Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

After only a few days on the island of Savusavu, alliances are already starting to form, but It is still a team game because the Reward Challenge requires a huge effort from everybody in order to win fishing gear for their tribe.

..24 strangers were marooned
in remote Samoa...

And here are your buffs.

..and divided into two tribes.



It is on now!

Bring it in, guys! Come on!

At Samatau...

The girls want the whale
one more time.

..outdoorsman Locky soon became
a reluctant leader.

They were all looking at me
like, "What should we do?"

He's the most ridiculous manly man.

And wedding DJ AK
played too hard too soon.

I'm here to play Survivor.
I'm not here to make friends.

This is such a good combo.

AK or A-Ron, Aaron, I'm not a fan.

At Asaga, Mark's hiding a secret.

I'm a former special ops commander.

There's no way I want to
let people know

what I was up to
in my previous life.

In the Immunity Challenge...

Next one, hands.

..Joan couldn't crack the puzzle...

No! No! Joan!

No, that's not it. endurance athlete Sam
wanted her out.

I am a control freak.

But loose cannon Luke
had other ideas.

You can't be thinking
you're the boss.

I'm the boss!

In the end, Sam got her way.

Joan... ..the tribe has spoken.

23 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Whoever voted against me,
I don't care.

You know, you've got to
put someone's name down.

And so, you know, I won't murder you
in your sleep tonight.

Tomorrow night
could be a possibility.

First tribal, Joan went home.

But, oh, gee, shock - blindside.

I knew my name was being thrown up,

but I thought it was 9-3.

And that it got to 6-all.

I didn't think I was going to
get that many votes.

No, no, no.
Neither did I.

The numbers didn't go the way
that I felt they were going to go,

which pissed me off quite a bit.

How are you feeling
about last night?

The vote's gone and flipped.

That was me!

I got you!

I just flipped it.

It ruffled feathers, and
that's exactly what I wanted.

Then all of a sudden it's...

Anyone that comes up to you
and says, "This is the plan,"

means you're not in their group.

You know? We decide the plan
together if you're in the group.

They can control...they think
they control everyone

and sweet as, control them.

Not me.

You ain't controlling me.

I'm in control of myself.

I've even got some more
tricks up my sleeve.

Man, mess the game up, you know?

I want to break up the alliance
of Sam straight up.

Man, I'm going to mess with ya.


It could use some oil, but...

Damn, that is bloody beautiful.

How good is fire?

Yeah, imagine when we first kind of
got onto it, eh?

The tribe dynamic's really good.

We got fire, got food.

So much rice.

Can we eat?

Let's do it, guys.

Oh, oh, my God.

That's amazing.

Thanks, cooks.
Thank you.

Everyone's really happy.

Everyone gets along amazingly.

Honestly, I didn't think I could ever
get so excited about

a bowl of white rice.

Um, besides, I guess, AK...

..putting himself on the outs.

No-one really trusts him now,
I guess.

AK, where are you?

I feel like...

I feel like I've jumped out
the blocks like Usain Bolt.

And I'm just gunning it.

And I think it's 100-metre sprint,

and it's a (BLEEP) marathon.

This game has meant so much to me,

and to be able to finally play,

and I feel like
I've dug my own hole.

It was really frustrating.

I was a huge Survivor fan.

It's a dream of mine come true.

But you're not the only one
having that feeling.

There are other people here
feeling like you're feeling.

As a poker player,
knowing someone's bluffing me,

I do have a fairly good

of whether you're the type of person
that I want to play with.

Just hit the brakes, right?

Just...just chill it a bit.

Because...and I'm telling you that,
just chill it.

Because anyone, and myself included,

if we're too aggressive,
anyone's too aggressive,

you're going to get targeted.

I don't really care much for him
as a player in this game,

'cause he's, A, too dangerous,

B, he's trying to align
with too many people.

I wish I could send AK home. It
would be a pretty nice feeling.

After last night,
the only sure alliance I know of

is myself, Henry, Sarah,
Jacqui and Mark.

I don't know what it is about Mark,
but he's awesome.

He's probably one of the people
that I trust the most.

And to be able to have someone
that you can just be real with

I think is really comforting.

So, that crew down there...

..has... It's another alliance.

Yeah, so Ben, Luke, Odette...


And they wanted Kent gone.


I don't know who's in control
of the other alliance.

But I do know that I trust Michelle
probably the least

at this point.

So, this is the story so far.

Sam, she dominated to everyone
who to vote for.


..Luke... loose.

And Luke decided

he wasn't going to let anyone
take the power trip.

You got told or I got told.

We all got told from Sam,
"This is what you're doing."

I kind of went, "Nah, nah, nah,"

and went and seen all the people
she had seen and said,

"No, you're not doing
what she's doing, come with me."

You know what I mean?

That's what happened.

Just one strong alliance? Boring!

You know,

who wants one big alliance
that just takes care of everyone?

Get outta here.

Sam, she wants to be the dominant,
the powerful.

Yeah, that alliance
is going down for sure.

Right now I've got Michelle,
and then my boy Jericho,

little Jericho.

He's just a good dude, man.

I think she's playing it
really hard.

Yeah, she's playing the game.

Really hard.

And if you can't see it, man, I'd...

Then you're an idiot.

Yeah, no shit, eh?

Since day one, me and Luke
have this kind of brotherly,

but also fatherly/son relationship.

And we get each other.

I'd love to see...

Before Kent!

I'd turn Kent against Sam.

How are we going to do that?

Just tell...

..just tell Kent
Sam says, "You're a loser."


We're going to wreak havoc
from here on onwards.

And it's going to be a bloody mess.

Oh, do you know what?

We just got to try another funny,
crazy move.

You know what I mean?

And I'll run it.

I've got Peter.

I've definitely got Peter.

I want to play this game

with people that I can use
as pawns in the game.

So, the alliance that I've formed
is Tara and Kate,

Tess, and then there's
Ziggy as well.

That was a choice.

Adam is sort of the leader
of our alliance,

and I'm OK with that.

He was pretty much
my first friend I made here.

So, I'm OK just to be
his little wingman.


Right now Adam definitely
holds the power in this tribe.

What are you doing
giving him a shoulder rub?

The neck.

I know it's my name
on the chopping block.

I am clearly on the outs.

Whatever you're doing
is really good.

I love it.

But I can sit back
and just get voted out,

or you can fight and make something
happen for yourself.

So, I'm going to start doing things
to create doubt in people's minds.

An idol is like
a golden ticket in this game.

So, I'm going to make people think
that I have an idol.

I'm going to make up
a fake chicken idol.

Jarrad, I don't fully trust him
just yet.

But I think he could be
a really powerful player,

so I want to get him
involved in my game.

To be honest, I really
admire AK's game play.

But, you know, chicken idol.

That's not really
what I wanted to hear.

He's the most dangerous player
on our tribe,

and now he has an idol.

You know what? I can
tell people about this.

And hopefully the fact that there's
a dilemma with the idol

means this is just going to throw
a massive spanner in the work.

AK's like, "I think word got out
about my chicken immunity idol."

Did he do the same thing with you?

We're hearing a lot of rumours
banging on

about some chicken coop idol.

100% just yet, or whether...
It's legit.

..or whether it's legit.


And that's a real concern.

Idols are the bread and butter
to winning this game.

With an idol you can
pull of big moves, sure,

but more importantly than that,
you can actually be saved

from being voted out
at the next Tribal Council.

Just got to work out
if that's true or not.

Because that could mean if
he was going to be the target,

that maybe it ends up being
one of us if it gets flipped.

He's good.

I came here to play a game,

I didn't come here to
finish in second place.

I'm playing to win.

And if that means swinging and
striking out, I'm going to do so.

I'm going to ease my way
up to the top.

Come on in, guys.

Samatau, take a look
at the new Asaga.

Joan voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Alright, for today's challenge,

one member from each tribe
will race down a slippery course

and compete for a ball.

First person to get the ball
into their goal square

scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to seven...

..wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


You are playing for...

That'll do, mate.

That'll do.

The ultimate fishing kit.

Complete with spear,
mask, snorkel, fins,

a fully stocked tackle
box, two lines,

a net.

And if that's not enough...'re also going to get
an outrigger canoe.


Be waiting for you back at the camp.

Worth playing for?



Samatau, you have an extra player,

you're going to need to
sit someone out.

Who's it going to be?


Alright, Kate, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, you're going to get
a minute to talk about it,

we'll get to it.

Samatau, who are you
putting up first?

I'll go first.

Locky. Asaga?

Who are you going to put up
against Locky?

I'll go.

Mark, alright. Come on, guys,
get up here.


He's a mountain, mate.

It's the battle of the big boys.

For reward, Survivors ready?


Oh, huge launch from Locky!

He gets to the ball first!

Mark locks him down.

It is a tussle.

Oh, these boys are strong.

And that's it!

Locky takes it for Samatau!

First point for Samatau!

Samatau leads 1-0!

Good on ya, Locky!

Alright, Asaga,
it's your turn to pick now.


Samatau, who you going to
put up against Luke?

Our second biggest guy, Adam.

You want to tackle him?

Let's go, Adam.

Go, Adam!

Let's go, Lukey.

Alright. Survivors ready?


Oh, big launch from Luke!

Can he get to that ball first?

No, Adam gets there first!

He pokes his tongue out at him!


And that's it!

Samatau leads 2-0!

Next up, we have Peter for Samatau
versus Jericho for Asaga.

Survivors ready?


Oh, big launch from Jericho!

He gets to the ball.

But he loses it!

Oh, no! That's it!

Jericho scores for Asaga
putting them on the board!

Samatau still leads 2-1.

Amazing. Good job, Jerry!


That felt good.


We have Anneliese for Samatau
versus Jacqui for Asaga.

Survivors ready?

Oh! Anneliese slips!

Oh, she's trying to
pull Jacqui's pants off!

Jacqui has the ball!

She's crawling forward.
There she is.

And Jacqui scores for Asaga,

tying it up 2-2!

Good job!

Give me a go.

I want to have a go.


Who's going up against Mark?

Me or him?

Which one of us?
Go him. What do you reckon?

Alright, I'll go.

Come on up, boys.

Good luck.

I'll need it.


Generation versus generation.

Survivors ready?


Oh, Mark pushes him out of the way!

They're neck and neck!

Ben gets there first!

Oh, not above the head!

Go, Ben!

Both boys giving it all!

Mark takes him down.
The ball is loose!

Who's going to get it?

It's still in play!

Mark gets it!

He takes it for Samatau!

Samatau leads 3-2!

Survivors ready?

Come on, Ziggy!


Big launch from both girls!

Ziggy gets there first. She
knocks the ball into the clay!

And there it is!
She scores for Samatau!


Samatau lead 4-2.

That was so fun.

Alright. Survivors ready?


Oh, Kent takes a spill at the top.

Jarrad gets the ball, he taps it on.

Can he take it to the zone?

And there he is! He scores!

Samatau's pulling ahead.
They lead 5-2.


Oh, both girls neck and neck.

Aimee gets there first.

She has the ball.
Can she take it to the end?

She does!

She scores for Samatau!

Samatau lead 6-2!

Samatau, you can win it right here.

Who's it going to be?

I'm going to take it.

Aaron, come on up.

Versus Henry.

Hakuna matata.

It's the battle of the man buns.

How are you travelling, man?

No, I'm on the outs.

And I'm not even just strategising

Go, AK!

If there's a mutiny,
I'll be taking it.

I'll be coming over to you, man,
like 100%, bro.

Good luck, anyway, bro.



Samatau is one point away
from victory.

They lead 6-2.

Aaron, you pull it off here,

you will be a hero
for the rest of the tribe.

Survivors ready?


Big launch from Henry!

Can he get it first? He does!

He knocks it into the zone.

Can he grab it? Can he put it in?


Henry scores a critical point
for Asaga!

They are still in the game.

Sorry, brother.

Samatau still leads 6-3.

Next up, we have Tessa from Samatau
versus Sam from Asaga.

Come on, Tess!

Asaga needs to win this
to stay on the board.

Here we go. Survivors ready?


Tess, go! Go!

Oh, Tess!

Pushing Sam off the course.

But Sam gets to the ball first!

She's got a grip on it.

Can she get it into the zone?

There she is!

And she scores for Asaga!

Keeping them in the game!

That was brutal.

Nice work, Asaga.

Good job, buddy. We knew you had it!

We knew you had it.

It's now Samatau 6, Asaga 4.

They're slowly closing the gap.

Go, Tara!

Tara, you win this,
you win it for Samatau!

Survivors ready?


Sarah gets to the ball first.

Tara's holding onto her.
She's not going to let her go.

She's got a vice grip on her!

Keep pushing! She's losing you!

Sarah struggling to get away.

Trying to get out of it!

No, Tara takes her down to the sand!

Sarah's so close to goal.

That's it!


Sarah scores for Asaga,
keeping them in the challenge!

Yes! Good work, Sarah.

Alright, everyone's had a go.

That means we're back
to the beginning.

So, it's Locky and Mark. Come on up.

Alright. It's a rematch.

It's Locky versus Mark.

If Mark wins, he ties it up.

If Locky wins, he wins
the whole thing for Samatau.

Survivors ready?


Big launch from both boys!

Locky gets there first!

Oh, he loses his shorts!

It's now X rated!

Oh, these guys are not giving up!

Locky is completely naked!

Locky's doing the whale!

He has the ball.
He's not going to give up.

And that's it!

Locky wins it for Samatau!

Samatau win the reward!

Nice cheeks.

Enjoy your fish.

That's what you call
baring it all, mate.

I want that fishing gear.

I think you just got it, brother.

Samatau, you've won
the ultimate fishing kit.


Come grab it.

Should change your life out here.

Well done.

Your canoe will be waiting for you
back at a camp.

You guys can head on out.

Asaga, it was a great effort,
but got nothing for you.

Head on back to camp.

I was seething,
yeah, I was seething,

'cause my job is to
take on the big guys,

and I got beaten,
fair and square.

Winning the reward challenge,

lost a bit of dignity, I guess.

Seemed to have lost my undies
in a bit of a wrestle match

for the winning point.

Well done.

Good job, everyone!

But I wasn't going to let
a bit of nudity

stop me from winning the game.

Can't wait to go fishing.


I mean, fishing gear,
which is great.

But then on top of that,
this dug-out canoe,

which means we can get out
a bit further on the bigger fish.

It's absolutely brilliant.

Good job, guys.

Well, let's check the fire, eh?

I can smell it.
I can see some smoke.

I was just sussing out
that fishing gear.

There's an idol clue.

Like, this is the one reward
that I wanted, like, out of anything,

and then it, like, came down to,
like, I had to win it.

So good.

And that is huge.

But right now, Adam and Locky,
they're right next to me.

I can't make a move.

I'll come back later in the day to
get that idol clue for myself.

OK. I'll bring him aside
and talk to him.

Get him out of here.

I really don't mind.

As long as I get this job done,
I don't care.

Oh, man.

This is fabulous.

I could see him eyeing off the canoe

when we saw it first on our beach.

I knew that there was probably going
to be a clue in there

to be found.

I saw it straightaway.

Adam, I saw him
looking at the canoe today.

Adam's got the clue to that idol.

"In a place
surrounded by tide is a tree

"much taller than wide.

"At the base of the tree does reside

"A package with..."

"Immunity inside."
"Immunity inside."

Just for us.

OK, so we got to get
across to the island

and try and not be seen
by the rest of the group.

That minute was the moment
that I knew...'s time to get rid of
the king pin.

But I can sit and listen.

Just trying to work out where.

Oh, man. Look, do you know what?

I'm playing just to
mess everyone up.

I'm playing the crazy move to make
sure that nothing goes to plan.

I just want to sit in the bush
and be creeping.

And I should be able to
hear what they say.

When we get back
from losing tribunal,

everyone's running off, I'm going to
run over there and hide,

'cause you know everyone
wants to drink water

when they want to make alliances.

So, yeah, I'll be sitting there
hopefully just listening to everyone.

I'll be like this here.

And I want to get one of
those idols too, you know?

So hopefully get the goss,
see what's happening.

Keep creeping, creeping hard.

I turned 50 this year.

Never in my bloody wildest dreams
would I have thought

that I'd be in Samoa
playing Australian Survivor.

But I definitely feel people in the
tribe look at me and think,

"Oh, that old chook,
the 50-year-old,

"she hasn't got
a chance against me."

Well, age is just a number, kids.

You know, I'm fabulous and 50.

And I'm going to win.

Oh, my God!

It's a...'s a scroll!

Here, I'll put it in my pants.

We're going to go get it now.

Oh, my God!


I can't believe this happened.

It's a clue.

And straightaway
I know where that is.

The past four days of
searching for coconuts

has just given me
awareness of the camp.

An outstretched branch above you.

So I was looking around
for this idol...

..and I look up to the branch,

and I notice a blue Asaga tribe
colour ribbon.

Oh, I see it!

Shh, shh, make sure they're...

Where, where, where?

I'll get it open.

Put it on.

Henry and I have got the idol.

Happy days, love, happy days.

Which means I'm aligned
with Henry now.

The game changes... a girl can turn
in her high heels.

This is...

..this is a massive fanboy's dream.

I love this game so much.

For me, it's something
I've wanted to do

since I was a younger boy.

That's one of the things
I wanted to tick off,

and it's a big tick.

It's day five,
and it's already happened.

For me, it's a dream.

Here, I'll put it down my pants.

Oh, cool. Me and Jacqui, the
new power couple of the tribe.

I can't wait to really
shake this game up.

We could take control of this game.

I did survival camp in year 9,

and after that I was like,
"Never camping again.

"Nup. Not touching the outdoors."

And here I am playing Survivor.

Right there!

Eat it!

Oh, my God. I hate rats.

While we're all trying our best
to build a shelter,

Adam went on a bit of a rampage.

He is very panicky,
and he went on the island.

And in plain sight to everyone.

I had found a hidden
immunity idol clue

after winning the challenge.

I really wanted to find that idol.

This is why I love this game, and
why I want to play this game.

You never know
what Survivor has coming.

You never know.

AK may have found some
chicken coop idol,

but by the end of the day,

I could be having an idol
in my pocket.

I'll just have to keep searching.

Thin tree.

Taller than it is wide.

The idiot strolls over when we're
meant to be building a house.

We're just trying to
build a shelter!

We just want to sleep tonight, guys.

I so want to sleep.

I can see Adam
over at the island

looking in and out of
every tree there was,

and I knew straightaway that he was
looking for that idol.

If Adam found an idol, he could
potentially play towards my name.

I can't let that happen.

If he's over there,
I'm going to go straight over

and I'm going to look for it
as well.

OK. So, I told you guys
about the clue.

So, I went to the island.

I'm just going to be honest with you,

I didn't find it.

I don't have an idol...yet.

So, you got two choices.

One, you can come and
help me look for it

if you want to play with me,

and if you don't, then that's OK,

'cause buggerlugs will get it

and then he'll have an idol.

But I've got a fair bit...
I don't want to...


But I do want to play with you.

No, same.

No, no, no.
Please don't roll your eyes,

because we actually do
need a shelter tonight.

And we've got wood to find.

And we've got...

I got a bigger priority, though,
which is at the moment,

you've got him over there,

he's potentially going to
find the idol

if we don't go there
and search of it now.

I think Adam's starting to
get a little bit paranoid.

No, I'm just saying that
if you don't want him to have it

and you'd prefer it be
in our hands, or my hands,

then help me.

That annoys me.

It showed that he's obviously
looking out for himself.

That straightaway showed me
that I can't trust him.

I want to find the idol.

I know, but don't think because
we don't want to go with you

we're on the other side.

We just...
I'm not saying that.

But you did - you said,

"You can either come with me
and be on my side,

"or you can stay here."

No, I said, "You can
come with me over there

"and help me find the idol."

"Unless you don't come and save our
alliance, then we're off."

That's how we...
That's now how I intended it.

Good, OK. Well, then...

I think it will look very odd
for the four of us to go.

I'm going to agree.

But I agree with you.

You should...

..whether one of us or two of us go.

That really disappoints me.

They want to turn at the moment

where they should be trying to
show their loyalty to me.

But losing my spot in this game,
you know, it's not an option.

Where is it?

Got to figure out priorities.

And he hasn't seen this?

Do you want to go get it?

Didn't all add up.

It was like Adam...

The clue was so easy to find.

Like, you couldn't not find it,

and him not finding it...

That's so,
you wouldn't just leave that.

'Cause you wouldn't have
opened it here,

you would've dakked it and gone.

And you looked here?


I looked in the hole.

It's OK.

Vote me out. I don't mind.

What do you mean?

I'm with you.
I know that.

Why would I vote you out, dude?

Yeah, well, so what?

No, man, that's the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.

No, that's, mate...
Then something's up.

Adam not being able to
find the idol

and then acting super weird... this point, I feel like
I'm getting played.

Because no-one would ever say that.

What do you take of that?

Honestly? This is what I think.

The fact that you just told us
to put your name down

makes me think
that you actually have it.

I do believe that they think
I have an idol.

This is not good.

You want to look for it still?

Shit, man. I don't even know
who's got it.

Can we go back?

Yeah, we can head back.
I don't want to be here.

I think for Adam,
chaos is about it to hit.

Come on in, guys.

How's everyone holding up?


Sarah, describe the conditions to me.

The one word that comes to mind is

It's impossible to do anything.

It's impossible to start fire,
to go look for food.

It's really, really challenging.

And I think it makes us all realise

how hard this game actually is.


What's it been like over at Samatau?


This is the hardest gig
I've ever done.

But we ain't quitting.

And we're here

looking for another bloody night
in this shithole, mate.

I like the attitude.

So, you guys ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


First things first. Who has it?



Can I keep it?

Thank you. No, you can't keep it,
but you can win it back.

Once again, immunity is
back up for grabs.



For today's challenge...

..nine members from each tribe

will race through
a series of obstacles.

A mud pit, a bamboo tunnel,

and a brick wall.

You'll then use a sledgehammer
to pound in five pegs...

..releasing a drawer
containing war clubs.

Last two tribe members will use
those clubs to smash tiles.

First tribe to smash all their tiles
wins immunity.


Safe from the vote.

Losing tribe...

..nothing but a date with me
at Tribal Council

where one of you will become

the second person voted out
from this game.

Samatau, you have an extra player.

You're going to need to
sit someone out.

Keep in mind, it cannot be the same
person in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it going to be?

Tara, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
get a minute to talk about it.

We'll get to it.

Alright, here we go.

Throwing the clubs for Samatau
we have Ziggy and AK.

For Asaga we have Jacqui and Henry.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Everyone needs to
get through that mud

before you can move onto the next.

Come on, Samatau.

Let's go, Asaga!

Up and under.

Locky throwing himself over the beam.

You get mud in your eyes,

it's going to make the rest of the
challenge very difficult.

Come on, guys.

Very difficult to tell who's who now.

They look naked.

Huge fall from Luke into the mud.

Adam helping people over.

That's it! Good, good, good!

Asaga struggling already.
Samatau have an early lead.

Kent is struggling over that beam.

Oh, huge fall from Kent!

Samatau, everyone needs to be on the
mat before you can hit the bamboo.

Tarzan stuck in the mud.

He gets through. OK,
everyone through the bamboo.

Go, Samatau!

Get out of the way,
get out of the way!

Locky launches himself through.

Good, Locky!

I love it.

Adam next, Tarzan next.

Everyone trying to break the bamboo.

Locky and Jarrad smashing through
the bamboo for Samatau.

Asaga just getting out of the mud.

Come on, guys!

OK! Go, Asaga!
Break through that bamboo!


Asaga struggling on the bamboo.

Come on, Asaga!

Pressure's on Asaga now.

Luke and Mark absolutely destroying
that bamboo for Asaga.

Samatau almost through.

Everyone's through. OK!

Through the wall!

Alright, Samatau, go! Go!

Locky smashes through the wall
like a superhero.

Everyone through!

Good, good, good!

That's it!

Alright! Start working on those pegs!

Alright, it's one person per peg.

You need five different people.

You got to drive it all the way in
if you want to open up that drawer.

Locky's first on the hammer
for Samatau.

Come on, come on! Move it!

Asaga's through the bamboo.

Get through that wall!

Mark smashes through it
like it's made of paper!

Peter working on that second peg!

Luke on the first peg for Asaga.

Hurry, hurry, hurry.


Samatau have two pegs down.

Tarzan on the hammer now for Samatau.

He is smashing that peg in.

Samatau has opened up a lead
right here.

Asaga has their first peg.

Mark working like a machine
on that second peg for Asaga.

Anneliese now takes the hammer
for Samatau.

Get ready, get ready, guys.
Get ready.

Ben working for Asaga.

Anneliese struggling now.

Exhaustion's starting to set in.

Try and hold the bottom of it
and let momentum.

Good, that's better!


Anneliese almost has it. You got to
smash it all the way in.

There it is!

Samatau has four pegs out!

Adam takes the hammer for Samatau.

Ben misses again!

OK, Asaga, you need to pick it up
if you want to stay in this.

Go above it and just...

Adam smashes it all in. That's it!

Get that drawer open!

Pull it out, in the drawer!

Pull! Pull the handle!


OK, that's it!
Samatau has their drawer open.

Get the clubs out!

Let's go, Benny.
Come on, you got this.

Odette now takes the hammer
for Asaga.


She's now bashing her peg.

Samatau has their clubs.

They have a huge lead here.

Ziggy and AK throwing the clubs.

AK starts throwing.

He gets the first one!

Ziggy misses her first one.

Asaga still working on those pegs!

Come on!

Samatau has two.

Well done, AK!

AK smashes a tile.

Samatau has three tiles.

Go, go, go!

Kent working on that last peg.

Kent catching up for Asaga
using brute force.

Open up the drawer!

Get it!

Kent can't find the handle
to the drawer.

There it is! He opens the drawer!

Pull 'em out, pull 'em out.

Get those clubs out!

Come on, Asaga, you need to
get back in this!

This challenge is not over yet.


OK, Asaga starts throwing!

Samatau has smashed through
half of their tiles.

There are three left.

Asaga has just started.
You need to catch up!

Henry takes out the first one!

They're back on the board!

Jacqui hits another one for Asaga!

Come on, Jacqui!

Samatau is leading!


Ziggy hits
but doesn't quite smash it.

Jacqui hits one for Asaga!

Just like that, Asaga is back
in this challenge!

We are tied 3-3.

Henry hits another one!
Asaga only has two tiles left!

Come on, guys!

Oh, unbelievable comeback!

Asaga's now leading!

Samatau had a huge lead,
but it has evaporated.

Oh, my God.

Henry takes out one!

Asaga, they were behind
this challenge

and they're now leading 5-3!

Come on.
Great comeback!

This is it.

Jacqui could win it for Asaga
right here.

And that's it!

Asaga wins immunity!


Jacqui takes it out
and wins for Asaga!

Sending Samatau to Tribal Council.

I'm so sorry.

This is...

They, like, fling so weird, guys.

Don't worry about it.

Asaga, great comeback.


You've won immunity.

Here you go, Jacqui.

Well done.

You guys are safe.

No-one going home tonight.

Get clean, head back to camp.

Thanks, guys.

Good work.

I'll be seeing you guys tonight

for your first Tribal Council,

where one of you will become

the second person
voted out from this game.

Get clean, head back to camp.

See you tonight.

We lost today's
Immunity Challenge.

The way I see it...

..I need to make sure that Adam
is the one going home tonight.

I need to cut the head of the snake.

Home sweet home.

Good try, guys.

Good try, everyone.

Well done, guys.

Check that fire.

We lost
the Immunity Challenge,

and it means we have to
go to Tribal Council tonight

and vote one of ourselves off.

That definitely worries me.

I feel like I dropped the ball
in the challenge.

And I think people
definitely noticed that.

I am in danger.

Yeah, look,
disappointing loss today.

A situation that I didn't
really want to happen.

I'm feeling it's me. So it's up to
you guys, isn't it?

There's a few reasons

why I think my head might be
on the chopping block.

I have no doubt in my mind
that there are people out there

that absolutely think
I have an idol

and that I might be bringing it out
and playing it tonight.

It's been found.

So, things got confusing for me

Adam not being able to find the idol
and saying, "Vote me off,

"vote me off."

I don't know.

There's either, like,
nothing going on

and he's telling the truth,

or, like, there's so much...
We're all thinking...

Way too much.

Adam and AK, yeah, I guess
I don't trust either of 'em.

But I know one of 'em has an idol.


But right now
I'm just not too sure who.

I feel the tension that's
around camp at the moment.

But I'm not too phased by it.

It means my game plan is working.

My plan is organised chaos.

Putting that target on Adam's back.

I want to elevate the stress
and paranoia

to make sure that Adam's
the one going home.

Can I see it?

It's the chicken idol.

What? Look at it,
it's in the shape of a chicken.

It's a rock.
Chuck it here. I'll show you.

Turn it upside down.
I don't get it.

It's a chicken.

We don't believe you, chicken boy.

Mate, that's a rock.
That ain't no chicken idol.

Like, he obviously
doesn't have an idol.

I think AK thinks he's smart.

But you are a goose, mate.


I love it, the chicken idol.

It's legit a rock.

It's definitely a rock.

When it comes to what AK's
giving out to us right now,

I don't know what part of that
to believe.

But what I do believe is that
you'd be stupid to just ignore him.

So, Adam took you aside and said,

"If there's a vote out tonight

He said that when they said,
"30 minutes..."


Yes, come on. And he goes,
"Let's do this, man!"

And he gave me a handshake
and he goes...

And I went, "Yep. Cool, bro."

And gave him a fist bump.


I have been trying so hard
to get Adam on side.

I even gave him a massage.

And he barely talks to me.

So, I do think that is true.

Yeah, sweet.

But there is no way
I'm going home tonight.

Who do you want?

Yeah. Yeah.

At the moment,
my alliance is Locky, Aimee,

Jarrad and Pete.


We are putting the majority
towards Adam

to get him out of the game.

As a contingency,
we're voting for Kate.

Just in case Adam plays an idol.

Round one. I know.

It's crazy.

Oh, well.

It's what it's all about, isn't it?


AK and Anneliese, at the moment,

are the people
who I don't trust the most.

I'm very confident that AK
is definitely out there

playing hard to vote me out.

But there's no way I'm giving up.

I don't give up at anything.

I just have to get the numbers.

Get the numbers to stay in the game.

Tara has basically avoided me since
the conversation on the beach,

which is really disappointing

..we potentially aren't
in a strong alliance anymore.

I'm not here to talk to you about
strategy or anything,

that's the first thing.

All I wanted to talk to you about
was what happened the other day.

I just wanted to say sorry.

You and Zig I trust 100%, right?

So, it wasn't about you at all.

And if I hurt your feelings
from a personal level...

I'm just tired.
..I'm sorry.

You had AK running around this place
like a friggin' lost chicken.

You know? And I get it.

He's an idiot. So...

Tonight at Tribal Council
I need to have Tara on my side

and just hope, fingers crossed,

that that the one extra vote
might save me.

Five minutes before
Tribal Council...

..I need to make sure that some of
the votes aren't going my way.

Yeah, I know.

You're ruining it.
Oh, OK.

With Jarrad, I knew he was upset
that, you know,

I lied about the chicken idol.

I really want to build
trust and loyalty to him,

and show him that I want to
get him involved in my game.

Yeah, and you realise
what you've done has...

I do.

That sucks so much.

Because now...

And now...

Things are chaos at the moment.

Which is absolutely fantastic.

Exactly what I wanted to do.

First Tribal Council...

..and one of us will be going home.

But I'm not going without fighting
tooth and nail.

I want to be remembered as
the player that played big.

And that's what I'm going to do.

Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead and grab one.

Come forward, dip it in the flame.

And get fire.

This is part of the ritual
of Tribal Council.

Because in this game
fire represents your life.

As long as you have it,
you're still in the game.

But once it's gone, so are you.

Well, Samatau, welcome to
your first Tribal Council.

I mean, there's no doubt, been a
rough couple of days for everyone.

Aimee, what's it been like
for you the last couple days?

Oh. Mate.

It has not stopped raining,
we are constantly wet.

We don't sleep.

It's crazy, man.

But we're just copping it
on the chin,

and we just keep on going.

Well, Survivor isn't only about
surviving the conditions,

you need to survive the game itself

because, at the end of the day,

it's about outwitting,
outplaying and outlasting

the person that's
sitting next to you.



How important is trust in this game?

I think trust is everything
in this game.

Like, you are ultimately
competing against each other,

but you can't get far
in the game without trust.

Tara, in a game where trusts
can easily be broken,

how hard is it then
to regain that trust?


I find that it's just
important that, you know,

you stick with the people
that you feel you can trust,

and, you know, don't get paranoid
and, yeah,

flap around.

Paranoia is a big part of this game.

There was a lot yesterday.

There was a lot of paranoia

Was it a general paranoia?
Or was there a specific paranoia?

It was just, like, these two boys.

So, you're saying
the paranoia is there?

Just these two.

You know, the tribe,
we're cold and we're wet,

we just wanted to build the shelter
so we can sleep,

so we can win the challenge

And we've got one going one way,
and one going the other way

to look for an idol.

So, AK.

Tara's saying that you're,
you know, you're quite paranoid.

Oh, I haven't been paranoid,
I know what the reality is,

and it's I was on the bottom.

So yesterday when I woke up I said,

"I'm going to go
look for an idol."

But I saw Adam over on the island.

I thought he definitely
had the clue.

So I went over there.

And the second I got over there,
Adam left.

But I didn't find one.

Wow. They just keep piling.

You are spreading rumours
about idols and clues,

trying to cause chaos
and disharmony in the group.

Aimee, so AK has stepped up

and said that he's been aggressively
playing the game.

Do you think anyone else out here
is playing as aggressively as he is?

Uh, kind of.

Not chicken idol aggressive.

Like... Wait a second.

What...what do you mean?
What's a chicken idol?

AK came back from the island

with what was
clearly a piece of coral

with a bit of rope saying
he'd found this chicken idol.

And we're all like,
"Dude, that's just a rock."

And he's like, "No, man."

So, he's going in there strong,
and we're like,

"Yeah, that's just a rock
or a piece of coral."

Oh, it was a brilliant idol.

you mentioned there are other people
playing an aggressive game.


There is.

Adzy maybe.

Adam, do you think
that's a fair assessment?

I personally wouldn't say
it's a fair assessment,

but that's not my decision to say,
is it?

But can people trust you
in this tribe?

Um, can they or do they?

I've been 100% up front
with everyone.

I did find an idol clue
in the canoe.

I didn't go to the idol... the island to
look for the idol secretively.

What I did was I went instantly
to the people that I trusted

and showed it to them
because, to me,

if you're working with an alliance,

or a group of people
that you want to trust,

what better way to show them
that you trust them than,

"Here's the clue.

"I'm even happy if we find it,
you can have it."

Tarzan, would you agree with that?

Mate, you could've kept that
for yourself, got the idol.

I mean, you know,
that's commendable of you.

I haven't lied yet.

Actually, that's not true.
The one person I've lied to is AK.

And that was on day one

when he'd come to the
first moment we hit the island

and wanted to do a twosome.

That's pretty aggressive play.

Obviously, I said yes to him.

That's the first mistake I made.

I came out here to play

with the assumption
that everyone was here

for the same reason that I'm here.

And appreciate the fact that
I was coming to them so early.

It didn't happen that way.

And I was clearly on the outs.

Anneliese, do you know which way
the vote's going to go tonight?

I have no idea.

There's so much conflict,
and there's so much paranoia,

and at the same time,
we're all so happy to be together.

I have no idea
what's going to happen tonight.

How safe do you personally feel?

Not safe at all?

I made sure I packed
all of my stuff.

My name's out there.

Really? But it seems like
it's all about these two.

But with chicken idols in plays
you need contingencies, you know?

And apparently I'm expendable.

Well, on that note,
it is time to vote.


Aimee, you're up.

You came on way too strong, mate.

Jarrad, you're up.

My vote's for you, big fella,
you think you're pretty smooth

but you probably still own
a Velcro wallet.

I hope this is the reveal
of the card that burns you.

It was a fantastic chicken idol.

But you just played
a little bit too hard too fast.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


It's not chicken idol.

Some people might call this
a stupid move,

and...I have absolutely no regrets.

I'd like to play it for Jarrad.

OK, I can confirm this is, in fact,
a real hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for Jarrad
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



Two votes Kate, one vote Anneliese,
one vote AK.



That's two votes Anneliese,
two votes Adam, two votes Kate,

one vote AK.





That's four votes Anneliese,
four votes Adam,

two votes Kate, one vote AK.

One vote left.

Second person voted out
from Australian Survivor...



You need to bring me your torch.

No worries.

Adam, the tribe has spoken.

Thanks, Jonathan.
Time for you to go.

Thank you.

Thanks, everyone.

Great experience, and all the best.

Thanks, mate.
Bye, Adam.

Be buggered.

Well, the most valuable currency
in this game is trust.

When you don't have a lot of it,

you better make sure
you spend it wisely.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

As AK's stocks continue to rise...

But who knows
what he'll come up with next.

..Sam and Mark
form a dangerous alliance.

She's probably half my weight,
but I think twice as dangerous.

And Henry turns on his own.

So, today I'm going to
throw this challenge.

Survivors ready? Go!

I'm feeling really disappointed
that I'm no longer in the game.

I think definitely one of
the things I did wrong

was whilst I had a tight
little group there going

I probably didn't have
blind trust in those people.

This isn't a personal attack,

it's just to prove to my alliance
that I can be trusted.

The paranoia, or just the nerves
of not knowing who to trust,

at the early stages of the game

I think really was my downfall.

After hearing
everything you said tonight,

I do believe you,

and I do think you're telling
the truth with everything you said,