Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Episode #5.1 - full transcript

The best competition on TV is bigger than ever. The biggest villains, game players and heroes, are seeking redemption and competing against each other in the first ever Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Over four
seasons of Australian Survivor,

four massive battles have taken place.

95 castaways have been pushed to

their physical, mental
and emotional limit.

But through it all, they
have mustered the strength

to compete in the world's greatest game.

Survivors, ready?

What a Herculean effort that is!

Epic physical challenges...

..created heroes...

Lydia is a machine.

We all know Nick
is a bit of a snake.

Dirty Harry.

..deceptive social play
revealed villains.

It's the chicken idol.

I'm a golden god right now.
Like, I'm a golden god.

Some games were built on loyalty.

Let's just get it in your pocket.

Others were cut short by betrayal.


You need to bring me your torch.

There have been huge mistakes...




I had an idol in my bag!

..and victories that have
rewritten the history books.

And now, 24 giants of the game are back,

all stars in their own right,

here to prove they have what it takes

to become the next

Sole Survivor.

And it starts right now.

50 days, 24 all-stars,

one Survivor.

Savusavu is about to be invaded

by Australian Survivor's

most legendary competitors.

From the devious players,

the snakes of the game...

I'm the original Survivor snake.

But since then, we've seen
way bigger snakes than me.

I was, like, your
garden-variety earthworm

in Season 1 compared to these guys.

So, I've evolved.

Now, I'm going to be,
like, the king cobra.

I want to chase down the big players.

I'm going to be at the
front, leading the charge,

swallowing everyone in my way.

If a snake can win any game
of Australian Survivor,

it's Survivor All Stars.

..there's those with
something to prove...

..and a score to settle.

In Season 1, the reason I
got voted out was because

my best friend in the game
actually turned around

and blindsided me.

So, I've got a score to settle.

I'm 10 times stronger
going into All Stars

than I was the first time.

I'm probably the fittest and
the strongest I've ever been,

and I'm ready.

I'm coming to win, and I'm not
going to hold back at all.

There's the honourable heroes

who led with their hearts...

Well, I was on Survivor
two-and-a-bit years ago.

I played it with honour and integrity,

and I played it honestly,

and it cost me the game.

But that doesn't mean
I'm prepared to change who I am.

Don't get me wrong. I'm going to
play this game really hard.

I'm never going to quit.
This is All Stars.

Shit's about to get real.

..and the challenge beasts
who never back down.

I am made for Survivor.

I'm perfectly equipped for this game...

..having competed
in five Winter Olympics

as an aerial skier.

I'm going in this time with vengeance,

and I want blood.

I'm really excited to blindside
the crap out of someone

so that they know what it feels like.

I'm not going to make
the same mistakes again.

Two legendary winners,

here for a second crown.

Jericho is back, baby.
Jericho the cookie monster.

People underestimated me.

People thought that, you know,
Jericho couldn't hurt a fly.

And one by one,
they were dropping like flies.

In the real world, I still
go to church every Sunday.

But when I enter the jungle,
I have a cold heart.

I want to be the one that disrupts
everyone's game play.

I just want to see some chaos.

I'm looking out for the new crown,

the All Stars crown.

And, of course,

the biggest players

the game has ever seen.

You can't have an all-star season

without the golden god.

Last season, I made the biggest moves

that Australian Survivor has ever seen.

But then I got blindsided
with an idol in my pocket.


This time, I'm playing smarter.

The thing I've learnt is being likeable

is so important in Survivor.

I'm going to have to turn it on
even more.

This is a new chance to charm.

It's the best of the best.

I want that title.

Shane and Jericho.

Come on in, guys.


Big guy.
How are you, man?


I'm alright. How you doing?

What, you coming to give me a hug?

Oh, my God!

Hi, girl. You look so sweet.

Oh, yeah.

Wow. You guys are certainly excited
to see each other.

Welcome to Australian Survivor
All Stars.

Everyone standing here represents
the best of the best

of Australian Survivor.


Mate, what brings you back
to play this game again?

Oh, I'm just honoured to be here, mate.

You know, and look.
I'm next to Shane Gould.

I mean, I couldn't miss it.

So, Lydia, what about
your blind side in your season?

Are you back for a little redemption?

We're all adults,

and we can work through
any history issues.

Mat, are you worried about that?

Uh, I'm worried for Shane.
She was the one that did it.

David, you've only just finished
playing last season.

Why do you want to play again?





You'll have to wait and see.

Well, whatever your reason
for coming back to play,

whether it's revenge or redemption

or maybe it's just the money,

you all have what it takes to win.

But so does the person
standing next to you.

I mean, this is All Stars. The game
has been turned up a notch.

Which means you're going to have to
outwit, outplay and outlast

better than everyone else here

if you want to become
the ultimate Sole Survivor

and walk away
with half a million dollars.

Alright. Let's get you guys divided
into tribes and get on with this.

Find your buff.

Don't open it yet.

There you go.
Thank you.

Alright. Go ahead. Open them up.




Green. Whoo!

Say hello to your new tribemates.

This is awesome.

I'm so anxious.
Oh, my God.

Alright. Yellow tribe, your name is



It means "to burn."

Green tribe, your name is Mokuta.


It means "to strike."

Well, regardless of how you feel
about your tribes right now,

you need to find a way
to work together to win.

Because in this game,
winning is everything.

Ain't that right, Jericho?

That's correct.
That's correct.

So, on that note,
are you guys ready to get to

your first Reward Challenge?

Let's do it.

For today's challenge,
you're going to push a heavy sled

along a course to collect firewood

at three different stations.

When you think you've got enough
wood, you'll bring it back

and use it to build a bonfire.

One of you will then race out and
grab a torch

to light it up.

The first tribe to build
a bonfire big enough

to burn through a rope

wins reward.

You want to know
what you're playing for?


You are playing for
the ultimate tribe camp.

Just imagine walking onto
your beach, Day 1,

to find a completely built shelter...

No way.

..perfectly positioned, with a fire pit,

fully stocked, ready to go.

All you have to do is boil up some rice

and get straight into the game.

Losing tribe?
No shelter, no fire.

This is a massive Day 1 advantage.

It could make or break your game.

Worth playing for?

Alright. I'm going to give you guys
a minute to talk about it.

We're going to get it on.

Alright. Here we go,

for a game-changing reward.

Survivors, ready?


Everyone racing out to their cart.

One, two, three.

Two, three, go.

Keep going. Drive legs.

Go, go, go. Go, go!

You need to get it
all the way down the end.

Turn it around before you can come back

and start collecting from the stations.

That sled is heavy.

It's going to require
serious team effort

once it's fully loaded.

Come on. Come on.

Come on!
Keep it straight.

Green tribe is starting to pull away.

Now, pull. Great, great. Good!

Alright, Mokuta. You're good.
Turn it around.

That way, go!

That's it.


Three, two, one, go.

Grab the end. Grab it.


Green tribe loading
their coconut husk and kindling.

Let's go. Go, go, go.

Mokuta moving on to the second station.

Alright, Vakama.
Turn it around.

Nice, guys.
Keep it going.

Yellow tribe, finally,
they're at the first station.


Loading on their coconut husk
and kindling.

Good job.

Green tribe is at the second station.

John grabs a huge bundle by himself.

Take as much or as little as you like.

Go, go, go! Go!

Try shuffling it.

Alright, guys. Alright.

Yellow tribe are closing the gap.

We have a challenge on our hands.

Try and make them straight.

The more wood you have on
that sled, the heavier it gets.

Keep pushing them over.

Yellow tribe organising their wood.

Yeah, that's enough.

We have to catch them.


John, on top of the third station.

Grab that.

Yellow tribe at the third station.

Bit faster, guys, yes?

You're going to need enough wood
to build that bonfire.

Yeah. We need all of it.

If you have too much wood,

you're not going to be able to move
that sled.

Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.

Three, two, one.

We're going crooked.

Push! Come on.

Green tribe, just gassed.

We've got too much stuff.

They're struggling to push,

so just make sure
that we can push it, hey?

That's enough, isn't it?
Yeah, yeah. That's enough.

Everyone reset.

Alright, guys. Run. Push!
Keep pushing, guys.

Nice, guys. Well done.

Vakama, come on.
You're doing a great job.

Come on, Mokuta. Pick it up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Keep going.

Go, Vakama.

Closing the gap.

OK, boys, dig deep, dig deep!

Three, two, one. Go!

That's it. Making progress.

Come on, Mokuta.
You're doing a great job.

Come on. Come on. Keep going!

We're so close!
Come on.

Just keep it going.

Take it all the way, now.
All the way!


Take it all the way!

Alright, Mokuta. You're good.

Start building your bonfire.

Go, go.

Come on, Vakama.
You need to pick this up.

You got to get it all the way
to the rail. All the way.

All the way.
All the way.

That's it! You're good, Vakama.

Start unloading.
Start building your bonfire.

Both tribes think they have enough wood,

but it's a calculated risk,
because if you don't,

you're going to have to take
the sled back to collect more.

Locky breaking some of the kindling
into smaller pieces.

Get the bags if you can.
And the small stuff.

Yellow tribe are keeping
their bonfire organised,

well structured.

Green tribe, a little haphazard.

Guys, tackle each bit on.


Henry racing out to get the torch.

He's going to have to untie
20 knots to release it.


Henry has his torch.

Mat going out for his torch.

Mat, Mat.


Henry hands over the torch to Shane.

Massive reward on the line.

Whoever wins this gets
a completely built shelter.

That is a huge advantage.

Mat has his torch.

Oh, yeah. Go, go, go.

Hey, we got it. Got it.
Got it, yeah.

Watch your legs, Locky.
Watch your legs.

Watch the headspace!

Mat straight in with the torch.

Yellow tribe light their fire first.

They were so far behind
in this challenge.

It looked like they were nowhere.

What else do we need?
What else do we need?

Are we ready, or...
No. Not yet.

Not yet.

Meanwhile, the green tribe
keep building their structure.

More at the top.

More of the light ones
poking out of the top.

Holding off on lighting it.

Put absolutely everything up there.

Don't stop, guys.


Get everything. Get everything.

So, I reckon go.
You reckon we're ready?

We're going to go.
Let's go. Let's go.

We should have a go.
Come on, Shane.

Go, go, go.

Burn, burn. Burn it. Burn it.

Finally, the green tribe
light their fire.

But have they waited too long?

Yellow tribe's bonfire
really kicking in now.

Come on. Burn, baby.
Burn, baby.

The flames getting very close
to Vakama's rope.

Come on. Come on.

Serious heat.

The wind is a factor today...

..blowing the flame
away from the rope.

Guys, look out.

Yellow tribe have less wood
than the green tribe.

Will it be enough?

Come on, baby. Come on.

Hey, burn these.

Yep, yep.

Any other bags?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Green tribe being innovative,

trying to use the bags for the husk.

Oh, they're putting their bags up.

Do you want their...

Yellow tribe are going to copy the
green tribe.

They're going to use their bags to
extend the top

of their bonfire.

Come on.
Come on.

It's building, guys.

Their fire is stopping.
Their fire is stopping.

Yellow tribe had a serious blaze going,

but their fire is starting to go out.

Shit, guys. Ours is almost out.
Hey. Should we...

Oh, shit.

We need more. Need more wood.

We're going to have to go out again.

Oh, shit.

Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go and get some more.
Let's go!

Come on, guys.

Yellow tribe have decided
they don't have enough wood.

Three, two, one, go!

They're going to go out
again and get some more.

Get going. Get going!

That's it.
Come on. Come on.

Doing well, guys. Doing well.

Meanwhile, Mokuta's bonfire
has just continued to build.

Yeah, guys. You've got it.

Their fire is bigger and
better than Vakama.

Guys, we're so close.

It's got to burn all the way through.

Come on.

That's it! Mokuta
have burned through their rope

and win first reward.


This game is on.


A fire pit!

Look at that.

Walking up and seeing the shelter,

I may as well have checked
into the Four Seasons.

Seriously. I can't believe it.

It's like the Taj Mahal.

That thing? Legit.

Oh, I'm so happy.

This is how you do it.

This is such a big game-changer.


I know.

Oh, yes.

We're on the board.
Yep. We're up and running.

I love our beach.

The roof is double done, hey?

We're absolutely killing it.

Way to say it, mate.
Sitting back, luxury.

We've got a fire going.

We've got heaps of food
at the moment at camp.

It's so kumbaya.
Everyone is friends.

Things couldn't be better right now.

The crowd goes wild.

Season 1 does have something to offer.

And I'm feeling like
half a million bucks already,

and it's Day 1.

It is crazy, because even though
everything was done for us

and we have all these amazing amenities

that the other tribe doesn't have,

but this is All Stars, and
the line-up is so epic.

There are Adonises carved
from stone out here.

We've got the challenge
threats, guys and girls.

There's the snakes.
There's the social threats.

We're going for brunch, mate.

Hey. I'm lucky I dressed appropriately.

I love Shane Gould. She
is an icon of Australia

and of Survivor, and
she's living in my camp.

And then there's people
like Lee and Sharn.

They made it all the way to
the end and could've won.

I have to pinch myself.

Like, I'm playing Survivor
with Survivor royalty.

There we go.

So far on Day 1, I think
the vibe is pretty high.

But... better believe

as soon as it's time to
start playing the game...'ll be World War III.

Every key player in every
key vote that has ever been

is on this beach right now,

ready to tear shit up.

We've lucked out.

We've got a sick tribe
and we've got all this,

and we've got a good beach.
It's a good Day 1.

It's a good first start.

I'm going to go for a walk.

Day 1 of Survivor All Stars,
and I'm feeling in my element,

because I'm an all star.
I'm here to play.

In Season 2, I managed to
convince my entire tribe

that I was a yoga instructor.

I was throwing challenges
to get rid of my threats.

Gave idol clues to the opposition

and I replanted idols.

There wasn't a thing
I didn't do out there

that caused a stir
and strategically got me

to where I finished.

But my one error...

..was not playing this baby.

This time round, I'm finding
another one of these,

and you better believe
it, I'm playing it.

That's why I really want to
read this clue in my pocket.

It's unbelievable.

I need redemption for an idol,

and I've got a chance to grab it.

"Congratulations. You've found the clue

"to a Hidden Immunity Idol...
but there's a catch."


"The idol is hidden at Tribal Council

"on a tree behind where
the torches stand.

"Find this symbol on the trunk...
and the idol is nearby.

"But you'll have to be quick to grab it,

"because the idol's power only lasts

"for the first three Tribal Councils.

"Good luck!"

That's good. That's powerful.

I'm going to get
redemption on this idol.


I think using the idol straight up

would be the biggest
boss move we've seen.

Not many people have the
balls to just go, "Boom,"

and put a line in the sand.

Start this game with 24
players off with a bang.

But there's a massive chance

that Mat Rogers from the other tribe

could get to Tribal before me.

So, it's going to depend on who loses

the first Immunity Challenge tomorrow.

Oh, my God.

- Wow.
- This is very...

This is it...


The green tribe, Mokuta, have an
already-built shelter for them,

a fire pit.

All they need to do is boil that
water and get the rice on.

Then you come over to here,

it's like the hyena
graveyard in The Lion King,

where everything's dead

and there's no sign of life.

- Oh, man.
- Wow.

We have no shelter, no flint,
which means we have no fire.

We have to make for ourselves.

Should we make a shelter?

I was just thinking the same thing.

Yeah. Should we do something?

Alright. So, if we just collect
all the bamboo, bring it here,

and then we can make a
shelter from there.

My God.

Look at the size of
him, he's built for it.

I'd like to be mates.

Well, I'd appreciate it if
you don't vote me out, Tarz.

No, no, man. I'd... Yeah, shit.

My wife would kill me when
I get home if I don't...

Oh, yes. Very good.

Actually, we saw you...

I said, "Look at Dave there, Nat,

"he's bloody cut away."

I said, "I'll look like
that when I get back."

She went, "I hope so."

Getting back on the beach
for a second time,

I never for one minute
thought it would be easy.

The only reward that I've
got is that I'm actually

back in All Stars with some
of the greatest players

that ever played.

I was the big man in the
last tribe I was in.

- Oh, mate.
- Dude.

What have we got? We got high tide here?

Yeah, by the looks of it.

The wind is coming this way,
so we'll get to that, and...

- We could have it that way.
- Yeah. 100%.

Well, it depends if we want to raise it.

If you raise it, man, the
floor is so uncomfy.

No, no. I know how to make it comfy.

- Oh. Well, then, let's raise it.
- Yeah, yeah.

But, uh, I notice the personalities

of the alpha males are contending.

Locky is going gangbusters in the tribe.

You know? He's taking
control of the hut.

He's making sure it's getting built

the way he suggests it to be built.

Yeah. That one, that's
pretty good there.

A bit in, but that's fine.

Mat, I see him as the alpha
male in strength and courage

and honourability.

And Dave? He's a charmer, mate.

Look. He even charms me.

Me and my wife would be real happy.

The leader in this tribe?
The alpha male.

They know they hold the
power and the muscle.

I think the alpha male in camp

hasn't really risen to the top yet.

Locky, David and Mat,
they all want it bad.

But in this game, it's
actually having to prove it.

So, let's see what happens.

- Oh, yes, please.
- Whenever.

We can do it now.

You know, Sharn can swim
reasonably well. Not real fast.

- Yeah.
- Shonee's pretty good.

Yep. Um, Lydia is pretty
good at swimming.

She surfs as well. Yep.

That's Shane Gould saying
you're good at swimming.

Ooh! Winning.

You'll have to give us some lessons,

- 'cause I'm hopeless.
- Definitely.

I mean, I can swim.

And if everyone can save
three seconds or five seconds...


You know, and getting
there with less energy,

then you got more energy
for the rest of the challenge.

And just that, you know, if
we could pick up five seconds

with everyone...

There's going to be some
swimming challenges, anyway.

I'm sure there will be.

- And it'll come in handy.
- Yeah.

I was successful as a
15-year-old and 16-year-old

in elite swimming.

Being the fastest swimmer in the world

and one of the best-known
sports people in Australia.

Last time I played Survivor,
I was the dark horse.

And then I won.

I was the oldest woman to win Survivor.

A lot of old women said to me,

"Shane, it was just so fantastic
to see you representing us."

And I'm super proud of that.

It's equal, I think,
to my swimming career.

I'm here to prove that
I can win it again.

Since finishing Survivor,

I've also completed my doctoral thesis.

So, I have an analytical mind.

I've been breaking down the game,

and I've studied Chimpanzee Politics,

politics in the jungle.

And I think I can see quite a lot

about how chimpanzees relate.

It's like some people on my tribe.

Hey, the fire is so hot.

I'm ready for the monkey business.

Now, since reading about chimpanzees,

I can see the importance
of how to reconcile clashes.

I'd like to heal some wounds, and...

Yeah? OK.

I was the reason why Lydia
was voted out of the game.


Thank you.

But also, I can see how important

all those relationships are.

Good to see you back, Shane.

I'm so glad to be back.

- I like the purple.
- Yeah, it's royalty.

Well, you are.

You're Survivor's royalty, yeah.

I think I might even be a bit sneaky.

Yeah, yeah.

Like, what I was thinking was, um,

was having something
like a secret friend.

- So, you and I, secret friend.
- I love that, yeah. No.

- And then...
- I'm just vibing off you. Yep.

And I know the value of
Hidden Immunity Idols.

So I'm going to try to
find a few of those.

Surprisingly enough, getting
some weird vibes from Shane.

How you going, Shane?

She's this old lady that's
sort of skulking around.

She's just making it seem like
she's a little bit confused.

But I can see you. I see you looking.


She loves an Easter egg hunt.

- She does.
- It's crazy.

She's actually putting me to shame

in the idol-hunting department.

I don't know. I'm feeling like
I'm not doing my job.


This lady is here to play hard.

She's an absolute under-the-radar

dynamite player.

I'm going to be watching
her like a hawk.

So, what are you, usually?

Like, the silver prince or something?

Well, you can have that
one if you like it, yeah?

Can I?
Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I love it.

I've got the best tribe.
It's an all-star tribe.

Zach is the poor man's version of Locky.

Lee is the poor man's
version of Mat Rogers,

Henry's the poor man's version of David.


Everyone was really gagging
to talk to each other

and have conversations.

We're going to have so much fun.

I feel like everyone
wants to play with me.

Um, like, I like you. Um...


I'm so excited.

Aren't you, like, anything
you touch turns to gold?

That's it.

Yeah. Wow.

Did we just become best friends?

I'm just kind of sitting back
like a casino boss,

like, taking in the money.

They're just, like,
sending it in, like, non-stop.

Probably be a bit intimidated by David.

Do you think?
I think so, too. Yeah.

I think he'd be very introverted.

Threatened. Yeah.

Big dogs?
Tell me more.

It's amazing.
I'm having almost too much fun.

I did find a clue

on the first challenge.
I can't believe it.

I'm just hoping it's an idol clue.


You've found the clue

"to a Hidden Immunity Idol...
but there's a catch."


"The idol is hidden at Tribal Council

"in a tree behind
where the torches stand.

"Find this symbol on the trunk...
and the idol is nearby."

Finding a clue first day,

it's halfway to getting
what I really need,

and that's the power in the game,
which is having an idol.

The Godfather is back.

And I'm ready to play.

I played a tough game,

and I know what it means
to play against the best.

You know, I've played for my country
in League and Union.

Played in world cups.
Won a Rugby League World Cup.

Just lost a Rugby Union World Cup.

That's a try for Mat Rogers.

Playing Survivor is a whole
different kettle of fish.

They called me "the Godfather"

because I had an alliance that listened,

and when people spoke out of school,
they got the chop.

But I went out of the game
with an idol in my pocket.

Devastating. So, lesson learnt.

You're going to see
the Godfather again this time.

Just a far wiser
and a far more shrewd Godfather.

I love the fact that in this world,
we get a second chance.

This time, I'll be doing everything
in my power to leave

all the idols I find here on the island,

at the expense of some poor,
unsuspecting contestant

who I send home with an idol blindside.

It's game on.

Is it story time yet?

Can we have a story?

Are we gathering up for story time?

Let's do it.

This is so awesome, right?


When there's, like,
cuts to the other camp.

They'll be, like...

Oh, my God.

Fiji is, like, way colder than Samoa.

Yeah. It's the wind.

Oh, I'm freezing.

We really have to get that fire going.

- Yeah. We've got to...
- We need to get *** flint.

First night on the
beach. Horrible shelter.

I feel like it's going to
fall down on us any second.

We've got no fire.

Good luck to us.


I thought you'd lose your shit.

This is so annoying.

Yeah. Don't worry about it.

Oh, shit, I'm hungry.

Yeah. Same.

Who would be our first?

I reckon I'd probably eat AK.

I'm so tired. It's Day 2.

How long?

Well, that's not working.

Well, let's hope we win something today.

I don't know how much longer

that our tribe can
last without any fire.

Alright, guys. We have to win this.

We need to win this first
Immunity Challenge.

If we lose, it's time
to turn on each other.

I don't want that to happen,

because these All Stars are dangerous.

The thought of throwing
a challenge makes my blood boil.

But knowing there's an
idol at Tribal Council,

it's a tempting idea.

Let's just say I won't mind losing.

Come on in, guys.

I know there's
a Hidden Immunity Idol

at the first Tribal Council.

But Mat Rogers on the
other tribe also has a clue.

So, if we win,

that means Mat Rogers will
have an idol in his hands.

Do I want that? I don't know.

- Michelle?
- Yes?

Describe in detail the feeling
of walking onto your beach

to find your camp completely set up.

Uh, this shelter is like the Taj Mahal.

We had a hot fire with a fire pit, food.

It was all socialising all night.

That's how much time we had.

Locky, different story over at Vakama?

So, what's the fire and food situation?

We ate a lot of coconuts.

Mat, with the empty bellies,

maybe you guys didn't sleep that well

'cause you didn't have a fire.

Are you guys confident
that you can win today?

Oh, yeah. There's good
energy amongst this group.

We're ready to go.

So, Henry, you guys clearly
have an advantage.

Can you make it two for two today?

Yeah, I think we can.

I'm real happy with this tribe.

You know, these challenges
get bigger and bigger,

and we're ready for them.

You guys ready to get to
your first Immunity Challenge?

- Yes, we are.
- Let's do it.

Alright. For today's challenge,

10 of you will race over
a set of A-frames

and smash through a series
of tunnels barred by sticks.

Once through, four of you
will hold up stepping poles,

allowing the rest of you to transfer

from one platform to another.

The same four will then
smash open wooden boxes

to retrieve balls,

which the final two tribemates
will attempt to shoot

into a goal held open by them.

The first tribe to land
five balls wins immunity.

And this is the Immunity Idol.


Look at that.
Holy moly.

That is sick.

With this in your
possession, you are safe.

Without it, you're vulnerable,

because you'll be seeing me
tonight at Tribal Council,

where one of you will
become the first all star

voted out of this game.

And I'm guessing no-one
wants to be that person.

Alright. A minute to talk
about it and let's get it on.

Alright. We have Lee and
Shane shooting for Mokuta,

AK and David for Vakama.

Come on, guys.

First immunity. Survivors, ready?


Everyone's scrambling to get up
and over that first A-frame.

Big run. Go, Brookie.

Keep going. Come, come, come.
Good. Good.

First Immunity Challenge.

No-one wants to be the first
all star to pack their bags.

Can I get over?
Go. Yep. You're up, Tarzan.

Oh, OK. OK.
Push it in.

Hands, hands, hands.

Green make quick work
of that first A-frame.

Next one, next one.
Let's go, go, go.

Come on, Flick.
Yellow is struggling.

You got it, Flick.
Go, Matty. Go, go.

Big run, Matty.
I got it. I got it.

Finally, the yellow tribe get over.

He's up there. Pull him up.

Come on. Come on. Let's go.

John helping everyone
up for the green tribe.

Jericho up top for the yellow tribe.

Tarzan struggling.

Let me get a leg over.

OK. Go ahead.

Nick trying to push Harry up.

Oh, God. Go, Matty. Go, go.

Up me, up me!
Climb over him.

Mat starts climbing up Locky.

Get your leg over.

Keep going.

Nick last to go over the
second A-frame for Mokuta.

Yellow is right on their tail.

Come on, guys.
We got to pick up the pace.

Go, go, go.

These A-frames get
progressively steeper,

making them more difficult to get over.

Good job, Dais.
I've got you.

Harry gets over for the green tribe.

Go, Tarzan.
Come on, Tarzan.

Come on, Tarzan.

Tarzan is struggling
on that third A-frame.

Pull it up. Yeah!
Yes, Tarzan. Yes.

Come on.

Zach last to go over
for the green tribe.

Let's go. Let's get ready for the boys.

John, go! Go, Zach, go.

Go, go. You got it.

Green start smashing
through the first tunnel.

These stick tunnels are brutal.
It's going to hurt.

Coming through. Coming through.
OK. Keep it down.

Go, go, go.

Yellow tribe is falling behind.

Watch out. Watch out. Move, move, move.

Come on, Locky. Come on.

Oh, my God.
Yes, Locky!

Locky offering himself
up as a battering ram.

That's it.


Yellow have made quick
work of that first tunnel.

Go, go, go.

Smarter. Smarter.

John and Zach trying to climb
under the second tunnel.

Keep it going, guys.

Get out of the way.
Get out of the way.

This obstacle just requires brute force.

Move, move, move.
Move, move. Go.

Oh, my God. Push. Let's push.

Oh, my God.
Locky, he is a machine.

Be careful of your eyes.

The green tribe still in the lead.

The yellow tribe, they're catching up.

You got it. You got it.

Two different strategies here.
John burrowing underneath.

Keep going. Keep going.

Locky just bursting through the middle.

Go. Go, go, go.

Can't quite make it through
this one. This one is longer.

Hop out of the way. Hop out of the way.

Watch out. Watch out.

Another hit from Locky,
smashing through there.

We got it.

Let's go, guys. Come on.
You're killing it. Keep going.

Good job, guys.

Both tribes are neck and neck.

Let's go.
Yeah, I'll boost.

Help, help, help.
Let's go. Let's go.

Come on. Get up.

We need four people
on the stepping poles.

Get on there, Phoebes.
Grab the edge. Good, Phoebes.


Alright. Keep going. Keep going.

Moana, Mat, Locky and Tarzan

on the stepping poles
for the yellow tribe.

You alright?
Yep, good.

Good. Looks good.

Henry, John, Harry and
Zach for the green tribe.

Lydia is first across.

Give her the whole way.

Halfway and get a hand up.
Halfway and get a hand up.

Phoebe is next over.

OK. So, I'm coming strong.
Yeah. Stay low.

Hang on. Down low.
Always gripping.

There's definitely a learning
curve to this challenge.


Zach and Harry, be ready to run back.

Stand up, boys.

It's all about balance,
right amount of speed.

Go, go, go.

Hands here midway.
Hands here midway.

Jericho is across for the yellow tribe.

Great job, we got you.
Thanks, guys.

Nice. Come on, B.

Yellow tribe is starting to pull away.

They're making quick work
of those stepping poles.

Brooke is across now for yellow.

You got this, Mich.
Yep. Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Up on one knee!

Michelle is looking shaky for green.

Just not too fast, boys.
Not too fast.

Mokuta are dropping behind.

You got it. Nice, Flick. Come on.

Yeah. That's it.

Good, Flick. Here we go.
Here we go.

Yellow has a nice rhythm.

Yes, Flick. Keep it coming.

Flick is across.

Two more to go for yellow.

Not too fast. Not too fast.
Go, go, go.

Reach out. Reach out. Reach out.

Good, good, good.

Keep that going. Keep that going.

Where are you going?
Come on. They're winning.

There you go.
Jacqui, there's a hand by you.

Hand right there.
Jacqui is across.

Come on, Dais.

Daisy is the last one
to go across for yellow.

She's fine.
Go, go, go.

Daisy is almost across for yellow.

Come on, Dais. Come on, Dais.
In here.

That's it. Good. Still two more
to go for the green tribe.

Vakama, you're good.
Start breaking your boxes.

Alright. Who has better
aim with the balls?

There are 20 boxes and five balls.

Yellow have their first ball.
Let's go, Sharn. Let's go.

There we go. Jump, jump, jump.
Come on, guys. That's it, Nick.

The green tribe falling behind here.

Just come, I got you.

Keep it up.

Yellow have two balls.

Come on, Mark.

Locky is like a machine.

Eyes up. Eyes up. We got you
if you want to leap. Leap.

Green, you're good.
Start smashing your boxes.

Henry, Henry. Hey.
Start smashing. Start smashing.

You need to collect all your balls

before you can start shooting.

Go, Lock. One more. Here we go.

Yellow have all their balls.

Pull the rope.
Pull the rope. Pull the rope.

You need to open that gate...

..before you can start shooting.

Yep. Go!

AK takes a shot.

It's short.

He takes another shot. Long.

The wind. Go to the right.


Yes. Ohh! One more like that.

AK hits the rim.


Oh. In and out for AK.

Right, Daisy.

And he gets it.

Yellow leads, one-zip.

One more.

Quick, quick, quick.
Up, up, up.

Bring them up. Bring them up.

Finally, Mokuta have all their balls.

Come on, guys. You've got this.

Lee, the ex-cricketer.

If anyone can bring it home
for the green tribe, it's him.

It's short. Lee takes another shot.
It's just on the rim.

AK takes a shot and gets it.

- Yeah.
- Again, again, again.

You're on target now, AK.

And another one.
Yellow leads three-zip.

Alright, Phoebe.

Imagine them going in, guys.

A lot of pressure on Lee.

Come on, Lee.

Come on. You've got this, Lee.
You've got it.

OK. Concentrate.

Take your time.

And another one for yellow.

They lead four-zip. The pressure
is really on for green.

You got this. You got this.

Can Lee land one?

Up, up, up.

All of Mokuta's hopes are on him.

Come on, AK.

AK takes another shot
and it's just on the rim.

Come on, AK. Come on.

AK takes a shot.
Can he win it right here?

And he does!

Vakama wins first immunity.

Huddle, huddle.
Sorry, guys.

It's fine, guys. It's totally fine.

Well done, guys down there.

We did the best we could.

Yeah, Locky, you beast! Yes.

Love you, you big *** unit.

Tarzan, give it to me,
baby. Come here, baby.

- It's softer here.
- Yep.

OK. I got you.

- Yeah. All safe so far. Yeah.
- Doing good? Alright.

Vakama, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Thanks, mate.

Don't drop that on your foot.

You guys are safe tonight.
No-one going home.

Grab your gear and head on out.

Enjoy your evening off.

Good luck, guys.

Mokuta, Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will
become the first person

voted out of Australian
Survivor All Stars.

Grab your gear and head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Losing wasn't the worst thing.

I know there will be a
Hidden Immunity Idol

hidden behind the torches
at Tribal Council.

This is my chance to really
take a hold of this game

and make a move from the day dot.

And that'll set the tone
for this whole game,

and it's then Hen's way. Whoo!

We get back
from the challenge,

and everyone wants to
talk about the challenge.

Good effort today, guys.

Courageous effort.
Everyone did so well.

Oh, shit.

So, uh, you used to be
a batsman, is that right?

Yeah, yeah.

No, mate.
It's not all your fault, man.

I'm not interested in
improving for next time.

I want to make sure I'm
there for next time.

This is a scramble with
the best of the best.

I'm not playing with amateurs anymore.

They all know how to play this game.

The first vote is going to
be a sliding-doors moment.

But I have done this before.

I'm no rookie. I know what it takes.

I've got a score to settle tonight.

Super excited that I can take
out my revenge on Shane.

Well, I want her out.

But I have to be careful that
I don't put a massive target

on my back.

So, it's important to be
clever in how I play.

Yep. I think so.

You look chilled.
I'm usually pretty chilled.

I think I'm just on Shane at the moment.

It's a good plan.

I'm liking it, and I think it
leaves, like, the field open

for other things.


I think Harry really
enjoys playing the game

and forcing the game really early on,

and this is a perfect set-up for me.

So, yeah. I'll just sit back and
watch Harry make up the numbers

and send her home.

I think the first vote in Survivor
absolutely sets a precedent

on where your tribe is headed.

We've seen the way that Shane
played in her original season.

She's a great player.
I mean, she's won this game.

And she's also very strategic.

I mean, Shane is the
least trustworthy person

on this beach,

and that's saying something,
we've got me here.

She seems like a sort of
innocent old lady at times,

but Shane is definitely a creeper.

She creeps up on you.

She's got those, like,
old nana shoes on.

She's just, like, coming up,
popping up out of nowhere.

Like, she's as sneaky as they come.

- This is, like...
- I know who's been...

Oh, yeah. We can talk about it later.

She's just like a little, like, ninja.

Like, roaming through the jungle,

looking non-stop for an idol.

And the weird thing is,

she's not being subtle about it at all.

Shane is the most
obvious vote right now.

Shane needs to go home.

You can be "Boil."

No. You're more trouble than me.

You're definitely more trouble than me.

I'm known as Dirty Harry.

They know that I'm a big player.

They know that I'm a snake.

That's a big target on my back.

It could just be at the
front of their minds

to just get rid of me straightaway.

So, I need to try and convince everyone

that the smart, logical
move is to vote Shane out.

Well, what are you...

At the moment, I'm pretty
sure we would have numbers

to easily just boot Shane.


We'd better make sure

that we have eyes on her the whole time,

because Shane won't stop
looking for an idol.


I mean, one person here has already won.


So, that's... I mean, it's like
that's, like, a simple thing.

Alright. Let's lock that in.

Everyone is, like, "Yep.
Shane is croaking."

Mm-hmm. Yep.

You're strategic.

Today, I was watching
and listening to my tribe,

and hearing their little
private conversations.

They didn't know that I was
watching and listening.

And I realise, OK, I'm a target now.

Uh, 'cause it's the first vote,
and obviously, Queen Shane

won it once.

I'm going to have to throw
someone under the bus

to not be voted out.

I better fill this up.

Yeah. Let's fill up.

Yes. Yeah. I think...

Shane wants to throw Harry under,

and I love it so much.

Zen Hen recognises game.

He's changed the game.
He knows how to find idols,

and he probably is one of the
biggest survivors of Survivor.

So, massive threat.


I think... yep, yep.
They are. They are.

Shane is a winner. Target.

Everything points to her going home,

but that's the easy vote.


Would you be keen to get Harry?
Yeah. Let's go Harry.

I want to work with Nick.

I've identified him as one
that could work with me.

With Nick, we merge our minds,

something good is going to happen.

So, it's Harry. OK.

The only person who I know
is voting Harry is Shane.

Dude, don't do it. Don't do it.

Pull your head back,
you're sticking out.

Nick came to the idea that
maybe it's a bit soon.

Maybe it is putting the
foot on the gas too early.

That's how I play.
I'm a big-risk, big-reward player.

But it doesn't matter if
I can't get the numbers.

The clue said that at the
first Tribal Council,

there will be a Hidden Immunity
Idol hidden behind the torches.

So, if I find this idol
before I sit down,

I'll use my idol to save Shane.

You've got to perform at the
big stage to be a big player.


Not, not... no.

Yeah. I know.

Harry has done a really good job
of bringing people together.

If we get Shane out, which
is exactly what I wanted,

sweet revenge.

I know my name is out there,

but Harry's name is as well.

I said it last time and
I'll say it again,

don't *** with
Shane Gould.

Go ahead. Grab a torch.
Come forward.

Dip it in the flame and get fire.

This is part of the
ritual of Tribal Council.

Because in this game, fire
represents your life.

And once it's gone, so are you.

So, Michelle, we're only,
what, 36 hours in.

So, what's going on with this tribe?

Is everyone just sitting around
getting to know each other,

or is it straight into game mode?

Day 1, we got given an amazing reward.

We had this shelter.
We had a fire pit, food.

It was all kumbaya, Day 1.

Day 2? Different story.

It's scramble central,
as you can imagine,

because that one loss changes
everyone's perspective.

Happy days yesterday, but
today is another day.

So, Lydia?

Tribals, you know, they're
tough at the best of times.

But when you're surrounded
by a group of All Stars,

does that add an extra layer
of difficulty to the game?

Absolutely. I think...
Look. It's early days.

It's, you know, it's the long game,

so I think that's what everyone

is trying to keep in their mind tonight.

What do you mean by that?

Keep it simple?


I just want to comment
on the idea of simplicity.

This game is not simple.

This game is very complicated.

And I know that because
I've been a past winner,

that my name is possibly on the block.

But how boring... take a stereotype
vote to vote me off.

Survivor is much more
interesting than that.

And this group of people here
have got some great creativity,

great imagination.

Let's use it.

We're all experienced,

and you just got to go for it.

But remember that it's Day 2,

and this is a 50-day game.

And people's allegiances
should be based on

what is going to be the
best for the tribe,

and what's best for the
people around them

and the people that
they want to play with.

But, OK, Nick...

..this is All Stars.

I mean, can you really take
a back seat in this game,

even on Day 1?

Uh, I guess.

Kristie wasn't driving the bus
from Day 1. Jericho wasn't.

Like, that's not how this game is won.

This game is won by a
unit moving forward,

and then you figure out

who's actually got their
hands on the steering wheel.

You can just get somebody else to
drive the bus and jump on board.

It doesn't mean you're going
down the simple road.

You're still in the same direction,

running over the same people.

But just get someone else to drive it.

So, Harry, is tonight simple,
or is there more to it?

Well, I mean, for me, I'm
trying to play my own game.

And for me, I think it's simple.

I've told people what I'm going to do,

and I'm sticking by that.

So, Lydia, your game last time
ended with a blindside...

..that some people
here were involved in.

Is it better to forgive and forget

or go for revenge?

Yeah. Look, I've reconciled with, um,
Shane, and it's a new game. Yes.

So, Shane, is that comforting to hear?

Oh, very comforting, yes.

You know, Lydia and I had a great talk,

and we have mutual
respect for each other,

and I think we want to help each
other to get through the game.

Do you believe she's forgiven you?

Yeah. Yep.

Yeah. We've had some good,
honest conversations.

We're adults, yep.
And this is a new game.

Like everyone's saying, it's
a new game. Blank slate.

And that's the thing.

I think we've got to work together

as a cohesive unit.

We've got to stay strong in that way,

because otherwise, yeah.

We've seen it happen.
We've all had those experiences

when, yeah, there's a
fracture in the group.

So, you've got to stay strong.

There's one thing we haven't really
touched on that could be in play.

And that's idols.


You think there are idols out there?

It's All Stars, and I think
that is probably the core

of why everything went
a bit crazy today.

Harry, have you noticed
people looking already?


Uh, Shane has been putting me to shame

in terms of looking.

Uh, I need to up my game,
I think, to be honest.

Is that true, Shane?

Definitely. That was
my strategy coming in.

An insurance policy for everyone,

and I've been looking.

A Hidden Immunity Idol
can be very powerful.

Henry, what's the vote
about tonight for you?

Uh, it's just showing, one, my word

to the people that I said it to,

and moving forward in a way
that will get this tribe

into a better place.

So, Lydia, what are the criteria
for you tonight for the vote?

I am thinking about how we
move, collectively, forward

in a strong way.

This is 12 new people,

and I don't think that's enough time

to make any rash decisions.

I think there was a majority
kind of agreement today,

and I think that's the way we should go.

Alright. Well, on that note,
I think it's time to vote.

Alright. It's time to vote.

Lydia, you're up.

Shane, you're the only one

that hasn't had their torch snuffed out.

I hope you get to experience it tonight.

Don't *** with Dirty Harry.

Hopefully, this pays off.

But, whew, got to get you while I can.

Harry, I love the way you play the game,

but you're too sneaky for
this particular tribe.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol

and you want to play it... would be the time to do so.

OK. Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

The first vote, Shane.


Shane. That's three votes, Shane.


3 votes Shane, 1 vote Harry.


Three votes Shane, two votes Harry.

Harry. We're tied.

Three votes Shane, three votes Harry.


That's four votes Shane,
three votes Harry.

Shane. That's five votes
Shane, three votes Harry.

Shane. That's six votes
Shane, three votes Harry.

The first person voted out of
Australian Survivor All Stars,


- Seven votes. That's enough.
- Yep.

You need to bring me your torch.

Well played, everyone.


Yeah. Well played, Harry.

Yep. See you, Lyds. Yeah.

See you. Yeah.

Cheers, Nick.

It was a privilege.

You go, girl.
Alright. All the best.

Oh, I've got to get a torch, don't I?


This is the first time I've done this.

Oh, yeah. You've never done this.

There's a first time for everything.

I believe you say something to me?


Shane, the tribe has spoken.
They have indeed.

- Thank you.
- Time for you to go.

- Bye.
- Thank you.

See you later.
See you.

Well, if this Tribal
is anything to go by,

it's going to be a hell of a game.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp. Goodnight.

Thanks, Jonny.
Thanks, Jonathan.

I don't want to see you again.
I want to see you.

Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor...

We're ready for war.


..the most brutal challenges...

Careful, guys.

..these All Stars have encountered...

Yes! Go, Abbey.

..will push them...

You're going to need to pick it up.

Go, Flick! Go, Lydia.
This is savage.

..beyond their limits.

Stop the challenge!


This is a circle of trust.

..Australia's greatest Survivors...

Villians are the naughty ones that
always up to no good

and I wanna know what they're planning. harder than ever.

You play hard or you go home.

I have just been outwitted
and outplayed

by the All Stars.

Not sure who was responsible.
Perhaps Lydia.

I already gave you
half a million dollars last time,

and I think
that's generous enough of me.

I think people had revenge
on their mind.

They might have voted me out,
but at this stage,

I'm still half a million dollars
richer than they are.