Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Episode #5.10 - full transcript

After a tribe swap, things are a bit shaky for a few tribe members lost without their alliances. Tribe members scramble to show their loyalty, but will the vote be swayed in their favour?

on Australian Survivor...

You've got me.
Yeah, I know, yeah.

And you can count on me.

..David was feeling
more vulnerable than ever.

I've been stuck in this
stupid swing-vote position

with someone that I don't trust.

But his luck finally changed
when he found an idol.

I'm gonna start causing havoc
with this thing.

I'm back, baby!

Meanwhile, Mat was holding onto
his idol for as long as possible.

Without that idol, I'm more
of a sitting duck than I already am.

I need it for security.

But in the Immunity Challenge...

Mokuta win immunity!

Come here, big dog!
Pain train! Yeah!

..Vakama was off to Tribal Council
yet again.

Locky was determined to get either
Mat or his idol out of the game.

All the girls are gonna vote for John

and all the boys
are gonna vote for Mat.

If Mat plays his idol,
it'll send John home.

But Mat was ready to make his big move.

Yes. Yes.

He had John,

but he needed three more.

I like that.
Godfather's back in business.

I'm with you guys.

We can flip the whole balance of power.

At Tribal Council...

You want to take someone out,
you have to do it properly.

..Flick and Harry
were starting to waver...

..and Mat knew it.

This is a hidden immunity idol. Any
votes cast for Mat will not count.

Locky's alliance stuck with him.


And Mat was left alone at the bottom
with no idol to protect him.

16 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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- Mmm.
- Well done, guys.

It's a good mix, this one,
Jacqui, Sharn.

Yep, nicely done.

The mood in camp is pretty good
since the tribe swap.

We've kept our whole tribe together.

There's been a few ups,
been a few downs,

but all of our members are intact.

An interesting little morning
routine that I've picked up on

is Tarzan goes for
a bit of a wander in the morning.

And he actually strips down naked.

And he just sits in
waist-high sea water

and just cleans himself,
every morning, just scrubs.

And you sort of look out to sea
and see this beautiful sunrise

and then, off to the left,
you see this naked Tarzan.

So you try and just keep your eyes
straight to where the sunrise is

and not veer off to the left

'cause that's, uh, that's a sight

sometimes you don't really want to see.

Last night's Tribal Council,
John was sent packing

and Mat came back to camp
without an idol.

Before Tribal Council last night,

Mat approached me with the idea
that him, myself, Harry and John

could all vote for Locky

and really break up
those tight Vakama original people.

Go, go.

But Harry and I
decided to put 100% trust

in with these original Vakamas instead.

Getting dizzy.

I'm not sure if I made
the right decision,

but I'm here
to live another day in Survivor.

Me, me, me!

In comparison to Mokuta,
Vakama is the creme de la creme.

Oh, my God, this is amazing.

It's so good, hey?
It is the best thing ever.

Get in there.

I'm loving this tribe.


Oh, my God!

Banana, banana!

Wow! You're amazing.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, there's so many.

Oh, my God, yes.
I don't think they're ripe, though.

Let's put them in the brekkie.

Can we chargrill one now,
to taste it?

Let's try it. Let's just try one.

Why not?

So, Tribal Council
was an absolute let-down.

I had to play my idol to survive.

Johnny went home.

I just don't know how...

But once it's fired, you never know.

Man, I thought Harry was a player.

And he played me, unfortunately.

- We're so desperate.
- Yeah.

- I'm so excited for food.
- Same. I'm so hungry.

I mean, if Flick, Harry and Shonee
just votes with me,

I play my idol, Locky goes home.

We own the tribe.

Yeah, I'm liking this reaction.

Mmm, nah, it doesn't look good.

Like, it was on a platter.

It's like, God, have some guts.

Stop sittin' there and doin' nothing.

Kind of tastes like bread.

I feel like Locky, Brooke, AK
and Flick have won this little battle

and they've been able
to win over Shonee and Harry,

and, you know, the alliance rolls on.


Once again,
Shonee gets second prize.

I always win.

Sitting in the tribe now,
I am firmly on the bottom.

Nothing's really changed.

But eventually they will
have to eat their own.

He's the kind of guy, though,
like, would order two...

And then chaos will reign.

I just need to whack a few cracks
in their alliance,

starting with the big players.

You know...

Really, that's all I'm trying to do,

just plant seeds of doubt,
you know, in the alliance.

Oh, terrible.

If I'm gonna go down,
I'm gonna go down swingin'.

I'm not gonna
sit at the bottom of an alliance

and just wait to be picked off.

If I go from this tribe...

..and they lose a couple more...

..I would be worried if I was you.


I like to use
the new and improved sand.

It gets things so much cleaner.

It cuts my washing down time
at least by half.

That's right.

Look how clean it comes
with the new, improved sand.

With the new, improved sand...

Your shells will be sparkly clean.

..I can see my own reflection in it.

The general mood here at Mokuta
is pretty good.

We did not go to Tribal Council
last night,

which is a good thing for me.

At this point in the game,

I know I'm not sitting in a good spot.

I know that I got all the votes
last Tribal, you know.

I'm on the bottom.

The people I got votes from,
um, weren't the people

I was expecting to get the votes from.

Have you guys ever had
a memory game before on Survivor?

But I'm still working away
at relationships,

trying to work my way up.

There's gonna be some flirtatiousness.

Don't. I'm just being honest.
Yeah. No, I know.

I definitely don't want us
starting off on the wrong foot.

You know what I mean?
No, but...

To be a little vulnerable,
a little emotional.

No, that means
a lot to me. Thank you.

You know, you got to do
what you got to do out here.

Alright, so,
what conversations have you had?

Anything you need to tell me?
Nuh, nothing big.

After the last Tribal Council,
I didn't vote with David.

I voted against David
and I voted with Nick.

So I feel like
I really need to gain his trust back.

He's a very dangerous player
in this game.

So, if I can be someone
that David trusts,

David's not gonna want to vote me out.

But, like, I...

Cool, cool, yep.
So, um...

Phoebe and I have both said
to each other we're gonna be loyal,

so she really does think
that she can trust me.

But Phoebe betrayed me
on the last Tribal Council,

she demonstrated
that I can't trust her.

Sorry, are you OK?
We don't have to do this now.

No, I just... no, I just don't know...

But I have to keep her tight,

so she doesn't flip on me any further.

If anyone wants the fact sheet on
coconut, please send to 5-5-5...

Nobody at this point
knows I have an idol...

..and that's pretty exciting

because it means I've got
a lot of options in this tribe.

Ooh, what am I gonna do with that idol?

Something very good.

So far, I'm willing to work with Mo.

And, to be honest, like, she's got a
couple of loyal soldiers over there

that I would like to take charge of.

And on top of that...

Let me get that, Sharn.

Oh, alright, Dave.
You do your thing.

..I've put a lot of work in
on Zach already.

I feel very good about Zach.

Yeah, he's all over it.
I might need some pointers.

He's all over it.

Look, man, when it comes to Zach,
I plan to be the Emperor

and I'm gonna make that dude
my Sith Lord.

In the water.
Oh, yeah, this is Fiji right here.

There you go.
This is why I came to Survivor.

That's good.
Get jacked and lose weight.

I'm gonna be having my hood on, like,

"Yes, Zach, welcome to the dark side.

"Do my bidding!"

- I'm actually gonna be gassed for...
- I know.


..priority number one
for me right now... to burn Phoebe.

Soon as I get that shot...

..I'm gonna blindside her.

Come on in, guys!

Mokuta getting their first look
at the new Vakama tribe.

John voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

It's John.

So, Lee, how do you feel
about John going home?

My Survivor son's gone.


I could take his place.

He's a good fella, really good bloke

and he, uh, lifted our tribe
whenever you have those down days.

Uh, he was always good fun
to be around, so, sad to see him go.

So, David, why do you think
they sent him home?

Um, I think there's
a pretty great alliance

that's happening over there,

which I used to be a part of.

And they're just making
smart decisions at this point

and I think they probably
made a hard but smart decision.

So, Mat, how's morale at Vakama
after three Tribals in a row?

Uh, we need a win, there's no question.

You know, regardless of
tribal alliances and so on,

it'd just be good
to have a win together.


Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Reward Challenge?

Let's do this. Come on.

This is a non-contact challenge,
one on one.

On my go, you'll have five minutes
to pull yourself along a rope,

against a current,

and then swim out
to retrieve a flag at the end.

First person to do so
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three, wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?
Yes, sir!

- Bring it on, Jonny!
- Give it to us!

A trip... the Survivor cake shop.

I called it! I called it!


Every kind of cake you can imagine,
enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

That'll do.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God, guys.

Come on, there's gotta be...
there's gotta be cheesecake!

Worth playing for?


Mokuta, you guys have two extra.

You're gonna need to sit out
two today. Who are they gonna be?

I'm sitting out.
Zach and... Zach and Mo.

Alright, Zach and Moana,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise and we'll get to it.

Making cake, man! Cake!
Oh, my God.

Alright, here we go.

Vakama, who you putting up first?

I'll go.

Flick's up.
Yep, I'll go.

And Sharn. Come on up.

Alright, in you go.
Take your positions.

Alright, here we go.

First round, we have Flick for Vakama

taking on Sharn for Mokuta.

- Go, Sharn!
- Yes, Sharn!

Go, Sharn!

Survivors, ready...


Both girls neck and neck on the rope.

Sharn looking very comfortable
on the water.

- Flick less so.
- Head under, Flick.

- Yes, Sharn!
- Come on, Sharn.

Sharn gets to the buoy first.

Get your breath.
Get your breath, Sharn.

- Flick is right there.
- Take your time.

Big breath.
Well done, Flick.

Flick, it's just
one big effort from here.

Both taking a rest.

- Rest up, rest up.
- You got this, Sharn.

Both girls waiting for the other girl
to make the first move.

Come on, Flick.

- Flick goes for it...
- Go, Sharn.

Go, Flick.

..forcing Sharn to make a move.

Yes, Sharn! Go, Sharn!
Both girls side by side...

..working hard against that current.

Legs, Sharn!

Flick starting to tire out,
starting to drift back.

Flick is out of it.

Go, Sharn!

Sharn still working
against that current.

Go, Sharn!

Almost there! Go, Sharn!

She seems to have stalled
against the current.

That current is strong.

And Sharn gives up.

Catch your breath.
She drifts back.

- Huge effort, girls.
- Great effort, Sharn.

Nice deep breaths, nice deep breaths.

You got halfway there, Flick,
with your head out of the water.

You put your head down,
just 10 big strokes,

and then put your head up.
Take a breath when you need.

Both tribes coaching
from the sidelines.

30 seconds left.


They have 30 seconds left.

- Go, Flick.
- Go, Flick. Go, Flick.

Both girls trying again.
That's it, Flick.

Keep going, keep going.
Flick exhausted, drifting back.

Follow my voice.

Sharn slowly making her way
toward the flag.

Keep going, keep going.
Can she get there?

You're only two metres away. Yes!

- Again, she stalls in the current.
- Go, Sharn, go!

Slowly drifting backwards.

And that's it.

It's so strong.

It is horrendous.

Alright, next round,

we have AK for Vakama
taking on Nick for Mokuta.

Battle of the strategists.

*** no kidding, eh.

Oh, Jesus Christ!

Survivors, ready...


Come on, Nick.

You need to pull yourself all the way
along that rope to the first buoy.

Head under, Nick.
You want to save as much energy

as possible on that rope

because you're gonna need everything
to swim to that flag.

- Get your rest, Nick.
- Nick, have a rest.

- Nick gets to the buoy first.
- Good work, Nick.

Nice, big, deep breaths.

This is where it all counts.

Put your feet...
put your feet down...

Who can close it out in this last leg?

- Don't worry.
- Go, AK.

Yes, AK.

..breaks away but quickly gives up.

It is a strong current today.

Nick getting ready for an attack.

- Go, Nick!
- Go, Nick!

Kicking big, Nick, kicking.
Thrashing around.

He is determined to get there.

And Nick gets there
and scores for Mokuta!

Oh, yes!

Mokuta leads one-zip.

- Look at the arms and legs!
- Yeah, mate!

Alright, here we go.

Next round, we have Mat for Vakama

taking on David for Mokuta.

Go, Dave!

Survivors, ready...


Come on, Maty!

Great work, Mat.

Mat just gliding through.

He is silk in the water.
Great work, Mat.

He gets to the buoy first.
Yes, Mat, yes.

Go, Mat, go.

He's not gonna take a rest.

He goes straight to it.

David's trying to close the gap.

- Go, Mat! Go, Mat! Go, Mat!
- Go, Dave!

Mat just powering through.

He is a machine!

And he reaches up, grabs that flag,
takes it for Vakama.

Holy cow.

We are tied one-one!

Alright, next round,
we have Lee for Mokuta

taking on Locky for Vakama.

Go, Locky.
Go, Lee.

Survivors, ready...

Go, Lee!

Both boys swimming along
the rope now, neck and neck.

Nice, Locky.

- Two very strong swimmers.
- Good job, Lee!

Go, Lee!

Almost at the buoy.
Nothing in this at this point.

Yes, Lee! Go, Lee!
Who's gonna get to that flag first?

Charge it, Lee!
Go, Lee!

Lee, nice charge to the flag.

Locky right on his tail.
Go, Lee! Go, Lee!

Both boys getting tied up together.

Kick! Kick! Kick!

It is neck and neck!

Who's gonna get to that flag first?
Lee stretches!

You can't hold him back!

Go, Lee!
You can't hold him back, Locky!

Kick, Lee!
Go, Lee!

Oh, oh, come on, hey!

- Kick, Lee, kick!
- Let's go, Lee! Let's go!

Alright, hey! Alright, hey!

Lee, Lee! Stop, stop, stop.

- Locky...
- Locky, man!

Locky, Locky...

..this is a non-contact challenge.

You know that.

You're disqualified for this round.
The point goes to Mokuta.

- Yes, Lee!
- What?!

Yes, Lee!

- Yes, Lee.
- Go.

Mate, you did it twice. Come on.

Once, I was like...
He got me.

..ah, maybe it was an accident,
second time, like, come on.

That was around the neck.
Come on, let's just keep it fair.

'Cause I did it once,
then you did it...

..nothing was said, so I was like...

Too bad, you lost.
Go back to your tribe.

Mokuta leads two-one!

Alright, next round...

- Whoo!
- Go, Phoebs.

- ..we have Phoebe for Mokuta...
- Go, Phoebs.

..taking on Brooke for Vakama.

Jesus, it's strong!

Holy shit.

Whoa, that is intense!

Close to drowning.
Oh, my God!

Phoebe can win it for them right here.

- Come on, Phoebs.
- You can do it, Phoebe.

You got this, Phoebs.
Do it for the cake, Brooke.

Do it for the cake.

Survivors, ready...


Go, Brooke.

Wow, Brooke is really good.

Both girls making quick work
of that rope, neck and neck.

Brooke quickly sliding along that rope.

- Gets there first.
- Go, Brooke.

Decides to have a crack at it.

Go, Brooke!

- Rest, Phoebs.
- Rest, Phoebs.

Phoebe's gonna take a rest.

- That's it, Phoebe.
- Focus, Phoebe.

Brooke quickly overwhelmed
by the current.

I can feel it. Dead!

Brooke ends up on Phoebe's buoy.
Get off my buoy.

My buoy.
You're sinking my buoy!

Excuse me!

Go back to your buoy.

Both girls holding onto the same buoy.

I'm gonna go back to...

- Phoebe, Phoebe, focus.
- Phoebe, focus. Big breath.

You've got one shot.

- There you go, switch on now.
- Switch on, Phoebs. Focus.

- You got it, yeah, Phoebs.
- Rest, Phoebs.

Taking a breath,
getting ready for the attack.

- Phoebe breaks away first for Mokuta.
- Yeah, Phoebs!

Go, Phoebs!
Really powering through.

- Go, Phoebe, go!
- You're halfway!

Go, Phoebs!

She is getting close!

And she gets it!

Well done!

Mokuta wins reward!

We got cake! We got cake!

Phoebe, you did awesome.

Mokuta, congratulations. The Survivor
cake shop is open for business.

Enjoy your afternoon.

And in the words of Marie Antoinette...

Let them eat cake!
"..Let them eat cake."

Head on out.

Vakama, got nothing for ya.

Swim it out, head back to camp.

Don't even think about it.

It does feel good to know

that I had a hand in helping
this tribe win today's reward.

I am an asset
when it comes to challenges.

It's another reason for my tribe
to keep me in the game.

At the challenge today,

I kind of proved, like,
hey, I can do this, too.

I can swim. It might not be pretty.

And I was able to bring home
one of the points for our team,

and because of that, we are now about
to indulge in the Survivor cake shop.

Read it out, boys.

Says, "Congratulations, you've won
a trip to the Survivor cake shop.

"Inside the shop there are many
delicious cakes for you to enjoy,

"but you'll have to
enjoy them privately

"because there is only one person
allowed in the cake shop at a time."

It has to be a secret.

There is either an idol or an idol clue

or some sort of advantage there.

And I want that. I need that.

"It's up to you as a tribe

"to decide the order
in which you visit the shop.

"Have a great time
and go eat some cake."

Cake time.


How are we gonna do this?

I'll volunteer to go.

The last time I played Survivor,

I had a pretty similar dilemma

and I managed to convince them
to let me go first.

Oh, shit.

I got a little too invested
in the popcorn.

But I did find an immunity idol.


Oh, they let me go first.

They let me go first.

You think there's any chance
they're gonna let me

go into the cake shop first?


Um, we could do rock off or...

Yep. Alright.

Alphabetical order?
Can't we do it based on points

or people who played today?

I'll throw one in there.
What about big Tarz?


I think he'll do the honest thing.

I put Tarzan's name forward,

just because I know Tarzan's
not gonna find nothin'.

If Tarzan comes back without anything,

maybe they'll believe there isn't
an advantage in the cake shop.

Are we in agreement that Tarzan's first

and then we work out the order?

- I think we should draw straws.
- Yeah, let's draw straws.

So, Tarzan, you can go
and then we draw straws.

If the group wants to
draw straws, I'll draw straws.

I'm feeling lucky.

Oh, *** sake.

And then I drew the short straw.

Phoebs gets me.
I think I'm slidin' in...

- Wait, let's do it in the order.
- I'm down the bottom.

- So Mo is longer.
- I think Mo's first.

So, Tarzan, Mo, Phoebs, Dave...

I'm actually pretty happy
with my number.

Phoebe and Moana might find something,

but I'm fourth, and that gives me
a really huge advantage here.

..myself, then you, Lee...

Then me.
..then Sharn...


And then Nick.
..and then, yeah, Nick.


How did this happen?!

Alright, go on.

Smash it.
Get out of here.

Eat as much as you possibly can.

So, when you turn up, there is just
absolutely cake deep in everything.

Oh, my God.

So you're literally
a kid in a candy store.


I don't even like cake.

I'm not a big fan of cake,
but I don't mind a doughnut or two.

Actually, my moustache
got stuck in a doughnut

and I half swallowed
the top part of my m...

I had to stop to pull it out.
So it was just bloody good fun.

Oh, my God,
look at your cake face!

Oh, yeah!

You got strawberry
all over you!


Is there lots?
There's shitloads.


So I walked in
and there's quite literally

more cakes
than I've ever seen in my whole life.

Of course I looked for an idol
or a clue, but... know,
I think you just get distracted

by the 105 cakes in there.

I found nothing.

- Really?
- Really?

Run up there.
Whoo! My turn!

So, the fact that Tarzan
went in first was a good thing

because he wanted to do the right
thing and not cut open the cakes.

And Moana did the same thing, she
didn't want to cut open the cakes.

For me, there's no way in hell
I'm taking that approach.

I am cutting open every single cake
until I find something.

I'm, you know, rapidly cutting
through every cake I can see,

going clockwise around the room,

trying to stuff my face with cake
and doughnuts at the same time.

And finally I get to, like,
the second last cake and...

..ha, the idol clue is there.

"Back at your camp is a termite mound,

"and inside, an idol to be found.

"Find the mound and locate a hole.

"Stick in your hand
and there lies your goal."


There is a huge panic when you have
a time limit in those situations

because you're trying to achieve
so many things.

All you want to do is walk out of there

with a belly full of cake
and an idol clue.

That's all you want.

And, you know, it looks easy,
but it's... it's not.

Look at you.

Oh, my goodness.
You're a mess.


How'd you go?
It's amazing.

Is it?
Amazing. It goes so quick, though.

I did not get around to all the cakes.

- That's what everyone says.
- What was the best...

No, I didn't find it,
'cause I know you're all wondering.

No, didn't find it. I *** tried,
though, I can tell you that much.

Wow, you got even stuff
on your ankle.

Saving some for later?

No, 'cause there's cakes on high shelves.

So, like, I was, like, looking up
at the cakes and, like,

yeah, cutting 'em, yeah.

So I'm pretty desperate
to get into this cake shop.

And I'm pretty happy
with the straw I've drawn.

I think fourth gives me a chance
to find something.

I already have an idol.

But one thing I do know is that two
idols burning a hole in my pocket

is better than one idol.

What can I say?
You know how much I love my idols.

Oh, look at this.


Alright, well,
there's nothing in these ones.

OK. Could you be in this, uh, here?

Mmm, oh, macaroons.

I walk into the cake shop...

I'll have this.

..and I really expect it
to be a bit destroyed,

but it's been quite civil.

Some of this.

Uh, cakes have been cut.
You know, eclairs have been tasted.

But, really,
there's not that much damage.

I'm very, very surprised.

But I am about to smash cake into
my face like there is no tomorrow.

I'm gonna jump in this real...

Oh, that's good.

Oh, man.



If I was an idol...

..where would I be?

No idol, nuh.

Alright, well,
I wonder if it is in here.

Too heavy.


No idol for me today, but...

Are there still cakes intact?
That's what I want to...

Stack of cakes intact.

They've all been cut.
Oh, have they?

- They've all been cut.
- That's polite.

I didn't use a knife,
I'll tell you that much.

Look at your face.

Knowing that there are still
six people to visit the cake shop

is really scary for me

because I've hidden the clue.

But I don't know how... like, people
are gonna tear this cake shop apart.

So, I'm super, super nervous that
someone is going to see the clue

and beat me to the idol.

"I feel sick."

While we're waiting
and everyone keeps coming back

and they're telling their stories...

Oh, those chocolate eclairs,
did you see them?

..I'm just getting
more and more impatient.

And then it hits me...

Seven minutes, wasn't there?

"..Nick, going last is the best."

- See ya, guys! Whoo!
- Have fun, Nick! Bye!

Go, Nick!

Because I don't have to worry
about manners, being a human being.

And I'm about to make some carnage.

There's got to be something here.

There has to be a benefit
for going last.

Oh, a doughnut!

Yeah, it's intense, right?

Did you drink some milk?

There was definitely
some kind of clue

to either an advantage or an idol.

- Think I may have made a mess.
- How did you get it over your groin?

How did you get it
on your legs?

I turned that shop on its head,
so someone's found it.

And somebody having an advantage
in this game, and it's not me,

that's bad news.

So I want to figure out who's
got this advantage immediately.

Come on in, guys!


did Mokuta get everything
they dreamt of at the cake shop?

I mean, if you were a big cake fan,

I don't think it could get
any better than that.

Um, there was cakes, doughnuts,
cupcakes, eclairs.


Phoebe, what was your favourite part
of the reward?

Probably the doughnuts, yeah.

Were they stuffed?

They were so good, glazed.


Well, Mat, you guys have lost three
tribe members in rapid succession.

How desperate are you guys
for a win today?

Um, we're positive.

You know, we've come in here
ready to play

and it's time for our turn

to get back
on the winning side of the ledger.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?



Sir Jonathan.

Thank you, Sir Nick.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

on my go,

you will unpack poles that
you will use to build a staircase,

allowing you to get up
and over a tower.

You'll then work together

to push a giant wooden cube
to a series of posts.

At each post, you'll collect a key.

One of those keys will open a chest.

Two tribemates will then use
the pieces inside the chest

to solve a puzzle.

We have puzzle boy.

First tribe gets it right,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, you know the
drill, Tribal Council tonight,

where someone's gonna be the ninth
All Star voted out of this game.

Mokuta, you got two extra players,
you need to sit out two people.

Sit out Nick, I reckon.

Cannot be the same people
in back-to-back challenges.

Hmm, not so much.
Who are they gonna be?

Myself and...

And Phoebe.

OK, Jacqui, Phoebe,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise, we'll get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity,

survivors, ready...


Both tribes unpacking their poles.

They're very light, they're very light.

First job is to build a staircase.

Problem is the length of the pole

doesn't necessarily correspond
with its position.

Nah, nah, don't worry,
just put it here.

Get 'em up, get 'em up there,
get 'em up there, get 'em up there.

That's because the depth
of each of those slots is different.

You'll need to work together
to figure out where they go.

This one's really short, guys.

It has those lines, though, these lines.

Yeah, I know.
I'm just gonna test it.

You will know you're getting it right

when it gets progressively higher
toward the top.

I reckon that's it, Lock.
I reckon that's it.

Need another one with a very low black.

Mokuta have something going.

OK, start putting the bigger ones in.

- Bit of help up here, guys, guys.
- Look how high it goes.

Guys, this is way too high.

Vakama struggling to find out
where those poles go.

It's wrong.
All good, all good.

So let's start taking 'em out.
I need help here.

Mokuta rearranging.

Swap 'em out.
Too low. That's too low.

Just keep going. That's it.

Starting to come together for Vakama.


- Mokuta's is coming together now.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Alright, you're good, Mokuta, go!

Go! Top of the tower.

Are they good?
You're good, Vakama, go!

Go, go, go, go, go.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Everyone sliding down.

'Cause everyone's got to be down
before you move on.

- Come on, Tarzan.
- Come on, Tarz!

Vakama close on their tail.

Mokuta on to the cube.

- Watch it.
- Put it down. Agh!

- One, two, three, go!
- Yep, use the momentum.

Vakama right on their tail.

We are close in this challenge.

One more. One, two, three!

You need to get it
underneath the posts.

Push, push!

Locky, up.

Locky leaps up on top for Vakama.

Come on, we can do this.
We beat them to that.

- David for Mokuta.
- Go, Dave, go!

Get the key.
I got the key, I got the key.

- Yep.
- Nice, Lock. Nice, Lock.

Working that ring to the top.

Vakama has their first key.
They're moving on.

- Get ready to push.
- One, two, three, go!

Watch out!

Go, Davey, Davey.

Everyone ready to push.

David struggling with that key.

- That's it, Dave.
- Use the length.

Trying to work the ring
to the end there.

Yes, keep going.

Vakama moving on,
flipping that very heavy cube.

One big crunch, one big crunch.

Mokuta losing valuable time.

- There's no straightening the pole.
- That's alright, use a flick.

- Yes.
- Oh.

You're right, Dave. Keep going.


Alright. Lock, you're up.

Locky flips up again
to the top of the cube.

He is a machine in this challenge.

We got this, guys.

Just everything you got
for this last one.

Yes! Go, Locky!
They have the second key.

They just keep pulling away.

AK, get back!

He's taken the top of the pole,

put it on the top of the pole,
yes, that's it, and put it up.

Yes, like that.
That's what you want to do.

All the way up.
David has the hang of it.

Oh, so close! Right on the edge!

Finally Mokuta have their first key.

One, two, three, go!

OK, bounce again.

Vakama moving on
to their third and final key!

Keep bouncing.

Gonna have to pick this up, Mokuta!

- Pull up, pull up, pull up.
- OK, now push.

Mokuta really struggling
with their cube now.

Everyone is gassed over at Mokuta.

Pull, pull, pull.
That sugar not helping them today.


Alright, you take the two.
I'll catch this one.

Nice, Lock! Yes!

Vakama have their final key.
You can go and open up your chest!

On the mat, on the mat!

Get the stick. Where's
the stick? Where's the stick?

pole just nice and steady, Dave.

They're already
at the puzzle, guys.

Alright, yellow and orange, go.

Vakama continue to open up their lead.

Mokuta have their second key.

One, two, three, go!
They're moving on to their third.

Stay calm, stay calm.
That's all yellow.

Vakama unloading all their pieces.

AK gets to it right away,
starts putting pieces on the board.

Yeah, everyone did really good.

Vakama have been
on a losing streak lately.

Get me oranges.

Can they turn it around?

Pull it, pull! Quickly! Quick!

Mokuta struggling to get that cube...

Go, go, go, go, go! position.

Pole for him! Get the pole for him!

David going up again.

Hopefully he's got the hang of it now.

Come on, Dave.

Get the white ones up there.
There's a line around it. See this?

OK, go, go, go!
Finally Mokuta has their third key.

You can unlock your chest.

Grab the other, grab the other, Sharn.

Nick and Sharn working on that lock.

Yes, we got it, first one.

Bring it up.
Alright, Sharn, bring 'em in.

AK has a few pieces in.

Mokuta scrambling to catch up.

There's a line.

Give me some lines.
Give me some ***.

It's alright, it's alright.
Just keep going, boys.

Vakama had a nice lead.
Can they keep it?

Good. Go.

Vakama were way behind
in this challenge.

Yes, yes, that's nice.

On ya, Nick. Puzzle think.

Nick is making quick work
of that puzzle.

Alright, find the dark green.
Yes, OK, yes.

Someone going home tonight.

If you think you're in trouble,
you do not want to go back to Tribal.

That's A.

Oi, AK, AK, your second A is wrong.

That one?
No, no, no, that's right.

But your second bit is wrong,
'cause that bit's A-L-L.

Nick gets another piece in.

Put that bit...

And he gets another piece in.

Starting to come together for Mokuta.

There we go.

Alright, just keep it up,
guys. Keep it going.

Vakama trying to pick up the pace.

They're not
spelling 'All Stars'.

'All Stars', boys.
It's 'All Stars'.

Vakama starting to panic now.

- Up, up, up.
- Top, top.

There's no top to it.

Vakama had a big lead
in this challenge...

That's for the start, that one.

..but it has evaporated.
Put the black bit on the left of it.

Mokuta are starting to pull away.

OK, where else
do we need the letter?

That goes here.


Really starting to come together now
for Mokuta.

Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!

Vakama falling further behind.

We got... What have we got here?

This is where it's *** up,
right here.

Alright, guys, keep going.

Guys, do not give up.

Yeah, yeah, yep, yep, yep!

Two pieces left.
This piece is right.

One piece left.

Yeah, that's it.

Yes, yes, yes.
Thinks he has it.

Piece in. Last piece goes in.
Yes, yeah!


Mokuta wins immunity,

sending Vakama back to Tribal Council!

Yeah, Tarz!

Mokuta, what a comeback.

- Congratulations.
- Go, Sharn.

Thanks, Jonathan.
Immunity is yours.

Thank you.
Well done.

Thank you. Mokuta!

You guys are safe, no-one going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy your evening off.


- Good luck tonight, guys.
- Good luck, guys.

Alright, Vakama, well,
it's the same old story for you guys.

Tribal Council again tonight,
where one of you

will become the ninth person
voted out of this game.

Yeah, you'll have the afternoon
to work out who that's gonna be.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

You know,
my name's on the chopping block.

I've got the numbers
stacked against me,

have been from day one.

But I'm not giving up.

I just have to make sure

that I do everything in my power
to stay in this game.

We lost the
Immunity Challenge today.

And we're heading to Tribal again.

At least we proved
we're strong enough.

We just...
Yeah, definitely.

Oh, we smashed them in the physical.
Can't believe we got there so quick.

I do feel a little bit
responsible, being on the puzzle.

But, saying that, there's no-one
better on the puzzle than Nick.

At least we know we're
strong enough to win,

- 'cause we smashed that first part.
- Yeah. Nick's a bloody...

That's the thing,
like, Nick on the puzzle...

Right now, this tribe has
Mat on the bottom...

..and a majority six.

Yeah, imagine if
fires didn't have smoke.

Well, that's why they
invented those chimneys.

You have the original Vakama members,

AK, Brooke, Flick and Locky.

They've been a solid four
since day one.

And myself and Shonee.

So, right now, I have an opportunity

to build a lot of trust
within the Vakama core group.

- As a team, we're better than them.
- We are.

Me and Shonee,

we can actually solidify ourselves
with this majority alliance...

That was my life. I can make the big move happen
at a later date

and take over this tribe.

So... we're just putting
all the votes on Mat tonight?

No, it'll be most on Mat
and then two on me.

On you?

And then, that way,

like, no-one's arguing,
no-one's doing any of that,

like, like, can't lie to us.

Um, so we just need
to work out the two, but...

..yeah, that's that.

This is a big, big play
and a massive risk.

If Mat Rogers finds an idol,
it could destroy my entire game.

But if everything goes to my plan,
Mat goes home and I come back a hero.



It is what it is.

I don't want you
to get two votes tonight.

At the last Tribal Council,
you know, Harry and Shonee

showed that
they don't want to work with me.

So be it.

Failure gives you another opportunity.

Taking Shonee out of the game
for me is great.

Doesn't weaken our tribe physically.

But she's also tied in with Harry.
They are tight.

And Harry's a dangerous player.

We got this shit!


And then her social game,
that's next level.

Your skin is, like, so good
how it's all one colour.

Yeah, mine is like...

Have you seen the rest of my torso?

So I want to remove that
from the picture.

The reality is if I'm out of here,

our chances of winning challenges
go from average to horrendous.

Like, what...

We're just... we're losing them
on the one, like, one aspect.

But, like, we dominated in that.

If you take my strength away,
and you're pretty much...


I know. I understand that.
I don't want to weaken the tribe.

You take Shonee out of the tribe,

that weakens Harry,
who's super dangerous...


..but it doesn't weaken our tribe.

Now, the Godfather
is the name I got from this game,

not because I sit back
and I just take it easy,

I play the game hard and I take
people out when I need to.

Mate, if we get to the other side
and I'm with you,

I will get you intel to shift
the balance of power on that side.

It's a leap of faith on your behalf.

And your behalf.

You know, so, OK...
Well, what's your plan?

Split the votes with Harry and Shonee?


You know, I missed last time,
but this time I can't miss.

You know, Shonee needs to be
going home tonight

and I need to be coming back
to the beach, staying tribe strong,

so we don't go back
to Tribal Council again.

Alright, thanks for the chat, boys.
Cheers, man.

I'll let you guys discuss it.

And you know what I'm gonna do tonight.


I'm quite strong
with my alliance

'cause we've been working together
since day one.

But in the game of Survivor,
you can never trust anyone 100%.

I mean,
I blindsided Brooke in season one,

so I know how people play this game,

and I don't want it happening to me.

You have to make a big move
when the timing is right.

For me in this game,
I have to follow my intuition

and make the move
that I think is best for my game.

How are you going, Maty?
Yeah, alright.

What's going on?

What do you think of Flick?

Uh, you think?

So I'm like, ***,
I wish that she was going.

She's been trying to save Mat
since, like, day dot.


But she's just believing Mat's little,

"When I get to merge,
like, I'll take you."

"You'll be brought in."

But, Flick, you'll be on the bottom.

People out here flip

when they feel super vulnerable
and paranoid,

and I can tell Flick's
already starting to get paranoid

about Brooke and I.

If Flick tells Mat
about the plan tonight

and they both vote Harry,

it could be Harry going home.

They definitely cannot
get rid of Dirty Harry.

I need him for my game right now.

- That's what I was just saying.
- Mmm.

She blindsided me...
Oh, yeah.

..after 45 days of me
saving her arse, so I know who's...


I tried
coming into this game

with a fresh mind and a clean slate,

but Flick's blindsided me before

and she could be the reason
our game's gonna come undone.

Tonight I'm putting
my trust in my alliance.

But I'm also taking
a huge risk right now.

Best-case scenario, Mat receives
four clean votes and goes home,

I return to this tribe a hero

and me and Shonee actually make it
into the next phase of this game.

But it could also
completely blow up in my face.

Some of the greatest victories
I've had in my career

are the unlikely ones.

Harry thinks it's a simple
vote, vote out the Godfather.

But that's not gonna happen.

With this vote,

it's about the Godfather
sitting in his rightful position,

and that's with the numbers

and being able to vote
people out at will.

So, Locky...

..another night with you guys
around the camp fire.

Ah, I know.

Take up residence here soon.
Pretty much.

Why do you think
you're back here again?

Yeah, um...
it's definitely not from effort.

We give everything we can
on every single challenge.

We win most of the, like,
the physical stuff.

It just comes down to
the last little aspect.

And today was a puzzle. We're
not too good at puzzles, I guess.

AK, do you feel responsible
for the tribe being here today?

Of course I do.

We were ahead when
it came to the puzzle component.

You guys had a huge lead.

Yeah. And these guys were massive.

So, to ruin a lead,
um, it doesn't sit well.

What's your take on it, Mat?

You know, to be honest,

you know, I should've put my hand up
and gone on the puzzle today.

I'm the one on the chopping block

and that's where
the game's won and lost,

and I should've put my hand up
and I should've been there,

and I didn't.

So, Flick, are you concerned that
this tribe is on a downward spiral

and they're gonna
keep losing challenges?

I mean, we are so close
to winning every single time.

So I think we've still done
pretty well with what we've had.

But, Brooke, the last three people
that you guys have voted out

have been strong in challenges,
Abbey, Lydia, John.

Do you think that's had an impact
on this tribe's ability to win?

No, I don't think so, Jonathan.

I think today just proved
that we don't need them

to get through the strength component.

We smashed the obstacle course
completely out of the park.

We, um, have continued to do so with
most of the physical challenges.

It's just the puzzles
that keep screwing us.

So, Mat, you mentioned that you're
on the chopping block again tonight.


Why do you think that?

Oh, look, you know, got, um... played like a fiddle
before last Tribal...

..and got a bit paranoid
and went down the wrong path.

So that's where sort of
I see myself sitting right now.

Do you think that the tribe would've
had the lead that it had today

if you weren't in the tribe?

Oh, I think I certainly add value
to the physical component

and the speed component
of any challenge.

You know, I think the last couple
of challenges have shown that.

I'm not sure, you know, me not being
in this tribe is gonna help us.

Without me, it's gonna be tougher
and tougher to win

and then you'll be
eating each other alive.

Like, I just think
that chaos will reign.

Locky, what do you think
about what Mat just said?

Ah, he's right.

Mat's a massive asset in pretty much
all the challenges we've done.

But you never know
who's gonna be good at a challenge.

So, like, yeah, we could keep strong,

keep Mat, like,
who might be able to help us,

or we can go forward with numbers.

I think, sometimes...

..keeping someone in a game

can be a more defining move
than getting rid of them.

Just a thought.

Harry, what would you say to that?
That's an interesting idea.

Um, it is an interesting idea.

There's a lot of pros and cons
to keeping Mat.

if you make it to merge,

Mat's there, he's a huge threat
to win the whole thing,

which puts the target on him
and less on other players.

And I'm sure
that's gone through everyone's mind.

At the same time, you've got a lot
of allies on the other side for Mat.

And he's got a lot of people
to make the moves.

Yeah, but loyalty
is hard to come by in this game.

But if you save someone from going
home, you can lock in that loyalty.

So, maybe Mat will be loyal to you
moving forward

and not other people in the merge.


You know, the reality is when you're
saved, it's a different feeling.

And, to be honest, you know,

the last 24 hours,
this game has humbled me.

And you come at things differently
when that happens in life.

It's happened to me in real life.

It's happened to me in my sporting life.

And it's happened to me here.

So, Flick, what do you
think about that pitch,

Mat saying, "Hey, someone saves me,

"you got my loyalty for
the rest of the game"?

I mean, it's definitely
something to think about

and, yeah, um...

..I mean, I'm still trying to think of

what's the best move to make tonight.

'Cause, yeah, Mat is a
huge asset in this game.

OK, so if it's not you tonight,

what kind of player
should go home tonight?

Someone who's sneaky.

I got to give him credit, man.

He laid some stories to me
that were so friggin' believable.

He... he... he got me good.

Yeah, he just was brilliant, so...

..all credit to him.

Sneaky is bad when they're against you.

But when they're on the same
side, it's very, very useful.

So, keeping around someone like that

is just as handy as keeping
around a challenge threat.

But, Brooke, no matter how
strong your alliance is,

you can't save it from decimation.

What's gonna happen once you guys
finally get rid of all the people

who aren't in your alliance?

Yeah, that's true,

and I think we've all
thought about that a lot.

We know that that's
very likely to happen,

that we're gonna have to start
picking off some of our own...

..which is a horrible feeling,

but I think we'll cross
that path when we have to.

Flick, is what's best for the alliance

necessarily best for the tribe?

No, not necessarily.

Um, so I think that's something

that we all have to think about
tonight when we vote.

So I'm just trying to weigh in

what's gonna be the better
option for us moving forward

and what's gonna be the better
option for me moving forward.

So, Mat, what should the tribe
remember before we go up to vote?

Tonight's a defining
moment for everyone.

For me, I could go home.

For them, they could make a huge
play and keep me in the game.

It's just that next challenge is
where things are gonna turn for us

and I think I can help us do that.

Think about winning the next
challenge when you go to vote.

Alright, well, on that note,
I think it's time to vote.

Alright, well, on that note,
I think it's time to vote.

AK, you're up.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

First time in a while.


OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Mat. That's two votes Mat.


Two votes Mat, one vote Harry.


We're tied.
Two votes Mat, two votes Harry.


Two votes Mat, two votes Harry,
one vote Shonee.


That's three votes Mat,
two votes Harry, one vote Shonee.

One vote left.

Ninth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...


All good, guys.
Need to bring me your torch.

Oh, Maty.

Maty, so nice to meet you. Mwah.

See ya.


Mat, the tribe has spoken.
It has.

You betcha.

- Well done, Mat.
- Mat, good game.

Keep going, guys. Enjoy.
You played amazing.

Enjoy that warm bed.


Well done, guys.
The Godfather is no more.

Well, Mat offered you all a deal,
which nobody took.

Only time will tell if that becomes
a half-a-million-dollar mistake.


Grab your torches, head on out.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

One of the six of us
has to go.

With Mat gone...

We're going to
have to attack one of our own.

..Locky's alliance begins to implode.

I just don't trust Harry.

If anyone thinks that
they're gonna strongarm me,

then they got another thing coming.


I found a clue...


Thank you!

Could Phoebe be making
the biggest mistake...

..of the game?

I can't even grasp the concept
of potentially

holding two idols in this game.

You know, I know if I'd got to merge,

um, I could've won this game.

But I couldn't get to merge.

You've played against the toughest,
the fastest

and the strongest opponents
in your career,

and now you've played against
the sneakiest.

It's been a pleasure, Mat.

I said chaos would reign,
and it will reign.

They will lose challenges, they'll
all be working against each other,

all trying to pull each other apart.

They will be destroyed once the
remaining faction gets to merge.

There are a lot of big
players left in this game.

It's gonna be amazing. I can't wait
to see the rest of this game unfold.