

Henry, too much, too much!
Come on, you got that.

Just a little bit left!

And Henry lands another one!

Mokuta leads, three-zip!

Quick, they've only got three!
Quick, on the mat!

Locky and David put their
last barrel in place.

AK and Mat start shooting.

Just like that,
Mat lands his first bag.

Vakama needs to be accurate
if they want to win this.

And AK lands the second one!

Mokuta still leads, three-two!

Mokuta land another one!

They lead four-two!

Come on, boys.
Come on!


Mat lands another one.
Mokuta lead four-three!

Vakama are catching up.

Little bit longer, guys!

This would be a huge comeback
for Vakama.

Come on, guys! Come on!

Henry and Lee really feeling
the pressure.

Mokuta still need to land two bags.

And Mokuta lands their fifth!
They lead five-three.

One more, one more!


Vakama can feel the pressure.

One more, one more.

Lee going for the win.

And he lands it!

Mokuta wins immunity,

sending Vakama to Tribal Council.


Mokuta, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Thanks, brother.
Hey, mate, well done.

He's back.

You guys are safe,
no-one's going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Enjoy your evening off.

Thanks, Jonathan.

See ya, JLP!

Good luck.

Vakama, nice comeback.

Sadly, not enough.

I'm gonna be seeing you guys
tonight at Tribal Council,

where one of you will become
the second person

voted out of
Australian Survivor All Stars.

Grab your gear, head on out.
We'll see you tonight.

Everyone's gonna be nervous

going to their first Tribal Council.

No-one wants to be first boot
on All Stars,

but some people
did not pull their weight

and unfortunately those are
the people going home tonight.

The battle lines right now
are drawn in Vakama,

and it's time to play.

Real well done, guys.

Bad luck, guys.
Don't worry about it.

That was really brutal.

Oi, I stacked it down that...

Yeah, we lost a challenge today,

and we're going into
our first Tribal Council.

Uh, I'm expecting a few fireworks.

The beans are ready,
so everyone can have it,

and then I'll put rice on for you, AK.


Did you see me?

I was going to go backwards,
but then I was, like...

My... ..hands are cooked.

Right now,
the tribe's divided.

There's sort of the younger,
good-looking crew,

and then there's the older,
sort of more good-looking crew

that I'm part of.

Oh, good idea.

I'm in the minority alliance,

there's five of us,
there's seven of them.

But it's All Stars,
we're playing the game,

I mean, I'm here to have fun.

You know, like, I wanna
play the game, so...

..let's do it.

Guys, who are we voting for?

All seven on Moana.

She's not good
in challenges...

Did you see her
trying to climb up the rope?

She was last at everything.

I wanna target Moana

because it weakens
her and Mat's relationship.

And they're probably
the two tightest people

in this season together.

One of them needs to be knocked out.

There's five of them.

No, so I think our option...

Yeah, exactly.

Moana's an obvious

She's not really playing
much social game,

she hasn't been doing great
in challenges.

But the truth is

Mat will see that coming
from a mile away.

I have someone else in mind.

Someone much more dangerous.

To what?

I don't really trust Jeri.
He's very likeable.

And that makes him
a huge threat in this game.

So I wanna take him out.

I love Jeri too!

We all do.

There's no better way
than to make a solid plan

around a jar of chocolate chip cookies.

And Jeri knows that best.

The cookie monster's going down

without even getting one cookie.

I think there's some irony
in that, don't you think?


Bad luck, buddy.

I love cookies.

This one is just
more so, like...

..just the top bits.

And the big objective in this game

is to be on the right side of
the vote, be in the numbers.

Wait, let me just check for you,

test it out to see if
it's... not sour.

I don't really wanna push my own agenda

this early in the game,
but Jericho is not

the ideal person to leave this game.

Let me have a second time.

I have started to form
a relationship with him,

and I can see myself working
with him in the future.

Normal? OK, let's have a sip.

I was thinking, guys...

Um, after today's challenge,

I was thinking, what if we
change our votes to Daisy?

I'm worried for Mo.

My tribemates know
that Mo and I are close,

that we've got a friendship.

Look, I'm not gonna go down
without a fight.

I think it doesn't weaken our team,

but it still weakens
their little posse.

What do you think, Mat?

Daisy's someone
that I, you know, I really like,

I love her company.

But I think right now,

probably the best option for us,

just purely because
no-one will expect it.

Yeah, yeah, you've been
doing the work on 'em,

so you talk to them.

She is.

Right now, you play hard
or you go home,

so I'm gonna play hard.

So I've gotta make sure
that I do everything I can

to bring AK and Phoebe on our side.

Right now in order for me to save Moana

I need those two involved with us.

We get her,
then it's seven-five.

Yeah, of course.

Because AK...

Would be on board.
Will be on board.

Yeah, he won't...

If he knows it's gonna be
a six with Phoebe,

- he'll just join with us.
- Yeah.

Seriously, we need to finish them,

so, like, get stuck in...

Oh, I'll be
eating more, don't worry.

OK, good.


Oh, here he is.
What's going on, buddy?

I want the strength,
I want the threats.

And that's what you've
been wanting, yeah.

You know, I don't mind
Mat and Jericho's pitch.

For me, it would make sense
to vote Daisy out

because I know that I am
not in Daisy's plans

for the future, and, quite frankly,

Daisy is not in my plans
for the future.

But at the same time,

there is a reason why
Jeri has won this game.

He's very smart, very strategic,

he's so, so dangerous.

It's a really tough decision.

Being the swing vote

is a really tricky space to be in.

It looks like a great spot
to be in, but actually,

mitigating the fallout
is a whole...'nother thing.

AK and I are basically
this pendulum right now.

You know, I'm swinging between
the two options.

Tonight, the battle lines
will be drawn,

a line will be drawn in the sand.

OK, there's many battles
in the war,

and tonight, it's the first battle.

I know that they're comin' for Mo,

but I'm not gonna let that happen.

Bring on Tribal, I can't wait.

I'm pretty excited
about going back to Tribal.

The battle lines are drawn,
and I feel, like, powerful.

Now I'm 100% on everyone in my seven

are gonna blindside Jeri.

I'm confident
right now that AK and Phoebe,

they're gonna be working with me.

But anything can happen in this game.

Tonight at Tribal Council

I'm gonna make sure I pull off
some sort of act.

Something crazy.

Oh, man,

tonight's Tribal Council
is gonna be so hectic.

Go ahead, grab a torch,
dip it in the flame.

This is part of the ritual
of Tribal Council,

because in this game,
fire represents your life.

Once it's gone... are you.

So, Phoebe...'s been a few years

since you were last at Tribal Council.

It has indeed, yes.

How's it feel to be back?

As you say, it's been a lot of years.

For some of us, a lot's changed.

You know, we're coming from
a whole new context.

So, yeah, it's certainly different.

Well, David, on the other hand,

it hasn't been so long for you.

You were only just here, really.

Yeah, it hasn't been that long.

Uh, I'm glad you saved a seat for me.

Feels pretty comfy, actually.

I'm, uh, just kinda snuggling into it.


The first vote...

often sets the tone
for the tribe moving forward.

What do you think tonight's
vote is really about?

It's going to be based
on the person that we think

will be the best move
for us to get rid of.

But who's "us"?

So, Moana, have you noticed
groups starting to form?

One group, two group.

Phoebe, is that true?

Have you noticed the division
within the tribe?

Oh, there's definitely
two groups, I would say,

that's kind of started to form
in the past couple of days,

um, since arriving, so...

Yeah, I mean, it's really hard to know

where the divide lies, though,

until, you know, you test that divide.

This is our first Tribal Council, so...

..what you perceive
may or may not be real.

Mat, would you say
there's more trust on your side?

Uh, definitely not.

Stuff formed quicker
than I could even...

..see, like, it formed
in front of my eyes.

What I like to do
is tell people where I stand

and that's it.
That's how I work.

Can't lie and cheat your way
from the start to the finish.

You've gotta be able
to rely on some people,

and you've gotta start
to determine pretty quick

who you can trust,
who you wanna work with...

So, it's pretty important.

Oh, AK.

Where do you sit in all this?

I've got this decision

I'm honestly just trying
to listen out for cues tonight,

and make up my mind
when I hit that parchment.

So you're literally in the middle?

Apparently so.

So your vote is live tonight.

My vote is well and live tonight.

It could go either way.

I'm essentially making
a statement tonight by my vote,

so I just need to make sure
I make the right decision,

and that decision, to be right,

is what's best for my game.

Phoebe, you know,
to go deep into this game,

you have to work with people,
but at the same time,

you wanna find a way to, you know,

play your own individual game

and not be just a number.

It is important to me

to find people that I can
trust and rely on,

but equally it's important to me

to make sure that, you know,
that our tribe wins.

You know, I came from a losing team

time after time last time,

so I want people here that,
you know, that are strong,

that, you know,
I don't wanna lose our muscle.

So, Jericho, how confident are you

that things are gonna play out
the way you think

they're gonna play out tonight?

Oh, not confident at all.

Not at all.

Oh, this is hard, because,
you know, I've gravitated to

almost everyone in this whole,
um, tribe,

but I didn't think
I'd get really attached

to some of them.

So to think that we're going
to our first Tribal Council...

..and then all of a sudden
we're all split up, it...

Yeah, it tears me apart, you know,

'cause we were so solid.

It just sucks to know

that one person's gonna
go home tonight,

and it could be somebody

that I really gravitated to on day one.


Yeah, it's hard, 'cause you try to...

- Sorry.
- There, there, mate.


Jericho, you seem quite emotional

about this decision tonight.
Why is that?


It's hard, 'cause this game
is something where

you're supposed to suspend your values,

your morals, your...

..even your feelings.

But, uh...

..sometimes you can't.

You know, it's losing a friend.

Sucks, 'cause you're like, "What?

"How did you make a friend
in day five?"

That's Survivor.

But you do, you really do
make a friend in day five.

Phoebe, are you torn about
tonight's vote?


It's just, it's equally hard for...

It's hard, you know, because... Jeri says, like,
it's been five days,

but you...

You're surviving together, it is real,

the connections are real.

It's just...

It's just not easy.

On that note...

You wanna go to vote?

Alright. Let's go to vote.


Let's go to vote.
Jacqui, you're up.

I'm really banking on
Phoebe and AK's votes tonight.

So hopefully my sooky la la
has convinced them to swing.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Daisy.

Daisy. That's three votes, Daisy.

Daisy. That's four votes, Daisy.


Four votes, Daisy, one vote, Jericho.

Jericho. We're tied.

Four votes, Daisy, four votes, Jericho.

Daisy. Five votes, Daisy,
four votes, Jericho.

You're kidding.

Jericho. We're tied again.

Five votes, Daisy, five votes, Jericho.


That's six votes, Jericho,
five votes, Daisy.

One vote left.

Second person voted out of
Australian Survivor All Stars...


You need to bring me your torch.

It's all good, guys.

Jericho, the tribe has spoken.

First time for everything, right?

We love you, Jericho.

See ya, guys.

God bless ya, Jeri.

Well, any tribe can have a rift,

but it makes sense
in a tribe of All Stars,

that rift is more like
the Grand Canyon.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Tomorrow night,
on Australian Survivor...

Take Locky out!

They're All Stars...

..and they're here to win.

Come on, Abbey!

At any cost.

You're a machine, Zach.
Take him down!

- Get ready...
- I need revenge.

..for one of the most epic Tribals...

This'll be goin' down
in history...

..the game...

I'm here to play Survivor.

..has ever seen.

I'm not gonna go down
without a fight.

I got blindsided!

Um, first time for everyone.

I actually applaud the other guys

for doing such an amazing blindside,

because I think this is
what All Stars is about,

to play the big moves.

You're a deserving winner,
a cheeky bugger,

and an all-round great bloke.

And there's nothing but respect

for the cookie monster.

I totally root for the underdogs,

and right now Mat has
got his hands behind his back.

But I'm hoping that Mat

somehow manages to come up on top.