Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Episode #4.5 - full transcript

Strategic game play is under way as one of the castaways finds a hidden Immunity Idol and has to decide quickly who can be trusted. At Tribal Council, paranoia sets in when confusion and panic take over.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Take this firewood
back to your tribe.

Keep this stash of food secret.

Lime farmer Tarzan
chose firewood for his tribe.

How the hell
could I sleep at night

- eating those bloody biscuits?
- No.

But flight attendant Jericho took
cookies for himself.

With this jar of cookies,

I am going to create my own little
army of soldiers.

When Samatau lost immunity
for the third time running...

One good hit'll do it.

Henry takes it for Asaga! Tessa
was the tribe's target.

I want an idol and I want it more
than anything.

But Tarzan had other ideas.

Stick it in your pocket.

He gave his immunity idol
to Tessa...

Tarzan, you are just my hero.

..and trusted AK
with a bold plan.

But I'd knock him
clean out of the water.

But come Tribal Council,
AK had his own agenda,

sending Tarzan home.

Tarzan, the tribe has spoken.


20 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

Tonight went exactly to plan.

Now we've only got Tessa
to get rid of.

But of the eight alliance,

I'm fully aware
that I'm on the bottom.

And that means
once Tessa's gone,

I'll be next
on the chopping block.

So, I'm hoping to jump the gun

and make a move
before they make plans together.

I know everyone's
playing the game

but I feel like
they're playing the game

within their little
comfort bubble.

I'm willing to push the limits

because I know
me playing comfortable

isn't gonna get me to the end.

So, I'm gonna push it
as far as I can

and hopefully it will get me
to the end.

The other day,
there was this moral dilemma.

I found a stash of cookies...

..and I'm eating it.

But to have the cookies
all to myself is just boring.

Like, it's not fun.

Why not do something
more riskier?

So, I told Luke.

And I told Henry separately.

Jericho's the Cookie Monster
and I'm Elmo, baby.

We just sit there,
"Yum, yum, yum, yum!"

I am slowly building my army
with these cookies.

But to win a war,
I have to recruit more.

Apparently there's
these magical cookies

that Jericho has
a whole jar of them

that he's got stashed away.

And I'm, oh, happy to see them

because we haven't been
winning any awards

and ah, it just...
it tastes good.

Jericho can only tell one person
about it,

which was obviously me.

So, it seems I'm being
in a pretty good position,

which is a bit strange,
but I'll take what I can get.

Try here first?
Eat this, little guy.

Oh, they like it!

I have sat through
three tribal councils

where I've been told repeatedly

that I'm on the bottom
and I'm the next to go.

But I know this game and I know that
anything can happen

and the worst thing you can do is
just to lay down and die

and wait to be picked off.


That was a shark?

It's over there.
Was it?

We should've got it
with our net.

We would've been heroes.

To me it seems like Locky
really is still in charge.

I think Tara is high up there.

Aimee is not really
a game player,

but she's very close to Locky.

So, I think they're
sort of at the top

with Anneliese as someone
that they can string along.

Oh, we got one. Little guy.

I know that if I was
a part of that eight,

I'd be looking to use me
now at this point

before it's too late and
there's no numbers left to use.

It is not.
Yes, it is!

It is.
It's not.

What's that?

It's the one that climbed over us.

I'm looking at you.

Within the strong
eight alliance,

I'm clearly on the bottom.

So, I wanna make a move

and I feel like
now's the time to do so.

I feel like Locky is the
top dog at this point in time,

and I feel like he's playing

a bigger social and strategic game
than he's letting on.

Everyone is drawn to him.

They look to him before they can make

like boiling water or "Can we
put this branch on a fire?"

Make Locky proud.

For someone to have
that much power

amongst people in this game
is huge.

So, I think he needs to go soon.

But I need to get numbers
across with me

to be able to
pull something out.

That's good.

So, Jarrad, Ziggy and myself have had
a tight three,

I think, from day one.

I think so too.

Yeah. Yep.

Yeah, I know.

This is a thing to play.

Tara and Pete are tight, and then
Aimee and Locky are tight.

So, we need to use Tess now.

I've been building my trust
back with her.

So, she's got no other option. We
need to use her.

Yeah, man.

We need to...
we need to do this now.


Tessa is desperate
at the moment,

so I can use her as a number to break
up this misfits alliance.

I genuinely believe
I'm the next out. I really do.

And this sounds really selfish,

but I'm almost looking at you
as a shield.

That makes me understand
why you do what you do.


My strategy in Survivor

is whatever it takes
to get me further in the game.

Now's the time to strike.

If I wanna get rid of Locky,

I've got Tessa, Jarrad,
Ziggy and myself.

That's four.

We need a fifth
for the majority.

That person will give us
the numbers...

..and the kingpin is gone.

These mongrels.

Ah, man.
When I ate those cookies, man,

it's just like eating
that sweet nectar.

We just, uh, sit back, man.

Let it just dissolve
in your mouth.


Well, we've done pretty well.

At the end of the cookie jar, you

it was a sad moment,
you know what I mean?

We just uh, really bonded
over it, you know?

Um, I'm kinda sad
it's the end of that chapter.

It's been fun
having this jar of cookies.

It's really helped me further myself
in the game.

And so, the last crumb, I want
it to be a bit memorable.

To play this game comes with risk
and that's what I love.

I love playing with fire.

It's so much more funner
that way.

Who knew that you could do
so much with a jar of cookies?

I'm here to make moves

and I'm here to make them
at the right time.

If I could, my next vote
would be for Locky.

But I know I need to be
very careful.

So, I'm trying to stay as close to
Locky as I possibly can.

I want him to think that everything
I hear and see

around camp, I'm relaying to him.

Jarrad's pretty much
asking like,

where do I think that I
sort of stand and he stands.

Yeah, you're right.

I knew he was tight with Aimee

and so I just wanted
to make it feel to him

as if he's got
the numbers power.

Yeah, just keep us close.

Obviously, I'm gonna tell AK, the
master strategic person

I'm fully trust you
and I'll do whatever you want.

But I have so much trust
in Tara,

a lot more than I do AK.

Cool. Thanks, man.

After I had the conversation with AK
about him forming an alliance,

I went back and told Tara
just to form a bit more trust.

What did he say?

Hmm. Maybe he's trying to get me out.

Oh, I know. I' me, dude, I'm
not worried.

AK is a mastermind at this game.

All we have to say is
"What are we gonna do now?"

and then he has this huge plan that's
five steps ahead

of whatever any of us
were thinking.


I know.

Smarter than me, in this game.

He's so smart.

Yeah, yeah.

100%, yeah.

I know the alliance
want Tessa gone,

but AK is a huge threat.

I still don't trust him.

Right now, my eyes are on him.

Come on in, guys.

Asaga, take a look
at the new Samatau tribe.

Tarzan voted out
last Tribal Council.

They're gonna think
we're idiots.

- Aww.
- That's crazy!


You guys have lost three Immunity
Challenges in a row.


What effect has that had
on the tribe?

Um, I think it does
cause some divisions

but for the most part
we're sticking strong

as a united front
and I think, you know,

even though we've lost a few,

we're going forward
as a strong tribe tonight.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


First things first.

Thanks, Henry.

It's a good luck day.

Once again,
immunity is back in play.

For today's challenge,

you'll line up side by side
in a human chain,

holding up discs
between each of you.

As time goes on,
your arms will tire,

you'll drop the disc,
break the chain.

Last tribe holding up a single disc
between any two people

wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, Tribal Council,

someone's gonna be the fifth person
voted out from this game.

you have two extra players.

You're gonna need to sit out two
today. Who are they gonna be?

How do you reckon
your arms will hold up?

Your swimming? I reckon pretty good.


Ben, Jericho?
You guys on the bench.

Everyone else get a minute
to talk about it.

We're gonna get to it.

Alright. For immunity.

Survivors, lift your discs!

I'll count you in on three.


Three, two, one.

This challenge is now on.

Just concentrate, guys.

Feet need to stay flat
on the rail.

Your legs need to stay straight.

Cannot squat.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

If you step off the rail,
you're out.

Drop your disc, you're out.

I need some more push.

You want me to push?
Uh, yeah.

Last two people holding a disc win
immunity for their tribe.

Ooh, I'm hurtin' already.

Locky says he's slipping
with Tessa.

Right out of the gate.

It was a random draw
for positions today,

so you may have ended up
next to someone

who's taller than you
or shorter than you.

A lot of movement
from Kent and Sarah.

I can't. I gotta drop it, Kent.

Kent and Sarah
lose their first disc.

Luke's struggling over there.

I'm going to sleep, brother!
Go to sleep standing here.

That's it, Luke.
Not really.

Pain's starting to set in
in the shoulders now.

Oh, just like that.

Anneliese and Peter
have lost one for Samatau.

Little more push, Sam.

Higher. Higher?

Sam and Mark lose their disc
for Asaga.

She's out of the challenge.


Sarah and Michelle
lose their disc.


Push, push, push, push, push.

I can't.
You're on the bottom.

Locky and Jarrad, they drop one.

Luke, Luke, Luke.
Hold on, hold on.

That's it for Michelle.

She's out of the challenge.


Luke and Odette,
they lose their disc.

Keep it up, keep it up,
keep it up.

Jarrad and Tara,
they lose a disc.

When it goes south,
it goes south very quickly.


We got this, Locky.
Come on, what do you wanna do?

Agh! Do you...will you
be better if I drop?

I'm fine on both sides.
Whatever you want.

I'm good.


Sorry, sorry.

Locky drops out
of the challenge.

Immunity, yeah!

Better luck, Lock.

Big surprise.

Been such a powerhouse
in all the other challenges.

Lift it up, lift it up!

Agh! Shit.

Aimee and Tara...

..they lose their disc.

Ziggy, the Olympian,
looking very strong for Samatau.


Just out of nowhere,
Peter and Tessa drop out.

Samatau just lost another one.

Higher, Kent!

Kent and Henry.

They lose their disc.

Asaga have two discs.

Samatau down to their last disc.

My arm's bent.

Yeah! Ow!

Ziggy and AK, carrying it
for the entire tribe.

We are 20 minutes
into this challenge!

That's it, guys.
Doing well.

You got this, guys!

You alright?
Yeah, I'm good.

Come on, guys.
Stay strong, stay strong.

That's it, Luke.
That's it, Jac.

Henry and Mark, very comfortable
like two statues.

You good? I'm really good.

Little higher.

Samatau really doesn't wanna go back
to Tribal Council again.

That'll be four in a row.

Four in a row!

Give up!

Please, PLEASE give up!

The Olympian and the couch potato

working very well together.

Who would have guessed?


Luke shaking his head.
He's struggling now.

Oh, no, no, no.
You alright? You alright?

You alright?

Ah, aah, agh!

Doesn't matter.

OK, we have a play-off.

- Henry and Mark...
- You look so good, boys.

..versus Ziggy and AK.

Amazing, guys.

Who's gonna win it
for their tribe?

You guys have been out here
for one hour.


Risky readjustment here
from Ziggy and AK.

Tell me when.
Yep, now.

Push, push against.
Great teamwork.

AK digging deep, doing his part.

And Ziggy.
She just looks like a statue.

Incredible focus from Ziggy.

Alright, guys,
that's an hour and a half!

Good job, guys. Well done.

Huge effort from everyone here.

Ziggy and AK trying to avoid

that fourth Tribal Council
in a row.

I'm not goin' home.

This is classic Survivor,
right here.

Never give up!

Good on ya, AK.

You're incredible.

That's it, guys.
Doing well.

Those arm presses -
is that for the pain

or are you just tormenting
your opponent?

Yeah, blood.
Get some blood through.

Come on, AK. Come on, dude.


Ocean really coming up now.

Oh, that wind.

AK really struggling, trying to
wipe the salt out of his eyes.

Nature is gonna make sure

that these guys are gonna
have to work for it.

Ziggy's struggling to find
a comfortable position.

AK and Ziggy really struggling,
wobbling all over the place now.

On his fingertips.
Can he hold it?

So close!

Are they gonna lose it?

Can they recover?
No, that's it!


Asaga wins immunity!

We'll take it.

Sending Samatau back to Tribal
Council for the fourth time.

You did amazing.

Bad luck, guys. Bad luck.

Let's just look after
each other now.


Mark, Henry,

AK and Ziggy,

you outlasted everyone
by a factor of five.

Well done.

Great job.

Asaga, again,
immunity is yours.

You guys are safe,
no-one going home.

Grab your gear,
head back to camp.

Thank you.
Thanks, Jonathan.


What's going through your mind right

I mean, you guys lasted
almost an hour and 45.

Incredible effort.

Wasn't enough, was it?

We always just seem
to fall short.

I was the last person
in the challenge

and couldn't
push through again,

and I just wanna stay
in this game.

Well, it was a great effort.
It really was. Well done.

But I will be seeing you guys tonight
at tribal.

Grab you gear, head on out.

As soon as we lost today,

I knew that this was
a real pressure moment

for me especially, but I think
for the whole tribe.

We're not winning immunities

and a mix-up is not coming

and they need to figure out who's on
their team,

not just this alliance of eight.

And I'm hoping that what
we're seeing is battle lines

and not my head
on the chopping block again.

another challenge lost

which means a fourth trip
in a row to tribal,

which none of us wanted to do, but
that's the reality tonight.

Like, that just sucks.

- Yeah.
- Eight.

Eight to 11, not good.

We all agree that Tessa
is the easy vote tonight.


She is the last one left
outside of the alliance,

and then after tomorrow

there'll be just the eight
of us that are in the alliance.

I'm clearly on the bottom
of the misfits alliance,

and if I don't make a move now, Tessa
will go home

and then myself,
Jarrad and Ziggy,

we're just gonna get picked off. We
don't have the numbers.

So, we need
to make a move tonight.

Epic challenge, that's for sure.

I know it's my neck on the line
today, so...

Thank you.

If I could,
my vote would be for Locky,

but we need him
for physical challenges.

So tonight,
I want to vote for Aimee.

Her loyalties lie with Locky,

and she needs to go
for that reason.

I actually do have a little
faith in AK right now.

I'm just hoping that he means
what he's saying.

That was a shitty challenge.

Only because...
I sucked at that one.

Yeah, I was gonna say
only 'cause you sucked.

I don't suck at much,
that's what pisses me off.

It was just so slippery,

and the wind, we're all trying
to stand there.


Pete is the other person
who's up in the air

because he's tight with Tara,

but he can see her moving
towards Locky.

So, I need to work Pete,

and hopefully get his vote tonight.

That would make us the majority,
and we can pick off Aimee.

That's perfect, Pete.

Jarrad was lucky enough
to sneak off with Pete,

and that was perfect
because Jarrad has

a bit of a softer approach to people
than I do.


Do you reckon?

I thought you and Tara
were, like, pretty...

We are really tight.

I love Tara, but I do feel like
she's not working with me,

as much as she is utilising
my number.

Alright, let's do that.


I'm still kind of weighing up
my options.

I feel like I could be
leaning either way,

either going with the misfits
and voting out Tessa,

or usurping the alliance and
getting rid of Aimee tonight.

So, I still need to figure out
what exactly is best for my game.

Rice, everyone!

So, I was just sitting on the
beach eating my beautiful rice,

and it came to me.

We actually have Tessa
sitting right beside me,

who's quite desperate.

That then made me think

let's do the big move and start
breaking up the alliance.

Big move.

A really big move.

AK just makes me nervous.

He knows the game so, so well.

Just for now, I think while
we still have the number,

as in Tessa,

why not go forward and get AK
out and blindside him?

He might not even know
it's coming.

I should have a bit of power

I am a free agent, and there's
names going everywhere tonight.

For the first time in nearly
two weeks,

I'll have numbers on my side.

What do you guys reckon?

It's crazy tonight.

Do I flip and vote Aimee?

Because she is essentially
in Locky's pocket.

Or do I go with Tara
and blindside AK?

I think everyone's here to play,

and there's something I've realised

is that no-one actually suspects
I'm playing.

So, it kind of gives me a little
bit more freedom to move around.

What's...what's going?

I feel a little bit like
he's running the show.

And that's why I think
this will...

..the alliance had to stop.

Well, who else is in...

We've got to hurry.

So, we're doing it?

Yes, we are.

Tara is much smarter than
I thought she was.

It's gonna happen.
It's gonna happen!

AK will definitely not
see this coming.

We have to do it now.

Against us, you're right.

Are we doing it or not?

We have to.
Yeah, we do.

They do whatever you tell 'em
to do.

If I say jump, she'll jump.

Alright, guys.


I've made...

I've made probably the biggest
move yet.

I'm not afraid to say
that I don't like AK.

Day one, I just said,
"He's got to go."

And today is the day.

It will be a blindside.

It will be torture for him,

and, you know,
I don't want to be a villain,

but I don't want to sit around

and wait to be plucked out
of someone else's game.

Anything can always happen
at Tribal Council.

You don't know what people
have been telling other people,

but if everyone does what
they say they're gonna do,

we can break up
this misfits alliance.

This could be huge.

Welcome back, Samatau.

Thank you.
Your fourth visit.


You were quite emotional
at the end of the challenge.

Yeah, it's no, I guess, secret

that I 'm a huge fan of the game,

and it just means so much
for me being here,

making sure I do everything
I possibly can

to stay in the game
and do my family proud.

Locky, what did you think
of AK's performance today?

Absolutely amazing.

I mean, both him and Ziggy
just killed it.

Like, to go up against
the two massive guys

from the other team,

couldn't ask for anything more.

I know we lost, but, like,

I know they gave it all
they had,

and yeah, I'm so proud of them.

AK, Locky brings up a good point.

You went up toe-to-toe
with two boys

who clearly spend a lot of time
in the gym.

That they do, yeah.

Did you surprise yourself?

Uh, no, I didn't 'cause
I've got mental toughness.

I feel like Henry's
my kryptonite.

I've lost to him four times now.

But no, I didn't surprise
myself because I know mentally,

I've got what it takes to last.


Last time we were here, Tarzan
said there's a strong eight,

and there's no way in.

Is that still the case tonight?

I have been, I think everyone
knows, a little frustrated

by this eight.

Sitting with my head constantly
on the chopping block.

This is just not where
I thought my game would be.

But I've never just laid down
and died,

or waited to be at the bottom
of the next tribal.

So, you think you're in trouble

I'm always in trouble,

Jarrad, with such a large
alliance of eight,

is it really tough to get
everyone on the same page?

Yeah, it can be.

On the one hand, we do know
that at some point,

things are gonna have to be
divided up.

But on the other hand,

we do have an eight that have
stayed pretty strong, so...

AK, do you think
there's disloyalty

in the alliance already?

Um, I don't think there is.

As far as I know,
the vote's going one way,

and if it doesn't go that way,
I'll be extremely shocked.

Aimee, with a strong eight,
is tonight's vote pretty easy?

I think we originally thought
it was,

but there's never a strong eight.


Did I just miss something?

Oh, well, come on!

Last tribal, you said it was...
you guys were rock solid.

Yeah, that was, like,
a couple of days ago.

No, you never know what's
gonna happen,

and I think within the eight,
people talk.

I'm just gonna see how it goes.

Anneliese, big reaction from you.

I didn't think it was that big.

I thought it was rather
a stoic reaction.

Your eyes were pretty big.

They were kind of bugging
out of your head!

I can't hide anything
behind these eyes.

I, um, yeah, I mean, that was
just quite a ballsy answer.

Just how it is, Jono. Like...

There can't always be
eight of us.

At some point, I don't know.

Just got the vibe that it's not
a strong eight.

She's right.

We're gonna have to start
cutting away,

um, at each other soon.

So, it's like, do you do it
now? Do you do it later?

But it's definitely gonna happen.

Tessa, is this good to hear?

Sounds like hope!

AK, is this a concern
hearing this?

It's, like, the name of the game

is to be the last one standing,

so everyone's gonna have
to cut each other

at one point or another.

But as far as I'm concerned,

there is eight of us

and there's nine of us
here tonight.

So, it should be a relatively
simple vote.

I don't want to say
I'm like an old mother,

but, you know, as much as
I would love to hang out

and stick with everyone
as one big, happy family,

at the end of the day, we can't
have an eight alliance.

You've got to somehow get down
to a place

where you feel comfortable
with a smaller alliance.

I just don't see the difference
in doing it today or tomorrow.

I see the difference, Tara.

Oh, do you?

Tessa, you're clearly on
the outside of this eight,

so is your loyalty up for grabs

I just put it out there

that loyalty is what got me
here in the first place.

I haven't done
a disloyal thing yet.

So, yeah, my loyalty is very
much up for grabs.

I'm a free agent to the first
whisper to reach my ear.

Aimee, how much of this game
is about loyalty?

I think a fair whack of it's
about loyalty,

but it depends who
you're loyal to,

and if they'll be loyal
back to you.

But you have to trust
some people in this game.

You can't go it alone.

Pete, is this a relatively
easy vote for you tonight?


What about you, Anneliese?

Uh, yeah, I think so,

but you also have to look at
a few steps down the road,

and just make sure
that every move you make now

isn't gonna lead you
into a dead end.

AK, how certain are you
that things are gonna play out

the way you think they're gonna
play out tonight?

Um, heh!

Well, I came in here thinking
that they probably will,

but good old Aimee
likes to say how it is,

and that's put a bit of worry
in my mind,

but I'm doing what I came...

..that I said I'm gonna do tonight,

and hopefully,
another trustworthy tribal

shows my loyalty.

Alright, well, it's time to vote.

Tessa, you're up.

I've been waiting a really,
really long time to write this,

so I'm sorry,
but you've got to go.

You got yourself into a power
couple without even knowing it.

It's either you or me tonight.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

The first vote...


That's two votes AK.


That's four votes AK.


Four votes AK, one vote Aimee.


We are tied.

That's four votes AK,
four votes Aimee.

One vote left.

Fifth person voted out from
Australian Survivor...



You need to bring me your torch.

Aimee, the tribe has spoken.

Have a good one, guys. Good job.

See you later, Aims.
See ya, Aimee.

Thanks, Jonno.

See you later, guys!

Bye, babe.

Well, tonight it's clear

that a line has indeed been
drawn in the sand.

Now it's time to work out
which side you're on.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Next time,
on Australian Survivor...

I stuck to my word.

I am pissed off!

..AK takes control at Samatau.

You guys are all puppets.

He's the mastermind,
and you're the puppet.

Someone can't get out.

And the game gets real
at Asaga.

Oh, shit!

I'm absolutely flabbergasted!

Like, we were trying
to blindside someone,

and bam, I just got blindsided.

Oh, God.

I love you,
but you're in Locky's pocket,