Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Episode #4.3 - full transcript

After a loss at the Immunity Challenge, one tribe will contemplate a major betrayal in order to rid the game of one of its most powerful players.

Is that a shark?!

..24 strangers
were marooned in Samoa,

left to fend for themselves

against the elements -
and each other.

I don't think anyone had realised
how tough this game's gonna get.

They come from all walks of life.

There's ultramarathon runner Sam...

I am a control freak. mum of three Tara...

But I ain't no stay-at-home mum -

I'm a frickin' barrel racer.

..and miner Luke... of the loosest cannons
the game has ever seen.


I'm here to stir the pot,
make sure everyone's on their toes.

At Asaga,
fake yoga instructor Henry...

Oh, I see it.

..found any Immunity Idol
with marriage celebrant Jacqui.

- Whaa!
- Oh, this is huge.

I can't wait to take control
of this game.

While, at Samatau,
poker player Adam found a clue...

"At the base of the tree
does reside..."

If you don't want him to have it,
then help me.

..but lost the support
of his alliance.

But that straightaway showed me
that I can't trust him.

When rival AK
beat him to the idol...

This is not good.

..he unleashed havoc
at Tribal Council.

When I saw Adam over on the island,
I went over there.

You are out there spreading rumours,

trying to cause chaos
and disharmony.

AK used the idol
to win favour with Jarrad...

I'd like to play it for Jarrad.

..and Adam became
the second person voted out.

The tribe has spoken.

22 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Well, that was
a, um, experience.


- Good job, AK.
- Knew you had it.

So, Adam went home tonight,
which is fantastic.

The group that bought me in
all stuck to their word.

So I'm stoked about it.

So, tonight at Tribal Council,

AK played the idol
to attempt to save me.

That was hectic.

Hectic, hectic, hectic.

It was totally unexpected.

So, I played the idol for Jarrad

because I wanted
to gain trust with him.

Hopefully, he knows that
I'm willing to work with him.

And now I can start again
and work on my social game,

which is what I always wanted to do.

- Yep, I will.
- OK, do that.

This is not the game
I wanted to play.

I wanted to coast through
under the radar.

- Yep.
- Alright.

There really is a genuine friendship
there, but at the same time...

Yeah, I don't know.
It's... That was crazy.

Who knows what he'll
come up with next?

So, look,
we've been here seven days

and, uh, it's tough out here.

Jericho's struggling.

Pretty much, I've been
his little cuddle buddy

and looking after him every night.

- Asaga!
- Asaga!

We were hugging each other!

We were bonding.

Yeah, he was cold, I was warm.

I said, "Come here,
you little dude."

Yeah, I'm having a great time.


But...I'm not spooning
with any women

because the wife might get
a bit upset.

Probably the only other people
spooning are Mark and Sammy.

I don't know what's going on there.

Definitely a bit closer
than everyone else.

They're such a good thing!

I feel it's quite obvious

that Mark and Samantha are
spending more time together.

The first night, yeah.

Jumping all over each other.
Spoon every night.

You know, she's never
more than two feet from him.

And I think,

"Don't make it so obvious!"

Yeah, I'm angry.


We've just voted out Adam,
our 6'4" solid number,

because Tara flipped.

She flipped and she broke my trust

and she never even
talked to me about it.

So, yeah, I am worried
about my survival in this game.


The people that hold the power
in the tribe, I'd say,

would be the whole Misfit crew -

me, Peter, Jarrad, Anneliese,
Aimee, Tara and then AK.

We've definitely got the numbers,
which is great.

Obviously, Tessa, Kate and Tarzan
are on the outs.

They were part of Adam's Alliance.

I'm just feeling
so on the outs.

Like, I just don't have anyone
to talk to.

From the point of view

of the seven people
who have the numbers right now,

there is absolutely no incentive
to keep me around.

But at the same time, I'm in no way
ready to go home right now.

A merger or a switch
changes everything.

We've just gotta survive.

I've been a doctor for five years.

I've been in high-pressure
situations and made big decisions,

and I know that your back
is never up against the wall -

you've always got somewhere to move.

And as much as I think
it's a really long shot,

I'm willing to fight for it.

- Did anyone sleep then?
- I did.

Oh, I feel worse.

At this stage,
Tara hasn't said anything to me

about what happened last night.

Well, I got told,

as soon as we got rid of Adam,
there would be no division.

Tara's response
was very wishy-washy.

Honestly, I haven't heard
anything else since this morning.

I haven't spoken to Ad...
What's his name? Locky, or anyone.

It just was really
not genuine at all.

Because I feel nervous.
I feel very nervous.

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Because we shouldn't be...

- Don't stress too much.
- Oh, I'm not...

I'm not.

I guess you could say

it wasn't a surprise
that Adam went home last night.

Um, I made the right decision,
to flip.

I'm willing to do
just about anything

to win the game of Survivor.

If I have to flip to keep myself
in the game, I will flip.

And now Tess and Kate
are scrambling for numbers.

But you two have to
start separating,

'cause they're already thinking

that you guys are
very strong together.

Just saying.

They're always watching.

I'm really doing my best
not to show Tara what I think.

But, in my head, she's...



Like, my head was
kind of turning a bit.

Since day one, on the barge,

I could feel a bit
of a closeness with Sam.

It's weird.

I'd say it's not more
than a friendship.

It's a...

Oh, look, if I met her
on the outside and she was single

I'd definitely be keen on her.

She's probably half my weight,

but I think twice
as dangerous in this game.

I kind of love that.

At this stage, my plan is
to stick with Sam really closely

in the hope that we would go
to the end together.

I think Mark is Sam's watchdog.


She doesn't let him
out of her sight

and he seems to do as he's told.

And, look, to be honest,

I just want to know where I can find
one of those in the outside world.

Her plan's the same.

Right now, there's
already people in this tribe

getting closer than others.

Sam and Mark, the power couple,
are always snuggling.

They're a massive threat.

And I don't like threats
in this game.

Yeah, I think we do too.

Me and Jacqui, we formed
our two-person alliance

after we found an idol.

I want Sam out, because
she's talking to everyone.

She's strategising hard.

I would even say she's got
control of the camp.

Sam and Mark think
they're the power couple.

Little do they know, me and Jacqui
are the power couple.

I said I'd play this game hard
from the start.

I want to take them down.

Come on in, guys.

Asaga, take a look
at the new Samatau.

Adam - voted out
last Tribal Council.



Jacqui, you had
a big reaction to that.

Um, don't know if it's
the move I would have made.

But, anyway, it's their call.

Why wouldn't you have
made that move?

Oh, I just think, um...
you need the big guys.

You need the big guys in this game

first and foremost
at the beginning.

So...use them.

- Anneliese.
- Yeah?

What was the mood back at Samatau
after Tribal Council?

It''s not fun.

Um, it's part of the game.

You have to roll with it.

So, I mean, we don't feel great,

but I feel like it's most important
that we feel like a real team.

And, um, I think we've got this.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's Reward Challenge?

- Yes!
- Alrighty.

Today's challenge,
you'll manoeuvre a huge boulder

through a series of gates
and over a bridge.

Two of your tribemates will then
walk on top of the boulder

from one high platform to another.

Once you have both of them across

they'll then toss rings
to release a ramp.

First tribe to get their boulder
up the ramp into the hole

wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


Today, you are playing for...

..things that'll make your life
on this island a little bit easier.

You'll get a chair, a hammock,
sheets, lanterns, candles,

and something I know that both
of you really want - a tarp.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes!

Alright. I'll give you a minute to
talk about it, and we'll get to it.

Alright, on the platform for Asaga
is Jacqui and Jericho.

For Samatau it's Kate and Jarrad.

For reward. Survivors ready?

Gotta get that boulder
through all three gates.

It is heavy.

- Keep going!
- Aaron takes a huge fall!

It can get away from you
very quickly.

The second gate is tricky -
there's only one of them.

- Left! Left!
- Left! Left! Left!

Asaga's through the gate first.

Need to get up
and over the bridge now.

- We need more on this side!
- Don't let it get away from you.

Asaga's lost control.

- Pull it back, guys!
- Back!

Pull it back.
Pull it back. Pull it back.

They need to come back
to the bridge.

- Gotta say where to push.
- Push!

Slow and steady
wins the race.

Very heavy. You need to get it
all the way up over the bridge.

- Under! Under! Under!
- Around the side!

Asaga working well together.

Samatau not far behind.

Keep it going! Keep it going!

Momentum. Momentum, guys.


It will have a lot of momentum.
You need to slow it down here.

Gotta slide it down here.

Slow it down!

OK, now, you've
got to get both people

from one platform to the other
platform on top of the bolder.

Slow it down,
slow it down, slow down!

Come on, guys.
Look out. Watch Jacqui.

- Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.
- Someone guide us!

Hold on. Hold on! Hold on!

Jarrad's off to a very quick start.

Both tribes neck and neck
at this stage.

- OK, Jacqui's on. Push.
- Go!

Faster. Ball, Faster. Ball, faster.

Jacqui really struggling up there.

Stay light.

Hang on! Hang on! Whoa!
Just wait till I'm ready, will you?

You don't want to fall
from up there.

It is a long way down.

Jarrad not far
away from the platform.

There he is. Jarrad's up there.

Samatau's gotta go back.

Take it slow.

Asaga really having trouble
working together here.

You've gotta control the ball
for the person on top.

Hold. Hold. Go.

Jacqui's up.
Go back for your next one, Asaga!

- Go back.
- Steady!

Kate making her way across now
for Samatau.

- Go! Go!
- I've got you.

Samatau's working together
very well.

Go! Go!

Slow and steady does it.

- Push!
- Jericho is just whipping across!


- Can you go a bit faster?
- Wow!

Jericho has some serious
skills up there.


Don't stop, Jericho!

Hold it!

Kate's up! You can start
tossing those rings now.

OK! Hold it still!

That's it! Jericho's up.

Alright. Asaga, start tossing.
Get in this!

Need to hook both rings
on both poles to release the ramp.

- This is all about rope management.
- Take your time.

There's definitely
a learning curve to this.

Oh! Jarrad's very close
on the lever.

You're getting it, Jarrad. Good job.

Pull it off here, you'll be a hero
for the rest of the tribe.

Oh! Very close for Jericho.


And Kate gets the first one
for Samatau.

- Just calm down. Calm down.
- Samatau only needs one more.

Pressure's on Asaga now.

Asaga, you need to get one on it.

Oh! Very close for Jericho.

Come on, Jericho. You've got this.

Jarrad has to get his.

Once he gets it,
they can release the ramp

and let the rest of the tribe
do the work.

No pressure, man.

One good throw
will take it right here.

Give it a little bit more height
and you've got it perfect.

Really need to focus here.

Every toss counts.

He gets it!

Jarrad hooks it for Samatau!

Now you need to release the ramp.

Pull it!

- Pull it!
- Come on!

The ramp is down!

Go, Samatau!

Down the ladder!
Down the ladder!

Now everyone's gotta push that ball
up the ramp and into the hole.

That's it, you're done right here.

Jericho getting frustrated.

Take your time.

Jacqui also getting frustrated.

Up they go.

Oh! They're gonna lose it
on the side of the ramp!

If you lose it,
you've got to go back.

Have to come back
and do it again.

- One, two, three!
- Oh! Great save!

Everyone straining on
the right side of that boulder.

It is heavy!

One, two, three! Come on!

- One, two, three!
- One, two, three!

Tarzan falling,
slipping down the ramp.

He gets back in it. They push it.

Oh, just at the edge!

And that it! It's in the hole!

OK. Are you OK?

- Zig, are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- I'm good.
- Are you OK?

What are you doing, Tarzan?
I said slow, man!

And that's it.
Samatau wins reward!

- All good, Jericho.
- It was a tough one.

Come on, Jacs. Bring it down.

- Dude, you've gotta listen, man.
- I WAS, man!

- No, you weren't! I said slow, man.
- Guys. Guys, we won. Guys, we won.

Huddle in. Huddle in. Huddle in.

Come on, gather round Jac and Jerry.

- It's OK, guys.
- Bring it in.


Samatau, congratulations.

Come grab your homemaking kit.


Alright, head on back to camp and
try and get a good night's sleep.

Well done. nothing for you.

Grab your gear,
head on back to camp.

Bittersweet victory.

I got chastised by Locky

about tipping poor old Ziggy
over the edge.

To pin blame on anyone,
I thought, was ridiculous.

I mean, we're in a bloody
challenge, for shit's sake.

- Well done, guys.
- Well done, everyone.

I know! If we needed anything,
we needed to win that.

Oh, that is a good reward.

And bonus! We thought it would
only be a tarp.

So, we've come back to camp
and I've had enough.

Here we are, victorious again,

and we get this sacred tarp
they're talking about,

which is about the size of
a bloody handkerchief,

but there was no triumphant moment
at all.

It was just Locky
straight into me.

"You dickhead!
You pushed her in the hole!"

Oh, there's no doubt Locky
has the power in the tribe.

I mean, the girls love him.

Man versus palm tree.

He's young and fit, tall, strong.
That's an easy win. Piece of piss.

Oh, my God. So much shelter.

But I've often been cast, in life,
as the alpha male

and I think he senses me
as a challenge,

but one that's not in his face.

I've gotta test it, so I tested it.

That looks so good.

Look how thick that is.
That would not leak.

I mean, from this side,
it looks bloody brilliant.

Yeah. Looks good.

I think it's getting on
everyone's nerves, man.

You come in at the end
and we spent all day doing it.

You come in, pulling off
criticisms and stuff.

I'm trying to help you out.

That really pissed me off.

I was just like,
"Why would you say that now?"

Yeah, we know the rain's coming in
the other side.

Yeah, we know it doesn't
hold it all out.

But, yeah, we're trying our best.

I know. I was just stating
a fact of nature.

You don't need to state it,
'cause we all know it

and we all are doing our damn best,

trying to get this
so we're dry at night.

We've got a tarp, we've got some
comforts, we're doing our best.

Tarzan and Locky's relationship's
a funny one.

We call them father and son.

I don't know about the others.

Locky has to have control and
the final say and so does Tarzan,

and it was always going to
just be a matter of time

before they bumped heads.

He comes over and he's just
criticising everything we're doing.

For someone on the outside,

two other people going at each other
is fantastic.

Oh, come on, man.

Settle your roll.

Survivor is a really
mentally tough game.

It can really play mind games
being out here.

You guys had a good chat.


Yeah, oh... Just general stuff.


Huh? No. Totally.

I find the moment that I feel
relaxed and comfortable

is the moment that I feel like
I have to, like,

second-guess things all the time.

I'm not paranoid.

I know there's people
throwing my name up in the air.

Hey, have you heard my name
being thrown around at all?

Sam's already on...

..uh, high alert.

The more Sam hears her name,

the worse it is, because
she gets very, very paranoid.

I felt that I needed to know

if maybe my name
is on the chopping block.

So, you haven't heard it
being thrown around?

No. I...

Seriously. What would I know?

I had the classic line -
"I get told nothing."

When old people say that,
she thinks, "Oh. Fine."

I just acted shocked.

I just said, "Oh, are you? Oh."

I'm always good at
playing dumb, love.

The rubbish that comes out of
my mouth, they probably think,

"This chick really doesn't know
what's going on."

I don't know. It's all news to me.
No-one's told me anything.

..because you're talking to
a lot of people.

So that's just making people

I can't believe that

because I'm someone that has been
getting on with people,

that's been perceived
as being a threat.

I know that it's you
just being friendly.


To be honest, it makes me mad.

I'm going to find out the source

of where that information
is coming from.

Put a target on your back, man.

Make sure you are who we're
going to vote out next.

You feel vulnerable,
I feel vulnerable.

It's a little crinkle in the plan

when one has an alliance that
falls apart after a couple of days.

If they've all decided
they're going to vote for you or I,

well, then, we're screwed.

Clearly, Tess and I
are so out of the loop.

So the only chance that we've got

is to sort of shake the alliance
a little bit

because we've got to look
for cracks.

Well, they're gonna
split the votes, aren't they?

They've got seven.

I think AK quite likes a drama.

Only 24 hours earlier,
AK was very vulnerable

because Tara was gunning for
AK off that island.

That's the little kinks in the game

and moments
that you need to look for

is that vulnerability
to bring people across.

I think you appeal to AK
that this game is about moves

and you are all about that.


I worked for 17 years in sales

in one of the world's leading
financial institutions,

so I'm all about
understanding the client.

You build a relationship

and you work to a solution
that is good for both of you.

It's a good pitch. It would sell me.

The more I talk about it,
I think how fabulous it is.

It's brilliant.

We just want to put
everything out there...

Yeah, yeah. I understand that.


Because the next vote's probably
going to be you or me.

Yeah, I know that.

Yeah, they are.

Like, I'm not...I'm not stupid.

They will get me

and they'll keep you warm for the
numbers and then you'll be gone.

- Then you'll be gone.
- I know.

You'll be gone.

One group has thrown me a lifeline.

Well, we're throwing it now.

I find it hilarious. Kate hasn't
spoken to me since day one.

All of a sudden, she's on the outs

and she wants to talk strategy
with me.

But this is Survivor and you always
have to keep your options open.

So, anyway, I just think about
the longevity of your game.

- Yeah.
- But it's your judgement.

Yeah, yeah.

I don't know how I've managed
to turn this around.

Now I've got both sides of alliances

wanting me
to move forward with them.

It's definitely something
to sleep on and think about.

Yeah. Just think on it.

I need to look forward
and think what's best for my game,

but I'm not just going to be used

as someone's fifth or sixth member
of their alliance.

I want to make my way to the top.

Today, things got
a bit testy with me and Locky,

so I did take a bit of time out.

And I thought, "I'm just going to
take it easy this arv."

I think it is crucial to learn
to have real relationships,

make friendships,

but having said that, I'll do what
it takes to stay in this game.

I know my neck's on the line.

If we don't win immunity.

it's me or Kate going home,
no doubt.

And if I were them,
I'd be keeping Kate

after her performance
in the challenges lately.

But I just don't want to go home.
I'm not ready.

I'm here to fight
and I'm here to play.

I need an idol.

- When you do wake up...
- Yeah.

..I have a thing for you.

I think you are...

You are the person to go
and look for an idol for us.

- Oh, am I?
- Because no-one will question...

- No.
- ..if you go off and look.

Yeah, well, and even if they do,
I don't care.

Tessa knows I'm a sympathetic ear,
so she just tugs my heart.

You worried they're going to
put your name up?

But, um, I'll look
when I can, but...

Fair enough.

I do like the girl.

Like, she kind of reminds me
a little bit of my daughter

and I didn't sense that it was
a bargaining tool.

I felt she was just sharing,

so basically I thought, "Well,
I'll see what I can do for her."

I'm protecting Tess, and that's
the only reason I'm doing it.

I haven't said,
"Let's go to number two,"

and all this sort of stuff.

I just did it
because I like the girl.

And I happen to be in a game where
you're supposed to draw alliances.

Well, maybe being a friend to
somebody might make a stronger one.

Oh, do you feel better
after a bit of a nap?

Going into an
Immunity Challenge tomorrow,

I felt nervous knowing that
my name had been discussed.

And, yeah, I couldn't but feel
that maybe I might be going home

and it's just not really
where I wanted to be

at this point in the game.

So, this afternoon,
Sam felt worried

and calls this emergency core
alliance meeting by the fire.

Oh, really?

Me and Jacqui
were just sitting there.

We knew it was coming
and we have just had to agree.

So, we basically said, "Yep.
We're committed to this alliance."

Whenever I talk to Sam
about the vote,

I want her to think that
we're splitting the vote.

The boys will vote for Michelle
and the girls will vote for Ben.

It's such a big lie,

but I think we managed to convince
Sam that we're still on her side.

Does that make sense?

I could tell straight away
that Henry...

I definitely think he has fingers
in, probably, a couple of pies.

Jacqui and Henry are spending
quite a bit of time together

and you want to kind of try and
dig further to see what's going on.


I can only trust Mark,
I think, at this point.

In my 16 years in the military,

I was a former special
operations commander.

I used to lead teams of men
behind enemy lines

to kill or capture our enemies,

so when it comes to making
tactical decisions on the ground,

I'm very used to it.

I'm excited do it
under these circumstances.

We were just sort of, "Oh, shit.
Where did all that come from?

"Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner."

While we're chatting,
lo and behold...

..bloody Mark from behind,
her protector,

comes sort of running up the path.

We just sort of had to
swing the chat around.

But the plot thickens.

I get back to camp
and Kent says to me

"When you two ran off,
Sam said to Mark, 'Chase them.'"

And I straightway went...bang.

And that was...

..that was the other nail
in her coffin,

if the first one wasn't right.

So, right now, I don't think
Sam knows it's us gunning for her,

but she definitely knows
that someone's after her,

so I need to get rid of her
sooner rather than later.

I just started thinking

that we've got another
Immunity Challenge coming up

and I reckon this is
the perfect chance.

I'm gonna throw this challenge.

Come on in, guys.

I need to throw the challenge
today to get rid of Sam.

She's my biggest threat
out here right now.

So, whatever the challenge is,

I'm gonna basically hinder or
obstruct my team getting further.

I'm gonna do everything I can
to make sure that they don't win.

Ziggy, we're OK right now but...
that rain, it just keeps coming.

The tarp that you guys won
the other day,

did that improve the situation
over at Samatau?

It wasn't as big as what
we all would have liked.

The tarp wasn't as big?



Yeah, the rain comes
from all different directions

so one minute you're, you know,
protected from the rain,

the next minute, the rain's
coming from the wrong direction

and you're not anymore.

- Michelle.
- Yes.

What have you learned
about yourself, past few days?

Um...coming into this, I thought I
might be a little bit of a princess

and...this has just confirmed
that I am.

I don't like to rough it
and I like the luxuries.

So I just hope the worst is thrown
at us first and we can move on.

I make no guarantees.

You guys ready to get
to today's Immunity Challenge?

- Yes.
- First things first, where is it?


- All yours, Jonno.
- Thanks, mate.


Once again,
immunity is back in play.

Today's challenge -

you will paddle a raft
out and around three crates.

You will then dive down and untie
a series of knots to release a key.

You'll then race back
and use that key

to unlock a chest containing bamboo

which you'll then use
to build a tower.

First tribe builds their tower...

..higher than the pole...

..wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, nothing
but a trip to Tribal Council

where somebody will become the third
person voted out from this game.

I'll give you a minute to talk
about it, and we'll get to it.

Can somebody say,
"One, two, three, stroke"?

Alright, I can control the raft.

Work out which side of the boat
you're gonna go on, guys.

We're in the back. We're the last
two so I'll go left, you're right.

Here we go, for immunity.

Survivors ready? Go!

Lift and push! Lift and push!

That raft is heavy.

Get on there! Get on there!

Someone goes down for Asaga.
It's Ben.

Need to weave your way
through these crates,

inside the first crate,

outside the second one,

inside the third.

Just take it easy, guys.

Henry's last to the raft.

Get on, Henry! Go!

Right side hard,
left side, row backwards.

Go, go, go! On the side!

We need communication, Locky.

Yeah, back, left!

Locky, taking charge,

coordinating his whole tribe,
and it's working.

- Stroke! Stroke!
- They are powering ahead.

Right, right, right.

Teamwork is key.

Hold it back.

Alrighty. Alright, go! Two!

Luke yelling instructions for Asaga.

Keep going!
Keep going right! Keep going right!

Samatau, 15 metres ahead.

Everyone in sync for Asaga.

Except Henry.

Asaga, losing their steam.

heading on to the third crate.

Gotta moor the raft
before you can swim out to the key.

Come on, mate.

That's it.
Locky goes in, for Samatau.

Gotta swim out to the buoy

then dive down
and untie those knots!

There are 23 knots that you need
to undo before you can get the key.

Asaga, still about 10 metres behind.

Need to bring it up, Asaga!

Samatau have a huge lead.

Locky goes in.

Asaga's at their moor.

Go, Kent!

Kent goes in.

Forget about that.
The paddling is shit.

Sort the paddling out.

Kent going out to the buoy.

- Go, Lock!
- Go, Lock!

Locky's gone down a couple of times.

You wanna untie
as many as you can each dive.

The more times you come up for air,

it's gonna cost you time
in the long run.

Got this, Locky!

Let's go, Kent!

Kent, trying to get his breath
before he goes down.

Kent versus Locky.

Go, Locky!

Locky goes down again,
working on those knots.

- Come on, Kent!
- Come on, Kent!

Kent looks like he's out of breath.

Mask goes up,

searching for the knots.

- On ya, Kent!
- Come on, Kent!

Locky keeps diving down,
working on those knots.

Go, Locky!

And that's it!

Locky has the key.
He's swimming back.

Good on you, Locky!

Kent's still struggling, for Asaga.

Gap just keeps getting bigger
and bigger.

You can do it, Kent, deep breaths!

Need to pick it up, Asaga!

Samatau, big lead now.

- Stroke left!
- Got it.


Everyone from Asaga, on their raft,
just watching Kent struggle.

Costing them precious time.

Samatau, heading back to the beach.


Don't rush, guys,
we've got plenty of time.

- Yeah, let's go! Let's go!
- Here we go!

Kent has the key.
He needs to get back to the raft.

Come on, Asaga!
You're still in this!

Kenny, come up. Get here. Here.

- Kent's back on the raft.
- Go!

Go, Asaga! Go!

Two, three, four, five.

Oh, wait. Whoa! Whoa. Back!

Now. Yeah, yeah. Go.

One, two, three!

Pull the handles with me.

Samatau's on the beach.

- OK, let's go.
- One, two, three, go!

One, two, three, go!

Samatau, you've gotta unlock
that chest to get the bamboo out.

Alright, guys, no silly mistakes.
This has gotta be really sturdy.

Need to unload all that bamboo.

Samatau, start building your tower.

Design it right.

Go wider and then
go narrower as you go up.

This challenge is
all about engineering.

Which tribe is gonna have
the better approach?

Go Luke's side. Go Luke's side!

We have to get a bit of power.

One, two, three, four.

Make sure the bottom's stable
before we keep going at it, guys.

As it gets higher,
it gets harder to reach.

Jarrad on AK's shoulders
to take care of that problem.

It's a bit... It needs to move
some thick ones here and...

Definitely a strategy here.

Drop this one, drop this one,
drop this one.

How do you build this
so it stays up?

Go! Keep going!

Asaga, back at the beach,
trying to pull their raft in.

Come on, Asaga!

Come on, get up here!
Get back in this.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Come on, Kent, get up here.
Open that chest.

- Who's got the key?
- Kent.

Henry's left the key on the raft!

This is not going well for Asaga.

Get that chest open, Kent.

Everyone relax, get the build done.

This side here then that side,
Anneliese, for the next couple.

Jarrad giving instructions now.

- Let's go!
- Asaga have their chest open.

Push it, push it.

- Chain, chain, chain, over here.
- Yep.

We're straight.

Guys, we're straight again.

Samatau has a huge lead
but Asaga has the advantage...

..of looking at their tower.

- Make the square a little bit bigger.
- Yep.

Can Asaga build it
quick enough to catch up?

Don't forget,
it needs to stay up for five seconds

if you want to win this.

Asaga's tower going up quickly,
but is it quick enough?

That's it. I'll put it right up
close to the pole.

- Alright, next one.
- Everyone, pass to Odette!

One voice. Lukey's voice.

That's it, that's it. Keep going.

Odette is standing
on Mark's shoulders for Asaga.

Asaga's right in this.

We now have a challenge!

That is not stable.

No, stop, go back, back, back.
Go back.

You right?

Samatau had a huge lead.

Now they're having an argument
about how to build this thing.

- Ready? One, two, three, down.
- I can't put that up on there.

Jarrad's coming down.

Kate's on Tarzan's shoulders.

- You wanna stand on them?
- No, just not yet.

The higher it gets,
the more unstable it gets.

I gotta get up a bit higher.

Odette doesn't have the height,
guys, it's alright.

We are dead even right now!

Watch out for that... Ooh.

Yeah, I'm right.

- Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!
- Are you OK?

Come on.

Bamboo piece falls off
and hits Kent in the head.

You need to be careful, guys.

Hey, pole is...pole is in.

This is incredible! Asaga was
so far behind in this challenge...

Come on, we're there! Come on!

..and they may be slightly ahead!

Yellows are lighter!
Good work, Jaq.

That just proves
that you never give up in this game.

This could be it right here,
for Asaga.

They're going for the last layer

that will put them
above the height of the pole.

Oh, come on. Come on, guys.

Top of Asaga's tower is very wobbly.

Right, guys, we're nearly there!
Another one.

Once you're complete,
you have to get back to your mat

and it has to stand up
by itself for five seconds.


Gentle, be gentle.

Let me down. Let's go.

Asaga thinks they have it.
They're coming down.

They're just above the pole.

Everyone, back on the mat.

Here we go.

Five, four, three, two, one.

And that's it -
Asaga takes immunity...

..sending Samatau
back to Tribal Council!

Asaga, another great comeback.


Well done.

Everyone's safe.

No-one going home.

Grab your gear, head on back.

Enjoy the night off.

We will.

So, I did everything in my power
to...throw this challenge.

I dunno how much more I gotta do
for this tribe to bloody lose.

I think at the moment,
I'll sit tight,

just have to think of another way
how I can get rid of Sam.

Samatau, Tribal Council for you guys

where someone's gonna
be the third person

voted out from Australian Survivor.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

I'll see you tonight.

Right now, I'm definitely
in the firing line.

It's really me or Kate
going home, no doubt.

Bad luck, guys.

This huge lead
at the challenge today,

but, despite that, still lost.

Sorry, guys.

No, no, no. But you can't do it
by yourself.

That means I'm heading into Tribal
Council and I'm feeling the heat.

Man, I just don't
want to go home.

I know.

I am not safe for a second tonight.

That group of seven
just want to stay in the majority,

and, really, they've said
it's either me or Kate.

Ahhh! It's so frustrating!

- It is frustrating.
- This is the game, right?

I think either Tess or I
are in danger tonight.

They won't get rid of Mark.
They still need a strong person.

Uh, so, it'll be Tess or I.

Scrambling, now, for numbers.

The numbers are shit.

Kate's a known entity.

I think Kate...she'll work with us

if we end up all making it to the...

She won't work with us.

I want to get rid of Tess. She's not
that much of an asset in challenges,

where, on the other hand,
Kate's strong, good around camp.

- Yeah.
- Alright, so...

The entire tribe, except for Tarzan,
Kate and Tessa,

are in an alliance.

So, while we have the numbers,
we might as well split the votes,

but splitting votes is always risky.

You're giving the minority a chance
to recruit one or two more people

to get the majority votes.

So, you've got to rely on each other
to stay loyal to that.

- No-one make eye contact.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Eyes down.

I can't stand her face.

I want Tara to go home tonight.

They've got no hope.

If it weren't for her, we wouldn't
be in this position right now.

I didn't flip.

I am so ready to fight
for my life in this game.

To do that, I need AK
and I need Jarrad.

They're my big shot at staying
in this game right now,

and not just staying in this game,

but actually having a decent chance
of going far.

What's that?

AK had already said to me

that he wanted people
who were solid, reliable,

not big loudmouths, not flippers.

He wanted people
he could really count on.

So, I really tried to highlight
to him

what we've already seen from Tara.

I know.


Tess has brought up
the name Tara to me.

They want Tara gone because
she apparently flipped on them

in the last vote.

Oh, right.


I'm genuinely considering
voting with them.

I, 100%, believe
that at one point in time,

Tara had mentioned my name,

and I still don't believe
Tara trusts me too well.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

- You know that.
- I understand. I understand.

But, like, the more
you guys come to me...

No, I don't... No.
I just wanted to...

I just lay it out there,

that he is at risk,

and I know Tara is very keen
to vote him off.

Anyway, that's all.
Oh, I'm...I'm sitting back.

If I want across to the alliance
with Kate and Tessa,

pulling off that blindside,
that would be huge.

But I'm not here to make a move
just to make a move.

I'm here to make a move
at a right time.

So, I need to step back and think,
"How can I make this work for me?"

Have you spoken to AK?

Um...a little bit.

So, I've done my best pitch for AK

and I think he's sort of
considering it.

But I know that there's no point

if I haven't got Jarrad
on board as well.

Think, Jarrad, seriously.

That...that seven who have voted
together to get Adam out,

it's not an alliance.


You're gonna vote together now,

but it's shaky as.

- Tara...
- Mm-hm.

..she's emotional.

She wanted AK out because
he took his spot in the bed.

Tessa's pitch to me

is that..."Come on our side.

"We are the more level-headed.
We are the rational side."

You know, you told me
you want to play this game

with people who are...level-headed.

I know.

And who have you got there?

You know, it is a valid point.

That's something I said to her
early in the game.

Smart, smart girl.


I feel like you're gonna watch this
at home and think,

"Why didn't I take the chance
when I had it?"

And we just need...we just need you.

You know, being fought over
by two different sides is... a great position to be in,
in this game. know, it has
its down sides.

You have to really be careful about

how each side views your trust, know, I'd rather be
in the middle than on the outs.

All we need is you.

Feel like a target still,
or what?

- Yeah. - So, we're the three
on the out, aren't we?

I've made my best pitch
to both Jarrad and AK,

and I hope that they see the light.

I'm not ready to go, Locky.

I don't think
anyone's ready to go.

She's got
a strong personality.

- Oh, she does.
- Yeah.

She's a country girl.
Most of them do.

Yeah, there's a bit of talk
going on about Tara being a flipper,

but if it goes down
the way we plan tonight at Tribal,

the only two people in danger
are Tessa and Kate.

If we stay strong...

- Yes, agreed.
- ..we don't do anything stupid,

then it's an easy vote.


Uh, I don't trust AK fully.

Having him on our side
is a good thing,

but you never know with him,

'cause if he's on the other side,

you know he's 'cocting' up
something crazy.

Hear you're sending me home tonight.

sending me home tonight.

- We had such a good thing going.
- I know.

Oh, well...

Why did you do...the Adam thing?

Why didn't you tell us?

I to... It was Ziggy, me and Kate.

And when Adam said, "You either
go with me or you go back camp,"

and I said, "I'm going back camp."

- And I said, "I'm out."
- Mm.

So, that was me saying
that I was out.

No-one else came up to me

- Right.
- Yeah.


I do feel safe,
even though I am a target.

The numbers are on my side.

And as long as no-one does anything
crazy before Tribal Council,

we should just vote who we've
all said we're gonna vote for

and then, tomorrow's a new day.

Well, Samatau,
welcome back to Tribal Council.

OK, I want to talk about challenges.

Now, the last two
Immunity Challenges,

you guys have had massive leads.

Yet you find yourself back here

Tara, why do you think that is?

I'm not sure.

We go out strong and I think today
we did everything, like, right.

And then the other guys just
came in from nowhere and...

..yeah, it was a shock.

So, Aimee, what you think happened
at the end of the challenge today?

Well, I was up putting the things on

and I didn't even know
the other guys were catching up.

Couldn't hear me
barking that out, huh?

- Oh, nah. I was just so focused.
- You were focused. That's good.

And, yeah, trying to get it done.

And I think
it's just the luck of the day.

I was just surprised
they got in front of us.

But I think we do need to actually
start to really function

more as a team on the challenges
and in the camp.

Yeah, like,
at this stage of the game,

we need to stay together
as a tight tribe.

But, AK, last tribal,
you were clearly on the bottom.

- You were fighting for your life.
- Correct.

- You survived the vote.
- Yep.

So have you managed to
find your place in the tribe now?


Make no mistake about it,
I'm still out here to play,

but I took a step back
after Tribal Council,

I thanked my tribemates for
keeping me in the game that I love

and I've actually got to enjoy
getting to know them

like I probably should have
in day one and two.

Tessa, do you think he's found a way
back into the tribe?

I think he's found his way into
a convenient group for the moment.

Into a convenient group -
is that what you said?

The way I see it,

the seven people that voted out Adam
at our last Tribal Council

have formed into this
sort of marriage of convenience.

But I think that there's still a lot
of division in that group of seven

and I don't see that
it's a real alliance

that can stick together
in this game.

Tara particularly was upset
in the way that Adam spoke to her

and that was really
what drove that...

..that flip and that blindside.

I think it was
a very emotional reaction.

To me, that's just not the
foundation for a lasting alliance.

Locky, you're smiling at that.

It just sounds exactly
what you would hear from someone

that's on the out.

- Yeah. I can agree with that.
- Yeah.

Because for Tess to say there was
a bit of flipping going on,

I know it's directed at me.

I stepped out of that alliance
after Adam blew up at me.

There was me, Adam, Ziggy and Kate
on the beach, and I stepped out.

So you can't come in here
and blame me for making Adam go.

Step out or flip...

Same thing.

I won't take flipping.

I think to Tara's defence,
I wouldn't call it flipping

because there wasn't a vote
cast yet.

She got angry at Adam.

She's like, "Well, I don't want to
work with you anymore."

It's not flipping if, like, she's
pretty much annoyed with someone.

I don't think being annoyed
makes it not flipping.

We were in an alliance
that you turned your back on.

Oh, really?

Not one of youse that was in the
so-called alliance came and asked me

who I'm voting for.

I'm not gonna sit around camp
on my own.

I then went and thought,
"I need to find...some people."

A new alliance.

And a new alliance. Yes.

I don't mean to berate you.
I just...

No, you are, but that's fine.

Because I did the right thing
for me.

I suppose my best case to make
is that

I think you'll keep doing
the best thing for you... matter who you've made
a promise to.

OK. There was...


I'm glad to see
I made the right choice.

Kate, what's your take on this?

How do I feel about it?

I feel affronted.

No, I feel sad that you didn't feel
I was there to talk to you.

So that's, personally,
how I feel about it.

The rest of it, things shift.

There will be groups
and they will move around.

So, the aim of the game
is to try and move with them

or you're in the lesser.

You know, I'm clearly
on the lower number at the moment,

but the thing is
there are twists and turns.

Do you trust people
in your alliance?

Yeah, I do.

I trust people in my alliance

and I actually trust people
outside of my alliance.

You know, I...I trust AK.

Whereas three days ago,
probably I was questioning

because of the behaviour,
but he's changed in his behaviour.

Tara, he's in your alliance now
and you trust him?


No. I do. I...

He has changed.

But you can't just wake up one day
and go,

"Hey, AK,
we're gonna be friends again."

Like, it doesn't happen like that.

But it seems like
you can wake up one day and say,

"Hey, Tess, actually
we WON'T be friends today."

I think the best thing for AK
is to take a chance.

I don't think he's crawling up
from the bottom of that seven people

after the reputation
that he's built.

So you think he's at
the bottom of the alliance?

Absolutely, yeah.

So what you're saying is,
make a move now

because at some point you'll
be on the chopping block again.

It's never too early

to get yourself out of
a bad alliance.

I also just want to point out

that Tessa's basically asking AK
to flip,

yet at the same point

Tessa has basically berated Tara
for flipping.

So there's a little bit of irony
in that.

Tessa, why is it different
and why is that a valid move?

Look, what I'm trying to do is
scrape together something that

I think can be lasting.

That's what I thought I had
with Tara,

and I'm sorry if I'm being emotional
about it myself.

It's only because
I really trusted you.

And that's OK. That's happened.
I can move on from that.

But what I'm saying is,
yes, this is a numbers game.

What I have are potentially
six people

who could work together
in this game.

Get rid of all this insanity.

We can do this tonight
if we stay strong.

Tara, I know you want to get back
in this.

- You're laughing.
- No, I don't!

- What do you want to say?
- I don't want to be insane.

Tessa, how safe do you feel tonight?

I'm just ready to go back
to my rice and beans.

Very excited.

You being sarcastic with me?

I think I'm gonna need
a miracle, Jonathan.

They happen every day.

This is the best place
for them to happen, mate.

This is where the mouse
eats the cat, in this show.

Hey, look, on that note,
I think it's time to vote.

I think it's time to vote.

Jarrad, you're up.


Try telling Adam you didn't flip.

I didn't flip.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked
to leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote.


That's two votes Tara.





That's two votes Tessa,
two votes Kate, two votes Tara.



That's three votes Tessa,
three votes Kate, two votes Tara.



That's four votes Kate,
four votes Tessa, two votes Tara.

One vote left.

Third person voted out
from Australian Survivor -


You need to bring me your torch.

Kate, the tribe has spoken.

Have fun. I wish you well.

- See ya, mate.
- See ya, Kate.

- Time for you to go.
- Thank you.

Well, I think that tonight's vote
proves that even in Survivor,

miracles do happen.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp. Goodnight.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

That Tribal Council was brutal.

..Samatau is a tribe divided...

I actually don't think
I owe any apology.

There are still hard feelings.

No, girls first! Tessa and Tarzan
fight for survival.

Yeah, go, go, go!

And a moral dilemma

puts tribe loyalty to the test.

'Cause I'm bloody hungry, man.

Having this jar of cookies
is opening Pandora's box.

How am I feeling now?

Um, oh, disappointed.

My ambition on Survivor
was top three, not bottom three.

I didn't trust you the second
you said, "I don't eat fast food."

I was surprised Tess came out
so strongly,

but I think she did that
because she honestly believed

she was going home and I wasn't.

I think Tessa will be
the sole survivor.

I think she's physically strong,
mentally strong,

so I think
she's really one to watch.

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